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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Tactic Submissions s7

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Tue 27 May 2014, 7:58 pm

Please submit your tactics on this thread.
Tactics are to posted on or before every Sunday midnight. (If they are not posted on time you will automatically lose unless your opponent agrees to let you compete)

Rules Of Posting Weekly Shows
* Max of 6 Matches
* To be Written in Bullet Point Form
* 1 Bullet Point = 1 Line of Writing
* Max of 10 Bullet points per match

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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by Thunder87 on Thu 29 May 2014, 2:55 am

Game of Wrestling
Episode 1: Goodnight Sweet Prince
Vs Triple X
The scene opens at a grave side with every member of the roster gathered. The priest speaks his eulogy, including the line he was young, taken from us in his prime. Naomi, cuddles up to Jimmy as Triple H, comforts Steph. Vince, looks as hard faced as ever, seeming to just shrug it off. Steph throws a rose in to the grave as kane begins to shovel in dirt. Every body, except Kane and Vince heads off. Kane continues to shovel dirt in to the hole. Vince looks up to the sky and says, “Looks like rain,” as a tear rolls down his cheek as the camera pans over the head stone which reads, “Here lies Shane McMahon.”
The opening sequence begins to play. As Rains of Castamere plays, the video shows the arena assembly. Starting with the ring assembly, the barrier being erected, five ramps and entrances. Next a banner is erected above each entrance, one to represent each house. Finally, a throne is set up on the House of McMahon stage.
We go live inside the arena. Time to Play the Game, blasts out of the sound system and the world champion, Triple H makes his way out on to the McMahon stage. He issues an open challenge to anyone who fancies their chances. No Chance blasts out the sound system and Trips is joined by Stephanie McMahon and Curtis Axel. The song continues as Vince steps out on to the stage, wearing a crown and suit. He carries a bottle of wine in his hand as he sits in the throne. He takes a swig and waves his hand towards the ring.
Right Here, Right now, blasts out of the sound system. Tyson Kidd appears on the stage for the House of Hart. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs into the ring. He bows to Vince and poses for the fans. So Close Now, blasts out of the sound system. Jimmy and Jey pop out on to the stage and do there, we say US, you say O bit and head down to the ring. Jimmy hops in the ring and both brothers bow to Vince.
Teddy Long
Representing the House of Hart, Tyson Kidd
And his opponent
Being accompanied by Jey Uso, representing the House of Anoa’i, Jimmy Uso.


  • The two lock up, centre of the ring, neither man giving an inch, the early stages of the match go back and forth.
  • The tide changes when Kidd, nails a brainbuster followed up by a splash and pin for a 2.
  • Kidd, drags Jimmy to his feet, Jimmy breaks his grip and counters with a flout-over DDT.
  • Jimmy leaps to the top rope, Kidd is up quickly with him and nails a huge superplex.
  • Both men quickly back to their feet and lock up, Kidd wins the lock up coming out with a kick combo.
  • Kidd locks in the Dungeon Lock, Jimmy refuses to tap and reaches the ropes.
  • Jimmy returns to his feet and is whipped in to the corner, Kidd follows him in but nobody’s home.
  • Kidd runs in to the ring post, Jimmy takes advantage and rolls up for a 2 count.
  • Both men up, Kidd looks for the wheelbarrow victory roll but, Jimmy turns it into a full nelson bomb.
  • Jimmy takes to the top rope and nails the Superfly Splash for the 3

Winner by pin fall – Jimmy Uso 6:03
So Close Now, blasts out of the sound system, Jey joins his brother in the ring as they celebrate. Tyson Kidd approaches and offers a handshake, Jimmy is more than happy to accept. Vince makes a comment on how their sportsmanship is commendable but, a little too civilised. Vince turns to Steph and asks when she last defended her title, when she can’t answer him with an exact date, Vince tells her that a women’s championship match should be vicious. He tells her to go prepare, ‘cause she will be defending it, next. He slaps her ass and tells her to wear the tight PVC gear.
The scene changes to the Guerrero house, locker room. Eddie and Charvo and talking when Eddie receives a text from Vince. The message reads, “Get your girl ready, she os on next.” Eddie says Shaul isn’t ready, Charvo remind him that she wanted to wrestle and that it’s a royal decree that she competes next.
The scene changes to behind the curtain of the Anoa’i entrance. Jimmy and Rikishi are giving Naomi advice while she’s in the gorilla position. Roman Reigns, arrives on the scene, shakes hands with Rikishi and asks for a word. The two leave the scene as Somebody call my Mama blasts out of the sound system. Jimmy hugs her and she bounces through the curtains.
Natalya and Lita already stand in the ring as Naomi makes her way down to the ring. She climbs in to the ring as her music comes to an end. 2 Hot 2 Handle, blasts out the sound system and Shaul Guerrero bursts on to the Guerrero stage. She see’s the other women in the ring and nervously makes her way down to the ring. All Grown up, blasts out of the sound system. Stephanie McMahon appears on the McMahon stage in the tight PVC her farther requested, he is visibly perving on his own daughter as he continues to drink. Steph joins the other women in the ring, all five bow to Vince.
Teddy Long
Representing the House of McMahon, the current Women’s Champion, Stephanine McMahon.
And her opponents, representing the Houses of Hart, Guerrero, Anoa’i and Bearer respectively, Natalya, Shaul Guerrero, Naomi and Lita. This match is a fatal five way for the Women’s Championship and is one fall to a finish.


  • Shaul, feeling unready quickly dives out of the ring and hides under the apron.
  • Lita and Natalya go it locking up centre of the ring, as Steph and Naomi exchange lefts and rights.
  • Nattie wins the lock up and nails Lita with a delayed vertical suplex, she turns her attention to the other two.
  • Nattie send Naomi crashing to the outside, Lita is back to her feet and turns Nattie around nailing a ddt.
  • Lita and Steph team up, beating down the Nattie, Steph hits a pedigree and Lita follows suit with a Litasault.
  • Steph and Lita collide with each other as they both look to spear the other.
  • Naomi spots Shaul looking from under the ring and drags her out, rolling her in the ring.
  • Naomi drags Shaul to her feet and a looks for the nightfall leg lariat, which connects with the returning Lita.
  • Naomi is shocked that Shaul ducked, Shaul takes the opportunity to put Naomi down with a Gory Bomb.
  • Shaul scouts the ring and quickly covers Naomi for the 3.

Winner and New Women’s Champion – Shaul Guerrero 4:41
Shaul celebrates her shocking, upset victory by hugging the belt and running up the ramp. Vince looks on, slightly intoxicated and whispers something to Curtis Axel who disappears through the curtain.
The scene changes to the House of Hart locker room. Everyone is congratulating Tyson on his sportsmanship and not to listen to Vince. Bret receives a text from Vince, which reads; “<3 v GurrRerrooo v fat guy, next..1<>.”
The scene changes to the Guerrero locker room, Eddie is hugging Shaul as Axel walks into the shot. Axel informs Eddie that Vince wants to see his daughter. Hector trips up and knocks in to Axel.
As the shot returns to ring side, the familiar shriek of Hart Attack fills the arena. Bret Hart appears on the stage and makes his way to the ring. As he bows to Vince, albeit begrudgingly, Vince gets on the mic. He reminds Bret of the Montreal Screw Job and how it ruined Bret far more than it affected Vince. I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal, begins to play, cutting Vince off and marking the arrival of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie makes his way down the ramp and rolls in the ring. He shakes, Bret’s hand and then bows to the king. Vince slumps in his throne taking a large gulp and undoing his tie. Bad Man, fills the air as Rikishi makes his presence felt. He makes his way down to the ring and following the other two bows to Vince.
Teddy Long
The following match is a triple threat match. Introducing the participants. Representing the house of Hart, Bret ‘The Hit Man’ Hart. Representing the houde of Anao’i, Rikishi. And representing the house of Guerrerro, Eddie Guerrero.


  • A good solid match from the first bell, all three men feel evenly matched.
  • Rikishi whips Eddie to the corner, he charges in after him but, finds Bret’s feet in his face from a drop kick.
  • Eddie takes to the top rope and hits a diving crossbody on Bret, Eddie covers for a 2.
  • Everyone back to their feet, Rikishi runs in to Eddie sending him to the out side, Bret and Rikishi lock up.
  • Bret wins the lock up and looks for an inverted atomic drop, unable to lift the big guy, the move fails and Rikishi hits a headbutt.
  • Bret stumbles back and finds himself lifted into the air for a Samoan drop, Eddie is back in the ring.
  • Eddie pulls Bret out of the Samoan drop, Eddie drop kicks Rikishi in the knee while Bret drop kicks his chest.
  • The big man goes down, Eddie and Bret lock up, Eddie takes Bret for a three amigos, nailing the first two suplexs.
  • Bret blocks the third instalment and attempts one of his own, which Eddie blocks and finishes his.
  • Eddie takes to the top rope and nails a frog splash on Rikishi for the three count.

Winner by pinfall – Eddie Guerrero 8:10
As Eddie’s music begins to play and he rolls out of the ring to celebrate with the fans. Vince rises from the throne, somewhat wobbly, Vince says that was a great match proformed by some great veterans. He goes on a tangent about how the heads of the houses have no real power and that he was going to prove that by announcing the next match as Hector Guerrero Vs Curtis Axel, in a no holds bared match. He further explained that Hector had to perform as the Gobbledy Gooker and that if he didn’t Vince would fire the Guerrero family and bring in maybe the Rhodes, or the Jarrett family to replace them.
Eddie is clearly frustrated at this announcement as Curtis Axel’s music plays. Axel swaggers down to the ring and climbs up on the apron, he bows Vince who falls back into his throne with a slump. Eddie makes his way to the back as Old Macdonald Had a Farm begins to play. Eddie stops for a moment, looking toward McMahon, Charvo comes out and talks Eddie into the back. The Gobbledy Gooker, appears on the stage with Eddie and Charvo, Eddie shakes his head and disappears. The Gooker makes his way to the ring. He struggles to climb through the ropes but, manages it. As he attempts to bow to Vince he falls over.
Teddy Long
Representing the House of McMahon, Curtis Axel
And his opponent
Representing the House of Guerrero…the Gobbledy Gooker


  • Axel wastes no time in attacking Gooker with a running one-armed swinging neck breaker.
  • Axel proceeds to beat on Gooker, while he’s on the floor, Axel drags him to his feet.
  • He sets Gooker up for the perfect-plex and showboats for Vince, Gooker takes advantage.
  • Gooker rolls Axel up with the Guerrero clutch and get a 3 count.

Winner by 3 count – The Gobbledy Gooker 1:01
Gooker rolls out the ring and begins to walk away. Vince is clearly angered and orders the match restarts. The bell is rerang and Axel leaps out the ring.

  • Axel catches Gooker on the ramp and throws him in to the steel ring post and then the steps.
  • Using the steps as a weapon, Axel continues to beat down Gooker, he goes under the apron.
  • Returning from the apron with a sledgehammer, Axel brings the hammer down hard on Gooker.
  • Charvo comes running down to ring side and throws a towel in the ring

Winner by forfeit – Curtis Axel 1:30
Axel’s music plays but, he continues to beat on the helpless Gooker. Charvo pleads with Vince to stop this. Vince laughs at him and comments that he hasn’t seen such pitiful begging since Test tried to keep his job in the WWE. Eddie charges down the ramp and drop kicks Axel into the ring post. Eddie stands between Gooker and Axel, daring Axel to try him. Axel looks to Vince who shakes his head and lets the be on their way.
The scene changes to the Bearer locker room. Kane and Lita stand out side a door, from beyond the door screams can be heard. Kane seems completely unphased by it, while Lita appears to be getting turned on by it. She throws herself around Kane and kisses him passionately. She places her hand on the handle, while biting her lip. Kane pulls her hand away. Lita exclaims that she wants to play and that hearing Mick scream has her so, wet. Kane promises they can play later but, his father, needs to finish retuning Mankind. Lita pouts but, accepts it.
On the McMahon stage, Axel is questioning why Vince didn’t let him finish the Guerreros there and then. Vince explains that he needs them and that the council wouldn’t take too kindly to him destroying the balance. Enough is Enough begins to play, Owen Hart and the British Bulldog appear on the Hart stage. They make their way down to the ring, they follow protocol and bow to Vince. The combination of Burned and Schizophrenic fills the arena. Kane and Paul Bearer appear on the stage, Paul leads a chained up Mankind out on to the stage. The three men make their way to the ring. Paul bows to Vince as Kane explodes the ring posts, while Mankind swats invisible flies away from his head.
Teddy Long
The follow tag team match, will determine the number one contenders to the tag team titles.
Representing the House of Hart, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog.
And their opponents
Representing the House of Bearer, Kane and Mankind.


  • Kane and Bulldog start the match off, Kane dominates in the early going.
  • Kane sends Bulldog into his corner, Kane tags in Mankind and holds Bulldog in place while Mankind delivers punches to the abdomen.
  • Mankind and Bulldog exchange hard lefts until Mankind rocks Bulldog with a stiff closeline.
  • While Mankind twitches and flinches, Bulldog crawls to his corner tagging in Owen.
  • Owen goes right after Mankind, taking him down with face buster, he follows up with an elbow.
  • Mankind throws a fit on the floor, before rolling back to his feet, like a mad man he dives at Owen.
  • On the floor Mankind drives several hard punches into the cranium of Owen Hart.
  • Mankind tags in Kane and charges across the ring, he hit Bulldog with the cactus closeline.
  • Kane slowly walks over to Owen, Owen used Kane’s legs to pull himself up.
  • Once Owen is up, Kane wraps his hand around Owen’s neck and chokeslams him hard for the 3.

Winners by pinfall – Kane and Mankind 10:12
At Bearers behest, Mankind sits on the floor rocking, allowing himself to be rechained. Lita charges down the ramp and leaps in to Kane’s arms, wrapping her self around him, with her tongue firmly down his throat. Bearer leads his house back to, their den of dissolute.
The scene changes to the Guerrero locker room. The doctor is seeing to Hector, Eddie and Charvo are both in the room. Shaul comes skipping in waving her title around. She questions why no one is singing her praises. Eddie explains that Hector, her uncle has taken a beating and is in serious need of help. The girl shrugs it off and proclaims herself better than any other Guerrero.
At ring side, Time to Play the Game begins to play. Triple H walks out on to the McMahon stage. He looks at his father-in-law who has passed out in his throne from drinking too much. Hunter proclaims that no one has accepted his open challenge and that everyone is scared of him and they know they can’t beat him.
Bad Man begins to play. Trips looks over to the Anoa’i stage in slight disbelief. Rikishi steps on to the stage. He tells Hunter that, he’s no fool, that he knows in a fair fight, where Vince has no say, that even the game can lose. Hunter dares the big guy to back up his claim while Vince sleeps. Rikishi, smiles and offers him a challenger, in the form of Roman Reigns. Reigns joins Rikishi on their stage, Hunter likes the idea and both men sprint down to the ring.
Teddy Long
Our main event tonight seeing the new comer for House Anoa’i take on the current World Champion and representative of House McMahon, Triple H, in a title match.


  • In the early stages of the match, the fight goes back and forth with good solid action.
  • The whole time, Rikishi watches on from the stage, in the ring Reigns levels Trips with a hard spear.
  • He gets a 2 from the manoeuvre, Reigns backs off in to the corner signalling the superman punch.
  • Hunter returns to his feet, Reigns looks for the move but is caught with a devastating spinebuster.
  • Trips mounts Reigns and levels into him with several, sharp rights, before dragging him up.
  • Trips looks for the pedigree but, Reigns counters, he follows up by dropping a knee on Trips’ face.
  • Reigns pulls Hunter up to his feet, Trips breaks free of Reigns by thumbing his eye.
  • Reigns turns his back as the ref warns Hunter, Trips turns Reigns around and whips him to the ropes.
  • As Trips looks for another spinebuster, Reigns clocks him with a spear, he covers for a 2.
  • Reigns backs up into the corner, again signalling the superman punch, which this time connects, he covers for the 3.

Winner by pinfall and new World Champion – Roman Reigns 16:16
The arena falls silent in disbelief as, Special Ops begins the play. Rikishi charges down to the ring and hoists Reigns arm in the air. Hunter sits in sheer shock as the crowd cheer for Reigns. A small smile creeps across Hunters face, he gets back to his feet and snatches the title away from the ref before handing it to Reigns himself, as the show draws to a close.


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by Steel on Thu 29 May 2014, 12:14 pm

Week 1 YCW vs NGPW


The show opens and the tron flickers into life which reads Ey Up Welcome To Yorkshire Championship Wrestling
JoJo comes out from behind the curtain and leads the Leeds based crowd in a rendition of “On ilkley Moor Ba Tat, the crowd are particularly vocal on the where’s that parts, JoJo then leaves the ring.

Out comes Eric Bischoff to a mixed reaction from the crowd, Eric welcome everyone to Scrap and explains how he has been given the opportunity to lead YCW to the very top and he has come up with a sure fire plan to get us there.

Eric goes behind the curtain and wheels out a mystery item with a blue silk cloth covering it, Eric whips of the cloth to the surprise of the crowd to reveal a Chad Valley bingo Machine.

Eric then explains to the crowd as every wrestler will be treated as equal tis way and it assures no favourites, every place on the roster is up for grabs, this is truly the best way honest way to pick he competes against each other.

Eric also says he has another announcement for the crowd that he is sure they will love, it is ground breaking and trend setting. Eric announces that YCW will not have any championship belts, but instead the competitors will fight it out for items of real purpose, but only those in the main event will get a shot at the star prize, Each of those unlucky enough to be drawn before the main event will have the choice to win tokens which they can exchange for smaller prizes in the back, or they can choose to double there winning by answering a trivia question, if they get I wrong they leave with nothing.

The crowd instantly break out into chants of Gamble

Eric then says without further notice let’s get this show started and draw the contestants for our first match which will be a tag team match.

Eric turns the handle on the Bingo Machine until the First Ball tumbles out, he holds it up to the camera “ Number 16” Eric then shouts out the name Mark Henry come on down. Mark comes from behind the curtain and enters the ring

Eric rolls turn the handle once more, and the number 11 rolls out. AR fox yells Eric. Fox joins Henry in the ring.

Eric then turns the handle to reveal their opponents. Number 1 and number 12, we have John Cena and ACH

Both men exit from behind the curtain, John Cena looks at Eric Angrily clearly upset at being in the first match of the night, but still shouts I’ll never give up.

Eric clarifies the match there we have at a tag team match for the ages Mark henry and AR Fox versus John Cena and his partner ACH.

Eric the introduces his Announce team of Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura, the pair walk out and wave to the fans to a good reaction, they then take their seats at ringside

JV: I’ll start by saying its good to be hear Gorilla, but do you have any idea what’s happening

GM: None at all Jesse

Match 1 Mark Henry/AR Fox Vs John Cena/ACH

• Mark henry and John Cena start us off, Henry gets the upper hand, before taking Cena to the mat with a sidewalk slam.
• Henry applies more pressure to Cena throwing his to his corner and hitting some shoulder thrusts before tagging in AR Fox
• AR Fox goes to work on Cena and hits the double knees to Cena’s face for a two count
• AR Fox then lifts Cena up and sets up for Krunch but Cena is able to counter with a spinebuster, before making the tag to ACH. AR Fox also tags in Henry
• Mark henry runs at ACH but is hit by the Kamehameha Wave, Henry falls to the mat and is pinned for a 1 count.
• ACH works on the legs of Henry before hitting the best 450 ever (450 splash from the second rope) he covers but AR Fox breaks the pin at a 2 count.
• Cena then charges in and drop kicks AR Fox then takes them both over the top rope to the outside
• ACH gets back to his feet and goes for the Big Bang Attack, only to find himself in a bear hug by Henry.
• After releasing ACH Henry managed to hit World’s Strongest Slam for a 3 count, Cena just misses breaking the cover.

Winners Mark Henry and AR FOX

Eric comes back out and congratulates the winners and sates they have won 20 tickets each, but will you choose to gamble

The crowd all shout Gamble

Henry and AR FOX discuss their options in the ring, before announcing that they will take their tickets much to the annoyance of the crowd.

We then go to commercial

When we return from commercial we learn Eric has already made the next draw and it will see Number 10 Alberto Del Rio will take on Number 7 Eric Young.

We then appear with JoJo, Henry and AR Fox at the prize board. Both men study what’s on offer, JoJo explains then can either save up their tickets for a better prize or cash them in now. AR Fox chooses to cash his on for a packet of fantastic, whereas Henry decides to save his in the hope he can get to 60 tickets for the remote control car.

We then go back to ringside where Del Rio and Eric Young are in the ring ready to start

Match 2 Alberto Del Rio vs Eric Young

• The men lock up before Del Rio takes the advantage pulling Eric in for a headlock, Del Rio then makes the most of his early advantage and work young over for a while.
• Del Rio then goes to fire Young into the ropes but Eric bounces off and hits a cross body and goes for a pin, Del Rio kicks out at 1
• Young then puts Del Rio into a camels clutch, He sustains it for a while but eventually Del Rio is able to grab the rope, the ref orders Young to release him, and gets to a count of 4.
• Young then presses his advantage working Del Rio around the ring, he throws Del Rio into a corner and rushes at him, but Del Rio is able to move away just in time. Young crashes into the corner
• Eric goes back on the attack as Del Rio takes a breather, but Del Rio catches him out with a Diving Double Axe Handle, he covers for a 2 count
• Del Rio then lifts up Eric and his him with a series of kicks before Eric falls to his knees, Del Rio then hits him with a super kick, and covers again for a 2 count
• Del Rio fires Eric young into the corner then runs after him and hits a step up enziguri, as young steps out of the corner, Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm breaker.
• Eric Young struggle to reach the bottom rope, he comes close but Del Rio pulls him back, Eric young taps

Winner Alberto Del Rio

Eric Bischoff comes out to congratulate Del Rio and tells him he has won 30 tokens, Del Rio marches u the ramp and takes the tokens and rips them up in Bischoff’s face, he tells Eric he is not interested in tokens he only wants the star prize

We go to a commercial

We return from Commercial and return to commentary

JV: Well what a night it has been Gorilla, two great matches and AR Fox even got himself a prize, I hope he’s sharing them backstage

GM: I still have no idea what is happening here

Eric is back out with his bingo machine to draw the next match. He points out for the next match double tokens will be on offer. He draws out the first number 18, Brodus Clay

Somebody call my momma hits and out comes the funkasaurus he makes his way down to the ring

Eric then draws the next number from the machine, Number 20 Big Daddy
Eric: wow what a match, we aren’t over the weight bearing limit.

Big Daddy walks out to We Shall Not Be Moved, but before walking down to the ring he hits Eric over the head with his Chad Valley Bingo Machine, causing balls to roll all over the stage.

Match 3 Brodus Clay Vs Big Daddy

• Brodus Clay goes to lock up but Big Daddy Rocks him with punch to the jaw, and falls it up with a Body Check which takes Brodus down.
• Big Daddy picks up Brodus and hits a series of scoop slams before going for the cover and gaining a 2 count
• Big Daddy lifts up Brodus and fires him into the corner and charges after hi looking for a squash but Brodus is able to lift his leg with Big Daddy coming off worse
• Brodus tries to gain the advantage by attemting a powerbomb, Big Daddy headbutts Brodus causing him to release and hits him with another scoop slam.
• Big Daddy then hits Brodus with the Big Daddy Splashdown and covers him for a three count

Winner Big Daddy

Eric comes out and seems unhappy that Big Daddy won, but tells him he has won 60 tokens, or will he Gamble for 120

The crowd once more shout Gamble

Big Daddy says he will trust his fellow yorkshiremen and Gamble. The crowd cheer his announcement

Eric reads Big Daddy his trivia Question, What are the main ingrediants of a Yorkshire Pudding?

Big daddy smiles and tells Eric the main ingredients are egg, flour and milk.

Eric announces he is correct and reluctantly hands over the 120 tickets. Big Daddy’s walks backstage as Eric begins to pick up his loose balls from the floor.

We go to commercial

As we return we are back at the prize board this time with Gail Kim and Big Daddy, Gail asks which prize big Daddy would like. Big Daddy settles on two 12 packs of Stones Bitter for 100 Tokens and a packet of pork scratching’s for 20. Gail hands Big Daddy his prizes and he walks off a happy man.
We then go live to Eric for the next draw, up next we have another singles match for you, the first competitor is number 16 Mark henry

The crowd shout back. We’ve had that one

Eric check his list and goes to draw another ball, Number 7 then

We’ve had that one too shout the crowd

JV: I think Eric’s in a bit of a palaver Gorilla

GM: Why did I agree to this?

Eric looks flustered and check his list for the numbers already drawn, before continuing

Number 14 Drew McIntyre

The crowd cheer sarcastically

Will Face number 17 Fandango

And in future will nobody play with my balls

Both men make their entrances to the ring looking slightly bemused

Match 4 Drew McIntyre vs Fandango

• The match starts and the two men circle before locking up, Drew takes the advantage with a knee to the mid-section, he takes the early control of the match
• McIntyre manages to execute a northern lights suplex for a 2 count
• McIntyre continues to work Fandango until he attempts a big boot which fandango ducks, then takes drew down with a drop toe hold
• Fandango then goes on the offense hitting multiple variation of kicks, before taking McIntyre down again with a Russian leg sweep.
• Fandango takes Drew down again with a DDT for a 2 count, before going to the top rope, he attempts to hit the leg drop but McIntyre rolls away
• Both men get to their feet and exchange punches, Drew then hits a running forearm smash taking Fandango down.
• Drew the goes to for a Release Power bomb but Fandango counters with a Head Scissors.
• Fandango once more goes up top but drew quickly follows and both men exchange blow at the top, Drew eventual manages to hit the power bomb from atop the turnbuckle to the outside.
• He looks at Fandangos body on the outside an attempts an elbow drop only for Fandango to move at the last second
• Referee starts his count, both make valiant efforts but neither make it in before the count of 10

Match ends double count out

Eric comes out and says this just won’t do he still has tokens, he tells the men if they answer a trivia question correct they can have 15 tokens each. The question is In which UK city does Barry Simmons from Eggheads currently live in?

The two wrestlers exchange answers before, McIntyre confidently says Edinburgh

Eric informs the wrestlers the answer is actually Leeds, which causes an argument between the two men, Fandango eventually hits McIntyre with a swinging reverse STO, before making his way to the back.

We go to a commercial

As we return we go backstage and see all the wrestlers who names have not yet been called, some look excited as they get the chance to fight for the star prize, others look anxious as to whether they will get to wrestle. McIntyre then storms in and asks where fandango is and explains he was as disappointed at not winning the tickets but that was uncalled for, he is eventually calmed down by Hornswoggle and Jinder.

We return to ringside

JV: Well it’s time for the main event Gorilla, the one every man woman and child wants to be in, for a chance to win the mystery prize

GM: I need a drink

Eric is back out and he explains that the main event will be a triple threat match, but before he makes the draw let’s see what they are fighting for tonight. A video montage then begins to play of the Yorkshire dales with a voiceover man describing the prize of a scenic flight, leaving from Leeds and Bradford Airport and landing at Leeds and Bradford Airport because if its outside Yorkshire it’s not worth visiting.

Eric then begins the draw and asks for silence.

Our first competitor number 8 Magnus

Magnus comes out from behind the curtain and makes his way to the ring

Our second competitor number 6 Titus O Neill

O Neill skips out from behind the curtain clearly excited to be in the main event

And our last competitor number 4 William Regal

Regal steps out from behind the curtain to huge Boos and chants of Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire

Eric tells the wrestlers they’ve seen the prize and it’s a prize worth fighting for so what are they waiting for

Main Event Magnus vs Titus O Neill vs William Regal

• The Match starts and O Neill and Regal quickly partner up to work on Magnus
• Titus hits a Big Boot on Magnus and Regal lifts him up and hits a Couple of European uppercuts
• Titus hits a Standing Fall away Slam before going for the cover, Regal breaks the cover and the two men argue.
• Regal hits Titus with a Forearm Club and a Regal-Plex, he then covers Titus for a 2 count
• Regal lifts Titus up but both men are taken down by a double Clothesline from Magnus
• Magnus builds some momentum on both men working them both in the corners with a series of splashes. He then hits a bulldog of Titus
• Magnus lifts up Titus and executes a scoop lift into a vertical suplex and cover Titus for 2, Regal again breaks the pin.
• Regal and Magnus exchange blows, before both see Titus on the ropes and run at him with double clothesline, taking him to the outside
• Regal then quickly turns on Magnus and hits him with a Swinging Neck breaker, regal covers for a 1 count
• Regal hits a series of Knee Drops on Magnus weakening the back of Magnus
• Regal that places Magnus in the Regal Stretch leaving Magnus with no option to tap.

Winner William Regal

Eric comes out and congratulates Regal on winning not only the match but the star prize, regal celebrates in the ring.

We Shall Not Be Moved then begins to lay and the crowd cheer

Big Daddy says he has a message for Eric and for Regal. Big Daddy explains the board are far from impressed with Eric’s ideas and have no trust in an American anymore to give these Yorkshire fans what they desire, that’s why they are removing Eric from his position, and replacing him with somebody more capable, which he will announce on the next show.

Big Daddy then explains that this decision was made before the final match so the prize was not on offer and it never will be to a Lancastrian. Daddy says Regal will receive something for his victory but it will also be announced next week.

The show ends with Bischoff in tears and Regal angry in the ring, with Big Daddy smiling broadly and the crowd chanting his name.


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Post by x12x on Thu 29 May 2014, 12:29 pm

Opponent: Game Of Wrestling
Injured Superstar: N/A

Triple X Wrestling presents
Havok: King Of The Mountain

Live from the X-Dome, New York City
Date: 29th May 2014 | Attendance: 415

Jim Cornette welcomes the fans to the X-Dome, he talks about what Triple X Wrestling promises to deliver saying that fans were sick of sports entertainment and the John Cena's of the world being forced down our throats saying that only the best would be rewarded in Triple X Wrestling.
We cut to Kevin Kelly and Chuck Taylor, the pair talk about the King Of The Mountain tournament which would crown the first ever Triple X Wrestling World Champion but first we'd crown the New York City Title in a 9 man battle royal! Taylor sits back and relaxes before Kelly reminds him that he is part of the match.

Match One: New York City Title
9 Man Over The Top Battle Royal
(Bobby Fish, Candice LaRae, Chuck Taylor, Icarus, Lufisto, Player Dos, Player Uno, Prince Devitt, Willie Mack)

* The bell rings and the ring breaks out in to chaos, Uno and Dos team up with Icarus and try to take out Willie Mack
*The three men begin to take control only for Mack to throw Uno and Dos over before military pressing Icarus down on top of the two men
* Taylor instantly goes for LaRae but she is backed up by Lufisto and the two take out Taylor who quickly skulks back to the commentary table to the enjoyment of Kevin Kelly
* Mack and Devitt face off as LaRae and Lufisto team up and fight with Bobby Fish, he manages to drop LaRae out of the ring but Lufisto scoops him up on to her shoulders looking to dump him over
* Mack quickly charges over taking both competitors out before turning back to Devitt
* Both men exchange big right hands but Devitt takes control with a hard knee leaving Mack against the ropes
* Devitt looks for another knee but Mack drops him over the top rope and on to the apron
* Mack joins Devitt on the apron looking for a powerbomb to the outside but Devitt drops down in to the ring before kneeing Mack in the face three times causing him to drop to the floor

Winner: Prince Devitt

CM Punk makes his way out to the ring and talks to the fans stating he came to XXX for the challenge before saying he was going to be the first champion because he was the best in the world! Punk is cut off by Steve Corino, Corino mocks Punk calling him Phillip and saying that the WWE has softened him up before claiming his new client was the future of the company and it was about time to show Punk what a real wrestler looked like, the crowd boo as Biff Busick confidently walks out towards the ring.

Match Two: King Of The Mountain Qualifier One
CM Punk v Biff Busick W/Steve Corino

CM Punk – Biff Busick
Best In The World – The Manliest Man
Chicago, Illinois – Boston, Massachusetts
35 years old | 6ft 2 in | 218lbs – 28 years old | 6ft 1in | 194lbs

* Punk starts the match in control but is caught out by a massive back breaker by Busick who mocks the crowd to the annoyance of Corino who orders him to carry on fighting
* Busick hits a knee to Punk before locking in a sleeper hold, Punk reaches the ropes but Busick refuses to let go
* Punk reverses an abdominal stretch in to a hip toss, Busick rolls straight to his feet hitting a shoulder to the gut cutting off Punk once again
* Busick looks for his finisher but but Punk throws an elbow, Punk then hits a body slam before unleashing kicks to a kneeling Busick causing Busick to roll out of the ring
* Corino picks Busick up on the outside as the crowd go crazy and Punk bounces off the ropes hitting a suicide dive that causes all three men to crash in to the crowd
* In the confusion Punk is knocked down with the replay showing Corino managing to ram a chair in to his face without the ref noticing
* Busick picks Punk up and throws him in to the ring steps before hitting a back drop on to the apron and rolling Punk in
* Busick goes for the cover but gets a two before getting to his feet and ordering Punk up, he annoys the fans before doing Punk's GTS taunt
* Busick pulls Punk on to his shoulders looking to hit him with his own GTS but Punk drops down the back of Busick before spinning him around and hitting Corino's “old school” Superkick for the three count!

Winner: CM Punk

Punk celebrates with the crowd before offering a sarcastic handshake to Corino who shoves his hand away before berating Busick for the loss as we cut backstage. We join Alison Danger who is stood with Punk trying to get his breath back, Punk says the match with Busick was hard but he did what he set out to do and will continue again tonight when he wins the title, Danger thanks Punk as we cut to our sponsors.


We cut back to the show with The Wolves and The Bucks ready for their match, Taylor and Kelly talk about the tag team tournament saying we'd see The Super Smash Brothers taking on the team of Candice LaRae & Lufisto next week, Taylor mocks women's wrestling only for Kelly to remind who of who dumped him from the battle royal.

Match Three: Tag Team Tournament Semi Final One
The American Wolves v The Young Bucks w/ Prince Devitt

The American Wolves – The Young Bucks
Combined Weight: 419lbs – Combined Weight: 350lbs

* The first few minutes shows off the skill of the Wolves and the daredevil antics of the Bucks with both teams taking control
* Richards and Matt square off, Matt throws Richards in to the Bucks corner with Nick making the blind tag
*Richards manages to hit the DR Driver on Matt only for Nick to his a superkick for a two count
* Nick attempts another Superkick but Richards catches his foot, spinning him in to a german suplex
*Edwards gets the tag in and the Wolves hit a big double clothesline
* Edwards locks in the Achillies Lock but Matt rolls in hitting another superkick to Edwards, Nick then scoops Edwards up in a powerbomb position powerbombing Edwards against the turnbuckle as Matt hits the high kick.
* The Bucks make the tag first, Matt charges in superkicking Richards off the apron leaving him down
* Matt then looks for yet another Superkick to the kneeling Edwards, Edwards catches it and flips Matt over before locking in the Achillies Lock
* Matt attempts to get in but the ref stops him allowing Devitt to roll in to the ring with the NYC belt landing it across the face of Edwards before rolling out and hitting the recovering Richards too
* Matt calls for the More Bang For Your Buck picking Edwards up and hitting a rolling fireman's carry slam as Nick hits a big 450 splash finished off by Matt hitting a moonsault for the cover

Winners: The Young Bucks

Devitt and the Bucks stand over the Wolves, Devitt tells the fans the Bullet Club was here to stay and nobody could stop them taking over. We then cut backstage with Alison Danger and Sami Zayn, Zayn talks about his upcoming match before the pair talk about why Zayn left the WWE with Zayn saying he never felt at home in NXT and got sick of how the company treated his close friends and needed to get back to wrestling for the joy of it.

Match Four: King Of The Mountain Qualifier Two
Chris Hero v Sami Zayn

Chris Hero – Sami Zayn
The Knock Out Artist – The Pride Of Hill Valley
Metropolis – Quebec, Canada
34 Years old | 6ft 4in | 225lbs – 29 years old | 6ft | 193lbs

* The match stars with a back and forth, both men showing off their speed and technical ability
* Sami Zayn takes control hitting a tornado DDT for a two count followed by a drop kick that forces Hero out of the ring
* Zayn looks for a suicide dive but is caught with a spinning forearm that looks as if it knocks Zayn out, Hero rolls him in to the ring for a two count
* Hero continues the offence hitting a big knee followed by spinning neck breaker and another close call
* Hero throws Zayn in to the corner and hits a big boot but Zayn stays on his feet showing fighting spirit
* Hero then goes for the mafia kick but Zayn ducks under spinning around the back of Hero and hitting tiger suplex that causes Hero to roll up to his feet and in to the corner leaning on the turnbuckle for support
* Zayn charges forward looking for the Yakuza kick but Hero ducks it causing Zayn to get caught on the ropes, Hero takes advantage hitting multiple spinning elbows. Zayn drops down and Hero gets a very close near fall
* The match ends as Hero picks Zayn up and hits a forearm followed by a backfist and then looks for the KO Punch only for Zayn to instinctively duck it looking in the Koji Clutch forcing Hero to tap

Winner: Sami Zayn

Taylor and Kelly talk about the main event saying that both men will be feeling the effects of their matches, suddenly the pair are cut off as Demi Gods plays and AJ Styles makes his way to the ring! A welcome home chant begins but it is cut off as Styles tells them to shut up, he talks about how him not being in the KOTM tournament is a joke. Johnny Gargano comes out and tells him that if he wants to prove himself he can do it against him. Styles refuses but Jim Cornette comes out and says that due to Styles signing a contract with XXX he had to fight the matches they wanted including facing Johnny Gargano right now!

Match Five: AJ Styles v Johnny Gargano

AJ Styles – Johnny Gargano
The Phenomenal One – The Whole Shebang
Gainesville, Georgia – Cleveland, Ohio
36 years old | 5ft 11in | 215lbs – 26 years old | 5ft 10in | 190lbs

* Styles starts the match hitting a sucker punch, Gargano quickly responds with a hard right, Styles looks for a lariat but Gargano ducks under returning with a pele kick
* Both men lock up and exchange holds with neither being able to take control, Styles gets caught in a hammer lock but quickly snapmares Gargano over
* Gargano goes for a backdrop but Styles lands on his feet before rolling Gargano up for a two count
* Gargano goes to lock up but Styles kicks him in the knee before hitting a DDT to his kneeling opponent for another two count
* Styles throws Gargano in to the corner and looks for a running knee but Gargano hops on to the apron before hitting a spear through the ropes for a two count, he then climbs back to the apron springboarding over hitting a DDT
* Instead of going for the cover Gargano lifts Styles on to his shoulder pointing at the corner...
* Gargano looks to hit the Hurts Doughnut but Styles drops down the back of Gargano and hits a blatant low blow forcing the ref to call for the DQ

Winner: Johnny Gargano

The match ends with an angry Johnny Gargano kneeling in the ring as AJ Styles mocks him from the aisle way, Kelly condemns Styles' actions but Taylor defends them claiming that a surprise match wasn't fair on the former TNA World Champion. As the fans begin to chant for Gargano we cut to our sponsors for the final time tonight.


We return as a Ole by the Bouncing Souls begins to play and Sami Zayn appears on stage seemingly full of energy, he makes his way to the ring and takes a spot in the corner, the cheers continue as Cult Of Personality begins to play and CM Punk makes his way out joining Zayn in the ring, the two men shake hands as Kevin Kelly talks about the mutual respect between the two to which Chuck Taylor says that respect could be the downfall of one of these men.

Main Event: Triple X World Heavyweight Title
CM Punk v Sami Zayn

CM Punk – Sami Zayn
Best In The World – The Pride Of Hill Valley
Chicago, Illinois – Quebec, Canada
35 years old | 6ft 2in | 218lbs - 29 years old | 6ft | 193lbs

* The match starts with Zayn using his speed to take control, Punk fights back with knees and looks for the GTS early on which Zayn reverses
* Zayn keeps up the pace but is caught in the Anaconda Vice, he nearly taps but turns it in to a pin on punk forcing Punk to let it go
* Punk looks for a running knee in the corner but Zayn gets the boot up pulling Punk up to the top rope
* Zayn attempts a brain buster but Punk reverses almost hitting the Pepsi Plunge (top rope pedigree)
* Zayn reverses hitting a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count
* Punk pulls himself up in the turnbuckle as Zayn lines up the Yakuza kick but suddenly familiar music begins to play...

Zayn looks to end the match but is distracted by Kevin Steen who walks out wearing the El Generico mask, in the confusion Eddie Kingston rolls in with a chair and swings for Zayn only for Zayn to duck under kicking the chair in to Kingston. Zayn is cut off though as Steen is in the ring and hits a package piledriver. Punk gets back up but is hit with a chair shot from Kingston, Steen then hits another package piledriver on Zayn landing him on to the steel chair

Winner: No Contest

Steen removes the Generico mask and puts it over Zayn, Steen tells the crowd that Jim Cornette caused this by trying to turn Triple X in to his own little boys club giving shots to the guys he liked. Cornette comes out and says that Steen had no right being in the ring as he was never hired by him, Steen laughs and pulls out a contract saying that the guys who finance Triple X could see what him and Kingston would bring to the company saying they were hired and Cornette couldn't do a thing about it! The show ends with Punk and Zayn out cold with Steen and Kingston staring at an angry Jim Cornette.

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Post by Fernando on Thu 29 May 2014, 11:56 pm


XPW - The Rise of an fallen empire

Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton welcome everyone to the return of XPW as they explain the title tournament rules for the XPW World Title. 5 matches leading to the the XPW World Title Cage match.

XPW World Title Qualifier - Bray Wyatt vs Ricochet

"Ready to Fall" Hits as Ricochet comes out to a pop from the XPW Crowd.
The Wyatt Family static hits before "Live in Fear" hits as Bray Wyatt comes out accompanied by Luke Harper & Erick Rowan.

All 3 men surround the ring as Ricochet backs into the far corner.

-Luke Harper climbs in the ring and goes after Ricochet but he ducks under Harper and drop kicks Rowan off the apron to the floor
-Ricochet turns around in to a thunderous clothesline from Luke Harper as the XPW Crowd boo.
-Harper heads out to the floor to pick up Rowan as Bray finally climbs into the ring and grabs the ropes by the turnbuckle and leans back and spider walks across the ring.
- Ricochet so climbs up by grabbing the ropes as the ref calls for the bell as Bray grabs Ricochet and kisses him on the forehead and lands Sister Abigail for the 3 count.

Winner - Bray Wyatt

Bray kneels with his arms out wide as he cradles Ricochet's head and shouts "Follow The Buzzards" as the XPW Crowd Boo.

We go to commentary where they call Bray a despicable person and say he should be thrown out the tournament.

We head backstage with Dixie Carter sat in her office as she is approached by Jay Lethal asking why he isn't involved in the World Title Tournament. Dixie tells him "You are not good enough to be world champion Jay" She offers him a match next week vs Bray Wyatt to show me how good you are.

XPW World Title Qualifier - Kazuchika Okada vs Adam Cole

"Rainmaker" Hits as Okada heads out to the ring to a pop from the XPW Crowd
"Something for you" Hits as Adam Cole gets a loud cheer from the crowd.

- Both men square up in the centre of the ring and start trading shots with Cole getting the upper hand backing Okada into the corner.
- Cole lands several kicks to the ribs of Okada before kicking away at the legs of Okada.
- Cole runs and chop blocks Okada to the floor before stomping away on his legs and landing several elbow drops onto it.
- Cole goes to lock a figure four leglock onto Okada but Okada kicks him away into the turnbuckle face 1st.
- Okada lifts Cole onto his shoulders and lands a flip neckbreaker for a 2 count. Okada goes to the ring apron and a senton splash onto Cole
- Okada goes for the bridging german suplex but Cole rolls through the front and tries for the pin but only gets 2
- Cole charges at Okada with the shining wizard but Okada ducks under and pops up and lands a thunderous Rainmaker turning Cole inside out for the 3 count.

Winner - Kazuchika Okada

Okada celebrates in the ring and Cole climbs to his feet, They stare face to face in the ring and shake hands.

We head backstage where Dixie is watching the CCTV as 2 mystery guys take baseball bats to the her car as she screams for security to get out there and stop them.

XPW World Title Qualifier - Seth Rollins vs Karl Anderson

"The Machine Gun" hits as Karl Anderson comes out to a negative reaction from the XPW crowd.
"Special Op" Hits as Seth Rollins comes down to the ring through the crowd to a pop.

- Both men lock up in the centre of the ring but Anderson throws Rollins to the corner and charges at him with a splash.
- Rollins crumples down to the mat as Anderson pulls him to feet and hoists him onto his shoulders and lands a death valley driver for a 2 count.
- Anderson taunts Rollins on the floor and goes for a leg drop but Rollins rolls out of the way.
- Rollins lands a handspring moonsault for a 2 count, Rollins pulls Anderson up and lands a fireman's carry rolling slam and heads up to the top rope and goes for corkscrew 450 Splash but Anderson gets his knees up
- Anderson drags Rollins to the centre of the ring and goes for swivel stun gun and Rollins lands on his feet and hits a super kick to the jaw of Anderson
- Rollins grabs Anderson and calls for the Gods last gift and nails it for the 3 count

Winner - Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins celebrates in the ring as the lights go out and screaming is heard from around the arena as we head to ringside.

Tom Phillips says this is the creepiest thing ive seen in XPW for a long long time.

We go backstage to the Byron Saxton who is stood interviewing Kazuchika Okada, Okada says you are looking at the next XPW World Champion.

XPW World Title Qualifier - Daniel Bryan vs Kyle O Reilly

"Flight of the Valkeries" Hits as Daniel Bryan comes out to thunderous YES! Chants from the XPW Crowd as he stands waiting for Kyle O Reilly.

"Im Shipping Up To Boston" Hits as Kyle O Reilly heads down to the ring to booing from the XPW crowd.

- The Ref calls for the bell as Both men head to lock as the Wyatt Family Static hits
- "We're Here" and the lights come back on with Kyle O Reilly laid out in the middle of the ring with Daniel Bryan put on top of him for the 3 count as The Wyatt Family look on at ringside.

Winner - Daniel Bryan

The Wyatt Family stares at Daniel Bryan from the top of the ramp

We go to ringside and Byron Saxton wonders what the hell they want with Daniel Bryan.

We go backstage to an announcement from Dixie Carter.

"Due to special circumstances taking place here tonight the 5th member of tonights World Title Match will be chosen by myself.

Dixie brings up various names like KENTA,Christopher Daniels & Kazarian who all gets pops from crowd but says it won't be them as the XPW Crowd boo and will let them wait.

5 Man Elimination Cage Match for the XPW World Title
Participants: Bray Wyatt,Daniel Bryan,Kazuchika Okada,Seth Rollins & ???

All 4 men enter the cage as they wait for the the mystery entrant.
"Shin Nihon Puroresu, Ichiban!" Hits as Tensai comes out accompanied by Mr Fuji.

- Tensai enters the cage and starts laying out people left right and centre with huge boots to the face as the ref locks the cage.
- Tensai throws Bryan head first into the cage as Wyatt does the same to Rollins. Both men land senton splashes as Okada comes off the top rope with a moonsault to Rollins.
- Okada goes after Wyatt but Tensai clotheslines him to the back of the head and He and Wyatt double team Okada with double flapjack, Wyatt goes for the pinfall but Tensai drags him off.
- Wyatt and Tensai have a stare down before they start brawling in the centre of the ring with Wyatt getting the upper hand and lands a running body splash.
- Wyatt shouts "Follow the Buzzards" But turns around into a Rainmaker from Okada.
- Okada gets headstamped from the top rope by Rollins before he turns around into a flying knee from Bryan.

"My god all 5 men are down"

- Bryan lines up Bray as the XPW crowd chant "YES!"

The Wyatt Family Static hits as the lights go down and back on with Luke Harper/Erick Rowan inside the cage and starts laying out Tensai/Okada and Bryan.

- Bray goes to the corner and leans back as Harper & Rowan hold Rollins in place. The lights go out again as the screaming goes around the arena as "Project 161" flashes on the titantron.

The lights come on as Jimmy Jacob & Necro Butcher are in the cage and start attacking Harper & Rowan throwing them into cage walls before going after Wyatt and Jacobs landing the Contra Code on him before Rollins climbs up the cage and lands the 450 corkscrew moonsault for the 3 count.

Winner and XPW World Champion - Seth Rollins

The referee hands Rollins the XPW World Title as all 3 members of The Age Of Fall climb to the top of the cage and look down at the Wyatt Family laid out as the show closes


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Post by Marky on Fri 30 May 2014, 11:55 am

Molly v OPAL

Episode 1: Introductions

We are shown the area of Molly View, a fictional suburban area in the outskirts of Norfolk, with various shops and houses. There is a state of the art gym complex which is the other side of the B2981 Molly Ringroad from where the housing estate and shopping parade are. The gym is co-run by Chris and Nancy Benoit, who unbeknownst to the rest of the Molly View locals, are hiding a deep, dark secret. Chris murdered his wife and son in June 2007, before taking his own life, however they've decided to give their relationship another try and purchased the rights to the old Bannatyne Gym, which they have redesigned and the grand opening is today!

There is a small shop within the shopping parade called "Hassan's Mini Mart". This is run by mild mannered Muhammad Hassan and his wife, Summer Rae. Hassan lives the normal quiet life, but there have been rumours of men leaving the closed shop at night, after what is reported to be a secret club meeting.

Round the corner from "Hassan's Mini Mart" is "Dean's Dolly Mixtures" a sweet shop run by recently released psychopath Dean Ambrose. The shop gets poor business and Dean often finds himself in trouble with the authorities for losing his temper with customers, but has recently taken to taking sweets from Hassan's Mini Mart in an attempt to gain business for himself while he staves off going back to the mental hospital.

"Bellas" is a hair and beauty salon run by twin sisters Nikki and Brie Bella, although the gossip there is that the Bellas are both dating Dolph Ziggler behind each other's back. Dolph himself is never sure who is who to be honest! The salon is often frequented by the many females in Molly View, all looking to ensure they are at their very best.

In one of the flats live two sets of siblings. Paul and his sister Katie Lea Burchill, and David and his sister Charlotte Flair. Paul is dating Charlotte while coincidently David is dating Katie Lea. The four life in a two bedroom apartment overlooking the Molly Ringroad.

In the local pub, the Dog and Bestial, the landlord is a man named Samoa Joe. Joe is famed for not taking any crap from the locals and has a fearsome reputation. Joe runs the pub with his wife ODB, sons Diego and Fernando and their midget El Torito.

The local greasy spoon cafe "Fat Hardy's" is run by Matt Hardy, who recently moved to the area. Matt is friendly but is often speaking to someone called "Jeff" who nobody else can see. Matt often asks one of his best customers Rob Van Dam if someone called "Edge" is nearby as he would threaten to kick his ass if he was. Matt has started opening the cafe at night times as RVD would have an inexplicable case of the munchies most nights between 2am and 5am. RVD often works a shift at the cafe to fund his munchies.

In the hub of the night life of Molly View there is two rival clubs. The first of which is "Ryback's Rimmers" which is a gay bar run by local queer Ryback. It is right next to "Steamboat's Sauna" which is a sauna aimed at straight people run by Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat has recently come out in the press and stated his anti-gay stance, and has been trying to get a petition to close down "Ryback's Rimmers", but there have been rumours circulating that on Friday Night's Steamboat has been seen entering the gayclub and having sex with local men.

There is a local street gang that hangs around outside Ricky Steamboat's sauna. Led by a man called John the Gasman, he often is referred to by his initials JTG. JTG leads a gang around at night time to terrorise the locals, his crew includes Prince Nana, Mojo Rawley, Mickie Knuckles, Ayesha Ray, and Beaker and Gonzo from the Muppets. Steamboat isn't best pleased about JTG's crew hanging outside his premises.

The locals are warned to stay away from a man called Santino. Santino is a bit of a loner, with nothing but a sock puppet as his friend. Santino is allegedly asking locals regularly if they would like to see his cobra, before being chased away in bemusement.

On the outskirts of town is "Orton's Bird Sanctuary", a bird shop run by Randy Orton, where he keeps and sells all sorts of birds ranging from exotic parrots to simple canaries. However there is a dark side to this bird sanctuary. In the cellars Orton runs a sex dungeon where he kidnaps local women and aspiring divas and keeps them hostage for his own sexual pleasure. There have been rumours linking Orton to the disappearances of many divas in the local area, but as of yet he has not been caught or found out. No-one has seen or heard from Cheerleader Melissa, Rosa Mendes, Taryn Tarrell, Eva Marie, Sammi Baynes or Cameron since they moved into the area.

Back at Gym Benoit, Chris and Nancy are ready to unveil the new and improved gym to all the locals. Chris has a local news reporter named Adrian Neville who is taking notes as Chris shows off the new additions, including a swimming pool, a multi purpose weights machine, and a 500 seater auditorium with a wrestling ring in the middle. Chris says he hopes to find other likeminded individuals who want to take part in his own personal wrestling federation, Gym Benoit Wrestling, or GBW for short. Two elderly men are sat watching this conversation unfold from next to the ring, one says "Well King, looks like business is about to pick up".

In Bellas, close friends Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are getting their nails done when they notice a guy having his chest waxed. We find out the guy's name is Jessie, he calls himself "Mister Pectacular", and he flexes his pecs before winking at the girls. Angelina and Velvet begin to argue over which one he was winking at. Angelina leaves the salon, walking past Prince Nana who says to himself "Angelina Love is so beautiful. I wish she was my wife."

In Hassan's Mini Mart, Muhammad has a customer. It's local gym nut Gunner. He is there to buy a few cans of Red Bull, some energy bars, and to collect his weekly subscription of "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends", this week's comic has a free toy train of Edward. Muhammad bids farewell to Gunner before shiftily locking the door and making sure nobody else is coming in. Dean Ambrose is seen peeking through the shop window.

