Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

Post by davidemore on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 7:52 am

Very interesting fight this one. Carson Jones comes in as the underdog against the technically gifted but slightly sheltered (IMO) fighter, Kell Brook.

The timing for this step up in class is good, IMO. It's time for Kell to test himself against a puncher of note, it's time for Kell to fight an opponent who is very live and very confident. Carson Jones is this fighter, IMO. Also, he doesn't seem to be scared, and knows that Brook has as much to prove as he does.

Looking at the fight we have the boxer vs the puncher. Don't let Jones's record fool you, a lot of his losses came early in his career, and he was a fighter very much mishandled and represented at that time.

What does that mean?

Well, it can mean numerous things, but in his case i think he was poorly matched, poorly trained and poorly supported as a 'professional' boxer. For a large part of his career he fought at higher weights, and for large parts of his career he was put in when too green. He is only 25 and look at his record, it's almost 50 fights deep, at various weights, with quick succession fights in between (thanks boxrec). Be wary of his record, Carson Jones can fight, and i believe that he is a threat to Brook's 0. His last 8 fights have ended well before the final round, and now boxing at a weight he is comfortable at, this should be a genuine test for Kell Brook.

I have to take my hat off to Eddie Hearn. What he has done for Brook's career in the last year or so has been impressive. Regular fights, a growing and now established fan-base in Sheffield, a trip to the US (Hearn realizes that Brook may lack a little bit of confidence, IMO, and has tried to develop that aspect by taking him out of his comfort zone). Also, Brook has looked far healthier and less fat when not in camp. Add to this a gradual rise in the standard of opposition and i feel he is worthy of a mention. Oh, and Sky Sports are covering Brook's fights, a real plus in these uncertain broadcasting times.

But I'm not here to talk about Hearn.

Things i like about Carson Jones:

He is confident. This will be massively important for him come fight night. He needs to show Brook a lack of respect, he needs to be dismissive of the hype around him and the high hopes people have. This can affect a fighter, and i believe it could affect Kell Brook. Jones has a very nice right hand when on the inside. It's chopping and comes from interesting angles. He isn't devastatingly quick, but the way he throws uppercuts followed by very hurtful straight combo's reminds me of Froch a little (in a good way). If Jones gets you on the back-foot or ties you up near the ropes he genuinely looks to hurt you. Jones can look like he is lunging, and his footwork at times, is a little rigid, but, he has power, and he has the instinct needed to turn said power into a KO.

I wouldn't say Jones is always well poised in the ring but he does let his shots go, and he is very busy in the fights i have seen. He genuinely looks to unload when he has a fighter covering up, and this makes him a threat. One thing i think Brook needs to work on is his killer instinct, and i believe Jones can have success if he shows Brook that he very much will execute his killer instinct if given the opportunity. If Brook shows signs of nerves or hesitance in the ring, and starts trying to win rounds by out boxing Jones and moving out of range, he could, in the final stretch of the fight, find himself being hunted. If this happens, and Jones gets Brook on the back-foot, then in the later rounds he could have a chance of victory. Jones throws nice hooks to the body and if there is one area that Jones can really test Brook, then it could be his stamina. Not allowing him time is key to his chances of victory.

What i like about Kell Brook:

I like a lot of things about Kell Brook. He has natural hand speed, good if not devastating power, great balance and ring generalship and of course, slick boxing skills. You'd be forgiven for being shocked to learn that he is a product of the Ingle gym. His style is very much of a boxer and not the quirkier style that we are used to seeing from one of Britain's most respected trainers. Brook has very good timing and is an excellent and subtle counter-puncher. He doesn't look to lure you and will stand tall in the middle of the ring, but has such good reflexes that he can often achieve a solid counter when the opposition throws a jab.

There is so much to admire about Brook. He has all the shots and seems quite poised when in the ring. But, i have one or two concerns. Firstly, his killer-instinct. I need to see Kell really let his hands go when he has a fighter hurt, i haven't seem him truly explode on a fighter recently, and in his last fight he had Hatton hurt several times. Against Jones he needs to unload when he has him hurt. Jones will only grow in confidence if he doesn't. Jones is there to be hit with hooks and cultured uppercuts. Jones is there to be hit when Brook uses his excellent and accurate jab to put him on the back-foot. A double jab followed by a right hook could seal the deal for Brook in this fight. The other thing Brook needs to do is ensure that if the fight goes late he doesn't look to sit on his lead and hold. Jones can fight on the inside and i believe he will have power for the full 12 rounds. I want to see Brook throw his piercing straight combo's in this fight, he needs to be busy as Jones will be busy. He needs to ensure that Jones knows that when he comes forward in that slightly rigid fashion, he will be ready. Hand speed, combo's, the constant use of a jab and doubling up the jab, avoiding the ropes and commanding the ring; these things get it done for Brook.

Verdict: I see Brook by UD. I see him having a little too much for Jones. But, i also see Jones hurting Brook, not to the point of a knockdown, but enough to really make Brook earn his victory. It will be a clear Brook victory, IMO, and a very entertaining fight, with a fair bit of blood.

I'm excited about this one.

Let me know how you feel about it.




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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Re: Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

Post by WHU_Champo_League_in_7Yrs on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 11:45 am

Good writeup

However, I think that this would be relatively straight forward for brook. Carson isn't much of a puncher imo, looking at the fighters he has stopped you could say that they are of a lower quality than who brooks fought so I wouldn't read into the KO numbers much.

Carson is a solid fighter but lacks the skills or more importantly the speed to really have brook in a lot of trouble. Brook is a pretty slick boxer and has heavy hands with a really good jab, he looks the real deal. However weaker fighters have been able to catch him, so IF Carson is a puncher he has a chance

Carson is hungry and won't lie down but so is brook. He wants the name recognition not just because of getting a world title but because he knows he needs to be more of a 'name' before khan will fight him which is what he wants more than anything imo

After a couple of tight rounds brook will take over and will outbox Carson to wide(ish) UD in the region of 117-111


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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Re: Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

Post by Sunnydapasingh1984 on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 2:08 pm

Carson stoppage by round 8 IMO.


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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Re: Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

Post by SharkSoul on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 3:17 pm

Good write up up David. Nice breakdown of both fighters.

Personally I think we are giving Carson Jones a little too much credit. I will be the first person to admit I haven't seen much of him but having looked over his record the most noteworthy guy he has fought was Alfonso Gomez in 08 and he get beat off him. He has lost 8 fights and been KOed twice.

Obviously it has to be hyped as a decent fight, I get that from a marketing point of view but this will be an easy night for Special K.

Wide UD for Kell unless he can find that killer instinct he lacked in the Hatton fight then he stops him in 7.


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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Re: Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

Post by BGB on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 4:57 pm

I think Jones is the perfect example of a member of the who needs him club, awful looking record that makes him look worse than he is. Obviously the eliminator makes this worth while. Kell to win ugly ud without being in trouble.


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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Re: Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

Post by OasisBFC on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 6:09 pm

i think with a step up in class brook's lack of power will really show.
he won't be stopping anyone of note any time soon.

very skilled though.


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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones Empty Re: Kell Brook vs Carson Jones

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