EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by JJJohnson on Mon 27 May 2013, 11:35 pm

EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Confli14

Friday 7th June 2013
Live from the Elite Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Starting time: TBA

Match 1
Dario Machiavelli vs Robin Reborn

Match 2
Enforcer vs Thunder

Main Event
8 man tag (Elimination rules)
Vincent Costello/Jimmy Phillips/Liam Wood/Mr Jones vs Ojore/Tyler Roth/Alex Garcia/Drake Callihan

-The final decision of the Board of Directors concerning the future of EWF
-Daniel Magnusson speaks out

*Card subject to change

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by x12x on Tue 28 May 2013, 12:37 am

The Elite Coliseum comes alive as “€666” by I killed The Prom Queen begins to blast through the air and the EWF Television Champion appears at the top of the stage, the title he retained last night slung over his shoulder...A massive smile crosses the face of the champion as he proudly walks to the ring wearing an old school Macho Man Randy Savage t-shirt. He begins to celebrate with with fans, high fiving his way down the aisle and taking pictures with a couple of the people in attendance. He reaches the ring and places the belt at the foot of the turnbuckle before rolling in to the ring and scaling up the ring post, pointing in to the air as one final tribute to the Macho Man himself. Taking a mic from ring announcer Rick Ambrose he begins to pace the ring, soaking in the chants from the fans, the smile not moving from his face.

“Last night I showed the doubters who the real Liam Wood was in a match that you'll be talking about for years too come...I showed everyone why I've been Television Champion for over a hundred days, why I've had gold since my second day in this company and why I call myself the best in the business.”

The crowd cheer as Viper points over to his title belt and begins to work them up in to the frenzy, he waits for them to calm down before continuing, his tone changing.

“The reason I'm out here though, isn't to brag or to insult my next opponents...weird right?”

The crowd begin to laugh to themselves as Viper continues to talk

“It's to say thank you to Thunder for making sure that the 12 years of waiting for our match last night was worth every damn second...not only did he push me harder than anyone has ever before, he taught me the most important lesson I have learnt since stepping foot in this arena, put your body on the line for what means the most”

“For the past few weeks I've been fighting three battles and it took the match of my life to show me that it can't continue like this, something has to change...”

The crowd hush to a stunned silence as they contemplate what Viper is about to say

“...Vincent Costello!”

Boo's fill the air at the mention of the World Champion's name, Viper waits for the noise to die down before addressing the champion.

“It's obvious that we can't stand each other, to be honest I'd rather knock your teeth out than shake your hand but desperate times call for desperate measures...you might suffer from selective memory and think you can take on The Fear Campaign on your own but I know without the help from us...you'd be dead in the water and that belt would be around Machiavelli's waist right now.”

“I'm offering you a truce until all this BS with The Fear Campaign has been dealt with, we have a match against them next week and I will stand and fight along side you for this company..."

"...once all of this is over though, those freaks are out of here and Magnusson is back where he belongs...I'll be the one to take that title from you!”

The Viper stands in the ring and waits to see if the Champion will have an answer for him.


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by JJJohnson on Tue 28 May 2013, 12:19 pm

*We are backstage in the FEAR locker-room and Tyler Roth is busy busting weights as Drake Callihan sits on the sofa, looking angry and confused. Callihan places his phone on the table next to him and he dials a number whilst putting the phone on speaker. The phone rings three times and then a man’s voice echoes out.

???: Hello…

Callihan: Mr Riley…

Riley: Yes, who is that?

Callihan: This is Drake Callihan…

Riley: What can I do for you Mr Callihan?

Callihan: We just got the memo through for this week’s show, and I think there has been a mistake on the card.

Riley: You do?

Callihan: I’m sure it is just a technical hitch but my name has been put down as a competitor in the main event.

Riley: There is no hitch, Mr Callihan, you will be competing in next week’s main event.

*Callihan looks frustrated

Callihan: But I can’t….I am not medically cleared for competition, you know the issues surrounding my surgery…

Riley: And yet it has not hindered you from getting involved in countless matches since your tenure began in EWF, I highly doubt the problem is going to get in the way.

Callihan: I am not a contracted wrestler…

Riley: No you are not, and you haven’t been for nearly fifteen years, but it is interesting how you only seem to remember that now. Daniel Magnusson is also not a contracted performer and for that reason he was removed as the General Manager of EWF, because he could not stay out of the ring….your punishment will be a little more “hands on”.

Callihan: Now see here, you cannot do this…

Riley: I can, Mr Callihan, and I will. You see EWF is run by a group of gentlemen who want the best for this business, and no matter what decision we choose to make next week, we still want the audience and the paying public to get a good show. Needless to say, everyone is sick and tired of you and FEAR running amok in the company…perhaps a lesson or two won’t go amiss…

Callihan: I….you are going to regret this…

Riley: I somehow highly doubt it….now if that is all Mr Callihan….you have a big week ahead of you I suggest….

*The giant fist of Tyler Roth comes down and smashes the telephone into pieces on the table. He then looks up at Drake Callihan.