In the Dog and Bestial, Samoa Joe is seen staring at a poster for Chris Benoit's new wrestling promotion. ODB catches him and tries to tell him those days are over, they've settled down and had a family, ODB says Joe shouldn't go back. ODB walks off as Joe ponders.

Back in Gym Benoit, Chris and Nancy are talking after Adrian Neville's interview. Nancy says that people are becoming suspicious over how they seem to be fit and healthy considering they died seven years ago. Chris tells her not to panic because soon everyone will know the truth. Chris and Nancy walk off, Adrian Neville was still within earshot and he is amazed.

At the flats, David Flair and Paul Burchill are talking about Chris Benoit's wrestling promotion GBW. Both are considering taking part. David brings up something more important, he confides in Paul that he suspects Katie Lea may be cheating on him with another man. Paul looks surprised and he reassures David that that's highly unlikely. Paul walks away with David still concerned.

In Gym Benoit, Chris has arranged for anyone interested in taking part in joining GBW to meet for an introduction. Chris has a clipboard, baseball cap and whistle on to be "coach". Many known faces are present, including Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, JTG's crew, Dean Ambrose, Muhammad Hassan, Diego and Fernando with El Torito, Ryback, David Flair, Paul Burchill and Rob Van Dam. Benoit tells them there will be a Battle Royal next week to crown the first ever GBW World Heavyweight Champion. Benoit wishes everyone good luck.

Samoa Joe bursts in. Benoit stares at Joe, who stares back. Joe stares at his sons Diego and Fernando. Joe tells his boys to get out, and says they're not wrestling in this hellhole. Joe says he doesn't trust Benoit and he will single handedly ensure GBW is a failure. Joe storms out with Diego, Fernando and El Torito as Chris Benoit has a scowl across his face.

End credits.


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Week 1: YCW Vs NGPW
Injuries: N/A
Show Name: Blue Thunder: Press Start

Previously on NGPW…:
- In who seemed the most unlikely savour, it was Kevin Steen who finally dethroned CM Punk and his Best in the World Co-operation to capture the NGPW World Heavyweight Championship
- Following the victory, Kevin Steen’s celebrations were shorted lived 6 unidentifiable men dressed in jumpsuits with masks surround Steen to close the show finale
- Because CM Punk’s stable were defeated, his stable (Luke Haprer / Eric Rowen / Eddie Kingston / Rhino / Tim Donst ) were all terminated from the company with CM Punk forced to sell the company.
- The Colony finally captured the NGPW Tag-Team Championships to defeat The Family
- Antonio Cesaro’s obsession with El Generico finally got the better of him as El Generico beat him in their grudge match which turned out to be his final NGPW appearance
- Roderick Strong made his return to NGPW half way through Season 1
- Tommaso Ciampa got the better of Tim Donst in their season ending feud.

As the show goes live, we prematurely head backstage to the parking lot area as a camera crew scrambles to get back there. Upon arriving onto the scene, medics and trainers surround Cedric Alexander as he lays there motionless. NGPW President Wink Vavasseur arrives on the scene as everybody begins to speculate what’s happened. The camera turns and picks up on a white mask which is laying on the ground as we head to opening credits.

Opening Segment
The new season premier kicks off with Antonio Cesaro making his way towards the ring. Grabbing a microphone he cuts a promo talking about the situation of the NGPW Championship claiming that there are rumours that Kevin Steen will not be returning to defend his belt. After staking his claim to become champion, Roderick Strong, Tommaso Ciampa and the debuting Austin Aries all interrupt to validate their reasons for becoming the new champion.

NGPW President Wink Vavasseur interrupts as he appears on the stage. After introducing himself, he states that Kevin Steen is yet to have shown or confirm he is returning. He states that tonight there will be a four man tournament to crown our new champion. He states that if Steen decides to show before the main event then he will be placed into the finals.

Match 1: NGPW Heavyweight Championship Semi Finals Match - Antonio Cesaro Vs Roderick Strong

- Roderick Strong immediately jump starts the match with a running sick kick to catch Cesaro off guard. Quickly attempting a pin, Cesaro power’s out at two
- Following a jumping knee, Strong lights up Cesaro’s chest with repeated chops until Cesaro works an opening with a stiff European uppercut.
- Now in control, Cesaro goes close multiple times following a releasing German and gutwrench suplexes.
- Cesaro slowly makes his way to the top only for Strong to cut him off with a jumping enzuigiri. With both men now on the top rope, Strong hits a stalling superplex
- After quickening the pace, Strong hits a running sick kick for the second time. He quickly hoists Cesaro up hitting the double knee-gutbuster but Cesaro again kicks out with Strong looking frustrated.
- Attempting the Gibson Driver, Cesaro counters with a back-drop then follows with a brutal running bicycle kick.    
- Cesaro attempts the Neutralizer but Strong escapes, he runs the ropes but Cesaro this time has him scouted by hitting a pop-up European uppercutter.
- Draggin Strong to his feet, Cesaro folds him up and hits the Ricola Bomb. Thinking he’s won the match, he doesn’t hook the leg as Strong barley escapes at 2.99
- As Cesaro set’s up for one final Neutralizer, Strong manages to counter into a roll-up as he grabs a handful of types to steal the victory.

Winner via Roll-up – Advancing to Finals – Roderick Strong 12:53

Match 2: NGPW Heavyweight Championship Semi Finals Match - Tommaso Ciampa Vs Austin Aries

- The opening segment sees the match go back and forth with both men successfully reversing each others attempts at submissions and grapples
- Aries takes the advantage at the 5 minute mark with a poke to the eye followed by a big DDT
- He continues to drive home this advantage hitting a big snap suplex followed by a discuss elbow smash ...1.....2.... kickout
- Aries lambasts the referee before going for the Horns of Aries.... reversed by Ciampa.... Air Raid Crash! Out of nowhere stuns Aries..1.... kickout
- Both men back to their feet and the counter wrestling continues for another 10 minutes
- At the 10 minute mark Ciampa sets up for the Project Ciampa.... Aries floats over and pushes Ciampa forward straight into the referee
- Referee down as Aries winks at the crowd before rolling out and grabbing a chair from under the ring, he slides back in and swings the chair at Ciampa...
- ...He ducks before connecting with a big Knee straight into the chair smashing it into Aries' face, he goes for the cover..... No referee to make the count! The crowd chant along 1.....2......3.....4.......5.......6....
- Ciampa goes to revive the referee.... The referee slowly coming round.... Ciampa goes back to Aries..... BIG LOW BLOW! The crowd boos as Ciampa doubles over
- Aries with a Brainbuster to the struggling Ciampa, he makes the pin....the referee crawls into position.......1............2........................3

Winner via Brianbuster – Austin Aries – Advances to Finals 11:47

Backstage Interview
Guests are the debuting Briscoe Brothers. Jay cuts a promo speaking of his excitement of debuting in NGPW and claims that after victory tonight, he and his brother will stake a claim at those NGPW Tag Titles belts. He warns The Colony that they better be prepared for next week.  

Match 3: The Batiri Vs The Briscoe Brothers

Both tag-teams are making their NGPW debuts. Victory for either team will thrown them into title contention to face The Colony on next week’s show.

- The match prematurely starts as The Batiri meets both Briscoe Brothers in the aisle as both teams begin to trade blows in an all out brawl.
- Bouncing Obariyon’s head off the steel stairs, Mark rolls his opponent into the ring to start the match while Jay Briscoe & Kodama exchange multiple whips into the guardrail.
- Following a Saito suplex, Mark runs the ropes only to be tripped by Kodama from the floor as Obariyon connects with a jumping tornado DDT.
- Now in control, The Batiri apply multiple quick tags as Kodama hits a slingshot legdrop with Obariyon hitting a double knee back-breaker for the first close fall.
- Their double team signature move follows as The Batiri hit a drop toe hold into a running knee strike combination. Scrambling for a pin the official’s count is broken as Jay Briscoe saves the match with a diving elbow drop.
- From here the match loses control as Obariyon is sent over the top rope. The Briscoe’s get to work as they hit a pendulum backbreaker / diving knee drop move for a near fall.
- The Briscoe’s start to dominate the match-up hitting a combination of a double hip toss with Mark then breaking out the red neck kung fu.
- Jay looks to hit a running powerslam but Obariyon springboards only for Jay to catch him with now both Batiri members on his shoulder. Looking to hit a double running powerslam, Kodama escapes to spear Mark Briscoe.
- Climbing to the top looking to hit the Demon’s Toilet (Diving Senton), Jay manages to counter into a Death Valley Driver as Mark hits a fisherman buster on Obariyon.
- Placing Kodama on Jay’s shoulders, The Briscoe’s pick up the victory with their trademark Springboard Doomsday Device

Winners via Springboard Doomsday Device – The Briscoe Brothers 08:04

Backstage Segment
As Michael Cole recaps over the highlights of the last match-up, he informs us that we have to immediately cut to the backstage area. Heading into the catering area, we see Psicosis on the floor, this time surrounded by his own pool of blood. Wink Vavasseur again arrives on the scene and after taking one look informs the security team that the building is now on lockdown, nobody gets in and nobody gets out as he storms off away from the scene.

Pre-Match Promo
Without acknowledging the fans Raven slowly walks towards the ring only briefly stopping as Perry Saturn follows behind. Sitting in the corner of the ring, Raven begins to cut a promo talking about respect in this business. He claims the younger generation don’t seem to appreciate the veterans these days and claims that he will no longer wrestle in the opening matches just to help put younger guys over. He refers to his new stable as “The Forgotten Flock” and claims he along with Perry Saturn are going to teach these kids respect.

As the chants for “You Sold Out” get louder and louder the opposing figure of the debuting Alexander Rusev along with his manger Lana soak in the atmosphere on the stage. Slowly climbing into the ring, Rusev goes nose-to-nose with Raven as the tension builds.

Match 4: Raven W/Perry Saturn Vs Alexander Rusev W/Lana

- Rusev immediately starts proceedings with repeated head butts then takes Raven down with an impressive standing spinning heel kick.
- Following a shoulder block to knock Raven down, Rusev powers his opponent into the corner laying multiple stiff chops with huge running splash.
- Attempting a second running splash, Raven avoids Rusev and follows with a running lariat then a running bulldog coming out of the corner to finally create some offence.
- Quickening the pace, Raven counters an oncoming Rusev sending him crashing into the turnbuckle courtesy of a drop-toe hold as he follows with a discuss clothesline.
- Looking to hit a Side-Russian leg sweep, Rusev power’s out with a stiff lariat and follows with a devastating running Samoan drop to restore the balance.
- Hitting repeated knee strikes, Rusev effortlessly throws Raven with a perfect belly-to-belly release suplex.
- Not satisfied, Ruven attacks a motionless Raven applying the camel clutch as Lana looks on in improvement of her clients dominance.

Winner via Submission (Camel Clutch) – Alexander Rusev 06:42

Rusev throws his opponent to the floor as he watches Raven escape the ring. Raven simply smiles to himself as Perry Saturn helps him away from the ring.

Backstage Segment
We again head backstage to the parking lot area where NGPW President Wink Vavasseur is standing with a security team as they block the off the exit with barriers and tape. Tim Donst arrives with his luggage as the security team refuses him entry. After exchanging heated words, Wink cuts in and reminds Tim Donst of his actions from last season and informs him that he no longer as a valid contract. Wink later proposes an idea to Tim Donst, he asks him to come back next week with his ring gear as he has the perfect solution in mind. Donst yells at Wink before turning around and exiting the building.

Match 5: NGPW Women’s Championship Match - Sara Del Ray © Vs Alpha Female

- The match starts with the two women squaring off, Sara looking up at the huge Alpha Female
- Sara tries to take the advantage with a series of kicks which don't even cause the Alpha Female to flinch
- She runs to the ropes to try and knock her down... big Spear from the Alpha Female..1.... kickout
- The Alpha Female dominates the next period of the match hitting big clubbing blows and keeping Sara down with submission holds
- At the 6 minute mark she sets up for the Omega Plex.... she picks up Sara... Headbutts from Sara, over and over again
- The Alpha Female is clearly rocked... Sara rolls down her back... using her momentum to hit a German Suplex!
- Sara signals it is over before locking in the Omaplata Crossface, synched in in the middle of the ring
- Sara keeps wrenching it further and further back, the Alpha Female soon has no choice but to tap

Winner via Submission – Still NGPW Women’s Champion – Sara Del Ray 07:33

Main Event: NGPW Heavyweight Championship Finals - Roderick Strong Vs Austin Aries

- The match starts off with Strong offering his hand out to his old Generation Next stable mate, Aries looks him up and down before knocking away the hand and spitting in Strongs face
- This causes Strong to go straight for a big Sick Kick which Aries dodges before hitting a Pendulum Elbow, Aries then taps his head to signify that he knows Strong inside out causing the crowd to boo
- Aries stays in control through the opening exchange, everytime that Strong comes back into it he is taken straight back down
- At the 7 minute mark the crowd gets behind Strong as he blocks a Fish Hook of Doom but cannot capotalise as Aries reverses the backbreaker
- Aries sends him into the corner before setting up for the IED... he charges.... Strong explodes out of the corner with a Strong Breaker out of nowhere as the crowd cheers..1....2.. Kickout
- Aries looks shocked as Strong explodes into the match hitting backbreaker after backbreaker before a Gibson Driver gets him another nearfall
- Strong keeps the advantage all the way up to the 16 minute mark as he sets up for a CX2... he throws Aries who lands on the 2nd turnbuckle! Strong charges.... Aries moonsaults over him.... IED! Connects! 1....2....... Kickout! Aries has a go at the referee before slapping Strong in the face a few times
- Aries goes to the top rope.... 450.... modified Death by Roderick! The crowd chants "Holy SH!T"..... both men down....1.......2........3........4........5........6...........7..........8......... Both men stirring..... 9...... Both men just back to their feet...
- Strong goes for a CX3... reversed by Aries.... Brainbuster! 1........2.....3... NO KICKOUT AT 2.9! Aries goes for a cover again......1.......2.... Kickout.... and again ...1...... Kickout
- Aries is furious as he picks Strong up... Brainbuster.... reversed... Strong Hold! Aries squirms and madly tries to grab the bottom rope... he cant reach... he tries again and grabs the referees leg instead
- Strong breaks the hold before dragging Aries back into the centre of the ring.... reversed! Horns of Aries locked in in the middle of the ring....
- Strong fights it and refuses to tap.... the referee asks him.... Strong screams NO! as he uses his free left arm to try to reach to safety... On the far side from the referee Aries moves Strong’s right hand before using it to tap out

Winner via Submission – NEW NGPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – Austin Aries 26:39

Aries immediately grabs the championship belt and rolls out to the floor before his music is suddenly cut off by the sound of a cowbell as a limousine makes its way onto the stage. JBL emerges from the door with his Legends Championship around his waist as he soaks in the atmosphere with Roderick Strong & Austin Aries looking confused. JBL points towards the ring as Aries points in confusion at himself before smirking and turning to point at Strong.

Suddenly 6 masked men wearing orange prison jumpsuits slide into all sides of the ring as the commenter’s go crazy! The masked men immediately start to attack both Strong and the referee as Michael Cole questions if this is the same masked group from the last PPV as the beat down continues. With Roderick Strong unable to defend himself the masked men assist as one hits a brutal piledriver laying him out. Antonio Cesaro & Tommaso Ciampa both attempt to make the saves but are both instantly cut off and beaten down. Both are pinned to the matt as two masked men head towards the top rope as they both hit a shooting star press.

The 6 men turn to face the ramp where JBL is clapping, Aries suddenly rushes towards the ring before pushing away the attackers. He lifts Strong up before hitting another crushing Brainbuster. The 6 men stand with 3 on each side of Aries as they slowly unzip the top of their jumpsuits revealing black T-Shirts with one word written on them...

Tactic Submissions s7 Nxtrem11

This show prematurely ends with the 6 masked men raising Aries arms as he holds the NGPW Championship high as JBL watches on applauding from the stage


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

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We cut to the inside of The Talk in Norwich, The home of MWF. We see the same staging set up that was pulled down by security at the end of season 6. Paul Heymans music hits and the guru of extreme comes to the ring, he slaps hands with several memebers of the front row as he does. He introduces himself and welcomes everyone back to MWF, he swears that this will possibly be the best season of MWF we have ever had, well atleast since he was last in sole control here. As Heyman is about to leave Brock Lesnar usic hits, he says that everyone knows what happened at the press conference, that Michael Elgin attacked him and he knows that he has a match against him tonight in the main event, but A he doesnt want to wait and B he wants the match to not be just be a flat 1 on 1 match he wants it to be A norwich city street fight. Heyman agrees the stipulation but says that his client must wait to get his hands on Elgin. Lesnar reluctantly agrees. Heyman leaves the ring and Lesnar smirks sadistically into the camera as we go to the opening credits.
We come back from the opening credits to a small pyro show before going straight into our opening contest of the evening.

Match 1- Monster Express (Shingo and Akira Tozawa)  vs Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End and Michael Dante)
* A hard hitting opener between one of the best teams in japan and one of the best in europe
* it is back and forth throughout with no team gaining a real advantage until Shingo hits a brutal Lariet on Dante which gains a 2
* The japanese duo now have advantage making quick tags and roughing up the sumerian death squad with some stiff kicks and strikes
* SDS slowly fight back in when End hits a Lariet of his own to gain his team some breathing space.
* End tags in Dante who comes in all guns blazing hitting anthing that moves including almost his own tag partner
* SDS go for a doomsday device style move on Tozawa but Shingo makes the save by pushing Dante to the outside.
* Monster express take the advantage back again by once again using there hard hitting moves
* Tozawa hits a super kick and tags in Shingo who hits MADE IN JAPAN for a two when dante makes the save
* The ref seemingly cant keep control as all 4 men exchange blows, Shingo gets dumped to the outside by End with a massive back body drop
* The Death Squad hit the marshall law powerbomb on tozawa to gain the 3 count just as  Shingo is about to make the save
WInners by pin- Sumerian Death Squad

Post match
Shingo pushes Tozawa to the mat and storms off up the stage, looking back just once and laughing to himself as he does

S7 Hall Of Fame Announcement
Paul Heyman is back in the ring as we come back from commercials, He says that the man he is about to announce as MWF's hall of fame is a basic main stay of MWF in the early seasons and a man to give the MWF fans some of the best matches they have seen here this man was the first ever MWF Freeweight/International champion, A legend of british wrestling, He is The Anarchist, Doug Williams .
Williams comes to the ring to accept his hall of fame award but as Heyman is about to hand of the plaque Mainlining Murder hits and down to the ring comes Sterling James Keenan, He congratulates Williams on being inducted but says if anyone is deserving of being put into the hall of fame its him, he has been a part of every season of MWF and plans on being part of many more, Williams stares a hole through SJK and tells him that he is sure that Keenan will be inducted at some point in the future but right now its his time so to get out of his ring, Keenan leaves the ring reluctantly and seemingly allows Williams his moment in the spotlight.
As Williams shows the plaque to the crowd, he turns his back on the stage area and Keenan reenters the ring, he Hooks Williams arms and hits a violent MK Ultra, he picks the hall of fame plaque from the mat and lifts it high in the air whilst standing above the downed Doug Williams as we cut backstage

Backstage Interview wth Zak Knight
The rabid Norwich fans cheer as Norwich's own Zak Knight Appears, He says that its great to be back in MWF after not appearing since season 2, he says that this time he will make MWF his home but hes not alone, theres a huge cheer as  Roy 'The Zebra Kid' Knight appears. Zak says that he and his brother challenge any tag team in the back to a match next week.
We then cut back to ringside for our second match of the evening

Match 2- MWF Womens Title Match Fought Under MWF Championship Rules- Mercedes Martinez (C) vs Skarlett
Round 1- A realtivley slow paced opening round which is pretty musch a feeling out process for the 2 women
Round 2- The pace picks up and as the round goes on the blows become harder and harder and the momentum swings back and forth
Round 3- Martinez as we aproach the second minute of the round hits the bull run fishermans buster to gain the opening fall of the match (MM 1 S 0)
Round 4- Losing the first fall seems to Fire up Skarlett and she fires off some vicious shots throughout the round, she kicks Martinez in the back stiffly and works on the back throughout
Round 5- Skarlett hits  a russian leg sweep before locking in skarletts web, wrenching on the back of martinez who has no choice but to tap (MM 1 S 1)
Round 6- AJ Lee hits the ring  as soon as the bell rings to start the round she hits a superkick on martinez, the ref has no choice but to throw the match out and DQ Skarlett automatically
Winner- Mercedes Martinez via DQ

Post match
Both Skarlett and Mercedes Martinez are shown staring a hole through AJ as she skips up the stage and through the curtain as we go to adverts

Pre Recorded Backstage Inteview with Drew Gulak
We return from our advert break and Drew Gulak is shown earlier today, He says that tonight when he annihalates Luke Hawx that he will prove that he is the best wrestler this company has ever had and the best champion this company has ever had, he also states that if he wins that he would be next in line for a world title shot and he would take that shot at his own earliest convinence

Backstage Interview with Luke Hawx
Hawx is now shown backstage in the same area that we earlier saw Gulak, he says that he has seen what Gulak had to say but he doesnt planning on losing tonight or infact ever again, but he will carry on where he left off and lay waste to everyone that crosses his path.

We see Skarlett and Martinez storming through the corridor towrads heymans office, They burst through the door and shout there frustrations at heyman, he says that both women will have there chance to get there hands on AJ. Martinez and Skarlett argue between themselves about who will face Lee first. Heyman says he has an idea, a coin toss, the winner will face AJ first. Martinez as champion gets the call she shouts for heads as Heyman flips the coin, The camera zooms in as the coin lands showing that the coin has landed tails up. Therefore Skarlett will get her hands on AJ first
We again to ringside ready for match 3

Match 3- X division Showcase-  Aerostar vs Rich Swann
* A highflying all action encounter between 2 newcomers in MWF
*  Back and forth the action between the 2,both countering one another numerous times
* Aerostar hits a beautiful looking  Imploding 450 splash which only gains the newcomer a near full
* Aerostar seemingly looks to be filling PAC's role from previous seasons with his all highflying assault of 450 and moonsaults
* Aerostar looks to be in control for a short time until Swann hits a leg sweep in which he floats over to gain a 2 count
* Swann hits the leap from swann pond which gains a 2 count
* Action again goes back and forth for a while
* Aerostar goes for a shooting star press but Swann gets the knees up
* Swann lifts Aerostar from the mat and hits a brutal looking Chicken fried driver for the 3 count
Winner by pin- Rich Swann

MWF Intenational Title Tournament Draw
We again cut to Paul Heymans office, we see a Tombola drum set up in the centre of the screen, Heyman explains that there are four names in the drum, There are 3 of the originally announced names in there but Roy Knight has decided to pull out to focus on teaming with his brother. He says that the 4th name is a new comer to MWF, The fourth name in the tournament is The Lion, Aaron Sharp. Heyman rolls the drum
The first name out is Robbie Dynamite, The Second out is  Doug Williams, The Third is Aaron Sharp and The last is SJK, There for the two semi final matches are  Robbie Dynamite vs Doug Williams and The Second is  Aaron Sharp vs SJK.
Heyman then pulls out a smaller second drum from below the first larger one, he explains that there are 3 stipulations in the drum, there is an MWF title Rules match, A steel cage match and a 30min iron man match, the first and second stipulations pulled out will be for the semi final matches and the 3rd will be for the final
The first match pulled out is an 30min Iron man Match, the second is the mwf rules and the third is the steel cage
so our draw looks like this
SF1- 30min Iron Man Match- Robbie Dynamite vs Doug Williams
SF2- MWF Title Rules- SJK vs Aaron Sharp
Final- Steel Cage Match - Winner of SF1 vs Winner of SF2

Gulak/Hawx look back
As we re hear the two mens words from earlier in the evening we see there highlights from last season, Gulak starting the season under the soldier ant mask to winning the x title at nightmare on oak street 6, Hawx winning the title on the first ppv of s6 to his final match of the season against Bobby Roode

Match 4- Champion vs Champion- Drew Gulak vs Luke Hawx
* A very hard hitting contest between two of the hardest hitters in MWF
* Neither man gains an advantage on the other throughout
* Gulak sends Hawx to the outside and the two men brawl around ringside, sending one another into the barricades, both men break the 10 count a time each as they brawl
* Gulak whips Hawx into the steps knees first, he sends hawx back into the ring where he works over the now seemingly injured knee of Hawx
* Gulak looks to go for the trailblazer but Hawx kicks him away and gets to his feet
* Hawx now fires in a number of violent looking blows to gain an advantage
* It again goes back to being back and forth for several moments
* Hawx looks to go for the Holy Driver, but Gulak wiggles free and takes hawx's knee out
* Gulak works over Hawx's knee again with kicks and slamming it into the mat
* Gulak again goes for the trailblazer this time locking it in, Hawx screams in pain but refuses to tap, Gulak keeps the pressure on and hawx finally passes out through the pain
Winner by submission- Drew Gulak

Post match
Drew Gulak celebrates before grabbimg the mic and reitterating his intention of now wanting a world title shot

Sumerian Death Squad Respond to The Hooligans open Challenge
We cut backstage where we see the winners of our opening contest of the evening where they say that they heard the hooligans little challenge earlier and they accept.

Earlier this week
We are shown footage from the will not die press conference, we see several clips of some of the interviews, one with doug williams, one with SJK and one with Luke hawx before cutting to Brock Lesnars, We then see the attack by Elgin, who storms from the back of the stage from behind a curtain chair in hand, he smashes  it into the back of Lesnar, but it seems to be an annoyance to Lesnar, as Lesnar turns to face his attacker, Elgin Smashes another chair shot square to the head, leveling Lesnar and bloodying him, Elgin then mounts Lesnar and opens the wound even more as security flood the stage and drags him away

Main Event- Norwich City Street Fight- Brock Lesnar vs Michael Elgin
* A Brutal contest between 2 beasts of men with several weapon shots exchanged
* As soon as Lesnar steps through the ropes Elgin attacks earning an early advantage
* Elgin hits a running poweslam early and gains a 2 count
* Elgin Stamps on the head of Lesnar to keep him downed
* Elgin goes to the outside and under the apron, throwing several weapons into the ring, which he uses on Lesnar, he covers and gains another 2 count
* Lesnar hits a Low blow to stop elgins momentum, Lesnar now uses the weapons to down and weaken Elgin
* Lesnar hits the F5, but only gains 2
* Lesnar dumps Elgin to the floor but as he comes out after his opponent, elgin already has been under the ring and has a fire extingusiher in hand, he sprays the contents into lesnars eyes.
* Elgin whips Lesnar over the barricade and a brawl ensues between the 2 through the crowd, taking in most of it with several more weapons shots exchanged
* The Brawl eventually makes its way to the stage where lesnar seemingly has the advantage but as he looks to f5 Elgin on the ramp, Brian Cage bursts through the curtain, smashing lesnar in the back with a chair saving his tag partner, He lifts lesnar up and powebombs him off the stage through 2 tables below, the referee starts a 10 count on lesnar which he cant get to his feet before the ref gets to the end of it
Winner by KO- Michael Elgin

Post match
As we go off air the unbreakable f'n machines raise there arms in victory on the stage as they look down at Lesnar in the now broken merchandise and comentary tables below

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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by jai.roberts on Fri 30 May 2014, 9:59 pm

OPAL Wrestling Genesis

Arena: National Indoor Arena (Birmingham)
Attendance: 12,645

“Welcome everybody to the second season of OPAL Wrestling, hello everyone we're here live in Birmingham's NIA arena, the place is packed full of wrestling fans tonight, first off let me introduce you to our new announce team.  I'm Tony Shiavone joined by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Sunny is slo here” says Shiavone.  “Hi folks, that's right I am here, bringing some sunshine to OPAL Wrestling” says Sunny.  “Oh my god, Shiavone I cannot put up with her for the entire season, I'm....” Says The Brain but he is cut off.


Boo's echo around the arena, and out come's the GM of OPAL Vickie Guerrero.  “I'd like to welcome you all to the second season of OPAL, and I'd like to welcome back our Heavyweight Champion Solomon Crowe”

“Bad Things” hits and here comes Solomon Crowe, the title is firmly around his waist.

“Can we have a round of applause for the champion” boo's all around again and there is major heat on Guerrero and Crowe.  “You people don't know greatness when you see it.  To mark the first episode of Genesis, Solomon Crowe will defend his title tonight against Aiden English” says Guerrero.  “I hope you enjoy the first of many great shows we aim to put on here this season.”

Guerrero and Crowe leave the ring with major heat still, as they are walking back up the ramp Vickie is waving to the crowd lapping up the heat, and Crowe is trash talking at the crowd.

“Can you believe it, what a great match Vickie has given us tonight, I knew Crowe would be a fighting champion” says Heenan.  “Are you kidding? She's given him an easy match, giving the impression that he is a fighting champion.” says Shiavone “Now Tony, you know there are no easy matches in OPAL.  Let's go to ringside” says Sunny.

“This is an opening round match in the New Blood Tournament”

Shiavone says “Let’s talk for a moment about the New Blood Tournament, it’s an eight round elimination tournament the winner gets the title.  Once the champion has been decided the title will be on the line 24/7 it can be defended anywhere.  Whomever holds the title on the last Genesis before the second pay per view will earn a Heavyweight Title shot.”  Sunny adds “The men who will wrestle in the tournament are guys who have honed their skills around the globe, you may not have seen them before but trust me they are exciting, I know first-hand.”

“Beauty & Stupid” hits and out comes CIMA to a good ovation
“Cyboid” hits and here comes Kalisto.

From Sakai, Japan, weighing 180lbs, CIMA
His opponent from Chicago, Illinois, Weighing 178lbs, Kalisto

*Match starts out very fast paced, lots of reversals, CIMA starts to gain the upper hand.
*The bout is very fast paced, CIMA whips Kalisto to the ropes and hits a frankensteiner.
*CIMA dashes to the tope rope and manages to catch Kalisto with Meteora.
*Back to the top rope and CIMA goes for the Mad Splash, but Kalisto manages to move.
*Kalisto on the attack now, with vicious kicks, CIMA looks in trouble.
*Kalisto goes for another kick, CIMA catches his leg and leg drags him down to the mat.
*CIMA picks Kalisto up and hits him with the Schwein, picks up the win.

Winner CIMA

“What a match, what a great opening match for Genesis.  Kalisto gave it his all but CIMA pulled the win out of the bag.” says Shiavone.  “Those guys move so fast I can barely keep up with them, I have a bad neck you know! This New Blood Tournament sure looks great, and CIMA has advanced, back to ringside for another New Blood Matchup”

“Morning Glory” hits and here comes Noam Dar
“Strange” hits and out comes Hiroshi Tanahashi

From Tel Aviv, Israel, weighing 169lbs, Noam Dar
His opponent from Ogaki, Gifu, Japan, weighing 227lbs, Hiroshi Tanahashi

*Match starts both guys getting some good shots away, back and forth very even in the contest
*Dar starts to take control of Tanahashi, using his technical skill to ground him, taking him down with grapples.
*Dar continues to wear down Tanahashi, working him over with headlocks, armbars and leg locks.
*Dar whips Tanahashi into the ropes and goes for a kick to the gut but Tanahashi catches his leg and hits the Dragon Screw Leg Whip.
*Tanahashi, goes to the top rope, and goes for a splash but Dar moves, and Tanahashi eats canvas.
*Dar goes for a figure four, but Tanahashi reverses and gets a roll up for the two count.
*Both men are back to their feet back and forth blows, when Tanahashi drops to the floor.
*Thinking he’s got Tanahashi where he wants him, Dar taunts the crowd but Tanahashi was playing possum.
*He takes Dar down and locks in the Torture Cloverleaf and Dar taps out.

Winner – Hiroshi Tanahashi

“Noam Dar was robbed there by Tanahashi, he pulled a real pearl harbour job there Shiavone” says Heenan.  “What match were you watching Brain? Noam Dar let his guard down, and Tanahashi took advantage of the situation, that’s the difference between good and great” replies Shiavone.  “Speaking of great have you guys visited the Storm Saloon?” says Sunny

We cut to a backstage area, and we see James Storm behind the bar with a sign behind him reading “Storm Saloon”.  Kurt Angle walks in “Hey James, can I grab a milk please?” “Milk? Milk? Why insult me Kurt? If you come in here you buy ALE, real ALE.” Replies Storm.  “But I don’t drink, and I’ve got a match, I need my milk” says Angle.  “You’re barred Kurt get out man.”

“Medal” hits and to a massive pop out comes Kurt Angle
“Dschinghis Khan” hits and out comes Uhaa Nation
“Feuer Frei!” hits and out comes Chessman

From Pittsburgh, PA, weighing 240lbs, Kurt Angle
His opponent, from Sacramento, CA, weighing 264lbs, Uhaa Nation
Their Opponent, from Villa Nicolas Romero, Mexico, weighing 231lbs, Chessman

*Match starts with Uhaa and Chessman doubling up and going after Kurt, but he fights back knocking Chessman and Uhaa down to the mat.
*Angle goes after Chessman, tries to lock in his Ankle Lock, but Uhaa is there to make the save, and Uhaa grabs Kurt and lifts him above his head.
*Uhaa tosses Angle over the top rope and Angle hits the floor hard.  Uhaa then hits Chessman with a massive belly to belly suplex.
*Uhaa goes for a Suicide Dive, aiming for Angle who moves and Uhaa crashes into the announce table.
*Kurt quickly goes into the ring and grabs Chessman hitting him the Angle slam.
*Kurt then locks in the Ankle Lock on Chessman who taps out, while Uhaa is struggling to getback into the ring.

Winner Kurt Angle

“Kurt Angle there with an impressive debut match, Tony, looks like he didn't miss that milk.” says Sunny.  “Kurt is going to be a force to reckon with here on OPAL Brain” says Shiavone.  “He's no Ric Flair” says Heenan

“Like You Want” hits and here come Von Eerie.
“#Emmalution” hits and out comes Emma.
“Pure Rock Fury” hits and Shanna is next.
“Stars in the Night” hits and here comes Paige.

From Sacramento, CA, weighing 123lbs, Christina Von Eerie
Her opponent from Melbourne, Australia, weighing 132lbs, Emma
Their opponent from Lisbon, Portugal, weighing 119lbs, Shanna
Finally, from Norwich, England, weighing 120lbs, Paige

Joseph Parks is spotted at ringside, he is holding a sign that reads “EMMAlution”

*Match starts with Emma taking on CVE and Paige locking up with Shanna.
*CVE gets the upper hand on Emma, ramming her into the buckle and hitting a shoulder tackle.
*Shanna is in control of Paige, hitting her with blows and kicks, following up with a perfect suplex.
*CVE misses a splash in the corner when Emma moves out of the way, rolling her up and getting a two count.
*Shanna stays in control of Paige hitting a DDT, then picking her up and tossing her over the rope to the floor.
*Shanna then goes after Emma, grabbing her and goes for another DDT, but Emma reverses it and hits a clothesline, CVE is back on her feet and she and Emma start to double team Shanna.
*They hit Shanna with a double clothesline, and toss her out of the ring, but Paige is back and hits a Paige Turner on CVE.
*Goes for the cover but Emma drags Paige off and locks her in the EMMA-Lock and Paige taps out.

Winner and number one contender Emma

“What on earth is she doing in the ring, what's with the dance, and why are you doing it?” says Heenan referring to Sunny.  “Come on look even Joseph Parks is doing it over there in the crowd” says Sunny.  Joseph Parks is seen doing Emma's dance in the crowd.  “Oh my god he's lost his mind” says Heenan.  “More important than the dance, Emma is the number one contender for MsChif's ChickFight title” says Shiavone.

“Up next we are going to see Intercontinental Champion in tag team action as he teams up with ECIII to take on our legendary imports LA Par-K and Tiger Mask” says Sunny, “He’s number four you know, he’s not even the real one” says Heenan.

“United Divided” hits and here come Silas Young and ECIII
“Bad to the Bone” hits and here come LA Par-K and Tiger Mask

First at a combined weight of 429lbs, Silas Young and ECIII
Their opponents combined weight of 446lbs, LA Par-K and Tiger Mask

*Match starts with Young and Tiger Mask starting out, Tiger Mask easily gaining the upper hand.
*Young tries to get back in the match, but Tiger reverses and hits him with the Tiger Driver.
*Young rolls to the outside and grabs his title, and walks back to the locker room seaming to have had enough of Tiger Mask.
*EC3 looks confused and gets in the ring, he is still looking toward the locker room shouting after Young.
*Tiger spins him round and hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver and picks up the three count.

Winners LA Par-K & Tiger Mask IV

After the match we see Tiger Mask and La Par-K dancing around in the ring and then they head to the back.


Vickie Guerrero comes out onto the ramp and the crowd is giving her some serious heat.  “EXCUSE ME!!!” Vickie continues as she walks to the ring.  Vickie enters the ring and says “I hope you people are enjoying MY show, and here is your Heavyweight Champion, Solomon Crowe” says Vickie.  Crowe comes to the ring.

“You see Mr. Crowe proved himself to me last season, when he survived the Chamber match with no help from his stable.  Now we have agreed that together Solomon and I will rule OPAL Wrestling” Guerrero says.

Vickie is drawing a lot of heat from the crowd.

“Here comes the Money” hits and the crowd erupt, Shane makes his way to the ring and Vickie is looking confused and has a worried look on her face”

“First off let me just say it’s called Kayfabe people, get over it” says Shane.  “Now Vickie, you are probably wondering why I am here, well I’d be happy to tell you but there is someone who can say it better than me, and being as we are in Birmingham, England”

“Rebel Son” hits and Bad News Barrett is being raised up on his podium to a great ovation from the crowd.

“Can I have some decorum please” says Barrett, “I have been asked by Shane, to inform Ms. Vickie Guerrero that I have some BAD NEWS!!!!” Barrett continues laughing.  “You see because of your decisions that season Ms. Guerrero, OPAL Wrestling’s price on the stock market fell dramatically and people on Wall Street started selling their shares, Mr. McMahon, purchased all of the shares” continues Barrett.  “Meaning your services are no longer required Ms. Guerrero, thank you and good night” says Barrett as the podium goes back down and “Rebel Son” plays again.

“Vickie, this is now my company, my show, my Heavyweight Title” says Shane.  “Why would I want you here, hell I’d rather have Heath Slater here than you.  So Vickie YOU’RE FIRED!!!”

Vickie screams at Shane as she leaves the ring in tears, she walks up the ramp as the crowd chants “NA NA NA NA HEY HEY GOODBYE!!”

“Right now that the unpleasantness has left the building, let me address our title match tonight, Solomon Crowe will be in action but against a worthy opponent, let’s say Sheamus”

Shane exits the ring and the crowd is on it's feet, cheering, and here comes Sheamus bursting to the ring.

*Crowe and Sheamus go back and forth with big blows reigning down, but the bigger Sheamus gets the upper hand.
*Sheamus beat Crowe down with big axe handles to the back of the neck, he picks Crowe up and whips him to the turnbuckle.
*Sheamus charges with a big kick, but Crowe ducks sending Sheamus groin first to the buckle.
*Crowe rolls him up and picks up a two count, Crowe picks up Sheamus and starts hitting him, but Sheamus no sells them and roars, Crowe runs.
*Crowe slides out of the ring, with Sheamus chasing, Crowe suddenly stops and give Sheamus a big lariat.
*Crowe throws Sheamus into the ring and covers, he gets a 2 count, he starts to complain to the ref, but while he is complaining Sheamus grabs him and throws him over the ropes.
*Sheamus hits the Beats of the Bodhrám and Crowe falls to the floor outside.
*The referee starts the count, and at four Crowe starts to walk away, but Sheamus chases him down and tosses him back into the ring.
*Sheamus gets back into the ring and goes for a Brogue Kick, Crowe once again ducks and Sheamus hits the ref with the Brogue Kick, and the ref is out.
*Crowe gets out of the ring, and grabs a sledgehammer, while Sheamus is checking the ref, Crowe smashes him over the head, Crowe shakes the ref who is coming around, and covers Sheamus for the three count.

Winner Solomon Crowe

The show closes with Crowe stumbling back up the ramp, he looks socked that he has managed to walk out of here with the title still around his waist.  
“Solomon Crowe got lucky tonight folks, but he walks out of here with the Heavyweight Title” says Shiavone.  “Crowe is a champion you can all be proud of, he does what it takes to win and retain the championship, that’s what I always told my guys to do, that’s the mark of a great champion” says Heenan.  “Well that’s all the time we’ve got tonight see you all next week goodnight” says Sunny.


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Week 2 Starts here Tactic Submissions s7 3559488474


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XPW Week 2 vs Opal

Injury - Luke Harper

Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton welcome everyone to Week 2 of XPW, Going through the highlights of last weeks show with the Debut of the The Age of the Fall and Seth Rollins winning the XPW World Title

Opening Segment

Screams blare around the arena as "The Haunted" plays as The Age Of the Fall comes out to cheering from the XPW Crowd.

Tyler Black/Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher climb in the ring with Jacobs grabbing the mic.

"Tonight is the start of a new beginning, A new era of XPW where the chaos will rule the roost, We came here for 1 specific reason and one only and that's Bray Wyatt. He's the master of his own world and brainwashes people into following his deluded craziness"

"So it's time to bring Bray back to reality by tearing down the family one by one, piece by piece"

"The Man In Me" Hits as XPW General Manager comes out to booing from the crowd and stands atop the stage with mic in hand.

"Last week you invaded the XPW World Title match and helped Tyler Win the world title, I cannot allow this and will not allow this. So tonight Tyler you will defend that title against a hand picked person of my choice but as of now Jimmy & Necro you will be in action immediately.

The XPW Crowd boo as Dixie laughs as she drops the mic and heads backstage.

Match 1 - Jimmy Jacobs/Necro Butcher vs Adam Cole/Kyle O Reilly

"The Future Is Here" Hits As Adam Cole & Kyle O Reilly heads out to the ring to booing from the XPW Crowds

- Both members of the Age Of the Fall kick Cole & O Reilly down and start laying in the punches as Jacobs & Butcher land a double flapjack on Cole before the ref forces Butcher out the ring
- Jacobs continues to beat down Cole on the mat with stiff shots the jaw and ribs, Jacobs eventually lets Cole up the a knee and starts to kick away at his chest before a running kick to the head, Jacobs then goes for a german getting a 2 count
- Jscobs backs Cole into the corner and tags in Necro and takes Cole down with a death valley driver, Butcher goes to pull Cole up but Cole eye pokes him and pushes him into the corner and starts to distract the ref
- O Reilly starts to choke Butcher in the corner whilst the ref is distracted, Cole goes over and tags in O Reilly and they double team Butcher landing a double superkick for a 2 count
- O Reilly drags Butcher to his feet and locks in the guillotine choke, Butcher eventually drags himself to the ropes but O Reilly holds on for a 4 count
- O Reilly drags Butcher back to the corner and vines his legs and tags in Cole, Cole springboards into the ring and lands a leg drop to the back on the head. Cole then goes for the Florida Key but Butcher counters into the Necro bomb and both men are down in the middle of the ring
- Both men drag themselves to their respective corners and get the tags with O Reilly charging Jacobs but he ducks and lands a spear, Jacobs goes for the Contra Code but O Reilly pushes Jacobs towards his corner and charges with a boot taking out Cole as Jacobs ducks
- O Reilly goes to attack but Jacobs kicks his legs away and tags in Butcher and they double team O Reilly with a Necro Bomb followed by a diving senton from Jacobs for the 3 count

Winners - The Age of the Fall

Screams blare out as The Age Of the Fall Celebrate their impressive victory over Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly.

Backstage Segment
Kazuchika Okada heads into Dixie Carter's office.

"Last week i was screwed over, I want a match for the title and i want it tonight.

Dixie laughs at Okada

" You won't be getting a title match Kazuchika, You are going to do as i say and if you don't im going to fire your ass back to Japan on the next flight out of here, So tonight you will face Tensai now get the hell out of my office"

Match 2 - Tensai vs Kazuchika Okada

"Rainmaker" hits as a peed off Kazuchika Okada heads down to the ring looking bent on kicking Tensai's head in.
"Shin Nihon Puroresu, Ichiban!" Hits as Tensai heads out accompanied by Mr Fuji.

- Okada heads out the ring and meets Tensai up the ramp and start brawling around the outside of the arena throwing him into the ringpost.
- Okada grabs a chair and starts laying waste to Tensai with multiple shots to the back trying to take the big man down.
- Okada swings for the head but Tensai lands a bicycle kick to the chair kicking in back in his face before throwing Okada into the ring as the ref starts the match
- Tensai grabs Okada by the throat and deadlifts him from the mat and lands a chokebomb for a 2 count.
- Tensai runs against the ropes and goes for the senton and nails it.
- Mr Fuji climbs onto the ropes and tells Tensai to end it, Tensai grabs Okada by the face and goes for clawhold STO but Okada reverses on the way down into a Koji Clutch.
- Tensai struggles towards the ropes and Mr Fuji jabs Okada in the eye with his cane for the DQ

Winner - Kazuchika Okada

After the match Tensai rises to his feet and lands the Claw hold STO on Okada before heading out of the ring and pulling a table out from under the ring and setting it up against the railings from the ring apron. Tensai grabs Okada and powerbombs him out of the ring and through the table on the outside.

Tensai & Mr Fuji head up the ramp to booing from the crowd as the Medics tend to Okada on the outside.

Tom Phillips says we've just seen one hell of a brawl from Okada & Tensai and this is far from over.

Backstage Segment
We head out to a church in the middle of nowhere where Bray Wyatt is standing at the altar as he preaches his beliefs to his followers at the end the whole church stands chanting "Follow the Buzzards"

Match 3 - Bray Wyatt vs Jay Lethal

This match was setup last week by Dixie Carter after Lethal complained that he wasn't in the tournament.

"A Lethal Dose" Hits as Jay Lethal comes out to a big pop from the XPW crowd.

The Wyatt Family static hits as the Bray lights his lantern and says "We're Here"
"Live In Fear" Hits as Bray heads down to the ring with the family behind him.

- Both men lock up in the centre of the ring with Bray backing up Lethal into the corner and goes for a pot shot but Lethal ducks and lands several shots of his own.
- Lethal whips Wyatt across the ring and charges at him but Bray catches him and lands a STO slam.
- Bray runs the ropes and lands the senton splash for a 2 count, Bray pulls Lethal to his feets and goes for Sister Abigail but Lethal reverses into the Lethal Injection.
- Lethal goes for the cover but Harper & Rowan climb up onto the apron distracting the ref.

"The lights go out around the arena and when they come back on Jimmy Jacobs is standing where Luke Harper was before climbing through the ropes and attacking Rowan on the otherside of the ring and all the way to backstage"

- Lethal heads to the ring apron and goes for the Lethal Injection II but Bray catches him on the way down straight into Sister Abigail for the 3 count.

Winner - Bray Wyatt

Bray kneels in the centre of the ring and shouts "Follow The Buzzards"

Byron Saxton says that Jay Lethal had this match wrapped up until the family got involved, What we don't know is where the hell Luke Harper is.

Backstage Segment

A letter arrives to Dixie, She takes a peek and scrunches it up angrily as the Camera catches the intials DVD & BRD at the bottom of it.

Tom Phillips wonders what the letter said.

Match 4 - Christopher Daniels vs Ricochet

Up next we have the debut of the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

"Ready to Fall" Hits as Ricochet comes out to a pop from the XPW Crowd.
"Wings of a Fallen Angel" as Christopher Daniels comes out to a mixed reception from the XPW Crowd.

- Both men lock up in the centre of the ring and chain wrestle with Daniels getting the best of Ricochet and slapping across the back of his head.
- Both men lock up again with Daniels putting Ricochet in a headlock but he shoves him off against the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block.
- Daniels pulls Ricochet up and goes for the death valley driver but Ricochet twists around into a backslide driver for a 2 count
- Ricochet heads to the ring apron and goes for a springboard DDT before going up to the top rope for the 630 senton but Daniels rolls out the way.
- Daniels runs against the ropes and lands the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels pulls up Ricochet for the Angels Wings but Ricochet reverses into a hurricarana pin
- Daniels kicks out at 2 and Ricochet goes for the Benadryller but Daniels grabs his leg and kicks him in the gut and lands the Angel's Wings for the 3 count

Winner - Christopher Daniels

Tom Phillips says that Christopher Daniels has impressed on his XPW Debut.

Backstage Segment
We see Daniel Bryan talking to Byron Saxton and says that he will not rest until he is XPW World Champion. Dixie Carter walks into shot and says if he wants to be champion then he can have the shot tonight.

Bryan & Saxton look at each other surprised by Dixie.

Match 5 - Super Crazy vs Hernandez

"5150" Hits as Hernandez heads out to the ring to cheering from the XPW Crowd
"Papercut" Hits as Super Crazy heads out to cheering as well.

Looks like the crowd are winners tonight as Lets go Crazy, Lets go Hernandez chants spread around the arena.

- Both men lock up and Hernandez throws Crazy back across the ring and goes for the body splash but Crazy moves out the way and tries to go for the quick roll up for a 2 count.
- Crazy runs back at Hernandez who throws him up in the air but Crazy turns it in hurricarana counter
- Crazy springboards off the ropes and goes for the moonsault but Hernandez catches him on his shoulders and powerbombs him to the mat for a 2 count.
- Hernandez drags Crazy to his feet and lifts him up for a vertical suplex and holds up for a 10 count then slams him down.
- Hernandez heads out to the ring apron and slingshots himself into the ring but get caught with a superkick from Crazy
- Crazy goes for his trio of moonsaults but Hernandez rolls out the way of the 3rd.
- Hernandez charges across the ring and lands a thunderous clothesline turning Crazy inside out and hoists up Crazy for the border toss for the 3 count.

Winner - Hernandez

Hernandez pulls Super Crazy to his feet after the match and shakes his hand as sign of respect.

Backstage Segment
We go backstage to The Age of the fall where they have Luke Harper chained to a pipe in the depths of the XPW Arena.

Jacobs approaches Harper..."We're doing this to save you and Jacobs gets close to his ear and calls him Brodie.

Main Event - XPW World Title - Tyler Black vs Daniel Bryan

Screaming is heard around the arena as "The Haunted" plays as XPW World Champion Tyler Black heads down to the ring to a pop from the XPW Crowd

"The Final Countdown" hits as Daniel Bryan charges the ring chanting YES!

The Wyatt Family static hits as the lights goes out and come back on with Bray sat at ringside in his rocking chair.

- Both men lock up with Bryan getting the upper hand wrestling Black to the mat and starts stamping away at his arms and lands several leg drops onto his arm.
- Bryan kicks away at Black as he gets to his knees and lands several to his chest before aiming to the head but Black ducks under and lands a tiger suplex for a 2 count.
- Black pulls up Bryan and lands a vertical suplex into a STO, Black runs the ropes and lands a shooting star splash.
- Bryan slowly rises to his feet and Black goes for a superkick to the jaw but Bryan ducks and he takes out the referee.
- Bryan lands the knee to the face and goes for the pin but the ref is out cold.

Bray Wyatt climbs out of his chair and rolls into the ring and pulls Bryan off of Black and lands Sister Abigail onto Bryan.

- Black starts to come around with Bray standing over Daniel Bryan looking bemused as Bray starts laughing manicially before heading back to his rocking chair.
- Black takes advantage of the situation and pulls Bryan to his feet and nails him with the God's Last Gift as the ref comes around to count the 3.

Winner and still XPW Champion - Tyler Black

Bray Wyatt rolls into the ring with the XPW World Title in his hands and lays out Black with the title and stands with his arms stretched out wide with title in his hand shouting "Follow The Buzzards" as XPW Goes off air as the commentators wonder why Bray attacked Bryan to help Tyler Black.


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Week 2 YCW vs GOW

Singing of the Yorkshire Anthem

JoJo comes out to the ring and gives the crowd another rendition of on Ilkley Moor Ba Tat, which is enjoyed by the Yorkshire crowd, she bows then walks backstage

Opening Segment

Big Daddy walks out to address the crowd, gone is his wrestling attire and instead he is dressed in sharp suit, the crowd cheer his arrival. Big Daddy tells the crowd he is here to add more detail to the events that closed the last addition of scrap.

Big Daddy reveals that after long consideration and interviewing at least one candidate they found they found the right man to lead YCW forward, Big daddy then pauses for dramatic effect before revealing the man chosen to be himself which is greeted by more applause.

Big Daddy asks for Eric to come to the stage, Eric comes out and Big Daddy wastes no time in making it clear that his services are no longer needed and he doesn’t expect him to have any further role in the running of YCW, Big Daddy then tells Eric he is sacked to more cheers from the crowd, Eric walks into the back a beaten man once more in tears.

Big Daddy then says he is bringing some dignity back to this company and calls last week a shambles, however he does state Eric was right and the company does need to be innovative so he has come up with some new concepts.

Jojo Gail Kim and Layla then wheel out three covered objects

Big Daddy takes off the first cover to reveal a three silver belts, Big Daddy reveals that he is fed up with boring tag matches of four people, form this point forward YCW will have a triples championship, three men on each side and there will be two semi finals tonight to decide who makes it through to the final, he has chosen the teams himself.

He removes the second cloth to reveal another championship with a huge belt strap. Big Daddy says he is fed up of big men being discriminated against so has created a belt just for them, the super heavyweight Championship, where competitor must fulfil a certain criteria to compete, Big Daddy will decide if the men fit the bill.

Lastly he removes the third cloth to reveal a beautiful white gold championship in the shape of a rose, Big daddy explains that this is what the best superstars should aim for, he says he will study each competitor each week before deciding the four best superstars, to face off at the first PPV. Big Daddy explains that since Regal would have one the star prize on Erics show last week he will be the first competitor in this match.

