6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:30 am

*The 6CW logo appears on the blank screen, as “Here Come’s the Boom” by P.O.D kicks in. The crowd leaps to their feet, and erupt in a chorus of noise as blue, white, and yellow pyrotechnics display goes off.

The camera then pans across the small Copper Box arena as we see just over 3,000 fans with 6CW banners out on display.

All Hail King Max
No Gazzy  - WHY???
Fly Robin Fly
Hobo – Can I have a biscuit?
Enforcer is a beast
Happy Anniversary Ally Wink
Oui Oui Oui Oui

The action is then taken ringside where Henry and Harold Lloyd are situated at the announce desk, ready to call the action.

HA: After the longest two weeks of our lives 6CW is back on your screens. I am Harold Lloyd and as ever I am joined by my brother Henry

HE: Good evening

HA: Well, where to start?

Day of Reckoning has been and gone, the dust has settled and 6CW has three new champions in its midst

HE: We expected to crown new Tag Champions Harold and although Harris and Masters were not the expected winners they were by no means the biggest surprise of the evening

HA: Indeed my good brother. And although that was a big shock that crown doesn’t even go to our new UK Champion Vincent Costello. A man who probably had one of the biggest nights of his life at the PPV.

HE: That’s an understatement Harold. Not only did he beat Tyler Roth to rip a piece of gold from the grasp of the Authority but just when people thought he was on their side he turned full circle and showed his true colours by brutally destroying Thunder and laying down a challenge to Liam Wood

HA: A turn of events that nobody expected but even that wasn’t the biggest twist of the evening. We all thought the Gateway to Glory would be a spectacle but surely nobody had any idea of what was to come?

*Footage replaying the start of the GtG match starts to play

Ding Ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is the GATEWAY TO GLORY MATCH!

*Crowd pop

Ring Announcer: In this match, the two superstars who drew numbers one and two will begin the contest….they will be joined by a new participant every two minutes until all thirty men have entered the bout. Elimination occurs when you a participant is thrown over the top rope and BOTH feet must touch the floor….the last man standing will be declared victorious and shall earn a world championship match of their choosing at NIGHT OF GLORY!

*More huge cheers from the crowd

HA: There is the rulings….a thirty man, over the top rope, battle royal….last man standing is going to Night of Glory…

HE: I have been looking forward to this match all night…..who will be number one and number two?

HA: I think it is time to find out…

The fans are in fine voice as the cameras pan around the arena and then zoom in on the stage. There is a brief pause and then “Unbreakable” shatters through the speakers, drawing a huge pop from the crowd.


HE: Talk about drawing a short straw…

Nate Nack runs out on the stage, the 6CW Championship wrapped around his waist, and he throws his arms up in the air as pyros burst all around him. He nods his head and pounds his chest before making his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans as he does so.

HA: The 6CW Champion is entering at number one….if he has aspirations of a unified championship match at Night of Glory then he needs to performance of a lifetime…

HE: Nate Nack’s chances of success just plummeted….he has as much chance of winning this match as Manchester United have of being relevant under David Moyes…

HA: Nack has overcome the odds so many times before….can he do it again?

Nate Nack unstraps his 6CW Championship and climbs up into the ring. He heads to all four corners and poses with his belt before jumping down on the canvass to await entrant number two..

HE: Who is going to kick off this match with Nate?

HA: Only one way to find out…

Nate continues to stand tall in the centre of the ring and then the crowd boos as “King of Kings” screams out of the speakers. The crowd awaits a member of The Authority but receive a shock when the owner of 6CW steps out…

HE: WHAT? Is Mr Jones entering this match?

HA: Don’t be stupid….I don’t like that smug grin on his face, what is he up to?

Crowd: A55hole x10

Jones: Thank you for such a kind welcome….don’t worry, I am not out here to steal you attention for long, I just have a brief announcement to make. Before we get the inaugural Gateway to Glory match underway I would just like to address our 6CW Champion…

*Nate Nack looks confused as he steps forward and holds his arms out, awaiting what Jones has to say.

Jones: Now Nate, I know last week we had a conversation….and I also spoke to the media about the fact that tonight you would not have a 6CW Championship defense…

*Jones smiles

Jones: But I lied!

*The crowd boo furiously and Nate’s brow furrows

Jones: You see Nate, I do what is best for this company….I make decisions that guarantee ratings and success….so allow me to inform you that tonight’s Gateway to Glory match….WILL BE YOUR TITLE DEFENSE!


HE: He just did….this is brilliant…

Jones: This match is now for the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship…..so Nate, I’d advise you to conserve some energy…because unless you can outlast 29 other men….your reign is over!

Enjoy the match everyone!

HA: This isn’t right….

Jones drops his mic and laughs at Nate Nack before disappearing into the backstage area. Nate Nack is rubbing his temples and looking furious about the announcement he has just heard.

HE: Jones is a genius….he has been desperate to get that 6CW Championship from Nate Nack and now he has devised the most brilliant of plans…

HA: This is a terrible abuse of power…Jones has completely changed the goal posts….this match just transformed…

HE: And 29 other men in the backstage area where just upgraded to a chance of a lifetime…not only can they leave here tonight on the fast track to Night of Glory but they are walking out as 6CW World Champion

*The footage ends and the shot returns to the commentary team

HA: What a start and the match itself was a real rollercoaster. 30 men entered the ring, some did better than others. Nate battled gallantly to keep hold of his belt but when all was said and done a NEW 6CW Champion was crowned

HE: Let’s take a look at how that went down

*The video footage starts up again

HA: The referees are saying no….Adamson is still in this match….

HE: We need to see a replay…

Adamson is able to pull himself back on the apron and catch his breath. Enforcer moves over to him and begins to try and shove Max down to the outside but the Australian is clinging on for dear life…

HA: Max’s dreams about to shatter….

HE: Help him Gazzy….AHHH!

Gazzy runs in and looks to collide with Enforcer but Big E steps aside and Gazzy collides with Max. It seems as though Adamson will fall to the outside but Gazzy grabs his wrist just in time…

HA: Gazzy is keeping Max in this match….but why?

HE: Because he owns him…

Gazzy summons all of his strength to help Max back onto the apron and through the ropes. Max shows no sign of thanks as Gazzy then turns around…



The flying forearm from Enforcer sends Gazzy flying over the top rope and to the outside. Adamson has tried to crawl to safety but Enforcer quickly makes his way over to him…

HA: Max Adamson and Enforcer….the two final entrants of the Gateway to Glory match…

Enforcer then decides to back off and he waits for Max to get up before rushing at him for another “facecheck”…


Adamson ducks his shoulder and he sends Big E flying over the top rope but the EWF Champion is able to hold on with all of his might. He then waits for Max to come towards him and he shoulder thrusts him through the middle rope before lifting him into a suplex…

HA: Max is going here…

Max is able to land out on the apron and both men begin to trade right hands. Adamson rocks Big E’s head back then Enforcer boots Max in the stomach and uppercuts him. Max staggers back and his feet give way from the apron…

HE: GazzyD!

Gazzy is on all fours on the floor and Adamson is able to stand on his back. Max then gets back onto the apron and trades off with Enforcer some more until Big E gets his boot up and he kicks Max across the apron….Enforcer then crouches down and prepares to run at Max….

HA: He’s thinking facecheck…

Gazzy reaches up and he seizes Enforcer’s boot, stopping him from moving. Enforcer tries to shake free and he stomps down on Gazzy’s hand until he is forced to release…


Ding ding ding

HA: It’s over….would you believe it…

HE: What a match…

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…………..and NEW 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….MAAAAXXX ADDDDDDAAAAAMMMMMSSSSSSOOOONNNN!

*Back to ringside

HA: I am still in a state of shock. Max won and it was all because of Gazzy, how can he live with himself knowing he has helped his mortal enemy to the top of the mountain

HE: That was his job Harold. Max made it clear all along that is what Gazzy had to do to win his freedom

HA: I doubt it will all be over that easy. Max may say one thing but you know he will be considering all his options. My question is where does this put Max in the eyes of The Authority?

Clearly Jones expected Enforcer to be victorious from his number 29 spot

HE: Don’t you worry about that Harold. I am sure Mr. Jones has a plan

HA: Well what ever happens I can’t wait. This is 6CW and it’s time to PLAY!!!

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:31 am

*Mr Jones is sat backstage in his office. Jones looks more tired than usual he is wearing a grey suit but no tie; the door opens and Mr. Hernandez walks in. Jones lifts his head from the pile of paperwork and removes his glasses

*Hernandez has a spring in his step as he sits at the chair opposite Jones

MH: Good evening boss

*Jones sighs and his forehead screws up like a used piece of tin foil

MJ: And what’s so good about it huh?

*Hernandez remains silent as his boss stands and paces the floor

MJ: Once again I have been let down by the incompetence of idiots. Simple instructions and once again I am faced by their continued failure

*Hernandez clears his throat nervously

MH: Anything I can do?

*Jones scowls

MJ: I have relied on others for far too long. That’s it no more Mr nice guy, from now on people will see what happens when you mess with Michael Jones!!

*Jones grabs his jacket and storms out of the office leaving Hernandez unsure what to do

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:33 am

*Backstage the camera shows Gazzy arriving into the building, the muffled sound of shouting can be heard from the car park as Gazzy struggles with multiple bags

GD: Alright I heard you. Jeesh, what have you got in these bags Max

*Gazzy moves away from the doors and is approached by Christy, she hugs her friend and looks at the weight of the bags he is carrying

CJ: So I guess Max hasn’t lived up to his word. He’s champion but you’re still working for him

GD: I guess so Christy but you know it’s not all bad

*Christy screws her face

GD: Don’t tell me you’ve got that Stockholm syndrome. I’ve read about it when hostages start to build a relationship with their captors. Don’t forget what he’s done to you Gazzy, what he’s done to your family

*Gazzy smiles

GD: Don’t worry Christy. I know exactly what he’s like; remember I know Max better than anyone. I know what makes him tick and I’ve realised maybe I can make this little relationship work to our advantage

*Christy looks confused

CJ: I don’t understand

*Gazzy smiles

GD: You’ll see

*A shouting Max Adamson can be heard from behind

GD: Did I say you could stop, get those bags to the locker room and start shining up my belt. I need it looking its best to go around my waist

*Gazzy raises his eyebrows

GD: The king has spoken. I’ll see you soon and keep this conversation to your self ok?

*Christy nods as Gazzy walks out of shot

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Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:34 am

*Timothy Allen is stood backstage with his guest

TA "Ladies and Gentlemen of 6CW, the Ronster!"

*Ronster bows and shakes Tim's hands

TA "So, Ron---OH GOD!"

*Before Allen can even finish his first question, Costello comes into shot and throws Ronster against the wall before grabbing the mic from Allen

VC "Waste of space, thank god that was only a one time appearance. You want a star interview, Allen, then you talk to me"

TA "I, urm, well, the new UK Champion joins me now, a man who made quite the impact at the PPV, and to Ronster's empty noggin too"

VC "I took that belt, I took Thunder's useless career and I took Liam Wood's motivation and did whatever the hell I wanted with them."

TA "Why Thunder? And why Wood?"

VC "You'd think the first question was rather obvious considering where you went with the second. Thunder was collateral damage. Hell..." A smile breaks out across Costello's face "It’s not like I didn't enjoy shutting up that little Doctor Who wannabe nerd. Guess what kids; your heroes are nothing in the real world. Bad times don't last, but bad guys do. I'm here to stay and Liam Wood is soon gonna find out that's his worst damn nightmare"

TA "But still, why Wood? You had just won the illustrious UK Championship, what more did you need?"

VC "What more did I need?! WHAT MORE DID I NEED?! You imbecile. I stop at NOTHING to get what I want and deserve. This" He points to the title on his shoulder "This title is merely a reminder to this pathetic company that I can win what I want when I want. Tyler Roth was a behemoth, I took him down. Costello's Law always warns the victims to run, but when the law catches up with you then there ain't nowhere to hide."

TA "You still haven't..."

VC "You wanna know about Wood, huh? Liam Wood. The Viper. Yeah, figures. That little punk has had this coming. I've waited six months for that moment. The fear in his eyes, the torment. 'I HATE YOU THUNDER, I LOVE YOU THUNDER, I HATE THE FANS, I LOVE THE FANS' - all that nonsense. Six months. He took what was mine. And he's beginning to understand what happens when you cross me. Thunder was the message, Wood will be the victim."

*With that he storms away, aiming a kick into Ronster's prone figure as he leaves. Allen gestures for medics to come as the scene fades and we rejoin the commentary team ahead of the opening match

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Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:35 am

Match 1
6CW UK Championship
The Re-Match
Vincent Costello © vs Tyler Roth

Ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall….and it is for the 6CW UK Championship!

*Crowd pop

HA: A re-match of what took place just two weeks ago at Day of Reckoning….tonight is a night when The Authority have vowed to bounce back from a disappointing pay per view…can Tyler Roth get the ball rolling?

HE: He needs to, Mr Jones demands it….Tyler will admit he hasn’t at his best two weeks ago but he needs to be tonight…

Flames blaze up from the stage and “Til I collapse” echoes out of the speakers as the crowd voice their displeasure. A giant fist appears on the Hypertron screen with the word “Authority” underneath and then the challenger appears..

RA: Introducing first, the challenger….from Las Vegas, Nevada……….weighing in at 292 pounds…….representing The Authority (huge boos)…..Tyyyylllleeeerrrr Roooooottthhhhhh!

Roth is disinterested in the fans as he strides down to the ring and climbs in. He rips his vest off and throws it to the ground before staring straight up the rampway, beckoning for his opponent to come out. Roth looks in a foul mood…

HA: Tyler Roth looks more hyped up than I have seen him in a long time….Day of Reckoning really didn’t go to plan for the self-proclaimed “Baddest man on the planet” so tonight he needs a big change in fortune…

HE: Unlucky for him that his opponent had a wonderful night in Scotland…

“Killing in the name of” roars out of the speakers and the crowd, if possible, boo even louder than they did for Roth’s arrival. Purple pyros erupt across the front of the entranceway and then the champion strolls out with a wild smile on his face…

RA: And his opponent….from Hell’s Kitchen, New York……weighing in at 225 pounds….he is the current, reigning and defending 6CW UK Champion….Vinnncceeennnntt Cooooossstttteeelllllooooo!

HA: Costello had quite a night two weeks ago at Day of Reckoning…..he won the UK title, he took out Thunder and left him in a bloody mess before setting his sights upon Liam Wood….

HE: In the space of just a couple of hours Vincent Costello put his name right back at the top of the pile….he tricked all of these fans into believing he was turning over a new leaf and then when they least expected it he struck with his most vicious assault to date…

Costello slicks back his hair and he laughs as he saunters down to the ring and jumps up on the apron. Tyler Roth is itching to get at Costello but the referee holds him back…

HA: It was Roth’s untameable aggression in their first meeting that ultimately played into Costello’s hands….I don’t think he has learned from that mistake…

HE: Roth’s temper is both his strongest point and his weakest….he needs it but it can backfire..

HA: Costello will want to keep this rich vein of form going, especially if a clash with Liam Wood is in his future….

HE: Costello needs to just concentrate on Roth tonight….Wood will be dealt with in time…

The referee takes the belt from Costello and he holds it in the air before passing it out of the ring. Both men size each other up and then the bell sounds to start the contest. Roth just launches forward and he tackles Costello back into the corner, crunching in with sickening shoulder thrusts to get the match underway…

HA: I don’t think Roth has approached this match with any sort of tactic except to destroy Costello…

The referee tries to intervene on the count of four but Costello rams his knees up into the top of Roth’s head. The challenger staggers back as Costello runs into him with a knee lift to the stomach, dropping Roth on all fours, and follows up with a snap DDT………………..1………………..2…………….powerout!

HE: Costello is not intimidated though….outweighed by almost 70lbs but he has no fear…

Roth tries to get up as Costello pushes him into the ropes and works the body with punches. He tries to whip Roth across the ring but the powerful challenger reverses and sends Costello off the ropes…

HA: What a spinebuster!

Roth smashes Costello down with the spinebuster and then he drops an elbow to the chest for good measure……………………1…………………2……………..shoulder up. Roth rags Costello up and he drives knees into his stomach before lifting him into a suplex position and turning it into a variation of the Michinoku driver…………………1…………………….2…………………kickout!

HE: One hell of a move from Tyler Roth there….he wants this…

HA: And he doesn’t want to wait around either….

Roth rolls into the corner and he beckons for Costello to stand back up. The champion is slow to his feet and Roth rushes at him…


Costello counters brilliantly into a rolling inside cradle…………….1………………….2………….kickout. They get back up and Roth looks for a clothesline but Costello drops down and pulls the top rope, sending the challenger to the outside. Costello then runs the opposite side and sprints back with a diving dropkick through the middle rope…

HA: That was tremendous….I have never seen Costello do that move before…

Roth clatters back into the announce table and Costello grabs him before planting his face against the solid wood. The challenger staggers away to the steel steps and Costello seizes him again before ramming his face down toward the steel…

HE: Good job Roth put the brakes on that…

Roth slams his palms down, blocking the impact, and then he drives elbows to the side and catches Costello in the midsection. The champion is doubled up as Roth drives three brutal knees into his ribs and then he scoops him onto his shoulders…


Roth looks to F-5 Costello into the ringpost but the champion manages to drop down and shove Roth into the post. Costello then chucks the challenger back in the ring as he scales the ropes…

HE: Costello going aerial for his next attack….

HA: Roth on shaky legs…

Costello jumps from the top and batters into Roth with a clothesline before dragging him back up a and hooking both arms behind his back…

HA: This is how Costello won the belt….KERB STOMP!

Roth spins out at the final second and throws Costello with an overhead suplex. Costello gets back up and Roth squashes him in the corner with a running splash before beckoning him out and dropping him with a bicycle kick…

HE: He just kicked his head off…

………shoulder up. Roth complains to the referee, to no avail, and then he gets back to his feet. He rags Costello back up and he crosses his arms, signalling the end, before flipping Costello up on his shoulders…


Costello drives vicious punches down into Roth’s face, opening up a cut across the bridge of the nose, and causes them to stagger back into the corner. Costello is stood on the ropes and he delivers a ten punch before jumping down and running to the opposite side….


