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Post by SugarRayRussell (PBK) on Tue 17 Jul 2012, 12:00 pm

I was invited to one of these horrible events at the weekend. I say I was invited my wife was and was told to either bring me or my cash. I hate charity no one helped me when me my little brother and sister were cold and hungry so why should I help others? F**k em I say.

Now at this event I paid £100 for a three course meal that was horrible and a bottle of cheap wine. I don't drink and it was £3.50 for a fresh orange and lemonade so before the auction I'm already pretty peed off. The auction began with the usual tripe Celtic and Rangers tops signed by players, a dinner for 2 at some restaurant, a weekend away at a hotel. Then at the end came a dinner for 4 at Celtic Park.

The person who put on the event had asked my wife what football team I support and told her about this dinner. I had no interest in the dinner I have a box at Celtic Park where I get a meal at every game and it costs a fair whack of cash for that so I had no reason to be interested in it.

The auction of the dinner started and there was a couple of bids and it went a bit cool at £200 when the auctioneer asked me personally if I was interested. I told him rather bluntly no to the disgust of the other people in the room. It became very clear that my wife only got an invite because the people who put on the event she went to school with so they knew who I was and what I did for a living.

As I said above I don't do charity no one helped me when I needed help so I don't help others unless there is something in it for me. That may be a very selfish attitude but that attitude has made me a lot of money and gave my kids a life I couldn't have dreamed of when I was a kid so I couldn't care less.

Is it only me or has anyone else got any bad experiences with these charity auctions or any charities in any other way?
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