Big Daddy then says its show time

Match 1 Triples Semi Final

Hornswoggle/Drew McIntyre/Jinder Mahal vs Titus O’Neill/Bobby Lashley/AR Fox

• Jinder Mahal and Lashley start us off, Lashley takes the advantage with a clothesline
• Lashley then tags in AR Fox and he continues to work Mahal with a Kickflip Dive for a 2 count
• AR fox then tags in O’Neill who continues the work with a Standing Fallaway slam
• O’Neill goes for a short arm clothesline but Mahal ducks and hits a Neck Breaker and tags in Mcintyre
• Mcintyre works on O’Neill hitting him with a Tilt-a-whirl gut buster for a 2 count
• Mcintyre then hits a hangmans neckbreaker before tagging in Mahal
• Fandangos music plays which causes McIntyre to leave the ring and Mahal distracted
• O’Neill makes the tag to Lashley who hits Mahal with a spear and covers
• Hornswoggle attempts the save but is taken out by AR Fox
• Bobby Lashley gets the three count

Winners Titus O’Neill/Bobby Lashley/AR Fox

Backstage Segment

Damien Sandow knocks on Big Daddys door, he enter room, Sandow says he has seen he is due to compete in a match later with Goldust and Cody tonight but feels he is unable to compete after eating some bad shrimp last night and hopes to be excused, Big Daddy does not seem impressed but says he doesn’t want anybody staining his ring, so he says he will find someone else to replace him.

Match 2

Alberto Del Rio vs Magnus

• Both men lock up before Del Rio takes the advantage with an Arm Wringer
• Del Rio makes his advantage pay by hitting a Double Knee Backbreaker and covers for a 1 count
• Del Rio continues to work on Magnus with multiple kick variations, before throwing Magnus to the corner
• Del Rio goes for the step up enziguiri but Magnus dodges and hits a European uppercut
• Both men catch their breath before exchanging blows, Magnus get the upper hand with a scoop lift into a vertical suplex
• Magnus cover Del Rio for a 2 count before lifting him and hitting a Powerbomb
• Magnus then lifts Del Rio again and places him in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf
• Del Rio tries to reach the ropes but is unsuccessful and taps

Winner Magnus

Backstage Segment

Drew Mcintyre is once more unhappy about the distraction from Fandango during the match, he doesn’t understand how Fandango is taking him getting the question wrong so badly. Fandango appears in the locker room and tell Drew tis is far from over, the two men begin to brawl and have to separated by security guards and Jinder and Hornswoggle

In Ring Segment

Mark Henry is in the ring and questions what he is supposed to do with the tickets he saved from last week now Eric has been fired he doesn’t appear to be happy as he really wanted the remote control car. Big Daddy comes out and tells Mark he is well aware of the issue Eric has caused, which is why later tonight in the main event he has decided Mark will compete for the Super Heavyweight Championship, but it will be against a man of Big Daddys choosing and due to Mark whining he has something special planned.

Match 3

Eric Young vs John Cena vs William Regal

• John Cena takes the early advantage making the most of his height and weight advantage
• John Cena hits a Gutwrench Suplex for a 1 count
• Johnthrows Eric into the ropes and goes for a diving crossbody but eric ducks and counters with a Superkick
• Eric hits a backbreaker on Cena and covers for a 1 count
• Eric lifts Cena up and attempts a death valley driver but Cena fights his way out and hits a Spinebuster
• Cena places Eric in a half nelson before dropping into a neck breaker
• Cena covers for a 2 count before arguing with the ref, Eric attempts a small package for a two count before Cena Kicks out
• Eric attempts a moonsault but cena rolls out the way, as eric gets to his feet Cena hits a running Bulldog
• Cena sets up for the five knuckle shuffle and hits it
• Cena Picks up Eric and hits him with the AA and covers for a three count

Winner John Cena

Backstage Segment

Cody and Goldust discussing who their new partner will be now that Sandow has gone home with a dodgy stomach, they say the person better buy into their values or they will refuse to tag them into the match, Bo Dallas can be seen listening into the conversation before revealing he is the man Big Daddy has chosen to replace Sandow and if they refuse to tag him he will take things into his own hands its their choice, Goldust and Cody share a stare before nodding.

Match 4 Triples Semi Final

Bo Dallas/Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs Brodus Clay/Viscera/Great Khali

• Great Khali and Goldust start us off and lock up, Khali shows his strength to take the advantage.
• Khali tosses Goldust into the corner and hits a series of elbows before slapping the chest of Goldust
• Khali throws Goldust from the corner into the ropes and attempts a big boot, Goldust uses his speed and ducks before coming back with a rolling Senton
• Both men are down Goldust eventually makes the tag to Cody Rhodes, Khlai sruggles to make it to his corner.
• Cody hits a knee drop on his struggling opponent before covering, Khali powers out after one
• Both men stand and Brodus slaps the back of Khali tagging himself in, Brodus charges at Cody and hits a Forearm club.
• Brodus lifts up Cody and Delayed scoop slam before attempting a Tongan Death Grip
• Cody counters with a kick to stomach and a Russian legsweep
• Cody tags in Bo, Brodus crawls to his corner, but Khali takes out viscera and steps down from the apron
• Bo runs across the ring and hits the double underhook DDT for the 3 count.

Winner Bo Dallas/Cody Rhodes/Goldust

Backstage Segment

John Cena bumps into Big Daddy and says he hopes he watched his match tonight, how he took apart William Regal, he asks if he did enough to warrant a place in the match for the White Rose Championship, Big Daddy tells John that it was a good start but he wants to see more from John before naming him in the match, he says that next week if John is able to win again, he will consider making him the second competitor, but he says the match will not be an easy victory as he wants to test John, John says it doesn’t matter as he will never give up.

In Ring Segment

Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring ready for his match for the Super Heavyweight Championship, he waits in the ring for his competitor, Big Daddys music begins to play and Mark Does not look amused. Big Daddy walks out still dressed in his suit with microphone in hand, he explains to Mark that he is not his competitor but has come to name the person himself, but he has the surprise for Mark first

Hands up by Ottawan begins to play and to Mark surprise his son walks out from behind the curtain with Tamina Snuka, Tamina explains that her and Marks son have been in a relationship and are expecting Marks first Grandson, but seen as Mark has never been there for his son they want him to have nothing to do with the child, unless Mark proves to them the child is worth fighting for and leaves the ring now and comes with them to the ultra sound, to find out the sex of the child be it male, female or hand.

Big Daddy then says its Mark choice but id he leaves he forfeits is shot at the championship and instead the belt will go to his competitor tonight Umaga.

Umaga music then hits and he makes his way down to the ring, he stops and the side of Marks son and hits him with a Samoan Drop before continuing to the ring, Mark goes to climb out of the ring but Big Daddy tells him if he steps foot out of the ring or lays a finger on Umaga before the first bell he will count it as a forfeit. Umaga climbs into the ring and goes to his corner.

Big Daddy tells Mark to choose Mark states that he will fight but hopes his son will understand he is doing this for him, Marks son makes some shapes with his fingers. Tamina translates that he says he gave Mark the choice and he has chosen the belt over his son for which he will never forgive him and he hopes he is happy with his decision. Tamina and the hand then leave.

Match 5 Super Heavyweight Championship Match

Mark Henry vs Umaga

• Mark Henry goes to lock up but Umaga rocks him with a headbutt
• Umaga hits Mark with two handed choke lift and covers for a one count
• Umaga lifts up Marks and throws him against the ropes and hits a reverse STO
• Umaga throws Mark against the ropes again and attempts the Samoan Spike but Mark hits him with a huge flying crossbody
• Mark Covers Umaga Kicks out after 2, Mark works on the body of Umaga
• Mark Lifts up Umaga and places him in a bear hug, umaga fights out with some headbutts
• Umaga then hits Mark with a Samoan Drop and covers for a two count
• Umaga Lifts Mark up and hits the Samoan Spike which floors Mark
• Umaga then connects with a Wild Samoan Splash and covers for the 3 count to become champion

Winner Umaga, New Super Heavyweight Champion

End Segment

The show ends with Umaga holding the championship up high with Mark looking on disappointed at losing the championship his son and grandchild in one night.


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OPAL Wrestling Genesis

Arena: Motorpoint Arena (Sheffield)
Attendance: 13,150

vs. XPW

The show opens with the camera panning around a packed Motorpoint Arena, when “Here Comes the Money” hits and the crowd erupt.

Shane McMahon heads to the ring embracing the fans as he walks down the aisle, Shane enters the ring and grabs the mic.

SM – “It was Vickie Guerrero’s bad calls that put the championship on Solomon Crowe, you the fans boo him every week, and now he has been champion for 237 days.  You fans deserve better, and dammit I am going to give you better, Solomon Crowe I want my title back.  But I don’t just want you to hand it over I will take great pleasure in beating it off you, not me personally, my wrestling days are behind me.  But I have hand-picked another opponent for you tonight”

“Medal” hits and here comes Kurt Angle to a good pop, who gets in the ring and shakes the hand of Shane McMahon.  

KA “Solomon, I’m coming for the title tonight, I am going to hurt you and make you tap.”
SM “Crowe there is one more piece of information you need, as soon as you lose the Heavyweight Title, your contract will be terminated”

“Here Comes the Money” hits and Shane and Kurt leave together

Tony Shiavone “Wow, what an announcement from the boss regarding the title”
Bobby Heenan “You can bet your last cent that Kurt Angle will take the title tonight”
Sunny “Enough of the chit chat guys, it’s time to hit the ring and New Blood Tournament”

“Hadou” hits and out comes a serious looking Hirooki Goto
“Blood #5” hits and here comes Nakuri Doi

Introducing first from Ikoma, Japan, weighing 180lbs, Nakuri Doi
His opponent, from Kuwana, Japan, weighing 227lbs, Hirooki Goto

*The match starts with Goto instantly using his strengths to gain the upper hand.
*Goto quickly tosses Doi to the outside, and taunts the crowd.  Doi gets to his feet and starts pacing thinking how to get back in the match.
*Doi gets back in the ring, they tie up and Doi uses a roundhouse sweep kick to take Goto off his feet, surprising him.
*Goto quickly gets back to his feet and starts beating on Doi, with a relentless attack of fists and kicks.
*Goto picks a groggy Doi up and hits him with a big powerbomb, then drops the elbow on him.
*A relentless Goto keeps on the attack with stomps a legdrop, more elbows, the ref tries to move him away but Goto stays on the attack.
*Nakuri Doi looks unable to continue as Goto continues picking him up for hard slams, the referee finally stops the match.

Winner: Hirooki Goto

After the match is over Goto continues to assault Doi.  This continues until officials come to Nakuri Doi’s aid and prise Goto off him.  Goto celebrates on the ramp, taunting the fans, obviously delighted he is through to the Semi Finals.

TS “Another great new blood match we witnessed, however it was bossed by Hirooki Goto.”
BH “Yes it did, and Goto looked dangerous Shiavone, he looked like me in my prime.  I used to boss my matches”
S “So, that’s enough BS from Bobby, I’m told we have tag team action now, number one contender Emma and Kay Lee Ray take on ChickFight champion MsChif and Cherry Bomb”
BH “Oh no, look there is Joseph Parks again, and he’s got his EMMAlution sign, this guy’s nuts”

“The Game” plays and out comes Kay Lee Ray & Emma
“Cherry Bomb” plays and here comes the team of Cherry Bomb & MsChif

First at a total combined weight of 244lbs, Emma & Kay Lee Ray
Their opponents combined weight of 255lbs Cherry Bomb & the ChickFight Champion MsChif

*Kay Lee Ray and Cherry Bomb starts the match, tie up very even in the first exchanges.
*Cherry starts to gain the advantage, and backs Kay Lee into the corner where MsChif who holds her while Cherry beats her.
*MsChif gets tagged in, and continues the beat down on Kay Lee, she hits a big slam on her and drops the elbow.
*MsChif goes to drop another elbow and misses as Kay Lee rolls out of the way, Kay Lee quickly gets up and hits MsChif with a standing dropkick.
*Kay Lee tags in Emma, and Emma comes in and starts to go on the attack on MsChif, who backs away and tags in Cherry Bomb.
*Emma easily gets the upper hand on Cherry Bomb, pushing her back into the buckle and hitting shoulder tackles to the gut.
*Emma locks Cherry in the EMMAlock, but MsChif comes in and breaks it up with a slapsh.
*Cherry then tags in MsChif, who stalks a downed Emma, she locks in the MUTA lock, but Kay Lee breaks it up
*MsChif whips Emma into the buckle and Cherry holds her, MsChif goes for the green mist but Emma moves and it hits Cherry Bomb.
*Emma goes behind and rolls up MsChif for the three count.

Winners Emma & Kay Lee Ray

After the match Emma and Kay Lee Ray start doing Emma’s dance, while MsChif is heading back up the ramp looking frustrated at being pinned.  Suddenly Joseph Parks jumps in the ring and stares at Emma, Kay Lee runs out of the ring.  Parks bursts into Emma’s dance and the music starts up again.  Kay Lee gets back in the ring and all three are dancing.

BH “Shiavone will you tell her to sit down and do her job”
S “Come on Bobby it’s fun, let yourself go”
TS “We’re going to Shane McMahon’s office now, simply to escape the madness here”

We cut to Shane’s office and he is there doing some paperwork, when there is a knock at the door.
SM “Come in.”  In bursts Heath Slater
HS “I’m here boss where do you want me to start?”
SM “What are you talking about? You’re not on my roster”
HS “Last week man, you said I’d rather have Heath Slater here than Vickie Guerrero, I must say you made the right choice”
SM “It was a figure of speech, like you are the last guy I want in my company, get out.”
Heath goes to leave looking downbeat.
SM “Hold on, since you’re here tonight, I’m going to give you a match.  If you win this match you get a contract here and an Intercontinental Title Shot”
HS “I won’t let you down boss.” As Slater leaves.

Aiden English emerges from onto the stage are with a mic.
“♪Memory, All alone in the moonlight, I can smile at the old days, Life was beautiful then, I remember, The time I knew what happens was, Let the memory live again♪” he sings as he is walking down to the ring.
“United Divided” plays and Silas Young the champion makes his entrance.

The announcer doesn’t have time to make the announcements as English attacks Young quickly

*English quickly takes advantage of Young, backing him into the corner and delivering some chops.
*Young is reeling seemingly not being able to get into the match, as English hits a snapmare and kicks Young in the spine.
*English raises Young to his feet and hits a perfect standing dropkick.
*English hits the Director’s Cut and gets back to his feet to gloat to the crowd.
*Young springs to his feet and yells at English “What the **** was that? I am the Last Real Man”
*He grapples with English and eventually locks him in the Stock Lock, and English quickly taps out.

Winner Silas Young

TS “Silas Young is looking very impressive tonight, he doesn’t look like he will be dropping that belt anytime soon”
BH “What let English down is he is spending too much time singing show tunes, now I’m all for a good musical, but Aiden time and a place”
S “What I can’t believe is Heath Slater may get a contract here in OPAL, that match is up next”

“Here Comes the Money” hits and Shane is out on the stage.
SM “Heath, get out here and earn your contract” Heath Slater comes out with no theme but a decent reaction from the crowd.  Slater gets in the ring, awaiting his opponents.
SM “Heath, you’re opponents for tonight are Sheamus and Batista.  Enjoy you’re match”

“Written in My Face” plays and Sheamus enters the fight.
“Unleashed” blasts out and Batista joins Sheamus in the ring

First from Pineville, West Virginia. 220lbs, Heath Slater
And a total combined weight of 543lbs, Sheamus & Batista

*The match starts with Batista very quickly taking advantage of Slater.
*Batista charges Slater to the corner and tosses him into nearly the other corner showing his power off.
*Batista tags in Sheamus, who maintains control, throwing him over the ropes and hitting the Beats of Bodhrán,
*Slater falls to the floor where he already looks a beaten man.
*Sheamus heads to the outside and nails Slater with a Brogue Kick.
*Sheamus brings him back to the ring, and Batista is asking for the tag to finish him off.
*Sheamus starts to argue with Batista saying he wants the pin, Batista is arguing back.
*Sheamus starts to line up for another Brogue Kick, but Batista hits Sheamus with a chair from behind.
*Heath starts to get to his feet and Batista levels him with the chair as well, and the referee rings the bell.

Winner via DQ Heath Slater

TS “Well Slater looks in a bad way, but he did win the match”
BH “I like Slater, he reminds me of me, get the win it doesn’t matter how he does it and now he has a title shot next week”
S “I wonder if he needs a groupie for his one man band, I’m partial to a bit of ginger”
BH “You’re partial to a bit of everything Sunny”
TS “Now, now you guys let’s get to New Blood action, tension in the air tonight”

“#1” hits and La Sombra comes out to a good pop
“Boys be a Tiger” hits and here come Tiger Mask IV

First from Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexiko, Weighing 176lbs, La Sombra.
and his opponent from Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, Weighing 191lbs, Tiger Mask IV

*Very fast opening where there is a lot of high flying La Sombra having the better of the exchange.
*La Sombra goes for a dropkick while Tiger is on the ropes, Tiger Moves and Sombra misses sending him to the outside.
*Tiger goes for the suicide dive and connects with Sombra, but lands a little awkwardly on his left leg.
*Tiger gets back into the ring and works the crowd, suddenly Sombra, jumps to his feet and in seconds is on the tope rope.
*Sombra hits a dropkick from the top rope but it’s so excellently done that Sombra hits it on Tiger’s ankle.
*Sombra then goes for a standing moonsault and lands again on the left knee.
*Mask starts fighting back with a few rights while he is grounded, but Sombra kicks him in the face quickly.
*Sombra continues to kick Tiger and he is defenceless, Sombra cover Mask for the three.

Winner La Sombra

BH “Did he have a Jumping Bean, Shiavone?”
TS “He certainly looked like he did, impressive stuff from La Sombra getting an important three count against Tiger Mask”
S “The crowd love the New Blood, but now we are heading to the Storm Saloon”

We cut to the Storm Saloon and we see James Storm cleaning glasses behind the bar, when in walks Nakuri Doi

ND: “こんにちは、私は友人を殴らと私は酒をお願いしたいと思います”
JS: Hey, little man, what did you just call me?”
Storm comes from around the bar and chases Doi out of the bar, Doi looks scared for his life in there.

BH “It’s time for the main event folks and Crowe’s title run looks to be ending”
TS “Yes, Bobby, Shane has made it clear that he wants his title back.  He’s given the match to Kurt Angle a multiple time champion, and I think he should be too much for Crowe”
S “I think you guys write Mr. Crowe off too soon, only time will tell”

“Medal” hits and here comes Kurt Angle
“Bad Things” hits and Solomon Crowe comes out displaying his title proud.

From the “Last House on the Left” 200lbs, The Heavyweight Champion, Solomon Crowe
Opponent Pittsburgh, PA, Weighing 240Ilbs, Kurt Angle

*Angle and Crowe lock up and it’s very even.  Crowe starts to back Angle into the corner.
*Crowe works over Angle with chops and elbow smashes, until Angle reverses it and locks him into a belly to belly suplex.
*Angle is on the attack now, working over the ankle as we know Kurt does, Crowe looks in pain.
*Angle goes for the Ankle Lock but Crowe reverses, with kicks from his left. Crowe tries to lock in the Stretch Muffler.
*Angle reverses it and locks in a armbreaker, Crowe gets to the ropes and looks relieved.
*Angle goes to grab him but Crowe abs a thumb in the eyes and rolls him up for the two count.
*Angle regains the advantage, when Uhaa Nation comes to the ringside area, Kurt look confused.
*Nation gets on the apron and starts shouting at Angle.
*Angle let’s go of Crowe and starts arguing back about the match last week, Uhaa goes to punch Angle, doesn’t, but Crowe rolls him up for the three over a stunned Angle

Winner Solomon Crowe

After the match Crowe grabs his title and get’s out of the arena, the crowd are really booing him.  Angle and Uhaa are still arguing in the ring, Uhaa grabs the mic.
UN “You never beat me last week Kurt, why wasn’t I in the title match”
KA “Because I’m Kurt Freekin Angle and I’m am better than you”
UN “You wanna go now?”
KA “You have just cost me the Heavyweight Title, yeah I wanna go now”
The two start brawling until “Break Away” hits and here comes Adam Rose and the Exotic Express, who surround the ring, they seem like they are having a great time.  Rose and the Express get in the ring and are dancing around with Kurt and Uhaa, who both get out of the ring and leave together.

BH “Seriously, will you stop Sunny dancing she is going to give me heart attack, and I’m only 21”
TS “You haven’t seen 21 in a long time, but why did Adam Rose bring his party to break up Kurt Angle and Uhaa Nation, Sunny?
S “Who knows?”
BH “She is busy”
TS “Goodnight Everyone”


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Episode 2:  Ripples in the Tide
The scene opens in the small council chambers, a dimly, lot room in the basement of the arena. The heads of the houses, Eddie Guerrero, Bret Hart, Paul Bearer and Rikishi meet with the McMahon head and king of the company, Vince McMahon. Vince is angry about the title change last week, that took place while he was passed out. He accuses Rikishi of cheating, that he waited until Vince wasn’t able to do anything to stop him. Rikishi admits to only accepting the challenge when Vince was out cold, to ensure a fair fight.
Vince’s attempts to get the council to side with him fail and he is forced to accept Reigns as the reigning world champion. The council reminds Vince that, while he is in charge of the company, that it is his, he needs the families, that he came to them for help when his company failed.
It is decided that Triple H get’s his rematch tonight in a cage match, with a 10 minute time limit. It is also decided that House Hart and House Bearer may put forward a candidate for the number one contendership for the pay per view. Vince sets up a rematch between the Gobbeldy Gooker and Curtis Axel. Eddie goads Vince into a bet, where if the Gooker wins, Hector may retire, if Axel wins, Shaul will marry Vince.
The opening sequence begins to play. As Rains of Castamere plays, the video shows the arena assembly. Starting with the ring assembly, the barrier being erected, five ramps and entrances. Next a banner is erected above each entrance, one to represent each house. Finally, a throne is set up on the House of McMahon stage.
We go live inside the arena, Vince takes his place upon his throne for the opening bout. Enough is Enough begins to play and Owen Hart appears on the Hart stage. He makes his way down to the ring and bows to Vince before climbing in the ring.
We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal, begins to play and Chavo Classic appears on the Guerrero stage. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs the steal steps. He climbs through the ropes and bows to Vince.
House Guerrero Vs House Hart
Chavo Classic Vs Owen Hart
Single match


  • The early stages of the match, both men feel each other out with a series of counters.
  • They lock up centre of the ring, Owen goes behind and takes Chavo for a belly to back suplex with a pin.
  • Chavo kicks out at one, both men back to their feet and lock up, Chavo sends Owen through the air with a German suplex.
  • He covers and Owen kicks out at one, quickly both men back to their feet, Owen throws Chavo to the ropes.
  • He bounces off the ropes and is thrown back towards Owen who looks for a spinning wheel kick.
  • Chavo ducks underneath and comes back with short line close line, followed up by an elbow.
  • Chavo drags Owen to his feet, Owen breaks free of Chavos grap and hits a gutwrench suplex.
  • Owen takes to the top rope and leaps off looking to land the diving head butt.
  • He nails it square and covers for the three

Winner – the representing the House of Hart – Owen Hart [5:43]
Owen offers Classic a handshake but, is refused. Owen annoyed by this gets up in Classic’s face. Chavo just wants to leave the ring but, Owen won’t let him. Chavo lashes out and slaps Owen in face before climbing out of the ring.
The scene changes to the Guerrero locker room. Shaul is prancing around the locker room with the women’s championship, believing that she’s untouchable. Eddie tells her to go prune else where while he and Hector discuss plans. The girl tells her father that he doesn’t hold a title so, she has more power than he does and she doesn’t have to do as he says. Eddie raises his voice and tells her firmly to go, she runs off leaving the two brothers alone. Hector asks Eddie if he knows what he’s doing with her, Eddie tells him he has called in a specialist.
We return to ring side, where Natalya is already in the ring, she challenges Shaul to come out and face her in a non title match. Shaul is happy to oblige and skips down to the ring with her music playing. Shaul’s music is cut off prematurely and we see Vicki Guerrero appear from the McMahon stage with Vince just behind her. The camera shows the Guerrero locker room, Hector asks why Eddie would call in Vicki, Eddie says he didn’t, he asked Natalya to wrestle with her. Vicki joins her daughter at ring side and talks with her before sending her in to the ring.
House Hart Vs House Guerrero
Natalya Vs Shaul Guerrero w/ Vicki Guerrero
Non title singles match


  • Natalya offers a hand shake to Shaul, who looks at her mother, Vicki nods and Shaul slaps Natalya.
  • Shaul follows up with a neck snap and several short slaps on the mat.
  • Shaul prances around the ring, allowing Natalya time to get to her feet.
  • Shaul doesn’t notice and prances right in to Natalya’s reach.
  • Natalya pulls Shaul in closer and powerslams her to the mat.
  • Natalya locks in the sharpshooter in the centre of the ring.
  • Shaul breaks free of the hold and rolls out the ring, she talks with Vicki before rolling back in.
  • The two girls lock up centre of the ring, Vicki attempts to slide Shaul a steel chair.
  • The ref catches the attempted cheat and removes the chair from the ring, while Natalya lands a delayed suplex.
  • Vicki slide another chair in the ring, Natalya picks up the chair to remove it but, the ref only sees the chair and awards the DQ.

Winner – representing the House of Guerrero – Shaul Guerrero [3:23]
Vicki and Shaul celebrate the win before heading backstage. Natalya, smiles as she realises she fell for the old Guerrero trick. In the back, Shaul and Vicki are met by Eddie, who tells them that Shaul has potential but, she has to train. She can’t always win by cheating.
The scene changes to the Bearer locker room. Kane and Bearer sit in the locker room talking when Vince enters. Vince asks who Paul is putting forward for the number one contendership match, he hopes that its Kane because he wants to see the Hart family burn. Paul tells him that he’ll be putting Mankind forward. He reassures Vince, that Mankind is completely different now. Vince asks what Bearer did to Mick Folley to make him so, much more violent and focused, Bearer just smiles.
The scene changes to the Hart locker room, Bulldog and Bret discuss who will represent the Hart household. When both men want themselves to be put forward, they decide to rock, paper scissors for it. As their hand comes down for the reveal, the power goes out in their locker room. Bret says he’ll go down to the boiler room and see what’s happened.
At ringside, Curtis Axel has made his way in to the ring. He takes in the hate of the crowd as he awaits his match. No Chance, fills her arena and Vince makes his way out of the Bearer locker room on to their stage. Vince swaggers down to the ring carry a briefcase. He opens it and produces the newly, forged Standard Championship, which presents to Curtis Axel for services rendered
Old MacDonald had a Farm begins to play. The Gobbeldy Gooker appears on the Guerrero stage. As he makes his way down the ramp he does the chicken dance, much to the amusement of Vince McMahon and Curtis Axel. He climbs the steps and trips into the ring. McMahon and Axel laugh before, Vince leave the ring and the ref takes the belt out of the ring.
House McMahon Vs House Guerrero
Curtis Axel Vs The Gobbledy Gooker
Singles Match
If Gooker wins Hector may retire, if Gooker loses Shaul MUST marry Vince McMahon

  • The Gookers posture changes drastically to a much more serious one, Axel laughs at the Gooker thinking he can fight.
  • Axel lunges at Gooker, who rolls out of the way and delivers a drop kick to the knee.
  • Axel drops to one knee and is taken met with Gooker’s forearm as he delivers a kneeling European uppercut.
  • Gooker drags Axel to his feet, he escapes Gooker’s grasp and rallies back with several rights.
  • Axel attempts to whip the Gooker, who reverses sending Axel to the ropes, he bounces back.
  • As Axel runs back to Gooker, Gooker follows up the whip with a monkey flip.
  • Gooker looks at the turnbuckle and then at Axel, Gooker decides to climb the turnbuckle.
  • He measures it up and leaps from the ropes, as he comes down looking for the frog splash, Axel rolls out the way.
  • Both men scramble back to their feet, they lock up centre of the ring, Eddie takes Axel for the first Amigo.
  • Eddie rolls his hips, brings himself and Axel up for the second, as he looks for the third, Axel counters with the perfect-plex pin combo for the three.

Winner – representing the House of McMahon – Curtis Axel [7:12]
Axel’s music blast out the sound system, filling the arena. Gooker sits on the mat in shock. He removes the head, revealing that it was actually Eddie in the costume. Axel taunts Eddie, who responds by attacking him with a vicious chair shot.
In the Anao’i locker room, Rikishi informs Jimmy and Naomi that they will be competing in a mixed tag match later against Kane and Lita, the winning team will decide the stipulation for the tag team championship match. He also discusses with Roman Reigns the plans for the main event.
The scene changes to the boiler room, Bret Hart enters the boiler room. He searches for the switch to return power to the Hart locker room. As he find it, he hears a noise coming from behind him, he turns to search out it’s source. A silhouette is cast on the wall, Bret calls out to see if it is Mick Foley. A voice calls back, “there is no Mick Foley here, only Mankind, uncle Paul saw to that.” Mankind attacks Bret from behind the camera.
He manically laughs, he tells Bret that if two combatants agree a match can change. Mankind challenges Bret to make the number one contenders match a boiler room brawl. Bret, wipes at his mouth as he responds with, “ding, ding.”
House Bearer Vs House Hart
Mankind Vs Bret Hart
Boiler room brawl match
World championship number one contendership


  • The two exchange rights, before locking up, Mankind drives Bret back against the wall.
  • Mankind whispers something to Bret, his eye’s pop wide open as Mankind drills his fist in to Bret’s midsection.
  • Bret slumps down and Mankind tries to leave, Bret charges across the room and slams the door shut.
  • Bret drop kicks Mankind and picks up a lead pipe, Mankind is back to his feet.
  • Bret clobbers him with the pipe, with little effect, Bret swings harder and is caught.
  • Mankind pulls the pipe out of Bret’s hand and throws it across the room, he kicks Bret in the stomach.
  • He follows up with a double arm DDT and drops his knee on to the face of Bret.
  • Mankind slowly makes his way towards the door, Bret uses the wall to get back to his feet.
  • Mankind turns back to check on Bret, seeing he’s up, he charges at Bret.
  • Bret rolls out of the way at the last moment, Mankind charges right in to the electrics, before Bret leaves he hits the switch for the Hart locker room.

Winner and new number one contender to the world title – representing the House of Hart – Bret Hart [8:04]
The scene changes to the Guerrero locker room. Vicki keeps screaming in Eddies face, while Shaul seems quite pleased. She tells her mother that she’s ok with it because she gets to be queen. Vince enters the screen with a smile on his face, the coos over the win and tells them that they’ll be getting marry next week. Eddie rises, without saying a word, slaps Vince across the face.
So Close Now, fills the arena. Jimmy Uso and Naomi appear on the Anao’i stage. They perform the hacka before heading down to the ring. The look to bow to Vince, who isn’t in the throne. The Bearer stage bursts in to flame and Burn replaces So Close Now. Kane, Lita and Paul Bearer appear on the stage, the three make their way down to the ring. Lita and Kane climb in the ring, Kane causes the ring posts to explode.
House Anao’i Vs House Bearer
Jimmy Uso & Naomi Vs Kane & Lita w/ Paul Bearer
Mixed Tag Team Match


  • Kane and Jimmy start the match, Kane dominates Jimmy with a beat down.
  • Lita is eager to get in the ring and calls for the tag, Kane reluctantly tag out causing Jimmy to have to let Naomi in.
  • Naomi and Lita run across the ring and knock each other down with close lines.
  • Both women quickly back to their feet, Lita slaps Naomi and nails her with DDT.
  • Lita follows up by beating her on the mat, Lita drags her to her feet, Naomi slips free and nails a sitout jawbreaker.
  • Naomi dives for her corner tagging in Jimmy, Jimmy and Kane come in hot, they exchange lefts in the centre.
  • Kane upper cuts Jimmy, who stumbles back and comes back with a leaping shoulder block.
  • Jimmy boots Kane several times, before running at the ropes, as he comes back Kane sit up.
  • His hand comes up as Jimmy reaches him, he grips his throat and stands up.
  • Kane chokeslams Jimmy and pins his lifeless body for the 3 count.

Winners – representing the House of Bearer – Kane and Lita [9:51]
Lita leaps from the corner into Kane’s arms and the two make out. Paul Bearer joins them in the ring and announces that the tag team championships will be defended in a tag team street fight.
The scene changes to the McMahon locker room. Triple H sits wrapping his hands in tape. Steph enters the room and consoles Hunter as he looks unsure. Vince enters and tells Triple H that he’d better beat the upstart Reigns. Mean while the Anoa’i locker room. Reigns is getting ready for the match, Rikishi joins him and wishes him luck.
At ring side, The Game blasts out of the sound system, Triple H appears on the McMahon stage. Triple H makes his way down the ramp, as the cage lowers. Hunter climbs in the cage and bows to Vince before staring through the cage to the Anoa’i stage.
Special Ops fills the arena. Roman Reigns appears on the Anoa’i stage, he raises the title above his head before taking a walk to the ring. Reigns climbs the cage and raises the title again, this time towards Vince. He tosses the title down to the floor and climbs down into the cage.
House McMahon Vs House Anoa’i
Triple H Vs Roman Reigns
World Championship
10 minute time limit cage match


  • The two men exchange rights in the centre, Trips nails a high knee and throws Reigns in to the cage.
  • Trips catches Reigns with a spin buster as he comes back from the cage, and pins for 2.
  • Trips drags Reigns to his feet and drops him with the pedigree, before beginning to climb the cage.
  • As Triple H nears the top, Reigns gets back to his feet and charges along the side and nailing a dropkick to Trips legs.
  • Hunter falls back to the mat, Reigns mounts Trips and delivers hard rights to his skull.
  • Reigns backs up into the corner and crouches, as Trips rises Reigns looks for the spear but Hunter dodges.
  • Trips charges at Reigns, Reigns counters with a Samoan drop and a cover for the 2.
  • Reigns drags Hunter to his feet, he slips free and whips Reigns to the ropes, Reigns counters and whips Trips to the ropes.
  • Reigns looks for another Samoan drop, but Trips counters with a kitchen sink.
  • Trips drags Reigns to his feet and drills Reigns head into the mat with a pedigree as the bell rings.

The bell rings to call the end of the ten minutes time limit causing the match to go unfinished.
The cage rises, as does Vince. As he reaches for a microphone to restart the match, the Uso’s charge towards the ring, Curtis Axel charges down the ramp. Hunter rolls out of the ring, the Uso’s help Reigns to his feet. Jimmy and Jey meet Axel as he enters the ring and beat on him, before helping Reigns deliver a triple powerbomb to Axel. Triple H takes the microphone from Vince and throws it away, before leaving the arena.


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by x12x on Fri 06 Jun 2014, 12:15 pm

Opponent: NGPW
Inactive Superstar: Prince Devitt

Triple X Wrestling presents
Havok: Mystery Machine
Live from the X-Dome, New York City

Date: 6th June 2014 | Attendance: 673

We see footage of Jim Cornette from last week talking on the phone complaining about Steen and Kingston before slamming the phone down angrily. We then see Steen and Kingston, they call themselves “Nightmare” Kingston says that when Cornette overlooked them he showed he deserved nothing, Steen then says that they were the end of Cornette but at least when he was gone from Triple X he could do another shoot video. We then cut to the show with a rematch from last week with Johnny Gargano taking on AJ Styles.

Match One: (Random Gimmick) 2 out of 3 falls
Johnny Gargano v AJ Styles

* The opening encounter shows off both mens skills with either unable to land any offence, the two men exchange control of the match
* They change tactics both looking for lariats with AJ ducking Gargano's attempt before springboarding only to be caught in the GargaNO ESCAPE, Styles knee's his way free
* The next few minutes consists of both men taking and losing control, the first fall though comes when Styles looks for a discuss clothesline only to be caught in the GargaNO ESCAPE forcing the tap (1-0)
* Styles quickly takes control hitting a distracted Gargano with a massive lariat from behind before hitting the Styles Clash and getting the next fall (1-1)
* Once again we see both men exchange control changing from technical to stiff wrestling, Gargano is thrown to the apron as Styles attempt to knock him down but he quickly hits a spear through the ropes before climbing on to the apron again and leap frogging in to a DDT for a 2 count
* Gargano looks for the You're Dead but Styles reverses in to an inverted DDT for a 2 count, Styles tries to cover again but Gargano kicks out again
* Gargano fights back and hits a Hurts Donut (Full Nelson/Reverse STO) leaving both men down
* Both men get up and AJ looks for a second Styles Clash only for Gargano to reverse for a back drop
* As Styles drops down the back he rolls Gargano up pulling on the tights and getting the three count to the dismay of Gargano (1-2)

Winner: AJ Styles

We are then met by Kevin Kelly and his special guest Prince Devitt, they talk about Devitt's title saying that the first contender would be decided tonight. Kelly explains that tonight's matches at Mystery Machine will be given either random matches or random stipulations, the two men then talk about the tag tournament that will see either Team Canada or Smash Brothers face his Bullet Club team members, as the match begins Chuck Taylor joins the commentary team mocking the idea of Team Canada and women's wrestling.

Match Two: Random Gimmick (Tornado Tag No DQ)
Team Canada v The Smash Brothers

* The match starts with a fast pace with The Smash Bros almost worried about hitting the team of LaRae and Lufisto, Lufisto manages to hit a DVD on Uno but Dos breaks it up
* Lufisto and LaRae double team Dos but he fights back with a double DDT before hitting a moonsault on to Lufisto, LaRae pulls him away
* Lufisto drags in some weapons and places a chair between the turnbuckle slamming Dos head first in to it but is caught with a Dig Dug Driver from Uno
* Dos is back and attempts the Final Smash on Lufisto only for LaRae to hit a superkick causing Lufisto to fall on top of Dos for a close call
* Uno superkicks LaRae quickly before locking on the Joystick on Lufisto, Lufisto escapes dragging Uno on to the apron
* LaRae joins Lufisto on the apron and the pair hit a double back drop sending Uno through a table on the outside
* As the fight breaks out on the outside as Dos hits a splash taking both women down for a close call on LaRae
* As the fight gets back in the ring Uno and LaRae battle back and forth, LaRae locks in a black widow but is Dos dives in hitting a 450 on to her for a close call
* Lufisto comes in with a chair hitting both members as LaRae begins to land hard punches before climbing to the top and hitting a double footstop on Dos as Lufisto drags Uno from the ring.
* As Lufisto hits Uno with the Death Valley Driver on the outside Chuck Taylor slides in to the ring hitting Candice LaRae with the Awful Waffle giving Dos the pinfall

Winners: The Smash Brothers

As Taylor mocks Team Canada we cut to Cornette's office. Cornette announces that in three weeks time Triple X Wrestling would present King Of The Mountain II: This Time It's Personal which would see Sami Zayn and CM Punk go head to head in a ladder match for the world title. Cornette talks about the other matches which would see The Bucks and The Smash Brothers fight for the tag titles and Prince Devitt defend his New York City Title. Suddenly The American Wolves storm in demanding a match with Devitt, Cornette says a 2 on 1 match isn't fair BUT one of them could win a match with him if they were successful in tonight's fatal four way for a NYC title shot stating that due to Devitt's actions the Wolves would be entered along with two randomly drawn roster members.


We are met with Alison Danger with Sami Zayn and CM Punk they talk about their rematch at KOTM II but say that tonight they need to work as a team in their elimination tag match against Kevin Steen and Eddie Kingston. The pair put on an united front but tensions are clearly high as we cut back to the ring.

Match Three: (Random Gimmick) 15 minute Iron Man Match
Chris Hero v Biff Busick

* The match starts with both men showing their technical side until Busick hits a massive right hand causing both men to start throwing rapid punches
* Busick throws Hero off the ropes and attempts to leap frog him but Hero stops catching Busick with a spinning elbow as he lands for a close two count
* Hero looks for the Hangman's Clutch but Busick slips out and rolls Hero in to an ankle lock in the middle of the ring (5 minutes gone)
* Hero gets up to one foot and kicks Busick away before going for a big boot, Busick catches the foot of Hero and hits an exploder suplex in to the corner for a two count
* Busick then hits his half and half finisher but Hero rolls out of the ring from the impact, Busick follows up throwing Hero in to the chairs before throwing him in to the stairs and then back in the ring
* Hero again kicks out at two, Busick goes for it again but Hero recovers hitting a cutter for a two of his own (10 minutes gone)
* Both men get to their feet and begin to land huge rights and left, Hero hits three elbows in a row but Busick fights back hitting european uppercuts as both men go to war in the middle of the ring
* Busick ducks the elbow and manages to hit a huge german suplex with 15 seconds left on the clock which leaves Hero down, Corino orders him to make the cover but he refuses instead picking Hero up and calling for the end
* As Busick goes for the half and half finisher Hero is able to spin out hitting a big forearm leaving both men down as the buzzer hits zero to the anger of Steve Corino

Winner: Draw (0-0)

Corino climbs in to the ring telling Busick why he picked him as a client saying that Busick was a future legend but unless he listened to him it would never happen. The crowd begin to chant abuse at Busick who reacts angrily shouting at them before being caught with a slap from Corino. Corino tells Busick to ignore the crowd saying that their opinions didn't matter, the only opinion that really mattered was his due to him being a living legend and that if the crowd died nobody would give a damn!

We then cut to Alison Danger once again as she announces that at next weeks show each match would allow the winner to receive a reward, we then cut back to the ring to see the four men fighting for a New York City Title shot.

Match Four: Random People (NYC No.1 Contendership)
Davey Richards v Bobby Fish v Chuck Taylor v Eddie Edwards

* Richards and Edwards instantly team up first taking down Fish and then Taylor leaving just them in the ring
* The two men shake hands and then exchange holds putting on a brilliant stiff match, Richards takes control only for Taylor to get back in the ring attacking from behind
* Richards lands stiff chops to Taylor causing him to scream out like a little girl, Edwards then takes a turn before Taylor walks in to Bobby Fish who hits a massive roundhouse kick
* Fish ducks a clothesline from Richards and locks in an ankle lock on Edwards, Richards breaks it up with a massive clothesline
* the next few minutes show a few close falls for all four men with Taylor looking for sneaky wins
* Taylor gets hit with a DR Driver only for Edwards to break up Richards pin attempt, the two begin to fight again before teaming up hitting Fish with the superkick/german suplex combo
* Suddenly Devitt walks out accompanied by the Bucks distracting Richards allowing Edwards to hit him with a big tiger suplex for a two count
* Richards and Fish remain down as Taylor gets to his feet unaware of Edwards
* As Edwards stalks Taylor with Richards and Fish down The Bucks drag him from the ring and begin beating him down on the outside, Devitt watches on as they hit a tandem super kick leaving Edwards down
* Richards gets to his feet looks at the The Bucks beating down Edwards before pulling Taylor in hitting the DR Driver for the three count

Winner: Davey Richards

The match ends and Richards finally runs to make the save for Edwards from The Bucks, he fights them off as Devitt watches on with a smile on his face, Edwards reacts angrily at first shoving Richards away before raising the hand of his tag team partner and we cut to commercials


As we come back we are met by Alison Danger with Willie Mack, Mack mocks the Mystery Machine theme saying that he should have a shot for the NYC title but instead he was fighting a fool like Icarus. Danger attempts to speak but Mack cuts her off before claiming it was on Jim Cornette and Triple X Wrestling what was about to happen before Mack storms from the shot

Match Five: Random People
Icarus v Willie Mack

* The first few minutes consist of Icarus trying to use his speed to his advantage with Mack cutting him off with massive powermoves and getting a few close falls
* Mack throws Icarus off the ropes before bouncing off the opposite rope and meeting Icarus in the middle of the ring with a massive shoulder tackle causing Icarus to roll to the outside
* To the shock of the fans Mack quickly runs at the ropes hitting a big suicide dive crashing Icarus in to a selection of empty seats
* Mack picks Icarus up powerbombing him on to the apron before climbing on to the turnbuckle and hitting a leg drop on to the apron, somehow Icarus kicks out
* The beating continues with Icarus fighting back after a few minutes managing to hit a big enziguri swaying Mack
* Icarus keeps the offence going with repeated knees before looking for a spear only for Mack to somehow leap frog the smaller man sending Icarus through the ropes once again
* Again Mack charges to the ropes looking for a big dive over the top as the 280 pounder flies only for Icarus to duck down causing Mack to wipe out in to the chairs as the audience scatter
* Icarus climbs on to the apron as Mack stands up groggy. Icarus hits a moonsault but is caught only to reverse a slam attempt pushing Mack head first in to the ring post
* Icarus pulls Mack on to the apron and runs along it hitting another enziguri
* Icarus goes for the wings of Icarus on the apron but Mack lifts him up hitting an Alabama Slam on to the apron before rolling Icarus in picking him up and hitting a Chocolate Thunder Bomb for the three count

Winner: Willie Mack

As the match ends Icarus offers Mack a handshake only for Mack to hit another Chocolate Thunder Bomb before mocking Icarus. We then cut to a recap of last week showing Zayn v Punk being interrupted by Steen and Kingston. Punk makes his way out to a massive pop but boo's suddenly fill the X-Dome with Steen and Kingston sliding in and attacking Punk before the match begins, Zayn quickly runs out as the match starts.

Main Event: (Random Gimmick) Elimination Tornado Tag
CM Punk & Sami Zayn v Nightmare

* Kingston starts the match with a groggy Punk landing punishing offence such as headbutts
* For the first few minutes Nightmare keep Punk cornered making quick tags, hitting stiff strikes and underhand double team moves
* Punk fights back and is able to get the tag allowing Zayn to get in, he hits Steen with a massive tornado DDT before turning his attention to the legal Kingston as Punk tries to recover on the apron
* Kingston looks for a backfist but Zayn ducks it hitting a massive spin out powerbomb for a two count
* Kingston hits an eye rake and fights back hitting the backfist followed by a the royal flush but Zayn is able to kick out
* Kingston throws Zayn at the turnbuckle but Zayn is able to hop up and springback landing in a powerbomb position hitting the canadian destroyer for a three count eliminating Kingston
* Steen charges straight in kicking Zayn in the back of the head before dragging him to the apron and hitting a package piledriver to the floor forcing EMT's to stretcher Zayn away leaving just Punk and Steen
* the next few minutes consist of Steen and Punk battling for control with Steen taking advantage of the already beaten down Punk
* Steen goes for a package piledriver but Punk is able to reverse locking in the anaconda vice, Steen knees his way free but Punk begins to stalk Steen
* As Punk sets up Steen for the GTS Styles comes out to the stage mocking Punk giving Steen the distraction needed to hit the package piledriver

Winners: Nightmare

The bell rings and the crowd boos as AJ Styles climbs in to the ring offering a handshake to Kevin Steen. Kevin Kelly talks about the ramifications of what Styles joining nightmare could be but is quickly cut off as Steen laughs in Style's face before walking away causing the crowd to mock Styles. The show ends with Punk angry in the middle of the ring as Styles and Steen stare each other down.


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Fri 06 Jun 2014, 10:28 pm

Molly v MWF
Injury: Mojo Rawley
Episode 2: Local tensions

We open in Fat Hardy's, Matt Hardy and RVD are working and serving customers and the buzz is about the Battle Royal at Gym Benoit. Plenty of wrestlers are in the cafe, Ryback is gobbling a big sausage while Ricky Steamboat sits across from him glaring disgustedly. Paul and Katie Lea Burchill and David and Charlotte Flair are also enjoying their breakfast, Paul and David bantering over who'll do better in the Battle Royal.

Over at the Dog and Bestial, Samoa Joe is opening up, he opens the door and sees Gym Benoit across the ringroad. Joe takes a deep breath and lets the door close, Diego and Fernando are stood behind him and want to know why they cannot compete at Gym Benoit, Joe snaps that no means no. Joe storms off and Diego and Fernando look annoyed as El Torito runs around the pub on all fours.

Muhammad Hassan is in his Mini Mart, he says to his wife Summer Rae that he has to go and take care of some business. As Hassan leaves, Dean Ambrose watches him leave and sneaks into the shop. Ambrose begins to pick up a few packets of sweets, Ambrose is shocked when he sees Summer Rae watching him! Summer Rae locks the door and turns the "open" sign to "closed". Ambrose looks apologetic as he puts the sweets back, he then lifts Summer Rae onto the counter and the two passionately kiss!

David Flair is seen buying some flowers, he then walks towards the flats when he sees Paul Burchill snogging a woman, David yells "Dude, that's my sister!" and laughs as he walks past the bemused Paul Burchill. Paul goes back to kissing the woman when his phone rings and it's his girlfriend Charlotte Flair calling! Paul says he has to take this and walks off, the woman isn't seen by the camera.

Dolph Ziggler walks into "Bellas", he has a bunch of flowers for his girlfriend, both Bellas greet him with a kiss on the cheek! Nikki and Brie tell him they are both dating him and it's no secret anymore! Ziggler is lost for words, he separates his flowers into two bunches and hands a bunch to each twin before shaking his head in amazement! Nikki and Brie high five before going back to work.

In Randy Orton's bird sanctuary, Randy is stood at the till with an apron over his wrestling attire, Gunner walks in and robotically asks Randy "Do you have any lesser spotted Mexican Kestrels?" Randy replies equally robotically "Yes sir, right over there". Randy winks at Gunner as he enters a code at the till, a big Bird Cage tips back revealing a secret staircase down into the cellar. Screams are heard as Gunner walks down the stairs, the bird cage covering the staircase and silencing the screams. Randy looks around to make sure no-one saw that.

In Gym Benoit, Chris is inside his ring checking the ropes as Adrian Neville enters the ring. Neville tells Benoit he heard Chris' conversation with Nancy last week about their big secret, Neville says he wouldn't be a journalist if he didn't ask what it was. Chris looks annoyed, he challenges Neville to a wrestling match, if Neville wins he'll tell him everything! Neville seems unsure but Chris calls a referee to the ring and also instructs two old guys sat at ringside to start commentating.

***Chris Benoit v Adrian Neville***
***If Neville wins Benoit will reveal his secret***

JR: I'm Jim Ross and alongside me is the King, what a match we have in store today
King: Benoit has a big secret, but everyone will know if investigative journalist Adrian Neville can defeat Benoit right here, right now!
Neville takes it to Benoit with a series of high knees and dropkicks, Benoit goes down as Neville hits a springboard knee drop.
Neville whips Benoit across the ring but Benoit reverses, and hits a headbutt to flatten Neville.
Benoit drags Neville to his feet and hits a triple German suplex! Benoit slams Neville's face to the mat as he taunts him.
Benoit throws Neville into the turnbuckle, Benoit charges in but Neville ducks a clothesline and hits a big Enziguri!
Neville hits a springboard hurracanrana to Benoit, sending him flying into the ropes, Neville hits another Enziguri!
Benoit is flat on his back, Neville springboards to the top rope, he looks at Benoit across the ring, King and JR are very excited!
Neville goes for a 450 splash, Benoit gets the knees up into Neville's ribcage! Benoit hits a big German suplex turning Neville inside out!
Benoit has had enough, he spits on Neville then locks in the Crippler Crossface. Benoit shouts "I'll never tell you my secret" as Neville has no choice but to tap out.
***Winner by submission, Chris Benoit***

Benoit celebrates as King and JR are discussing Neville's actions. Neville is flat on his back as Benoit leaves the ring.

Jessie Godderz is in Ricky Steamboat's Sauna wearing nothing but a towel, when Angelina Love walks in also in a towel. She smiles at Jessie and is about to lose her towel when Velvet Sky walks in also in a towel. She suggests Angelina shouldn't be so careless. Velvet and Angelina begin to bicker as both try to sit next to Jessie. Jessie says he chooses Velvet! Angelina storms out as Jessie and Velvet kiss.

At the Dog and Bestial, Samoa Joe is sat at the bar, his sons Diego and Fernando enter and Joe says he wants to talk to them. Joe says he doesn't trust Benoit, but if Diego and Fernando want to compete in the GBW World Championship battle royal, he has no choice but to allow them to do so. But Joe says if that title isn't in this family then there'll be trouble.

Later, Angelina is upset as she leaves the sauna, Prince Nana stops her with some chocolates, she doesn't care. Jessie and Velvet walk past arm in arm, Angelina gives Prince Nana a big kiss! Angelina says she is with a real man and her and Prince Nana leave while Jessie and Velvet look stunned.

At the flats, David Flair and Katie Lea Burchill are cuddled up, Charlotte Flair walks in, David criticises her for having such open displays of affection with Paul Burchill. Charlotte has no idea what he's talking about and she leaves the flat to go out. David is confused as Katie Lea looks concerned.

Back at Gym Benoit, it's time for the main event!

***Battle Royal for the GBW World Championship***


KING:” The participants for this battle royal are; Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Ryback, Muhammad Hassan, Ricky Steamboat, JTG w/Prince Nana, Paul Burchill, David Flair, RVD, Santino, Gunner, Jessie Godderz, Adrian Neville, Matt Hardy, CJ Parker, Diego & Fernando, Samoa Joe.”





• The match starts with Dean Ambrose attacking Muhammad Hassan, whilst Randy Orton is eliminated by Dolph Ziggler who manages to eliminate himself in the process.
• Matt Hardy, Adrian Neville and Paul Burchill are all eliminated by John the Gasman and Prince Nana.



• Steamboat and Ryback go at it, Ryback tries to hit his finisher, the Rim Ram, but Steamboat swerves it. Ambrose is shouting racist slurs whilst stomping on Hassan, when the lights go out…




• The lights come on and Samoa Joe storms the ring and creates havoc, firstly looking at Diego and Fernando, who get so scared they eliminate themselves


KING: “Huh”

• Joe eliminates Gunner, RVD and Santino all at once, while John the Gasman and Prince Nana manage to stave off attacks.
• Samoa Joe then eliminates Dean Ambrose and Muhammad Hassan, who continue to brawl on the outside, while John the Gasman makes a sexual move on Ricky Steamboat which sends him mental and he jumps over the top rope to the back, Ryback follows him trying to hit the Ryback rim.


• Jessie Godderz who’s been sitting in the corner is eliminated by John the Gasman and Prince Nana, but Joe runs up behind them and eliminates them and…

***Winner, Samoa Joe***


KING: “Benoit here to hand the title to Samoa Joe, he looks rather peeved”


KING: “Samoa Joe the GBW champion!”