Costello flies through the air with a brutal kick but Roth moves and sends the champion splattering into the turnbuckle. Roth then drags Costello to centre and decimates him with a sit-down powerbomb…………………1……………………..2………………..thr-kickout!

HE: That was a three count….

HA: It was very close but Costello keeps this contest alive…

Roth lets out a frustrated sigh as he gets back up to a vertical base. He then pulls Costello to a standing position and he tries to lift him into a suplex but Costello kicks his legs in midair, blocking the move. Roth then drives heavy knees into the stomach and looks for the suplex again but this time Costello floats over the back and counters with a neckbreaker…

HA: That takes away any momentum that Tyler Roth was building….

HE: Costello needed it, desperately…

Both men get back to their vertical base and Costello moves in quickly with a kick to the stomach. He follows up with measured punches and then looks for an Irish whip but it is easily reversed. Costello comes back off the ropes and he kicks Roth clean in the face, drawing more blood from the nose, before running at him…


HE: He finished him…


Ding ding ding

The end of the match comes when Costello runs at Roth but the challenger spins him up in the air and catches him on his shoulders for the F-5. Costello, though, is able to drop down and shove Roth against the turnbuckle before spinning him into the black hole slam (Omerta) as he returns.

RA: Here is your winner…..and STILL 6CW UK Champion……Viinnnnccceeennnttt Coooosssttteeellllloooo!

HA: Vincent Costello has knocked off Tyler Roth twice in a row…

HE: Mr Jones is not going to like this….

HA: Big things were expected from The Authority tonight but Tyler Roth has not delivered….

Roth skulks from the ring as “Killing in the name of” roars out and Costello celebrates his win. He climbs on the ropes and poses as the fans boo him and voice their contempt.

HE: These fans wouldn’t know talent if it slapped them in their ignorant faces….Costello deserves to be respected…

HA: That is a matter of opinion…..AND THIS IS A MAN WHO HAS NO RESPECT FOR HIM AT ALL!

The crowd suddenly roar to life as “666” rips through the airwaves and Liam Wood walks out onto the stage. Wood’s face twitches with anger and his eyes glow as he stares down toward the ring and then makes his move. Costello is barely able to climb down off the ropes as Wood sprints down the ring and dives in….

HA: Liam Wood is coming to get him some of Vincent Costello…

HE: This isn’t fair….Costello wasn’t ready…

HA: Neither was Thunder…

Wood tackles Costello the ground and instantly begins driving down with punches and forearms, trying to cause as much damage as he possibly can. Both men roll on the canvass, trading the upperhand, before Costello is able to kick Wood away from him and he rolls under the bottom rope….

HA: What a goddamn coward….stay and fight…

HE: Costello will fight when he is good and ready….not when Wood decides…

The crowd are booing Costello as he rips his UK title from the referee and then climbs over the barricade into the fan section. Liam Wood is glaring at him, hatred evident, as Costello gives him an arrogant wink and then disappears into the masses.

HA: Oh this is just getting started….Costello has awoken a beast inside of Liam Wood and I have no idea what Viper might do in order to get revenge…

HE: Wood has no control….he’s lost it. Look what Costello did to Thunder, he will do the exact same to Viper if he isn’t careful….

HA: Two men who have a storied past…but right now it is all about the future….what will happen next between Vincent Costello and Liam Wood?

Costello disappears as Wood continues to stand in the ring, watching him disappear. The crowd are giving Viper a great reception as the scene goes backstage.

Match result: Vincent Costello via pinfall
Match time: 4 minutes, 48 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:38 am


??: Golf Alpha Yankee Sierra

*Percy Percival and Molly Coddle walk into shot as Tim Allen approaches nervously. Percival licks his lips

PP: Don’t be shy. I won’t bite. Unless you ask nicely

*Allen looks petrified as he raises the microphone

TA: Errr big match for you err guys tonight. How have you prepared since we last saw you in the ring during the Tag Tournament?

PP: We’ve been to Mardi Gras honey bee, topping up our tans and strutting our funky little ……….

*Allen cuts them off

TA: But what about in ring practice

*Percival purses his lips and winks

PP: Now that would be telling……

*Allen loosens his collar

TA: And what about your opponents, Reborn and Hurst

PP: I like the flexible one. He has real potential

MC: And I love an accent. British guys make me go weak at the knees

*Coddle strokes Allen’s cheek as the scene changes

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:39 am

*Tyler Roth is sat in his locker room following the defeat at the hands of Vincent Costello, he has his head in his hands staring at the floor, the door flies open, Roth lifts his head and Mr Jones walks into the locker room

MJ: What in the hell was that?

*Roth does not respond

MJ: What’s the matter; you lost your tongue as well as the ability to fight?

*Roth gets to his feet, towering over Jones he stares at the 6CW owner with fire in his eyes

TR: Now is not the time Jones. Don’t p*** me off!!

*Jones smiles clearly not intimidated by the former UK Champion

MJ: Where was that ferocity in the ring huh Tyler? This past month you have been a disgrace to the Authority name. I knew you were a waste of space from the moment I set eyes on you; I knew I should never have listened to my brother

The pair of you are have been a pain in my @ss from the moment I took over this god forsaken company

*Roth is breathing in and out trying to control his rage

TR: If I’m so pathetic why don’t you do something about it!!

*Roth steps to Jones, spitting his words with venom. The 6CW owner remains unmoved; he slowly takes off his glasses and cleans them with a handkerchief from his pocket before placing them back on his nose. Looking at Roth in the eye he smiles


*Jones turns and walks out of the locker room leaving Roth stood completely stunned

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Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:40 am

*Timothy Allen is backstage, suited and booted, facing the camera and ready for a backstage interview...

TA "My guest at this time...The Talent Jimmy Phillips!"

*Phillips walks into shot and shakes Allen's hand.

TA "The Gateway to Glory match has been and passed. How frustrating is it not to have been the last of those 30 men?"

JP "Frustration...now that's a word to describe that match. We saw men jumping off ladders, bending rules, changing numbers and fighting their own personal battles. The Talent never blames anyone but himself, I am the master of my own destiny. But that's one hell of a unique match, Timothy, I'm not kept awake at night ruing that missed opportunity"

TA "You almost guaranteed your success; calling it a step on the path in this year of The Talent...what now?"

JP "The Year of The Talent is not some short term gambit. This is my year, not my night or my week. This is a year in which people stand up and say BAH GAWD ITS PHILLIPS!"

TA "So, what now?"

JP "That's a question with an easy answer. This is my year, and as such you will see championship gold draped over this fine specimen of a man. There isn't a champion out there who wants to face Jimmy Phillips. But I'm coming for them. The second they falter, Jimmy Phillips is waiting. I'm an opportunist, Tim. I'm the man you take can't a false step around."

*Phillips turns to look directly into the camera

JP "Focus, gentlemen. I see every weakness. You don't want a title, Ojore, you'll soon lose it. Costello needs Wood, I'll take gold. Enforcer and Adamson have got their heads in the clouds. One of you will fall to me, and 1, 2, 3 we got a new champion"

TA "Jimmy Phillips thank you for your time"

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Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:41 am

Match 2
Jack Hurst/Robin Reborn vs Percy Percival/Molly Coddle

*We return to ringside and Percival and Coddle are already in the ring awaiting the arrival of there opponents

HA: Tag team action up next. Reborn and Hurst are looking to cement their partnership and prove they are a force to be reckoned with in the division. Percival and Coddle will provide an unconventional challenge this evening but I am expecting it to be a great match

HE: Weirdo’s

HA: That’s not really PC

HE: I’m not bothered Harold. Reborn and Hurst are not on this planet

*Harold is shaking his head as the camera focuses on the rampway. Stronger blasts out of the speakers and Hurst and Reborn burst through the curtain together, they tag hands with the crowd and head to the ring, rolling under the ropes they salute the fans

HA: I think we’re ready to get underway

The bell rings as Reborn and Coddle begin to pace the ring, Coddle quickly goes for a spinning heel kick but Reborn ducks under bouncing off the ropes, Hurst makes the blind tag and jumps in to the ring as Reborn towards Coddle this time leap frogging his opponent and once again bouncing off the ropes. Coddle spins to face Reborn only for Hurst to drop to all fours behind Coddle, the crowd cheers as Reborn returns hitting a running shove that causes Coddle to stumble back falling over Hurst

HE: This is ridiculous! Is this a wrestling match or a tip for school pranks!

HA: Whatever it is...these fans are loving it!

Hurst pulls up Coddle and throws her back in to his corner before making a quick tag to Reborn; Hurst then pulls Coddle in to a waist lock as Reborn runs forward hitting a clothesline to Coddle as Hurst hits a German suplex

HA: What a combination, this team are really putting on a display!

HE: Here comes Percival, he's seen enough of this rubbish

As Reborn bounces off the ropes Percival grabs him by the hair causing him to snap back on to the mat, Coddle begins to pull herself up as Reborn begins to recover

HE: Coddle calls this the Hanky Panky!

Coddle runs forward leaping up looking for the hurricanrana pin only for Reborn to act quickly falling back sending Coddle crashing down on to the top rope in a prone position, Hurst runs along the apron and hits a running drop kick that causes Coddle to stumble back in to the ring to be met by Reborn who hits a monkey flip throwing Coddle across the ring. Reborn is quickly rolls backwards on to his feet and stands over Coddle before hitting a standing Moonsault




HE: Coddle showing that he...er...she...um...Coddle showing some resiliency here!

HA: Resiliency is good but Coddle really needs to make a tag to her partner!

Reborn pulls Coddle up and throws her to his corner before running in with a Punk style high knee followed by a bulldog before tagging in his partner Hurst

HE: What are these dopes doing!?

Reborn quickly grabs Hurst in a suplex position and hits a suplex from the apron in to the ring that Hurst is able to flip out of turning it in to a leg drop from high up

HA: These two are pulling off things I have never seen here tonight!

HE: This is wrestling! Not a damn circus act!

Hurst is quickly up dragging Coddle to her feet, he throws her off the ropes looking for a clothesline but Coddle is able to duck under and return off the ropes as she returns though she runs straight in to a huge belly to belly from Hurst, Hurst makes the cover but the ref refuses to count

HA: What's going on!?

HE: Superkick! That's what!

Hurst comes up from the pin attempt and begins to speak to the ref who explains that a blind tag was made, Hurst begins to stand up only to be caught with a superkick from Percival who makes the cover




HE: Hurst and Reborn might be pulling off the cool moves but they nearly fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Percival pulls Hurst up to his knees and begins to gyrate in front of the groggy Hurst, he then begins to land stinging kicks to the chest of Hurst who begins to sway, as Percival hits a fourth he blows a kiss before backing up hitting a running drop kick that sends Hurst rolling in to a seated position at the bottom of the turnbuckle. Percival begins to imitate a camp X-Pac before charging forward

HE: Hurst is about to become very familiar with Percy's Percival!

HA: Really!? That's what you're going with!?

As Percy looks for the Bronco Buster Hurst is able to use the top rope to skin the cat landing on the apron and sending Percy crashing crotch first in to the turnbuckle, Hurst quickly hits a kick through the ropes that sends Percival rolling in to the ring, Hurst wastes no time using the ropes to springboard in to the ring hitting a big elbow drop




Hurst pulls up Percival dragging him to his teams corner before making a tag to Reborn, Reborn enters the ring as Hurst lies Percival across his back in a back breaker position, Reborn then climbs to the second rope hitting a leg drop



…......BROKEN UP!

Coddle breaks up the pin attempt dragging Reborn to his feet before landing a hard slap, Reborn pushes Coddle back and hits a bit drop kick that sends her rolling to the outside to the enjoyment of the fans. Reborn quickly picks Percival up to his feet and lands a knee to the gut before hitting a big time DDT, Reborn goes for the cover but quickly hops up as Coddle once again attempts to break up the pin attempt.

HE: Coddle is playing a smart game here, she's not letting the team of Hurst and Reborn get the win here!

HA: It looks like her luck is out...

Reborn ducks a clothesline attempt from Coddle and she is met by a big kick from the apron from Hurst, as she stumbles back Reborn uses the ropes to springboard hitting a big hurricanrana that sends Coddle rolling from the ring. Reborn drags Percival to Hurst and once again makes the tag, Reborn then drags Percival in to the middle of the ring as Hurst stands behind him!

HE: I don't think this is the type of sandwich that Percival wants to be a part of!

HA: What a combination!

The replay shows as Reborn hits a spinebuster as Hurst hits a lungblower causing Percival to roll down to the outside, as Hurst attempts to go down and get Percival back in the ring Percival hits an instinctive eye poke before rolling Hurst back in to the ring, Percival takes a moment to get his breath back before rolling in to the ring, Percival begins to land chops to the chest and hard knees to the guts before pulling Hurst up and hitting a big German suplex that leaves Hurst down, Percival climbs on to the apron and signals for Hurst to get up


HA: NO! The ref is down

Percival goes for the West Coast pop but Hurst ducks it leaving Percy to collide with the ref, Hurst and Percy quickly meet in the centre of the ring where Hurst begins to land quick jabs while motioning a mirror in his right hand

HA: He calls that the charm offensive and it looks like once again Hurst and Reborn are building a head of steam!

Hurst's punches cause Percy to stagger back as Hurst locks his sights on his groggy opponent; he backs up and beckons him to his feet

HA: Look out Jack!

HE: Too late...

Hurst begins to size up Percival for the running side knee but Coddle reaches in to the ring spinning Hurst around before landing a huge knee to the crotch that causes Hurst to stagger back spinning around again only to be hit with the Sweet Crotch Music from Percival causing the crowd to rain down abuse on the team of Coddle and Percival

HA: This is a disgrace! Ring the damn bell!

HE: If the ref didn't see it...it didn't happen!

Hurst crumples up as the pain of two low blows begins to set in, Percival begins to prance around the ring before blowing a kiss to Hurst as he begins to size up his opponent, Hurst gets to his feet and spins around...



Percival goes for his patented Superkick only for Hurst to duck under scooping the Filipino Thriller up on to his shoulders before hitting a huge kick leaving Percival out, Hurst makes the cover just as the ref comes back around...




Coddle breaks up the pin attempt once again but is quickly thrown down to the outside by Hurst who begins to size up his opponent, he poses for the fans before bouncing off the ropes and charging across the ring...

HA: Hurst is about to collect some frequent flyer miles! I think he's sick of Coddle constantly breaking up the pin attempts!

The flashbulbs go off as Hurst launches himself over the top rope and down to the outside crashing Coddle in to the guard rail

HE: He made the tag!?

HA: I guess they learnt that one from Percival and Coddle...it's a classic!

The reply shows the moment Hurst made the mid air tag to his partner Reborn as he hit the dive (ala the Uso's), Reborn quickly begins to climb the turnbuckle looking down at Percival who remains prone on the other side of the ring. Reborn sizes up the distance and begins to look unsure before signalling to Hurst

HE: I don't like the look on Reborn's face, he's about to do something stupid I just know it!

HA: What on earth are they doing...

The crowd are stunned as Hurst jumps over the top rope before bouncing off the opposite side and leaping up to meet his tag team partner

HA: Oh my god! In all my years I have never seen anything like that! What a move!




HE: That was amazi-um...

HA: Calm down Henry, you almost sound impressed!

HE: Well it was good...I've seen better...

The replay shows as Hurst leaps up to join Reborn on the top of the turnbuckle grabbing his partner and hitting a belly to belly from the top rope, as Reborn flies he flips across the ring managing to hit a 450 splash out of his partners move, we cut back to the ring where Reborn and Hurst are celebrating as the fans cheer for them.

Match result: Reborn & Hurst via pinfall
Match time: 5 minutes 26 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:44 am

*Mr Jones is shown walking backstage, he stops at a door and the camera zooms on the name plate

Max Adamson *The Incredible Hunk* – 6CW Champion

*Jones shakes his head and pushes the door open, there is no sign of Max but Gazzy is sat texting on his phone, he stands as Jones looks around the room

MJ: Where’s the champ?

*Gazzy shrugs his shoulders

GD: Not sure, he told me to dump the bags in here and he’d be back later. You know him; never can be trusted to be where you think he will. Can I pass on a message?

*Jones sighs

MJ: Tell Max, congratulations. His victory although not really what I had planned was well deserved and I look forward to him enjoying a long reign as 6CW Heavyweight champion

*Gazzy nods

GD: I’ll make sure he gets it as soon as he gets back

*Jones nods appreciatively and leaves back out the door. Seconds later Max steps out of the shower, an Aussie flag towel around his waist

MA: Did I hear voices?

GD: Oh yeah, it was Mr Jones

*Adamson smiles

MA: Really, wanting to congratulate me, beg me to join The Authority?

*Gazzy thinks for a second before shaking his head

GD: The complete opposite actually, he came to deliver a warning, he wanted to tell you personally that your win was a complete fluke and as soon as he gets the chance he will make sure a more rightful champion has that belt around his waist

*Adamson appears annoyed by this

MA: Was that a threat

GD: He said he doesn’t make threats, he makes promises. And he promises that your reign will be one of the shortest on record

MA: Really, he wants to make an enemy out of Max Adamson. You know exactly how far I am willing to go when somebody crosses me Gazzy

*Gazzy nods

MA: Mr Jones better be careful what he wishes for, he wants a fight then I’ll give him one!!

*Gazzy smiles briefly before turning back to Max

GD: Where’s your flip flops?

*Max looks confused

GD: I put them next to the shower, you know who used to have this room and his feet were mighty mighty nasty

*Adamson smiles

MA: I knew you’d get used to this little arrangement Gazzy. You see I’m not the bad guy. I just had to do what I had to do

*Adamson walks back towards the shower and the camera returns to Gazzy who softly mutters

GD: As do I Max, as do I………

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:45 am

*The camera returns to ringside

HA: Ladies and Gentlemen. I know a lot of you have been very worried since Day of Reckoning following the brutal and senseless beating of Thunder. We have already seen the lasting affect it has had on Liam Wood this evening but earlier in the week Christy caught up with Thunder as he starts the long road to recovery


*Christy appears on screen outside the Stoke Mandeville Hospital the camera follows her as she walks through the entrance and along a corridor, she passes a sign that reads ‘Spinal Injury Centre’ as she reaches a door she pushes the buzzer and waits to be let in, the red light turns green and she pushes the door open, walking towards reception she gives her name and is shown towards room 7

??: Hey Christy

*As Christy walks towards the room a voice shouts at from behind, she turns and Liam Wood runs into view. Wood appears happier than recently, he is wearing a Thunder t-shirt and black shorts

CJ: Afternoon Liam. We’re just doing a follow up piece with Thunder. It’s good to see you have resolved your differences. How is he?