Roth: There is too much talking going on…

Callihan: Did you hear what he said?

Roth: Did you hear me? I don’t want to discuss….I want actions and I want them now. We were so close at Scars and Stripes to getting everything we wanted, one mistake and we are back to square one. No more mistakes, no more messing around…..this week we get the job done and we put this pathetic excuse for a company on a life support machine.

Callihan: And me competing doesn’t concern you?

Roth: Me, Alex and Ojore will all be in that match…I highly doubt you need to worry about anything. Just calm down and start thinking about a plan we can utilise to finish these pieces of dirt off once and for all. I didn’t sign up here to be a laughing stock, I came to conquer and you promised that we would. So make good on your word Drake, and I will on my mine.

*Callihan stares at Roth for a moment and then he smiles

Callihan: You are right, I don’t even know what came over me. I may be pushing the fifty mark but I still have more talent in my left hand than the rest of those EWF rejects. With FEAR by my side there is nothing to put me down. I will devise the plan, we shall have our dominance.

Roth: And tell me what the “Chief” said…..can I have Machiavelli’s head on a goddamn platter now?

Callihan: We spoke about this and I understand your frustrations, Machiavelli dropped the ball again. But the “chief” seems to have at least a little more faith in Dario than the rest of us and he wants us to keep him in the fold, at least for the time being.

Roth: I don’t like it, and I know Alex doesn’t either. We may have been brought in later than the rest of these guys but since we joined up we have produced results, more so than Machiavelli has. This blind faith that is being shown in him is wearing thin, I don’t know if I can stick around and watch much more of it.

Callihan: I’ll have another word because I agree with your sentiments. Even Ojore doesn’t have the same belief in his former leader any more…..FEAR is growing and Machiavelli is almost a dead weight that continues to drag us back down….

Roth: He either shows us something in the next few weeks or I promise I am taking matters into my own hands…everyone else may be able to pretend like there is no issue here but I see clearly…

Callihan: As I said, I will sort it.

Roth: Make sure you do, because if it is only the world championship that alludes us then perhaps it is time to give someone else an opportunity to claim it. I would love nothing more than to separate Costello’s head from his shoulders and serve it to Daniel Magnusson.

*Callihan smirks

Callihan: I’ll see what I can do…

Roth: EWF needs to die, only then can FEAR control this kingdom….

Callihan: And I understand there is plenty of “plans” in the offing regarding that situation….the “Chief” has been recruiting again….

Roth: Numbers are good, but the spirit and commitment is what matters….we need soldiers who are primed for action……because next Friday night we need to make a statement…

Callihan: And we will, I haven’t let you down yet Tyler….trust me!

*Roth nods his head and breathes deeply before walking back to the corner of the room and begins his training again. Callihan looks down at the shattered phone on the table and shakes his head.

Callihan: Guess I need a new one….

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 28 May 2013, 11:41 pm

The cameras are following three men as they walk towards a fire out in the parking lot. As they get closer a figure can be seen sat on the ground in silent thought. Ojore sits, unmoved as the men approach him, his crown of flames in front of him besides the Anarchy Championship.

The voice of Carlton Jacobs pipes up a few metres from the newly crowned champion "Ojore, as new champion you are aware of your media duties?"

Ojore "If you wish to talk to Ojore you will come to meet him like a man"

CJ "I feel more comfortable keeping my distance."

Ojore "If I wanted to hurt you I would catch you before you even turned to run"

CJ "This security has been provided by the directors and they will defend me if you attack"

Ojore "I do not think your security would like to find out what it is like when Ojore attack. You are not to be harmed Mr Jacobs, step towards me and enjoy the fires warmth."

Carlton walks over flanked by the security guards "Ojore, now you are a champion in EWF what are your plans for your reign?"

Ojore "This title is merely material. I say you again, matches are not Ojore's concern. If men here want to challenge Ojore then they will not only leave without this belt but they will leave without their dignity. Conrad, he came for Ojore, and Conrad no wrestle tonight."

CJ "Do you enjoy the hardcore element of this latest challenge"

Ojore smiles "Yes, for once in this business I like the thinking. I hear men fight in cages here, they fight in cells, they fight surrounded by fire. I embrace the pain."

CJ "Tonight you are back in tag action with your FEAR buddies, but not Dario Machiavelli. Do you agree he is losing his way?"

Ojore "Ojore have no buddies. Ojore not share the opinion of these men. Mr Dario is what he was before. He started off unimportant to Ojore and that he remains."

CJ "At the PPV you tried to help him, are we to believe tonight you will stay away from Robin Reborn?"

Ojore laughs once more "This little Robin. He thinks he knows pain. Ojore will show him the same punishment he showed little Conrad. Sometimes a man aint getting up." The animal Ojore bursts into action, spearing one of the security guards onto the ground. Jacobs stands motionless as his second guard charges forward only to be headbutted in motion straight on the nose.

