Olympic Damper (Part 2)

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Olympic Damper (Part 2)

Post by Azabache on Mon 15 Aug 2011, 2:56 pm

Having attended the race yesterday, I would say that you'd be well advised to avoid the much vaunted Box Hill part of it. The bike parking at the top was efficiently organised along the lines of what the French do with the Etape villages, but there's quite a route march through woods (those with cleats were enjoying themselves with the mud and tree roots!) to the only viewing area. This is an overgrown steep grassy bank that is alongside the last straight up the Hill. You only have sight of the riders for about 200 yards as they come up this straight and, unless you are right by the roadside, all the spectators standing up will obscure your view.

You can get much better roadside views on other parts of the loop but I'm not revealing where!

Unlike in France there were no enterprising refreshment vans, nothing. Atmosphere was muted though spectators were enthusiastic and encouraged by the well-intentioned announcer who was however over the top in her spiel and must have mentioned the "beautiful" Box Hill about 50 times, and how grateful we should all be to the National Trust, Surrey County Council et al.

I shall certainly leave the National Trust to protect their precious wild orchids or whatever reason they are putting out to prevent people accessing the area.

The roads leading to the course were not as busy as predicted. When will the authorities realise that people resent being controlled and dictated to and hence vote with their feet?


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