Molly goes off the air with Samoa Joe holding the GBW Championship aloft, whilst Chris Benoit is seen talking to Nancy, annoyed in the background.

End credits.
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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Fri 06 Jun 2014, 11:40 pm

MWF TV s7 Ep 2

We see our opening credits before cutting backstage where The Unbreakable F'n Machines are seen chairs in hand standing over a downed Brock Lesnar. They look to attack again but several wrestlers flood down the corridor chasing them off. They attend to Lesnar but he pushes them away he gets to a seated posiiton and laughs manically as we go to the ring

In Ring
Tommy End is  in ring, he says that unfourtantlly his tag team partner Michael Dante has unfortuantlly missed his flight so therefore the tag match vs the knights is off this week, but he challenges either Roy or Zak to a match right here right now. Limp Bizkit's my way hits and out comes Zak Knight who accepts the challenge.

Match 1- Tommy End vs Zak Knight
* A hard hitting all action opener
* Zak looks to be in early control using his very much british mat style to throw End off his game
* After several moments of Zak looking in charge End hits a vicious uppercut to stop all of Knights early momentum
* End now takes over the control using several hard punches, uppercuts and kicks to weaken Zak
* End goes for the end of the line but knight wriggles free and hits a tornado DDT, which gains a 2
* An Angry knight mounts End pounding fists into the head of end, which results in him being dragged of by the ref, as he does end is up and clotheslines knight in turn taking out the ref at the same time
* End takes the turnbuckle pad off and smashes knights head into the uncovered steel ring repeatedly to weaken Knight
* End well in charge goes for end of the line again, this time completing the move, he covers but the ref is still down
* With the ref still down, End goes to the outside, snatching the bell from the timekeeper, he crawls back in and slumps to the mat but first placing the bell on the chest of knight
* The ref slowly gets to his feet and at the same time with end still down so does knight, the ref spots the bell in knights hand is debating dq'ing him but knight argues, 0` knight turns round he is met with a vicious lariet from end, end then hits a standing double foot stomp and covers, 1..........2................3
Winner- Tommy End

International Title Draw Recap
We get a recap of the draw for the international title tournament, The commentary team agree that SJK and Williams may well have the advantage heading in to the tournament due to there experior MWF experience but that the 2 new comers cant be ruled out as there has been a history of upsets and shocks here in the past
We get a recap of the Tournament brackets
30min iron man match- Robbie Dynamite vs Doug Williams
MWF Title Rules-  SJK vs Aaron Sharp
We are also told that the winners of those 2 matches will face off in a steel cage match at nightmare at oak street 7

Drew Gulak Interview
Gulak arrives in the interview area in a celebratory mood he states that he beat the world champion last week, he says that he also said that he would challenge Hawx to a world title match  if he won and thats what he did, therefore he challenges Luke Hawx to a match for the world title....................Tonight

MWF International Title Tournament SF1- 30min Iron Man Match- Robbie Dynamite vs Doug Williams
00:00  the 2 men circle the ring before locking up, neither man can gain an advantage
6;00  Its even up to this point with neither man getting an advantage, its very hard hitting and the hits get harder as the match goes on
8:56 Williams goes for the Chaos Theory but Dyanmite rolls through and hits a german suplex of his own which gains a 2
12:11 Dynamite whips Williams into the corner, he runs in with a knee to the head to down Williams, he goes up top for a flying headbutt ala dynamite kid but williams moves, williams covers for 2
16:57 Williams goes for another chaos theory this time he connects, he then goes up top for the bomb scare knee drop which also connects, he covers and gets the first fall (DW 1 RD 0)
18:12 Things look to be even again  with some hard hitting blows exchanged between the 2
21;35 Williams gets his earlier advantage back when he hits a series of various suplexes gaining a 2 count off each
25:40 Williams hits the chaos thoery for  the second time and with the time expiring its enough to put dynamite down for 3 (DW 2 RD 0)
28:00 Williams remains in control with Dynamite gaining little offence
29:45 With seconds left SJK saunters down the ramp to distract Williams, with Williams' attention diverted Dynamite rolls Williams up for 3 (DW 2 RD 1)
Winner 2 Falls to 1- Doug Williams

Post Match
Doug Williams stares at SJK  as he cockily mocks Williams as he wanders up the ramp

Recap of AJ Lee costing Skarlett the MWF womens title and the MWF World to a great match
We see AJ superkicking Skarlett before seeing Martinez and Skarlett Stareing down Lee as she skips up the ramp, we see the coin toss which lead us to our next match

AJ Lee vs Skarlett
* A very hard hitting match which skarlett dominates
* AJ gets very limited as the bombshelll from hell uses every punch and kick in her repitore
* Skarlett sends AJ into the ropes and hits a dropkick to gain a 2
* Skarlett continues to dominate
* Skarlett goes for her ax kick but AJ moves and rolls Skarlett up for a 2 count
* This only angers Skarlett who unleashes a flurry of blows
* Skarlett hits an ax kick before locking in skarletts web, which forces AJ to tap
* As the bell rings Skarlett keeps Skarletts web locked in, The ref counts to 5 as Lee continues to tap, he calls the ring  announcer over who announces that the referee has reversed his desicion therefore Lee is the winner By DQ
Winner by referees reversed desicion- AJ Lee

we cut backstage again and see shingo and tozawa arguing after Shingos shove last week, they argue for several moments before slapping hands seemingly putting there differences behind them

Paul Heyman Interview
Heyman is shown and he says that his former client Brawwwwwwwwwwwwkkkk Lesnarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr has been in to see him and asked for a match against The unbreakable machines, he says lesnar wanted to take them on on his own, but heyman isnt willing to let  that happen therefore Brock will team with a tag team partner of his chosing but that match wont happen until next week

Tag Team Challenge- Monster Express (Shingo and Tozawa) vs Jushin Liger + Myzteziz (Sin Cara/Mistico)
* A very Dragongateesque match with a variety of Highflying and Hardhitting action on show
* Shingo and Tozawa dominate the early going with there hard hitting style whilst making quick tags
* Myzteziz takes control when he hits a springboard arm drag, he rolls away to tag in liger
* Liger now uses his far superior experience to weaken his opponents]
* Its now liger and Myzteziz in control making the quick tags
* Myzteziz goes for a moonsault but Tozawa moves and tags in  Shingo
* Shingo roughs up the former sin cara with uppercuts
* Shingo goes for Stay Dream but Myzteziz rolls free, booting Shingo in the face before tagging in Liger
* Liger comes in all guns blazing, with arm drags and uppercuts on shingo
* Shingo is being dominated by Liger until he hits an enzegure creating seperation, he makes it to his corner but as he goes for the tag, Tozawa jumps from the apron and Shingo is rolled up by Liger for the 3 count.
Winners by Pinfall- Jushin Liger and Myzteziz

Post Match
Shingo grabs the mic, he shouts in Japanese, Tozawa who is already storming up the ramp turns back and back into the ring and goes face to face with his partner before the 2 come to blows, security and wrestlers storm from the back and seperate the 2 from it exploding too much.
Paul Heyman marches down to the ring as they are kept seperate, he tells the 2 men that if they cant sort themselves civially then the two will face off at nightmare on oak street in a no ropes, no dq, no countout match.

Pre Match
We see Gulak and Hawx going through there pre match warm up.

MWF Title Rules match for the MWF title- Luke Hawx (C) vs Drew Gulak
Round 1- A Hard Hitting but even opening round, no man can get an advantage
Round 2- Gulak takes the right leg out with a low dropkick early and works over the leg for the remainder of the round
Round 3- Gulak looks to continue working on the leg, but Hawx hits an enzegure and wrangles some space and goes on offence for the remainder of the round with his hard hitting style
Round 4- The round is even, no man takes advantage until Gulak hits another low dropkick to the knee and locks in the trailblazer but as it looks as though Hawx is about to tap the bell rings to end the round.
Round 5- Hawx struggles to get to his feet before the bell as he gets  on all ours, Gulak stamps on the back of the leg which sends Hawx straight back to the mat. Gulak again locks in the trailblazer and this time Hawx submits. (DG 1 LH 0)
Round 6- Hawx comes out fighting but visibally hurting, he unleases a flurry of stiff shots to shake his opponent, slowing the pace
Round 7- The slower pace helps hawx who now dominates he hits his outside in springboard moonsault which gains a 2  count
Round 8- Hawx continues to dominate and as the round comes closer to the close, with seconds left the southern stomper hits his trademark holy driver for the 3 count
Round 9- A back and forth round 9, which hawx eventually gets advantage of he hits the russian leg sweep before going up top to hit the Halo, but hawx like gulak before is left dissapointed as the bell rings to end the round before he can make a cover
Round 10-  After a hard hitting final round flys by the bell rings as The Time limit expires with the match tied at 1-1
Match Result is a Draw

Post match
The crowd chant heavily for another round
Paul Heyman again comes to the ring, he says that because the match is a draw the MWF title rules state that a rematch must be held within 30 days, therefore at Nightmare on oak street the 2 will once again face off this time in a match with no time limit.
The 2 men stare off as we close

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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by The_Enigma on Sat 07 Jun 2014, 1:10 am

Week 2: XXX Vs NGPW
Injuries: Obariyon
Show Name: Blue Thunder: Tip of the Iceberg

Previously on NGPW...:
- Due to the departure of NGPW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen, New NGPW President announced a 4-Man Tournament to crown a new champion with the participants announced as Antonio Cesaro, Roderick Strong, Tommaso Ciampa and the debuting Austin Aries.
- Roderick Strong recorded a somewhat surprising victory over Antonio Cesaro to advance to the Finals
- Austin Aries cheated his way to victory to upset Tommaso Ciampa to meet his former ROH Partner in the Finals
- A series of attacks talk place throughout the night causing Wink Vavasseur to place the building on Lockdown, including refusing Tim Donst to enter the building.
- In the Finals, Austin Aries captured the NGPW Heavyweight Champion in somewhat controversial circumstances to be crowned the new NGPW Heavyweight Champion!
- Following the conclusion of the main event, an unidentified group of masked-men hit the ring to attack Roderick Strong. JBL made his NGPW debut and declared that nXtreme are here to take-over!

Opening Segment
As the show airs we immediately head inside the ring as NGPW President Wink Vavasseur is surrounded by Antonio Cesaro, Tommaso Ciampa & Roderick Strong holding a microphone. Looking to address the conclusion of last week’s show he invites JBL out stating that he wants answers now.

With the tension building inside the arena, we eventually hear the cowbell as JBL appears from a smaller entrance to the side of the regular entrance curtain. He soaks in the atmosphere until Austin Aries walks alongside him and grins holding up the NGPW World Championship. Again Wink demands answers but JBL cut’s him off and says that if they want answers, if they want nXtreme to talk, they have to meet their demands. JBL states that all he wants is a chance for his promotion to prove themselves and requests an inter-promotional match-up. After quickly consulting, Cesaro whispers in Wink’s ear as Wink eventually agrees to their terms stating that they will face Cesaro! JBL grins saying that’s all they want then after the match we’ll talk.

As the NGPW Commentators reflect on the opening segment, Roderick Strong remains in the ring as we immediately head into our opening contest.

Match 1: Roderick Strong Vs X-Pac

- X-Pac wastes no time jumping Roderick Strong from behind, hitting a flurry of kicks, X-Pac sends Roderick Strong through the ropes following a standing spinning heel kick.
- He immediately hits a slingshot dive wiping Strong out on the floor then follows with a running suicide dive  
- Rolling Strong back inside, X-Pac looks to hit a springboard dropkick but Strong counters into a kneeling Argentine back-breaker.
- Now in control, Strong hits a series of hard chops following with a running enzuigiri. A double under-hook powerbomb follows for a very close fall.
- Trying to cling onto the ropes, Strong pulls him up hitting a backdrop backer. A full-nelson back-breaker follows but Roderick is still unable to put X-Pac away.
- Following a power-bomb onto his knee, Strong looks to hit the double-knee gutbuster but X-Pac counters mid-move hitting the X-Factor!
- Looking to go high risk, X-Pac misses his moonsault as Strong rolls away. Roderick then capitalizes hitting a devastating Sick Kick!
- He hoists X-Pac up and finishes this contest courtesy of a double knee gut-buster.

Winner via Double knee gut-buster – Roderick Strong 09:19
Post match Roderick Strong grabs a microphone as he gasps for air. After putting over Sean Waltman, Strong claims that no matter what it takes, the first opportunity he gets he’s coming for you Austin Aries.

In-Ring Segment
NGPW President Wink Vavasseur again makes his way towards the ring, this time displaying a yellow championship belt. Grabbing a microphone, Wink starts to talk about putting the emphasis back into high-flying, fast-paced action claiming to be it a lost art in today’s wrestling. He then presents a brand-new championship belt naming it the NGPW Junior Heavyweight Championship! He informs the fans that to crown our first ever champion, we have talent from all different sides of the world flying in that will compete in an 8-Man Tournament, with the first kicking off with a triple threat, with the finals taking place at the PPV. He introduces the first quarter-finals match as Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out onto the stage

Match 2: Junior Heavyweight Championship Match:  Tommaso Ciampa Vs Psicosis

As Ciampa warms up awaiting his opponent, Psicosis’s music plays but he doesn’t appear. As Ciampa looks on in confusion, the music plays again expect this time our camera head backstage to see Psicosis has been taken out. The nXtreme Logo flashes on the titantron as a masked member approaches from the side entrance. He pauses and slowly rips his mask off to reveal himself as Matt Sydal.

Match 2: Junior Heavyweight Championship Match:  Tommaso Ciampa Vs Matt Sydal

- The match starts off with Sydal taking advantage of the element of surprise having not been officially announced as being Ciampa's opponent
- He hits a series of kicks before taking him down with a Dragonrana, he keeps the fast paced offence up until the 5 minute mark
- At this point Sydal goes for a Double Helix... Lariat by Ciampa!
- Ciampa dominates the next period hitting big hit after big hit, he goes for Project Ciampa... poke to eye by Sydal! He rolls through..1....2..... kickout
- Slice Drop... German Suplex by Ciampa! 1...2.... Kickout by Sydal
- Ciampa sets up for the Sicillian Stretch... rake to the eyes again by Sydal... Here it is Driver!
- Sydal goes up top... he balances himself... Sydal suddenly shakes his head and appears to utter not this way…
- This gives time for Ciampa to get back up and go to the top rope... German Suplex off the top rope... Sydal lands on his feet! Ciampa runs towards him... Big Boot... Sydal moves at the last minute... Superkick by Bourne!
- He goes up top again.... Shooting Sydal Press! Connects! Sydal makes the cover and grabs a huge handful of tights! 1.....2.........3!

Winner via Shooting Star Press – Matt Sydal 08:33 – Advances to Semi-Finals

Match 3: Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Kota Ibushi Vs Jigsaw Vs Cedric Alexander

- A sensational three way dance between the three high flyers
- In the opening exchange we see Jigsaw and Kota both hit big flying presses onto Alexander causing him to roll to the floor before they counter wrestle
- The two highflyers flip out of holds and continue to go back and forth before Alexander rolls back in and hits a double clothesline taking them down
- Alexander dominates the next period by hitting a huge press slam onto Jigsaw over the top rope before keeping Kota grounded
- This continues until the 8th minute with Alexander preventing Jigsaw from entering the ring and dominating Kota
- At this point Alexander locks in a Boston Crab... Jigsaw off the top rope... Cancún Tornado! Connects! He waits for Alexander to rise... Rack Bomb! 1...2... Kota breaks it up
- Superkick by Jigsaw... Kota ducks causing Jigsaw to connect with it on Alexander! Backflip kick by Kota on Jigsaw! 1....2... kickout, he covers Alexander..1....2.... Jigsaw breaks it up
- Kota sets up for the 24 Sai on Jigsaw... reversed.... Brainbuster.... reversed... Golden Star Bomb! Kota to the top rope...
- Golden Star Press.... knees up from Jigsaw! Kota stumbles back... Spinning elbow by Alexander.... Headscissor takedown by Jigsaw!
- Jigsaw picks up Kota... Jig 'n' Tonic! 1.....2...........3!

Winner via Jig ‘N’ Tonic – Jigsaw 11:21 – Jigsaw Advances to Semi-Finals

Backstage Segment
Heading backstage our camera crew heads backstage as Wink Vavasseur struts through the corridor looking in a hurry. He’s stopped by Forgotten Flock members Raven & Perry Saturn who both question why The Briscoe’s are calling the shots before pinning Wink against the wall. Wink nervously asks what they want as Raven responds with saying that they want to be in the tag-title match tonight. Wink reluctantly agrees before being asked to be let go as he storms away.

Match 4: NGPW Vs nXtreme Grudge Match: Antonio Cesaro Vs ????

As Antonio Cesaro awaits to see who his opponent is, the trademark cowbell rings as the nXtreme limo drives into the arena from the side of the stage. JBL emerges from the limo with NGPW World Champion Austin Aries. They pause on the stage as a third masked member steps out as they head towards the ring.

- A hard hitting match with the fury from Cesaro evident from the beginning as he takes it straight to the masked man
- He hits Uppercut after Uppercut as well as throw after throw
- This continues until the 8th minute when the man is able to hit a poke to the eyes followed by a quick DDT
- The masked man then takes over hitting suplex after suplex before setting up for a piledriver.... Cesaro counters it into a Neutralizer! 1..2..
- Aries gets up on the Apron breaking the count! Cesaro goes towards him as the referee also tells him to get down.... the masked man hits a big Low Blow from behind... the referee turns around...1.....2..... Kickout
- The match continues until the 14th minute mark with the masked man in control, at this point he sets up for the Anaconda Vice....
- Cesaro uses his pure power to break out before setting up for the Big Swing! JBL and Aries have seen enough as they immediately slide in and start the beat down

Winner via DQ – Antonio Cesaro
The attack continues as nXtreme act like a savage pack of dogs. Both JBL and the masked man drag Cesaro to his feet as Austin Aries slaps him across the face, he looks set to the brain-buster when Cesaro grabs a second win and starts to fight back! With the fans right behind him, Cesaro hits a huge uppercut to take out Aries. As he is about to attack JBL, a second masked member attacks from behind as Cesaro falls to the ground. The masked man places Cesaro off his shoulders but Cesaro slides off… Bicycle Kick! Cesaro whips the mask off and exposes Robert Roode!

As Cesaro freezes, the numbers catch up as the beat down continues. Tommaso Ciampa sprints to help save him as he spins Roode inside out. He dodges Aries but JBL connects with a thunderous Clothesline from Hell from behind, almost decapitating Tommaso Ciampa.  JBL stands over both fallen NGPW stars as he demands a microphone.

Post Match Segment
As Robert Roode, Austin Aries and the masked man stand in formation; JBL cuts a promo claiming that he hates everything that NGPW stands for. He questions why NGPW pride themselves on being the ‘Next Generation’ when the next generation already arrived in nXtreme! He claims nXtreme have created numerous stars since their inception as he points to the masked man who slowly revels himself to be Michael Bennett. JBL puts him over as the 'Prodigal Son of nXtreme' as warns NGPW that this along with Matt Sydal is just the tip of the iceberg. The last statement he makes is that nXtreme are growing in numbers week by week, and we won’t stop until we have all the gold and finally put NGPW out of business.

Backstage Segment
Our camera crew cuts to the office of our NGPW President. Wink Vavasseur paces around his office talking on his cell phone looking worried until Tim Donst barges in. In a panic Wink jumps dropping his phone before calmly welcoming Donst.

Wink talks Donst through his actions from last season and presents what he calls a golden opportunity. Wink explains that he will compete in a series of 5 matches and if he is able to win 3 of them, he earns himself a bullet proof contract to rejoin the roster. Upping the stakes, Donst demands that if he wins his 3 matches, he wants a contract and a future world title opportunity. Wink laughs before agreeing, he simply states good luck. You have no idea who you’re facing!

Tim Donst cautiously awaits to see who will walk from behind that certain when the Bulgarian powerhouse Alexander Rusev struts out onto the stage with his manager Lana. Donst covers his face with his hands in disbelief as Rusev slowly heads towards the ring. Michael Cole recaps on his impressive debut last week where he dominated Raven.
Match 5: Tim Donst Trail Match Series #1 – Tim Donst Vs Alexander Rusev W/Lana

- Alexander Rusev wastes no time as he corners Donst with multiple high knee shots and follows with an explosive running splash.
- Under the order of Lana, Rusev connects with a second splash but on his third attempt, Donst counters with an STO takedown.
- Trying to match power, Donst hits a releasing gutwrench suplex to take the big man off his feet but Rusev powers out the resulting pin at the 1 count.
- After a failed double legged take down, Donst tries to quicken the pace but Rusev counters in one motion with a devastating Samoan drop.  
- Rusev attempts a belly-to-back suplex but Donst counters onto his feet, hitting a swinging neckbreaker to try and combine some offence.
- Again Donst missed with a lariat as Rusev hits a standing spinning heel kick to assert his total dominance.
- Dragging Donst to his feet, Rusev hits a releasing German suplex as he sizes his opponent up to finish this match-up.
- Rusev quickly locks in his Camel Clutch submission as Donst goes 1-0 down in his series.

Winner via submission – Alexander Rusev 06:56 - Tim Donst Trail Series Score: 0-1

As Tim Donst slides out the ring nursing the back of his head, The Bulgarian stands tall in the ring with Lana looking on with her improvement.

Backstage Segment
Both ‘Forgotten Flock’ members Raven & Perry Saturn are backstage warming up for their match as Tim Donst looks to leave holding his bags. Raven stops him and asks if he wants to join their stable? Raven claims that all he has to do is say yes and they will help him win his series and earn his contract. Donst pauses as he turns to Raven but remains silent as he storms away. Saturn questions Raven’s motive but Raven simply grins as he watches Tim Donst walk away.

Main Event – NGPW Tag Team Title Match: The Colony Vs The Briscoe’s Vs The Forgotten Flock (Elimination Rules)

- Both Forgotten Flock members jump start the match by attacking both teams. Following little success they both retreat by jumping to the floor and refuse to enter. This leaves the door open as The Briscoe’s both attack The Colony to take early advantage.
- Working as a well oiled machine, The Briscoe’s hit a spine-buster/springboard spinning heel kick to take Fire Ant out and follow with a double high elevation hip toss to dethrone Green Ant.
- Jay Briscoe hits a Death Valley Driver on Green Ant as Fire Ant intervenes with a lariat & takes them both to the floor. Mark hits the Froggy Bow from the top but Green Ant survives.
- Mark Briscoe attempts a back-drop but Green Ant lands on his feet and hits a superkick. He covers but Raven & Saturn attack both as the match starts to break down.
- With bodies flying both in and out the ring, Fire Ant hits a somersault senton onto the outside as Mark Briscoe follows with a diving elbow drop from the apron
- Meanwhile inside the ring, while Jay Briscoe is distracted, Raven places a chair under Perry Saturn. Jay attempts a diving head butt but collides with the chair busting him wide open!
- Raven follows up with a chair shot to the head then hits a drop-toe hold into the chair. He hit the even-flow DDT but Mark saves his team from being eliminated.
- Mark takes both himself & Raven out of the match as they spill over the top rope while The Colony hit ‘Revenge of the Ants’ – Green Ant then locks in the cloverleaf as Saturn taps

The Forgotten Flock Have Been Eliminated!

- With The Colony in the driving seat, they attempt ‘Ants Go Marching’ but Mark wriggles free as Jay connects with the running boot into the corner.
- Fire Ant attempts a springboard enzuigiri, but Jay cuts him off then plants him with the Jay-Driller
- Wiping the blood away from his face, Jay positions Green Ant on his shoulders as Mark climbs the ropes. Springboard Doomsday Device! Mark covers… NEW CHAMPS!

Winner via Springboard Doomsday Device – New NGPW Tag Champions – The Briscoe’s 23:59

With the match taking a physical toll on both teams, both Briscoe’s eventually get to their feet as they are handed the belts. The brothers hug before celebrating the win.

Meanwhile both Colony members re-group on the floor outside. As they start to make their way towards the back two nXtreme masked members jump the rail and attack from behind with a briefcase. While one sets up a table on the floor, the other slides inside the ring and attacks both Briscoe’s from behind with the briefcase. Following shot after shot, the other masked man slides into the ring as they hit a sick looking falling neck-breaker / diving crossbody combination on Jay Briscoe.

As both nXtreme Masked Members soak up the hostile atmosphere, they both slowly unmask to unveil themselves as Alex Shelley & Chris SabinThe Motor City Machine Guns. Not finished yet, Alex Shelly directs traffic as Sabin places a lifeless Mark Briscoe onto his shoulders. From the apron Sabin dumps Briscoe hitting the Cradle Shock as Mark crashes through the table onto the floor outside.

As the camera showcases the carnage around ringside, The Motor City Machine Guns pick up the NGPW Tag Team Belts before dumping them to the floor. They then open the briefcase to unveil the nXtreme Tag Team Belts. Both nXtreme members hold them high above their heads in formation to close out this week’s show.


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Opponent: OPAL
Injured Superstar: AJ Styles

Triple X Wrestling presents
Havok: Winner Takes It All
Live from the X-Dome, New York City
12th June 2014 | Attendance: 843

The show starts and we are welcomed by Kevin Kelly with special guest Steve Corino. Kelly welcomes back his former broadcast partner before talking about tonight's action.  Tonight would see six matches take place with each winner getting a reward of their choice. Corino and Kelly talk about the first match that was meant to see Icarus, Bobby Fish and Corino's client Biff Busick take part in a triple threat match but Corino reveals that after last week's failure by Busick to beat Chris Hero he pulled his client from the fight as a punishment.

Match One:
Icarus v Bobby Fish
* The match starts with Icarus attempting to use his fast pace to his advantage only for Fish to hit hard shots before working on the arm of Icarus
* Fish manages to lock in an arm bar but Icarus is able to turn it in to a pinning position forcing Fish to break up the hold
* Fish looks for the diving headbutt but Icarus moves hitting a spear for a two count
* Icarus continues the offence hitting a snap suplex followed by a second, as he goes for the third Fish reverses kicking Icarus on to the apron
*Icarus reacts quickly hitting a sprinboard crossbody that Fish is able to roll through in to a crossface, Icarus grabs the ropes and rolls to the corner
*Fish charges at Icarus in the corner looking to hit a cartwheel back elbow only for Icarus to catch him on his shoulders and running across the ring towards the opposite turnbuckle hitting the Blu Ray (Death Valley Driver in to the turnbuckle)
winner: Icarus

The match ends and Icarus talks about his match with Willie Mack last week in which he took Mack to the limit. Icarus reveals that he wants to face Mack in a match at King Of The Mountain II saying that he deserves a shot at winning Mack's respect and that any title shots could wait until he proved Mack wrong.

Match Two:
Chris Hero v Willie Mack
* A great hard hitting match with both men showing of their brute force
*Mack takes control early with some big powermoves but Hero uses his technical skills to come back
*Mack looks to hit a running charge but is quickly caught out with a discuss lariat that knocks him to the outside dragging the ref down with him
*The crowd boo's as Biff Busick runs down taking Hero down with a massive half and half suplex before sitting him against the bottom turnbuckle and hitting repeated running knees
*Busick slides out as Mack gets back in to the ring, he pulls up the groggy Hero and hits the chocolate thunder bomb as the ref gets back in
*As the bell rings Busick slides back in targeting Hero once again.
Winner: Willie Mack

The bell rings and Busick continues to beat down Hero with the help of Mack, Mack takes to the mic saying that he saw Icarus' little challenge earlier saying that he'd use his reward to punish Icarus for being a dumb S.O.B stating that their match at King Of The Mountain II would be XXXtreme Warefare Rules! We then cut to Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino, Corino says that Busick was not done with Hero and unfortunately for Hero he was going to be made an example of at the hands of a future legend of this business BIFF BUSICK!


Match Three:
Candice LaRae w/Lufisto v Chuck Taylor

*As the match starts Taylor mocks LaRae only for her to beat Taylor in to the corner with rapid punches causing Taylor to scream like a little girl
*Taylor looks for a clothesline but LaRae ducks it managing to hit the Ballsplex sending Chuck rolling to the outside
*Taylor gets to his feet as LaRae charges forward diving through the ropes and hitting a tornando DDT, she roles Taylor in getting a two count
*LaRae looks to capitalise but Taylor hits a body slam, for the next few minutes Taylor begins throwing LaRae around and doing his best to demoralise her
*Taylor goes for the Awful Waffle but LaRae reverses in to a hurricanrana, both get to their feet and Taylor is met with a drop kick followed by a second, as Taylor gets up LaRae looks for a third but Taylor ducks it before meeting LaRae with a running big boot as she gets back up for a two count
*Taylor hits a kick to LaRae's leg that lands her on her knee's, Taylor tells her to “S HIS D!” to the disgust of the crowd causing LaRae to lose it landing a huge low blow Taylor forcing the ref to call for the bell.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor once again mocks the team of LaRae and Lufisto before saying that at King Of The Mountain II it would be Chuck Taylor's job to remove women's wrestling from Triple X stating he'd be taking on Team Canada in a two on one match which if he won would grant him a New York City Title shot at a time of his choosing, Lufisto and LaRae both try to get their hands on Taylor but he ducks out of the ring and to the backstage. We then see a video clip hyping the next match showing the battles between Steen and Zayn/Generico through the years from ROH to PWG to XXX, as we cut back to the ring we see both men stood in the ring

Match Four:
Kevin Steen v Sami Zayn
Zayn poses for the fans on the turnbuckle but before the bell can ring Steen charges at Zayn knocking him from the turnbuckle down to the outside, Steen quickly joins Zayn and picks him up slamming him in to the ring steps as Eddie Kingston walks out and begins to help Steen lay in to Zayn.
Security come out but Kingston fends them off with a chair as he picks Zayn up before hitting a package piledriver on to the ringsteps splitting Zayn wide open.
Winner: No Contest

As the match ends Jim Cornette storms out saying he should fire Steen and Kingston for that attack, Steen laughs stating that he didn't have to win a match to get a reward stating that the board had spoken to him and they saw his true value to this company and that it was time to make a big announcement revealing that at the iPPV King Of The Mountain II it would be CM Punk, Sami Zayn, Eddie Kingston and Kevin F'N Steen going head to head for the World Title!


Match Five:
Davey Richards & The Super Smash Brothers v The Bullet Club
*A brilliant back and forth match that shows off the skills of all six men with Richards and Devitt showing their tough nononsense styles and the Bucks and The Smash Brothers showing their high flying, fast paced skills with the Bucks hitting multiple superkicks. The end comes as Devitt hits a double footstomp from the top rope to the outside on Richards and Uno is hit with a double superkick leaving Dos to take on the Bullet Club alone, he fights back catching Nick's superkick and pulling him in to a superkick from Matt only for Devitt to behead him with a stiff lariat followed by the bloody sunday for the three count.
winner: The Bullet Club

The Bullet Club celebrate stating that their reward was to make the New York City title match a 60 minute ironman match to finally put Davey Richards down and to show that Devitt and the Bullet Club weren't scared of anything. We then cut backstage where we are met by Alison Danger who talks about next weeks show that would see every match be a different variant of a tag team match as Triple X Wrestling presents: TAG TO THE FUTURE

Main Event: No DQ
CM Punk v AJ Styles
As the bell rings Kevin Steen and Eddie Kingston run down to the ring with chairs and begin to beat down CM Punk, Johnny Gargano is quickly in the ring but he is taken out too as AJ Styles watches on with a smile on his face, the crowd boo as Steen hits Punk with a package piledriver on to the chair as Kingston lands a backfist to the future followed by the Royal Flush leaving both men down.
The crowd goes wild as Sami Zayn quickly charges down to the ring trying to help the team of Punk and Gargano but is quickly over powered being hit with a conchairto, Styles finally walks over placing a foot on Punks chest as the ref is forced to count for the free
Winner: AJ Styles

As AJ stands tall in the ring Steen walks up to him and reaches out a handshake with Kelly talking about how Nightmare was getting a third member, Styles contemplates it for a second before shaking his head and stating that for his reward he was putting himself in the King Of The Mountain II main event! The show ends with Styles on the outside and the team of Nightmare stood over the bodies of Gargano, Zayn and Punk.

Team Canada v Chuck Taylor

XXXtreme Warefare Match
Icarus v Willie Mack

Triple X World Tag Team Titles
The Super Smash Brothers v The Young Bucks

Triple X New York City Title
Prince Devitt v Davey Richards

Triple X World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles v CM Punk v Eddie Kingston v Kevin Steen v Sami Zayn

*More TBC*


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Singing of the Yorkshire anthem

Jojo walks down to the ring to applause, she opens the show with a rendition of on Ilkley Moor Ba Tat the crowd don’t seem to be as enthusiastic in joining in on the ”Where’s That” part maybe it’s time for a new song.

Look Back

We see replays of the main event last week, where umaga was victorious over Mark Henry after the reveal of his son expecting Marks first grandchild.

Opening Segment

Mark Henry is in the ring complaining about how he was put in an impossible position last week, how could he choice between a championship belt and his Son, he says he wants another opportunity as he wasn’t in a position to wrestle last week, his head wasn’t in the game.

We Shall not be moved then sounds and Big Daddy walks out with Umaga, Big Daddy tells Mark that he used all the leverage he had last week and if he wants another opportunity he will have to earn it like the rest. Big Daddy tells Mark he is fed up of his moaning as is the Yorkshire crowd wasn’t last week enough to prove that whining will get him nowhere.

Tamina Snuka then walks out and kisses Umaga to the shock of Mark, Tamina then goes on to explain that her part last week was all a set up and she is not pregnant with Marks Son baby as how would that even work he is a hand and has no genitals, she said she agreed to play the part as Marks Son was fed up of being ignored by his dad for all these years and in fact she is expecting Umagas baby.

Big Daddy then pretends to look shocked before congratulating the couple, he tells Mark he had no idea of this and how this changes his opinion on the matter, he says Mark will give Mark a break and give him an opportunity to prove himself tonight.

Big Daddy then says Mark has to leave the ring now as its time to start the show.

Match 1
Bobby Lashley vs Goldust

• Bobby Lashley takes the early advantage with a huge clothesline
• Lashley hits a spinebuster for a 2 count
• Lashley attempts a spear to end it early but Goldust manages to avoid
• Goldust counters with a DDT
• Goldust hits a rolling Senton from the apron for a 2 count
• Goldust throws lashley to the corner and attempts shattered dreams but lashley manages to avoid
• Lashley tries to catch goldust with the spear again goldust counters with a hurricarana
• Goldust picks up Lashley and hit the Curtain Call for a 3 count

Winner Goldust

Backstage Segment

We are with the new 3MB, Jinder tells Drew he needs to get over this whole Fandango situation or he needs to get even, he says it is starting to make the team look weak, Drew says not worry he has it in hand and Fandango will get what’s coming to him soon.

Match 2
Umaga vs Viscera

• Neither man gains the advantage early on after several lockups
• The two go to lock up again but Umaga kicks Viscera in the stomach
• Umaga throws Viscera to the corner and runs in and hits a big splash
• As Viscera steps out from the corner umaga hits a Samoan drop for a 2 count
• Umaga lifts up Viscera and throws him against the rope he goes for the head-butt but Viscera catches him with a uppercut
• Viscera then hits a belly to Belly suplex
• Viscera hits a big Splash for a 2 count
• Viscera picks up umaga up and goes for the chokebomb umaga fights out with head-butts
• Viscera throws umaga against the ropes but he comes back with a Samoan Spike
• Umaga hits a Wild Samoan Splash for the 3 count

Winner Umaga

Backstage Segment

John Cena knocks on the door of Big Daddy and enters, he says he hopes Big Daddy will keep to his promise that if John wins tonight he will be added to White Rose Championship bout at the PPV, Big Daddy says he is a man of his word and if John Wins he will get his chance, however he wants to test John so tonight will be a fatal Four way and he will face Fandango, Magnus and Del Rio, but if John losses his spot will go to the winner.

Backstage Segment

Titus O’Neill is with AR Fox he is thanking him for taking his place tonight as he too has a dodgy stomach after eating shrimp, Titus tells AR he went to the same restaurant as Sandow last week as it was voted the best restaurant in Castleford, Titus tells AR it run by a lovely brother and sister Bill and Sarah who have the sweetest Kid together named Bill named after his uncle. AR looks confused but says he is happy to support his team.

Match 3
Bo Dallas vs AR Fox

• Bo Dallas takes the early advantage with a kick to the mid-section
• Bo Dallas hits and Inverted DDT for a 1 count
• Dallas throws AR against the ropes but as AR comes back he hits the AR-KO
• Dallas manages to roll to the outside to avoid the pinfall
• AR climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a Lo Mein Rein
• Both men remain on the outside as the referee begins to count
• AR rises first and rolls Bo into the ring
• AR covers for a 2 count
• AR picks up Bo and hits Krunch for the 3 count

Winner AR Fox

Backstage Segment

Great Khali and Brodus Clay are seen backstage, Great Khali seems to be in a bad way and holds his head in his hands, Brodus strokes the shoulder and tells him he is sure everything will work out ok. Khalli says he can’t believe his parents are making him travel to India to get married to the daughter of the local goat farmer, Khali tells Brodus that he has feelings for somebody in the federation and its breaking his heart, Brodus whispers in Khalis ear that he feels the exact same way but love will conquer all, Khali thanks Brodus and smiles before walking away, Brodus sighs and stares at Khalis bottom.

In Ring

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring ready for his match he grabs a microphone before climbing onto the ring, he says no matter who comes through that curtain he is ready to unleash his frustrations on them and win back his opportunity.

Hands Up then begins to play and Marks Son walks from behind the curtain and down to the ring and climbs in and gets in the face of Mark, Mark pleads with his son to not make him do this, he says he understands his Sons actions but this isn’t the way, his son just flips him the bird and back to his corner

Match 4
Mr Hand vs Mark Henry

• Mark seems reluctant to fight and his Son takes the early advantage
• Mark is thrown against the rope and his son hits him with what looks like a drop kick
• Marks son attempts a pin but Mark kicks out at 1
• Mark Pleads with his Son to end this
• Mr Hand rocks Mark with some Jabs to the chin with his fingers
• Mark pushes his Son back out of frustration and he falls to the floor
• Mr Hand gets back up and runs straight at Mark hitting a spear
• Mr Hand climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off splashing down on Mark
• Mr hand covers Mark for the three count
• Mark gets straight back up after and storms up the ramp leaving his son in the ring

Winner Mr Hand

Commentary as Mr Hand dives from the turnbuckle
JV: Pattacake Pattacake Bakers Man, what a move.

Backstage Segment

Mark Henry is fuming and is shouting to speak to Big Daddy, instead he is approached by Zeb Coulter, Zeb tells Mark like him he is frustrated with Big Daddy showing favouritism to certain wrestlers and attempting to please the Yorkshire crowd by making fun of others. Zeb says he has plan to make this all blow up in Big Daddy’s face and wants Mark to be a part of that, he tells Mark he already has others guys willing to fight for his cause, Mark says he’s in.

Match 5
John Cena vs Fandango vs Magnus vs Del Rio

• Cena and Del Rio begin to trade blows as do Fandango and Magnus
• Cena hits a sidewalk slam on Del Rio and attempts a cover.
• Fandango breaks up the cover but as he stand up Magnus hits a European uppercut followed by a vertical suplex.
• Magnus attempts the cover but Cena breaks it up
• Magnus and Cena exchange blows before Del Rio takes them both down with a double clothesline
• Del Rio and fandango team up and hit a joint suplex to Cena
• Del Rio goes for the cover but fandango stops him and hits enziguri
• Magnus then sprints across the ring and tackles Del Rio to the outside
• McIntyre’s music then its and Drew walks out from behind the curtain which distracts Fandango
• Cena hits the AA on the unaware Fandango for the 3 count

Winner John Cena

End Segment

Show goes off air as John Cena celebrates in the ring whilst Fandango is in shock looking up at Drew smiling on the entrance ramp.


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by The_Enigma on Fri 13 Jun 2014, 8:18 pm

Week 3: NGPW vs XPW
Injury: Raven
Show Name: Blue Thunder: As The Tidal Turns...

Highlights/Previously on NGPW...:
- nXtreme grew stronger after unveiling both Bobby Roode & Michael Bennett as members as nXtreme beat down Antonio Cesaro in the first ever NGPW Vs nXtreme inter-promotional match
- Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin made their NGPW debuts as part of nXtreme following the conclusion of the main-event. They both attacked and bloodied both Briscoe Brothers concluding with putting Jay Briscoe through a table
- Tim Donst began his 5-Match Trial Series. He has to win 3 of 5 matches to earn a contract and a future world title match. Donst lost the first match to the underfeated Alexander Rusev
- Both an unidentified nXtreme masked man and Jigsaw advanced in the first Junior Heavyweight Title Tournement Matches
As the video package highlights from last week’s show finish up, the show immediately begins with The Batiri stood inside the ring as The Motor City Machine Guns entire from the nXtreme entrance.

Match 1: nXtreme Tag Title Match
MCMG (Alex Shelley / Chris Sabin) Vs The Batiri (Kodama / Obariyon)

- A fast paced Tag Match between the two teams of cruiserweights
- The match goes back and forth initially until Shelley takes control with a big kick onto Kodama at the 5 minute mark
- He keeps Kodama grounded with a series of strikes before locking in a series of submission holds
- Kodama fights and fights but gets kept in the MCMG corner as the Guns tag in and out quickly
- Shelley takes Kodama down with a Skull F*** before tagging to Sabin... Somersault Plancha... Kodama moves! Shelley back in... Superkick from Kodama takes both men down... Kodama crawls and... MAKES THE TAG!
- The crowd cheers as Obariyon explodes into the match... Knee lift to Shelley! Double Knee Backbreaker to Sabin! Snap Suplex to Shelley! He sets up for the Go to Hell on Shelley.... Sabin with the club from behind! Both men are legal...
- Cradle Shock.... As Sabin goes for the pinfall, he’s suddenly dragged out the ring
- It’s The Briscoe Brothers! Jay superkicks Chris Sabin as Mark attacks with a chair to the back of Alex Shelley causing the DQ.

Winners via DQ and STILL the nXtreme Tag Team Champions - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin -  The Motor City Machine Guns 07:10
The Briscoe Brothers look to return the favour from last week as the beat down continues. Following repeated chair shots to Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin is rolled into the ring as Jay hits a Spike Jay Driller leaving him not moving at all. They stand above them holding up both the NGPW and the nXtreme Tag Team title belts

Post Match Segment
We return from commercial break as both Briscoe Brothers look to address their actions. Keeping it short and simple, they challenge the MCMG to a title unification match-up at the PPV in a street fight!

In-Ring Segment
NGPW President Wink Vavasseur doesn’t look very happy as he storms towards the ring. Grabbing a microphone he states that he is sick of all the constant interference and the beat downs from nXtreme. He announces that if nXtreme want to fight, we will fight as he announcers tonight’s main event. Tonight it’s NGPW vs. nXtreme in a 6 man-tag match as he announces Antonio Cesaro and both Briscoe Brothers as representing Team NGPW.

Match 2: Junior Heavyweight Title Quarterfinal Match- Green Ant Vs Michael Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis)

- A superb one on one contest between the high flying Green Ant and the hard hitting Bennett
- Throughout the opening segment Bennett cannot get his hands on the Ant as the smaller man uses his speed to his advantage
- This changes at the 6 minute mark when Maria makes her presence at ringside felt by tripping up Ant, this gives the room for Bennett to hit a big sidekick for a nearfall
- Bennett controls the next 3 minutes by grounding Ant with heavy strikes and working over the shoulder, at this point he then goes for the Go Back to Japan but Green Ant blocks it... Piledriver... Green Ant fights out... Dropkick! 1...2... Bennett kicks out
- Green Ant takes Bennett down again with a second dropkick before going up top.... Maria up on the apron once more!
- The referee tells her to get down but the distraction is just enough for Bennett to recover and hit the ropes causing Ant to fall crotch first onto the turnbuckle! He picks Ant onto his shoulders... Photo Finish! 1.......2.....3... NO! Ant just kicks out! Bennett and Maria cannot believe it! He goes for the pin again...1......2...... Kickout! Maria screams at the referee!
- Bennett goes for the pinfall again.... rollup by Ant! 1....2..... Kickout! Just in time from Bennett, both men back to their feet... Sidekick from Bennett.... duck by Ant.... Chikara Special.... Bennett blocks and grabs the arm....
- Go Back to Japan locked in in the centre of the ring! Ant has no choice but to tap

Winner via Submission - Michael Bennett – Advances to Semi-Finals 10:58

Backstage Segment
Heading backstage, the cameras pick up on Tommaso Ciampa as he arrives to the building. JBL and Alex Riley both arrive onto the scene as JBL begins to play mind games. He tells Ciampa that while he is good, if he joined nXtreme he could turn that good into something great. JBL plants the seeds telling him to think on that offer as both he and Alex Riley walk away.

Following defeat to Alexander Rusev last week, Tim Donst currently stands at 0-1. As he waists his second match series opponent, ‘Golden Star’ Kota Ibushi sprints onto the stage.
Match 3: Tim Donst Trail Series (0-1): – Tim Donst Vs Kota Ibushi

- In the early stages of the match, Donst applies his amateur wrestling background as he grounds Ibushi with a double leg takedown, picking away with various holds.
- Donst continues his matt-based chain wrestling techniques with a gator roll until Ibushi escapes then hits a backspring elbow and a frankenstiener to quicken the pace.
- Resorting to heel tactics, Donst chop blocks Ibushi from behind. He follows up with a series of rolling gutwrench suplexes but can’t quite put away his opponent.
- Ibushi comes back with his own Three quarter nelson bridging suplex. He attempts his trademark backflip handspring kick but Donst shoves the official in the way.
- With the official now down, Kota Ibushi hits the Phoenix-Plex as Raven & Perry Saturn rush towards the ringside area.
- As Raven provides the distraction, Perry Saturn attacks Kota Ibushi from behind hitting the DVD. He slides Donst onto Ibushi before making a quick getaway.
- The official slowly comes around and counts. 1….2…..3!

Winner via Pinfall – Tim Donst (Trail Series Score 1-1) 06:18
Post match Tim Donst gets to his knees looking very groggy as the official raises his arm. Looking on in confusion he sees both Raven & Perry Saturn watching from the stage as they exit.

Backstage Segment
Our attentions turn backstage as the camera crew head inside Wink Vavasseur. He can be seen sat at his desk talking on his cell phone when you hear a big crash outside his door. Panicking, he hangs up his call and opens the door to see a bloodied Mark Briscoe lying there to send a message. Wink will need to find a replacement.

Match 4: Junior Heavyweight Quarterfinals Match – Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger Vs X-Pac

- The veteran Liger, uses his experience to ground the highflyer with a series of armbar takedowns
- Continuing to punish X-Pac, he applies an abdominal stretch leading to a surfboard submission. Liger attempts a head-scissors takedown but X-Pac counters into a sit-down powerbomb.
- Liger quickly retreats rolling to the outside but X-Pac comes straight after him hitting a suicide somersault senton before rolling him straight back in.
- From here X-Pac ups the tempo hitting a flying lariat which leads to kick combination into the corner. After posing, X-Pac hits his trademark Bronco-Buster much to the delight of the fans.
- Again Liger rolls to the floor, this timing having X-Pac scouted, as he dodges a diving spinning heel kick from the apron. Climbing the ropes, Liger takes out X-Pac with a moonsault.
- Now in the driving seat, Liger hits a fisherman buster and Liger bomb for several near falls.
- Going highrisk, Liger attempts a flying diving crossbody but X-Pac counters mid move into a mid-air X-Factor! He hooks the leg 1…2… 3 NO! Liger has his foot on the ropes
- X-Pac tries to go straight after Liger but he counters into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. After placing X-Pac onto the top rope, Liger attempts a superplex but X-Pac resists.
- Instead, X-Pac counters hitting a super X-Factor from the top rope! He covers, Liger kicks out
- Out of desperation, X-Pac runs the ropes but Liger counters. Liger Bomb!!! He quickly hoists X-Pac up – Brainbuster! He hooks the leg and this one is over!

Winner via Brain-Buster – Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger:  Advancing to Semi-Finals – 15:25
Post match both wrestlers get a standing ovation as they both struggle to get to their feet, X-Pac extends his hand as they both embrace.

Pre-Match Segment
As both Roderick Strong & Tommaso Ciampa warm up in the gorilla position for their match, NGPW President Wink Vavasseur apologises for interrupting as he storms into shot. He pleads if either man will be a part of his team tonight but is quickly shot down. Both Strong/Ciampa want to focus on their match as Wink looks ejected grabbing his phone as he walks away.

Match 5: #1 Contender’s 2 out of 3 Falls Match – Roderick Strong Vs Tommaso Ciampa

- Tommaso Ciampa cuts Roderick Strong off in the aisle to prematurely kick this match off as both exchange strikes to try and get the upper hand.
- The brawl continues around ringside as Strong dumps Ciampa onto the ring post back first. Ciampa no sells as he sends Strong flying over the announcers table.
- Eventually heading onto the apron, Ciampa hoists Strong attempting the Aid Raid Crash, Strong escapes hitting crunching backbreaker onto the apron.
- The intensity grows as Strong unleashes stiff chops. After missing the running enzuigiri in the corner, Ciampa unloads hitting repeated running knee strikes to Strong seated in the corner.
- Looking frazzled, Strong makes another mistake as Ciampa hits a running poweslam. He quickly hoists Strong up – Air Raid Crash! He hooks the leg 1…2… Kick Out!
- Looking desperate, Ciampa climbs the ropes only for Strong to pull him foot first. Strong hits a double-underhook backbreaker leading to the CX03 to score the first fall. 1-0
- Both men slow down the temple as they exchange strikes until Strong takes control hitting more chops until Ciampa goes crazy begging for more.
- Strong attempts a Gibson Driver but Ciampa counters into a hurricanrana then follows up with a releasing German Suplex to gain control.
- Stalking Strong ready to hit Project Ciampa, JBL makes his presence known as he walks towards the ring. Ciampa is easily distracted as he drops Strong looking to confront JBL on the apron.
- JBL & Ciampa exchange heated words leading to Ciampa striking JBL. As the crowed roar, Ciampa turns into a running sick kick! Strong quickly takes advantage as he hoists Ciampa up leading to the Double Knee Gutbuster! 1…2…3 – Strong Wins! 2-0

Winner 2 Falls to 0 - #1 Contender – Roderick Strong 20:42
Tommaso Ciampa looks distraught as he leans against the ropes head first. JBL gets to his feet as he acknowledges what’s just happened before grinning. Roderick Strong simply observes both their reactions before exiting the ring – Its Aries Vs Strong at the PPV

Backstage Segment
As Michael Cole recaps over our last match, he informs us that we have to go backstage as Tim Donst confronts both Forgotten Flock members. Asking why they interfered. Raven explains it’s simple; he can either be with or against their stable. With Donst looking confused Raven states that the offer to join their stable is still open.

Main Event: NGPW Vs nXtreme 6-Man Grudge Match
With nXtreme filling the ring, both Antonio Cesaro & Jay Briscoe await on the stage to see who their third member will be… NGPW President Wink Vavasseur appears but he’s not alone as Alexander Rusev follows behind as he begins to grin.

- A very hard hitting main event with the animosity between the teams evident throughout
- The opening ten minutes sees both teams hit big moves including a huge European Uppercut from Cesaro, a Supekick from Roode and a IED from Aries
- At the 15 minute mark it all breaks down as Briscoe is in the ring with JBL, he sets up for a Fishermans Buster but gets caught by JBL who hits a Big Boot before hitting a Fall Away slam... he sets up for the Clothesline from Hell... Briscoe Ducks! Rusev into the ring... Jumping Side Kick takes JBL down! Rusev turns around...
- Big Dropkick off the top from Aries! Knocks Rusev over the top rope, Roode in as he throws Briscoe over the top rope with a Northern Lariat... Aries points before rushing to the ropes... Heat Seeking Missile to both Rusev and Briscoe!
- Roode turns around... Cranial Crank from Cesaro... here comes the Big Swing! The crowd chants along up to 18 spins…
- JBL back to his feet... Clothesline from Hell from behind onto Cesaro! Aries slides Briscoe back in.....1......2... Kickout!
- The match continues with JBL in control of Briscoe for the next 2 minutes before he goes for the JBL Bomb.... Briscoe struggles out... Redneck Kung Fu! He cant capitalise to make the pin... JBL crawls towards the corner... and makes the tag to Aries.... Aries rushes in at Briscoe before hitting a Pendulum Elbow, he picks up Briscoe.... Brainbuster.... blind tag onto Briscoes back by Cesaro....
- Brainbuster connects! He makes the pin.... Cesaro grabs Aries off of him... Huge Uppercut! Aries staggers backwards.... Tag in by Roode!
- Roode in... Roode Bomb... blocked by Cesaro... Neutralizer... reversed... Cross Face by Roode! Synched in by Roode! Cesaro fights it and starts to use his power pushing himself up off the mat... he reaches with his free arm... tag made to Rusev!
- Rusev in just as Cesaro screams in agony... big Stomp to Roode's back by Rusev! He locks in the Accolade! Roode is stuck in the hold..... He eventually taps!