"Run Mr Jacobs, our interview is done"

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by x12x on Thu 30 May 2013, 2:13 am

The jingle of "EWF Weekly updates" echoes through the speakers and we are greeted by the faces of Harold Dixon and Traci Cooper.

Harold: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to EWF Weekly. I am Harold Dixon, joined as ever, by the beautiful Traci Cooper.

The camera pans to the red haired Cooper, who smiles into the camera.

Traci: Thank you, Harold and good afternoon to the EWF Universe. On today's show we discuss the fallout from Scars & Stripes and talk to the fans about the possible identity of the mysterious leader of Fear but first we have some exclusive footage from a recent house show where the reigning EWF Television Champion and fan favourite “The Viper” Liam Wood offered a truce to a man who he has not seen eye to eye with long before his debut against him in the Elite Coliseum, World Champion Vincent Costello.

Harold: That's right Traci, these two men began a heated rivalry in the build up to The Iron Man Tournament that would spill out in to their first match against each other resulting in The Viper feeling cheated when the now reigning champion used his familiar “insurance policy” the brass knuckles

Traci: This has continued over the past few months over Twitter and in rumoured backstage altercations involving locker rooms being broken in to and staff members being caught in the cross fire...a lot of people have said that nothing could bring these two together but it seems that a common enemy they share may just have done that.

The shot changes to footage that has been recorded by a fan in attendance. It show's the Viper's last promo where he offered a olive branch to Vincent. The shot then changes back to Harold and Traci as they continue with the show.

Harold: Bad news for fans of a happy ending, the Television Champion was left hanging and the world of the EWF was plunged further in to doubt. We were able to get a quick interview with the Viper shortly after this incident and he gave us his views on Costello, the Fear Campaign and what people are calling the greatest match of the EWF so far...

The scene once again changes to The Viper Liam Wood storming through the backstage area with a furious look upon his face, as the camera gets closer we hear him calling the name of the World Champion who was in attendance that night.

Kelsey Hughes: Viper can we have a few words?

Wood ignores the advances of Kelsey Hughes and continues to search for Costello as the camera crew and Hughes stay in hot pursuit.

KH: Liam! please it will only take a second!

LW: I'm not really in the mood for this right now...but, after I find Costello and "set things straight" we can sit down and talk.

KH: Come on, the fans want to know what's going on just as much as I do...give me a few seconds of your time and then you can go and do whatever you want.

Liam shakes his head, clearly frustrated he attempts to calm down

LW: Fine...lets do this

Kelsey smiles as she sorts through a small notepad with a list of questions written on one of the pages

KH: Thank you, first I have to ask...why are you reaching out to a person who you have never seen eye to eye with...someone that you claim is only champion because he cheated his way there and someone who seems to dislike you as much as you dislike him?

LW: Like I said, my match with Thunder reminded me that if you want to be the best then you need to know which battles to fight...some p!ssing contest with some mamaluke isn't really a priority but I think we can all agree that fighting Fear is.

KH: Talking about your match with Thunder, how does it feel to be in a match that some people have claimed is the greatest match in the short history of this company so far?

LW: (laughs to himself) Every time I step in to that ring...MY ring...I have the potential to be a part of the greatest match not only in the history of this company but the history of wrestling, fully stop!"
"I'm a future Hall Of Famer, I'm a legend in the making, I'm a Legacy that is about to take over the world and it's just a shame that up until Scars and Stripes I haven't had to face anyone who even came close to matching my ability...Thunder did and the results speak for themselves but right now this isn't about me and Thunder...my eyes are set on one target and one target only...FEAR.

KH: I understand, they are a massive threat to thi...

Liam Wood cuts off Kelsey in her tracks with a bemused look across his face

LW: Of course they're a threat, anyone can be a threat if they team up and attempt to pick people off one by one...they play the numbers game and of course it's going to work...they like to think it's smart...I just think they're full of crap and know that without they're smoke and mirrors, without their gang and without their mysterious leader they'd have been thrown out of this business before they even had the chance to begin...this week is different though.

KH: That is very true, this week you along with Costello, Phillips and Mr Jones face off against the team of Roth, Garcia, Callihan and the newly crowned Anarchy Champion...Ojore. You get to take on Fear where the numbers game no longer favours your opponents, how confident do you feel about getting the win?

LW: Let's get one thing straight, do you really think we can trust Costello? He's already shown he has no interest in anyone but himself and tonight he once again showed his true colours...the only advantage we have is the fact that the last time Calihan wrestled the leg drop was a devastating finisher! That man is so old he trained The Fabulous Moulah when she was a rookie!

Kelsey tries to stifle a laugh as The Viper begins to look frustrated again and looks around the backstage area

LW: Kelsey this has been fun but I have things I need to do, I'm sure you understand?

The footage changes back to the studio with Tracey, Harold and a handful of guests as the show continues and the scene fades to black.

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Enforcer on Fri 31 May 2013, 1:38 pm

Saturday Night hits and the crowd boo and jeer as Enforcer appears from behind the gestures to the crowd to make more noise.

DF: Enforcer is blatantly mocking Hero there.