*Wood smiles
LW: Why don’t you ask him for yourself?

*Wood pushes open the door to room 7. Inside the walls are plastered with get well cards, there are dozens of flower bouquets, fruit baskets and balloons all wishing Thunder best wishes. Inside the bed Thunder is sat up, he is wearing a stiff brace from his waist to his neck but his trademark smile is still visible

T: Good to see you Christy but be careful I’m not really in a position to save your life today

*Christy laughs politely
CJ: How are you feeling Thunder? Our viewers can see you’ve obviously suffered serious injuries?

*Thunder nods slowly
T: Let’s just say my regenerative powers haven’t quite kicked in yet. I feel like superman after he became human and got into that fight

CJ: You seem to be in relatively high spirits

*Thunder smiles
T: Through all the blood and pain Christy I am thankful.

*Christy raises an eyebrow
CJ: Why is that?

T: If this hadn’t happened then Liam and I wouldn’t have cast our differences aside. I may not get back in the ring ever again but I am thankful for this moment where I can be next to my best friend once more. Batman and Robin back together. Just how it should be

*Wood smiles for a second as Christy looks to him for words
LW: I was an idiot Christy, the whole world saw that. I’m just upset that it has taken this for me to realise. I don’t deserve a friend as forgiving as Thunder and I promise on my life that I will avenge this. Costello will get what he deserves

*Thunder places a hand on his friend’s hand and looks him in the eye

T: Don’t be driven by your thirst for revenge. A clouded mind sees nothing Liam. I am at peace with what has happened. We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. I understand that is my destiny; do not let yours be driven by darkness.

*Thunder grips Wood’s hand tight

LW: Remember Liam a Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defence, never for attack. Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.

*Wood laughs
LW: You’re such a geek

*Christy smiles and looks at Thunder
CJ: Any last words?

*Thunder smiles
T: Of course

LET’S ROCK!!!!!!!!

*Wood joins in
LW: AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The shot fades out with the group laughing

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:47 am

"OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI! OUI!" - rings out around the corridors as Timothy Allen stands with Jack Hurst conducting an interview

TA: ...and you fully expect to be chasing tag team gold again soon?

*The OUI! chants not dissipating

JH: Firmly believe it so...but I don't think now is the time to discuss it; it seems the French are revolting

*Both Allen and Hurst turn to see Dubois strolling towards them, a boom box on his arm that is clearly blaring out the "OUI!" chants. As Dubois approaches them, Hurst speaks first.

JH: Well, well, well Jerome, this was more than just a nostalgic dalliance then.

*Dubois puts down the speakers and turns off the noise.

JD: You thought you 'ad zeen ze last of Jerome Dubois?

JH: I hoped, Jerome, I really did. It felt like the perfect loser leaves town match. You gone, me victorious, the French defeated again. Bliss

JD: Zese wrong, zis opinion, zis is why Jerome Dubois returns

JH: Well, take the floor mon frere, tell the world all about it

*Hurst leaves Allen and Dubois together

TA: You seem keen to talk about your return, Jerome...

JD: Zere was a time when ze French were regarded, how you say, as invincibles. I pondered my career and stayed away as ze Englishman ruled victorious over me. I pitied me. But, we have a saying; life is too short to drink bad wine. It is essential to me that my name is cleared and no man knows Jerome Dubois a coward.

TA: Are you here to stay

JD: Oui, yes, ze people demand it. The Oui Movement does not stop. Zis is my time to right the wrongs of my departure. Vive La France!"

*Dubois kicks his boombox and the OUI! chants start again, he storms away looking victorious leaving a baffled Timothy Allen behind.

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:48 am

Match 3
Teddy Grimstone vs Jimmy Phillips

We return to ringside and “Cold Ash” roars out to a tremendous reception from the fans in attendance. The audience inside the Copper Box are on their feet as Jimmy Phillips storms out onto the stage…

HA: Jimmy Phillips had a night of mixed fortunes at Day of Reckoning…he scored an impressive victory over his rival, Alexander Altair, but was then eliminated from Gateway to Glory by the same man…

HE: Phillips has been getting a lot of luck recently, tonight it runs out…

HA: I’d hardly call it “luck”…Phillips has been in fantastic form so far in 2014 and he has promised that it will only get better…

Phillips walks from one side to the other, hyping up the crowd, and then he removes his hoody and throws it to the fans. Phillips begins to make his way down the ramp, a confident look on his eyes…

HA: With Night of Glory on the horizon, Jimmy Phillips will be hoping he can propel himself into title contention before the big event…

Phillips gets to the end of the aisleway and prepares to climb up on the apron when he is attacked from behind by Teddy Grimstone. The crowd boo furiously as Grimstone drags Phillips around and slams his face against the steel steps…

HE: This is the edge I want to see from Grimstone…

HA: A no good, cowardly, attack…I have come to expect nothing more from this man…

Grimstone pulls Phillips around and he suplexes him into the air before slamming him down across the guardrail. Phillips falls back down on the floor and clutches his ribs as Grimstone runs him around and launches him against the side of the announce table..

HE: Is this what the “Year of the Talent” looks like?

HA: We both know that Jimmy Phillips would match up more than adequately in a fair fight…OH GOD!

Crowd: A55hole x5!

Grimstone then grabs Phillips by the neck and hauls him up before running him forward and throwing him through a stack of chairs that have been vacated by fleeing staff members in the timekeeper’s area. Phillips is in a lot of discomfort…

HA: The referee telling Grimstone to get this action in the ring….but he doesn’t give a damn…

HE: Grimstone doesn’t need to answer to authority…

Grimstone flips his finger at the referee and then he drags Phillips back up before running him backwards into the ringpost. Phillips grimaces in pain, hunched up, as Grimstone throws him under the bottom rope…

HA: Finally this match can get underway….but such an unfair advantage for Grimstone…

HE: Teddy used his initiative, get over it….it is about time people started respecting him…

HA: You earn respect….and so far in 6CW, Grimstone has done a lot of talking and not much to back his words up…

Grimstone pulls himself up on the apron and he dismisses the reprimand from the referee as he turns to the crowd and begins to taunt them. Grimstone smiles at the abuse being thrown at him and then he starts to climb the ropes…

HE: Grimstone is in total control….

HA: The match isn’t over until it is over…

Grimstone makes it to the top rope and he takes a moment to look at where Phillips is lying before throwing himself into the air…


HA: And that is why showboating gets you nowhere…

Phillips pulls himself out of the firing line and sends Grimstone crashing down into the canvass with real velocity. Grimstone is blinking back the pain as he stumbles back up and walks straight into a resurgent Phillips…

HA: Phillips is not happy….WHAT A SUPLEX!

Phillips throws Grimstone through the air with an overhead belly to belly suplex and then he demonstrates his power by repeating the process twice more. The crowd applaud as he gets to his feet and yells at Grimstone to do the same…

HE: He’s waiting for you, Teddy…don’t fall into his trap…

HA: Grimstone doesn’t have a damn clue what is going on….TOUCHDOWN!

Phillips looks for the “rock-bottom” but Grimstone elbows his way free and then he scoops JP up on his shoulders…


Phillips drops behind and he shoves Grimstone into the turnbuckle before grabbing him around the waist as he comes back…


Phillips throws Grimstone over his head with a huge suplex and then he rolls over into the corner. Phillips kneels and he waits for Grimstone to get to his feet before charging out at him…


HE: Nice try…

Grimstone drives his boot up and kicks Phillips clean in the face, dropping him on his back. Grimstone then draws his finger across his throat before ragging JP up by his head…

HE: Now you are going to see exactly what Teddy Grimstone can do….RIB-BREAKER!

Grimstone lifts Phillips up for the “Styles Clash” but Phillips kicks his legs, landing back on the canvass, before swiping his opponent’s feet. JP then drops back and catapults Grimstone into the corner, crashing his head off the turnbuckle…


*Crowd pop

Grimstone staggers back out of the corner as Phillips runs the opposite ropes and returns with the destructive clothesline. JP gets up and he beats his chest with a smile before beckoning Grimstone to rise again…

HA: Jimmy Phillips has brushed aside Grimstone’s unfair assault and now he is on the brink….TOUCHDOWN!

HE: Why does this keep happening to Teddy?

Phillips plants Grimstone back down into the canvass and hooks both legs…………………1……………..2………………………3!

HA: And just like that, it is all over. Jimmy Phillips’ impressive run of form continues….

HE: Teddy wasn’t ready…

HA: What the hell do you mean? Grimstone attacked Phillips before the match even started….and he still couldn’t win…

“Cold Ash” echoes out as Phillips has his arm raised in victory. He smiles at the ovation from the crowd before heading to each corner in turn, celebrating his win. Teddy Grimstone has rolled from the ring and skulked off up the ramp as the “Talent” continues to milk his reception…

HA: 2014 just keeps getting better for Jimmy Phillips…

Match result: Jimmy Phillips via pinfall
Match time: 2 minutes, 38 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:49 am

*Jack Hurst and Nicky Cassidy are standing talking as Tim Allen approaches

JH: The man is French, Nicky. Not for me to insult a whole nation, but Dubois embodies everything they stand for.

NC: I just gotta lay some ice down and the man will freeze?

JH: Nicky, he'll turn and run once he feels a chill.

*Hurst turns

JH: Ahh, Mr Allen. Cue my exit, ta ta!

*Hurst walks away and Allen approaches Cassidy.

TA: Cassidy, can we grab a chat with you?

NC: I've always got time for an interview. But where's Christy?

TA: It'll be me conducting the interview

NC: Oh, urm, I'm...busy?

TA: Nice try. Cassidy, tonight you take on the returning Jerome Dubois. Are you ready for a battle against true experience?

NC: Man, boy gone get frozen. He got beaten and ran away before, I'm gonna do it again.

TA: What are your thoughts on his return?

NC: I get it, man, I do. His career is in the twilight zone. He wants one more go at the big time. Dubois, this is your cold day in the sun.

TA: Animosity already between you?

NC: Ice Cold gettin' serious. This cheese eating surrender monkey is the first victim. The wee movement is over, that can go back to the nursing home with him! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Ice can burn baby!

*Cassidy spins on his heels and slides away, leaving a confused Allen standing on the spot

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:51 am

*Mr. Hernandez is backstage once more with Mr. Jones

MH: Look boss. I know the Tag tournament didn’t turn out exactly as we planned but there is still time for that to be put right

*Jones raises an eyebrow

MH: And now I’ve been thinking. After Day of Reckoning the Authority trophy cabinet is looking a bit bare. Only Enforcer leads the way as a Champion

*Jones scowls

MJ: Is this supposed to make me feel better?

*Hernandez quickens his tone as Jones starts to walk away

MH: Just hear me out. I’ve been looking into the history of this company, trying to come up with some ideas to reinforce our domination

MJ: And……………

*Hernandez continues

MH: Well you’ve always said that the powerful people wear the gold

*Jones nods

MH: So how about we increase the amount of gold the Authority wear

*Jones scowls

MJ: And how do you suggest we do that?

*Hernandez reaches off screen

MH: The 6CW International Championship

*Hernandez holds the belt aloft

MH: This belt used to be the second most important belt in this company, forget about the 6CW heavyweight belt, we already have the EWF Champion and At Night of Glory we will crown our International Champion

*Jones thinks for a second

MJ: I suppose now Nate doesn’t have the 6CW belt he is no longer a threat and Adamson would be stupid to……

*As Jones talks he is interrupted by Max Adamson who has overheard the last few seconds, he looks Jones and Hernandez up and down

MA: Adamson would be stupid to do what?

*The three men are staring at each other in silence as the scene changes

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:53 am

*Timothy Allen stands backstage looking directly into the camera

TA: My guest at this time...one half of the tag team champions...Mike Masters!

*The camera pans out to see Masters next to Allen

TA: Mike, big win at the PPV, how does it feel to be the first holders of the tag titles since their resurrection?

MM: It's a start

TA: What do you mean?

MM: My dominance of professional wrestling is about more than shared gold, that's what I mean

TA: Well, you get to show some of that tonight as you return to solo action

MM: Yes, you'll see tonight that I am perfection in that ring. Jonathan Daniels couldn't even beat me with help...there is nothing he can do when all he can see is Mike Masters.

TA: With that in mind; do you see a long term future for yourself and Scott Harris.

*Masters stops to consider

MM: Until otherwise stated, yes. I don't see anyone who can beat us, Timothy.

*With those words the lights in the backstage area go out.

Masters voice can be heard "What the ****"

??: But we see you Michael...We're watching

*The lights come back up and a target has been stuck onto the torso of Masters. Himself and Allen look around both confused and, Masters, enraged. Masters storms away and Allen too walks off, looking around as he goes. The camera pans up to see Robin Reborn sat in the lighting runway attached to the walls.

RR: Consider that a warning

*The camera cuts back to ringside

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:55 am

Match 4
Nicky Cassidy vs Jerome Dubois

We return back live to ringside as “Cold as Ice” plays out and the crowd give a great reaction for Nicky Cassidy. Blue pyros shatter into the air as “Ice Cold” dances out onto the stage and removes his fur coat…

HA: Nicky Cassidy has a lot on his mind right now…

HE: Only because he is a fool. If he kicked that lunatic, Chaos, to the kerb then he would have no worries in the world…

HA: Chaos’ mindset is certainly weighing heavy on Cassidy….he really does not know what his “friend” is going to do next…

Cassidy tags hands with the fans before jumping up onto the apron and he vaults over the top rope. He smiles as he stands on the turnbuckle and breathes in the atmosphere before “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” plays out to another wild reception from the fans in the Copper Box.

HA: We thought we were imagining it at Day of Reckoning but make no mistake, Jerome Dubois is back in 6CW…

HE: The most cultured man in the industry today….I wish he wasn’t adopting this “goody two shoes” approach but I am still glad to see him…

HA: Former 6CW World Champion….Dubois has done so much in his career, his name is synonymous with this company, but can he climb to the highest heights once again?

Dubois does a little jig as certain fans chant “OUI” over and over again, whilst some boo. Red, white and blue pyros explode into the air as he walks down the ramp and then makes his way into the ring. Dubois and Cassidy stare each other down…

HA: Dubois has not been afforded a walkover in his first match back in 6CW….Nicky Cassidy is a bright talent looking to make a name for himself…

HE: He will have to dust off that ring rust sharpish…

Dubois and Cassidy circle and then lockup in the middle of the ring before Dubs takes control with a side headlock. Cassidy struggles against the grip of his opponent and then he backs up against the ropes and explodes out, pushing Dubs across the ring. Dubois comes back and he knocks Cassidy down with a shoulder block before running off the adjacent ropes…

HA: Cassidy not intimidated by his veteran opponent…

Cassidy gets up and leapfrogs over Dubois before waiting for him to return into a nice flying dropkick. Cassidy pulls Dubois up and snapmares him on the mat before running off the ropes and returning with a hard kick to the face………………1…………………..2………….Dubois kicks out!

HE: Dubois is going to need to be on his toes to keep up with the pace of Nicky Cassidy…

HA: Dubois technically sound, I think he will be able to work out a strategy…

Cassidy pulls Dubs up but takes hard punches to the midsection and is then shoved back in the corner. Dubois runs in but Cassidy gets his feet up, knocking Dubs back, before spinning out into a discus clothesline….

HA: Cassidy trying to build up some momentum…

Dubois gets back up and Cassidy hits him with another dropkick before running off the ropes and he returns with some “rolling thunder”…………….1……………………2………………shoulder up. Cassidy claps his hands, the crowd following suit, and then he vaults up onto the top rope…

HE: Nicky Cassidy looking to go sky high…


The flashbulbs go off as Cassidy sails into the frogsplash but Dubois rolls out of the impact zone, sending “Ice Cold” straight into the mat. Both men slowly get back up and Dubs hits a scoop slam, following up with a twirl and an elbow drop………………..1………………..2…………..shoulder up.

HE: This is Jerome Dubois….this is what he is all about…

HA: A very talented superstar….many believe we have never truly seen the best of him….

Cassidy gets up and receives sickening chops straight to the chest, drawing “Wooos” from the crowd, and is then shoved back against the ropes. Dubois then whips Cassidy across the ring and he looks for a spinebuster as he returns…

HA: Countered….

Dubois spins Cassidy around but is dumped on his head by a DDT from Cassidy. They both struggle back to their feet and Cassidy quickly takes Dubois down with a fisherman’s suplex……………..1……………………2…………..shoulder up. Cassidy crawls up in the corner and he wills Dubois up before jumping toward him…



Dubois catches Cassidy’s foot and then spins him around before planting him with the sit-out sideslam………………..1…………………………2…………….Cassidy just gets his shoulder up. The crowd’s attention is then directed towards the stage…

HE: Oh here we go….someone let the freak out of his cage…

Chaos slowly makes his way down to the ring and he stops at the apron, shouting words of encouragement towards Nicky Cassidy. Jerome Dubois has dragged Cassidy up to his feet and then he flips him in the air….

HA: Chaos’ presence may not mean a thing….CULTURE SHOCK!

Cassidy counters in the final moment with a headscissors and then he catches Dubs with a pele kick as they get back up………………1……………………2……………….shoulder up. Both superstars are a little dazed as they try and reach their feet…

HE: Cassidy just realized that Chaos is out here….look at the apprehension on his face…

Cassidy looks a little concerned as Chaos gives him the thumbs up from the outside of the ring. He turns his attention back to Dubois and he drags the Frenchmen up before trying to lift him into an impaler DDT…

HA: Dubois not caving in so easily…

Dubois kicks his legs and stays on his feet before countering out with a backdrop. He quickly moves over to the corner and waits for Cassidy to get up before sprinting at him…


Cassidy counters the spear into a drop toe-hold and then he rolls back into the corner. Dubois holding his face as he gets back up and the referee checks on him as Cassidy goes to the top rope….

