Drop sets a real muscle screamer!!!! Use them!!

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Drop sets a real muscle screamer!!!! Use them!!

Post by TRUSSMAN66 on Mon 31 Dec 2012, 12:17 pm

Not talking about dropping a dumbbell on your toe!! Cool

Used to be a staple of the Arnie days the old down the rack system...

Starting doing triple drop sets again and my muscles are really feeling sore....

Did incline dumbbell press this morning.......7 x 100......5 x 80......4 x 60 without pause..chucked in some flyes, dips and crossovers and I feel much more invigorated!!!!...really does up the ante intensity wise...

Did down the rack shoulder presses and seated rows (different days) back home over the holidays........and felt really sore for days after.....

Kind of stuck in a rut and plateauing for a while before and this seems to have really stretched me...

If you don't do drop sets give them a go.....or drop anything!!... a guy at work...traffic warden....the bar man at the blue oyster!!! Cool


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Re: Drop sets a real muscle screamer!!!! Use them!!

Post by sohotnot on Mon 31 Dec 2012, 5:23 pm

I think doing drop sets, negatives & supersets every so often are the key to successful weightlifting or bodybuilding, rocking & shocking the body! I think its very easy for guys to get in a rut or plateauing after several months & these things can help break it up, keep it interesting & help you progress.


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