Winners via Submission – Team NGPW 24:32 - Antonio Cesaro, Jay Briscoe & Alexander Rusev
The nXtreme stable retreat to the floor as Team NGPW stands tall in the ring, Wink Vavasseur grabs a microphone and says we will settle this at the PPV – Cage of Death! As we immediately go off the air

How to Fake Your Death PPV Card:
Cage of Dearth Grudge Match: NGPW Vs nXtreme
NGPW Heavyweight Title Match: Austin Aries (C) Vs Roderick Strong
Junior Heavyweight Title Match Finals: TBC Vs TBC
Title Unification Street Fight: The Briscoe Brothers (NGPW Champions) Vs MCMG (nXtreme Champions)


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Fri 13 Jun 2014, 11:41 pm

Mwf tv s7 ep3

We see the opening credits before we see Paul Heyman is in ring, he announces that, Shingo, tozawa, gulak and hawx will all pick there opponents at the ppv an opponent tonight in a series of pick your poison matches, He also announces that tonights main event will see the Sumerian death squad taking on the knights in tag team competition, as he looks to step out of the ring next big thing hits and out comes Brock lesnar,  Lesnar asks if he has been forgotten about as he was to team with a partner to take out the unbreakable machines tonight, Heyman says that he hasn't been forgotten about but his choice of partner for lesnar can't be there tonight but will be at nightmare on oak street and that lesnar won't be disappointed as this man is signifys exactally what MWF is about. Lesnar looks on angriley as Heyman exits

Shingo picks Tozawas Opponent
Shingo is shown backstage, he says that it has taken him a long while to pick who Tozawa's opponent should be, but he's made his decision and his choice of opponent is the man he felt put in a good showing against Doug Williams last week, that man is Robbie Dynamite

Akira Tozawa vs Robbie Dynamite
Winner-Akira Tozawa

Post match and Tozawa picks Shingo his opponent
Tozawa grabs a microphone, he says dynamite was great competition but he will go one better and chooses his choice of opponent to be the finalist of the international title tournament and shingos opponent will be the anarchist, Doug Williams

Shingo vs Doug Williams
A back and forth contest comes to an end when SJk attacks Williams with a chairs
Winner via Dq-Doug Williams

Post match
SJK mockS Williams as he walks up the ramp, Williams furiously grabs a Mic and shouts up the ramp at SJK that he hopes that Keenan survives his semi final next week against Aaron Sharp, because he's had enough of keenans little games and he will make sure he puts an end to them at nightmare on oak street.

Luke Hawx picks Gulak's opponent
Hawx is now shown backstage, he says that he wants to give Gulak the biggest and best warm up he can think of and that is the man he sees as the number one contender to Gulak's X title and that man is Myzteziz

Drew Gulak vs Myzteziz
Winner- Myzteziz

Mercedes Martinez interview
Martinez is shown backstage and she says that tonight she won't be letting AJ win in any shape of form.

Mercedes Martinez vs AJ Lee
Winner-Mercedes Martinez

Post Match
skarlett stands atop the stage and stares down at Martinez, signaling a title around her waist

Gulak picks Hawx his opponent
gulak says that he is picking someone who has never before been seen in MWF as Hawx's opponent, Hawx's opponent is the creature of the night known as willow

Luke Hawx vs Willow
Winner-Luke Hawx

The Cameraman takes us round the corner of the corridor where we see Paul Heyman laid out on the hard concrete floor, there is no one around, as the camera man calls for help he is also seemingly taken out, the camera fuzzes out as we go to break

Myzteziz Interview
the former sin Cara says that he has defeated Gulak so therefore he should be seen as the x division title number 1 contenender, he says that he will meet with Heyman in the week once Heyman is back on his feet and demand his shot

Pre Match
We see the knights and the death squad going through there pre match warm ups on a split screen there are bangs on the locker room doors as a mwf executive comes in to each room, both teams get told that there match will now be the first match of a best of 3 series to name the first MWF tag team champions

Match 1 of 3 in the MWF tag team title best of 3 series- The Hooligans (Roy and Zak Knight) vs Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End)
Winners-Sumerian Death Squad

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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by Fernando on Sat 14 Jun 2014, 3:06 pm

XPW vs NGPW/Nxtreme
Injury: Jay Lethal

Bryon Saxton & Tom Phillips welcome everyone to week 3 of XPW and highlight last weeks show with Bray Wyatt ending it with the title raised in the air.

Dixie Carter heads out to the ring looking furious.
"The XPW Board of directors have appointed people to watch over me as idiotic as it sounds, I am fully in control of the company and they have no rights to do this! i demand that these incompetent morons come out now"

"Bombshell" Hits as The Dudley Boyz in suits head out to the ring with a smirk on their faces.

"You look a little shocked to see us Dixie" "Well the good news is you're no longer in full charge of this company and if you want anything done it goes through us 1st"

Dixie Slaps the pair of them.

"Your messing with the wrong person and you will pay for this" as Dixie storms from the ring furiously.

The Dudleys announce a tag match for later tonight, Them vs 2 wrestlers of Dixie's choice

Match 1 - Tensai vs Kenta

Tensai heads out to the ring accompanied by Mr Fuji to booing from the XPW Crowd
KENTA heads out to a pop as the commentators bring up what happened last week.

- Tensai goes to lock up with Kenta but Kenta ducks and starts kicking away at the legs of Tensai bring him down to his knees.
- Kenta kicks away at the chest of Tensai but is eventually caught and grabbed around the throat into a modified chokeslam for a 2 count.
- Tensai deadlifts Kenta from the mat and goes for the Tensai Driver but Kenta slides off the back and tries to roll up Tensai but Tensai grabs his arm and lands a leg drop across it.
- Kenta struggles to his feet and turns around into a bicycle kick from Tensai who grabs him by the throat as Mr Fuji tells him to end it.
- Tensai lands the Claw STO for the 3 count

Winner by Pinfall - Tensai

The Commentators mention how impressive Tensai has been.

We head to the middle of nowhere into the Church of Bray Wyatt. Where he is giving a sermon whilst Erick Rowan & Luke Harper stand beside him with the XPW World title in hand.

The Crowd of followers all stand and shout "Follow the Buzzards" as Bray raises the world title.

We See the Age of the fall standing looking at a monitor looking furiously that Bray still has the world title from last week.

Kazuchika Okada vs Luke Harper

Okada comes out with his ribs taped as result of the assault by Tensai last week.
The Wyatt Family static hits as all 3 appear around the ring including Wyatt still holding onto the XPW World Title.

- Both men look up but Harper knees Okada in the ribs and starts to stomp away at the ribs of Okada.
- Harper pulls Okada up and lands several scoop slams followed by a senton to the ribs of Okada for a 2 count.
- Harper backs into the corner and goes for a giant clothesline but Okada ducks under and lands an enziguri.
- Okada lands a shining wizards to Harper and goes for a moonsault but Harper lands his knees into his ribs.
- Harper goes for the Spinning Side Slam but Okada fights out and lands the Rainmaker on Harper
- Okada goes for the pinfall but Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan break it up for the DQ.

Winner - Kazuchika Okada

The Wyatt family start to beat down Kazuchika Okada but The Age of the fall comes charging out to rescue Okada as the Wyatt's retreat up the ramp still in possession of the belt.

We head backstage to Dixie Carter wandering the halls looking for people to represent her later on tonight with little success so far.

Christopher Daniels vs Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal comes out to a big pop but Christopher Daniels attacks him from behind with a steel chair and starts to beat him down around the ring. Daniels rips up the padding outside the ring and lands the Angel's Wings to Lethal on the concrete floor.

Daniels Poses over Lethal as the medics come out to check on Lethal.

Daniels grabs a mic and says that Jay Lethal is the start of his crusade to empty XPW of Terrible wrestling as the crowd chant you suck

Tom Phillips calls him a despicable man for what he's just done.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Ricochet

We return to the ring with the Age of the fall standing around the outside as Jacobs prepares for his match, Ricochet comes out to a pop from the crowd

- Both men lock up with them chain wrestling before Ricochet gets flipped into the air and turns it into a hurricarana
- Jacobs charges at Ricochet but Ricochet hurdles him and springboards on the ropes in a tornado DDT
- Ricochet pulls up Jacobs and goes for the Benadryller but Jacobs reverses into a cutter for a 2 count.
- Jacobs drags up Ricochet and lands a berzerker drop slamming Ricochet face 1st into the mat
- Jacobs sits in the corner and lines up Ricochet for a spear but Ricochet jumps over Jacobs and lands a backslide driver
- Ricochet heads up top and goes to land a double rotation moonsault but Jacobs gets his knees up and locks in the End Time leaving him no choice but to tap

Winner - Jimmy Jacobs

The Age of the Fall climb into the ring as Tyler Black grabs the mic and challenges the Wyatt Family to a 6 man Elimination World Title Tag Match at the PPV.

Bryon Saxton can't believe the challenge that The Age of the fall just laid down and wonders if the Wyatt Family will accept it.

We head backstage to Dixie Carter who seems to have found a pair of wrestlers to take the challenge up nextt but we cannot see their faces.

The Dudley Boyz vs ???
"Bombshell" Hits as the Dudley's come out to massive cheering from the XPW Crowd.

Dixie Carter comes out onto the stage and says that tonight is the start of the "Era of Dixie"

Dixie starts to walk down the ramp calling them vile rednecks and to go back to special-ville.

2 men in masks sneak in behind the Dudleys and start to beat them down as Dixie Climbs onto the apron shouting instructions.

Bubba gets laid out with a brainbuster whilst D'Von is laid out with a flip piledriver as the XPW Crowd boo.

Dixie climbs in the ring and tells them to remove their masks revealing Adam Cole & Kyle O Reilly and raises their arms in the air as the crowd chant "you sold out"

The commentator's wonder what Dixie Offered them to join forces with her as XPW Goes off air.


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Post by jai.roberts on Sat 14 Jun 2014, 5:22 pm

OPAL Wrestling Genesis

Episode 3

Arena: The O2 Arena, Dublin, Ireland

Attendance 14,865


Injuries: Solomon Crowe

The show opens with the camera panning around a packed O2 Arena, when “Here Comes the Money” hits and the crowd give a good reaction.
Shane McMahon walks down the ramp and is visibly angry.  McMahon enters the ring and grabs a mic.
SM “Come on out here Kurt and you might as well come too Sheamus.”
Sheamus and Kurt Angle come out to the ring, with no music, they both enter the ring.
SM “You two could not get the title from Solomon Crowe, you are both former World Champions, what’s the deal”
KA “It was that oaf Uhaa last week who cost me the match, my big Irish friend here though made a right hash of it”
S “Oh give me a break fella, he hit me with a damn hammer”
KA “Shane give me a rematch tonight”
S “No give me a rematch tonight”
SM “Neither of you is having a rematch, see Batista is also a worthy champion and he’ll defiantly get the job done”
“Here comes the money” and Shane exits the ring.  Leaving Kurt and Sheamus arguing in the ring.

Bobby Heenan “Well there we have it, Batista will be the next Heavyweight Champion tonight”
Sunny “But up next it’s the first New Blood Semi Final”

“Beauty and Stupid” hits and out comes CIMA to a good pop
“Hadou” hits and here comes Hirooki Goto, to a chorus of boo’s

Introducing first from Sakai, Osaka, Japan, weighing 181lbs … CIMA
His opponent from Kuwana, Japan, weighing 227lbs … Hirooki Goto

*The match starts when both guys lock up in the middle of the ring, very even in the opening.
*Goto gets the better of CIMA and hits him with a big Suplex, followed by a sharp kick to the spine
*Goto picks up CIMA, but CIMA uses his quickness, kicks Goto in the gut and hits a belly to belly.
*CIMA whips Goto into the corner and charges at him, hitting a running Enziguri and the crowd cheer.
*Goto stumbles out of the corner and CIMA charges again and hits a spinning heel kick sending Goto to the ground.
*CIMA is working the crowd now, and hits a Standing Moonsault on Goto, pinfall but only gets two.
*CIMA picks up Goto whips him into the ropes, but Goto charges back with a shoulder tackle.
*Goto picks up CIMA and throws him hard over the top rope to the outside, Goto goes to the top and hits a elbow drop from the top to the outside.
*Goto throws CIMA back into the ring and hits CIMA with Shouten, covers him for the three count.

Winner Hirooki Goto

After the match Hirooki Goto celebrates making the finals in the ring, but they are giving him lots of heat.

We go to the locker room and we see Emma with just a towel wrapped round her, when in walks Joseph Parks.  Emma lets out a scream.
JP “Hey, Hey there is no need to scream, I just wanted to wish you good luck in your upcoming title match, that’s all”
E “Get out Joseph!”
JP “OK, I’m going, you look good tonight Emma”
Parks leaves and Emma looks a little shaken at the intrusion.

“♪Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Who are you? What have you sacrificed? Jesus Christ Superstar, Do you think you’re what they say you are? ♪” Out comes Aiden English singing his show tunes, to a chorus of boos.
“Trouble” hits and here comes Ethan Carter III to some heat.
“Morning Glory” hits and here comes Noam Dar to a good pop.
“Cyboid” hits and out comes Kalisto.

Introducing first from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 215lbs … Aiden English
His opponent from Tel Aviv, Israel, weighing 169lbs … Noam Dar
Their opponent from Berwin, Illinois, weighing 180lbs … Kalisto
And finally from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing 225lbs …Ethan Carter III

*Match starts when Kalisto and EC3 tie up and so do English and Dar.
*Noam Dar hits English with a big headbutt that send English crashing, while Kalisto hits EC3 with a swinging neckbreaker.
*Kalisto whips EC3 into the ropes but Carter ducks and reverses with a FameAsser.
*English starts to get the upper hand on Dar, sending him to the corner and hits a Monkey Flip.
*Kalisto hits rolling thunder on a grounded Noam Dar, and English and Carter and trading blows.
*Carter is sent back to the corner and English hits a few good chops in the corner.
*Kalisto hits a fisherman’s suplex on Noam Dar and picks up a two count.
*Carter reverses the chops and backs English to the corner hitting a clothesline sending English over the top rope.
*Dar and EC3 double team Kalisto hitting him with a double Suplex sending him to the outside.
*EC3 quickly clotheslines Noam Dar and locks in a half crab, Dar taps out giving Carter the win.

Winner Ethan Carter III

We cut to Shane McMahon’s office he is sat behind his desk when in bursts Angle and Sheamus.
KA “Look Shane I can beat Crowe, you have to let me prove it, forget about this guy”
S “Who you calling this guy, don’t make me have to take you out fella”
KA “I’m Kurt Freekin Angle I’ll snap your Ankle in next to no time, fella”
SM “OK, OK that’s enough you two, I’ll tell you what how about Kurt Angle vs Sheamus here tonight”
KA “No, I want a match with Crowe”
S “Ha, Ha see you out there Kurt Freekin Angle”
Sheamus leaves the office and Angle looks worried.

“One Man Band” hits and out comes Heath Slater to a great pop
“United Divided” hits and here comes the Intercontinental Champion Silas Young

Introducing the challenger from Pineville, West Virginia, weighing 216lbs … Heath Slater
His opponent from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing 209lbs … Silas Young.

*The match starts with Slater going on the attack jumping Young while he wasn’t paying attention.
*Slater continues to bring some decent offense, and seems to have Silas Young on the rocks and the crowd is really getting behind Heath Slater.
*Slater whips Young into the ropes, but it’s reversed, and Young hits a big dropkick.
*Slater rolls out of the ring to regroup, but Young follows him hitting him with a double axehandle.
*Young whips Slater into the steps, and Slater rolls around on the floor clutching his leg in pain.
*Young tosses Slater back into the ring, and hits a Standing Shooting Star Press on Slater, he pins him, but lifts his head at two.
*Young then locks in the Stock Lock and Slater quickly taps out.

Winner Silas Young

As Slater is walking back up the ramp holding his head, Madison Rayne comes out and is pointing and laughing at Slater, she heads to the ring and wraps her arms around Silas Young.
MR “Ladies and Gentlemen, all I look for in a man is a real man, and The Last Real Man is Silas Young”
The crowd boo loudly, suddenly Naomichi Marafuji jumps from out of the crowd and jumps Silas Young knocking him over taking Rayne with them, Marafuji is landing multiple blows on Young.  Young manages to escape and exits the ring where Rayne is and they head back up the ramp, while talking trash.  “Hysteric” hits and Marafuji celebrates in the ring to a good pop.

Sunny is in the ring.

S “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you Adam Rose!”
“Break Away” hits and out comes Adam Rose with the Exotic Express.  They do their normal type entrance before getting into the ring.
S “Last week Adam you and your entourage came down to the ring and partied after the main event, can you tell us why you did that?”
AR “I just want us all to get along here Sunny, why all the bad blood between people, can we all just be friends?”
S “Well we are all friends in here right.”
AR “Right, life should be one big party Sunny and that’s why I’m here in OPAL to make sure your all having a good time, remember don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud!!”
Suddenly “Rebel Son” hits and down comes Bad News Barrett, Sunny quickly exits the ring, but Adam Rose and the Exotic Express stay in the ring.
BNB “Adam Rose, I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS, you see just like them dirty Italians this evening, I’m afraid you’re all going down.”
Bad News suddenly starts striking members of the Express before Adam Rose starts hammering on Barrett, but Barrett quickly gains the upper hand, finally hitting the Bull Hammer on Rose knocking him out.  At this Barrett leaves the ring and “Rebel Son” hits again.

“#EMMAlution” hits and here comes Emma, who is joining the commentary team for this match.

“Stars in the Night” hits and out comes Paige
“Like You Want” hits and out comes Christina Von Eerie
“Repined Bastard Nation” hits and here comes MsChif

This is a Non Title Match
Introducing first from Norwich, England, weighing 120lbs … Paige
Her opponent from Spook City, USA, weighing 123lbs … Christina Von Eerie
Finally from Dante’s Inferno, weighing 135lbs … The ChickFight Champion MsChif

*CVE and Paige immediately team up attacking MsChif both reigning down blows on MsChif.
*Paige and CVE hits a double DDT on MsChif, then CVE and Paige turn on each other and start brawling.
*MsChif joins the brawl and MsChif and Paige go for a double suplex, but CVE blocks the move and bangs their heads together.
*CVE hits a Thez Press on MsChif then hits her hard in the head.
*Paige grabs CVE and backs her into the corner, hitting big kicks to the midsection.
*MsChif comes from behind grabs Paige by the shoulder and spins her round hitting a dropkick on Paige.
*MsChif then goes on the attack on CVE, attacking her former partner, sending her to the mat, then hits a standing moonsault on CVE and picks up a two count.
*MsChif locks an armbar on CVE hitting her with elbows, she then picks CVE up and the two trade blows.
*The three start brawling, and the ref gets in the middle splitting Paige up from the action, MsChif hits green mist on CVE who goes down.
*Paige escapes the ref’s grasp, runs over and hits the Paige Turner on MsChif and picks up the three count.

Winner Paige

E “Well I’ve seen the competition I’m up against and MsChif got pinned tonight, that gives me confidence going into the match, knowing she can be beat”
TS “Yes, but that was a non-title match, she will bring her A game when the title is on the line”
BH “Shiavone you should bring you’re A game whenever you’re in the ring”
Joseph Parks comes to ringside and he is carrying a dozen red roses and hands them to Emma before walking off again.
S “How nice, Emma, he seems to like you”
E “He creeps me out, I’m going on record now and saying Joseph Parks keep away from me I am not interested”

“Medal” hits and out comes Kurt Angle to a decent pop
“Written in My Face” hits and here comes Sheamus to a mixed reaction.

*The match starts with Sheamus charging at Angle, who using his experience ducks and hits a German suplex on Sheamus.
*Angle follows up by going for the Ankle lock, but Sheamus struggles to the ropes.
*Both guys back up now and Sheamus starts hitting Angle with big blows sending him reeling.
*Sheamus whips Angle to the ropes and hits a big backdrop on Angle, who gets to his feet groggy but Sheamus hits a clothesline, sending him to the apron.
*Angle is on the apron and Sheamus locks him in the Beats of Bodhrám, Angle falls to the floor.
*Sheamus is celebrating in the ring, Angle is regrouping, back in the ring the lockup and Angle somehow manages to hit the Angle Slam, covers him and picks up a two count.
*Angle now stomps on each of Sheamus’ limbs and finally his head, Sheamus looks hurt.
*Angle picks up Sheamus, grabbing his head, but Sheamus uses his power and hits Angle with White Noise, covers and gets two.
*Sheamus sets Angle up now, and hits the Brogue Kick, covers Angle and picks up the three.
*While Sheamus is celebrating, Angle puts his foot on the ropes, the ref notices this and the match continues, while Sheamus is arguing with the ref, Angle rolls Sheamus up for the three count.

Winner Kurt Angle

TS “Sheamus has a claim to the match there, he has Angle pinned for a legal three count then”
BH “It’s always worth putting your foot on the ropes, that was smart from Kurt”
S “I think Sheamus was cheated, but anyway over to my favourite place in OPAL the Storm Saloon”

This week in The Storm Bar

CIMA walks in, walks straight up to James Storm.
C “Denme un Tequila por favor”  
JS “Did that clown who came in last week send you, I’m from Texas I don’t speak Arabic.”
C “No, no señor, aquí estoy solo y quiero problemas”
JS “That’s it you have got yourself a match next week it’s You and Mr. Ken from last week against me 2 on 1 handicap match”
S “Me doñt conocerlo, por favor me doñt quiero pelear”
JS “You damn right you accept see you both next week”
Storm then chases CIMA out of the bar.

Back to the ring

“Unleashed” hits and out comes Batista, to a very mixed reaction.
“Bad Things” hits and here comes the champion Solomon Crowe.

As Crowe is heading to the ring Uhaa Nation rushes from behind and clobbers Crowe, sending him crashing to the floor.  Nation picks up Crowe and slams him to the ring post then hoists him onto his shoulder and hits a running powerslam onto the steel ramp.  Officials break it up, Batista confronts Uhaa and asks him what the hell he is doing.  Nation shoves Batista and says get out of his face.

“Here Comes the Money” hits and out comes Shane

SM “I wanted Crowe taken out but not like this, I’m sick of all the top talent at OPAL not being able to get the job done, and now look he is being stretchered out of here.  We still need a main event so Uhaa Nation v Batista it is”
Shane walks off looking annoyed again.  The match starts immediately

*Batista and Nation get in the ring and a very physical match starts out with both guys trading heavy blows.
*Nation gets the upper hand on Batista and knocks Batista to the ground and starts stomping on him.
*Nation hits the ropes and goes for the splash, but Batista moves and Uhaa eats canvas.
*Batista picks Uhaa up and hits a hard clothesline, and Batista is looking in control.
*Batista continues to work over Uhaa Nation with a series of hard hitting moves.
*Batista shoves Uhaa into the corner lifts him to the top rope, but Nation hits him with kicks sending Batista to the ground.
*Nation then hits a top rope moonsault, the crowd goes nuts, and Nation gets straight to his feet and hits a standing shooting star press.
*Nation gets Batista to his feet and launches him over the top rope to the floor.
*Nation goes to the floor and they start brawling, the referee counts to 10 and counts them both out.

Double Count Out

After the match they continue brawling, Batista throws Nation into the crowd and follows him they continue brawling in the crowd and the show closes.


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Post by The_Enigma on Thu 19 Jun 2014, 11:38 pm

Week 4 Shows Posted Here...


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by Steel on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 12:21 pm

Appologies ran out of time this week, so I haven't included matches, been out pretty much since Thursday.

Of course I know that will effect voting and I expect it

Week 4 vs OPAL

Singing of the Yorkshire Anthem

JoJo walks out as usual to sing the Yorkshire Anthem, she says she took on board the crowds feedback from last week and has chosen another song for them, JoJo burst into a rendition of Marching On Together which the crowd really enjoy and sing along with her.

Opening Segment

We shall not be moved begins to play and the crowd cheer for their fellow Yorkshire man, Big daddy walks onto the stage with microphone in hand and addresses the crowd, Big Daddy says we are one week away from the first PPV in YCW history and YCW is going on the road, as the first PPV will be live from Headingley Stadium. Big Daddy says there are still a number of spots on the card available none more so than the 2 spots still available in the main event. Big Daddy then runs through the matches so far

Golddust/Cody Rhodes/Bo Dallas vs Titus O’Neill/AR Fox/Bobby Lashley

Main event William Regal vs John Cena vs ????????? vs ??????????

Big Daddy then announces a triple threat match tonight to determine who will face Umaga for the super heavyweight championship and that will be between Great Khali, Brodus Clay,Viscera.

Fandangos music then plays he walks out onto the stage, he walks towards Big Daddy, he says if Big Daddy is in the mood of making matches, he wants to face Drew McIntyre one on one.
Big Daddy says he has had enough of the two interrupting each other’s matches so he grants Fandango his request, but seen as the two seem to like to spend most of the time outside of the ring it will be a falls count anywhere match. Fandango nods and walks backstage.

Big Daddy says the PPV will be the Biggest Scrap Yorkshire has ever seen, which is why he’s calling this spectacle The Big Scrap, he hopes all the fans here tonight will attend, but for now he has an action packed show for them to enjoy. Big Daddy then heads backstage.

Match 1 Titus O’Neill vs Cody Rhodes

Result: No Contest due to interference from both sides

Backstage Segment

Del Rio and Magnus both approach Big Daddy and complain that they were not given a fair chance of qualifying last week due to interruption and neither of them was pinned, Big Daddy says he is aware of this which is why tonight they will go against each other and the winner will also gain a spot in the main event at the PPV. Del Rio and Magnus stare at each other before going their separate ways.

Match 2

John Cena vs William Regal

Winner William Regal

Backstage Segment

Hornswoggle is seen talking to Drew and Jinder, he looks concerned, he says he has just received a text message from a girl he had a one night stand with, he says she has sent him a text saying she is pregnant and she thinks he may be the father, Hornswoggle says he doesn’t understand as he thought she already knew who the father was and it wasn’t him, Hornswoggle then looks to the door where Tamina Snuka walks past stroking her baby bump..

Match 3

Great Khali vs Brodus Clay vs Viscera

Winner Great Khali

Backstage Segment

Lashley and O’Neill are asking AR FOX where he was tonight and why he didn’t have their back out there, he says he has not been able to get off the toilet all day, O’Neill asks him where he was last night and AR says regrettably he thought he’d check out the shrimp place O’Neill was telling him about Lashley shakes his head and tells them both to sop visiting this restaurant for the good of the team

Backstage Segment

Zeb Coulter and Mark Henry can be seen backstage, Mark is asking Zeb how he is getting on with recruitment, Zeb says he has contacted a few superstars he thinks will come round to their way of thinking, Mark says he wants revenge now so Zeb better hurry up getting this plan off the ground otherwise he will have to take measure into his own hands, Zeb tells Mark not to rush anything and be made to look like a fool again, he tells Mark to be patient and eventually he will get what he wants.

Match 4

ACH/Sandow/Young vs Hornswoggle/Jinder/Drew on Commentary Fandango

Winner ACH Sandow Young


Brodus congratulate Khali he says he knew he had it in him and although he is disappointed at losing out on the opportunity, he is happy for Khali, Great Khali says thanks to Brodus. Great Khali says he feels like celebrating with a nice massage, Brodus says he will get the oil, Khali laughs and says he already has somebody booked in Gail Kim walks in the room and the two embrace before heading off for a long shower. Brodus looks confused and squeezes the oil bottle to tightly causing it to erupt in his face.

Match 5

Magnus vs Del Rio

Winner Magnus

Big Daddy comes out to congratulate Magnus he tells him he has earned his spot, but of course that still leaves one spot open, Del Rio looks up in hope, but Big Daddy says it won’t be him, he says he still hasn’t made up his mind and he will announce it at the PPV.

He says the PPV looks brilliant on Paper but he feels it is short of a match a match that could steal the night, he says the PPV is lacking a Big Scrap, which is why all the superstars currently not in a match will fight in the first annual Big Scrap match and over the top battle royal and the winner will receive a shot at a title of Big Daddy’s choosing.

The show goes off air with the crowd cheering as Big Scrap poster unveils from the rafters as Magnus and Del Rio look up.


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Post by The_Enigma on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 7:01 pm

Week 4: MOLLY vs NGPW
Injury: Kota Ibushi
Show Name: Blue Thunder: Prelude

Opening Segment
The show immediately opens with the NGPW fraction stood in the ring. President Wink Vavasseur talks about how last week we turned the odds in this war before Lana interrupts saying that he orchestrated the victory. Before they can continue, JBL along with nXtreme interrupt them on they titan ton. He first congratulates them before admitting that he underestimated them.

He promises that the same thing will not happen at the PPV as there is a mole in the NGPW camp as he talks directly at Tommaso Ciampa claiming that he will see the light and join them. JBL ups the steaks and issues a challenge to NGPW at the PPV, requesting a Best of 5 match series with the winners gaining first man advantage at the PPV! Wink Vavasseur agrees to the idea before proposing the idea of an 8-Man Tag War! JBL agrees before Wink announces the main event of JBL Vs the undefeated Alexander Rusev!

Michael Cole welcomes everybody at home to the show before the first contest opens the show.
Match 1: Junior Heavyweight Semi-Finals Match – Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger Vs Jigsaw
Highlights video package airs as Michael Cole recaps on how both men have made it to the semi-finals. Jushin Liger gets a thunderous ovation as the ring is filled with streamers.

- Jigsaw immediately strikes with a super kick to the knee! He hits a second to an unprotected Liger as he quickly attempts a quick pinfall.
- From here Jigsaw remains in the driving seat first hitting a top-rope flying cross body with a brainbuster to follow. Frustration sets for Jigsaw following unsuccessful pin attempts.
- The pace quickly thickens as both Junior Heavyweights bridge and leapfrog each other until Liger turns the table with a stiff tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
- Liger back-body drops Jigsaw over the ropes who spills to the floor. He leaps hitting a Rolling Koppu Kick from the apron as Jigsaw later retaliates with a no hands space flying tigersault.
- Heading back inside, Jigsaw first connects with a missile dropkick then follows with a releasing German suplex. Following a failed pin, he attempts his Jig ‘N’ Tonic but Liger counters into a head-scissors takedown
- As Liger climbs to the top, Jigsaw has him scouted hitting a running frankensteiner! This time he successfully his the Jig ‘N’ Tonic but Liger gets his foot on the ropes
- From the apron, Jigsaw attempts a springboard move but Liger manages to catch him, hitting a fisherman buster! A blue-thunder powerbomb follows for a near fall!
- Liger stalks his opponent before hitting a brain-buster! Jigsaw kicks out, climbing the ropes, until Liger joins him… Spanish Fly! 1...2...3! Liger Advances!

Winner via Spanish Fly – Advancing To Finals – Jushin ‘Thunder ‘Liger 09:42
Post match Jigsaw looks on in disbelieve. He gets to his feet as he stalks Liger from behind. Looking set to superkick him in the back of the head, Jigsaw instead pulls up and retreats. Liger looks around in confusion as Jigsaw instead offers the hand.

Match 2: Non-Title Women’s Match - Sara Del Ray Vs Veda Scott

- Veda attempts a flying crossbody but Del Ray catches and sends her crashing down with a fall-away slam.
- From here Del Ray unleashes punishing knife edged chops following with hard hitting kicks
- Following a powerbomb, Del Ray hits a string of German suplexes leading to the finish.
- Sizing her opponent up, Del Ray ends the contest with the royal butterfly.

Winner via Royal Butterfly – Sara Del Ray 02:42
Post match Sara Del Ray grabs a microphone and issues an open challenge to any woman. After pausing, Del Ray laughs as nobody answers the call before slating the mic to the floor.

As she attempts to leave the ring the lights go out into complete darkness before a familiar laugh echos around the arena. When the lights reappear, a masked figure is standing behind her as she turns right into a standing high kick! The masked figure stands over Del Ray before unmasking to reveal herself as Trish Stratus! She reveals the nXtreme Queen belt as she poses over Sara Del Ray.

Contract Signing Segment
The Briscoe’s both make their way out first as they look to cut a promo. They talk about the hatred between both promotions and feel that if MCMG want to bring blood into the equation then they purpose upping the stakes and changing their match to a Unification Street Fight!

They are interrupted by nXtreme’s music but MCMC don’t appear, The Briscoe’s look towards the stage area but MCMG enter the ring from the barricade! They instantly take Jay Briscoe out hitting simultaneous superkicks before Mark swings and misses with his title. Sabin hits the cradle shock before Alex Shelley ploughs through him to bust him wide open. Before they can do anymore damage, Roderick Strong & Tommaso Ciampa rush to the aid of their fallen partners before Austin Aries & Alex Riley enter to prematurely kick-off our 8-man war!

Match 3: NGPW vs nXtreme 8-Man War
NGPW (Roderick Strong, Tomasso Ciampa, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe)
nXtreme (Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Alex Riley)

- A hard hitting match with the animosity between the teams clear throughout
- The match goes back and forth throughout the opening 7 minutes until nXtreme isolate the already injured Mark Briscoe
- The nXtreme superstars tag in and out quickly keeping fresh with each of them hitting signature moves but Briscoe's fight keeps him in it
- At the 11 minute mark Riley sets up for the A-Bomb.... Briscoe fights out and hits a modified snap suplex... both men down! They crawl to their corners... Tag by Riley to Shelley!
- Shelley storms in and grabs the leg of Briscoe... Briscoe fights out... he stretches and... makes the tag to Strong!
- Strong explodes into the match hitting big boots and huge punches, Sick Kick! 1...2.... Sabin in to break it up! Jay Briscoe in... straight at Sabin! He hits punch after punch before Clotheslining Sabin and himself over the top rope
- Shelley uses the distraction to make the tag to Aries! Aries in... Strong ducks the IED... CX2... blocked by Aries! He sets up for the brainbuster... Ciampa reaches for the tag but cant make it...Strongs manages to turn it over it a floatover pin...1....2.... Kickout. CX3 from Strong out of nowhere! 1....2.... Shelley breaks it up!
- Ciampa into the ring, hitting a big uppercut to Shelley... Goes for the high knee... Shelley ducks! Ciampa connects straight onto Strong! Strong falls back as Ciampa cannot believe it! WA4 by Shelley to Ciampa!
- Aries catches the falling Ciampa... Horns of Aries locked in! Ciampa fights it but has no choice but to tap!

Winners via submission - nXtreme! (Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Alex Riley) 15:23

Backstage Segment
We head to an unknown location as the entire nXtreme fraction fill into an empty room. JBL conducts the meeting by stating at the PPV we will welcome Tommaso Ciampa as our latest arrival. He moves onto stating at the PPV, in the best of 5 series he will face Tommao Ciampa one-on-one. He then focuses on Robert Roode by stating that it is his mission to bring Antonio Cesaro down. He moves onto the Junior Heavyweight Title Tournment as he addresses Michael Bennett. Before going any further, he spots the camera crew asking them to leave!

Match 4: Tim Donst Trail Series (1-1) – Tim Donst Vs Bobby Roode

- From the bell, Roode immediately attacks Donst from behind to assert his dominance. Slowing the pace down, he begins to focus on the neck with various holds.
- Hitting a rolling neck-snap, he follows with a swinging neckbreaker then a double arm-DDT for several near falls.
- Toying with his opponent, Roode misses the running splash as Donst hits an STO take-down out of the corner
- Donst know has an answer for everything thrown at him as he hits a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex. He follows with the ‘Donstitution’ (Angle Slam) but Roode escapes on 2.999!
- Tim Donst looks in control until the music of Raven’s plays for the distraction but nobody is there!
- Charging at his opponent, Roode instantly turns the tables with the spinning double arm spinebuster. Laughing he follows with the spear!
- The ‘Pay Off’ follows and this one is over!

Winner via Pay-Off – Bobby Roode 06:04 (1-2)
The Forgotten Flock (Raven & Perry Saturn) immediately appear as they drag a lifeless Tim Donst from the ring. Perry Saturn hoists him on his shoulders as the duo quickly exits up the ramp! Has Donst been kidnapped?

Backstage Segment
We immediately head backstage as Raven & Perry Saturn hold Tim Donst hostage. As he comes back around he questions what they want. Raven simply states that they own his destiny. They state that they helped him win and they helped him loose. They want an answer; will Tim Donst join the flock? Donst hesitates before declines as Raven & Perry Saturn beat him down to end the segment.

Match 5: Junior Heavyweight Title Match - Michael Bennett W/Maria Vs Matt Sydal

- The match starts with Bennett demanding that Sydal follow the plan set out by JBL, Sydal slowly gets on the mat. Bennett makes the cover....1.....2.... kickout by Sydal!
- Maria on the outside screams at Sydal and Bennett lambasts him. Sydal says he just can't sell out like that before hitting a big dropkick onto Sydal
- The match then goes back and forth for well over 12 minutes with Sydal realy taking it to Bennett
- Bennett finally takes back the advantage with a series of hard shots, 1...2.. kickout. Bennett complains at Sydal again before slapping his fellow nXtreme member across the face... he says he will make Sydal tap out...
- ....Sydal blocks the Go Back to Japan before hitting a Here we go driver... He goes up top for the Shooting Sydal Press...
- He gets cut off by Maria screaming at him to do the right thing, once again he says no... Suddenly we here the cowbell ring out!
- Sydal looks around only for Bennett to pop up to the top rope...Photo Finish off the top rope! 1........2...........3!

Winner via Photo Finish – Michael Bennett – Advances To Finals 12:33
Post match Maria slides in and screams in Sydals face once more, she then embraces her man and the Prodigal Son of nXtreme celebrates as we heard to commercial

Backstage Segment
Back from commercial we head backstage with the latest addition to the nXtreme roster – Trish Stratus. She simply cuts a promo stating that Sara Del Ray got what she wanted, and it’s more than what she bargained for! Before she can continue, Sara Del Ray attacks from behind before sending her head first into the setting. With Trish down, Sara Del Ray says it’s fitting that the Queen of nXtreme has arrived because she will face the Dominant NGPW Women’s champion at the PPV!

Main Event: NGPW vs nXtreme – JBL vs Alexander Rusev W/Lana

- Both bulls lock-up multiple times with neither backing down. Eventually Rusev overpowers JBL into the corner unleashing several knee lifts with a running hip attack to follow.
- An aggravated JBL misses with the running lariat attempt as Rusev sends him into the ropes hitting a powerful Samoan drop
- JBL resorts to under hand tactics hitting a chop block to send Rusev down. Following a fall away slam he hits repeated standing elbow drops.
- Applying an abdominal stretch, JBL impressively sends the big Bulgarian down with a pumphandle slam as he begins to mock his opponent.
- Both men’s styles clash as Rusev again overpowers JBL by sending him down with a running shoulder block. He follows with a short-arm lariat.
- In desperation, JBL pulls the official towards him as he hits a low-blow in obstruction of his view. JBL sends Rusev down with a running big boot to generate real heat from the fans.
- Signalling that he’s outsmarted Rusev, he folds him up and sends him down hitting a brutal releasing powerbomb. He covers 1…2… KICK OUT!
- JBL drags his opponent to his feet. He sets up looking to hit the clothesline from hell… RUSEV DUCKS! Standing spinning heel kick sends JBL down!
- Rusev dodges JBL’s offence hitting the Bul-Plex (Releasing German Suplex) as Lana calls for Rusev to finish him from the floor
- As Rusev is set to lock in the ‘The Accolade’ JBL rolls to the floor resulting in a count-out.

Winner via Count-Out – Alexander Rusev 12: 56
JBL turns around watching his opponent from the stage area as Alexander Rusev looks on in frustration, inviting him to come back for some more. JBL simply smiles as nXtreme members Austin Aries, Alex Riley & Matt Sydal hit the ring attacking Alexander Rusev from behind.

Roderick Strong and both Briscoe Brothers immediately come to the aid of Alexander Rusev as the ring quickly starts to fill up in an all out-control brawl. As the atmosphere begins to build, more nXtreme members (Michael Bennett, Robert Roode and MCMC) charge towards the ring as NGPW (Antonio Cesaro, Jushin Liger & Jigsaw) retaliate to again even up the numbers.

As the cameras struggle to keep up with all the action both in the ring and around ringside, JBL finally slithers in until Tommaso Ciampa sprints towards the ring immediately taking JBL down. The brawl continues as the show prematurely goes off air. It’s NGPW vs nXtreme at the PPV!

How to Fake Your Death PPV Card:
NGPW vs nXtreme Cage of Death (Winners of Series Gain First Man Advantage)
NGPW (Antonio Cesaro (c), Tommaso Ciampa, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe & Alexander Rusev)
nXtreme (JBL (c), Bobby Roode, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & Michael Bennett)
NGPW Heavyweight Title Match: Austin Aries (C) vs Roderick Strong
NGPW Tag Team & nXtreme Tag Team Title Unification Street Fight (Best of 5 Series): The Briscoe Brothers vs MCMG
Best of 5 Series Grudge Match: Tommaso Ciampa Vs JBL
Best of 5 Series Grudge Match: Antonio Cesaro Vs Bobby Roode
Best of 5 Series Grudge Match: Sara Del Ray Vs Trish Stratus
NGPW Junior Heavyweight Title Finals (Best of 5 Series): Jushin 'Thunder' Liger Vs Michael Bennett W/Maria
Plus much more... Card subject to change


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Post by x12x on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 8:11 pm

Opponent: MWF
Injured Superstar: Matt Jackson

Triple X Wrestling presents:
Live from the X-Dome, New York City

Date: 22 June 2014 | Attendance: 825

The show goes live with the Smash Brothers ready to fight. A moody Bobby Fish comes out to boos before Icarus comes out to a big pop with Kevin Kelly saying the crowd are really behind the young superstar before talking about his XXXtreme Warfare match against Willie Mack stating that the match would only end as the result of a KO or one of the men throwing in the towel.

Match One: Standard Tag
The Smash Brothers v Icarus & Bobby Fish

A brilliant back and forth really showcasing the Smash Brothers as a great team with some versatile double team spots, Icarus and Bobby Fish clearly don't bond as a team but Icarus is shown to be a skilled daredevil while an angry Bobby Fish shows off his striking and submission skills. The end comes as Icarus looks for the tag to Fish only for Fish to drop down and shake his head, Fish walks away leaving Icarus to walk in to the Final Smash from Player Dos giving SSB the win.

Winner: The Smash Brothers

The Smash Brothers console Icarus as we cut to Jim Cornette who talks about the World Title ladder match saying that Steen, Kingston and Styles had pushed their luck and at King Of The Mountain II they'd pay for it announcing that unless they drop out the match would now be a Russian Roulette Ladder Match with three cases above the ring. One superstar would become champion, another would become number one contender and one, well one would be fired! He then announces that to even things up Johnny Gargano was invited to take part in the match if he wished to do so.

Match Two: 2 on 1 Handicap Tag
Biff Busick & Steve Corino v Chris Hero

For most of the match Biff Busick and Chris Hero fight back and forth with stiff shots and hard hitting attacks with Steve Corino getting involved to break up pins and hit sneak attacks. During the match Hero looks for a discuss forearm on Corino but Busick runs in and catches the arm of Hero hitting the half and half. Corino refuses to pin but instead orders Busick to pull Hero to the outside where he hands a chair to Busick and orders him to beat the hell out of him with it to send a message causing the DQ.

Winner: Chris Hero via DQ

The match ends as Corino stands over Hero challenging him to a match at King Of The Mountain stating that Busick would put any doubts to rest before moving on to better things such as title gold!


we are met backstage by Alison Danger stood with Johnny Gargano, the pair talk about Gargano's choice before Gargano announces that he will indeed be part of the now 6 man Russian Roulette Ladder Match even though the risk was him being fired from the company.

Back at ringside Team Canada await Chuck Taylor and his mystery opponent. Taylor walks out and says that him and his mystery partner were going to show the difference between men and little girls before introducing Willie Mack who walks out on to the stage with a furious look on his face.

Match Three: Mystery Partner Round!
Team Canada v Chuck Taylor & Willie Mack

Mack shows off his dominance during the match that also shows off the fighting spirit of Team Canada with both LaRae and Lufisto hitting some big moves and going toe to toe with both men, the end comes when Lufisto attempts a hurricanrana on Willie Mack on for him to catch her and hit a massive powerbomb for the three count. During the match Chuck Taylor constantly undermined and belittled the women to the anger of the crowd causing Team Canada to lose their cool and make silly mistakes.

Winner: Chuck Taylor & Willie Mack

As the bell rings Mack turns on Taylor throwing him from the ring before looking to attack Team Canada only for Icarus to make the save with a chair. Icarus lands hard shots to Mack taking him down before placing the chair across his head and hitting a double footstomp as security drag him away. Kevin Kelly claims that Icarus looked ready for XXXtreme Warefare!

The Wolves make their way out with smug looks on their faces despite being a man down. Prince Devitt makes his way out standing on the apron before nervously looking back at the entrance ramp. Suddenly a VT of unseen footage begins to play showing The Wolves taking out the partners of Prince Devitt The Young Bucks earlier in the night, Devitt is distracted as Davey drags him in to the ring and the match starts now a 2 on 1 in favour of The Wolves

Match Four: 2 on 1 handicap
Prince Devitt v The American Wolves

A pretty one sided match that shows the team work of the American Wolves with some viscous double team attacks. Devitt fights back at one point but as he goes for a double footstomp from the top rope on to Edwards he is caught with a spear for Richards before the match is officially ended when The Wolves hit a Powerbomb/lungblower combo for the win.

Winner: The American Wolves


We come back and are met by Kingston and Steen, Alison Danger attempts to speak but is cut off by Steen. Steen laughs at the threat of his job being on the line saying that Cornette had just sealed the fate of one of his WWE boy toys and should worry about his own job after this all messes up before walking away towards the ring.

Main Event: 6 Man Tag
AJ Styles & Nightmare v CM Punk, Johnny Gargano & Sami Zayn

A brilliant six man tag showing off the skills and diverse styles of all six men with each having a big spot. The end nearly comes when Zayn, Gargano and Punk all combine on Kingston with Gargano hitting a enziguri that forces him in to a the corner, Punk with a running knee ended with Zayn and the brain buster only for the pin to be broken up. For 10 minutes control changes with Steen looking the strongest overall managing to hit a package piledriver on Gargano but the pin is broken up by Zayn show hits a springboard 450 on to the pin attempt. At one point Styles hits the Styles clash on Punk but then as he attempts a springboard lariat ont the legal Gargano he is caught with the GargaNO ESCAPE which is pulled apart by Steen. Punk manages to hit the Macho Elbow but is pulled up and taken out with a Backfist from Kingston who in turn is hit with the Yakuza kick. The end comes as Kingston breaks up the pinfall attempt on Styles once again both Gargano and Zayn storm the ring and the six men begin to brawl with the ref losing control and forced to call off the match

Winner: No Contest

As all hell breaks lose Punk and Gargano clear the ring of Kingston and Styles leaving Steen on his own, Zayn pushes Steen away sending him in to a big kick from Gargano followed by a GTS from Punk. Punk and Gargano pose for the fans on the turnbuckles but suddenly the crowd is stunned as Zayn pushes Gargano from the turnbuckle down to the outside before hitting Punk with a Yakuza kick leaving him out cold. The show goes off air with Zayn stood tall in the middle of the ring as the crowd give a mixed reaction to his actions.

We then cut to a VT for the main event, it talks about the histories of each man in the match before stating that World Champions from WWE, TNA, ROH, PWG, CZW, CHIKARA, DGUSA were taking part claiming it to be the biggest match in the history of independent wrestling.


Match One: 2-1 Handicap
Chuck Taylor v Team America

Match Two: 20 Minute Time Limit
Biff Busick v Chris Hero

Match Three: Triple X Tag Team Titles
The Bullet Club v The Super Smash Brothers

Match Four: Triple X New York City Title
60 Minute Ironman
Prince Devitt (C) v Davey Richards

Match Five: XXXTreme Warfare
Icarus v Willie Mack

Main Event: Triple X World Heavyweight Title
Russian Roulette Ladder Match
AJ Styles v CM Punk v Eddie Kingston v Johnny Gargano v Kevin Steen v Sami Zayn

*card subject to change*


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Post by Fernando on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 11:00 pm

XPW Week 4 (Short Version)

We open to Dixie Carter mocking the XPW fans with Adam Cole & Kyle O Reilly stood beside. The Dudley's come out and challenge them to a match at the PPV with the stipulation of their choice. Cole & O Reilly choose a extreme rules match and trash the past of ECW

Match 1 - Tensai defeats Hernandez via DQ as the returning Kazuchika Okada returns and challenges Tensai to a deathmatch at the PPV.

Daniel Bryan demands a match at the PPV and Karl Anderson accepts the challenge

Match 2 - Karl Anderson defeats Super Crazy via pinfall

Christopher Daniels is seen walking backstage when he is attacked by Jay Lethal who lays him out with the Lethal Injection

Match 3 - Erick Rowan & Luke Harper defeat Ricochet & Jack Swagger after a clothesline by Luke Harper

The Age of the fall attack Harper & Rowan after the match laying them out.

Dixie declares that at the PPV their will be a XPW High Flyer Showcase match between Ricochet,Hernandez & Super Crazy

Match 4 - Adam Cole defeats D'Von Dudley via Pinfall after O Reilly smashes a chair over the head of D'Von behind the refs back.

Both teams brawl after the match with Cole & O Reilly putting Bubba Ray through a table.

Match 5 - KENTA defeats Jimmy Jacobs via pinfall after Bray Wyatt distracts him from the stage.

We go backstage where we get a peek of Dixie seemingly agreeing a deal with a new member to join her group but he's face can't be seen due to a mask like Cole & O Reilly used

Main Event - Tyler Black vs Bray Wyatt - No Contest
Ends in a major brawl with The Age of the Fall getting the upper hand and Tyler Black getting his title belt back. As Black raises the title Jacobs & Butcher stare at it as the show ends

XPW - Warlands PPV
The Wyatt Family vs The Age of the Fall for the XPW World Title Elimination Match
The Dudleys vs Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly - Extreme Rules
Kazuchika Okada vs Tensai - Deathmatch
Daniel Bryan vs Karl Anderson
Jay Lethal vs Christopher Daniels - Falls Count Anywhere
Ricochet vs Super Crazy vs Hernandez


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Post by jai.roberts on Tue 24 Jun 2014, 9:51 pm

OPAL Wrestling Genesis

Week 4

Arena:  St. Andrews Stadium, Birmingham


Injuries: Bad News Barrett

The show opens with the camera panning around a packed arena, when “Bad Things” hits and part of the crowd cheer for Solomon Crowe who makes his way to ringside.

SC “Shane McMahon has tried his hardest to shut me up thus far in his reign, well let me tell you Shane the Crowe can’t be silenced.” A small cheer is heard
SC “Shane has tried everything in his power to get this title off me, but I am the New Horror and the champion and I’ll continue to be the champion by hook or by crook, so Shane I challenge you to bring your best at Showtime!, my lawyers have drawn up a contract that if I lose, I lose my contract.  But if I win then I keep my title and my job is safe.  I’m ready for this.  On a side note Shane I’m calling in sick tonight, see you at Showtime! And remember bring you’re a players.”
Crowe exits the ring and gets a decent ovation.  

Sunny “The crowd seem to be taking to Crowe here, who would have thought that Brain?”
Heenan “Well these people don’t know what they want, first the boo Crowe for being champion and now they are starting to cheer him.”
Shiavone “Hello, folks and welcome to Genesis, where we hope to learn about the card for Showtime! Shane has been so preoccupied with Solomon Crowe that no matches have been made so far, with a week to go”
S “We’re going to ringside now to see newcomer Naomichi Marafuji in action”

Naomichi Marafuji v Aiden English

“I hate men.  I can't abide 'em even now and then.  Than ever marry one of them, I'd rest a maiden rather,
For husbands are a boring lot and only give you bother.” Sings Aiden English as he comes to the ring.
“Hysteric” hits and out comes Naomichi Marafuji

Winner: Naomichi Marafuji

While Marafuji is celebrating Silas Young attacks him from the crowd, mirroring what he did to him last week.  Young is beating Marafuji down but Marafuji starts coming back hitting Young with martial arts strikes, kicks and punches, Young retreats and is met by Madison Rayne on the ramp.
NM “Young, I challenge you to a match at Showtime! For the title”
SY “You’re on, You’re going one on one with a real man now, no more cheap shots like you keep doing”
Silas Young whispers in Rayne’s ear and charges the ring to attack Marafuji, who once again gets the upper hand sending Young reeling into the arms of Madison.

S “Silas Young looks to have met his match here, the title is on the line now”
BH “Silas Young is a brilliant man, he’ll have a plan for Marafuji, I think he’s playing possum.”
TS “So we have another match set for Showtime! Naomichi Marafuji v Silas Young for the Intercontinental Title, it’s going to be explosive.”

Kurt Angle is shown walking in to Shane’s office.
KA “You know that’s my match at Showtime! Shane, I’m the only one here who would walk out of there with the title.”
SM “Kurt, I don’t know who I’m sending out there at Showtime! All the guys I’ve sent to beat Crowe have failed to succeed and that includes you.”
KA “I was distracted Shane.”
SM “Kurt, just give me some time, I’ll make the call later tonight.”

“Like You Want” hits and out comes Christina Von Eerie
“EMMAlution” hits, but Emma does not appear.
Winner by No Show Christina Von Eerie.

In the back we see Shanna, who knocks on Emma’s dressing room door but the number one contender is not there but all of her things are, including her mobile phone, Shanna
looks at the phone and sees a missed call from Joseph Parks, Shanna looks puzzled.
“#1” hits and out comes La Sombra
“Strange” hits and out comes Hiroshi Tanahashi

Winner Hiroshi Tanahashi

TS “Hiroshi Tanahashi has advanced to the final’s of the New Blood Tournament, and he will face Hirooki Goto at Showtime!”
S “I have received a text from Shane McMahon, who announces that to showcase the new Blood Division there will be a ladder match with all the competitors from the New Blood Tournament, and he says the winner will be greatly rewarded.”
BH “Shane has you number? Can I get it?”
S “Sorry, Bobby”

“Beauty & Stupid” hits and out comes CIMA
“Blood #5” hits and out comes Naruki Doi
“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” hits and out comes James Storm

Winners CIMA & Naruki Doi with a distraction from Uhaa Nation

S “WOW, the New Blood team get’s the win, but you can give a big assist to Uhaa Nation.”
TS “Yes Sunny, he seems to be good at distracting people in matches and cheap run ins.”
BH “He’s just making himself known Schiavone, he wants to be around the Title picture.”

