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Post by BuffDaddy on Fri 26 Aug 2011, 2:54 pm

Hi all, just been on Tesco entertainment and they have a great deal which I think is today only. Buy Dues Ex (Which many games mags are saying will be GOTY) and get £8.00 of selected pre orders which include FIFA 12, BF3 and MW3. I've ordered with them before and they usualy deliver pre orders a couple of days before the official release date as well so all in all it's a very good deal.


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Post by Dass on Fri 26 Aug 2011, 10:02 pm

Will look into that though none of those pre orders mentioned appeal to me, hopefully I can find one that does since its a good deal.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution still has to convince me despite the gushing reviews its getting. Don't trust reviews when the game is coming from either a massively hyped new direction or a big studio in this case its the later with Square Enix. Then you have its a in-house Eidos development which is hardly inspiring now Ion Storm are no longer on board, hold the same reservations for Thief 4 when it gets released.

The original game was one of those rare gems that combined a multitude of genres, never quite excelling in one but being good in all. Only game that did it better at the time was System Shock II . Mass Effect in some ways seems to have taken the mantle on from both games and it would be nice to see Deus Ex make a resurgence as long as the game was good enough.


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