JK: And the crowd are making their feelings about that perfectly clear!

Enforcer laughs to himself as he walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring.

E: Quiet down you morons. If you listen very closely you might actually learn something….but you know what they say about educating pork!

Crowd: A55HOLE! A55HOLE! x3

E: Shhhh…I know you’re all upset. At Scars and Stripes I destroyed your Hero, I exposed him for the fraud that he has always been. I have said for years that I was the reason Hero remained relevant and I have proved that. Last Sunday, I made Hero famous!

The crowd boo loudly as Enforcer stands in the ring looking smug.

E: Now that I have dealt with my past my future suddenly looks much clearer. My focus has been on Hero up until now, every time I stepped foot in the ring I was thinking of how I could end him. That tunnel vision has gone now and that only means one thing...

That the rest of the EWF roster need to be on notice!

You were all relatively safe before Scars & Stripes, none of you were of any concern to me. Yes those who got in my way got their a55es whooped, but never anything serious…you were just the hors d’oeuvres before the main meal. That meal has finished now and I’m getting hungry again.

First on the menu is Thunder…the guy who couldn’t beat Liam Wood. I don’t know what the board of directors are playing at here, there may be a slight distraction with FEAR, but they should be focusing on the true talent.

DF: Slight distraction?! FEAR are threatening to destroy the whole company and Enforcer wants the focus of the directors?

JK: The man is delusional, how much of an ego has beating Hero given him?

E: I should be the top guy in EWF, there is nobody on the roster who even comes close to my talent, strength and physicality. Yet, instead of title matches I get lumped in with losers like Thunder.

Don’t take my complaint as a sign I will be taking you lightly Thunder. I’m not sure if I could underestimate you, but never the less I will be coming at you with everything.

You will feel the full force of my frustration.

You will realise that I should be fighting men much better than you.

You will realise that I am the present and the future for EWF.

You WILL be Enforced!


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Thunder87 on Sat 01 Jun 2013, 9:43 pm

The crowd goes wild as, Heroes are Hard to Find by Twisted Sister blasts out of the sound system. There is no sign of Thunder as the music begins to fade. The song starts over at full blast and again the crowd cheer and again no Thunder. The fans look around at each other perplexed by the lack of Thunder. For a third time Heroes are Hard to Find begins to play. This time Thunder steps through the curtain rather triumphantly. He wears, grey cargo trousers, a Dr Who t-shirt, two Batman wrist bands on the one arm and goggles upon his head.

Thunder taps his heart three times and points out to the fans. Firstly directly in front of him, then over to the left and finally to the right. He pulls a microphone from his back pocket and raises it to his mouth. The fan chant his name over and over as he waits for them to be done.

Now, Infrastructure was it? Before I address you, I address them. Chant it loud and proud peoples. Tell this guy who I am.

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!

You hear that? That is the sound of all the people, sorry, that’s The Rock’s fans, mine are the Thunder Cats. Thank you E-Unit for that one. Let’s start with your comment about me losing to Liam. Did I lose? Did you even see that match? It was the best match in EWF history. At American patriotism gone bad, two Englishmen stole the show. I took Liam to the edge and booted him over it. And yes technically I lost and Liam got the three count. However my goal in that match was three fold, to put on a wrestling clinic, to draw the best out in my friend and to draw the best out in myself. I am no loser, for a man with pleasure in his heart, is always a winner and in front of these fans, in that match, there was no man happier.

It was awesome! It was awesome! It was awesome!

I brought the best out in Liam and he, brought out the best in me. Imagine what the two of us could do together.

Thunder gazes up into the rafters for a few moments seemingly imagining it.

We’d be the best thing since The Road Warriors. The Thunder Wood Experience, no wait, The Oncoming Viper, The Hereford Bulls, The Tag Team Champions. Oh, sorry, I was rambling so, much I forgot you were here.

The crowd laugh.

Right, on with the immediate future, you and Conflict. You’re going to enforce me? I thought we were going to wrestle in a ring, not the bed room. I appreciate that you’re not under estimating me, ‘cause if you didn’t bring you’re a game, you’d stand a snow balls chance in hell. As for why the board is putting you against me and not a champion… There are two reasons for that. Firstly they’ve heard every claim you’ve made before, from guys like E-Unit and Garcia, who have not delivered. You see, to some degree they want to test you and who better to test you against than me, the work horse. And secondly, you hate Hero, the fans love him so, you and the fans have a difference of opinion and in this business, this industry, if you have a difference of opinion with someone, that means you have a problem with them and if you have a problem with the fans, you have a problem with me. For I am the Oncoming Storm, I am the fans sword and we shall strike you down. Let’s rock…

Thunder raises his microphone hand above his head.

And ride


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Blade on Sun 02 Jun 2013, 11:25 am

The crowd in the arena are on tender hooks for this weeks edition of Conflict when all of sudden the titron flickers into life and on the screen you can see Carlton Jacobs standing out side what seems like a refuse site with big metal gates with a sign saying Conrad's refuse site closed until further notice.