We go to Shane’s office and MsChif has walked in.
M “What happens if Emma no shows at Showtime!”
SM “I’m sick of people walking in here with stupid questions, can’t you see I’m stressed out, but you are right I don’t need a no show at Showtime! So to protect the show, I am adding Christina Von Eerie and Paige to the match, along with Emma, if Emma no shows, her concerned buddy Shanna will take her place.  I bet you’re regretting coming in here now aren’t you?”
MsChif storms out of his office.

“Bad News Barrett’s music hits and Bad News is on his podium.
BNB “Ladies and Gentlemen can I have some decorum please, I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS!”
BNB “Since my beloved England have been knocked out of the World Cup early, that has put me in a really Bad Mood and that doesn’t bode well for a certain Adam Rose, who I think is a joke, so Adam I’m coming to find you son”
Adam Rose’s music hits with Barrett still up the air on the podium, and the Exotic Express all are dancing on the stage as the podium starts to lower.  The Express see that Barrett is almost down and they all call for a pile on, Adam Rose grabs the mic.
AR “Wade, I forgive you let’s party, don’t be a lemon, be a ROSEBUD”
And then Adam Rose jumps on top of the pile on.  When the Exotic Express dance off stage, it’s seen that Barrett seems to be injured for the week, and can’t compete in his match.

Noam Dar comes to the ring, as he was meant to face Bad News Barrett, suddenly Black Hole hits and out comes Abyss, and he has Emma who looks terrified.  
Abyss handcuffs Emma to the bottom rope and enters the ring to face Noam Dar.

Winner Abyss

After the match Abyss goes back over to Emma, he unlocks the handcuffs and drags her off again back stage.

“Here Comes the Money” hits and out comes Shane McMahon with a huge smile on his face.  Shane gets in the ring and grabs the mic.
SM “I’ve got it, dammit I’ve got it.  I’ve made a match for Showtime! For the Heavyweight Title.  Rather than just tell you about it I’m going to show you. Heath get out here”

“One Man Band” hits and out comes a worried looking Heath Slater.

“Medal” hits and here comes Kurt Angle
“Written in the Sand” hits and here comes Sheamus
“Unleashed” hits and out comes Batista.

“You see at Showtime! It will be Solomon Crowe against Kurt Angle, Sheamus and Batista.  Whoever gets the winning pinfall gets the title, I don’t care which one of you it is, but tonight Heath Slater will take Solomon Crowe’s place.”

Winners Angle, Batista & Sheamus

The Show closes with Shane in the ring celebrating with his three hit men, with Slater crumpled in the middle of the ring.

Showtime Card
Heavyweight Title
Solomon Crowe v Kurt Angle, Sheamus & Batista
Intercontinental Title
Silas Young v Naomichi Marafuji
ChickFight Title
MsChif v Emma v Christina Von Eerie v Paige
New Blood Title
Hirooki Goto v Hiroshi Tanahashi
Adam Rose v Bad News Barrett
Ladder Match
Noam Dar v Tiger Mask v Naruki Doi v CIMA v La Sombra v Kalisto


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Post by ncfc_Tooze on Fri 27 Jun 2014, 10:09 am


Paul Heyman is seen limping towards his office, he turns to face the camera to start speaking, he says that Lesnars partner is here tonight and he is coming for the unbreakable machines,  Cage was responsible in him not coming back for sometime to MWF, The man is Nigel Mcguinness. Tonight Mcguinness gets his hands on that man. He also announces that there will be a three way match at noos for the women's title between, aj, skarlett and Martinez. Heyman also announces that tonight will see an x division title number 1 contender match between rich swann and Myzteziz and we will see the second match in the tag title best of 3 and the members of our main events will he in tag competition as tozawa teams with gulak and hawx teams with shingo. The time for talking is done so all interviews are banned and tonight will be all action, the way mwf should be.

Match 1- #1 contender to the x division title match-Rich Swann vs Myzteziz
Winner-Rich Swann

We see Mercedes Martinez and Skarlett being seperated, Heyman here's the commotion and says if they want to get there hands on one another that bad then they will face each other next

Match 2- Skarlett vs Mercedes Martinez

Post Match
Skarlett skips up the ramp she looks round and smiles as she goes behind the curtain.

Pre match
SJK grabs a Mic and says that he will not only win tonight but will also win next Sunday at nightmare on oak street and become international champion inside the steel cage, not only that but will prove why he is the only true MWF original

Match 3- Semi Final 2 in the international title tournament- MWF Title rules- Sterling James Keenan vs Aaron Sharp
Winner-2 falls to 1-Sterling James Keenan

MWF international title contract signing
We come back from commercials and we see a table set up, Paul Heyman is also in ring holding a contract in hand, Doug Williams storms to the ring to meet Heyman and SJK, the two men stare a hole through one another before signing the contract. Keenan flips the table over as Williams moves his chair back, Heyman quickly scurrys away as the two men come to blows. Williams gets the upper hand, he hits the chaos theory and goes for the bomb scare knee drop but SJK rolls out of the ring and avoids it.

Match 4-MWF tag team titles best of 3 series match 2.- The UK Hooligans (Roy and Zak Knight) vs The Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End and Michael Dante)
Winners-The UK Hooligans

Post Match
The Hooligans celebrate there win with a few bottles of beer in the centre of the ring as The SDS walk up the ramp staring at the Hooligans, Tommy End signals a title around his waist as we go to commercial

Pre match
Nigel Mcguinness is the first man to enter the ring to a loud ovativon with plenty of welcome back chants. Both members of the unbreakable machines enter to a chorus of boos, Brock Lesnar comes to ringside to even the odds

Match 5- Nigel Mcguinness w/ Brock Lesnar vs Brian Cage w/Michael Elgin
* Elgin exits ringside and up the ramp to the backstage area, Lesnar stays at ringside
Winner- Nigel Mcguinness

Post match
Elgin returns to the rampway, he goes back behind the curtain momentarily he drags out a bloody and beaten Paul Heyman with him, he stares down at Lesnar as he smears the blood across his chest. Lesnar chases up the ramp as Mcguinness and Cage start to brawl again, but as he gets to the top Elgin has gone, he goes back to the ring and picks up Cage, he hits a vicious f5  before he and Mcguinness go up the ramp to tend to Heyman.

Main Event- Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak vs Shingo and Luke Hawx
Match Result-No contest

Post Match
The two teams continue to brawl as we go off air

MWF nightmare on oak street 7 card
MWF title match- Luke Hawx (c) vs Drew Gulak
MWF International title Match- Sterling James Keenan vs Doug Williams
No Ropes match- Shingo vs Akira Tozawa
Grudge Match-Brock Lesnar and Nigel Mcguinness vs The Unbreakable F'N Machines
MWF women's title Match- Skarlett vs Mercedes Martinez (c) vs AJ Lee
MWF tag team title match-The Uk Hooligans vs The sumerian death squad

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Post by The_Enigma on Fri 27 Jun 2014, 12:23 pm

PPV Shows


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Post by Steel on Sat 05 Jul 2014, 10:43 am

Singing of the Yorkshire Anthem

We go live at Headingley Stadium and jojo walks out into a packed stadium she makes her way to middle of the field where a ring has been erected. The familiar sound of marching on together begins to play and Jojo and the crowd sing along as Blue Yellow and White fireworks explode from the top of the north stand.


GM: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Headingley Stadium and welcome to YCW’s first ever PPV the Big Scrap.

JV: What a show we have install for everyone tonight the time for talking is over and it’s time to settle a few quarrels.

GM: That’s right Jesse and up first we have two guys who took a disliking for each other on the very first show, they say the greatest rivalries can be born out of the most stupid circumstances and that is where this feud was born

JV: Are you calling Barry from eggheads stupid Gorilla you do know he’s here in attendance this is of course his home city, maybe Barry will have an issue with you after tonight.

GM: That’s not what I’m saying at all Jesse so if Barry would kindly remain in his seat we will bring you the first action of the night

Match 1 Fandango vs Drew Macintyre

• The match starts at a frantic pace as both men exchange moves
• Fandango takes the advantage with a neck breaker
• Fandango goes up top and goes for the leg drop but drew rolls away
• Both men slowly start to get to their feet
• The two come to lows but drew manages to hit  DDT
• Drew covers for a 2 count
• Drew picks up Fandango and throws him against the rope and hits a dropkick
• Drew goes for the double under hook but Fandango counters with a leg sweep.
• Fandango hits a suplex and once more goes up top for the leg drop but misses again
• Drew is up and connects with the double underhook for the 3 count

Winner Drew Macintyre


GM: Drew finally getting some revenge on Fandango, hopefully tis an now be put to bed

JV: I don’t think fandango will be happy until he has his tickets, maybe Drew should just buy him some

Backstage segment

The cameras currently film backstage where medics attend to unknown wrestler on deck, as the medics peel away we see the wrestler his Bo Dallas, he looks to be unconscious, Big Daddy comes to survey the scene and asks if anybody saw what happened to which nobody has an answer, Cody and Goldust then walk on set looking angry and say whoever did this will pay, they then point out to Big Daddy they are on next and are down a man, Big daddy asks what they want him to do, Cody suggests they let Damien Sandow compete with them as he was originally supposed to compete with them, Big Daddy agrees and Goldust and Cody walk off with a grin on their face.

Match 2
Goldust/Cody/Sandow vs Lashley/AR Fox/Titus

• Cody and Titus start of us, with Titus getting the early advantage due to his strength
• Titus hits a sidewalk slam and goes for the cover kick out at 1
• Titus tags in Lashley, Lashley picks up Cody and hits a power bomb then tags in AR Fox
• AR Fox is in and mocks Cody before throwing him into the corner, AR goes to follow up but Cody dodges
• Both men struggle to their corners, Cody makes the tag to Goldust, AR is still struggling
• Goldust reaches AR and punts him in the ribs
• Goldust then hit a spine buster and goes for the cover, Titus and Lashley break the count
• Cody and Sandow then hit the ring and take Lashley and Titus to the outside
• Goldust is then back on his feet and hits shattered Dems for 3 count

Winners Goldust/Cody/Sandow New YCW Triples champions


JV: We have our first triples champions in YCW history Gorilla, against the Odds and with a new partner they pick up the win

GM: Indeed Jesse, it is yet to be seen who will have what it take to challenge them

Backstage segment

Brodus is in the dressing room when great Khali walks in, Brodus tells Khali he hopes he wins tonight and he has pressed his trousers especially for the event and sprayed them with lavender to keep Khali calm out there khali looks confused but thanks Brodus for his efforts, he tells Brodus having Gail by his side is all the support he needs out there. Brodus asks Khali where is Gail now, why isn’t she the one getting him ready for his big match, that’s Gail doesn’t understand him the way his Brody does.. Khali says he doesn’t expect his woman to do his laundry he likes a woman who knows what she wants and fights for it. Brodus smiles and says he knows what Khali wants him to do. Khali still looks confused as Brodus finishes spit polishing his boots.

Match 3 Battle Royal Hornswoggle vs Jinder vs Brodus vs Jojo vs Mr Hand vs Eric Young vs ACH vs Mark Henry vs Viscera vs Layla

• Jojo and Layla are quickly eliminated as if they were only there to make up the numbers
• Mr Hand takes it to his father and pushes him against the ropes, Mark refuses to attack and is caught off guard by viscera who tosses him over
• Viscera then also tosses over his son.
• Eric young and ACH fight on the turnbuckle, Eric gets the advantage and power bombs ACH to the outside
• Eric, Brodus and Jinder the team up to eliminate Viscera, lifting him over the top rope
• Brodus then takes down the pair, He hits a double splash from the top rope
• Brodus picks up ACH and tosses him over the rope, but he manages to hold on.
• Jinder then blind sides Brodus and hits a dropkick which force him to bump into ACH eliminating him
• Jinder the lifts Brodus up and tosses him over.
• Jinder celebrates a top the turnbuckle, when he is caught off guard by hornswoggle who pulls his feet out from beneath him, eliminating him


GM: My god where did he come from, I don’t think anybody saw Hornswoggle winning this one

JV: The little devil has just won himself a title shot, I’m sure all the champions are quaking at the prospect

Winner Hornswoggle, Hornswoggle receives a shot at the championship of his choosing

Backstage Segment

We see Umaga and Tamina in their dressing room, Umaga holds his Super Heavyweight championship rubbing the plaque, Tamina is looking at baby clothes, the clothes all appear to be either green orange or white, Umaga ushers to put the clothes down, he says it is far too early to be buying clothes as there is still 8 months to go and they still don’t know the sex of their baby. Tamina say she knows she is having a boy, she can fell it, her little munchkin boy.

Match 4 Umaga vs Great Khali

• The match starts out slow with neither man gaining an advantage, both evenly matched.
• As Khali starts to tire after 30 seconds, Umaga uses his speed to gain the advantage with kicks o the legs of Khali
• Umaga then hits a series of head-butts to the chest of khali then tackles him to the ground
• Umaga hits a splash on Khali then goes for the cover, gains a 1 count
• Umaga shouts at the referee, then lifts Khali to his feet, he goes for the head-butt again but Khali hits a chop to the head
• Khali then hits Umaga with a Big Boot, he then picks him up and hits a power bomb
• Khali covers for a 2 count he then picks up Umaga and goes for the choke bomb
• Brodus music then hits and he makes his way to ringside, he makes a beeline straight for Gail
• Brodus slaps Gail and tells he to stay away from his man
• As Khali is distracted umaga hits the Samoan Spike followed by a Samoan drop for the 3 count


JV: Umaga becomes the first ever champion to retain his belt with a hug assist from Brodus

GM: Come on Brodus was just showing the love for his man, how was he supposed to know it would backfire

Winner Umaga

Backstage segment

Del Rio is backstage pleading with Big Daddy to let him compete I the fatal four way main event, Big Daddy says Del Rio has had his chance and besides Big Daddy already knows who the fourth person will be. He’s known form the very start, as no other superstar has caught Big Daddy’s eye much like this person, Big Daddy says he seems himself in this superstar and knows he has what it takes to lead YCW to the very top.

In Ring

William Regal music begins to play and he makes his way to the ring to boos, he then waits for the others, he is quickly followed by the music of Magnus who walk out to cheers from the English crowd. John Cena is next and he walks down to the ring also to cheers. The three men then wait for the fourth competitor to be revealed

Big Daddy’s music begins to play and the crowd erupt, the three men in the ring look shocked, however Big Daddy walks out in a suit with microphone in hand, Big Daddy tells the crowd not to get too excited as he is not competing to which the crowd Boo. Big Daddy then says they should however appreciate the person who is competing as he will put on a great show

We shall not be moved begins to pay again and out walks a mystery wrestler with blonde hair almost Neanderthal looking. The crowd remain silent in shock as do the three in the ring. Big Daddy’s says above everyone else this guy here has shown the most raw potential and deserves his place, a true Yorkshire man unlike the others, Big Daddy says I give to you Earl Crabtree, my nephew, Earl says thank you to uncle Shirley before making his way down to the ring.

Match 5 Fatal Four way William Regal vs John Cena vs Magnus vs Earl Crabtree

• The match starts as Cena and Regal face of and Magnus and Crabtree
• Cena gain the upper hand over Regal with a spine buster
• Cena goes for the cover which is broken by Magnus and Crabtree
• They pick Cena up and hit a double suplex. The two men then stare at each other
• Magnus picks up Cena and hits a back breaker, Crabtree then follows up with a Big Splash
• Crabtree goes for the cover but Magnus stops him
• The two men the trade blows,Regal takes them both out with  double clothesline
• Regal work straight on Cena, places him in an arm bar
• Cena struggles for the ropes and looks like he is about to tap when, Magnus baseball slides Regal breaking the hold
• Magnus goes up top and hits the diving elbow on Regal, he goes for the cover but it is broken by Crabtree
• Crabtree throws egal from the ring to the outside, he hits a sidewalk slam on Cena
• Crabtree covers Cena for a 2 count, Cena throws the shoulder up
• Crabtree and Magnus then exchange blows, but Cena charges at the. two, they both combine to throw Cena to the outside
• Magnus goes to hit Crabtree but stops, the two shake hands and Magnus allows Crabtree to cover him for the win.

Winner and New White Rose Champion Earl Crabtree

JV: Crabtree wins, Crabtree wins, and Big Daddy has a champion in his own image, the champion he wanted, a Yorkshire champion for these fine Yorkshire people

GM: This whole situation stinks, it was planned all along, and what’s more these fans seem to be enjoying it

JV: of course they are he’s one of them

The show goes off air with Earl Big Daddy and Magnus Celebrating in the ring as Regal and Cena look on, with the last shot being of Mark Henry and Zeb Coulter watching from the back, the two then grin and nod at each other


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by jai.roberts on Sat 05 Jul 2014, 1:09 pm

OPAL ShowTime!!

Arena: Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Attendance: 14,890

The camera pans around a packed arena, it's sold out, and it's a great crowd here for OPAL's first PPV of the season.

TS “Good evening everybody, welcome to ShowTime!!”
S “It's action packed tonight, you are not going to want to sit down.”
BH “Well I have trouble standing up these days Sunny, so I'll try and contain myself.”
S “What match are you anticipating Brain?”
BH “I think the New Blood Title match will be interesting, my man Hirooki Goto will walk away with the gold.”

“Dschinghis Khan” hits and out comes Uhaa Nation comes to the ring.
UN “I am disgusted Shane McMahon left me off the card, I am the biggest star here in OPAL wrestling, and therefore if anyone has the balls, I issue an open challenge for ANY type of match tonight”
Suddenly the Tron comes to life, and James Storm appears drinking beer.
JS “Don't challenge a cowboy to a fight son, come to the Saloon and beat some sense into ya”

Uhaa suddenly drops the mic and heads to the back, apparently looking for James Storm.

TS “We may be about to see a Bar Room Brawl Sunny”
S “Those guys would tear limbs from each other, I hope they find each other”
BH “You shouldn't look for a cowboy in a bar, you're asking for trouble”
S “Never mind its ChickFight action”

“Stars in the Night” hits and out comes Paige
“Like You Want” hits and out comes Christina Von Eerie
“Black Hole” hits and out comes Abyss who is dragging Emma by her hair, he throws her into the ring and orders her to win the match
“Repined B****** Nation” hits and out comes champion MsChif avoiding Abyss.

Introducing first from Norwich, England, weighing 120lbs … Paige
Next from Spook City, USA, weighing 123lbs … Christina Von Eerie
Next from Melbourne, Australia, weighing 132lbs … Emma
Finally the ChickFight champion from Dante’s Inferno, weighing 135lbs … MsChif

TS “Abyss is at ringside making sure Emma doesn’t escape his clutches”
S “Emma certainly is not going to let the ChickFight title slip through her hands though”
BH “Give the girl some credit here, fighting even though she is in danger of Abyss”

*The match starts out very even with Emma facing off against MsChif, Paige and CVE lock up too.  Very even to start with.
*Emma whips MsChif into the corner and hits a big splash, Emma then looks to escape the ring, obviously trying to get away from Abyss, but MsChif catches her and hits a suplex.
*CVE is starting to take control of Paige, and tosses her across the ring by her hair and then hits a Lou Thez press on a rattled Paige, CVE gets to her feet and screams at the crowd.
*MsChif picks Emma up and attempts to hit her Emma blocks and slaps MsChif down to the canvas, CVE comes from behind and Emma slaps her to the mat as well.
*Emma gets to the top rope and hits Paige with a flying clothesline, then locks her in a Leg Choke, Paige manages to get to the ropes.
*Emma then goes over to a still downed MsChif and locks in the EMMAlock, but CVE breaks it up by kicking Emma in the head.  CVE picks Emma up who tries a slap but CVE counters with an elbow.
*Paige is back to her feet and whips CVE to the buckle then hangs he upside down and lays a few boots into her stomach and CVE falls to the canvas looking hurt
*MsChif attacks Paige from behind but Paige battles back and locks her in a full nelson, meanwhile Emma goes over to CVE who is still down and locks in the EMMAlock on CVE.
*Paige notices this and drags Emma off her, and locks in PTO.
*With CVE down and MsChif is still down, Emma is struggling to get to the ropes, MsChif gets to her feet and jumps to break it up, but Emma taps out just before she connects, and the ref calls for the bell.

After the match Paige is celebrating with the title, when Abyss climbs on the apron and all four Chicks escape the ring, Emma heads up the ramp only to be met by Chessman.  Who picks her up and carries her to the back.  Abyss looks on, then follows.

TS “What have we just seen there, Chessman now has Emma, is he working with Abyss?”
BH “They all want a piece of Emma, if I was 10 years younger I'd go and find Chessman and rescue her”
S “10 years Brain? Try 50.  Ladies and Gentlemen, next is the New Blood Showcase”

“#1” hits and out comes La Sombra
“Boys Be a Tiger” hits and here comes Tiger Mask
“Blood #5” hits and out comes Naruki Doi
“Morning Glory” hits and out comes Noam Dar to a good pop
“Cyboid” hits and here comes Kalisto
“Beauty & Stupid” hits and out comes CIMA

The match starts with no time for introductions.

*Match starts out with fists and bodies flying everywhere, Tiger Mask hits CIMA with a beautiful Superkick, sending him out of the ring.  Noam Dar immediately goes for a ladder, stopped by Doi.
*Kalisto hits a big Enziguri on La Sombra, as CIMA tosses a ladder into the ring from the outside.
*Kalisto hits La Sombra with the ladder and sets it up, Kalisto and Doi climb the ladder and Doi kicks off Kalisto, grabs the case as CIMA pushes the ladder leaving Doi hanging, until a top rope spear from Dar hits.
*Sombra hits a standing moonsault on a downed Kalisto, again sets up the ladder and Tiger Mask climbs and so does Sombra, Tiger Mask Suplexes Sombra from the ladder and the both fall.
*CIMA uses the top rope as a springboard and lands on the ladder, and Noam Dar meets him at the top, the exchange blows and CIMA hits a sunset flip from the ladder.
*CIMA heads back up the ladder, only for the ladder to be pushed over by Naruki Doi, and CIMA flies over the top rope to the floor.
*Now Kalisto climbs the ladder, Doi catches his leg, but Kalisto kicks him off, Noam Dar grabs him and hits a Powerbomb on Kalisto from the ladder.
*La Sombra now flies over the top rope and lands on Tiger Mask taking him out, and then works the crowd.
*Kalisto goes outside and throws Tiger Mask onto the announce table, he sets him up, goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash through the table.
*Sombra and Doi are going at it, Tiger Mask and Kalisto are down, and Noam Dar hits CIMA with a double stomp from the top rope and quickly scales the ladder and gets the case.
TS “What a match, Noam Dar finally comes out on top”
S “That was certainly impressive, by all six guys, it’s really put all of these guys on the map.”
BH “I can’t catch my breath that was so quick paced, just how I used to wrestle.”
S “Give me a break”

We then see Uhaa Nation walking through the backstage area, he does not look happy that Storm has challenged him to a bar room brawl.  Uhaa is asking the backstage staff angrily where the Storm Saloon is.  He eventually finds the door.

*Uhaa Nation barges into the Storm Saloon, and starts knocking over tables and chairs, James Storm is in the corner with a pint, he sees Nation and throws his empty glasses at him.
*Uhaa dodges these and runs towards Storm, jumps on a table and launches at Storm taking them both down.
*Blows are rained down from Nation, but Storm fights him off, and starts hitting Nation back, Storm then slams Nation through a table.
*Storm is in complete control, he throws Nation into the wooden part of the bar.
*Storm then picks up Nation and throws him over the bar, but Nation lands on his feet then slams Storms head into the top of the bar.
*Storm gets back to his feet and hits Nation with a pool cue repeatedly, busting him open.
*Nation retaliates by smashing a bottle of ale over Storm cutting James Storm as well.
*At this the officials come in and put a stop to the unsanctioned match.

The official’s part Nation and Storm, who are both covered in blood, medics come in to check on the condition of both guys, and Shane McMahon comes in.

SM “What the hell are you doing? I did not sign this match, if you two want to fight you need an official match”
JS “Hell, give me one then”
UN “Yeah, I want a match, I’ll end him next time.”
SM “Leave it with me, I’ll sort it, and for god sake stop the bleeding.”

Back to the ring and it’s time for the Intercontinental Title match

“Hysteric” hits and out comes Naomichi Marufuji to a great reaction.
“United Divided” hits and out comes the champion Silas Young and he’s with Madison Rayne

First from Konosu, Saitama, Japan, weighing 200lbs … Naomichi Marufuji
His opponent accompanied by Madison Rayne from Green Bay, WI, weighing 209lbs … the Intercontinental Champion … Silas Young

*Marufuji explodes toward Young hitting him with a flying spinning elbow.
*Young back to his feet, Marufuji goes for a kick, Young catches his foot but is caught with an Enziguri.
*Marufuji whips Young into the ropes, Young fires back with a Thez Press and some hard shots, catching Marufuji by surprise.
*Young picks up Marufuji up and hits a Standing Suplex on him, the goes for the cover picks up a two count.
*Young locks in a Rear Naked Chokehold on Marufuji, who manages somehow to crawl to the ropes.
*Young whips Marufuji into the ropes, goes for a kick, Marufuji ducks under and hits a Reverse Hurricanrana.
*Marufuji goes to the top rope and hits a big Frog Splash, goes for the cover but Madison Rayne is on the apron causing the distraction.  Marufuji has Young pinned for at least 5.
*The ref tells Rayne to get to the back, she goes but stays on the stage, Marufuji pins Young again, but only gets a two.
*Marufuji hits Pole Shift, Madison Rayne runs back to ringside again causing the ref to argue, Marufuji is over arguing with her as well.
*Young recovers enough to grab Marufuji and lock in the Stock Lock, Marufuji has no option but to tap out.

After the match Madison and Silas celebrate in the ring, Marufuji heads back up the ramp.  He knows he had the champion beat tonight.

S “I think Silas Young got away with that one, Marufuji had him beat I think.”
BH “I’ve told you before you win by any means necessary that makes a great champion”
TS “Next up its Adam Rose against Bad News Barrett.”

“Break Away” hits and out comes Adam Rose with the Exotic Express in tow, the crowd singing along to his theme.
“Rebel Son” hits and out comes Bad News Barrett

BNB “I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS.  Just like the parties that you see advertised on Twitter or Facebook, that just get out of hand, I’m afraid I am going to have to put a stop to this Exotic Express.  I think you’ll all agree that this shambolic attempt at a party has gone on too long.”

Introducing first from Johannesburg, South Africa, weighing 221lbs … Adam Rose
His opponent from Preston, England, weighing 256lbs … Bad News Barrett

*The match starts with Barrett showing off his bare knuckles background, easily getting the upper hand on Rose.
*They lock up and Barrett has the strength advantage and levels Rose with a headbutt, sending Rose crashing to the mat holding his head.
*Bad News lifts Rose back up, he tries a kick to the mid-section, but Rose catches his foot, Barrett uses his power, using his leg to push off Rose.
*Barrett again lifts Rose, whips him to the ropes, Barrett goes for a kick, Rose ducks underneath and hits a dropkick sending Barrett down.
*Rose now whips Barrett into the ropes, and utilizes a drop toe hold.  Then hits an elbow on a downed Barrett.
*Rose picks up Barrett who seems to recover, Rose tries to hit Barrett, but Bad News hits him with a big Uppercut.
*Bad News hits a Sit Out Powerbomb on Adam Rose, who looks out of it now.
*The Bunny from the Exotic Express gets on the apron, Barrett sees him and levels him with a Bull Hammer, the Bunny goes flying but the express catch him.
*Barrett goes for the Bull Hammer on Rose, but misses and Rose hits Party Foul on Barrett.  Goes for the pin and gets two, Barrett rolls out of the ring and Rose follows.
*On the outside recovers and hits Rose with Wasteland, the ref counts Rose who manages to get in at 9, Barrett then hits Rose with the Bull Hammer and gets the pin.

Barrett grabs the mic “Sorry folks, the party is over, and I’m afraid that rabbit needed putting down”
Barrett laughs as he heads back up the ramp.  Adam Rose looks devastated in the ring, as he looks at the Exotic Express, they are not partying anymore.

TS “Barrett looked awesome tonight, he could be a real threat to anyone who steps in the ring.”
S “But look, the party has stopped, do you think it will pick back up Brain?”
BH “I personally didn’t like that rabbit anyway, needed putting down, I think Bad News did us a favour”

“Hadou” hits and out comes a focused Hirooki Goto
“Strange” hits and here comes Hiroshi Tanahashi to an excellent ovation.

This match is to determine the first New Blood Champion
Introducing first from Kuwana, Mie, weighing 227lbs … Hirooki Goto
His opponent from Ogaki, Japan, weighing 227lbs … Hiroshi Tanahashi

*Goto charges at Tanahashi, hitting a shoulder tackle and taking him to the mat.
*Goto picks up Tanahashi roughly by the hair, and hits a Standing Dropkick, as Tanahashi is on the floor, he swings his legs and sweeps Goto off his feet.
*They both get to their feet and exchange blows, Tanahashi hits a straight kick to Goto's head, Tanahashi backs Goto into the corner and hits a few kicks to the chest.
*Tanahashi goes for a suplex but it's blocked by Goto, who hits a suplex of his own, then he stamps on his arm.
*Goto whips Tanahashi into the corner, goes for a dropkick, misses, and hits the buckles, Tanahashi whips him to the other corner and then hits a Monkey Flip.
*Tanahashi hits a Backbreaker on Goto, who rolls out of the ring to recover, Tanahashi follows him to the outside.  Goto hits a Hurricanrana and sends Tanahashi over the barricade, Goto celebrates.
*But Tanahashi uses the barricade as a springboard and hits Goto with a flying clothesline, then Tanahashi hurls Goto back into the ring.
*Goto recovers quickly, and reverses a punch and hits Shouten! Pins Tanahashi but only gets two.
*Goto then whips Tanahashi into the corner and goes for a splash, but misses and hits the ring post.
*Tanahashi then hits a Bridging Dragon Suplex and picks up the three and the title.

Hiroshi Tanahashi celebrates on the ramp as Hirooki Goto looks on, suddenly the lights go out and “Thriller” hits, out comes L.A. Par-K and he is dancing on the stage Tanahashi joins him doing the Thriller dance, when the music is over, L.A. Par-K kicks Tanahashi in the gut, and hits him with the Skull Bomb.  He signals for the referee to come over and gets the three count.  L.A. Par-K is declared the new champion, he grabs the belt and runs to the back.

“Here Comes the Money” hits and here comes Shane McMahon

SM “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me welcome you to Solomon Crowe’s final appearance in OPAL Wrestling”

“Bad Things” hits and here comes a determined Solomon Crowe, to a mixed reaction.
“Medal” hits and Kurt Angle appears on stage.
“Unleashed” hits and Batista joins him there.
“Written in My Face” hits and Sheamus joins them as all three go to the ring confidently, again to a mixed reaction.

Shane takes a seat at ringside, to watch the action.

*Crowe does not wait for introductions and fires out of the starting block, lunging at Angle, but is quickly dragged off by Sheamus and Batista, Batista then hits a big clothesline.
*Kurt and Batista hit a Double Chokeslam on Crowe, Sheamus picks Crowe up and pushes him back to the corner, Crowe responds by biting Sheamus on the shoulder.
*Batista and Angle quickly go on the attack and beat down Crowe.  Batista hits a Running Powerslam on Crowe, and goes for the pin, gets a two.
*Sheamus picks up Crowe and he and Batista hit a Double Gutbuster on Crowe, who is reeling in pain, the crowd are starting to boo Angle, Sheamus and Batista.
*Batista whips Crowe into the corner but he bounces back, and lunges at Batista taking him down with rapid punches to the head, Angle and Sheamus drag him off again.
*They hold Crowe for Batista, who hits the Batista Bomb on Crowe, he pins but Angle breaks it up, Angle and Batista have words.
*Crowe takes advantage of the break and rolls up and Angle in a School Boy, but it's quickly broken up by Sheamus and Batista.
*Crowe to his feet and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick, goes for the pin but Batista breaks it up, all three men know whoever gets the decision is the champion.
*The three men get back on the same page and they set up Crowe for the Triple Powerbomb, which they hit successfully, Angle goes for the pin, but is dragged off by Sheamus, they all start arguing.
*Sheamus and Batista are pushing each other, Angle hits an Angle Slam on Sheamus and then on Batista, finally he locks in the Ankle Lock on Crowe who has no choice but to tap out.

After the match Kurt celebrates with the title, with Batista and Sheamus looking on, Shane gets in the ring and he has a mic.

SM “Congratulations Kurt, I didn’t really care which one of you won the title as long as it wasn’t Crowe”
Solomon Crowe, is sitting in the corner of the ring, looking exhausted and defeated.
SM “Solomon Crowe, in the words of my father, you’re FIIIRRREEEDDD!!!”

The show closes with the image of Solomon Crowe’s face as his time in OPAL looks to have ended.


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by x12x on Sun 06 Jul 2014, 11:43 am

Opponent: N/A
Injured Superstar: N/A

Triple X Wrestling presents
Live from the X-Dome, New York City
Date: 6th July 2014 | Attendance: 1134

We are met by Jim Cornette, he thanks everyone for joining him before talking about how the past month hadn't gone to plan but that would change tonight, he hypes up the NYC and Tag title matches before talking about the massive 6 man ladder match to crown the World Champion.

We then cut to Kevin Kelly and Chuck Taylor who talk about the main even stipulation which would see one man fired, they talk about how Cornette created the match to get rid of Steen with Taylor saying that Cornette's obsession with Steen was about to cost someone their career. Suddenly Taylor is pulled from the desk by Candice LaRae and Lufisto as the first match begins.

Match One: 2 on 1 handicap match
Team Canada v Chuck Taylor
* The crowd cheer as LaRae and Lufisto land repeated forearm strikes to Taylor in the corner before Lufisto is forced to the outside by the ref
* Taylor fights back but is caught with the black widow submission from LaRae, Taylor attempts to power out by LaRae turns it in to a hurricanrana
* LaRae looks for a clothesline by Taylor ducks it and hits a german suplex, he goes for another but LaRae ducks round the back hitting the Ballsplex before making a tag
* Taylor rolls to the corner and Lufisto runs in hitting a drop kick to her seated opponent
* Lufisto lifts Taylor on to her shoulders and looks for the DVD but Taylor reverses throwing Lufisto in to her own corner
* Taylor runs in with a splash that also knocks LaRae from the apron, Taylor pulls Lufisto to the middle of the ring with a suplex pin for a two count
* Taylor looks for the Awful Waffle but Lufisto is able to reverse in to a DDT
* Team Canada make the tag and start landing chops to Taylor causing him to scream like a little girl
* Lufisto and LaRae throw Taylor against the ropes and as he returns Lufisto scoops him up hitting the DVD in the middle of the ring before rolling out.
* LaRae is on the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault making the cover 1...2...3!
Winner: Candice LaRae & Lufisto

LaRae and Lufsisto celebrate as Taylor sheepishly makes his way back to Kevin Kelly, Kelly jokes asking if Taylor thinks the two ladies deserve to be in Triple X now which Taylor ignores. We then cut to a highlights package of Busick and Hero's journey to King Of The Mountain and the heated rivalry that had formed as well as Steve Corino's unorthodox mentoring of Busick.

Match Two: New York City Number One Contender
Biff Busick w/Steve Corino v Chris Hero
* The match begins at a brutal pace with both men offloading hard shots in the middle of the ring
* For the next few minutes Hero and Busick exchange control with both sticking mainly to hard shots
* Busick begins to take control after landing a huge high knee, he takes Hero down and the two men begin to exchange submission holds with both knowing counters for ever attempt
* The fight moves on to the apron and Busick hits a sick german suplex on the apron for a two count
* Hero counters the Half and Half with the KO Elbow for another two count to the shock of everyone
* For the next few minutes Hero begins to pick Busick off with hard punches and begin suplex moves
* Hero looks for the discuss punch but Busick ducks it hitting the Half and Half but he's unable to make the cover, he finally does...1......2...........NO! The crowd are stunned!
* Busick pulls Hero up who is almost out of it and leans him on the ropes, he lands hard shots that leave Hero's legs like Jelly before bouncing off the ropes
*Busick charges forward looking for the big boot but Hero ducks it causing Busick to get tangled up in the ropes
* As Busick struggles to get free from the ropes Hero begins to land repeated discuss forearms to the face that stun Busick, the ref forces Hero away before having to end the match at the result of a KO!
Winner: Chris Hero

As the match comes to an end Hero celebrates with the fans as Corino gets in to the ring helping up his protégée Busick, the crowd start to cheer for Busick who is clearly showing signs of fatigue after his brutal match with Hero. Corino lifts the hand of Busick to the enjoyment of the crowd but it is quickly cut off as Corino hits a superkick on Busick. Corino tells the crowd to never cheer a loser like Busick and that no matter what Corino did he'd never make Busick in to a star, Corino gets a chair and waits for Busick to stand before landing a massive chair shot across Busick's head splitting him open before security drag Corino away as he screams at Busick that this was all for his own good.

Match Three: Triple X Tag Team Titles
The Super Smash Brothers v The Young Bucks
* Dos and Matt start the match with a fast pace with Dos taking control with his agility advantage
* Dos looks for a roll up but Nick runs in superkicking Dos, Uno clears him from the ring and throws Matt out for good measure
* The crowd cheer as Dos dives over the ropes taking down both bucks as well as the front row of fans
* Dos and Uno control the match for the next few minutes with great double team moves and fast tags
* Dos and Uno hit a superkick german suplex for a two count before Dos hits a brainbuster on Matt and Uno hits a massive splash only for it to be broken up by Nick
* Dos looks for the final smash by Nick runs in hitting the superkick with Matt rolling him up ...1...2...NO!
* The Bucks get back in the match when Matt reverses a hurricanrana attempt in to a turnbuckle powerbomb with Nick getting his knee's up to the back of Dos' head
* Nick puts Dos in a tombstone position and Matt springboards over the ropes with the Bucks hitting the More Bang For Your F*CK (aided Tombstone) ...1...2...NO! Broken up by UNO!
* Uno quickly takes a superkick that leaves him out on his feet as Matt joins his brother
* Nick and Matt pick up Dos and place him in a tombstone position on Uno before superkicking his legs causing him to tombstone Dos, Uno then gets a superkick from both of the Bucks before Matt covers Dos for the win!
Winner: The Young Bucks

As the Young Bucks celebrate with the titles Prince Devitt walks out with the New York City title over his shoulder, he talks about the Bullet Club stating that tonight was going to prove that they were unstoppable, suddenly Richards and Edwards burst on to the stage to a massive pop as our NYC Title match begins.

Match Four: Triple X New York City Title
Prince Devitt (C) w/The Young Bucks v Davey Richards w/Eddie Edwards
60 minute ironman
* 05:19 Richards looks for the DR Driver but Devitt reverses in to a even flow DDT before climbing the turnbuckle and hitting a double stomp for a two count
* 13:45 Devitt gets caught in the ankle lock but rolls through sending Richards down to the outside only for the Bucks to hit a simultaneous superkick, Devitt rolls him back in for a two count
* 19:04 Richards is able to lock in the crossface and keeps it held for almost a minute before the Bucks reach in and drag Devitt to safety just as he was about to tap out
* 24:00 Richards looks for a double footstomp of his own but Devitt gets his feet up before hitting the Bloody Sunday ...1......2..........2.9! NO!
* 29:59 Devit having controlled the last five minutes locks in Devitt's End but Richards manages to get to the ropes
* 33:43 Richards once again locks in the anklelock but Devitt rolls through this time locking in one of his own, Richards looks for a enziguri but Devitt ducks it before hitting the Dreamcast for a two count
* 43:65 Devitt looks for the Bloody Sunday again but Richards counters with the DR Driver, as he goes for the pin the Bucks pull him away to the outside
* 52:43 Richards capitalises on a groggy Devitt with big suplex moves but somehow unable to get a three count, he hits a tiger suplex for a two count
* 55:56 Devitt fights back but is hit with a flapjack before getting locked in the Key Lock, the Bucks try to help but the ref stops them forcing them to leave
* 59:32 Devitt is only just surviving when he looks for a despiration Dreamcast that sends Richards in to the ref and down to the outside, The Bucks come out by Eddie Edwards grabs a chair to the shock of everyone though he spins around crashing it off the top of Richard's head rolling him back in to the ring for Devitt to hit the Bloody Sunday for the three (1-0)
Winner: Prince Devitt

The bell rings and Prince Devitt and the Young Bucks face off with Eddie Edwards who points at the exit and shouts for them to get out of “Wolf Business”. The crowd begin to boo as The Bullet Club leave Edwards in the ring with Richards as Edwards begins to land hard kicks to his tag team partner, Richards attempts to fight back but is quickly cut off by Edwards who lands a hard kick between the legs. Edwards grabs a microphone and tells the crowd to shut up saying that Richards brought this on himself, that his time of standing in Richard's shadow was over and so were the wolves.

Match Five: Icarus v Willie Mack
XXXtreme Warefare
* Icarus sets a fast pace but is cut off by Mack who drags him to the outside throwing him in to the ring steps before throwing him in to the crowd forcing them to move
* Mack picks up Icarus and belly to back suplexes him in to the now empty chairs before throwing him in to the ring and shouting at him to give up, the crowd pop as Icarus flips Mack off
* Mack pulls in a chair but misses his swing for Icarus' head, Icarus ducks another before drop kicking it in to Mack's face cutting his head open, Icarus looks for a cross body but Mack catches him charging forward and throwing him in to the audience taking a few people down
* Mack is back on the outside and hits a running boot before placing Icarus' head on a chair and stamping down on it busting Icarus open
* Mack pulls one of the ladders from under the ring and leans it on apron but Icarus fights back and the action moves inside the ring with both men taking control using the weapons available
* Icarus takes complete control hitting hard kicks before repeatedly landing trash can shots to Mack, Mack leans on the ropes almost out of it
* Icarus bounces off the ropes and charges forward with a steel chair but Mack ducks it and hits a back body drop that causes Icarus to flip over the top rope and down on to the proped up ladder snapping it in two, the ref counts ...1...2...3...4...5....6......7........8........9.......NO! HE'S UP!
* Mack pulls out a leather belt and begins to whip Icarus on the outside causing his back to cut open
* Mack pulls a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside before pulling Icarus on to the apron
* As Mack pulls Icarus up Icarus begins to land hard strikes looking for the hurricanrana but Mack holds his ground leaping from the apron and landing a massive Chocolate Thunder Bomb through the table ...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...DING DING DING!
Winner: Willie Mack

Mack quickly goes backstage and is met by Triple X interviewer Alison Danger, Mack tells Danger that he was sick of having to prove himself against guys like Icarus and until he got a real shot at something worth his talents that nobody was going to be safe, Danger asks what he wanted shot at to which Mack replies whatever he feels like taking and that if he's overlooked his reign of destruction starts next week.

We cut back to Taylor and Kelly who talk about the night so far before talking about the risks of our main event with the six men having just as much chance of becoming the champion or being fired. Taylor says that despite being pro Steen it'll be a shame to lose any of these men. We then cut to a video that chronicles the rise of Nightmare, the attempted fight back from Zayn and Punk, Styles and Gargano's personal battles and the constant ambushes and sneak attacks from the likes of Styles, Steen and Kingston. The 6 men begin to make their entrances but as CM Punk makes his he is ambushed by Steen and Kingston forcing Gargano and Zayn to come make the save as the match begins.

Main Event: Triple X World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles v CM Punk v Eddie Kingston v Johnny Gargano v Kevin Steen v Sami Zayn
Russian Roulette Ladder Match

* With Punk down Styles, Steen and Kingston team up on Zayn and Gargano, Zayn and Styles battle on the outside as Nightmare team up on Gargano
* Gargano hits a through the ropes spear on Kingston and then reverses the package piledriver in to a DDT sending Steen to the outside. Styles and Zayn battle on as Gargano brings a ladder in to play
*Styles looks for a suplex on the commentary desk but Zayn reverses sending both men through the table
* Gargano begins to climb but CM Punk pulls him back down and the two trade right hands. On the outside Zayn and Styles take each other out with ladders
* Steen and Kingston get back in with ladders but Gargano drop kicks them both down, Punk and Gargano climb a ladder, Gargano hits a DDT from the top before dragging himself up and taking the first case
BRIEFCASE ONE: Johnny Gargano

* Steen and Kingston come back in and are met by Styles, Styles manages to fight both until he is over powered, Kingston hits a backfist followed by a piledriver and begins to climb as Steen holds the ladder.
* The crowd cheer as Zayn springboards from the top rope on to the ladder kicking Kingston from the top
* Steen quickly joins him up there hitting a package piledriver from the top leaving Zayn out
* Kingston once again climbs and takes a case but Steen shakes his head and Kingston hands down the case to his boss

* Sami Zayn slowly gets to his feet but he is instantly attacked by Styles who charges forward with a ladder crashing it across the neck of Zayn forcing the EMT's to take him away
* Punk is back up and he and Kingston begin to battle in the middle of the ring, Styles join them and the three men begin to battle back and forth with each taking control
* Two ladders get set up and Punk climbs one and Styles and Kingston climb the other
* All three men reach for the title but Punk manages to kick down the other ladder sending kingston and Styles crashing all the way down to the outside allowing him to get the last case

Briefcase Holders: Kevin Steen | CM Punk | Johnny Gargano

As the match ends Jim Cornette walks on to the stage and quickly rushes towards Kevin Steen ordering him to open his case, Steen looks nervous for a second before ripping the case open as a smile cross his face, he spins the case around to reveal a contract for a title match at a time of his choosing. The colour drains from Cornette's face as Kingston joins Steen, Cornette orders them to leave but Steen refuses stating he wanted to watch as one of Jim's hand picked stars was about to be fired. Punk and Gargano shake hands before opening their cases at the same time, for a few seconds both men look stunned until Gargano lifts the title belt from the case and Punk slams his shut. Gargano begins to celebrate but it's quickly shut off as Steen and Kingston rush forward taking down the new World Champion, Punk attempts to help but Kingston and Steen quickly over power him.

World Champion: Johnny Gargano
Number One Contender: Kevin Steen
Fired: CM Punk

The show goes off air with Steen and Kingston stood over the new World Champion Johnny Gargano and the man fired from Triple X Wrestling...CM Punk!


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XPW Warlands PPV

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton welcome everyone to the XPW PPV and hypes up the matches throughout the night.

Match 1 - Hernandez vs Super Crazy vs Ricochet

All 3 men come out to big cheers from the XPW Crowd.

- The 2 smaller guys go after Hernandez in the corner and start trying to double team him with a double suplex but Hernandez overpowers them with a suplex of his own.
- Ricochet runs at Hernandez who throws him up in the air for a flapjack but Ricochet turns it in to a hurricarana as Super Crazy lands a springboard splash onto Hernandez for a 2 count
- Ricochet kicks Crazy in the gut and lands a pumphandle gutbuster and heads up top for a twisting shooting star splash but Hernandez runs and jumps onto the top rope and lands a belly to belly suplex
- Super Crazy lands a springboard moonsault onto Ricochet but only gets a 2 count, Crazy pulls up Ricochet and goes for the crazy driver but Ricochet slides off the back and tries to roll him up but Crazy kicks him off into a thunderous clothesline from Hernandez
- Hernandez grabs Crazy by the throat and lands a choke toss suplex and lands the Border Toss Powerbomb as Ricochet sneaks up behind and drop kicks him out the ring and takes the pinfall

Winner: Ricochet

Ricochet celebrates in the ring as Hernandez rolls back into the ring and offers him a handshake which Ricochet accepts. Ricochet goes to the turnbuckle to celebrate but as he gets to the top Hernandez grabs his arms and launches him from the top rope with the Border Toss to booing from the XPW Crowd

Tom Phillips calls him a sore loser as Hernandez taunts the XPW Crowd as we head backstage

We see Dixie Carter talking to Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly as the mystery slams the door on the cameraman.

Match 2 - Daniel Bryan vs Karl Anderson

Daniel Bryan comes out to cheering from the XPW crowd as they chant Yes! around the building as Karl Anderson comes out to a mixed reception

- Both men lock up in the centre of the ring and Anderson swings Bryan into the corner and follows in for a splash but Bryan moves out the way and starts kicking away at Anderson in the corner.
- Bryan pulls Anderson from the corner and lands a double underhook suplex to Anderson  before rolling over and trying to lock in the Cattle Mutilation but Anderson manages to roll on his side before he gets it locked in.
- Bryan kicks away at Anderson on the floor at his shoulder and lands several leg drops across the elbow joint
- Bryan pulls up Anderson and swings him into the corner and goes for a running dropkick but Anderson moves as Bryan gets himself caught in the ropes
- Anderson kicks away at the knee of Bryan before pulling off the turnbuckle with a neckbreaker for a 2 count
- As Bryan hobbles to his feet Anderson wipes him out with a chop block and goes a boston crab in the centre of the ring.
- Bryan claws at the mat and eventually gets to the ropes at the last second, Anderson pulls him up and goes for a spinning spinebuster but Bryan reverses it into the Yes! lock leaving Anderson no choice but to tap out!

Winner - Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan celebrates in the ring and starts a Yes! chant throughout the XPW crowd.

Dixie Carter's music hits as she comes out applauding Bryan who looks bemused as Adam Cole,Kyle O Reilly & The Mystery man attacks Bryan from behind and beat him down as The Dudley Boyz charge the ring and clear out Cole & O Reilly as Bryan and the mystery man fight to the back.

Bubba Ray grabs a mic and tells them to get their asses back in the ring and get this match under way.

Match 3 - Extreme Rules - Adam Cole/Kyle O Reilly vs The Dudley Boyz

- The Dudleyz charge out the ring and chase Cole & O Reilly up the ramp and catching them before pulling them back towards the ring by throwing them into barries and down the ramp
- O Reilly starts to get the upper hand on D'von by hitting a low blow and throwing him into the ring steps before pulling a singapore cane out and laying into him with several heavy shots around ringside
- Bubba Ray lands several elbows to the face of Cole and suplexs him on the ramp before pulling him towards the ring by his hair, Bubba goes around and attacks O Reilly leading to a double suplex on the outside.
- Bubba starts pulling the announcers table apart and throws O Reilly onto it and goes for a sit out powerbomb but O Reilly flips off to the concrete floor and lands a senton off the table
- Cole comes around and attacks D'von with a steel chair before rolling him into the ring, Cole pulls D'Von to his feet and goes for the Panama Sunrise onto the chair but D'Von stops him halfway and lands a spinebuster onto it for a 2 count.
- O Reilly comes in and attacks D'von who pushes O Reilly into Bubba and lands a Bubba Cutter
- Bubba Ray pushes D'von and shouts "Get the tables!" D'von rolls out and slides a table in the ring and sets it up for a 3d on O Reilly.
- Cole comes from behind D'von and sends him to the outside with a german suplex and pulls the table out of the way as O Reilly counters the flapjack into a DDT.
- O Reilly grabs Bubba and they mockingly put him through the table with the 3D for the pinfall

Winners - Adam Cole & Kyle O Reilly

Both men celebrate in the ring as the XPW crowd boo them before exiting with smiles on their faces and pose at the top of the ramp as D'Von checks on Bubba in the ring

We go ringside to commentary who note that the future of wrestling may have just taken the batten from one of the best tag teams of all time.

We head to the Church of the Wyatt Family as Bray leads them through their sermens before finishing with the remark "He who betrays the Family will be doomed to live in eternal hell"

Match 4 - Christopher Daniels vs Jay Lethal - Falls Count Anywhere

We see a highlights package of this fued of Daniels laying out Lethal and Lethal returning the favor on last weeks show.

Lethal comes out to cheers from the XPW Crowd but gets attacked down the ramp by Daniels

- Daniels throws Lethal into the crowd and grabs chair and starts to hit away at the back of Lethal chasing him through the backstage area.
- Daniels throws Lethal into the drinks machine head first before landing a neckbreaker on the concrete floor but only gets a 2 count
- Daniels pulls Lethal up and goes for a reverse STO but Lethal shoves him away and Daniels tries to run away throughout the arena in to the parking lot.
- Lethal comes into the parking lot and looks for Daniels who sneaks up behind him with a metal pipe and smashes him over the back of the head
- Daniels pulls Lethal's lifeless body up and throws him onto a car roof and goes for the Angel's Wings but Lethal reverses it with a northern lights suplex.
- Lethal climbs up some nearby scaffolding and goes for the Hail to the King from 15ft but Daniels rolls off the car roof as Lethal comes crashing down crumpling the roof leaving Daniels to pull himself onto the roof and drop his arm over Lethal for the 3 count

Winner - Christopher Daniels

EMT's come to check on Jay Lethal as Daniels celebrates as they load Lethal into the ambulance with a neckbrace on as we go back to ringside.

Tom Phillips wishes Jay Lethal a speedy recovery and hypes up the next match of Kazuchika Okada vs Tensai in a deathmatch. We see the highlight footage of this fued

Match 5 - Kazuchika Okada vs Tensai W/ Mr Fuji

Okada comes out to a big pop from the XPW Crowd as he looks pumped up and ready for a brawl, Tensai comes out with booing as Mr Fuji laughs at them

- As Tensai heads to the ring Okada takes a run up and lands a suicide dive onto Tensai and starts to kick away at the head of Tensai on the floor
- Okada drags Tensai up and lands a reverse neckbreaker onto the floor before going under the ring and grabbing a barbed wire bat.
- Okada gets confronted by Mr Fuji and chases after him with the bat but runs straight into a bicycle kick from Tensai who takes the bat and starts to rake it across the face of Okada causing his to bust open.
- Tensai lands several shots with the bat to the ribs and back of Okada who crawls under the ring for safety, Tensai pulls the apron up and gets blasted in the face with a fire extinguisher.
- Okada comes out and lays out Tensai with the extinguisher to the face before pulling out a razor wire board and slides it into the ring, Okada pulls Tensai up and smashes his face into the ringpost several times before sliding him into the ring.
- Okada goes for the bridging german suplex onto the razor wire board but Tensai lands elbows to the jaw of Okada and goes for the chokebomb but Okada fights out and swings Tensai to the corner.
- Okada lifts Tensai onto the top rope and goes for a superplex but Tensai blocks and goes for a powerbomb from the top rope but Okada flips Tensai over onto the razor wire board cutting deep into his back
- Okada goes for the count but Tensai gets his hand on the bottom rope to the astonishment of the XPW Crowd
- Okada rolls out the ring and grabs a table and some lighter fluid before setting it up near the corner and sets it on fire.
- Okada drags Tensai off the razor wire board and places him on the top rope again and lands a several stiff shots to the face of Tensai before going for a super tiger suplex but Tensai lands several stiff shots to the gut
- Tensai grabs Okada by the throat and lands the chokebomb off the top through the flaming table for the 3 count

Winner - Tensai

The XPW Crowd chant "That was awesome" as Medics attend to Tensai & Okada's injuries in the ring as we head to a promo video of the main event tonight.