HA: Cassidy gonna fly….WAIT!

*Crowd boo

HE: I told you he was mental…

Whilst the referee’s back is turned, Chaos jumps up onto the apron and he swipes Cassidy’s legs out from under him, leaving him crotched on the ropes. Chaos stares, blankly, at Cassidy, his eyes moving in and out of focus, and then he drops down to the floor once more. Chaos begins to walk into the aisleway, rubbing his temples as he does so…

HA: The curious case of Chaos just gets weirder and weirder…

HE: He’s left Cassidy in a mess now…

Dubois is back up and he spots Cassidy straddling the ropes so moves quickly to take advantage. He pulls Cassidy into a suplex position from the ropes and then turns him in midair, driving him hard into the mat with a “Go Flasher”….

HA: He calls that Fortune…

HE: I call that the end of the match…


HA: Jerome Dubois is back with a bang….a victory on his return to a 6CW ring…he has put the roster on notice that he means business this time around…

HE: But what about the mounting problems between Cassidy and Chaos?

HA: I think there is only so long that Cassidy can remain “Ice Cold”…..I think the heat is going to be turned up between these two...

Dubois jigs in celebration whilst another “OUI” chant rings around from certain areas of the Copper Box. Nicky Cassidy is sat in the corner, rubbing the back of his neck, whilst he shakes his head in confusion at what has just happened.

Match result: Jerome Dubois via pinfall
Match time: 5 minutes, 03 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:57 am

*Backstage Mr. Jones is on the phone, he sounds irate his voice risen uncharacteristically

MJ: I don’t care what you have to do Drake there is no way you can allow this to happen

*Jones listens for a second

MJ: What do you mean it’s too late?

I sent you over there to put an end to this nonsense and from what I can see you’ve made it worse. My instructions were clear, stall them, they do not get access to that paper work. You know what would happen if they do

*Jones shakes his head

MJ: Then you do that Drake or let me be clear, brother or not you never need return because we will be through if you screw this up again, you hear me?

*Jones starts to shout

MJ: I don’t want your best. I want you to tell me it’s taken care of. UNDERSTAND?

*Jones hangs up the phone and removes his glasses. Christy walks into shot with her camera crew

CJ: Everything ok Mr. Jones? You look like hell

*Jones scowls

MJ: Did I ask for your opinion Chrissie?

*Christy snaps back

CJ: It’s Christy

MJ: I don’t care if you’re the queen of England, get outta my face

*Jones pushes the camera away and storms out of shot as Christy looks on!

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:58 am

"...you let us down! Do not make me go back into that office and defend your defeats again because not only is Mr Jones running out of patience, so am I!"

*We see Daniels sat down in the changing room with Hernandez pacing in front of him, visibly angry

JD "No fluke victory for Masters tonight. Lightning doesn't strike twice"

H "And neither does The Authority, Daniels. It strikes again and again and again until your bloody mess of a face understands the lessons being taught"

JD "Don't worry about me boss"

H "But I do worry, Jonathan, I do. There's Helms to keep track of, these two idiots as tag champions, my tag team titles draped over those morons! You can crush him, Daniels, and you will"

JD "No let up"

H "No retreat"

JD "No second chances"

*Daniels slams his hands against the bench and propels himself upwards and out of the changing rooms, clearly pumped up. Hernandez smiles to himself.

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Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:59 am

*Oliver Keane is walking hand in hand with Kelsey; they stop in the corridor and share a brief kiss. Kelsey looks Keane lovingly in the eye

KC: I bet you never thought you coming back here would end up like this

*Keane smiles and kisses Kelsey on the forehead

OK: Never in my wildest dreams. I know all the people will think I’ve let them down but you can’t stand in the way of true love. The heart gets what the heart wants

*Kelsey squeezes Keane in once more, as they embrace the camera focuses on Drake who is stood in the background staring at the happy couple

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:00 am

Match 5
Mike Masters vs Jonathan Daniels

Ha: Coming up we've got singles action as one half of the newly crowned tag team champions goes up against one of the men he beat for the title, Jonathan Daniels

He: And you have to feel like that Authority member will be out for revenge here tonight

'Perfection' begins to play and the crowd boo loudly as Jonathan Daniels makes his way out to the stage. He looks around at the jeering fans and then begins to walk down to ringside. He climbs up to the apron and then through the ropes before climbing the turnbuckle and flxing his muscles cockily for the crowd

He: This guy has been impressive, I wouldn't let his defeat at Day of Reckoning trick you into thinking otherwise, tag champion or not Masters has his work cut out for him tonight

Ha: I don't think Masters will be doubting that for a minute

The music suddenly stops as 'Champion' replaces it and the crowd go wild as Masters enters to the stage. He unhooks the tag title from around his waist and raises it in the air before starting to make his way down to the ring. He slides in the ring and then climbs up the turnbuckles and raises the title high again as flashbulbs go off around the crowd

Ha: Not long ago Masters was fighting the Authority for the EWF title only to be screwed out of victory, it must have been sweet to beat them for the first gold of his career

He: But he knows it could have been better

Ha: Hey...gold is gold

He jumps down and hands the eferee his tag title who passes it to the timekeeper and signals for the bell. Masters and Daniels circle each other in the middle of the ring feeling each out before tying up. Daniels backs Masters into the corner of the ring who quickly turns the tables and the referee orders the pair to break

They meet in the middle of the ring and Masters goes to tie up but the crowd boo as Daniels quickly beats him to the punch with a kick to the mid-section. Masters doubles over and Daniels snaps him back down the canvas head first by the hair and then he closes in stomping on a prone Masters

Masters tries to battle up and pushes Daniels away who is relentless by running straight back at him connecting with a running knee lift which knocks Masters back against the ropes. Daniels bounces off the opposite ropes and charges at Masters

Ha: Masters had him well scouted then pulling down the top rope and Daniels is down on the outside

Daniels takes a heavy fall but gets back to his feet on the outside of the ring


The crowd go wild as Masters runs against the ropes and then vaults clear of them with a suicide crossbody dive. He gets to his feet and high fives some of the fans in the front row before lifting Daniels to his feet and sliding him back in the ring

Masters climbs upto the ring apron and waits as Daniels gets to his feet before he springboards off the rope and connects with a missile dropkick taking Daniels down and tehn crawls over quickly for the cover



He: Masters will have to do more than that to put Daniels away

Daniels kicks out and Masters grabs him by the head and lifts him to his feet. He pushes him against the ropes and then whips him across the ring before dropping him back down to the canvas with a big body drop in the centre of the ring, Masters bounces off the rope and then hits a running leg drop and hooks the leg again



Daniels once agian gets his shoulder off the mat and Masters gets straight to his feet. He waits as Daniels starts to get up before closing in on him, he jerks back suddenly

Ha: Son of a ...

The crowd boo as Masters falls back holding his face and replays show Daniels getting a thumb to the eye. Masters staggers blindly back and forth as Daniels gets to his feet


The crowd are still booing as Daniels lifts Masters with ease up above his head in the gorilla press slam position and parades him around the ring before dropping him face first down to the mat. Masters gets to his knees holding his chest in pain as Daniels plants a big boot to the side of his head dropping him to the canvas and then goes for the cover




Ha: Closest we've come so far, and its Jonathan Daniels who's in the ascendency

He: The strength of this guy is insane, you'd think Masters was a child the way he lifted him like he did

Daniels lifts Masters off the canvas and he whips him into the corner of the ring following with a running clothesline and then he connects with a spinning spinebuster as Masters staggers out of the corner of the ring

He: Daniels has him here




Ha: Close again, but Masters once again gets his shoulder off the mat

Daniels drags Masters back to his feet and then kicks him in the gut and then connects with a snap supplex. He drags him up again and hits a second and then goes for a third


Both men are down in the middle of the ring. Masters drags himself across the mat and pulls himself using the ropes. Daniels slowly gets to his feet in the middle of the ring and the two meet and begin to trade punches. Daniels connects with a right hand and Masters responds in kind rocking the powerhouse with a right of his own. Daniels lands another and Masters follows up with his own

Ha: Neither man giving an inch here

He: Daniels looking for the DDT





Ha: NO....SO CLOSE!!

The crowd cheer as Masters blocks the DDT attempt into the suplex for the near fall. He waits as Daniels slowly begins to get to his feet and then starts to unload with a flurry of kicks that back Masters into the corner of the ring. Daniels tries to swat him away but Masters continues the assault following every other kick with a knife edge chop to the chest before grabbing the head of Daniels and climbing to the second rope

Ha: Tornado DDT from the corner, he planted the skull of Daniels into the mat and he could be out cold



He: That was close, a fraction of a second more, but this is why The Authority shown such interest in Daniels he's a tough S.O.B

Masters looks to the heavens thinking the big move would have won it for him. He gets to his feet and stomps on the back of Daniels' head before stalking him as he slowly gets back to his feet. He spins him round kicks him in the gut and then bounces off the ropes and hits a running knee lift into a neckbreaker combo before hooking the leg again




Masters starts to show signs of frustration as Daniels once again throws his arm off the mat. He mutters to himself before getting to his feet and exiting the ring to the apron and climbing to the top rope, he waits as Daniels begins to get up

Ha: Masters looking for the high risk here


The crowd boo as the official checks on the status of Daniels only to be pushed against the ropes which sends Masters split legged perceh on the top rope. Daniels gets to his feet and smiles at his opponent helpless.

He: This does not bode well for our tag team champion

Daniels grabs him by the head and rocks him with a huge right hand and then he climbs up to the top rope himself and hooks his arm around his neck






Daniels hits the mat in anger and then drags Masters to his feet, he kicks him in the gut and then sets him in position between hi legs before lifting him through the air and throwing him against the turnbuckles

He: What a powerbomb...what brutish strength...With offense like that its a wonder how Daniels isn't top of the food chain here in 6CW

Daniels looks happy with the carnage he has caused as Masters lies broken slumped up against the bottom rope. Daniels closes in and starts to stomp down before forcing the boot across the throat choking the air out of his opponent

He: Come on Daniels, don't get yourself disqaulified now

The official orders Daniels to break the choke and he obliges before dragging Masters into the centre of the ring and dropping on him for the pin





Daniels goes for another pin attempt



Masters kicks out and Daniels angrily goes for another quick pin



Once again Masters throws the arm in the air to the annoyance of Daniels who throws a tantrum slamming his fist against the canvas and then rises to challenge the match official. He argues his case but the referee coninues to signal the count of two and Daniels turns back to his opponent. He kicks him back down to the ground as Masters was trying to get to his feet and then he signals for the end as the crowd boo him

He drags him up to his feet and sets him in position for the jackhammer suplex

He: I know I keep going on about but look at this strength........5 seconds.......10 seconds......15 seconds My God the guy is a freak





Ha: That was 3???

He: The official signals two

Ha: My god what a counter!

The crowd are on their feet in appreciation as Masters shifts his weight and uses Daniels own momentum against him as he counters into the small package pin. The two men get to their feet and Daniels aims a wild clothesline which Masters ducks under, he bounces off the ropes and hits a running crossbody, Daniels gets straight back to his feet and is knocked back down again by a standing dropkick and then as he gets up a third time Masters springboards off the second rope and takes the Authority member down witha flying forearm

He lifts up off the mat HBK style and as Daniels is groggily getting to his feet Masters jumps against the ropes






Daniels throws his arm in the air at the last second as the officials hand comes down for the three count. Masters waits for Daniels to get to his feet before kicking him in the mid-section and planting him face first with the DDT and dragging him across the canvas closer to the corner of the ring

Ha: what does Masters have planned here?

He: Uh-oh, he's going upstairs

Ha: I have a feeling we're gonna see some 450 splash action....TAKE OFF

He: Blocked....great ring awareness from Daniels


Masters leaps through the air with the 450 splash attempt but Daniels gets his legs up in an attempt to block. Masters lands on his feet and grabs Daniels by the legs and turns him onto his stomach locking in the Boston crab as the crowd are going wild. Daniels reaches furiously for the ropes but falls short as the official positions himself looking for the submission. The pain is etched o Daniels face as his he raises his hand in the air

Ha: Here comes the tap out


The official makes Masters break the hold, counting to four before he does so. Masters shouts at Daniels to get to his feet and as he does he jumps at the ropes and goes for a second Disaster Kick






Daniels slowly gets to his feet and falls against the ropes visibly exhausted. He takes a moment as Masters crawls across the ring and pulls himself to his feet before staggering into the middle of the ring

He: Are we going to see Red Alert?

Ha: Masters elbows free...............GRINGO KILLER! HE GOT HIM





He: and he should have, again Masters has overcome an Authority challenge, I wouldn't want to be Daniels going back to that locker room now

The official hands the tag title to Masters who raises it in the air before exiting the ring and making his way backstage as Daniels comes to inside the ring

Match result: Mike Masters via pinfall
Match time: 8 minutes

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:02 am

*Nate Nack is in the locker-room, preparing for tonight’s main event. He is in the process of lacing his boots when Drake walks in.

Drake: I was wondering if I could grab a quick word with you, mate?

*Nate has his eyes on the floor

Nate: I’m a little busy right now…

Drake: Look, Nate, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for what happened…..and not having your back…

Nate: Like I said, I’m a little busy…

Drake: But this is exactly my point and what I have been saying about The Authority all along. They use any underhand tactic that they can….and I know you must be hurting right now but this war is from over, we can end this on our terms…

*Nate finally stops tying his lace and he looks up at Drake.

Nate: You have no idea how I am feeling right now….you have never been in my position before so don’t try and second guess me…I never expected anyone to be there for me at Day of Reckoning, I never asked for any help….and if anyone knows how The Authority operates then it is me…

I don’t need or want your apologies….words mean nothing to me, I want action and that is exactly what I am going to get….so if you don’t mind, I have bigger things to think about than appeasing your guilty conscience…

*Drake looks at Nate with anger and then storms from the room. Nate shakes his head and continues his preparation.

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:02 am

*Backstage stands Tim Allen once more

TA: My guest at this time...the one and only Blade

*Blade and Allen shake hands

TA: Blade, the Gateway to Glory shot is gone and your pathway to the top begins again. Are you still enjoying this comeback?

B: Definitely, Tim, definitely. There's nothing like being here, man. You saw them all pile in to return. Dubois is back, Ronster said hello; there is nothing like 6CW.

TA: Tonight 6CW gets to see a match-up from the old skool. Reilly vs Blade tonight on Anarchy!

B: Hell yes fella! This one needs no billing - two men who have given blood, sweat and dare I say tears for this company and this industry. We've seen everything and everyone who has passed through these doors but they can't knock us down. You want brawling, we can do it, you want catch-as-catch-can, we can do it, you want high spots, oh hell we can do it.

TA: Expecting a classic then?

B: Expect nothing in this business. Two legends are going out there to fight; only one of us can be victorious tonight. If the new breed wanna run this asylum, they gotta outdo us first. The stairs to the top go through Reilly and Blade, tonight you'll see why

TA: Blade, thank you

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:03 am

*Christy James is backstage, standing ready to speak as Hobo paces on the spot in his vicinity.

CJ: My guest at this time, an emotional wrestling legend...Hobo!

*Hobo stops pacing and stares directly at Christy. He turns slowly to camera and his eyes burn with intensity. We can see now he has his face painted in a mark of respect for the Ultimate Warrior.

H: There is no need for questions. A great man, A GREAT MAN, has passed and left the wrestling world a lot lighter in its stock of heroes. Hobo learned something everyday from the legend of the Warrior spirit. When the worlds collide and the angels and devils unite, Hobo is in the home of every wrestling fan and he electrifies their souls. There is no stopping the energy. Grimstone has been cast aside on my voyage to the pantheon of greats. Lay down your arms and see the destruction hurtling towards you. There are no men now to understand the path that awaits.

I came here for one reason: to attack and keep coming. This freak of nature right here is just beginning to swell, and when I get big enough, brother, there ain’t gonna be room for anybody else!

Hobo is totally out of control!!!!

*Hobo turns and sprints away, the camera watching him sprint the length of the corridor till he turns the corner still at full speed and the scene fades.

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:04 am

Match 6
Blade vs Daniel Reilly

Back to ringside and “I do what I want” plays out to a set of cheers from the 6CW Universe. Blade makes his way out on the stage and he raises his arms, smiling, before making his way down the ramp, tagging hands with the fans as he does so.

HA: Blade has had a rough time of it since he returned to 6CW….

HE: Yeah he ran head-first into Joshua and got the beating he deserved….

HA: But Blade is a fighter and he never backs down….he has the will and determination to go a very long way in this business…

Blade climbs into the ring, breathing in the reception from the crowd, and then “Broken Dreams” sounds out to a crescendo of boos. Daniel Reilly makes his entrance, amid a flurry of red pyros, and he poses on the ramp before walking to the ring…

HE: This is a man who people need to start taking seriously….this is Night of Glory season and if anyone rises to the occasion it is Daniel Reilly…

HA: The former two time world champion has been embroiled in a raging feud with Drake in recent months but tonight he goes one on one with Blade….two men who stand for very different things, both aiming to make waves as we approach the biggest night of the year…

Reilly stands in front of Blade and taunts him as the bell sounds to start the contest. Reilly continues to smirk at his opponent before Blade gives him a hard shove in the chest…

HA: Blade is not going to care what games Reilly wants to play…he wants to fight and that is the only thing on his mind…

Reilly walks back and he gives Blade a shove before a fist fight breaks out in the middle of the ring. Blade hammers Reilly against the ropes and he whips him across the ring before dropping him with a back elbow as he returns. Reilly gets back up and Blade lands a European uppercut and transitions into a back suplex……………..1…………………….2……………..shoulder up.

HA: Reilly has barely been able to get out of the tracks…

HE: He’s been in worse situations…

Blade drags Reilly up and tries to suplex him but Reilly drops over the back and counters with an inverted headlock backbreaker (ala Orton). He then pulls Blade up and lifts him into a powerbomb…………..1………………..2……………..Blade pops his shoulder off the mat.