The crowd in the arena start to cheer loudly when they see the sign and realize where Carlton is Carlton smiles into the camera and puts the microphone to his lips.

CJ: Ladys and Gentlemen I am standing out side mike Conrads refuse site and I heard he is inside I will try and get an interview with EWF's Favorite bin man.

Carlton then walks up to an electronic buzzer with a speaker he presses it and waits for an answer the crowd waits in anticipation for an answer but nothing happens he presses the button again and again silence from the box.

Then the crowd cheers loudly when they see Conrad making his way down from the managers office he walks down the steps and heads up to the steel fence.

MC: What the hell do you want Carlton?

CJ: Hi Mike, I was just wondering how your feeling after that horrific match against Ojore?

Mike just stands there looking straight in the face of Carlton with a stern look on his face which makes Carlton feel a little uneasy.

MK: How do I feel? ( Mike shouts at Carlton who looks stunned.) How do I frecking feel by god lad you do ask the most dumbest question's you idiot, Now if I were I would get the hell out of here before I open these gates and kick your ass all over town, Get the hell out of my face.

With that Conrad punches the steel fence and storms of back into his office and slams the door behind him with Carlton Jacobs left standing there in complete shock Carlton then turns to the camera as the fans in the arena start to boo.

CJ: Well there you have it Lady's and Gentlemen looks like Conrad is still in shock about losing to Ojore I'll stay out here and try and get another interview with Mike Contrad.

Carlton suddenly jumps when he here's Conrads voice coming through an open window from his office.

MC: You still here Jacobs god damn it, If your not gone in 20 seconds am coming down there and beating the crap out of and that cameraman 1,2,3,4....

CJ: Come on lets go (Carlton talks to the Cameraman) We can come back later.

The Cameraman and Carlton quickly jumps in a pick up truck and speeds away as the crowd are left stunned in the arena.

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Blade on Sun 02 Jun 2013, 12:48 pm

The crowd in the arena are talking among them selves when all of sudden the lights i the arena turn off and then there's three gongs then the lights in the arena turn back on and the crowd start to cheer loudly as Mr Jones AKA the Dark Knight is standing in the middle of the ring were a his mask and wearing a long leather black coat and leather black trousers to go with it Mr Jones already has a microphone in his hand he slowly puts the microphone to his lips and the crowd soon turn to silence.

MR Jones: Fear had tried everything in there power to get rid of the Dark Knight but I shall not go away I stand here before you as the Savior of EWF and normally stand alone in the fight and make things right that have been wronged but again on this dark night I have chosen to fight with my fellow comrades and take the fight too Fear.

The crowd in the arena cheers for Mr Jones.

MR Jones: Ojore, Tyler Roth, Alex Garcia, Drake Callihan all members of Fear you think that you can take me out or my Comrades in arms then you are very much mistaken we shall never fall to the evil that you posses inside of you we shall bring Fear on you.

The crowd in the arena start to cheer as the Dark Knight paces back and forth.

Mr Jones: Vincent Costello, Jimmy Phillips, Liam Wood we have a fine team but if Costello walks out on us then there will be words with me and you when the night is done, You may be world champion but you are very selfish and you only look after number one but tonight is the for you to step up to the table and help win the fight.

Jimmy Phillips you have great heart and fight for what is right you have been hurt by Fear in the past and this will drive you forward and make the wrong and turn it into right, You will one day be a great champion and your time will come but for now you have to fight with the rest of us and take Fear out.

The crowd in the arena start to cheer loudly.

Mr Jones: Liam Wood the man who put on a great fight with Thunder a man that is on top of his game and a man that knows how to fight we have a good team, A team that will make all the wrongs and turn them into rights last but not least there is me The Dark Knight I arose from the dead to help those who are struggling against evil and make things right Tyler Roth you have awoken me you put me through the barricade with your spear and you thought you had taken me out but I stand before these great people and swear to them that I will get my revenge on you Tyler and I will send your soul to the depths of hell.

The crowd in the arena start to cheer loudly when the lights go out three gongs are heard the lights turn back on and all that's left standing is the microphone in the middle of the ring.

The crowd cheer loudly as the scene fades to black.

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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by RonSwanson on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 5:22 am

Robin Reborn is riding around backstage on his segway when he skids to a halt at the feet of Carlton Jacobs.

RR "Carlton my man, aren't you having a day of it?! First Ojore and then Conrad. Some guys just need to lighten up! All that trash talk will get them nowhere! Yes! What a great pun, high five Jacobs!"

CJ "Well, Mr Reborn, don't you suppose your mood might darken too as you are minutes away from facing the man we all thought destined to be world champion by now, Mr Dario Machiavelli?"