We see the AOTF backstage looking ready for action as Tyler Black reminds them what tonight is all about and that's ending the Wyatt Family.

Main Event - XPW World Title Match - 6 Man Elimination Tag Match  - The Age of the Fall (Tyler Black/Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher) vs The Wyatt Family(Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)

We cut to the Wyatt Family Static as it shows Bray holding his latern saying "XPW We're here" as Live in Fear plays around the arena as they walk down to ring and the lights come back on as the latern is blown out.

Screaming is heard around the arena as The Age of the Fall head out to the ring with Tyler Black in the middle with his XPW World Title Belt wrapped around his waist.

All 6 men stand face to face in the centre of the ring as the tension rises between them as Bray ushers the Family back but Harper/Rowan turn and charge as the ref calls for the bell.

- All 6 men start brawling around the arena as Jacobs & Rowan get left in the ring with Rowan getting the upper hand and landing several shots to the ribs and lands a fall out suplex across the ring
- XPW Refs come to ringside and split up the fighting on the outside and force them to their own corners.
- Rowan throws Jacobs into the corner and starts distracting the ref as Bray & Harper choke Jacobs in the corner,Rowan tags in Harper who lays out Jacobs with a gutwrench powerbomb for a 2 count, Harper drags Jacobs back to his corner and tags in Rowan.
- Rowan lands a body splash on Jacobs and goes for the Greetings from the North but Jacobs locks in the End Time on the way down leaving Rowan no choice but to tap.

Erick Rowan has been eliminated

- Luke Harper charges into the ring and lays out Jacobs with a thunderous clothesline before landing the Truck Stop on him for the 3 count

Jimmy Jacobs has been eliminated

- Necro Butcher climbs in the ring and stares down Harper before they start brawling in the centre of the ring, Butcher gets the upper hand landing several headbutts to Harper before laying him out with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count.
- Necro pulls Harper to his feet and sends him to the corner and tags in Black who lands  firemans carry facebuster and calls for the God's Last Gift but Harper pushes Black into the corner
- Butch secretly tags himself in as Harper charges at Black who ducks before getting laid out with a lariat and goes for the pin but Bray breaks it up and knocks Black off the apron before laying out Necro with Sister Abigail leaving Harper to crawl over and get the 3 count

Necro Butcher is Eliminated

- Harper rolls out the ring and throws Black back in and goes for a sitout powerbomb but Black reverses into a inverted hurricarana, Black pulls up Harper and goes for Gods Last Gift but Harper shoves him away and goes for a clothesline but Black rolls him up for the 3 count

Luke Harper has been eliminated

- Bray comes into the ring and goes for the running body splash but misses taking out the ref, Harper & Rowan try to get involved again but get cut off by Jacobs & Butcher on the outside and they brawl around ringside with Rowan going off into the crowd with Butcher and Harper takes out Jacobs with a clothesline on the outside.
- Bray calls for Harper to slide him a chair from ringside and Harper slides it in to Bray who charges at Black with the chair who ducks under it.
- Bray turns around into a massive kick to the chair from Luke Harper! as Tyler Black stands their smiling and the XPW Crowd cheer.
- Harper leans over Wyatt and mouths something to him and walks off up the ramp as Tyler Black drags Wyatt to the centre of the ring and lands Gods last Gift as the ref comes around for the 3 count.

Winner and still XPW World Champion - Tyler Black

Tyler Black poses with his XPW World Title over Bray Wyatt as Luke Harper stares on from the top of the ramp.


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Nightmare on oak street 7- Welcome To The Danger zone

We see the opening package which highlights our 3 main event matches, lesnar and Mcguinness vs unbreakable fn machines, Tozawa vs Shingo and the world title match between hawx and gulak. We then cut to the arena where up all night is already blaring out and rich swann is on his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone and says that he will become x division champion one way or the other tonight. Drew Gulak comes to the stage and says that he will defend and keep his x division title and win the world title too, because he hasn't ever been stripped of anything and that doesn't start tonight

Match 1- X division title match fought under MWF Title Rules- Drew Gulak (champion) vs Rich Swann (challenger)
Round 1- Feeling out process in the opening moments of the round, the match soon becomes more and more hard hitting
Round 2- Another even round, several near falls are exchanged
Round 3- Gulak roughs up Swann through the round stopping the highflyer from flying about
Round 4- Gulak remains in control and hits the spine splitter for the first fall of the match (DG 1 RS 0)
Round 5- Gulak remains in control until Swann hits a big spin kick to gulak
Round 7- Swann keeps in control and connects with the chicken fried driver to tie the match at 1 a piece (DG 1 RS 1)
Round 8- Gulak works on swann's knee throughout
Round 9- Gulak continues to work over the knee before locking in the Gu-Lock, Swann trys to fight out but is eventually saved by the bell
Round 10- Gulak goes back to the Gu-Lock after chop blocking the knee, But swann fights free and kicks Gulak square in the face. The round evens out, Swann hits a second chicken fried driver but as he covers the bell rings to end the match
Match is a Draw Therefore Drew Gulak is still Champion, a rematch will be booked within the next 14 days

Post match
The commentary team ask that even though Gulak retains, will he be ready to face hawx later on in his second match of the evening, especially a match which could go another full 10 rounds

Skarlett interview
Skarlett is shown, she says that later tonight a new women's champion will he crowned and it will be her, Aj Lee skips into view and laughs in skarletts face she asks if what she said is a joke because she found it funny because it will be her walking out as champion, the two women argue between themselves for several moments until Mercedes Martinez strides into view and stares at the two who stop arguing.

Highlights Package
We see highlights of the opening 2 matches in the tag title best of 3 series, the screen shows the scores tied at 1-1 as it fades

Match 2- Match 3 in the best of 3 series for the vacant MWF tag team titles- Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End and Michael Dante) vs The UK Hooligans (Roy and Zak Knight)
* A hard hitting contest, back and forth throughout
* Tags are exchanged quite quick throughout as are near falls
* The hooligans hit the doomsday device early, but end makes the save before a pin can even be made
* Dante knocks Zak from the apron, End goes round and sends Zak head first into the ring post
* Zak Knight enters the ring to save his brother from a possible 2 on 1 beatdown
* Roy Knight hits the Zebra Crossing Elbow for a 2 count when Dante makes the save
* match is still even at this point
* Dante hits a gore which End follows up with the owari double footstomp for a 2 count
* The death squad now take full control
* End hits the end of line brain buster on Zak, he covers for the 1,2,3
Winners and the first MWF tag Team Champions- Sumerian Death Squad

Update on the condition of Paul Heyman
We see an executive backstage, he is asked how Heyman is, he says that Heyman is healed and will be here later tonight for the survival of the sickest match and will be special guest referee.

Match 3- 3 way dance for the MWF womens title - Skarlett (challenger) vs AJ Lee (challenger) vs Mercedes Martinez (Champion)
Winner and still womens champion-Mercedes Martinez

Highlights package
We see a package highlighting the international title tournament. We see both SJK and Doug Williams' routes aswell as there rivalry, before seeing the cage lowering for the final

Match 4- Steel Cage Match for the vacant MWF international title- Sterling James Keenan vs Doug Williams
* An absoloute brawl in the confines of the cage
* Its back and forth throughout and brutal at times
* Williams goes to climb out but Keenan is up, he climbs and russian leg sweeps Williams from the cage wall to the mat below
* Keenan locks in Lucky 7 but Williams is able to kick him off
* SJK is sent head first into the thick piece of steel that holds the cage in place, opening a cut
* Williams works over the cut
* Keenan hits the MK ultra, he covers for a 2 count
* Williams grates SJK's head in the mesh, opening the wound even more
* Match remains even
* Williams hits the chaos theory followed by the bomb scare knee drop
* Williams goes over the top of the cage, at the same time Keenan Crawls to the door, it looks as though both are out at the same time but replays show Williams is out first
Winner and new MWF International Champion- Doug Williams

Post match
A furious SJK attacks the celebrating Williams. He leaves Williams down as he lifts the title above his head and mutters that this isn't over.

We see a black cab pull up and out gets Paul Heyman, he is met by Mcguinness and Lesnar and the 3 men walk in deep in conversation

Match 5- Bonus match- Robbie Dynamite vs Aaron Sharp
* A quickish match but both men manage to get a lot of offence in the short time
* Hard hitting throughout and takes a very british style
* Dynamite goes for a quick roll up for a 2, Sharp rolls through and gains a 2 of his own
* the crowd begin to get into it as ther shots become harder
* Both men go for dropkicks but miss eachother
* Both men exchange uppercuts in the centre of the ring, Sharp gets the upperhand in the exchange
* Sharp keeps in control for several moments until Dynamite hits a big lariet
* Dynamite goes for a piledriver but Sharp backdrops out of it to gain his advantage back
* Sharp hits a sitout powerbomb for 3
Winner- Aaron sharp

Pre match
We see staff working on the ring removing the ropes, we are told that the no rope, no DQ grudge match between, Tozawa and Shingo is next. We then cut to a video package highlighting the partnership and rivalry between the 2

Match 6- No Ropes, No DQ match- Akira Tozawa vs Shingo
* Hard Hitting japanese style contest
* Both men are wary of there being no ropes
* Tozawa dropkicks Shingo, sending him from the ring
* The 2 men brawl around ringside for several moments
* Shingo grabs a chair and Tozawa does the same and both men roll into the ring, the two dual with the chairs until Tozawa sends a shot into the stomach of shingo who drops his chair, Tozawa throws the chair into the head of Shingo to gain an advantage
* Tozawa now seemingly in charge hits shingo's own last falconary for a 2 count
* Shingo angry DDT's his former tag partner onto the hard apron, he covers for 2
* Shingo looks to go for a lariet but Tozawa ducks and Shingo is again sent to the outside, the 2 brawl outside again
* Match is even
* Shingo hits last falconry and covers for 3
Winner- Shingo

Post match
Shingo grabs a Mic, he says he is done with Tozawa and he is coming for the world title, he will he watching the main event closely

Pre match
We see a video package highlighting the feud between lesnar and the unbreakable f'n machines, we see the machines attacks on Heyman and we see the return of Mcguinness. Heyman in refs attire is out first, he shows no emotion as either team enters.

Match 7-Survival of the sickest- Nigel Mcguinness and Brock Lesnar vs The unbreakable F'N machines (Brian Cage and Michael Elgin)
* Absoloute Brawl of a match which takes in most of the arena
* Weapon shots are exchanged throughout, weapons range from chairs, to bins, to canes, to trays
* Action comes thick and fast, the cameras struggle to keep with the action at times
* Nigel Mcguinness is first eliminated when Brian cage hits a running powebomb through a merchandise table for a 3 count
* The machines circle lesnar before attacking, they get the upper hand for several moments
* They attack lesnar with several weapons gaining several near falls
* Lesnar hits an F5 on cage but Elgin Saves to keep the 2-1 advantage
* Lesnar now uses weapons to weaken the machines
* Lesnar looks like dimantaling the machine but each time he goes for a cover on one member the other is always there to make the save
* Lesnar looks to go for another F5 on Elgin but Heyman smashes him in the back with a chair, He then smashes a shot to the head of his client, Elgin covers for a 3 count
Winners- The Unbreakable F'N machines

Post match
The unbreakable machines and Heyman embrace, they say that this was a plan all along, all the assaults, put on, all The arguments, put on, they say the fans and lesnar and Mcguinness all fell for them, Heyman announces that at the next ppv, the unbreakable machines will win the tag titles. The sumerian death squad come to the ring, they stare at the machines, before The two teams come to blows. Security flood from the back as we go to an advert for the next ppv

Legacy ppv advert
The advert shows several clips from MWF's past, the voice over says that the past shapes the future, a candle flickers before being blown out, a broad London accent booms out "MWF we're back, the end is truly here"

Main Event- Match for the MWF title fought under MWF title rules- Drew Gulak (challenger) vs Luke Hawx (champion)
Round 1- Even opening round with limited action as the two men feel one another out
Round 2- A second slower paced round, but many shots are exchanged
Round 3- Hawx picks the pace up,at the same time his shots seem to become even stiffer
Round 4- Gulak is already looking tired as Hawx keeps the pace up
Round 5- Hawx hits the outside in moonsault for a 3 gaining the opening fall (LH 1 DG 0)
Round 6- Hawx continues to work over Gulak and looks well in control as Gulak seems to get even tireder
Round 7- Hawx looks to go for the holy driver but Gulak rollsdown the back and rolls hawx up to tie the match (LH 1 DG 1)
Round 8- Hawx looks furious that he cant seem to get the job done and goes full out
Round 9- Hawx as soon as bell rings uppercuts Gulak strongly, he hits the Holy driver for 3 (LH 2 DG 1)
Winner and still MWF champion- Luke Hawx

As Hawx celebrates his win, Shingo is on stage staring down Hawx

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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by The_Enigma on Sun 06 Jul 2014, 11:31 pm

NGPW Present: 'How to Fake Your Own Death: iNvaded' PPV Show
Highlights Package...:
- Following the conclusion of our main event to crown our NGPW Heavyweight Champion, 7 Masked Men attacked and shocked NGPW to later reveal themselves as nXtreme, led by their leader JBL
- While Austin Aries was apart of the main event, he made his intentions clear that he was apart of the stable by apply the exclamation point on the stable beatdown on Roderick Strong, Antonio Cesaro and Tommaso Ciampa-
- Roderick Strong swore revenge and would grab the first opportunity presented as he defeated Tommaso Ciampa in a 2 out of 3 falls match to earn the #1 contender' spot
- In the following weeks, more and more masked members unveiled themselves to be Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Michael Bennett, Robert Roode, Alex Riley and Trish Stratus
- In the coming weeks, each member of this fraction started to sabotage every NGPW show at any opportunity
- Alex Shelly/Chris Sabin attacked current Tag Team Champions, The Briscoe Brothers, by attacking them and forcing them to bleed. The Briscoe Brothers returned the favour the following week then challenged the tag team to a title unification match at the PPV.
- Meanwhile, Michael Bennett entered the Junior Heavyweight Tournament with the intentions to become the first ever crowned champion.
- Following Sara Del Ray's plea for more competition, Queen of nXtreme Trish Stratus attacked Sara Del Ray from behind to signal her arrival. Sara would eventually get her own back later that night by attacking Trish during an interview then challenging her to a match
- As the NGPW/nXtreme rivalry heated up, NGPW President seeked answers from his roster and it was Alexander Rusev who answered as NGPW restored power then challenging nXtreme to a Cage of Death Match at the PPV.
- While nXtreme leader JBL accepted, he focused on recruiting Tommaso Ciampa
Following the conclusion of the highlights package, our commentators Michael Cole and Dave Prazak welcome us to live to our ‘How to Fake Your Death’ PPV as both immediately hype tonight’s main event before providing their predictions. As Michael Cole favours nXtreme “Reach for the Sky” blasts as The Briscoe Brothers kick off our show in the opening contest.

Match 1: NGPW Tag Team & nXtreme Tag Team Title Unification Street Fight (Best of 5 Series Match)
NGPW Champions: The Briscoe’s Vs nXtreme Champions: Motor City Machine Guns

- Both teams square up to each other before the match explodes into life as they trade blows. Two immediately spill through the ropes as Mark Briscoe / Alex Shelly battle inside.
- On the floor, Jay Briscoe reverses whip into a lariat before sending Sabin crashing into the rail. Alex Shelley leaps from the top to the floor but Jay catches him as Mark Briscoe runs from the apron to hit a Springboard Doomsday Device from the apron!
- Dragging Shelly back inside, The Briscoe’s hit a Cut Throat Driver/Diving Leg drop double team for a close fall.
- Comfortably in the driving seat, both Briscoe’s set up a table then litter the ring full of weapons.
- The Briscoe’s hit repeated chair shots as Jay then places Shelley onto 4 chairs. As he deals with Chris Sabin on the floor, Mark Briscoe climbs the ropes looking to hit the ‘Froggy Bow’ He dives but Sabin bests Jay then pulls his partner away as Mark crashes through the chairs.
- They take quick advantage of Mark by hitting a simultaneous diving leg drop / diving splash double team from the top.
- Working as a well oiled machine, MCMG attack Jay on the floor then use the ring post to hit an assisted Sliced Bread #2.
- Attempting to mock The Briscoe’s, MCMG attempt their version of the Doomsday Device but Jay counters into a sunset flip powerbomb as Mark hits the cactus elbow from the apron!
- The Briscoe’s look to end the match as they set up for the spike Jay Driller until nXtreme member Evan Bourne interferes. He attempts a superkick but misses Mark, inadvertently taking out Alex Shelley, as Mark quickly disposes of Bourne.
- The Briscoe’s hit a powerbomb / Springboard clothesline combination as they set up for the Doomsday Device.
- As Mark sets himself, Alex Shelley returns as he drills him with a steel chair shot with causes Mark to fall through the table at ringside!
- The stalling allows Chris Sabin to counter into a reverse hurricanrana. They quickly hoist Jay up as they hit the ‘Made in Detroit’ to steel victory!

Winners via ‘Made in Detroit’ – NEW UNDISBUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… The Motor City Machine Guns! 17:44
Both nXtreme members know they have been in a battle with the scars to prove it. The official hands them both sets of tag-title belts as they celebrate on their knees. They slowly exit the ring as the camera highlights the broken bodies and carnage around ringside. As MCMG walk up the entrance ramp, Evan Bourne attempts to join in the celebrations but Chris Sabin pushes him away as MCMG storm off.

Backstage Interview
We head backstage as our interviewer catches up with JBL. Dresses in his ring gear holding a towel over his shoulder, JBL promises that tonight’s the night Ciampa breaks! Smirking he insists that if he wants to become an icon, a legend then why not make it official. He holds up the nXtreme Legends Title as he finishes by stating that tonight’s Ciampa’s opportunity.

Match 2: nXtreme Legends Title Match (Best of 5 Series) – JBL © Vs Tommaso Ciampa

- JBL’s entrance is immediately cut short as Tommaso Ciampa meets him in the aisle. Both rivals exchange punches until Ciampa hits a knee shot followed by a whip into the guardrail.
- Ciampa continues to dominate the early exchanges as JBL head bounces off the steps. He charges at JBL who counters with a back-body drop onto the hard floor.
- JBL’s vicious streak arrives as he sends Ciampa back first into the ring-post with a fall-away slam following by a releasing powerbomb onto the apron
- Both men climb onto the apron as JBL hits continuous clobbering shots across the back. Ciampa escapes a failed DDT attempt hitting the Air Raid Crash onto the apron
- Ciampa takes control hitting repeated high-knee shots to JBL seated in corner of the ring
- Project Ciampa! He hooks the legs 1…2… KICK OUT! As JBL tries to escape, Ciampa drags him back inside but JBL uses his experience hitting a finger poke to the eye
- The releasing powerbomb follows for a close fall. He attempts a second but Ciampa wriggles free before hitting a trio of German Suplexes.
- Hoisting JBL onto his shoulders, Ciampa attempts the Air Raid Crash but JBL escapes and drills his opponent with an emphatic “Clothesline from Hell!” He pins 1… Ciampa powers out!
- JBL looks stunned in disbelief as Ciampa rises to his feet. JBL hits a running big-boot but Ciampa no sells standing his ground with the fans right behind Tommaso Ciampa!
- Ciampa ducks a second big-boot attempt running the ropes but he is turned inside out as JBL strikes with a second clothesline from hell. He pins 1…2…3! This one is over!

Winner via Clothesline from Hell – Still nXtreme Legends Champion – JBL 09:54 (NGPW 0-2 nXtreme)

Match 3: Tim Donst Trail Series #4 (1-2) – Tim Donst Vs Perry Saturn W/Raven
Michael Cole introduces the stipulations in the ongoing Tim Donst trail series, stressing that he needs a win tonight. The Flock’s music hits as Perry Saturn makes his way as Raven follows behind with the tag-team carrying a table on their shoulders! Setting the table up, Perry Saturn challenges his opponent to a Hardcore Match!

- Following repeated crutch shots, Perry Saturn sets 4 chairs up and drives his opponent crashing through hitting a Northern lights suplex to take early advantage.
- Donst manages to work his way back into the match courtesy of a STO takedown. He returns the favour hitting a belly-to-belly through numerous trash cans.
- With Saturn trying to flee, Donst chases and smashes a light tube across his back then over the head to bust him open.
- The ‘Donstitution’ follows but Raven pulls Donst out the ring to break the pin then hits a Russian leg sweep as both crash into the guardrail. He wedges the table between the apron and rail.
- The Flock beat down Tim Donst as Saturn drags him to the apron. With evil intensions in mind, they set up a second table until Donst breaks free then hits a back-drop to send Raven crashing through the table!
- As Donst reflects, Saturn attacks hitting the Death Valley Driver! He hooks the leg but Donst kicks out as Saturn locks in the Rings of Saturn.
- In total control Saturn hits an inverted powerslam, placing Donst onto the top rope. He climbs the ropes attempting to hit a suplerlex but Donst fights back…
- Hitting repeated headbutts, Donst hits a Saito suplex as both men crash through the table. He has just enough to make the pin 1…2…3. It’s over!

Winner via Saito Suplex – Tim Donst 08:47 (Tim Donst Trail Series 2-2)

Backstage Interview
Our interviewer catches up with Roderick Strong. He plays down the fact that nXtreme are 2-0 in the series by stating that we look at the bigger picture. He promises that no matter what it takes, he will outsmart his former partner and will recapture the world title on behalf of NGPW.

Match 4: NGPW vs nXtreme Series Match – Antonio Cesaro Vs Robert Roode

- A hard hitting match between the stiff hitting Roode and the European style of Cesaro
- The opening match sees both men trying to gain the advantage with Cesaro hitting Uppercut after uppercut only for Roode to take each one and respond with punch after punch
- At the 7 minute mark Roode gets the advantage for nXtreme as he hits a big neckbreaker before keeping Cesaro grounded with big strike after big strike
- He continues the pressure before going for the Crossface... Cesaro breaks out only to be hit by a Roode Bomb! 1.......2..... kickout
- Roode keeps working over the arm until the 12 minute mark, he sets up for a Payoff.... Cesaro counters.... Big Swing.... the arm doesnt let him lift Roode!
- Cesaro drops him before setting up for the Super Uppercut... Roode catches the arm! Crossface synched in! Roode wratches the arm back but Cesaro wont tap...
- The referee asks Cesaro again... he shakes his head before using his pure power to raise himself up! Roode cannot believe it as the crowd goes crazy....
- Electric Chair from Cesaro! He picks up Roode... Neutralizer! 1......2..........3!

Winner via Neutralizer – Antonio Cesaro 14:04

Backstage Interview
We head to the locker room to catch up with Sara Del Ray. As she stops her training she simply states that tonight we find out who really is the queen of the ring as she quickly goes back to training.

Match 5: NGPW vs nXtreme Series Grudge Match – Sara Del Ray Vs Trish Stratus

- A superb women's match between two of the best female wrestlers of all time
- The match goes back and forth initially before del Ray takes Trish down with a big Axe kick taking Trish down, del Ray then uses her size advantage to keep Trish grounded as she works over the neck
- At the 6 minute mark Sara looks for the Omoplata Crossface... Trish breaks out of it before hitting the Air Canada to explode into the match
- Trish takes it to with a series of Running Bulldogs before lining up for the Stratusfaction...
- Del Ray counters with an X suplex before going up top... Trish pops back up before handspringing to the top... Stratosphere! 1....2... del Ray kicks out!
- Trish grabs del Ray again... del Ray with a big elbow to the side of the head... Axe Kick... MaTrish! Chick Kick!
- 1......2...... kickout! Trish cannot believe it and screams at the referee before going for the pin again...1......2...... kickout
- Trish screams again before going to the outside and grabbing both del Rays title and her own before sliding back into the ring. She looks down at del Ray before spitting at her and then smashing the NGPW Womens Title over del Rays head

Winner via DQ - Sara Del Ray – 08:27 (NGPW 2-2 nXtreme)
Post match Trish does her trademark laugh before raising the Queen of nXtreme title high above her head

Backstage Interview
We catch up with Austin Aries to capture his thoughts on the World Title Defence. Keeping it short and sweet, he claims he is the greatest man to ever live before sending Roderick Strong a message to state that he’s grown since their last matches’ way back and as a few tricks in store…

Match 6: NGPW Junior Heavyweight Title Finals (NGPW vs nXtreme Series Final Match)
Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger Vs Michael Bennett W/Maria Kanellis

- The match is hard hitting initially with Bennett using his power to ground the high flying Liger
- He uses a combination of suplexes and kicks to prevent Liger from getting up a head of steam
- At the 5 minute mark Bennett hits a Photo Finish but instead of covering he goes over to Maria for a kiss, they embrace before Bennett turns around...
- Rolling Koppu Kick by Liger as the crowd cheers, Liger hits big move after big move including a Frankensteiner and a Shotei, he makes the cover..1....2.... kickout
- Liger keeps the advantage until the 12 minute mark but Maria's constant cheering on of Bennett gives him the strength to carry on
- At this point Liger goes for the CTB... reversed by Bennett.... Box Office Smash... blocked... Liger Bomb! 1......2...... Kickout! Liger to the top rope...
- He sets up for the innovated Shooting Star Press... Maria up onto the apron distracting Liger. Liger shouts at her to get down as the referee tries to get Maria off of the apron...
- The distraction is enough for Bennett to recover and hit the ropes causing Liger to fall and get crotched on the top rope, Bennett joins him on the top rope....
- Piledriver off of the top rope! The crowd chants HOLY SH!T!
- Bennett crawls into the cover.....1............2.....................3!

Winner and the NEW NGPW Junior Heavyweight Champion - "The Prodigal Son of nXtreme" Michael Bennett – 12:16 (NGPW 2-3 nXtreme – nXtreme Win Series!)
As Michael Cole recaps on the action, Jigsaw rolls into the ring as he stands behind the fallen Jushin Liger. As the veteran slowly gets to his feet, Jigsaw hits superkick to the back of Liger’s leg then follows with a second to kick his head off! As the fans look on in confusion, Jigsaw unmasks to unveil a second mask… This time in the Yellow & Black colours of nXtreme. Michael Bennett & Maria both laugh from the aisle way as Jigsaw joins forces with his new fraction.

Match 7: NGPW Heavyweight Title Match: Austin Aries © Vs Roderick Strong

- As both wrestlers repeatedly tie-up, neither gain advantage until Strong drives Aries into the corner hitting repeated stiff chops to light the chest up. Aries eventually manages to duck to hit the running IED into the corner.
- The tempo quickens as Aries ducks the lariat attempt by hitting a springboard back elbow. He follows with a shin breaker / leg-hook Satio suplex combination as Strong rolls outside.
- Austin Aries immediately hits the heat seeking missile onto the floor. He follows with a second but Strong avoids the third as he dumps Aries onto the apron with a backdrop suplex.
- As both make their way onto the apron, Strong attempts an apron-backbreaker but Aries escapes hosting Strong onto his back to hit the Death Valley Driver onto the apron!
- From here Aries focuses on the neck as he hits a rope assisted neck-breaker. The Last Chancery is locked in with Strong nowhere to go! He eventually squirms to the ropes.
- Following a running powerslam, Aries positions himself looking to hit the 450. Strong gets the knees up then hoists Aries up and dumps him into the turnbuckle hitting the Argentine Backbreaker!
- The Gibson Driver connects as Strong rushes for the pin 1…2… Aries kicks out but Strong immediately catches the legs to apply the Strong Hold! Aries eventually gets to the ropes.
- Uncharacteristically Strong climbs the ropes but backfires as Aries pushes the official into the ropes. Aries joins him on the top to hit the Avalanche Brainbuster!
- As the crowd go nuts, Aries realises that Strong fell to the floor outside. Aries has to dead lift his opponent to get back inside…
- Strong was playing possum! He gets to his feet and nails Aries with the Sick Kick!
- He quickly throws Aries up and hits ‘Death by Roderick’ (Double-Knee Gutbuster!) He pins 1…2…3! New Champion as the building erupts!

Winner via Death by Roderick – NEW NGPW Heavyweight Champion – Roderick Strong 24:16

As the building erupts, Roderick Strong embraces the atmosphere from his knees as the official rewards him the championship belt! He poses from the top rope as confetti falls from the sky. Austin Aries looks furious as he watches on from ringside before storming off.

Main Event: Cage of Death Grudge Match – NGPW vs. nXtreme
NGPW (Antonio Cesaro, Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, Tommaso Ciampa and Alexander Rusev
nXtreme (John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Michael Bennett and Robert Roode) vs)

- A sensational main event with all 10 men getting showcased
- The match starts off with Robert Roode facing off against Mark Briscoe, Roode uses his increased experience of singles wrestling to take the advantage before the initial 90 seconds is up and Michael Bennett enters the ring
- The two nXtreme stars take it to Briscoe focussing on Mark's head hitting a series of big kicks and punches before lifting him and hitting a double shooting arrow into the cage busting him open, they set up for a double piledriver before the 90 seconds is up
- Jay Briscoe storms into the cage grabbing a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat and going straight after Roode and Bennett, he swings at Bennett who ducks causing Roode to take the shot, Roode falls back clasping his midriff. Bennett and Jay trade punch for punch before the 90 seconds is up
- Shelley storms down to the cage before climbing it and hitting a Tornado DDT onto Jay from the top of the cage, he checks on Roode before teaming up with Bennett as they trade punches with the Briscoes... joint superkicks... ducked by the Briscoes! They both grab dustbin lids before smacking them over the heads of Bennett and Shelley
- Jay keeps up the assault on Shelley before Mark turns around... Spear by Roode! The 90 seconds is up
- Cesaro runs down to the ring, Roode sees him coming grabbing a chair... he swings at Cesaro... uppercut by Cesaro onto the chair! He breaks it in two! Roode cannot believe it as the two are once again slugging it out
- Jay in the corner sets up for a Jay Driver but Shelley counters with a low blow, he in turn picks up Jay and hits a Shellshock onto a chair! Jay joins his brother in being busted open
- The timer goes and Chris Sabin makes his way down to the ring, he immediately joins Shelley in beating down the Briscoes, meanwhile Roode goes for a Roode bomb... Big Swing by Cesaro! 1..........2.................3.........................4.........................5...... Bennett back up... Cesaro swings Roode straight into Bennett taking him back down!

- We're down to the last three entrants as Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out going straight at the Guns who have overrun the Briscoes, Go To Sleep to Shelley! He goes for one on Sabin... Hail Sabin! out of nowhere takes both men down! Only man standing is Cesaro! The familiar cowbell rings and JBL makes his way out in his limo, he passes his hat to Riley before making his way down to the ring
- He squares up to Cesaro before the pair slug it out with JBL's stiff style catching the King of Swing by surprise, JBL sets up for a Big Boot... ducked by Cesaro... Big Uppercut... JBL barely moves! Cesaro goes for it again! JBL catches him... Fallaway Slam into the cage! JBL stalks the recovering Ciampa....
- Русев удря, Русев мачка! Rusev makes his way out as the crowd cheers, he stares at the cage before slowly entering. He grabs JBL from behind before hitting a huge side kick taking JBL down
- The Guns go at Rusev but he swats them away like flies before grabbing the recovering Bennett.... he picks him up before going for a Bul-plex... straight through the cage! The crowd cannot believe it as we see replays of Bennett being put through the cage wall
- Rusev shouts in Russian before turning around... Roode with a huge chair shot takes the big man down. Roode is like a man possessed as he hits shot after shot before lining up for Northern Lariat... High Knee from Ciampa out of nowhere! All men down in the ring
- Whilst this is going on the action spills out through the hole in the cage with the Guns and the Briscoes going back and forth... Shelley sets up for the Shellshock and hits it on Jay on the cold steel, he gets back up.... Mark hits a huge kendostick shot to Shelley... one after another after another... he then turns and does the same to Sabin! Over and over and over! Mark rolls both Shelley and Sabin onto the announce table before climbing the cage...
- Shooting Star Press off the top through the table! Holy SH!T HOLY SH!T! All three men are not moving
- Back in the ring JBL has staggered back to his feet, Cesaro up too... Clothesline from Hell... Cesaro ducks... JBL connects with a recovering Roode!
- JBL cannot believe it as he looks around seeing the destruction of all 4 other members of nXtreme, he turns to see both Ciampa and Cesaro staring at him...
- JBL puts his hands up before tapping his head and telling Ciampa that its time, Cesaro says not this way and moves towards JBL... Ciampa stops him and the pair stare at each other. Cesaro asks Ciampa whats up... Ciampa says he has to finish this and goes at JBL...
- Suddenly both Ciampa and Cesaro are taken out from behind!
- The crowd boos as Rusev stands over the fallen Ciampa and Cesaro before staring at JBL, JBL smirks before ordering Rusev to get Ciampa back to his feet... JBL then hits a sickening Clothesline from Hell! He goes to make the pin as Rusev hits a Bul-plex onto a shocked Cesaro! 1.............2......................3!

Winners of Cage of Death – nXtreme 39:20

The camera’s highlight the carnage and the broken bodies laid around ringside as the nXtreme group eventually regroup inside the ring. The all stand in formation and pose alongside their new recruit Alexander Rusev as the show fades to black as we finally go off air…


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Tactic Submissions s7 Empty Re: Tactic Submissions s7

Post by Steel on Wed 16 Jul 2014, 8:53 am

Week 5 YCW

Singing of the Yorkshire Anthem

JoJo decides to mix it up today and she gives the crowd a rendition of I predict riot by leeds band the Kaiser chiefs, it goes down extremely well with the crowd, with many air guitars seen throughout the audience.

Opening Segment

Big Daddys walks onto the stage to cheers from the Yorkshire crowd, Big Daddy calls for the crowd to settle down.

Big Daddy begins by asking the crowd if they enjoyed the very first YCW PPV which is greeted by cheers from the packed arena. Big Daddy says The Big Scrap took months of preparation but he thought the show was faultless and just what the Yorkshire people deserved.
Big Daddy says the PPV broke several records and he has received none stop phone calls from wrestlers across the world wanting to join up, so many requests that he has only accepted the best, Big Daddy then introduces YCW new marquee signings in Roman Reigns and The British Bulldog.

Big Daddy says he is sure both will make an impact on the landscape of YCW, Big Daddy says the landscape of YCW is always changing and none more so than at The Big Scrap, where we crowned champions across the roster.

Big Daddy welcomes his nephew to the stage, Eorl walks out with the white rose championship across his shoulder to huge cheers. Big Daddy says Eorl is the champion that Yorkshire deserves and he beat three other men to prove this to claim his title. Big Daddy says Eorl will be a fighting champion and has decided that each week going forward the title will be on the line and Eorl will take on the man who Big Daddy decides is the best performer from the week before, so everybody has a shot at being a champion. Big Daddy says that tonight is no exception so Eorl will defend his title against Umaga.

Big Daddys says the big scrap was only the start of the new YCW and he expects his superstars to raise their game even higher if they want to compete with the best.

Big Daddys says up first tonight he wants to show off one of YCW new signings s up First will be Roman Reigns who will face off against Bobby Lashley a match that should make the ground shake.

Big Daddy the puts his arm around Eorl shoulder and the two walk to the back


JV: Well nobody can deny that The Big Scrap wasn’t entertaining and Big Daddy doesn’t lie when he said the game has changed and he also made it quite clear the games rules are made by him and him alone.

GM: You mean Big Daddy will do whatever it takes to appease this Yorkshire crowd be it at the expense of others, take this new champion Big Daddys nephew your telling me that wasn’t handed to him, Magnus rolled over and let himself be pinned, it wasn’t a fair fight.

JV: Magnus just saw he had no chance against Eorl so did the smart thing and saved himself from further harm. Besides shut Up Gorilla nobody cares what you think, the shows about to start

Match 1 Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley

• Roman Reigns instantly goes on the attack wanting to show the crowd his dominance
• Reigns continues his assault before taking Lashley down with a huge Powerbomb
• Reigns looking to end it early with a cover, Lashley kicks out after 2
• Reigns readies himself for the spear, as Lashley gets up Reigns charges but Ashley dodges sending Reigns into the ringpost
• Lashley cathes his breath as Reigns is suffering from the attack, Lashley eventually hits a hip toss on Reigns
• Lashley works on the body of Reigns stomping at his legs, then picks up Reigns buts knocks him down with a vicious clothesline
• Lashley picks up Reigns and throws him against the ropes, Lashley to goes for the spear but Reigns leapfrogs him
• As Lashley bounces back off the ropes Reigns flies at him and connects with the Superman Punch
• Reigns covers for the 3 count

Winner Roman Reigns


GM: What a win for one of YCWs newest additions, made quick work of his opponent

JV: Indeed putting the rest of the roster on lookout, intresting fact about Reigns after doing some digging ive found out his great great great grandfather was actually from Skipton, that makes him part Yorkshire Gorilla.

GM:I did not know that, id be interested to take a look at you findings

Backstage Segment

In the Make up room Brodus is having his foundation applied when Khali bursts through the door, Brodus sees Khali in the mirror and futters his eye lids, Oh hey honey I wondered when we would bump into each other, I was getting myself made up just for you. Khali swipes his arm across the table knocking all the makeup to floor. Brodus says oh my somebody has some pent up anger today maybe there is something I can do to relief that anger. Khali asks Brodus why he attached Gail last week cusing him to lose the match. Bordus explains that he was just doing as Khali asked making a stand for his man and he didn’t mean for Khali to lose the match, he thought Khali would be happy at having Gail out of the way so there love could blossom. Khali says he wants nothing to do with Brodus and he will never want to, he says he is sorry if he led Brodus on in anyway but Khali is the Punjabi Playboy he is only interested in the pitta pocket, not the chicken tikka shish kebab. Khali says Gail is the Mango Chutney to his poppadom, just as he is Gails sweet and sour to her prawn cracker. Khali calls Brodus a Porky pie he just doesn’t tantalise Khalis taste buds. Khali then storms out of the room leaving Brodus to be consoled by his stylist.

Backstage Segment

Jinder and Drew are talking about Drews win at Big Scrap, when in walks Heath Slater. Jinder and Drew welcome Salter and ask what he is doing here, Heath says its the strangest story, he had been working a few nights on the club scene in the area, with his one man rock show, but got fed up at having to come off most nights to be replaced by Bingo run by a guy he recognised, who wouldn’t shut up about how he was mistreated by YCW so now him and his machine are running on their own. Drew says so I came down tonight to see what was happening when I bumped into this guy, he says he knew me straight away and asked if I wanted to work tonight with some familiar faces, so I jumped at the chance. Ill miss my team on the club scene but I figured I needed a rest from the old dears they were wearing me out each night, they may be getting on but ill tell you some of those women still have the moves.

Match 2 Stardust/Goldust/Sandow vs Drew Mcintyre/Jinder Mahal/Heath Slater

• Jinder and Sandow start us off, the match starts slow neither man gaining the advantage
• Jinder makes the tag to Drew, Drew then charges at Sandow only to be taken down by a shoulder block
• Sandow works Drew over with some knee drops to the chest, before tagging in Stardust
• Stardust enters the Fray and hits an Alabama slam before covering for a 1 count.
• Stardust then picks up Drew and looks to hit Dark Matter. Drew counters with a DDT
• Both men are down and start the crawl to their corners, Stardust makes the tag to his brother, who stops Drew making the tag
• Goldust then connects with shattered dreams and goes for the cover, which is broken by Jinder.
• Sandow then hits the ring and looks to take out Jinder, the two take it to the outside
• Cody leaps from the turnbuckle to take out Jinder taking all three men down.
• Drew makes the tag to Heath who hits the ring and Hits Smash hit on Goldust for the three count.

Winners 3MB


GM: They pinned the champions, wow another debut and another victory

JV: They cheated Jinder had no right to break the pin, they didn’t deserve to win they have no star quality

Backstage Segment

Hornswoglle is walking around the backstage area with his head held high, he knocks on Big Daddys door and walks into his office. Hornswoggle picks up a crate and places it before Big Daddys desk and climbs on top. Hornswoggle says he is here to discuss his title shot, Big Daddys says yes it is quite the predicament as he wasn’t expecting Hornswoggle to win, Big Daddy says he thinks the best cause of action for Hornswogle to receive a shot at triples championship atlast then he will have some back up, Hornswoggle says No. Big Daddy looks puzzled and asks what he wants, Hornswoggle says he wants a shot at the Super Heavyweight Title to which Big Daddy laughs. Big Daddy says there is certain criteria to compete in the super heavyweight division and Hornswoggle doesn’t match up, Big Daddy says Hornswoggle would have to put on 300 pounds to be in that division, Hornswoggle smirks and says deal before walking out.

Match 3British Bulldog vs William Regal

• The two go to lock up but Regal kicks Bulldog in the stomach and mocks him
• Regal slams Bulldogs head into the mat using his hair and kicks him in the kidneys
• Regal then lifts up Bulldog and hits a Dragon Suplex he covers for the 2 count
• Regal argues with the referee holding three fingers In the air
• The Bulldog then rolls up regal looking for the quick pin Regal kicks out at 2
• Regal is quick to his feet and once more lifts up The Bulldog but the bulldog counter with a clothesline
• Bulldog then picks up Regal and throws him against the ropes, but Regal holds on leaving Bulldog waiting in the centre
• Regal takes out some brass knuckles from his pants and uses them to punch Bulldog
• The referee calls for the bell

Winner: British Bulldog via DQ

GM: Another win for the debutant this is becoming a pattern tonight

JV: Id hardly call that a victory, his face looks like a box of squashed frogs

Backstage Segment

Bo Dallas is seen backstage with the YCW doctor, the Doctor asks Bo how he is feeling and he says he Bolieves he is well, The doctor asks Bo if he can remember anything from the night he was attacked, Bo says he Boleives he was attacked from behind so didn’t see the faces of his attackers. The doctor asks Bo if he has spoken to Big Daddy about the incident to see if there were any security cameras which may have filmed the scene. BO says he Bolieves it is best to just forget about and concentrate on getting his YCW career back on track, as he Bolieves he has what it takes to be a challenger. The doctor says he will sign Bo off to compete but he better come see him if he starts having any flashback, Bo Says you better Boleive it Doc.

Match 4
Magnus vs Bo Dallas vs Mark Henry

• The match starts and henry runs straight at Magnus taking him down with a shoulder charge
• Mark works on Magnus as Bo just watches on, Mark lifts up Magnus and puts him in a bear hug
• When magnus looks like he is about to tap Bo Dropkicks Mark in the back causing him to release
• Bo then looks to hit a running crossbody on mark but Mark catches him and hits World strongest slam
• Mark makes the cover, but it is broken by Magnus, Magnus hits a DDT on Henry
• Mgnus works the legs of Henry, before attempting to lock in a cloverleaf
• Mark powers out and kicks Magnus in the stomach, he then gets up to his feet and tosses Magnus to the outside
• Bo attempts a spear but Mark knees him in the head sending him reeling
• Mark hits a Big Boot before lifting Bo and hitting a Powerbomb
• Mark then hits Worlds Strongest Slam for the three count

Winner: Mark Henry


GM: Impressive victory by Mark that ought to boost his confidence some

JV: He needs it after his pathetic results of late, the guy lost to a hand

GM: There was a reason for that Jesse

JV: Yeah its cause he sucks.

Backstage Segment

Tamina his showing her father Jimmy Snuka around the arena, when they bump into Umaga. Tamina tells Jimmy that this is her boyfriend and he is going to provide for her and her child and do what ever it takes, Jimmy asks Tamina if he can speak to Khali alone for a second. Tamina says sure pops ill do anything for my daddio. As Tamina leaves Jimmy gets closer to Umaga he asks umaga why he didn’t ask for Jimmys approval before bedding his daughter and why he never pay the tribal price. Umaga says he wasn’t aware he needed approval as Tamina never mentioned it, Jimmy says umaga should know of Samoan traditions, he says he will not give his blessing to this relationship until Umaga has paid the price, umaga asks Jimmy what he wants, Jimmy says the price for his daughter is two tickets to the musical Legally blonde as his wife as been begging him to take her whilst they are in the UK, Jimmy says if Umaga doesn’t pay the price, he will be back. As the two walk away the camera zooms in on a vending machine in the background where Hornswoggle is inside the machine his face covered in chocolate.

In Ring Segment

Big Daddy walks out again to cheers from the crowd, he asks the fans if they have enjoyed the show so far, which is again greeted by cheers. Big Daddys says he has been impressed with everybody who has competed tonight and it will be a hard choice as to who will receive the shot next week. Big Daddy then announces that next week will be Yorkshire appreciation week, so he has decided that all the superstars should dress as their favourite Yorkshire icon, he says whoever Big Daddy decides has put the most effort into their costume will receive the shot the following week, so he is expecting some inspiring ensembles. Big Daddy says he hopes the crowd enjoy the main event and he will leave them in the capable hands of his nephew.

Match 5
Eorl Crabtree vs Umaga

• The two men lock up, both men seem equally matched and nobody gains an advantage
• Umaga Headbutts Earl, but earl responds with the same move
• Umaga attempts a Samoan Spike but Earl dodges and rocks Umaga with a European uppercut
• Earl then tackles Umaga to the ground and slaps his hand across umagas chest
• Earl then runs to the rope and comes back looking for the splash
• Umaga rolls away as Earl connects with the canvas
• Both men struggle to get to their feet, the lights then go out in the arena
• When they return both Umaga and Earl are down, in the ring is Cena, Regal, Giant Haystacks, Mark Henry
• Zeb coulter then walks out from the back and joins them

Winner: No Contest

After Match segment

The team of Cena/Regal/Haystacks and Henry led by coulter begin destroying ringside, they tear down anything bearing the YCW logo including the ring curtain and the announce desk, They even strip Jesse and Gorilla of their YCW embroidered suits before tossing them into the crowd.

Zeb Coulter then grabs a microphone, Zeb says that the men infront of you have had enough of Big Daddys Reign and are here to show Big Daddy that he cant have everything his own way, for too long has Big Daddys done as he pleases treated the guys he sees fit with special treatment. The crowd Boo loudly, Zeb says this Yorkshire crowd is fickle and blind and cant see what Big Daddy is doing because he is one of their own, had it been anyone else in Big Daddys shoes they would not be cheering his name. Zeb says Big Daddys spoke earlier about the landscape changing and it was fitting as Zeb is going to lead YCW into a new era, an era where Big Daddy no longer calls all the shots, Zeb says the Yorkshire people will fail to stop them like they failed to stop the Lancastrians before and soon Big Daddy will have to give up his crown. Zeb throws the microphone to the floor as Red Roses begin to fall from the ceiling covering the arena as the show goes off air.


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XPW Week 6

JR & Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show and go through the highlights of the PPV with Luke Harper turning on the Wyatt Family.

Screams are heard around the arena as The Age Of The Fall head out to the ring accompanied by Luke Harper.

Tyler Black grabs a mic and says that The Wyatt Family are no more and we have done what we came to do and it's time to move on and write the future of XPW seperately....

The Wyatt Family Static hits as Bray comes on the big screen, Bray calls Tyler an idiot and says you think this is over? It's far from over it's only just began, When you are defeated you go out and build it again stronger,better & most importantly powerful. We see 2 men step behind Wyatt with sheep masks on as he starts laughing as the camera turns around to see Erick Rowan laid out in a pool of his own blood.

The Age of the Fall look concerned about what just happened as they head to the back..

Match 1 - Tensai W/Mr Fuji vs D'Von Dudley

- "Dudleyville" Hits as D'Von comes out to cheers from the crowd and heads down the ramp but gets blindsided by Tensai.
- Tensai throws D'von in barriers around the arena and pulls out a table from underneath the ring and some lighter fluid.
- Tensai balances the table from the ring apron to the barrier and sets it on fire.
- Tensai grabs D'von and lands a bicycle kick to the jaw, Tensai pulls the unconscious onto the ring apron and lifts him for a chokebomb and launches him through the table.

Winner - No Contest

EMT's come to check on D'von and put him out.

Tensai climbs in the ring & Mr Fuji grabs the mic and says that no man can compete with Tensai.

JR calls him a monster but wonders where Bubba Ray was when D'von was being attacked.

We go backstage to Dixie Carter with Adam Cole & Kyle O Reilly looking smug after their victory. She says tonight the main event will be Tyler Black vs Bray Wyatt vs The newest member of the XPW Roster for the World Title due to the way the PPV ended.

Match 2 - KENTA vs Daniel Bryan
"What you know" Hits as KENTA heads out to the ring followed by Daniel Bryan to a big pop from the XPW Crowd.

- Both men stand and trade punches and kicks in the centre of the ring with KENTA getting the better of it with a roundhouse to the jaw of Bryan.
- KENTA pulls Bryan to his feet and lands a butterfly suplex and floats over into an armbar and starts to wrench at his arm.
- KENTA lets go and starts to target the arm with leg drops to the joint and aiming kicks at the arm
- KENTA throws Bryan into the corner and stands and kicks away at Bryan's ribs over and over before placing him on the top rope.
- KENTA goes for a superplex but Bryan pushes him off and goes for the flying headbutt and connects
- Bryan backs into the corner and lines up for the Busaiku Knee Kick, Bryan charges but KENTA throws him into the corner and Bryan's head bounces on the ring post and turns around into the Reverse Go To Sleep for the 3 count

Winner - KENTA

KENTA pulls Bryan to his feet after the match and shakes his hand but Bryan rolls out the ring looking peed off that he threw the match away with such an amateur mistake against someone like KENTA

We go to ringside where JR announces that D'Von has been taken to a medical facility with a suspected fractured back.

Match 3 - Adam Cole vs Tyson Kidd

"Faithless" hits as Adam Cole comes out to booing from the XPW Crowd
"New Foundation" Hits as Tyson Kidd heads out to a pop for his debut

- Both men lock up with Cole getting the upper hand and landing a snap suplex for a quick 2, Kidd gets up quickly but gets laid out with a clothesline
- Cole pulls Kidd to his feet and vertical suplex neckbreaker and goes for the pin but Kidd gets out at 2 much to Cole's frustration.
- Cole calls for the Corona Crash but Kidd reverses into a northern lights suplex, Kidd springboards off the ropes for a moonsault but Cole gets his knees up.
- Cole calls for the end and goes for the Florida Key and lands it but again Kidd gets his shoulder up at 2.
- Cole looks furious and starts berating the referee and turns and charges at Kidd who rolls him up for the 3 count.

Winner - Tyson Kidd

Cole goes nuts in ring as Kidd celebrates going up the ramp only to be attacked by Kyle O Reilly, O Reilly throws Kidd back in the ring and they double team beating him down until "Gold Standard" hits as Shelton Benjamin charges down to the ring and clears house before helping up Kidd. Cole & O Reilly walks off to the booing of the XPW Crowd

We see Luke Harper walking through the halls of the XPW as he prepares for his match next.

Match 4 - Luke Harper vs Jay Lethal
"Scorched Ops" hits as Jay Lethal comes out with taped ribs after his battle with Christopher Daniels at the PPV
"Gods Gunna Cut You Down" as Luke Harper comes to a pop from the XPW Crowd.

- Both men go to lock up and Harper throws Lethal back to the corner and charges into a running knee to the ribs of Lethal
- Harper drags Lethal to his feet and lays him out with a running sit out powerbomb.

JR says it looks like a man who letting his months of frustration out tonight....

- Harper calls for Lethal to get up and lands a thunderous clothesline and grabs his hair seemingly freaking out being free from the power of Bray.
- Harper pulls Lethal up and lays him out with a clothesline yet again leading to the ref calling for the bell as Lethal is out cold

Winner by KO - Luke Harper

The Wyatt Family static hits as "live in fear" kicks in as Bray accompanied by 2 men in sheep mask surround Harper in the ring.

All 3 men attack Harper and Bray lays him out with Sister Abigail. Both men in the masks kneel down beside Harper as Bray shouts "Follow the Buzzards" as He removes the masks off the men revealing Daniel Bryan & Karl Anderson to the shock of the XPW Crowd.

Bray grabs a mic as Bryan and Anderson carry Harper out the arena, You see Tyler what doesn't kill me makes US stronger! Your fighting a war you can't win and you never will.

Main Event - XPW World Title - Tyler Black vs Bray Wyatt vs ???

Screaming blares around the arena as defending champion Tyler Black comes out to a big pop from the XPW Crowd and climbs in the ring as Wyatt & Black stare down each other from their corners waiting for the Mystery opponent.

"The Godzilla March Theme hits as it blares around the arena before turning into "Mama Said Knock You Out" as Samoa Joe walks through the curtains to a major pop to the XPW Crowd as they start chanting "Joe's Gunna Kill You"

JR hypes Samoa Joe being back in XPW once again!

- All 3 men stand face to face in the centre of the ring as the crowd chant "This is Awesome"
- Joe & Black starts to go after Wyatt double teaming him with a splash in the corner, Black goes for the pin but Joe drags him off and throws him across the ring with a german suplex
- Joe charges at Wyatt in the corner but Wyatt moves out the way and runs and takes out Black with a body block, Wyatt then goes back for Joe who STO Slams him for a 2 count.
- Joe drags Wyatt to his feet and lays him out with an Island driver and goes for the pin but Black breaks it up.
- Black lands a belly to back STO on Joe and then heads up top for the 450 corkscrew splash but Joe rolls out the way and locks in the Coquina Clutch
- Black fights away trying to break the hold as Wyatt comes flying from nowhere and lands a senton splash and goes for the pin but only gets 2.
- Wyatt calls for Joe to get up and goes for Sister Abigail and lands it but Joe gets his shoulder up at 2.
- Wyatt grabs Black and goes for Sister Abigail on Black but Tyler reverses into Gods Last Gift but Joe breaks up the pin.
- Tyler goes after Joe and throws him into the corner and goes for the tornado DDT but Joe fights off and lands an Enziguri and nails Black with a muscle buster.
- Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch again leaving Black no choice but to tap out.