HE: See how quickly it can change….Blade can’t match up with Daniel Reilly…

Reilly backs off to the ropes and he beckons for Blade to stand up before running at him with a hard punt towards the head. Blade is able to roll out of the impact and he quickly springs onto the second rope before turning back into a crossbody……………1…………………2…………..kickout!

HA: People have said that Blade couldn’t match up his entire career but so many have been proven wrong…right him off at your peril….

They get back up and Reilly aims in with a kick to the gut but Blade catches his foot and spins him around before knocking him down with a clothesline. Reilly gets back up and Blade dropkicks him to the corner before running in with a diving clothesline. Reilly staggers out and drops to his knees as Blade goes to the top rope…

HE: Someone knock him off…

HA: That could settle this match…

Blade comes off the top rope and drives both of his knees down into the back of Reilly’s neck………………….1…………………2……………….thr-shoulder up. Blade backs into the corner and he motions for Reilly to stand up before spinning out towards him…


Blade looks for the spinning kick (Trouble in Paradise) but Reilly catches his leg and immediately turns him into an anklelock. Blade screams out in pain and tries to crawl to the ropes but Reilly drags him back…

HE: Squeal, Blade….Reilly is going to snap that ankle…

Blade’s hand shakes as he considers tapping out but then he manages to roll forward and he sends Reilly into the turnbuckle. Reilly staggers back out and Blade rolls him up……………..1……………….2…………….shoulder up.

HA: Blade was so close to taking the victory…

Blade gets back up and he runs at Reilly for a jumping leg lariat but Reilly catches him on his shoulders. He looks for another powerbomb but Blade rolls down the back………………1…………….2……………kickout.

HE: Get him Reilly….RKO!

Reilly scrambles back up and immediately looks for the finish but Blade counters with an inverted DDT……………….1…………………….2…………….kickout. Blade listens to the chants of the crowd before heading over to the ropes. He climbs to the top…

HA: Blade going “all or nothing”…


Blade looks for the “swanton” bomb from the top rope but finds nothing but knees on his landing. Blade clutches his back, clearly in a lot of pain, as Reilly gets back up and delivers a German suplex…

HA: Daniel Reilly is an extremely complex character and I don’t ever think he we have truly seen every aspect of his personality…

HE: Reilly allows you see what he wants you to see, nothing more….he can change gears at the drop of the hat and on his day he is too good for anyone else on this roster…

Reilly keeps his hands locked around Blade’s waist and he delivers not one but two more German suplexes, leaving Blade completely flat out on his back……………….1………………….2……………Blade is just able to pick his shoulder up off the mat.

HA: That had to take a lot out of Blade…but he’s holding on in there…

HE: For now…

Reilly drags Blade back up and sets him down with a snap suplex before heading to the corner. He taunts the crowd as he stands on the ropes and then goes to the top…

HE: Time to put an end to this charade…..FROGSPLASH!

Reilly shoots through the air for the frogsplash but Blade rolls out of the way and leaves a crash landing for his opponent. Both men are struggling to catch their breath as Oliver Keane and Kelsey Callihan walk out on the stage..

HA: What the hell do these two want?

HE: Just taking a look at what is on offer….remember that Kelsey is “Head of Talent Relations”…

HA: Spare me that nonsense…

The crowd are booing furiously as both Keane and Kelsey walk around the ring and begin watching the action in the ring. Blade and Reilly get back up and Reilly looks for a swinging clothesline but Blade counters into a backslide…………………..1………………….2……………..shoulder up!

HA: Those two being out here is not a good sign….they are up to something…

HE: You are so suspicious…

Reilly gets back up and he quickly spins Blade into a powerslam before running off the ropes and returning with a jumping kneedrop to the head……………….1…………….2…………..kickout. Reilly punches his hands into the mat and then beckons for Blade to stand up….


Blade pushes Reilly away and then waits for him to turn around running at him and landing with a jumping leg lariat…………………1………………..2…………….shoulder up. Blade notices Keane and Kelsey at ringside, immediately putting him on edge….

HA: Remember that Blade used to represent The Authority, he knows what Kelsey and Keane are capable of….

HE: He needs to just concentrate on his match….

Blade turns away and he grabs Reilly by the head before pulling him up. Blade gives the signal to the crowd and then lifts his opponent in the air….


Reilly wriggles and then counters with a hurricanrana that leaves both men sprawled on the deck once again. Kelsey Callihan hitches her skirt up a little, drawing whistles from the crowd, and then climbs up on the apron…

HE: What a view…

HA: Please….what the hell is she doing up there?

The referee moves over towards Kelsey and orders her to get back down. She just smiles and flirts with the official as Keane slides something under the bottom rope…

HA: What was that?

HE: What?

HA: Keane just passed something to Reilly…

HE: No he never…

Blade comes over and tries to grab Reilly but he is suddenly cracked right in the face with a sledgehammer, instantly knocking him out. Reilly throws the hammer back out to Keane and makes the cover….

HA: This is a damn setup…

HE: Brilliant….


HE: Yes, what a win for Daniel Reilly…

HA: This was a screwjob….but why?

HE: You know why…don’t try and deny it, Harold…..LOOK, OH YES!

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:06 am

The crowd are booing furiously as Reilly stands over Blade and poses and “Broken Dreams” echoes out of the speakers. Kelsey Callihan is applauding as she steps into the ring and then Oliver Keane passes something else to Reilly…

HA: That’s not….so Reilly does have a price?

HE: Daniel Reilly realises that The Authority can give him what he wants…

Louder boos are heard as Reilly puts on the red “Authority” shirt and poses once again. He shakes hands with Keane and Kelsey…

HA: Oliver Keane and Daniel Reilly back on the same page, this cannot be a good thing…

HE: It’s not good it is great…

*Crowd pop


“Pieces” roars out and the fans go wild as Drake storms out onto the stage. He is shaking his head, anger in his eyes, and then he comes running down to the ring. Reilly tells Keane and Kelsey to back away as he rushes towards Drake…

HE: Teach him a lesson for interrupting The Authority….

HA: Drake was so worried that Keane and Reilly would work together and now he has been proven right….

Drake storms into Reilly and slams him back into the corner before unloading with a barrage of rights and lefts. He then whips Reilly to the opposite corner before sprinting across and landing with a huge splash. Reilly is dazed as Drake beckons him out….


HE: This idiot should be fired…

The crowd cheer as Drake synches in the rear-naked choke and begins to drag Reilly towards the canvass. Reilly is flailing his arms and looking desperate….

*Crowd boo furiously


The shock registers with the fans as Keane gets back in the ring and he drives the sledgehammer right into the back of Drake’s head. Drake is out cold on the mat as Keane looks down on his brother with an ugly grimace…

HE: This has been a long time coming…..the way Drake treats Keane is despicable…you should be careful I don’t do that to you, Harold…

HA: I’d like to see you try…

The high-pitch scream and subsequent laughter of Kelsey Callihan fills the air as she skips to the side of Keane. She snuggles into his chest and continues to smile as Reilly gets back up…

HE: This is what happens when you mess with The Authority…

HA: This is completely disgusting…..Keane just bashed in his own brother’s head…

Drake is face down on the mat as Reilly demands the hammer from Keane. They stare at each other for a moment and then Keane hands over the weapon. Kelsey is shaking with excitement as Reilly lifts the hammer over his head…

HA: Someone stop this…

Blade tries to get back up but Keane rushes over and shoves him hard, sending him through the ropes to the outside. Keane then joins back up with Kelsey as Reilly brings the hammer crashing down….

HE: He’s broken him!

HA: We need help out here…

Reilly crashes the hammer into Drake’s head twice and then he throws the weapon away and poses with Keane and Kelsey. The boos are furious as all three leave the ring and the medics come down to check on Drake…

HE: The Authority just made a statement of vast proportions, Drake is finished…

HA: I can’t believe what we have witnessed…Reilly on the same page with Keane, Kelsey and The Authority….this is not a good sign…

Blade is bleeding from the side of his head, from the earlier hammer shot, as he staggers back into the ring to check on Drake. The “Original Original” is still completely unconscious, face down on the mat, as Blade tries to revive him…

HA: Drake needs medical attention right now….nobody is supposed to get hit the head with a hammer like that…

HE: Drake got what was coming to him….the rest of the roster better watch out because The Authority are not holding back any longer…

The medics slowly help Drake from the ring and load him onto a stretcher. The crowd give a round of applause as Drake is slowly wheeled from the arena. Blade refuses attention on his cut as he accompanies Drake into the backstage area.

HA: I hope Drake is going to be ok…

HE: That is the last time you will see him in 6CW…

Match result: Daniel Reilly via pinfall
Match time: 4 minutes, 55 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:07 am

*Backstage Alexander Altair is stood with Christy James

CJ: Alexander, a big loss for you at the PPV and tonight no is easy task when you face a former World champion in Hobo

*Altair raises his hand to cut Christy off

AA: Enough. Your inane babble is painful to my ears. Just stand there, listen and do your very best to look pretty however unlikely that is

*Christy shakes her head but bites her tongue

AA: At Day of Reckoning I was the victim of a fluke, but every dog has its day, as I’m sure you know all to well Christy and I am not a man who will cry over spilt milk, that one victory means a lot more to Phillips than it does to me, he can have it. I’ve moved on

*Altair continues as Christy feigns interest

AA: Tonight as you say is another kettle of fish entirely, or maybe that should be barrel of biscuits

*Altair smiles for a second before the stern look returns

AA: Hobo. You may think you are on the crest of a wave, that public support is driving you towards glory but I’m sorry to burst you bubble, you are about to get a dose of reality at the hands of Alexander Altair

*Altair rubs his chin

AA: You think you are a clever guy, that you know better than the average man, well news flash for you I’m far from average. Tonight you will get taught a lesson that has been a long time coming. Tonight you get to see what the future of 6CW looks like

*Altair walks out of shot as the scene changes

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:08 am

*Marty Helms is stood backstage with Mr. Hernandez

MH: Why shouldn’t I be worried, he’s fired Roth; what’s to say I won’t be next?

*Hernandez smiles

MHZ: Our leader is going through a tough time, a little bit of a crisis of confidence given recent events, he feels the need to reassert his power and I can’t blame him for that but you have my word you are not in his cross hairs…

Not at the moment anyway

*Helms shakes his head

MH: Oh great, so you’re saying at any moment I could be handed my p45 and shown the door?

*Hernandez places a hand on Helms shoulder

MHZ: That is a fate that could hit us all Marty. That is the risk we take putting our necks on the line at the business end of the company. You stick your head above the parapet and you’ll get noticed. Good or bad that’s how it is

We just need to make sure that Mr. Jones notices us for all the right reasons. You get me?

*Helms nods as Hernandez continues

MHZ: We knew the dangers when we signed up for this, take heart in knowing you’re on the right side Marty

We’re the winners in all this, no matter what people say. Remember that. This is just business

*Helms narrows his eyes

MH: And business is about to pick up

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:09 am

*The shot opens in a pitch black room. A child’s voice starts to sing

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out.
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain………

*The sound of a match striking is heard and a lantern is lit and placed on a table,
Edward Plague walks into view. Plague has a huge smile and he opens his arms out wide

EP: Welcome my brothers. Welcome to the when, the why and the where of all that you see.

*Plagues laughter echoes around the room

EP: Let me be clear my brothers. I am not here to preach to you, I am not here to deliver a sermon. I have but only one purpose.

I am the man who will answer your prayers but I am not your god. I am your brother and I am here to save you, friends, do not be afraid for I offer you great salvation.

*Plague laughs again as he raises a finger
EP: Let me give you this warning; do not come for me for I am already there.

I am everywhere.

In the corners of every room

*Plague spins on the spot, his arms out wide.

EP: Yes, yes, it is I. It is I who will fall onto my knees as a sacrifice. Nail me to the cross, for I will rise again. You will see how far I will go to save you. I'll be your sacrifice Lord, take me

*Plague stops spinning and he looks straight down the camera

EP: I am the only future that will save you all.

Be at peace my brother!!

*The camera zooms in again on the lantern as the light is blown out, the singing starts once more

"And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again"

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:11 am

Match 7
Hobo vs Alexander Altair

He: Up next we have two men who....well this could just break down into an all out war

Ha: Thats right brother. Both had differing success at Day of Reckoning and I think tonight Altair will be looking to show a lot of people that his loss to Phillips was only a blip

He: It really was. Altair is a dangerous man and Hobo will have his work cut out for him tonight

'MK Ultra' starts to play and the crowd boo loudly as Alexander Altair walks out to the stage. he stares around the fans and smiles as they boo and jeer him. He starts to walk down to the ring shrugging off the taunts of the crowd before sliding into the ring and turning back to face the stage awaiting his opponent

He: I'll tell you this, on his day this guy is one of the most dangerous on the roster

Ha: I won't disagree there, he has all the skills in the ring but perhaps most dangerous of all is the guy is totally shrouded in mystery

The mood in the area quickly changes as the crowd start to cheer loudly as 'Don't fear the reaper' starts to play and Hobo enters the arena. He makes his way down to the ring tagging the hands of the hands of the fans before climbing in the ring and up the turnbuckles

Ha: What a storied career this man has had, a sure fire fall of famer

He: But that was in the B leagues....this is 6CW, Hobo will need to find a whole new level to suceed here

Ha: to the good folks over at 6WF please know that my brothers comments are his own and do not reflect those of 6CW, anyway back to the upcoming action as the official gets us underway

The referee signals for the bell and the two men go to tie up in the centre of the ring, Hobo ducks underneath the reach of Altair and then rocks him with a big right hand followed by a second and a third backing Altair into the corner. He closes in on him but Altair turns the tables, grabbing Hobo and throwing him up against the turnbuckles and begins to stomp down into a seated position.

He backs away and then runs at him driving his knee into the side of Hobo's head before lifting him to his feet and connecting with a snap suplex.

He: Already Altair building up an advantage here

Altair drags Hobo up by his arm and knocks him straight back down with a short arm clothesline, Hobo jumps back up and is knocked back down with a drop kick and then he gets up a third time and Altair takes him down with an arm drag into an arm bar

He: brilliant from Altair, as impressive as I've seen him so far

Altair keeps the arm bar locked in as Hobo battles up to his feet, he elbows him in the gut with his free arm and forces his way out of the hold before bouncing off the rope


The crowd groan as Hobo runs at Altair who goes for a flapjack but connects with an uppercut while Hobo falls to the mat

Ha: That was a hell of a move, I think he may have him



Hobo kicks out and Altair gets to his feet. He circles his opponent and stomps down on him on his head, his torso, his arms and legs systematically breaking him down. He backs as away as Hobo slowly starts to get to his feet and then he kicks him in the gut and then connects with another snap suplex floating over into the pin attempt




Ha: Hobo just getting the shoulder off the mat but he needs to get in this one and quick, all Altair here

Altair gets to his feet and picks Hobo off the mat, he backs him into the corner of the ring and then unleashes a flurry of MMA punches as Hobo can only try and cover up before whipping him into the opposite corner, a sick smile spreads across his face as he sizes his opponent up


Ha: Ouch

He: Altair might have seperated his shoulder there

Altair charges at Hobo who dives out of the corner and Altair goes shoulder first into the ringpost. He staggers out of the corner as Hobo slowly gets to his feet

Ha: DDT...Hobo hooks the leg




Ha: Shoulder up from Altair, but he's in trouble here favouring that injured shoulder

Hobo gets to his feet and then he begins to stomp on the injured shoulder several times before backing away and allowing Altair to get to his feet, he lifts him up and connects with an inverted atomic drop before running against the ropes and knocking Altair down with a flying forearm and he crawls over for the cover again



Altair kicks out again and Hobo lifts him back to his back and backs him into the corner of the ring. He hits him a few times and then whips him into the opposite corner and follows up with a running clothesline and as Altair staggers out of the corner Hobo sends him back to the canvas with a big body drop and hooks the leg again




Ha: these falls are getting alot closer now, Altair in trouble

Hobo pulls himself to his feet and he he waits as Altair gets up, he pushes him against the ropes and Irish whips him across the ring, he goes for the clothesline


The crowd boo as Altair slowly gets back to his feet, he shakes off the pain in his shoulder and then goes straight to work on the leg of Hobo. He stomps down as Hobo tries to defend himself but Altair is tenacious.

He drags him toward the ropes and sets the leg across the bottom rope and then springboards of the second rope dropping all his weight down on the injured knee. He gets up and repeats the attack for a second time before he drags him toward the corner of the ring and exits to ringside

Ha: Come on Alex..don't do this....SON OF A....


He repeatedly smashes the injured leg around the steel ringpost as the pain shows across the face of Hobo. The official orders Altair back in the ring and he slides back in and begins to stalk his opponent as Hobo crawls towards the ropes and pulls himself to his feet

Altair closes in and kicks out his leg from underneath him causing Hobo to crumple back down to the canvas and then he mounts him and starts to rain down a number of right hands to the temple of Hobo

Altair stops his attack as the referee reaches a four count and then he lifts Hobo up to his feet. He lifts him over his shoulder






Altair looks angrily at the official who signals for the two count before he goes back on the attack stomping down on Hobo once again. Before lifting him to his feet and whipping him against the ropes


Altair applies more and more pressure to the sleeper hold as Hobo tries to fight against the submission but he quickly begins to fade. He falls down to the mat as Altair keeps the hold locked in and orders the official to check for the submission

He lifts Hobo's arm in the air and falls straight back down to the mat. The crowd start to chant for him as the official lifts his arm in the air for a second time

Ha: This doesn't look good....Hobo is unresponsive here

He: I think we can call this one. The referee raising Hobo's arm again...IT DROPS...ITS OVER


The crowd go wild as Hobo stops his hand from falling and it shoots straight back into the air. The Hobo chants are deafening as he shakes his arm and begins to feed off the crowd's energy. He battles his way up to his knees, then his feet. He elbows Altair in the gut but the hold is locked in tight, he elbows him a second and third time and Altair loosens as grip as Hobo battles free, he bounces off the rope


Altair looks impressed with himself as he reaches down and lifts Hobo back to his feet. He wraps both his hands around Hobos throat and lifts him in the air before slamming down to the canvas

He: Great offense once again from Altair...so impressive again fom Altair

Ha: He certainly has been, and he may have Hobo here




Hobo kicks out again to the annoyance of Altair who gets to his feet and makes his way to the corner of the ring. He waits as Hobo slowly begins to get to his feet


Ha: He almost broke him in two there. Hobo is done





The usually ice cool and composed Altair is enraged and hits the mat repeatedly in anger. He mutters under his breath and then he gets back to his feet again and begins to measure Hobo before aiming a running punt to the side of the head


Hobo manages to avoid the punt and quickly gets to his feet and drops Altair with the face first Russian leg sweep leaving both men down are in the centre of the ring. The official begins to count both men down





Altair is the first to stir, he slowly cralws toward the ropes



Hobo follows suit



He: both men in danger of being counted out here


Ha: Altair up...AND SO IS HOBO

The two men meet in the centre of the ring and Altair aims a right hand, Hobo ducks underneath and then knocks Altair down with a dropkick. Altair jumps straight back up and is knocked down with a second dropkick and then as he gets up a third time Hobo closes in and bounces him off the ropes before hitting a powerslam

He considers a cover before deciding to exit the ring to the apron and climbs to the top rope, he waits as Altair gets to his feet and then he jumps through the air and knocks him down with the axe handle smash before hooking the leg



Altair kicks out and Hobo gets to his feet, He waits as Altair does the same before unleashing with a 4 punch combo and knocking Altair back down to the mat with a sharp elbow to the back of the head. Altair begisn to get to his feet as Hobo bounces off the rope

Ha: Brillinat execution on the swinging neckbreaker




Ha: Did he get him?