RR "A man who can't win a title even with his minions in tow? I fear no man, no entity and no outcomes. I don't fear fear and I don't fear FEAR. The last thing Dario will see in that ring tonight is my figure falling from the lights. The three will be counted before that lumbering Ojore can make it down for the save"

CJ "Strong words for a man with only weeks of top class wrestling experience"

RR "A lot of these men have experience of mediocrity. Started from the bottom now I'm here. Out"

Robin drives on like an ADHD Duracell bunny and we hear Thrift Shop hit


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Enforcer on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 11:52 am

(This carries on from Thunder’s in ring promo)

E: Thunder you poor deluded soul. You think that you’re not a loser after Scars & Stripes, even though you came away from the match without the gold. You think Liam Wood is a friend, that you and him would make a great tag team….you probably would for a while. But it wouldn’t be a good idea for you, you’ve got Marty Jannetty written all over you boy.

But the thing that makes me feel the most pity for you, is the fans…

Crowd: BOOO!!!

Thunder raises the mic to respond but Enforcer speaks over him.

E: Let me finish, the fact you think you were a winner at Scars & Stripes is down to your belief that pleasing these morons is in some ways better than being a winner. The parasitic worms that you call fans are fickle, they will forget your name as soon as the next big thing comes along! Because of this, you stand here facing the most dominant force EWF has seen and you are more concerned with cracking jokes and defending their worthless honour.

I have a reputation as only looking out for myself…but occasionally, like you, I see a lost sheep and I want to help. I am trying to help you see the error of your ways, you need to remember who it is that cheers when your body is snapped in half, who cheers as you fight on blinded by your own blood. It is these bloodthirsty monsters, they will use you up and spit you out!

But enough of my care in the community work. If the directors are giving me you as a test, then they do not understand the level that I operate on. I am a cut above everyone on this roster, someone who can’t even beat Liam Wood is not going to pose a threat.

Enforcer looks away from Thunder for the first time and looks at the crowd.

E: You will all be thanking me. Your lust for pain and blood will be sated at Conflict. You will all be able to feast on the pain and suffering of Thunder…

Enforcer looks back at Thunder and stares straight at him.

E: ...you should hope that you realise what is happening before they drain you of your very last breath.


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Thunder87 on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 11:05 pm

(taking place during and after Enforcers)

After Enforcer cuts Thunder off, Thunder pulls a chocolate bar from one of the pockets on his combats and proceeds to eat it. As Enforcer comes to the end of his rambling, Thunder finishes his bar.

Sorry, are you done? 'Cause I am.

Enforcer tries to speak only to find that his microphone has been cut.

Maybe your right, maybe the fans will one day have seen enough of me, maybe I should turn on them before they turn or maybe, just maybe you shoulder listen to them. Your microphone has been switched off because a fan sat in the production booth has had enough of listening to your drivel.

Shut your trap hole. Shut your trap hole. Shut your trap hole.

You see Captain Numpty, guys like the production staff, the ring crew, the cleaners, office staff, that camera man there, they get minimum wage for what they do. Yet, day in, day out they do their best for the company and to make us wrestlers look good. They could get paid a lot more else where, but they work here and why? I hear you ask, because their fans too.

Thank you for the effort. Thank you for the effort.

So, before you slate fans, think about two things. One, can this come back to bite me? And two, why did I want to wrestle. If the answer to the second one isn't 'cause you were a fan, then you in the wrong line of work.

Thunder walks off behind the curtain as Heroes are Hard to Find begins to play. As the song begins to die down, Thunder bursts back through the curtain.

Oh, and thank you for that Jannetty comment. If I can help build Liam up half as much as Marty Jannetty did for Michael Hickenbottom, I'll be happy with that. I'll see you at Conflict, where you will be forced to see this loser, walk away with victory over you.

With that Thunder tosses the microphone on to the stage floor and disappears again through the curtain. The scene changes to the back of the stage, where Thunder climbs down the stairs leading to the stage. Carlton Jacobs approaches him.

Thunder, can I get a moment of your time?

As long as you can walk and talk, sure.

Carlton nods, as they walk towards the car park area.

Can we get your thoughts on the current situation?

Which situation? The title picture? The possible immediate closure of the EWF? Or The fact that Infrastructure out there is trying to force his junk in to my trunk?

Well, You've already made your thoughts on Enforcer clear and their's bigger thing going on than titles at the moment...

Ohhh. So you want to know what I make of the possible closure of the EWF, then?

Yes and...

I honestly don't see the board closing EWF, not as long as the fan demand it be kept open. Which their doing by paying good money to come see us do our thing. No offence the members of the board but, their all driven by money so, as long as their making it by doing nothing, they'll continue to do nothing.

The two turn in to the car park and head towards Thunder's car. He opens door and half steps in. Carlton, looks a little annoyed.

Thunder, your avoiding my other question.

You mean FEAR and the division of the roster. I'm not avoiding it or them, I'm just not involved. Though I should do something about the division.

Thunder climbs in to his car and shuts the door. He starts up the engine which drowns out Carlton. The car begins to drive off leaving Carlton standing there. As the car gets to the exit of the car park, it stops. Thunder leans out the window.

Carlton. Exclusive for you. Thunder's Paradise episode 3, this Friday.

Thunder drives off out of the building as the scene fades out.


