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Trophee Hassan ii Empty Trophee Hassan ii

Post by matelot golfer on Thu 28 Mar 2013, 1:09 pm

Well done O'grady. Another tournament on a course with no spectators, no kids to be seems either. Only 8 rounds played on this course since tour came here last year, is that REALLY something to be proud off!! If the king had anything about him he would let kids play here for free, rather that some obstantious plaything.

Well done George and European tour, really growing the game and opening it up to the masses. Forget the cash machine, give something back to the people. Another tournament in England wouldn't go a miss and there would be a crowd. As for title sponsor, what about Europen tour, can't be short of a bob being camped out at the in touch with the common man headquarters at Wentworth!!! Rant over

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