He: Not quite...too close for my liking though

Hobo quickly gets to his feet and stays on offense. He drags Altair up to his feet and backs him into the corner of the ring before hitting a chop across the chest. The sound echoes around the arena and he continues to attack with chops until the chest of Altair is red raw.

Altair doubles over in pain and staggers out of the corner as Hobo climbs to the second rope

Ha: Bulldog from Hobo, Altair is in a bad way here as Hobo heads back to the top rope



The crowd boo as Hobo sets up for the elbow drop when suddenly he is pushed from the top rope and takes an awkward tumble to the canvas. The official signals for the bell as Grimstone enters the ring and sits on top of of Hobo raining down a flurry of right and left hand punches

Altair slowly gets to his feet and then begins to stomp down as Grimstone also continues his assault as the crowd are going wild with fury.

Ha: This is uncalled for. An absolute snake in the grass attacking Hobo from behind when he could have been on the verge of winning this match

Altair lifts Hobo to his feet and holds his arms behind his back so that Grimstone has a free target. He sizes up a big right hand and lands above the right eye of Hobo opening him up and then proceeds to pounds the head of Hobo drawing more and more blood

Altair lets go of Hobo who drops down to the mat and Altair exits the ring grabbing a steel chair from ringside. He slides back in the ring as Grimstone lifts Hobo back to his feet and holds him in position as Altair lifts the steel chair high over his head


The crowd are going wild as Phillips almost break Altair in half before he can deliver the chairshot. He gets to his feet and starts to trade punches with grimstone. Grimstone gets the upper hand by getting the thumb to the eye blinding him and Phillips staggers back and then walks blindly as Grimstone lifts him in position for Fire and Grimstone


Hobo hits a kick to the mid section and Grimstone drops Phillips. Hobo and Grimstone are battling in the corner of the corner of the ring. Grimstone has Hobo up against the turnbuckles before Hobo turns the table and throws Gimstone in the corner and unleashes a flurry of punches.

Security flood the ring and try and break the two men up. four security rip Hobo away while another four are holding Grimstone back in the corner. ON the outside of the ring Phillips has Altair up against the crowd barrier and he aims a running clothesline which Altair telegraphs and sends Phillips into the front row of fans.

Ha: This is insane...two rivalries have well and truly got out of hand here tonight. Hobo won by DQ, but I can't see him being too happy

The two men in the ring stare each other down kept apart by the security team as Phillips and Altair are fighting their way through the crowd and disappear backstage

Match result: Hobo via DQ
Match time: 6 minutes 40 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:12 am

*Scott Harris is in his locker room with Mike Masters

MM: You see how it’s done then kidda?

*Harris smiles

SH: What, you my mentor now? You want to show me the tricks of the trade? Do you know what I had to go through in the snake pit to get here?

Guys like you are ten a penny in the Indies, style over substance. You wanna see how it’s done then keep an eye on my match later on, watch a real sharpshooter in action

*Masters laughs

MM: Full of yourself aren’t you. You must have been dropped on your head a lot as a youngster to have this false confidence. Your mama tell you every day she loved you and you could be anything you wanted to be as long as you believe?

*Harris doesn’t take kindly to the comment

SH: Leave my mother out of it

*Masters raises his hands and smiles

MM: Oooooh touched a nerve, what’s the matter she not let you play with dolls when you were a little boy, that why you like rolling around a mat with oiled up men

*Harris narrows his eyes and steps to his Tag partner

SH: You can call me all you like but you say another word against my mother and I swear………….

MM: Ok, Ok. I’ll let it go.

*Harris shakes his head

SH: What’s the matter with you anyway. Why can’t you just be normal?

MM: Normal’s boring Scotty boy. You must see that by now!

*Harris picks up his tag belt and turns towards the door he spins his head towards Masters
SH: You coming?

MM: And miss the two hot blondes who will be here in 5 minutes. I don’t think so. You’re a big boy. You’ll be just fine

*Harris laughs

SH: I wasn’t after your help. I just thought you would want to see what real perfection looks like!

*Harris leaves the room as Masters preens himself in the mirror

MM: Now this is perfection

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:13 am

*Backstage and Teddy Grimstone is once again complaining to anybody that will listen about Hobo.

Grimstone: I’m sick to death of that tramp…years I have worked for this opportunity and yet I am overlooked for some homeless special who quite frankly was never that good in the first place….

*The backstage staff who have been listening to the rant begin to back away as someone approaches Grimstone.

Grimstone: The management around here is a joke…I could run this place better with my eyes closed…

*Grimstone turns around as someone coughs behind him. His angry expression falters a little as he stares at Mr Jones.

Jones: Please don’t stop on my account…

Grimstone: I was just saying…

Jones: I heard what you were saying Mr Grimstone, loud and clear….you have a real bee in your bonnet about Hobo and yet from where I am standing you have been offered every opportunity he has since you both signed for this company…

I have given you ample chances to settle your score with the “tramp” and yet each time you have come up alarmingly short…

Grimstone: Now wait just a minute…

*Jones holds up his hand

Jones: I am afraid I don’t have a minute, Mr Grimstone. I am tired of having my time wasted and as I have already proven here tonight, I don’t care whether you reside within my inner circle or not…failure will not be tolerated. You worked hard to get here but since your arrival you have done nothing but whine and complain…I have seen no evidence that you deserve to rub shoulders with the elite…

*Grimstone is beginning to get angry again as security arrive by his side

Jones: If you were such a big shot in the indies then perhaps you should go back and show them what they are missing…

Grimstone: What are you trying to say…?

Jones: I’m not trying, Mr Grimstone…I AM saying that you are fired…now get the hell out of my arena…

Grimstone: SON OF A…

*Security grab Grimstone by the arms and drag him away as Jones watches with a smile on his face. Jones consults his mobile phone as Kelsey skips into the picture.

Jones: Not now, Kelsey…

Kelsey: I know this is a big night for you, uncle…and I wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t important…

*Jones looks at her for a moment and then beckons for her to continue. Kelsey smiles and then ushers two men into the scene. One of the men is older with short grey hair and stubble, dressed in a smart designer suit. The second man is black and physically imposing. He has tight corn rows and a confident expression on his face. The older man offers his hand to Mr Jones…

???: Mr Jones, delighted to finally meet you….I am Michael Hathaway…

*Jones looks at Hathaway’s hand but does not shake it. Kelsey intervenes.

Kelsey: I have just been negotiating a deal here with Mr Hathaway and his client…

*The larger man just continues to stare at Jones, unblinking. Hathaway smiles at his client.

Jones: I do not have time for meet and greets with new security guards…

*Kelsey giggles as Hathaway raises his eyebrows

Kelsey: No, uncle, these men aren’t security…..I want you to meet the newest member of the 6CW roster…

Hathaway: I assure you, Mr Jones….you won’t find a security firm in the world that houses a man with the capabilities of my client…

Jones: I will reserve judgement on that…

Hathaway: I can understand that, but I guarantee you that you will be impressed. 6CW just pulled of a major coup, your niece has an eye for talent…

*Kelsey flutters her eyelashes

Hathaway: The name Jax Cutler will be on every billboard in just a few months….this man right here has a first class ticket to the “main event” because that is exactly what he is…

*Jones takes a long look at Cutler, sizing him up.

Jones: Very well….you will make your debut next week, but be warned…I am tired of affording opportunities to those who do not take them….do not disappoint me!

Hathaway: You just made the smartest decision of your life, Mr Jones….failure and disappointment are not in Jax’s vocabulary…..but pain and domination are…

*Jones backs away and turns out of the scene. Kelsey is looking Cutler up and down, biting her lip.

Kelsey: I sure hope he fights as good as he looks…

*Hathaway smiles as he brushes Kelsey’s hair from her face

Hathaway: Believe me, miss, you have seen nothing yet.

*Hathaway beckons Cutler to follow him out of shot as the scene comes to an end.

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:15 am

*Backstage Enforcer is shown arriving at the arena; he gets quite a lot of cheers from the arena floor as he walks down the corridor, the championship belt over his shoulder

HA: The EWF champion is in the building. I think a lot of these fans have a new found respect for Big E after the PPV. He came out of a brutal encounter with Ojore and very nearly became the 6CW champion outlasting all but Max Adamson in the Gateway to Glory match

HE: Love him or loathe him Enforcer is probably performing better now than at any other time in his career. He has had his critics including Mr. Jones but he has shown time and time again that he is the force in this company

HA: Not in action this evening but the Authority have a little celebration planned for him later this evening and you have to say whether you’re a fan or not he deserves a pat on the back for what he’s achieved so far in this company. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I’d hoped we had him on our side but you have to admire the mans strength and will to succeed. There were so many times at Day of Reckoning where he could have been forgiven for throwing in the towel against Ojore

HE: That’s what separates him from mere mortals Harold. He doesn’t know when to quit

*Enforcer pushes open his locker room door and walks inside as a recap video plays

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:17 am

Match 8
Scott Harris vs Marty Helms

HE: Time for another “rebel” to taste the wrath of The Authority…

HA: Not every match has gone in favour of Jones and co. tonight…

HE: But they have made enough of an impression on the roster to know that they are making their dominance felt….Scott Harris deserves a slap for even having the gaul to walk around as a “tag champion”…

“Survival” booms out to a standing ovation from the fans in attendance as Scott Harris makes his entrance. Pyros erupt as Harris lowers his hood and unzips his jacket, revealing the title belt underneath…

HA: Scott Harris’ tag team partner, Mike Masters, won his match against The Authority’s Jonathan Daniels earlier tonight….can Harris make it two straight?

HE: Not a damn chance….Masters got lucky but Harris won’t get the same rub….those two used up all of their good fortune at Day of Reckoning but it is only a matter of time before The Authority take those belts away from them…

Harris tags hands with the fans and then he jumps up on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Harris seems in a pumped up mood as he unstraps his championship belt and waits for his opponent….

HA: For months now we have seen an ever-growing issue boiling underneath the surface between Scott Harris and The Authority….but we still don’t have a clue why…

HE: Enough of this myth….Harris is just a cocky jacka55 who needs to be taught a lesson….there is no underlying agenda…

“King of Kings” blasts out and Marty Helms makes his entrance. The crowd boo but Helms doesn’t care as he removes his red vest and quickly marches down to the ring.

HA: Marty Helms was so angry to lose the chance at winning the tag titles at Day of Reckoning…

HE: Not as angry as Mr Jones was….I like Marty Helms but The Authority need results so he needs to start delivering….

Helms pumps his fist into the air and then climbs up into the ring. He goes toe to toe with Harris and talks a little trash as the bell sounds to get the match underway…

HA: Helms and Harris have had their issues with one another for quite some time….

HE: And Helms owes Harris a slap….this is the beginning of a new chapter for The Authority and their dominance…

Harris stands his ground with Helms as The Authority man presses his face right up close. They continue to stare each other down until Helms grabs Harris in a Muay Thai clinch and drills a huge knee into his stomach…

HE: Harris wasn’t even ready for the attack, what a dummy…

Harris staggers back into the ropes and Helms follows up with a series of right hands before whipping him across the ring. Harris comes back and Helms tries to lift him up into a slam but Harris drops off back…


Helms elbows his way free and knees Harris in the stomach again before powering him back to the turnbuckle. He hits knees to the gut and punches to the head before whipping Harris across to the opposite side…

HE: Helms is in no mood to mess around tonight….he’s going to mess Harris up…


Helms runs across towards Harris but the “Sharpshooter” darts out to join his opponent and meets him with a flying knee to the face. They get back up and Harris nails a pendulum backbreaker……………1……………………..2……………….shoulder up!

HA: Harris is not intimidated by Helms, or any of The Authority for that matter….

HE: He should be, because they could end him in a heartbeat…

Harris pulls Helms up and he lifts him into a suplex before rolling over and trying to synch the arm of his opponent into a submission. Helms keeps his hands locked, blocking the hold, and then he tries standing up…

HA: Helms using all of his power to block this…

Helms gets back to his feet as Harris releases his grip and pushes his opponent against the ropes. Helms comes back and tries for a clothesline but Harris ducks and nails a bridging German suplex………………….1………………2……………….shoulder up. Harris is quickly back on his opponent and he tries to grab the arm again but Helms drags him forward and drops him with a heavy clothesline. Harris then stumbles up and Helms delivers a kick to the gut and follows up with a pumphandle slam………………….1…………………..2…………………kickout.

HE: After Helms disposes of Harris tonight then Mr Jones needs to sort out a tag team re-match for The Authority…..those belts need to be with their rightful owners…

HA: Harris and Masters won them fair and square, they are with their rightful owners…

Helms delivers vicious stomps down onto Harris before he rags him up and chucks him into the turnbuckle. He delivers several hard kicks to Harris’ stomach and then rams the point of his elbow into his foe’s jaw. Harris is slumped as Helms lifts him up onto the top rope…

HE: Time to finish this loser off, take him to town, Marty…

Helms climbs to the top and looks to deliver a superplex but Harris is desperate to hold on. He manages to land punches to Helms’ ribs and then he pushes him down to the mat below. Helms tries to get back up as Harris steadies himself and jumps…

HA: Crossbody!

Harris knocks Helms down but Helms rolls through and grabs the trunks………………..1………………….2……………shoulder up. They get back up and Helms rushes in with a big boot but Harris catches his foot and nails an exploder suplex…

HA: Harris’ wrestling skills are second to none….he is a machine in that department…

Helms holds his back as he gets up and walks straight into a belly to belly suplex………………1………………….2……………..kickout. Harris gets back up and he urges Helms to his feet before grabbing his arm…



Helms jumps out of the Olympic slam and he pushes Harris into the ropes before dropping him with a boot as he returns. Helms then backs into the corner and he waits for Harris to start moving…


Helms thunders into Harris and hooks both legs……………………………1……………………….2………………..Harris manages to get his shoulder up. Helms gives the referee a disgusted look as he stands and begins to pull down his elbow pad…

HA: We know what Helms is thinking….

HE: Time to end this thing….LIGHTS OUT!

Harris just ducks underneath the “Bull hammer” elbow and takes Helms down with a dragon suplex…………………1………………………2………………shoulder up. They get back up and Harris quickly moves in for a codebreaker but Helms catches his legs and plants him on the mat before catapulting him into the corner….

HA: Harris tried to land on the ropes but he didn’t make it…

Harris slams into the turnbuckle and then turns back around into a big Samoan drop…………….1………………………2……………….kickout. Helms looks like he has seen enough as he pulls Harris up and tries to lift him into a powerbomb. Harris manages to counter by lifting Helms up on his shoulders but Helms elbows his way off the side and sets Harris down with a side slam…

HE: Time to stop this now, Marty….get him finished….

Helms signals the end is nigh as he heads over to the corner and starts to climb. He gets to the top rope and he smiles as the fans boo him..

HA: Helms showboating a little…

HE: He can do what he likes….he is a Soldier of AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

HA: Tremendous…

Crowd: That was awe-some x5

Helms takes too long and it allows Harris to sprint into the corner, up the ropes, and deliver a huge overhead suplex from the top of the turnbuckle. Harris makes his way over and covers……………1……………………2………………..shoulder up!

HA: I thought Scott Harris had secured the win there…

HE: Thought wrong then didn’t you?...

Harris takes support from the crowd and he wills himself back up. He grabs Helms’ legs and stomps down onto his stomach before trying to turn him over…

HA: Harris thinking sharpshooter…

Helms battles back and rolls his hips until he manages to throw Harris across the ring with pure length strength. They get back up and Harris swings quickly with a right hand but Helms catches his arm and takes him down…

HE: Crossface…

Helms tries to lock in his submission but Harris shows great presence of mind to roll through and back onto his feet. Helms gets back up and he tries to lift Harris into a spinebuster but Harris counters with a codebreaker in midair…

HA: Harris just laid out Helms….that should be enough for the three…

Harris is trying to suck in the air and move across to make the cover but Helms is coy enough to roll under the bottom rope. Harris uses the ropes to get up and he pulls Helms up on the apron and tries to suplex him back in but Helms hangs on and then counters with a guillotine across the top…

HE: Harris wasn’t guarded against that…

Helms climbs back into the ring and he quickly seizes Harris by the waist and tries to suplex him. Harris holds firm and he refuses to budge before swivelling around so that he has Helms in the suplex position…


The crowd cheer as Harris runs Helms into the corner and then rolls him out into the massive release German. Both men are feeling the pace but it is Harris who is able to get up and make a move towards his opponent…

HA: Harris has Helms exactly where he wants him to be….on the edge of victory…

Harris makes his way over towards Helms but The Authority man suddenly puts both hands up, as though begging for mercy. Harris is taken a little off guard as he stares at Helms…

HA: What on earth is Helms doing?