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Enforcer on Thu 06 Jun 2013, 9:17 am

The scene cuts to Enforcer storming through the backstage area, he leaves the arena and heads into the car park. As he does so he almost crashes into Carlton Jacobs.

CJ: Enforcer, I have just spoken with Thunder – do you have any words following your confrontation in the arena?

Enforcer glares at Jacobs, but comes to a halt next to him.

E: Whilst I don’t usually want to talk to you, I guess I have no choice today. When your opponent has to get lackies from the back to cut your mic, you know that you have got the better of them!

CJ: Thunder asked why you got into this business, he said that if it wasn’t for the fans and because you were a fan then you’re in the wrong industry…

E: Thunder is obviously a very confused little boy. I have been nothing but honest since coming here about why I am in wrestling, I want to hurt people. If Thunder thinks being a fan should be the reason then he is in for a rude awakening at Conflict. I have been an ice hockey player and a wrestler, never because I was a fan, or because I wanted to please the fans. I have a talent, a calling if you like, for maiming people and leaving a path of destruction in my wake. That path of destruction is on a collision course with Thunder…

Enforcer smiles to himself.

….and I for one am looking forward seeing the realisation on his face that the fans respect cannot save him from the beating he is set to endure.

CJ: Thunder seemed to be happy with your Marty Jannetty comparison, what are your thoughts on that?

E: If he is happy to play second fiddle to someone else then that is fine. If the extent of his ambition is to make somebody else look good then at least he knows his place. He is never going to amount to anything, so he may as well try to live off the reflected limelight of someone else. Unfortunately for Thunder he isn’t trying to bask in the glow of a Shawn Michaels…he’s picked himself a John Morrison.

CJ: Can we also hear your thoughts about FEAR and the possible closure of EWF?

E: You could if I had any, if FEAR stay out of my way I will stay out of there’s. I am the star of this company, everybody else should be thinking about me, not the other way round!

CJ: But the very future of the company is at risk?!

E: Your immediate future is looking even worse if you don’t get out of my face right now!

Enforcer shoves Jacobs out of his way and strides away across the car park.


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Pigwidgeon on Thu 06 Jun 2013, 3:05 pm

Alex Garcia is sat in the FEAR changing room with Tyler Roth and Drake Callihan.

Garcia: So just one more day and we get to pick up where we left off at Scars and Stripes. I can’t wait to beat those EWF fools again, why on earth do these guys keep thinking they can compete against us?

Callihan: Because they are as ignorant as they are arrogant. They look at FEAR on face value and believe they have what it takes to defeat us, but they do not see what is underneath, they do not see our master plan. We have tried to tell them but they pay no attention, and it will lead to their ultimate undoing. Do not worry about why Alex, you just continue to do what you do and there will be no problems at all.

Garcia: I just want to get our hands on some gold, I know this war is about more than that but seeing Ojore holding that Anarchy championship ignited a fire in me. FEAR is about being dominant, surely that means we need all the belts in our camp?

Callihan: I see your point and I will present a case to the “Chief” but until then we all know the plan and we must stick to what has been asked of us. I know the ability of you and Tyler, I have no doubts at all that the two of you could hold championship gold in any promotion in the world, but as you have already said this is much bigger than that, when we are done here you will have a legacy in this industry that will last forever.

Garcia: A legacy is good, I can deal with a legacy. I’m just tired of second rate losers like Liam Wood and Jimmy Phillips getting accolades and plaudits they don’t deserve.

Callihan: They are poster children, Alex, and you need to awaken your mind to this business. Men like Wood and Phillips will always draw the praise, because they hug children and attend charity events. But men like you, the silent assassins, are the reason that pay per views are sold and shows are attended. Without you this whole machine doesn’t work and you cannot forget that. Let Wood and Phillips have the limelight, history will remember its winners, and there shall be none other than those who reside on the side of FEAR.

Garcia: What do you think, Tyler, you ready to do this?

Roth: Oh you know I am ready to do this. I saw what FEAR were doing before we got recruited, and they had some success but look at what happened when we stepped up to the plate, EWF is a sinking ship now, nobody can save them. We have brought an entire promotion to its knees and tomorrow night we get the opportunity to crush them for good. We have evolved the brand of FEAR, we have transformed this nightmare into a living reality and now is the time to take what belongs to us.

Callihan: I knew bringing you boys into this fold was the right decision. I saw what Machiavelli and Ojore were trying to accomplish but they lacked direction. We have been integral, vital in the rise of this organisation, tomorrow night FEAR shall not only rise but we shall conquer.

Garcia: Look at the results we have provided, without us FEAR wouldn’t even be functioning right now. I am not looking to cause no arguments but I think it was time something got done about Machiavelli, he dropped the ball again last week, if one of us was afforded the opportunity he was given then we would have produced the goods.

Callihan: I know that and deep down the “Chief” does to. But Machiavelli led this from the beginning and perhaps he may get one more chance, I do not know.

