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Post by MtotheC's Wrasslin Biatch on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 3:03 pm

What are everyone's thoughts on the Metal Gear Solid series?

I've just started playing MGS4 for PS3. So far I am finding the gaming immensely enjoyable, and still find it such a refreshing style of gameplay compared to the majority of games on the market, with genuinely brilliant fourth-wall breaking touches. I'm enjoying the challenge of the game too, which doesn't treat you like a dummy from the outset, and throws you straight into a fairly involved stealth mission. However, the cut-scenes and converations with other characters are far too lengthy and cinematic - but I'm unwilling to skip them because I fear I would be cutting out a large part of the game and the experience that Hideo Kojima has intended to create.

This experience is great if you have a few hours to spare, and you want to really immerse yourself in the storyline and atmosphere of the game. But if you want a quick blast for an hour, and half of the time is taken up talking to a weapons merchant - it can leave your desires feeling rather unfulfilled.

I found this with all the installments of the series, making the game a frustrating genius... comparable only to Dimitar Berbatov.

Does anyone else enjoy Metal Gear Solid, particulary the 4th?
Which is your favourite installment?
What has been your favourite revolutionary touch throughout the series?

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Metal Gear Solid Empty Re: Metal Gear Solid

Post by Cheikitout on Mon 07 Mar 2011, 8:16 pm

i love MGS, i agree about the cut scenes they are incredibly long it is like a film/game. my favourite is still the original and i wish they would remake it with ps3 graphics! it was before it got all complicate haha. all of the games are brilliant though and mgs is good online too. iv got to say massive respect to hideo kojima because the storyline is unbeliveable and so well thought out and planned im in awe of it. it should be made into a film it is to me the best videogame series of all time.

dont think i can say enough nice things about it. it plays like a proper stealth game and i wish they would make more to be honest id say though that i probably prefer the first 3 to the fourth because the fourth is a bit futuristicy if u get me lol


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Metal Gear Solid Empty Re: Metal Gear Solid

Post by Perry Groves is my dad on Tue 08 Mar 2011, 11:20 am

Metal Gear Solid was the first game that i played through twice as it was so good from playing with controller 2 whilst fighting Psycho Mantis to confuse him to the final boss fight with REX.

Sons of Liberty was also great with an amazing story to it. Never played Snake Eater but have just started number 4 which so far exactly what i would expect from a MGS game.

I do agree with what you say about the cutscenes though. For me number 4 is the most frustrating so far as they seem to be on for about 10 mins which is frustrating when you dont have long to play.

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Metal Gear Solid Empty Re: Metal Gear Solid

Post by liverbnz on Thu 10 Mar 2011, 12:21 pm

MGS is probably my favourite game series. Excellent caharcters with an awesome story to back them up - one which I've only begun to understand following MGS4.

I can see why people would get frustrated with the cutscenes in 4, but for me, it made it all for the more impressive. I really like to get emotionally involved with the characters, and MGS is immense at doing that.

It seems likely that Hideo Kojima will be making number 5, so that's good news, although it's probably some way off atm.


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Metal Gear Solid Empty Re: Metal Gear Solid

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