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Command & Conquer 2013 Empty Command & Conquer 2013

Post by Y I Man on Sun 27 Jan 2013, 11:32 pm

If you have not played this before then you have missed out on an epic.
C&C is coming back to online play this year and has been made by EA (those guys who make FIFA etc)

For those who dont know about C&C it is basically a war game where you build a base, unlock and upgrade tanks and air etc to blow up other peoples bases they have made. You need to collect resources to fund your base and upgrades as well as building and positioning your defenses.

Here is the official trailer with actual gameplay and there is only one word to describe this: AWESOME


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Command & Conquer 2013 Empty Re: Command & Conquer 2013

Post by Dass on Mon 28 Jan 2013, 7:35 pm

This could be anything and much depends how you view the C&C/Red Alert games post Westwood. Even then much will depend on how much of the staff from EA LA the new developer Victory Games have maintained through the years and shifting nature of the EA in-house studios.

MY main concern is the free to play model EA have decided to introduce and if they intend to introduce micro-transactions. The other concern is how revolutionary they will be with the game play, certainly based on the comments so far it seems like a re-hash of what's been before. Though again there's been no real innovation with the series since Westwood jumped ship at the first chance.

Its got me interested but can't say I'm overly excited about a game that could just as easily disappear into oblivion as quickly as its arrived.


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