Helms then looks up at Harris and he begins to grin at him. Harris looks confused as Helms begins to shout…

Helms: I know your story, Harris….he told us, he told us everything…

HA: What is he talking about?

HE: How would I know…

Harris is looking at Helms as though he can’t believe what he is hearing. He shakes his head and looks down at his feet before glaring back up with rage in his eyes. He quickly runs forward and grabs Helms by the head before dragging him into the centre of the ring…

HA: There was a goddamn low-blow in there…

HE: I saw nothing…

Helms seems to land a blindside uppercut between Harris’ legs and then he rolls him up whilst gripping his trunks at the back…

HA: He cheated ref…

HE: I think you are imagining things….

The crowd boo as the three count is completed and Marty Helms rolls straight from the ring. Helms has a smile on his face as he celebrates his victory and stares back to the ring, where Scott Harris is doubled up in pain from the low-blow.

HE: Marty Helms outwitted that loser Harris…what a win for The Authority…

HA: I want to know the meaning behind what Helms said to Scott Harris….”I know your story….he told us”….who told them? And what is the story behind Harris? Whatever it is really seemed to shake the youngster…

HE: Who the hell cares…Helms won the match, let’s talk about that…

HA: This story goes deeper, I can just tell…

Helms continues to back into the aisleway and he winks at Harris before turning his back. Harris is on his knees and has a look of real worry on his face as the action goes backstage.

Match result: Marty Helms via pinfall
Match time: 6 minutes, 08 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:18 am

*Timothy Allen is backstage standing with Lucas Takeo

TA: My guest at this time...Mr Lucas Takeo.

*Allen pauses, expecting a reaction from Takeo, but none is forthcoming

TA: Mr Takeo the Gateway to Glory match may not have ended how you expected, but we saw your destructive side at work again as you slammed Ojore through a table. Do you feel the pair of you have unfinished business?

LT: He didn't beat me. He couldn't beat me, then he has a world title shot. He will be punished for forgetting my name so quickly.

TA: It appears while you focused on him, you forgot about the dangers of a battle royal. Joshua certainly took advantage...

*Joshua slowly walks into shot and stands behind the pair as his name is spoken. Allen reacts nervously

TA: M-m-m my apologies Joshua, I, erm, I didn't mean to cheapen your achievement.

*Joshua offers no reaction, standing in silence. Takeo stands nose to nose with Joshua whose hair is covering his face

LT: What do you want?

*Joshua remains silent and Takeo turns away

LT: Your games are futile. It's Takeo time

*Takeo walks away and Joshua laughs, he pulls his hair from his face and slowly takes the microphone from Allen he speaks slowly and very deliberately pausing between words and breathing heavily.

J: It is now…………. my time to speak..........

Joshua slowly raises a finger to his lips and tilts his head from left to right

J: To understand…………… the message we deliver………….. you must not listen to our words…………….but watch our actions..........Tonight………… all of these men…………….. will learn lessons……....in what feats........we can accomplish.........The theatre of our dreams………….will turn into a circus of nightmares……...... And most certainly………. our actions will play out............as we laugh............. at the wailing of the clowns............

*Joshua stares blankly into the camera, his eyes dark and empty

J: We..............will.............laugh...........

*The scene fades as Joshua's hair moves in and out caused by his heavy breathing.

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:19 am

*Backstage Mr. Jones is sat at his desk

MJ: I think it’s about time we made things official gentlemen. I have been very impressed with your work so far and I truly believe you will be an asset to The Authority

*The camera turns to show Daniel Reilly and Alexander Altair standing in front of the desk

MJ: Our army is growing stronger day by day and I have no doubts as soldiers you two will excel

*Both men nod and Jones hands them an SOA t shirt

MJ: The uprising is nearly dead. Soon we will quash their silly revolution

*Jones shakes hands with both men and the scene switches elsewhere backstage

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:20 am

*Timothy Allen is backstage, away from the interview area and close to the entrance to the stage and ring.

TA "I'm backstage now by the entrance where every man must pass before heading to the ring. I hope to catch a man of few words as we unravel more of his character."

*Allen waits and then springs into life as Ojore walks around the corner

TA "Ojore, Ojore, please a word?"

*Ojore stands and stops. Allen walks away and begins talking

TA "You lost to Enforcer and then you were dumped out of the Gateway to Glory match...not much success for you at the PPV"

O "Yes"

TA "And...how do you feel about this failure to get the gold?"

O "Ojore tell you many time. Keep your trinkets and titles."

TA "Then why even enter?"

O "Pain is more than physical. Mental toll kill these men. Ojore is always the hunter"

*With that he pushes Allen away and walks off.

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:21 am

Match 9
Ojore/Edward Plague vs Lucas Takeo/Joshua

HA: Ladies and gentlemen the next match promises to resemble more of a battlefield than a wrestling match…

HE: No kidding….a very brave man decided to put these four “monsters” into a match together….who the hell knows what might happen…

“From Yesterday” blazes out and the giant form of Lucas Takeo strides forwards onto the stage, a black towel covering his face. He marches his way down to the ring and pulls himself onto the apron before stepping over the ropes.

HA: Lucas Takeo was dominant during his time in the Gateway to Glory match…

HE: Takeo has been pretty dominant since he turned up in 6CW…

HA: And his most impressive feat two weeks ago was what he did to the Xtreme Champion, Ojore….chokeslamming him right through our announce table…

HE: Takeo and OJore have unfinished business….this match may allow them to settle that…

Takeo stands tall in the ring as the lights begin to switch on and off and the sound of a heartbeat pulses in and out of the arena.

HA: There is a real competition brewing for the “bizzarest” superstar on the 6CW roster…Edward Plague is right up there but this man Joshua may pip him to the post…

HE: A guy who seems to have a dark infatuation with a puppet? Yeah I’d say Joshua is going for gold…

HA: An extremely difficult character to grasp….all we know about Joshua so far is that this man thrives on causing pain…

HE: He’ll get along just fine with Takeo then…

Joshua slowly makes his way to the ring before placing his puppet, McCoy, upon the ring steps with careful affection. He stares at the puppet for a long time and then rolls into the ring to join Takeo. They look at each other for quite some time…

HA: It was Joshua who eliminated Takeo from the Gateway to Glory…I am not sure how fruitful their partnership will be tonight….

“CCClouds” then echoes out to boos from the 6CW crowd. Edward Plague takes his time to appear on the stage and then he drops to his knees, holding his arms out to his side. Plague seems to be muttering and chanting to himself before removing his mask to reveal an eerie smile upon his face…

HE: Plague just freaks me out a little more than anyone else….I just don’t know what his agenda is but I always feel like he is plotting something evil…

HA: Edward Plague is a little more “switched on” than your archetypal “monster”….there is something sinister brewing beneath the surface with this man and I do not look forward to what that might be…

Plague takes his time to get to the ring and then he pulls himself up on the apron, resting his chin on the top rope as he looks at his opponents. Plague tilts his head back and forth before climbing through the ropes…

HE: I don’t envy the referee in this match, I think he needs backup…

HA: Four of the most deadly and destructive forces in 6CW inside one ring…..I don’t think the armed forces could control this…

“Bonfire” then booms out and the Xtreme Champion, Ojore, makes his entrance. Ojore slams his crown down on the stage, sending flames high into the air, and then he begins to storm down the ramp. He tosses his championship aside before jumping up onto the apron…

HA: Ojore came so close to becoming EWF Champion at Day of Reckoning….but it is arguable that the world title division would be unfitting of this man’s talents…Ojore loves nothing more than to fight and the Xtreme division really does cater to his needs…

HE: Ojore knows no rules, no boundaries….he wants to fight and he wants to destroy….

HA: Ojore wants Takeo…

Ojore moves straight past Plague and Joshua as he storms into Lucas Takeo and begins to wage war with the giant. The crowd are cheering as Ojore goes to the body with hooks whilst Takeo tries to slam fists down into the top of his rival’s head…

HE: These two men battered each other to the point of no return just one month ago but neither of them seem satisfied…they have a score to settle…

HA: Well over 1000lbs in weight inside that ring right now….if these guys wants to fight then nothing is going to stand in their way….

Takeo and Ojore continue to brawl as Plague and Joshua just stand in front of one another. Plague is eyeing up his mysterious opponent and he begins to talk to him.

HE: Plague tried talking with Joshua at Day of Reckoning and it didn’t work….what does he think has changed?

Plague: I know a path that can lead you to salvation….you rejoice in the darkness just like me, you see its true power….join me and I will save you…

HA: It seems as though Plague is offering his hand in partnership….

HE: Can you imagine if these two joined up?


Joshua suddenly lands with a huge uppercut that rocks Plague back on his heels. He follows up with more right hands before grabbing Plague’s arm and tries to whip him across the ring. Plague reverses and sends Joshua off the ropes but the “Puppet Master” ducks a clothesline on the return before sprinting off the opposite side…


Joshua shows amazing agility to leap through the air and wipe Plague out with a flying lariat. Plague stumbles back up and Joshua clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside of the ring.

HA: Joshua doesn’t want to be friends…not one bit…

HE: I knew Plague was barking up the wrong tree…..

Joshua slowly begins to follow Plague to the outside of the ring as the war between Takeo and Ojore continues to wage inside. Ojore tries for an Irish whip but Takeo is able to reverse and he sends the Xtreme Champion off the ropes before knocking him down with a big boot as he returns. Ojore gets back up and Takeo grabs him by the neck…


Ojore delivers a fierce kick to the stomach and then he succeeds in picking Takeo up and slams him down on the mat. Ojore the bounces back off the ropes and returns with a big legdrop across Takeo’s throat…

HE: If I was the referee I would just get out of there and let them fight…

HA: There is going to be no sense of control in this one…

Joshua pulls Plague around to the announce area and bounces his head off the commentator’s table but Plague merely laughs at the impact. Joshua smashes Plague’s head off the table another five times until Plague stumbles back and collapses in a seated position next to the ringside barrier…

HE: Plague is just smiling at Joshua, it is as though he is enjoying his beating…

Plague has a sick smile on his face and he is beckoning Joshua to come at him again. Joshua doesn’t need convincing and runs at Plague with a big punt right to the chest, dropping him further into a heap. Joshua throws back his head and makes his way over to McCoy, as though expecting guidance from the puppet…

HA: It’s as though we have been trapped inside someone’s warped nightmare world….monsters literally going to war right in front of us…

Ojore tries to pick Takeo up for a “World’s Strongest Slam” but Takeo is able to elbow his way free. He then takes Ojore by the throat and rushes him backwards, pushing up and over the top rope. Ojore lands out on his feet and he grabs Takeo’s legs from under the bottom rope and begins to drag the giant to the outside…

HE: They are all coming towards us, Harold…

HA: Pain and destruction is all these men know…

Joshua steps back from McCoy and then lifts the puppet up onto the apron as he begins to dislodge the steel steps from the side of the ring. Joshua hauls the steps up on his shoulders and then slowly begins to walk back around to where Plague is lying…

HA: Edward Plague is about to get crushed under 200lbs of pure steel…

HE: Joshua is crazier than any of them…



Plague is just able to move out of the way in time as the steel steps go crashing against the barrier, breaking it in half. Joshua is momentarily still and it allows Plague to rush into him, tackling him back into the ringpost.

HE: Joshua was actually trying to put an end to Plague there…

Plague grabs Joshua by his hair and he pulls him around before throwing him under the bottom rope. Plague quickly rolls in after his rival and he knocks Joshua to the ground with a hard kick and then he runs off the ropes, returning with a huge jumping foot stomp to the chest…

HA: Plague’s laughter has drained away….

Outside the ring, Ojore cracks Takeo in the temple with a monitor, sprawling him back across the 6CW table. Ojore then bangs his fists down on the Spanish table, letting out a roar, before climbing up…

HE: Ojore has got bad intentions…

Ojore is preparing to run across and jump into a splash but he doesn’t make it…..CRACK!

HA: Plague has turned his attention…

Edward Plague is on the outside with a steel chair and he jams it straight into Ojore’s stomach, dropping him on all fours. Takeo gets back up and he grabs Plague by the throat, preparing to chokeslam him, but Plague gets the chair up and drives it into Takeo’s stomach before….CRACK…..CRACK…….CRACK…..CRACK……CRACK!

HE: Plague is beating the holy hell out of them…

Plague is laughing and smiling as he bounces the chair repeatedly off the back of Takeo until he slumps across the table once again. Plague then flicks his hair from his face and drives the chair forward again….CRACK!....he smashes it clean into Ojore’s face and drops the Xtreme Champion across the back of Takeo…

HA: He’s piling them up…

Plague: This is the work of the Lord…..This is my mission, to rid the world of those who do not believe….who will not follow the path….turn your back on the faith you have been afforded and you will be punished….you will repent for your sins….



Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

As Plague is talking into the camera, the crowd are going nuts as Joshua has ascended to the top rope in the ring. The dark “puppet master” kneels there for over a minute and then he dives through the air, showing incredible grace and gaining serious height, before he crashes down on top of Ojore and Takeo with a flying headbutt….


HE: I don’t think he cares…

The whole Copper Box is going wild as Edward Plague rounds back from the camera and looks upon the wreckage in which Joshua, Ojore and Takeo are now all consumed. Plague’s eyes are wide for a moment and then he throws his head back and begins to smile…

HA: What on earth have we just witnessed?

HE: I was listening to Plague….I didn’t even see him climbing…

HA: Joshua just made an impact that will not be forgotten in a hurry….OJore and Takeo are hurting but they will want revenge for what has happened to them tonight…

HE: And what about Plague, what is his role?

Plague drops down to his knees by the wreckage and he looks at all three men as they try and get back to their feet. He then crawls over to each one in turn and looks into their eyes before rolling away and back to his feet once more.

Plague: And so it begins….(he looks out to the audience) I hope you are watching, because the show is just getting started…

HA: A prophecy of destruction from one Edward Plague…

HE: You can’t help but believe him….if there are growing problems between these four monsters then I can’t even begin to imagine how much damage may be done…

Plague throws back his hair and smiles as he turns away and begins to walk towards the stage. Joshua has crawled back over to the ring and he is peering up at the apron, where McCoy is sitting, before pulling the puppet down towards him. Takeo is trying to push himself up as Ojore pulls his Xtreme Championship from the timekeeper’s table and then tries to stumble over towards Joshua…

HA: I think Ojore wants some revenge….

A whole squad of security guards pours down to ringside and gets in front of Ojore, stopping his path to Joshua. Ojore looks angry and slams his belt into one of the guard’s faces before the rest stand him down and back him away towards the aisle…

HE: Ojore is not happy one bit…

HA: Ojore loves a fight…and surprisingly despite what he just went through, he wants more…

HE: So does Takeo…and Joshua….all these men want to fight…

Plague is sat on the stage, rocking back and forth, just watching as the security teams manage to keep Ojore, Joshua and Takeo separate. The crowd are chanting “Let them fight” but it does not happen and the action soon goes backstage.

Match result: No contest

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:25 am

*Nate is backstage with Emma ahead of the Main Event

E: What ever happens tonight Nate, let’s take a break. These past few months I feel like I’ve hardly seen you, we’re supposed to be organising our wedding but I feel like everything has be nut on to me. You’re hardly at home and when you are its clear that your mind is elsewhere

Let’s go away, just me and you. Like it was before all of this, remember?

*Nate smiles briefly

NN: So much has changed Emma. I’m not that man anymore

*Emma puts her hands around Nate’s cheeks

E: You are to me. I promised I would support you here no matter what and that hasn’t changed but maybe its time you re-evaluated what’s important right now

*Nate takes Emma’s hands in his own

NN: What are you saying Emma. You know how much this place means to me. You know how I promised Dean that I would do all I could,,,,,

*Emma interrupts

E: Dean isn’t the great guy you think you know Nate.

*Nate furrows his brow

NN: What’s that supposed to mean?

*Emma stumbles over her words for a brief second

E: I. Errr… I just mean, where is he Nate? He has left you to clear up this mess on your own, with no help and for what?

NN: This place is special

*Emma shakes her head

E: So you keep saying but all I see is hurt and misery Nate. Don’t you want to be happy?

*Nate pulls Emma in close as the scene changes

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:27 am

*Max is backstage when Christy approaches

CJ: Max a few words?

*Max shakes his head and wags a finger

MA: Tut, tut Christy you know the rules

*Jeff Thaddeus walks into shot and snatches the mic out of Christy’s hands. Jeff is wearing a purple velvet suit and a brown kipper tie. His hair has been flattened down but a few strands stick up like Mr Majeika

MA: Looking sharp JT

*Thaddeus smiles and straightens his tie

JT: Straight back at ya champ, and thanks again for giving me this chance. I promise I won’t let you down

*Adamson raises an eyebrow

MA: Shall we get this started. I’ve got a match to win

*Thaddeus looks unsure what to ask, Christy’s voice is heard off screen

CJ: Are you ready for this match tonight Max

*Thaddeus repeats the question

MA: Great question Jeff.

Am I ready? Who do you think suggested it?! I'm the 6CW World Champion. I have the power to make matches, and I want this. I need it, to prove to the world that I am the worthy Champion I know I am. I need to beat Nack and then I can shut the world up.

*Christy again shouts from off screen

CJ: JT: So why isn't the title on the line?

*Once again Thaddeus repeats the question

(Adamson stares a hole into Thaddeus)

Max: What are you, high? Why should he have an immediate rematch? I checked the stipulation of the Gateway to Glory match and I didn’t see any mention of the new champion being obliged to hand the old champ a rematch. Nate Nack lost the title. You know the rules. That means Nate Nack is equal with everyone else. He doesn't deserve to walk into a title match, if he beats me then that's another issue, but Max Adamson is above the rest of this company as its Champion and everyone and I mean everyone will fall in line.

*Adamson shakes Thaddeus by the hand and the two men walk out of view as the shot returns to ringside

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:27 am

Main Event
Max Adamson vs Nate Nack

HA: Time for the main event of the evening…

HE: And our first glimpse of the brand new 6CW Champion…

HA: It will be the new champion against the old champion….non-title matchup….Nate Nack is certainly looking to get some form of revenge for what happened to him at Day of Reckoning…

*A VT documents what happened at the PPV; Nate Nack being forced to defend his championship and then being eliminated by Max Adamson before the Australian went on to win the match.