Garcia and Roth roll their eyes and shake their heads

Callihan: That isn’t my decision fellas, and you know that. The “Chief” calls the shots and we follow his instructions.

Roth: We get that, and we have no problem with that. But we put FEAR on the brink of domination last week and he screwed it up. We can’t afford that to happen again, we need to strike whilst the iron is hot, whilst EWF is still reeling, they cannot be allowed to recoup and retaliate.

Garcia: The man has a point, you know what we can do, heck y’all know what Ojore can do because he showed it last week. The three of us are making strides, we are taking names and doing everything asked of us, Machiavelli needs to pull his weight or get going, we will not carry any passengers.

Callihan: And I will relay your messages to the boss but please keep your minds on the task at hand. You know I have been working hard to put everything in place, despite the distraction and travesty of justice that I have to compete tomorrow night.

Roth: I told you not to worry about that…

Callihan: And I have told you it is easier said than done.

Garcia: No it isn’t, you need to relax, sir. We have got this all taken care of, you have pulled your strings and we will pull ours. I am sitting here and telling you right now that there is no way on this earth that we are losing tomorrow night, it isn’t a possibility.

Roth: You don’t doubt that we can take care of you?

Callihan: Of course I don’t, but it has been fifteen years since I last wrestled a match. You all know about my injury, this match shouldn’t be taking place.

Garcia: Like we always say, FEAR is everywhere and FEAR cannot be stopped, you won’t even need to break sweat tomorrow, we have got this.

Callihan looks at Roth, who breathes deeply and frowns

Roth: Get some confidence, because you are the guy who needs to inspire us to do our job. We aren’t playing around here anymore, we want FEAR to succeed but if we feel that things aren’t going the way we want them to, then we will be forced to take matters into our own hands.

Callihan: What do you mean?

Garcia: He means that you are our true leader, no matter what anyone else tries to say. And if you don’t have confidence then we don’t have confidence. FEAR recruited us and we fight for this cause but if the ball gets dropped again then all three of us will need to sit down again and think about our futures. We are not being held back anymore, this is our time to shine and nobody can get in the way of that.

Callihan: I understand what you are saying and I take everything you say onboard. But I promise you boys that tomorrow is going to go exactly to plan. EWF aren’t prepared for what happens next, but we are and that is all the advantage we need.

Roth: Now we are talking business, tomorrow night the blood of the EWF locker-room shall flow like a river. FEAR is here!

Garcia: Yes sir!

All three men laugh as the scene fades out


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

Post by Guest on Thu 06 Jun 2013, 10:17 pm

The crowd are slowly making their way into the arena when Jimmy Phillips appears on the big screen. He has his sports bag over his shoulder and is sporting his trademark red hoodie, he goes to enter the dressing room as Kelsey Hughes can be heard off camera

KH: Jimmy...Sorry can we have a word?

JP: Sure thing, whats on your mind?

KH: I just wanted to get your reaction on the way Scars and Stripes ended last week

JP: Y'Know thats difficult I'm not going to lie. I still don't quite know how I'm feeling. At the end of the day FEAR didn't win, so everybodies happy aren't. Well to be honest I'm not. Let me take you back to what happened, I had that God damned match won. I hit Machiavelli with the Game Changer and i had that pin 1...2....3 but once again FEAR had to rear their ugly faces and once again it cost me my spot at the top of this company

KH: I remember clearly Jimmy you don't have to remind me. Well I know it's little consolation but tonight you get to step into the ring with the four members of FEAR, surely a little retribution there for you

JP: You're right it is a little consolation. I'm fed up with this whole thing now. I don't care about FEAR, and if I'm being honest right now I couldn't really care less about the three guys fighting out of my corner tonight. Right now I just wanna kick somebodies ass and I don't care if thats FEAR, I couldn't care if it were Jones, Wood or Costello. I've got a rage burning inside me that I need to unleash ASAP. A rage thats not going to fade until I get my hands on that EWF title

KH: Jimmy, I've not seen you this fired up for a while

JP: Well enough is enough, things need to change around here

KH: Well that could be tonight with an announcemnet from the board of directors

JP: I wouldn't build your hopes up Kelsey. Listen the fact of the matter is this, EWF have thrown everything we have at FEAR and they still have the ability to get themselves involved in a title match. I don't know what people are expecting, the board of directors are powerless to stop this

KH: I wouldn't be too sure, they fired Mr Magnusson last week, surely they can fire FEAR?

JP: That what you think? Listen I wouldn't be surprised if one of the them was the mystery backer of FEAR in some sick charade to try and boost their ratings and sponsorship money. I don't think this announcement tonight will be as straightforward as it seems. As for Magnusson....Like some us he got caught up in a fight he lost. Now it's up to him, he can either accept what's happened or like me, he can fight

KH: Interesting theory Jimmy, I'll let you get to it

JP: Thanks, catch you later

Jimmy pushes the door open and it swings shut behind him as the camera focuses in on the nameplate before fading to black


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EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10) Empty Re: EWF Conflict Friday 7th June 2013 (Episode 10)

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