HE: Nate Nack has had his time…now he needs to move over and let someone else have the limelight…

HA: Nack wasn’t pinned or submitted, he lost that title in the cruellest of fashions…

The crowd in the Copper Box rise to their feet with one heck of an ovation as “Unbreakable” shatters the airwaves and Nate Nack bursts out on the stage. Nack looks very focused as he walks from one side of the stage to the other and then makes his descent to the ring…

HA: Nate Nack held the 6CW Championship since July last year…it was part of his life, and now it belongs to someone else….

HE: Nack was never going to be the champion forever…

HA: Nate has vowed that he will get the belt back, no matter what it takes….he has worked so hard to keep it out of the grasp of The Authority but now he has no control over its destiny…

Nack tags some hands in the audience before leaping up onto the apron and climbing through the ropes. He bounces back against the turnbuckle and then locks his eyes upon the stage as “Radioactive” blasts out…

HA: Public enemy number 1…

HE: Why so much hostility? These people should be on their knees…

HA: Max Adamson won the Gateway to Glory match after he stole GazzyD’s #30 slot….then Gazzy helped him eliminate Enforcer to leave as the world champion…

HE: A matter of circumstance…the fact is, Adamson is the champion and that is all that matters…

Max swaggers out onto the stage and he laughs at the reaction of the crowd as he pats the 6CW Championship around his waist. Max continues to bask in his own glory as GazzyD trudges out behind him…

HA: Max has the world title now, I don’t see why his torture of GazzyD must continue…

HE: Gazzy has a contract to honour….and Max does not have to release him from said contract….

HA: But their whole rivalry began because Adamson said Gazzy stole his thunder and his spot at the top of the mountain…..thanks to Gazzy, Max is now back on top of the mountain….he is the world champion….

HE: Gazzy better hope it stays that way….

Max saunters down to the ring and then climbs up the steps. He unclasps the world title from around his waist and then begins to taunt Nate Nack…

HA: Adamson really is a piece of work….I hope Nate Nack whoops his a55 tonight…

HE: Not going to happen….Nack’s air of invincibility has disappeared…

Gazzy keeps his eyeline to the floor as he walks around the ring and pauses near the announce area. The referee has a brief conversation with both Nack and Adamson before stepping back and calling for the bell….

HA: Two powerhouses looking to prove that they are the one that belongs on the highest level of 6CW…

Max and Nate slowly circle one another and then they lockup in the centre of the ring. Max is powerful and he manages to press Nack back a few steps but then Nack powers back and throws Adamson into the turnbuckle…

HA: You will be hard pushed to find a stronger man on the roster then Nate Nack…

Nack beckons Max forward again and they move in for a lockup but Max pulls back and then kicks his opponent in the gut. He follows up with hard right hands and then whips Nate off the ropes, knocking him down with a clothesline as he returns.

HE: The world championship has been a long time coming for Max….such an underappreciated talent….

HA: Such a jacka55…

Nate gets back up and Max drives a knee into the midsection before scooping him up onto his shoulders….

HE: Early finish….CYCLONE!

Nack drops behind and he shoves Max off the ropes before spinning him into a huge powerslam as he comes back. Nack stands up and the crowd roars as he waits for Max to stand and then he lifts him into a scoop slam…

HA: Nate is not holding back tonight…

Nack hits a second slam on Max but on the third attempt Adamson rakes the eyes of his foe and then counters out with a German suplex…………………..1…………….2………..kickout. Max stumbles over to the corner and he yells for Nate to stand up…

HE: Max isn’t happy that people have been questioning his position at the top….he wants to prove a big point tonight……GORE!


Max rushes out for his patented spear but Nate just lifts him up and plants him with a huge spinebuster. Adamson quickly rolls from the ring and drops to the floor…

HA: Max isn’t the only one with a point to prove this evening…

Max drops to his knees and holds his back as Gazzy moves across to see if any damage has been done. Adamson is trying to get up as Nack rolls out after him….

HA: Nate doesn’t want any victory by countout…he wants to beat Adamson inside the ring…

Nate drags Max up and ploughs him back into the barrier before running him forward and throws him under the bottom rope. Nate stares at Gazzy for a moment and then he turns away and climbs onto the apron…

HE: I don’t know why Nate is looking at Gazzy for….his match is with Max…

HA: Nate knows that Gazzy, unwillingly, has been interjecting himself into Max’s matches…he wants to make sure he doesn’t do that tonight…

Nate goes to the top rope and he waits for Max to get up before jumping off with a flying shoulder tackle. Nate then gets back up and he waits for Adamson to stand and he spins him around with a huge belly to belly slam………………………..1………………………..2…………………..shoulder up!

HA: Nate Nack settling into this contest….he wins tonight and nobody will doubt he deserves his re-match…

Nack pulls Max up and tries to lift him into a suplex but Max kicks his legs and refuses to budge. Adamson then shoves Nack back into the corner and runs in for a body splash but Nate sidesteps and sends him into the turnbuckle…..Nate then waits for Adamson to stumble out….

HA: Masterlock…

HE: Fight him, Max…

Adamson struggles against Nate’s grip but then manages to sit down into an inverted jawbreaker and sends Nack back into the ropes. Max slowly gets to his feet and then charges forwards…


Nate steps to his side again and he sends Max crashing through the ropes and out onto the apron. Nate then pulls Max back up and he suplexes him back over the top rope…


Adamson floats behind and rolls Nate up……………………1…………………..2…………….kickout. They get back up and Nate looks for a running clothesline but Max ducks and hits a German suplex. He keeps his hands locked and nails a second suplex before hauling his opponent up once again…

HE: Everyone talks about Nate Nack’s strength….but what about our 6CW Champion?

Adamson connects with the hat-trick suplexes and then he crawls across and covers……………….1………………..2……………..shoulder up. Max swears at the referee as he gets back to his feet and then he takes Nate by the head and pulls him back up…

HE: He’s done for, champ….but him away…

Max shakes his head at Nate and then he ducks down to scoop him up on his shoulders. Adamson parades him and then prepares for launch…


Nate drives his elbow right into the jaw of Max before dropping down and he shoves Adamson straight into the referee, knocking the official down. Adamson turns back around and Nate scoops him up…


HE: No referee….

Nack connects with the “over the shoulder” cutter and covers but there is no referee to make the count. He slams his fist into the mat with anger and then moves over to try and revive the official…

HA: Nate Nack has this match won…

HE: Not without a three count he doesn’t…

The referee isn’t showing much sign of life so Nack walks away and back towards Adamson. He takes Max by the scruff of the neck and starts dragging him back up…

HA: Nate is going to have to wait until the referee wakes up or we get another one out here…

HE: He could be waiting awhile…


Nack prepares to lift Adamson but Max drops to his knees and connects with a sickening low-blow. The crowd are booing furiously as Nate drops to his knees in agony…

HA: That is a blatant DQ…

HE: He can do what he wants without a referee…

Max then shouts for Gazzy to throw him the 6CW Championship. The crowd are booing but Gazzy nods his head and grabs the belt before throwing it into the ring…

HA: What is Gazzy doing…

HE: He’s starting to come around to Max’s way of thinking…

Nate is slowly trying to get up and he stumbles into the ropes as Gazzy jumps onto the apron and holds him in place. Max smiles and nods at Gazzy before running forwards….


The crowd cheer as Nate ducks and the belt smacks off the side of Gazzy’s head, knocking him down to the floor below. Nack then runs off the opposite ropes and returns with a flying body tackle as Max turns around…..the former champion then delivers three scoop slams in a row before bouncing off the ropes and returning with a huge splash…

HE: No…

The referee has managed to crawl across and he slowly begins to count…………………1………………………..2…………………..Max gets his shoulder up. Nate gets back up to his feet and he drags Max up before suplexing him into the air…



Adamson drops off the shoulder and he pushes Nate away before running right through him with a rib-crushing spear. Both men are down on the canvass, breathing heavily,…

HA: This is one hell of a match here on Aftermath…

HE: This is 6CW, we don’t pretend to be the best…we just are…

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:28 am

Max rubs the side of his head as he eventually gets across and drops onto Nack’s chest……………….1……………………..2………………thr-kickout. Adamson looks over to the referee with annoyance before getting back up…

HA: Adamson is in the driving seat now…

HE: He has been from the start….now it is only a matter of time before he ends this…

Adamson pulls Nate up and he tries to lift him onto his shoulders but Nate is able to roll down the back and pull Max into a pinning combo………………….1………………………..2…………….shoulder up. They get back up and Max is quick with a kick to the stomach…


The crowd boo as Adamson makes the cover……………..1……………..2…………….Nate kicks out again. Adamson gets to his feet and he backs into the corner before lifting himself onto the second rope. He looks down on Nate before deciding to take to the top rope instead….he balances himself and then takes his moment…


Max shows great athleticism to get himself up and throw himself into the shooting star but he finds nothing but canvass on his landing, as Nate has rolled away. Max is clutching his chest, clearly in pain, as Nate runs to the corner and uses the top rope to propel himself up and slingshot back into a splash (ala Jack Swagger)……

HA: Nack capitalising on the mistake…he’s got this…

……..Max kicks out. Nate rolls back to his feet and he breathes deeply before pulling the strap down on his singlet. He pulls Adamson up by the head and then flips him into the air….


Adamson nails hard punches to the top of Nate’s head and causes him to fall to the ground, Max landing on top. Max lands more punches and then he rolls backwards into the corner….he takes his time to wait for Nack to stand….



Nack dips his shoulder and counters with one hell of a Samoan drop. He then gets back up and he drags Adamson up and suplexes him…





HE: Check your facts, dumba55…

The referee’s hand comes down to the mat for the third time when GazzyD places Max’s foot on the bottom rope. The crowd are booing furiously as Gazzy backs away from the apron…

HA: Gazzy really seems to be enjoying helping Max out tonight…

HE: He finally realises that Max is a cool guy…

Gazzy looks apologetically at the fans and then turns his attention back to the ring. Nate is looking furious as the referee points to Adamson’s foot on the bottom rope…

HA: Nate knows that Max wouldn’t have had the energy to find the bottom rope…he has been screwed here…

Nack gets to one knee and he stares out at Gazzy, shaking his head in disappointment. Nate then takes the groggy world champion and he rags him up to a standing position…

HE: Face it, Nate…you just don’t cut it at the top level anymore…

HA: Nate Nack is arguably the greatest 6CW Champion of all time, this is the level where he belongs….WAKE UP…OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

Max drops behind Nate and shoves him toward the ropes, allowing Gazzy to drive the 6CW Championship into Nate’s back. The referee is unaware of the infringement as Nate stumbles forward….


The crowd are disgusted as Max hits Nate with the F-5 and hooks both of the legs………………..1……………………….2………………………3!

HA: Max Adamson picks up another huge win….massive assist from GazzyD, this is becoming quite a habit…

HE: What a team….Max and Gazzy could work after all…finally Gareth Darlington has seen the light…

HA: Nate Nack was screwed at Day of Reckoning and he has been again tonight….but what I don’t understand is why Gazzy is happily helping the man who has destroyed his life?

“Radioactive” blasts out and Max is on his knees, celebrating like he just won the lottery, as the referee takes his arm and raises it in victory. Gazzy rolls in and he places the world title on Max’s shoulder…

HA: I don’t like this one bit…

HE: Get used to it, Harold…this is a sight you are going to be seeing for a very long time…

Match result: Max Adamson via pinfall
Match time: 8 minutes, 12 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 20th April 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:29 am

*Crowd pop


“Saturday Night” blasts out of the speakers and there is a wild, mixed, ovation as the EWF World Champion, Enforcer, comes striding out on the stage. Enforcer is dressed in jeans and a vest and he glares at Max and Gazzy before making his way down to the ring…

HE: Enforcer doesn’t look too happy…

HA: Enforcer believes he should have left Day of Reckoning as the Undisputed World Champion….the reason he isn’t is because of the two men now standing in the ring…

HE: I thought we were going to have a world title celebration?

HA: Enforcer doesn’t look in the mood to celebrate…

Enforcer climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes to confront Max and Gazzy. He takes a long look at both of them and then snatches a mic from the ring announcer…

Enforcer: You boys are lucky that I’ve got something to say….because otherwise your heads wouldn’t even be attached to your shoulders right now..

*Crowd cheer

Enforcer: Here I stand as the EWF World Champion, the same way I have stood since October last year…..but even seven months after I climbed to the top of the mountain I still don’t get the respect that I deserve, I am still not viewed as the “top dog” around here.

*Adamson smirks as he stands tall

Enforcer: I vowed to change that view, to prove every doubter wrong….everything was going to change two weeks ago at Day of Reckoning. First I proved what a dominant champion I am by doing what no man has done before…I beat down Ojore with my bare hands, I laid waste to a beast they said was too powerful and too dangerous….

And then came the Gateway to Glory match…..the 6CW Championship on the line….my chance to prove that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, the most dominant man in the wrestling industry today….my opportunity to walk out as the Undisputed Champion of 6CW…

HA: Enforcer really isn’t happy….

HE: Max and Gazzy might want to be somewhere else…

Enforcer: I had that match won….my destiny was so close to being cemented in stone….and yet here I stand, one belt short….one accolade missing from my trophy cabinet….and why? Because of you two dumb, pieces of (beep)…

HA: Those are fighting words…

*Max goes up close to Enforcer and both men square off as Gazzy gets in between

Enforcer: I’ve had people doubt me my whole life…they said I wouldn’t play hockey, they said I’d never make it in the wrestling business…..they said I couldn’t lead The Authority to total domination….but each and every time they pushed me down, I rose up and proved everyone wrong…

Now I’ve got one more target, one more aim to accomplish and I guarantee they will never doubt me again…..

HE: Is Enforcer laying down the challenge?

HA: I think he wants Max’s world championship….

*Enforcer raises his mic to speak again as “King of Kings” roars from the speakers and is greeted by deafening boos. Mr Jones makes his way out onto the stage, flanked by Helms, Daniels, Reilly, Hernandez and Altair. All six men begin to walk down to the ring and then Jones climbs onto the apron whilst the rest of The Authority patrols the outside.

HA: What does this jacka55 want?

HE: He’s the leader of this company, show some respect…

*Enforcer doesn’t look overly impressed as Jones climbs into the ring and quickly calls for another microphone.

Jones: First of all, Enforcer…..I’d like to say sorry…

*Crowd seemed stunned

HA: Did I hear that right?

Jones: I admit that I wondered if you were losing your grip, I had my doubts about you. But the way you dealt with Ojore at Day of Reckoning left me with a smile on my face because I knew that I had a soldier who can lead my arm to ultimate glory…

*The crowd boo furiously as Jones offers out his hand and after a brief pause Enforcer shakes it

Jones: You are the most dominant man on this roster….you are head and shoulders above the rest, and you are my General. Tonight I wanted to honour you for your accomplishments but I guess you couldn’t wait for the party…

*Enforcer shrugs his shoulders as Jones smiles

Jones: I’ll admit that I was disappointed you didn’t leave Day of Reckoning as the Undisputed Champion….but I agree that what happened that night was out of your control….there are two men solely to blame for why The Authority doesn’t have control of this company….and I am looking straight at them…

*Jones glares at both Gazzy and Max, who in turn are watching all of the members of The Authority. Enforcer is smiling as he anticipates Jones’ next move.

Jones: You know I could just make a match right now….Enforcer versus Max Adamson for the Undisputed World Championship (Enforcer’s eyes light up)….I could end it all right now….but I prefer to bide my time over big decisions….tonight is not the night…

*Enforcer looks surprised by Jones’ hesitation

Jones: Whilst you have proven that you are my right hand man, Enforcer…..I am not sure whether I want to pile all my eggs into one basket…I am not convinced that unifying my world championships is the correct decision to make…

*Enforcer steps forward and seems to be questioning Jones

Jones: I accept your argument and I am not making a final decision on the matter right now….this is something that I am going to leave in the hands of you…

*He points to Max and Enforcer, who both raise their world championships in the air

Jones: And considering Max needs his lapdog everywhere he goes…perhaps he can be in on the discussion as well…

*Gazzy looks stunned by Jones’ words as Enforcer turns his gaze upon him and Adamson smiles

Jones: And although it pains me to say so, even I am not allowed to dismiss contractual obligations….so I guess there is one other man who has a say in where we go next….if you would do the honours, boys…

*Jones turns to the members of The Authority on the outside and they quickly drag Nate Nack up off the floor and roll him back into the ring.

Jones: Like it or not, Nack came to me earlier tonight and informed me he would be cashing in his re-match clause as soon as the world championship scene was sorted out….I can’t deny him that, as much as I wish I could…

Crowd: Mighty Mighty x10

Jones: Between the four of you we are going to decide the next step…I want this situation rectified by the time we go off the air in ten nights’ time…and to help you along the way I have set up a little match for the next show…

HA: What the hell is Jones’ planning?

Jones: A fatal four way match…the winner has the final word….whoever wins next week can decide exactly what the future holds for the 6CW and EWF World Championships…

HE: Wow….what an announcement?

HA: Nate Nack, Enforcer, Max Adamson and GazzyD….they will collide next week and the winner gets to pick what happens at Night of Glory…

Jones: The possibilities are endless, I am sure you all agree…and just to make sure that nothing untoward happens during this contest, I am assigning a special guest referee….I am sure you know him….MR HERNANDEZ!

HA: This has got to be some sort of joke….Jones stacking the odds in favour of The Authority once more…

*Hernandez steps forward from the pack and smiles as Jones gives him a curt nod. Enforcer is watching his boss with great interest as Max and Gazzy look unhappy. Nate Nack is now rested against the turnbuckle and is glaring at everyone in the ring.

Jones: I think we will leave it there….you all have a lot of thinking to do, and only ten days to prepare for the rest of your lives….goodnight gentlemen!

*Jones pats Enforcer on the shoulder and whispers “I believe” before climbing through the ropes to join the rest of The Authority on the outside. The show ends with Enforcer, Max Adamson, GazzyD and Nate Nack all staring at one another.

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