Winner & New XPW World Champion - Samoa Joe

The ref hands Joe to the belt and a mic. Joe says that tonight he proved that he is the best in the world and there is no one better then him alive in wrestling today.

"Cult of Personality" hits as CM Punk walks down the ramp to an insane pop from the XPW Crowd. Punk grabs a mic and climbs into the gets in the face of Joe and says im the best in the world and if Joe has any balls he'll face him at the PPV for that World Title. Joe accepts Punks challenge, Punk smirks and headbutts Joe in the face leading to a brawl with floods of XPW Staff having the separate them pulling Punk up the ramp as Joe tends to his bloody nose as the show goes off air.


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OPAL Wrestling Genesis

Episode 5

Arena: Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany

Attendance 18,665

Injuries: Aiden English

Promo Video

We get a video package containing action from Showtime! We see highlights from the ladder match where Noam Dar grabbed the briefcase, we also see Paige winning the ChickFight title, and Hiroshi Tanahashi winning the New Blood Title only to be pinned on the ramp by L.A. Par-K.  Finally we see Kurt Angle winning the Heavyweight Title, the video closes with Solomon Crowe sitting in the ring looking dejected.


TS “Welcome everyone to Genesis and welcome to a new chapter here in OPAL because there is a new Heavyweight Champion.”
S “That’s right Tony, Kurt Angle got the decision at Showtime! And Solomon Crowe was fired as well”
BH “The odds that Shane put in front of Crowe were just too much and I feel Shane has got rid of the ghosts of Vicki Guerrero now”
TS “We have an action packed show tonight, Kurt Angle is teaming with Uhaa Nation to take on James Storm and a partner of his choosing, L.A. Par-k will defend his New Blood Title against Hiroshi Tanahashi, but up first MsChif has asked for her rematch against Paige and that’s up first.”

Match 1

“Repined B****** Nation” hits and here comes a determined looking MsChif
“Stars in the Night” hits and out comes new champion Paige

Introducing first from Dante’s Inferno … Weighing 135lbs … MsChif
And her opponent, from Norwich, England … Weighing 120lbs … The new ChickFight Champion Paige.

*The match starts with both women slugging it out in the middle of the ring, Paige slaps MsChif across the face sending her down.
*MsChif jumps back to her feet and grabs Paige taking her down with a headlock, holding her on the mat for a minute applying pressure.
*MsChif applies a Camel Clutch, holding Paige by the arms, Paige refuses to give up, eventually fighting out of it.
*Paige is leaning against the ropes, MsChif goes for a spear but Paige moves MsChif goes through the ropes to the floor, landing hard.
*Paige climbs to the top rope, and hits a flying crossbody on MsChif taking her down.
*Paige lifts up MsChif and hits her with a few elbows to the head before tossing her back into the ring.
*As Paige gets back into the ring MsChif sprays her with green mist, Paige falls to the ground clutching her eyes.
*MsChif whips Paige into the corner then lifts her to the top rope and gets her set up in a Rope hung seated chinlock.
*The lights dim in the arena and “The Look” hits and out comes Lady Lory in a black evening gown and shades, she struts down the ramp with a spotlight on her, then around the ring and back up, distracting MsChif.
*While everyone is distracted, CVE jumps into the ring and hits the Graveyard Smash on MsChif and drags Paige over covering her, the ref did not see a thing, but sees Paige covering her and counts the three.

Winner Paige

After the match CVE hits the ring and starts the assault on MsChif, Paige leaves the ring with the title, but Lory is still on the stage, posing for the crowd, Paige is looking on as Lory eventually leaves.  Still in the ring, officials are having to restrain CVE stopping the beat down on MsChif.  Order is eventually restored.
BH “That Von Eerie is a nut job, I thought those two were friends?”
S “They used to be Bobby, where have you been, you can defiantly say that Paige had an assist from CVE to pick up the win”
TS “Yeah with Lady Lory causing the distraction, man she can strut her stuff.”
BH “Lory can distract me any day”

Backstage Interview

Sunny “I’m backstage now and please welcome my guest Sheamus”
Sh “Hey Sunny, how’s it going?”
Su “I’m good, I just want to get your reaction to Kurt winning the title at Showtime!”
Sh “I am naturally disappointed but it just means I’ll have to kick Kurt around and Brogue Kick him in to a coma”
All of a sudden Abyss and Chessman jump Sheamus from behind beating him downthrowing him into vending machines and various metal containers.  Sunny is looking on screaming for help, Abyss grabs a marker and scrawls on the wall “Save Me Sheamus”.  With that Abyss and Chessman leave, Sheamus is lying hurt on the floor, Shanna attends to Sheamus getting him back to his feet.
Su “Back to the ring now after the chaos has finished”

Match 2

Hysteric” hits and here comes Naomichi Marufuji to a decent pop.
Morning Glory” hits and Noam Dar joins him in the ring.

Marufuji grabs the mic
NM “To stop Madison Rayne I have asked someone to be my valet”

“The Game” hits and here comes Kay Lee Ray ready to accompany Marufuji.
“Hadou” hits and here comes Hirooki Goto.
“United Divided” hits and here comes Silas Young and he’s accompanied by Madison Rayne.

Introducing first from Tel Aviv, Israel … Weighing 169lbs … Noam Dar
His partner from Konosu, Saitama, Japan … Weighing 200lbs … Naomichi Marufuji
Their opponents first from Kuwana, Mie, Japan … Weighing 227lbs … Hirooki Goto
And his partner from Green Bay, Wisconsin … Weighing 209lbs … the Intercontinental Champion Silas Young.

Sunny is back at the announce table now.

*Silas Young and Naomichi Marufuji start the match exchanging blows in the middle of the ring.
*Marufuji eventually gets the upper hand, using an arm drag then locking in an arm bar, Young gets back to his feet but is caught with a belly to back suplex.
*Young stumbles over to the corner where Noam Dar catches him holding him for Marufuji to slap the taste out of his mouth.
*Dar tags in, and hits Young with kicks and punches, Young blocks and clotheslines Dar taking him down.
*Young tosses Dar outside, where he is triple teamed by Young, Goto and Rayne, Kay Lee Ray and Marufuji join them and a brawl follows.
*Order is restored when Dar is back in the ring, Young tags in Goto, who continues to dominate Noam Dar, with a headlock takedown and stomps to the head.
*Goto picks him and hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a falling headbutt.
*Goto picks Dar up and sets him up for Shouten, but Dar fights out of it and makes the tag to Marufuji, who comes in and explodes taking down Goto and Young.
*Marufuji hits the Pole Shift on Goto, Madison Rayne climbs on the apron distracting the ref, Young hits the Stock Lock on Marufuji, as Kay Lee Ray drags Rayne down and brawls with her again.
*Goto covers Marufuji, and Young goes over and knocks Noam Dar down and the ref counts the three count.

Winners Hirooki Goto & Silas Young

After the match Kay Lee Ray and Madison Rayne are scrapping on the floor, Dar and Young pull the ladies apart, Dar is arguing with Young, Goto comes from behind and hits Dar over the head with the title belt, before leaving with Young and Rayne.  Marufuji has come around now and is checking on Dar along with Kay Lee.

TS “Hirooki Goto is certainly looking strong in there, but the win was a cheap one in the end”
BH “A win is a win, that’ll put him in line for a title shot of some sort, I’ll say it again win at any cost”
S “I’ve just received a message from Shane’s office saying that as a reward for winning the ladder match Noam Dar can test his skills against Kurt Angle next week as well as he has made a match for tonight it’s Sheamus v Chessman”
TS “Noam Dar will be right in the title picture if he can score an upset against Angle.”
BH “I can’t see that happening”

Back to ringside and “Rebel Son” hits and the podium starts to rise from the ground and Bad New Barrett is atop laughing.  
BNB “Can I have some decorum please, I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News for the Exotic Express.  Following my overwhelming win over Adam Rose, I ended the party.  Now, Leo Kruger is here and I’m going to turn him into a winner”

Match 3

Let it Go” hits and here come’s Leo Kruger and Barrett joins him at ringside.
Beauty & Stupid” hits and out come’s CIMA

Introducing first from Johannesburg, South Africa … Weighing 221lbs … Leo Kruger
His opponent from Sakai, Osaka, Japan … Weighing 181lbs … CIMA

*The match starts with Kruger starting quickly taking CIMA down with a hard clothesline.
*While CIMA is on the mat Kruger proceeds to stomp on his chest, and kicking him in the back.
*CIMA gets back to his feet and Kruger locks in an armbar, but CIMA reverses it and hits a shoulder block, taking Kruger down.
*Kruger gets back up but is met with Russian Leg Sweep, CIMA then whips Kruger into the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
*Kruger looks to be in trouble, but rakes the eyes of CIMA, then hits an uppercut, taking CIMA down.
*Kruger backs CIMA into the corner then whips him into the opposite corner hard, causing CIMA to crash to the mat.
*Kruger then goes for a powerbomb, but it’s reversed by CIMA who hits a Hurricanrana, sending Kruger to the outside, Barrett is looking on urging Kruger to get up.
*Kruger gets on the apron, CIMA dives over the top rope and over Kruger hits a sunset flip while coming down, taking Kruger down to the outside again.
*CIMA works the crowd, and tosses Kruger back into the ring, the ref checks if Kruger is ok to continue, as CIMA gets back in the ring, he is caught by Barrett who hits him with the Bull Hammer, before tossing him into the ring.
*Kruger see’s that CIMA is down and rolls over to get the cover and the three count.

Winner Leo Kruger

After the match we see Bad News Barrett and Leo Kruger celebrate in the ring.


We see L.A. Par-K in his dressing room, suddenly Naruki Doi bursts through the door and starts to chase L.A. Par-K trying to get to him, Par-K runs around the locker room and hurriedly runs out of the room escaping Doi.

Match 4

Strange” hits and out comes Hiroshi Tanahashi to a good pop.
Thriller” hits and here comes L.A. Par-K dancing down to the ring, but checking over his shoulder.

This match is for the New Blood Title introducing first from Ogaki, Gifu, Japan … Weighing 227lbs … Hiroshi Tanahashi
His opponent and champion from Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico … Weighing 221lbs … L.A. Par-K

*The match starts with Tanahashi taking Par-K down with a shoulder tackle, Par-K springs back to his feet and hits a standing dropkick.
*Par-K rains blows on Tanahashi, hitting him with kicks and axhandles, he also hits a standing moonsault.
*Par-K picks up Tanahashi, and whips him into the ringpost shoulder first, he the proceeds to lay into Tanahashi with hard chops.
*Tanahashi reverses it throwing Par-K into the corner hitting him with chops of his own, then as Par-K staggers out of the corner he is hit with a clutch belly to belly suplex.
*Tanahashi locks in a headlock, but Par-K reverses it with a snapmare, then an elbow drop.
*Par-K hits the ropes and runs towards Tanahashi, but he springs to his feet hitting a dropkick to Par-K’s knees.
*Tanahashi locks in a Figure Four on par-K, who eventually manages to reverse the pressure, forcing Tanahashi to break the hold, both men struggle to their feet.
*Par-K goes to the top rope and hits a axehandle, Tanahashi no sells it, and hits a backdrop on Par-K
*Tanahashi hits a dropkick and then a standing elbow drop. Tanahashi looks in control.
*Tanahashi picks Par-K up he goes for a Enziguri, but Par-K ducks it, he then hits a spinning heel kick on Tanahashi, quickly covering him for the three count.

Winner L.A. Par-K

After the match La Sombra, Kalisto and Naruki Doi hits the ring they surround L.A. Par-k, who jumps up in a surprised manner and the three men get on the apron, as they are entering the ring, Par-K does a suicide dive over the ropes and rolls through the landing and runs back to the locker rooms.  Doi, Kalisto and Sombra look frustrated at not being able to catch Par-K and utilise the 24/7 rule.


We go to Shane McMahon’s office and we see him on the phone.
SM “Yeah, yeah I was going to leave it until tonight to fire him, but I couldn’t wait and did it then.  Yeah I’ve got some guys coming in to freshen up the roster.  What do you mean you think I can’t control my roster?  Hey get out Mr. Camera man this is a private conversation”

The scene changes and we go to the Boiler Room

We see Abyss and Chessman, and Emma is tied to a pipe not being able to get away.
A “If no one saves you Emma, there will be a dark wedding.”
CM “Yes you will become one with the dark side”
E “I have confidence that the guy I picked, Sheamus, will come and save me”
A “Chessman will take care of him tonight.”

Match 5

“Line in the Sand” hits and out comes an angry looking Sheamus.
“Feuer Frei” hits and out comes Chessman, accompanied by Abyss and Emma.

Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland … Weighing 267lbs … Sheamus
His opponent from Villa Nicolas Romero, Mexico State … Weighing 225lbs … Chessman

*The start off by grappling in the ring, Sheamus easily over powers Chessman, grabbing him in a headlock, and then punching him in the head.
*Sheamus whips Chessman into the buckle, he charges towards him going for a clothesline, but Chessman moves, Sheamus hits a turnbuckle.
*Chessman hits Sheamus with a DDT, and then locks in an armbar but Sheamus fights out of it.  Sheamus hits Chessman hard sending him down.
*Sheamus hits the ropes but Chessman jumps up and executes a perfect Superkick, sending Sheamus reeling.
*Chessman goes to the top rope and hits Sheamus with a 450 Splash, pins him but only gets a two count.  
*Chessman backs Sheamus into the corner, and charges at him but Sheamus back drops him over the rope to the floor, Abyss gets on the apron, but jumps down when Sheamus goes after him.
*Sheamus goes to the outside and approaches Emma, but Chessman attacks him from behind, keeping Sheamus away from Emma.
*Chessman throws Sheamus into the ring, goes to the top again, goes for a crossbody but Sheamus catches him, dumping him on the apron, then hits the Beats of Bodhrum.
*Chessman struggles back into the ring, but manages to get to his feet when Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick, Emma looks delighted.
*Abyss gets on the apron again and Sheamus gives him a Brogue Kick as well for his trouble, he then proceeds to cover Chessman for the win.

Winner Sheamus.

After the match with Abyss and Chessman down Emma sees it as an opportunity to get away and starts to make her way to the back but the ramp and stage fill with green smoke.  Papa Shango emerges from under the ring and starts to walk toward her, she appears frozen in fear, Sheamus goes to go after Emma but Shango waves his staff above her covering her with smoke, when the smoke clears both Shango and Emma have disappeared.
TS “Emma almost got away then, but Papa Shango made her disappear where did he come from?”
BH “He creeps me out more than the other two that smoke stinks”
S “I literally have Goosebumps, I’ve never been so scared as I was then, but onwards with the show and we have a live feed into the Storm Saloon, James Storm can you hear me?”
JS “Yeah, sweetheart, excited about the main event, getting my hands on Uhaa”
S “Can you shed any light on who your tag partner is going to be?”
JS “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till I’m in the ring, and the world will see, it will be worth the wait.”

Match 6

All of a sudden “Medal” hits and out comes the new Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle with a massive smile on his face, he gets a mixed reaction.
“Dschinghis Khan” hits and here comes Uhaa Nation
“Cut You Down” hits and here comes The Cowboy James Storm
Storm grabs the mic
JS “Ladies and Gentlemen, my tag team partner for the evening”
The camera pans to the locker room and “Who’s Next” hits, a backstage worker knocks on the door and says it’s time and Goldberg busts out of the locker room and makes his way to the ring.  Once on the stage the crowd erupt.
The colour from Angle’s face drains as Goldberghits the ring.

Introducing first from Sacramento, California … Weighing 240lbs … Uhaa Nation
And his partner, the new Heavyweight Champion … from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … weighing 240lbs … Kurt Angle
Their opponents first from Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee … 230lbs … James Storm
And making his debut from Atlanta, Georgia … Weighing 285lbs … GOLDBERG

*The match starts with Storm and Angle in the ring, Angle looks a little distracted by Goldberg, and suddenly Storm hits a dropkick sending Angle down.
*Angle gets back to his feet but is taken down by a Russian Leg Sweep, followed by a leg drop.
*Storm grapples Angle from behind, but Angle reverses it and hits a German Sulpex on Storm, then applies pressure with a headlock.
*Angle tags in Uhaa, who continues to beat down James Storm, he then hits a perfect standing moonsault.
*Uhaa whips Storm into the buckle by Angle who jumps down and drags Storm into a Figure Four around the ring post, and then Nation chokes Storm with his boot.
*The ref uses his count and they release the hold, Uhaa then picks up Storm hits a Suplex and tags Angle back in.
*Angle whips Storm into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Storm kicks Angle in the face and dives over tagging in Goldberg.
*Goldberg enters and Angle backs off, looking to tag in Uhaa, but Uhaa drops down refusing to tag in, wanting no part of Golderg.
*Angle looks furious and is asking Uhaa why he won’t tag in, Angle then turns around and is met by a Spear from Goldberg.
*Goldberg then picks Angle up like a rag doll, and hits him with the Jackhammer, then pins him for the win.

Winners Goldberg and James Storm

After the match Uhaa retreats to the back leaving Angle, Storm and Goldberg celebrate in the ring, Angle is nursing his wounds he does not look happy that Goldberg has shown up in OPAL. All of a sudden the lights go out in the arena, and the tron comes on, showing Solomon Crowe sitting in what looks like his living room.

SC “I’m shaking, I’m shaking right now because I am struggling to put into words what I am feeling, you see I was lying awake at like four or five in the morning, not being able to sleep because Sami Callihan has insomnia don’t you know.  I feel like Shane McMahon wanted me out of OPAL Wrestling and I was lying there thinking what can I do to get back at him, I mean the numbers are too much for me, he has Batista, he has Kurt Angle, Sheamus, Barrett the list goes on.  How can one guy overcome these odds?  I was never going to keep the title after Showtime! Shane made that match an impossible task for me, so I started thinking back to guys who I consider friends, brothers, partners so I got my phone out and called my old pal Jon Moxey.”
Jon Moxey comes onto the camera.
JM “Hello Shane.  When you pick fights with someone like Sami, who have friends like me you should be worried.”
SC “See the two of us are going to put a halt to OPAL Wrestling starting next week and ending when Sami Callihan and Shane McMahon meet in the ring.  Until then Callihan and Moxey are taking over.”
The show closes with the arena in darkness but the crowd are going wild.


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Injured Superstar: Biff Busick
Opponent: ?

Triple X Wrestling presents
Havok: Pick Your Poison
Live from the X-Dome, New York City
Date: 19th July 2014 | Attendance: 976

We go live and the crowd go crazy as 'Cult Of Personality' hits only for Nightmare to walk out, they talk about how they ended Punk's career so the fans could save the chants because this wasn't WWE marketing and CM Punk would NEVER be seen in Triple X Wrestling ever again because of them and soon they'd end Gargano's title reign before introducing newest member AJ Styles, the trio mock the fans as we cut to Kevin Kelly and new commentary partner Joey Ryan who explain that at Pick Your Poison some of the matches had been picked by the fans before introducing the first match of the night which would see The Bullet Club take on Chris Hero alongside the fan's pick!

Match One: Fans Choice Match One!
The Bullet Club w/Doc Gallows v Chris Hero & The Super Smash Brothers

* Hero and Devitt start trading huge blows until Hero reverses a lariat in to a DDT dragging Devitt to his corner
* Hero tags in Dos who starts off with a quick pace but is caught with the Prince's Throne from Devitt who tags Nick Jackson in who keeps up a fast pace
* Dos gets to his knees and quickly gets a superkick for a two, N.Jackson stalks Dos and looks for another superkick but Dos catches his foot passing his foot to the ref and hitting one of his own
* Both men crawl to the corners and make tags Matt and Player Uno get the tags
* M. Jackson charges in but is caught with a running crossbody, Jackson gets up and gets a scoop slam for his troubles and a quick two count for Uno
* Uno looks for a superkick but Matt catches it this time, Nick rolls in and looks for the superkick but Hero charges in with a KO punch that leaves Nick down, Uno hits an enziguri that causes Matt to fall to his own corner allowing Devitt to make the tag
* Hero gets the tag and the two exchange blows again with Hero taking control slowing the pace with submission holds
* Devitt falls to a seated position and Hero looks for a lariat to the back of Devitt's head but Devitt reacts quickly rolling back with a versatile Pele style kick
* As Hero turns around Devitt charges forward with a massive running knee as the Bucks and the Smash Brothers begin to brawl distracting the ref
* Hero lands over the bottom rope as Gallows charges with a huge forearm that causes him to roll back in right in to the Bloody Sunday from Devitt for the three count

Winner: The Bullet Club

We cut backstage to see Eddie Edward. Davey Richards bursts in and tries to speak to Edwards who tells him it is too late and he'd soon show Richards just who the dominate wolf is. Richard's refuses and says they'd been through too much to let their partnership end and they should go for the tag team titles. Edwards pauses for a second before storming out.
As we cut back to the ring Bobby Fish comes out complaining about his treatment saying that him not having a match at the PPV was a joke before challenging anyone to come out. To the enjoyment of the fans out comes Mascarita Dorado. Fish calls it a sick joke but say's he'll be happy to teach Dorado a lesson.

Match Two: Bobby Fish Invitational
Bobby Fish v Mascarita Dorada

* Dorada starts with a fast pace but Fish mocks him throwing the pint size star around the ring
* Fish begins to land kicks before tossing Dorada from the ring
* As Fish rolls down Dorada uses the ring steps to jump up landing a hurricanrana in to the front row before climbing on to the apron
* As Fish gets back up Dorada hits a springboard moonsault crashing Fish back in to the audience
* The action returns to the ring and Dorada begins to take control but Fish catches a springboard hitting a fallaway slam and a two count
* Fish begins to hit suplexes before throwing Dorada off the ropes and hitting a flapjack that sends Dorada almost 8 foot in the air...one...two...NO!
* Fish mocks Dorada by getting on his knees, Dorada gets up and Fish laughs at him only to get a running drop kick pushing Fish back out of the ring
* Fish gets to his feet as Dorada dives over the ropes with a corkscrew
* As both men get back in the ring Fish reverses in to an armbar but Dorada escapes
* Fish looks for an irish whip but Dorada uses his agility to twist and turn around Fish before hitting a huge DDT and a roll up for the three!

Winner: Mascarita Dorada


Back from commercial we see former WWE Superstar Nick Nemeth with Jim Cornette, the two talk about Nemeth's reason for leaving WWE before taking questions from the audience. It goes well until a fan begins to heckle Nemeth, asking him if he still has spirit. The camera zooms in to reveal the man as Nemeth's former Spirit Squad partner Mike Mondo. Mondo continues causing Nemeth to storm out.

Match Three: New star showcase #1
Kenny Omega v Rocky Romero

* The pace is quick wish hard hitting action at first, Omega takes control with a headlock which Romero reverses in to a belly to back
* Romero continues the offense looking for the Anklelock but Omega gets to his feet and hits an enziguri
* As Omega goes for a Dragon's Rush, Romero hits a back elbow followed by a bridged full nelson suplex ...1...2...NO! KICKOUT!
* Romero then hits a doublehook powerbomb for another two count before looking for the Octopus Stretch
* As he goes for the hold Omega turns it in to an olympic slam style manoeuvre, followed by a superkick to the kneeling Romero
* Omega drags Romero on to the apron and hits a backdrop on to it as the action moves to the outside
* Romero fights back with kicks but is cut off by a big running double knee that slumps Romero against the ring steps
* As Romero pushes off the steps Omega leapfrogs him turning the leapfrog in to a one handed bulldog on to the steps and rolls Romero back in the ring
* Romero gets to his feet as Omega charges...HADOUKEN! 1...2...2.9! NO! HOW!?
* Omega looks for Croyt's Wrath but as he catches the german suplex Romero hits a roll forward locking in the ankle lock causing Omega to tap out!

Winner: Rocky Romero

As the match ends we are joined by Jim Cornette stood with AJ Styles, Chuck Taylor, Eddie Kingston, Willie Mack alongside the new signings of AR Fox and Drake Younger who says that the fan's votes were in and for tonight's main event it would be AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, AR Fox and Drake Younger facing off in a fatal four way for a number one contendership for the Triple X World Title. Taylor claims there's been a mistake saying they should recount his votes causing Cornette to laugh before Cornette explains that he didn't receive a single vote BUT we would see him in action next against runner up Willie Mack and Triple X newcomer Tigermask IV

Match Five: New star showcase #2
Chuck Taylor v Tigermask IV v Willie Mack

* The moment the bells rings Taylor drops down and rolls from the ring leaving the match
* Distracted Tigermask is quickly decapitated with a massive lariat from Mack
* Mack begins to dominate Tigermask throwing him around the ring and hitting massive moves
* Mack tosses Tigermask over the top rope but Tiger clings on standing on the apron
* Mack charges in but is quickly caught by Tiger with a high kick staggering Mack
* Tigermask quickly springboards in to the ring but is caught by Mack who hits him with a huge powerbomb and then drags him over to the turnbuckle placing his head against the steel pole
* Mack rolls out and grabs a chair pushing the ref away who warns him about the DQ
* Mack smiles at the ref before swinging the chair full force against Tigermasks head repeatedly

Winner: Tigermask IV via DQ

Security stream in attempting to stop Mack but continues the beating, as the crew wrestle the chair away from him he grabs a microphone and said that he promised that the fun and games were over and each week he was booked against a nobody he'd end their career like he did to Icarus!

We then cut backstage to Alison Danger who is joined by Biff Busick who is clearly still feeling the effects of his match with Chris Hero. Busick shoves Danger against the wall and demands she tell him where her brother Steve Corino is, as Busick becomes more violent Rocky Romero jumps him from behind claiming it to be a message from Corino.


Main Event: World Title Number One Contendership
AJ Styles v AR Fox v Drake Younger v Sami Zayn
Special Ref: Johnny Gargano

* The match starts at a blistering pace with all four men showing off their agility, Zayn and Fox wowing the crowd the most as both men collide mid air with springboard crossbodies
* Drake and Styles square off with Drake hitting headbutts and dragging Styles to the apron looking to charge Styles off but Styles reverses with a monkey flip in to a section of empty chairs
* Styles makes his way back in and is met by Fox and Zayn, the two team up before fighting themselves, Fox looks for a drop kick but Zayn drops down before kipping up and looking for a roundhouse kick that Fox ducks
* The two begin to exchange holds only for Younger to reenter taking Fox out of the ring before hitting a massive DVD for a two due to Styles breaking it up
* Styles looks for the Styles Clash but Drake rolls through only for Styles to lock in the Calf Killer
* Fox breaks the hold though hitting a double stomp on to Styles before stalking Drake as the two begin to fight back and forth
* Zayn is back up and he and Styles begin to trade punches with Styles taking control with fighting Spirit
* Zayn takes Styles down as Younger attempts to stop him only for Zayn to hit a drop kick that crashes Drake in to the turnbuckle, Styles stands up as Zayn charges
* Zayn continues to build steam but is cut off by Styles who hits a backdrop that crashes Zayn over the top rope down to the outside leaving the EMT's to check on him
* With Zayn down Fox capitalises looking for the Low Mein Pain on Younger but Younger blocks it hitting a massive Drake's Landing from the top rope but as he gets to his feet Styles is ready hitting the Bloody Sunday for the win

Winner: AJ Styles

As the match ends Styles runs across the ring and hits a huge lariat on Gargano before hitting the Style Clash leaving him out for the count, the crowd boo's as Unsettling Differences begins to play leading to Steen walking dragging a ref with him saying he was ready to take his shot.

Cash In: Triple X Wrestling World Title
Johnny Gargano (c) v Kevin Steen

* The bell rings and Gargano begins to push himself up on to be caught from kicks and punches in the corner from Steen
* Steen pulls Gargano up and hits a suplex in to the middle of the ring...INSTANT KICKOUT!
* Steen gets annoyed and shoves Gargano back down for another quick kickout
* Steen quickly pulls Gargano up charging him in to the corner and kicking him in to a seated position before hitting a cannonball ...1...2..NO! Again Steen covers...NO!
* Steen pulls Gargano to a kneeling position and slaps him causing Gargano to land a punch of his own, Steen cuts it off though with a knee to the gut before hitting a Go Home Driver
* Steen quickly continues pulls Gargano up, looking for the Package Piledriver only for Gargano to reverse mid move looking for the GargaNO ESCAPE...
* ...But Steen is too quick managing to turn the reverse in to the F-Cinq (F-5)
* As Steen stands up though Styles charges in to the ring hitting a huge lariat on Steen causing for the ref to ring for the DQ

Winner: Kevin Steen via DQ (Gargano retains)

As Styles begins to land kicks to Steen in the corner Eddie Kingston comes down to help his Nightmare team mate but is quickly outnumbered as Prince Devitt, The Young Bucks and new signing Doc Gallows flood the ring leaving it as a five on two beat down. The show goes off air with the Bullet Club stood over the bodies of Johnny Gargano and Nightmare, Prince Devitt with the New York City title, The Bucks with the tag titles and AJ Styles holding Johnny Gargano's Triple X World Title.


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Week 6: Show Name - A Beginners Guide on Destroying NGPW
Injuries; Tommaso Ciampa

Opening Segment
The show immediately opens with Tommaso Ciampa as he wheels his luggage from the car park area. Walking through the corridor, he turns heading into the locker room before The Briscoe Brothers stop him and tell him that he’s not welcome in any NGPW locker room.

The deflated Tommaso Ciampa turns back around, continuing down the corridor before he is attacked from behind by JBL. JBL whips him into the wall repeatedly before grabbing a bull rope as he begins to choke him out. JBL screams that NGPW no longer trust him and nXtreme never wanted him before Antonio Cesaro makes the save. JBL quickly retreats before they stand nose to nose. Antonio Cesaro claims JBL is nothing but a backstage bully before challenging him to a match later tonight. JBL grins then accepts the invitation as we head to the opening credits.

Match 1: NGPW Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Michael Bennett Vs ACH

- The match starts off with Bennett protesting to the referee that he has had no time to prepare, he goes to lock up before deciding not to. He shakes his head before offering a test of strength... before slapping ACH across the face
- Bennett laughs before going for a kick... ACH ducks it before hitting a crane kick taking Bennett down
- ACH runs the ropes before hitting a Ready Or Not Here I Come...1.......2... kickout
- ACH sets up for a Kawehameha Wave but Bennett puts his hands up pleading him to stop, ACH shakes his head before hitting a huge side kick
- He goes up top... Crossbody! 1...2.... Kickout! ACH signals for the end as the crowd cheers... Maria up on one side of the ring... ACH and the referee try to get her to get down
- Behind the referee Alex Riley chucks Bennett a pair of brass knuckles.... ACH turns... CRACK to the skull! Bennett grabs ACH as he falls... PILEDRIVER! Maria jumps back down... 1........2..........3!

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NGPW Junior Heavyweight Champion - Michael Bennett 07:44
Post match Bennett celebrates with Maria and Alex Riley before they turn their attention to ACH. Riley picks him up only for Maria to slap him across the face. Bennett then demands that Riley get him a chair. He places it at his feet before setting up for a piledriver... Suddenly Trent Barreta runs out making his NGPW debut. He chases off Bennett and Riley before grabbing a microphone. He demands a match against Bennett, Maria agrees on behalf of her man.

Impromptu NGPW Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Michael Bennett Vs Trent Barreta

- Bennett squares up to Baretta as the pair get in each others faces before he pokes Baretta in the chest...
- Baretta collapses like he's been shot, Bennett winks as Maria and Riley laugh on from the outside 1...........2................3!

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NGPW Junior Heavyweight Champion - Michael Bennett - N/A
As Michael Bennett and Trent Baretta embrace, Michael Bennett grabs a microphone to cut a promo. He claims that this belt is worthless and states that once NGPW no longer exists, he’s taking this title back to nXtreme. They are cut off by Wink Vavasseur on the titontron who says that he is tempted to strip Bennett of the title for bringing shame to it but he's got a better idea. As Bennett is claiming to be a fighting champion next week he can face off against not one, not two, not three, not even four but FIVE other competitors in a 6-Man Ladder War! Maria screams its not fair as we fade to backstage

Backstage Segment
Our attentions turn to an unknown location as JBL prepares Austin Aries for his title rematch. JBL explains that if for whatever unlikely scenario Roderick Strong retains the title; he promises that before the end of show, the next contender will make himself known and introduce himself to Roderick Strong. The segments end as JBL laughs.

Match 2: NGPW vs nXtreme 6-Man Tag Grudge Match
NGPW - Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe & Kota Ibushi Vs nXtreme - Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Matt Sydal
- A sensational high flying tag team match with the animosity between the Guns and the Briscoes still boiling over
- Throughout the opening the Guns take every opportunity to show off the facc that they have both sets of tag team belts
- The nXtreme group isolates Ibushi early on utilising quick tags
- It all breaks down at the 9 minute mark after Ibushi reverses an Over Easy into a 24 Sai, he tags in Mark but Shelley storms across the ring taking Mark over the top rope with a clothesline. This causes Jay to go after Shelley as well...
- Sydal in... he runs across the ring... Air Bourne over the top rope.... he takes out all three but it looks like Shelley and Jay take the worst of it! Sydal back up... Ibushi with a Golden Star Press over the top rope onto Sydal! Everyone is down outside the ring except Sabin..1.......2........3........4.......5.......6.......7.... Mark up....8.....9... he slides back in!
- Sabin goes straight at Mark with kicks before attempting a Cradle Shock.... Mark rolls through into a small package! 1.....2....... kickout!
- Mark goes to the ropes... Crab Walk! Connects! 1....2... Broken up by Sydal.... Sydal runs to the ropes... Double Helix.... Mark ducks as Sydal goes straight into Sabin... he cannot believe it!
- Mark chucks a stunned Sydal out of the ring.... he makes the cover...1.......2.........3!

Winners via Pinfall - NGPW (Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, Kota Ibushi) 1
Post match Shelly rolls in to help Sabin as Sydal tries to help. Shelley pushes Sydal away and says that he will never ever be a Gun. Shelley says that when he got injured Sabin chose Sydal as his partner but what happened? They lost the nXtreme World Tag Team Titles. Sabin looks on as he recovers in the corner as Sydal says he's had enough of this and goes to leave... Shelley pulls him back... Automatic Midnight! Shelley lays out Sydal before helping up Sabin. The Guns look down at Sydal before raising their titles high in the air and leaving the ring.

Match 3: Grudge Match: Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger Vs Jigsaw
Michael Cole reflects on Jigsaw turning heel and stabbing Liger, who is regarded as one of his heroes, in the back following his post match attack at the PPV last week as Jushin Liger slowly heads inside the ring. He’s greeted with numerous streamers as he stares directly at the entrance ramp.

- As Liger continues to stare at the entrance ramp, Jigsaw slithers into the ring unnoticed as he hits a superkick to the back of Ligers head.
- With Liger down, Jigsaw retreats to grab a steel chair as he stalks his opponent. As Liger gets to his knees, Jigsaw blasts him across the head to cause an immediate DQ.
- Not quite content, Jigsaw places Liger face down onto the steel chair. Slowly climbing the ropes, he embraces the hate from the fans before hitting a double stomp onto a defenceless Liger.

Match Result: N/A – Contest Thrown Out

Backstage Interview
Our guest at this time is Tommaso Ciampa who nurses his injuries from his earlier attack. He looks furious. The Sicilian Psychopath looks very intense before snatching the microphone. Getting right into the camera, he challenges JBL to a match next week to prove his alliance to NGPW once and for all. He challenges JBL to a bull rope match.

Match 4: NGPW Women’s Title Match – Sara Del Ray © Vs Mia Yim

- Sara Del Ray immediately attacks Mia Yim with a flurry of kick strikes to corner her opponent. She hits repeated stiff chops to take out her frustrations from the PPV.
- Pulling her opponents hair, Del Ray hits multiple hip tosses which leads into a tiger suplex.
- Mia Yim places her body between the ropes to force a rope break before attacking Del Ray with a standing spinning heel kick from behind.
- Now in the driving seat, Mia Yim hits a running shinning wizard for a close fall.
- Hitting repeated kick strikes of her own, Mia Yim attempts a running crossbody but Del Ray catches and throws her down thanks to a mean fall away slam.
- After hitting multiple head butts, Del Ray hoists her opponent up and hits the Royal Butterfly.
- Not quite content, Del Ray applies the crossface submission as Mia Yim has no choice but to tap.

Winner via Submission – Still NGPW Women’s Champion – Sara Del Ray 05:35
Post match Sara Del Ray grabs a microphone looking to set the record straight. She says that to be the best, she’s got to beat the best so next week she’s challenging Trish Stratus to rematch but this time it will be for the NGPW Women’s Title.

In-Ring Segment
Timothy Donst makes his way towards the ring to cut a promo. He reflects on his victory at the PPV saying that now he’s tied his series up at 2-2, destiny is now firmly in his hands. He challenges Raven to be his final opponent next week. He finishes by sending a message to Raven, he questions if Raven has it in him to finish his career and take his title opportunity away from him.

Match 5: Clash of Fractions - Antonio Cesaro Vs JBL

- Both powerhouses tie up but neither can gain advantage as they drive each other into the corners several times.
- JBL immediately attempts the ‘Clothesline from Hell’ but Cesaro ducks planting JBL onto the ropes with a flapjack. A running European uppercut follows.
- From here Cesaro asserts his dominance hitting several big moves such as a dead lift gutwrench and T-Bone suplexes for numerous near falls.
- Cesaro lifts JBL to apply the giant swing. After several swings, JBL grabs the official as he collides with Cesaro. JBL quickly rises to his feet to hit a blatant low-blow.
- Now firmly in the driving seat, JBL hits a fall-away slam then slows the tempo down to apply an abdominal stretch with a swinging neckbreaker to follow as he targets the shoulders.
- JBL hits an impressive release powerbomb. He goes for the cover but Cesaro kicks out. JBL grabs the official by his shirt before again sending Cesaro down with a running big boot.
- JBL now uncharacteristically climbs the ropes. Stalking his opponent, he waits for Cesaro to stand. He dives but Cesaro counters with the Very European Uppercut!!!
- Cesaro dead lifts JBL looking to end this with the Neutralizer but JBL escapes and rolls to the floor.
- The official counts as JBL watches from the floor. As the official reaches 17, JBL turns his back and walks up the entrance ramp

Winner via Count-Out – Antonio Cesaro 08:40
Cesaro watches on in frustration as JBL leaves the stage. This one is far from over.

Main Event: NGPW Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match
Roderick Strong Vs Austin Aries: The Final Chapter

- The match prematurely starts as Austin Aries attacks Roderick Strong from behind on the entrance ramp. From here he sends Strong flying into the cage head first several times
- Dragging his opponent to his feet, Aries takes the fight into the cage as he grazes Strong’s face against the steel before repeatedly sending him into the structure head and back first.
- Austin Aries laughs, mocking a lifeless Roderick Strong, before he attempts to climb out. Almost at the top, Strong quickly climbs the ropes and pulls Aries back onto the top rope
- Both rivals duke it out on the top until Strong eventually gets the better. He hits a brutal looking superplex off the top rope as both men take a breather on the floor
- As both wrestlers get to a vertical base, they exchange chops until Strong gets the upper hand as he hits a running kick / Urange backbreaker combination out of the corner.
- Strong puts on a clinic of backbreakers, finishing with the belly-to-back backbreaker. He hoists Aries up and hits the Gibson Driver! He covers but Aries kicks out.
- Now firmly in the driving seat, Strong hoists Aries up looking to hit the CX '03 but Aries brilliantly counters into a Crucifix Driver
- The IED (Running Dropkick) follows as Aries quickly hoists Strong up looking to finish this… Brainbuster! 1…2….3! No Rope Break! Strong got his hand on the ropes
- In frustration, Aries places Strong on his shoulders and dumps him into the turnbuckle courtesy of a Death Valley Driver, he then attempts to climb the cage
- Strong quickly catches him as they both fight on the top ropes. Aries hits a finger to the eye before bashing Strong’s head against the structure. After several more shots, Strong falls into the ring. Austin Aries sizes up his opponent before hitting the 450 splash!
- As Austin Aries attempts to slowly climb over, Roderick Strong smartly crawls towards the door. Aries panic’s attempting to pull Strong back in but Strong grabs the door and slams it into his rivals face!
- With Aries staggering, Strong connects with the running sick kick! He quickly throws Aries up and hits the double knee gut-buster!!! 1….2….3! Strong Wins!

Winner and Still NGPW Heavyweight Champion – Roderick Strong 17:32
Before Roderick Strong can even get to a vertical base, he is steamrolled by the monstrous Alexander Rusev who executes a lethal standing spinning heel kick as JBL along with the rest of the nXtreme fraction make their presence known surrounding the cage.

Dead lifting the lifeless champion, he wedges him between the ropes and the cage as JBL directs traffic. Alexander Rusev charges hitting a running splash as one side of the cage collapses upon impact with Roderick Strong motionless on the floor

nXtreme along with Alexander Rusev fill the ring as JBL hands his latest acquisition the championship belt. Alexander Rusev poses with the belt as the fraction applauds until the lights go out. The lights flash before coming back on as nXtreme look on in confusion. Suddenly the fans irrupt as the debuting Chris Jericho is standing on top of the cage as he points down at nXteme! Michael Cole looks furious questioning what he is doing here as Dave Prazak screams questioning if Y2J is here to save NGPW

Next Week on NGPW...:
Junior Heavyweight Title 6 Man Ladder War!
NGPW Women's Title Match: Sara Del Ray Vs Trish Stratus
Bull Rope Grudge Match: JBL Vs Tommaso Ciampa
Contract Vs Career Grudge Match: Raven Vs Tim Donst
Plus much, much more...

Famous Last Words PPV Card:
NGPW Heavyweight Title Match: Roderick Strong Vs The 'Undefeated Monster' Alexander Rusev


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Post by ncfc_Tooze on Tue 22 Jul 2014, 8:11 pm

Security bang on the door of paul heymans office, they say that some people are here to see him, two hooded men barge past security and into the office

Pre Match
Haskins and PAC enter as the ref goes to call for the opening bell Living on a Prayer Hits and out comes Spud. He says that he is also an original so he is entering himself into the match

Match 1- Batle of the X Divison Originals- PAC vs Mark Haskins vs Rockstar Spud
Winner- Mark Haskins

We go backstage and we see two more hooded men walking through the backstage area, they are of different builds to the first two

Match 2- Shingo vs Rich Swann
Winner- Shingo

Pre match
Mercedes Martinez is in ring she says her open challenge is open for any female past or present of the MWF roster, the arena is sunk into darkness as Kong's March hits and Awesome Kong strides to the ring

Match 3- Open Challenge for the MWF Womens Title- Mercedes Martinez (C) vs Awesome Kong
Winner- Mercedes Martinez

Heymans Office
we cut to heymans office, we see a flickering candle on his desk next to it a note which just reads 'we're back'

Match 4- Luke Hawx vs Sterling James Keenan
Winner- Sterling James Keenan

Post Match
SJK grabs a mic and says that he should now be recognised as the number one contender, shingo comes down he stares at SJK before shaking his head and unleashing a vicious lariot KO'ing SJK

Match 5- Akira Tozawa vs Robbie Dynamite
Winner- Robbie Dyamite

We see Heyman talking to security he tells them to put the arena into shut down and allow no entry what so ever

Main Event- MWF Tag Team Title Match- Sumerian Death Squad (C) vs Unbreakable F'n Machines
Winners and New MWF Tag Team Champions- Unbreakable F'n Machines

Post Match
The machines celebrate there win until the arena is plunged into darkness, The sound of Big ben booms out as the lights come back on. the two hooded men are standing in the centre of the ring staring at the machines. The two men lower there hoods revealing the banned Martin Stone and Paul Burchill to a chorus of boos from the MWF faithful, a brawl between the two teams ensue as we go off air

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Post by x12x on Fri 25 Jul 2014, 9:59 am

Injury: Chris Hero

Triple X Wrestling presents
Havok: No Gimmicks Needed

Live from the X-Dome, New York City
Date: 25th July 2014 | Attendance: 1032

We go live and see Kevin Kelly and Joey Ryan who talk about last week and the formation of an even bigger Bullet Club with AJ Styles and Doc Gallows joining before talking about Styles being the new number one contender to Johnny Gargano's Triple X World Heavyweight Title before talking about the first match which would see the first match in a best of three between Nick Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler) and Mike Mondo.

Match One: Best Of Three Series (Match One)
Nick Nemeth v Mike Mondo

A great back and forth that really shows off the wrestling skill and agility of both men, the control of the match switches and changes but the match ends when Nemeth goes for the Zig Zag but Mondo clutches the ropes causing Nemeth to stagger back in to the ref allowing Mondo to hit a low blow followed by a sit out crucifix powerbomb for the win to the disgust of the crowd

Winner: Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo 1 – 0 Nick Nemeth

We join Jim Cornette in his office who talks about X-Fest a two day iPPV taking place in two weeks with every title being put on the line as well as Tournament X which would give the highfliers a chance to shine. He then talks about The Golden Contract which would see one lucky superstar given a World Title shot any time, any place...suddenly Cornette is interupted by Team Canada demanding a title shot, he tells them they lost their tournament match but they remind him that it was due to Chuck Taylor. Cornette says next week they'd get a chance to prove themselves and if they could, they'd get a title shot at the next iPPV...X-FEST!

We then cut back to ringside where Joey Ryan and Kevin Kelly talk about the first match in Tournament X saying that it was meant to be AR Fox taking on Sami Zayn but Zayn had not turned up due to his injuries sustained at King Of The Mountain and further aggravated during last weeks main event.

Match Two: Tournament X Semi Final
Kenny Omega v TJ Perkins

A fast paced and high flying contest with TJ Perkins pulling off some big spots such as a suicide dive transitioned in to a tornado DDT in to the front row, Omega controls the match with his hard hitting style and finishes the match off when he catches Perkins mid-air with a Hadouken followed by Coyt's Wrath transitioned in to a crossface causing Omega to submit.

Winner: Kenny Omega


Alison Danger interviews Chris Hero who talks about his iPPV match against Devitt claiming that he was ready to take one of Bullet Club's titles off them, suddenly Devitt and Doc Gallows attack only to be thought off by two masked men. We then go back to the ring for a Tag Title match.

Match Three: Tag Team Titles
The Young Bucks (C) v The Super Smash Brothers

All four men show off their skills but it is The Bucks who come out on top using underhand double team moves and super kicks, The Smash Brothers get a close call after Dos hits the Final Smash but Nick is able to break it up. The end comes when Uno covers only for Matt to superkick him allowing Nick to roll him up.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Joey Ryan and Kevin Kelly talk about Willie Mack saying that he was suspended for the week due to his actions that ended the career of Tiger Mask IV and jeapordised Icarus. The pair then announce how Icarus would make his comeback next week facing off against Mascarita Dorada causing Ryan to laugh about midget wrestlers but saying even a midget could have a chance against a loser like Icarus.

Match Four: Non-Title
Johnny Gargano v Davey Richards

Both men show their true talent in this hard hitting and agile match up where both come close numerous times. Champion Gargano looks strongest but Richards shows him that he cannot be overlooked as a future contender especially as Gargano goes for the spear through the ropes but Richards is able to lock him Gargano's own submission the GargaNO ESCAPE but Gargano gets to the ropes.The match ends when Richards is distracted by Eddie Edwards who is stood in the crowd causing him to walk in to the GargaNO ESCAPE with no option but to tap out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Joey Ryan interviews a confident Gargano who talks about his history as a record holding Dragon Gate champion before claiming not to being intimated by the Bullet Club. Ryan claims that he could easily find himself in a 5 on 1 battle to which Gargano claims that when you're the champion you always have a target on your back and that he was ready for the Bullet Club.


Steve Corino is in the ring and talks about Rocky Romero being everything Biff Busick isn't and that Busick should lie down in the gutter and die. Busick comes out and mocks Corino stating that after he was done beating down Romero that Corino would be next getting a pop from the crowd.

Match Five: Match Five: Golden Contract Qualifier
Biff Busick v Rocky Romero w/Steve Corino

A slow paced technical but heavy hitting match with Corino doing his best to distract his former client, at one point Busick and Romero manage to lock each other in submissions at the same time. Busick shows signs of an even more volatile side but also loses control and gets distracted easily. The end comes when Busick finally snaps and chases Corino out of the venue leaving Romero to get the countout win.

Winner: Rocky Romero

We cut to a short advert for X-FEST before coming back to the ring with AJ Styles, Prince Devitt and Doc Gallows stood in the ring, they talk about how the Bullet Club held 66% of the title belts and at X-Fest would complete the set by taking Gargano's title away. Kevin Steen walks out along with Eddie Kingston and mocks them and thanks them for getting Cornette to make the match a handicap match but sadly for them it wasn't in their favour. To the shock of the three men Steen and Kingston walk down to the ring and are quickly joined by two masked men, the now four man Nightmare climb on to the apron as the ref rings for the match to start.

Main Event: Handicap 3 on 4
The Bullet Club v Nightmare
(Prince Devitt/Doc Gallows/AJ Styles) v (Kevin Steen/Eddie Kingston/???/???)

Nightmare use their number advantage to pick apart The Bullet Club, the two new men show off viscous styles with hard hitting and fast paced moves, the end comes when The Bullet Club become outnumbered leaving Steen to hit Styles with the package piledriver for the win

Winner: Nightmare

The match ends and Steen, Kingston and the new members stand tall in the ring, Steen grabs a microphone and orders Jim Cornette to come out to the ring as he has a special announcement. Cornette comes out and Steen mocks him claiming that every attempt to destroy Nightmare has failed.
Steen continues to speak saying that the board agreed that Steen had been treated unfairly and that due to Steen actually winning his cash in via DQ he was entitled to another shot announcing that at X-Fest it would be Johnny Gargano v AJ Styles v Kevin Steen for the World Title and next week The Bullet Club, Nightmare and Johnny Gargano would face off to decide the stipulation. Steen then nods to the masked men causing them to take off their masks revealing themselves as Shinsuke Nakumura and Jimmy Jacobs.

Steen then smiles promising that the nightmare had only just begun and they'd be introducing us all to the last member next week if we were lucky...

Confirmed X-Fest Card so far:
Night One:
Golden Contract Match
Rocky Romero v ??? v ??? v ???

Main Event: Tournament X Final
Kenny Omega v ???

Night Two:
New York City Title
Prince Devitt (C) v Chris Hero

World Heavyweight Title: Stipulation TBC!
Johnny Gargano (C) v AJ Styles v Kevin Steen


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Post by Steel on Sun 27 Jul 2014, 9:06 am

Opening Segment

No Jojo to open up the show this week instead Big Daddy walks straight out from behind the curtain with microphone in hand, Big Daddy tells the crowd he is here to address the scenes as Scrap went off air last week. Big Daddy states what happed appalled him and he came so close to cancelling the Yorkshire celebration he had planned for tonight, but he has decided this night was supposed to be for the fans and so it will be. Big Daddy says that Zeb Coulter and his gang of vigilantes took it too far last, far too far and that there will be severe consequences for all involved and any other who may have similar aspirations. Big Daddy calls Zeb a sore loser who has gathered other losers around him and if he thinks that Big Daddy will just sit by and let this continue, then Zeb is mistaken. But Big Daddy wants to have some fun first before quashing the rebellion, Big Daddy then goes onto to announce that at the next PPV he has decided that Zeb can have his moment in the spotlight and he can become a loser like the others, Big daddy tells Zeb to pick his 3 best guys and come prepared to fight himself, because at the PPV it will be Team Daddy vs Team Zeb, If Zeb losses he is fired.

Big Daddy then says this was supposed to be a celebration and so it will be, Big Daddy says he has been busy this last week building once more for the future of YCW and has signed another two greats of the industry, two of the greatest big men to ever compete, Big Daddy says he wants to find out which one is the greatest so up first will be Yokozuna vs Vader, Big Daddy ends by saying everybody better be in costume otherwise he won’t be happy. Big Daddy then walks to the back.

Match 1 Yokozuna (Dressed as Michael Vaughan in cricket whites) vs Vader (Dressed as Alistair Brownlee)
A back and forth match with both men giving a good sowing for themselves, both men showing good strength with each able to lift the other and neither man wanting to give in on their debut, however after a good contest Yokozuna is able to pick up the win.
Winner Yokuzuna

Backstage Segment
We join 3MB in the dressing room, they are discussing their victory over the reigning champs last week and what it could lead to. Drew Macintyre is in a wheelchair with a bald Head, clearly Patrick Stewart. Jinder has a broomstick and robes with a Gryffindor logo on the front, clearly Mathew Lewis and Heath is wearing a headless costume with a teddy of a wolf under his arm, clearly Sean Bean. Heath says they have another opportunity to show there worth in singles action tonight, when Jinder will face off against Sandow, if jinder wins Heath says he’s sure they could persuade Big Daddy’s to let them have a shot at the titles at the next PPV, jinder doesn’t seem interested though as he’s too busy playing with his wand.

Match 2
Jinder vs Sandow (Dressed as Giant Yorkshire Pudding)
Sandow takes the early control of the match not letting Jinder really get a foothold, Sandow gains a couple of close pinfalls but isn’t really able to put Jinder to Bed, Sandow starts to get frustrated which allows Jinder to get in some offence, Jinder is able to make his momentum count and is able to pick up the victory

Winner Jinder

Backstage Segment
Hornswoggle can be seen walking through the corridors a bit rounder then usually carrying a bag of Greggs sausage rolls, Hornswoggle has chosen to come as Brian Deane in his Leeds united kit, Hornswoggle walks into Big Daddy’s Office and tells Big Daddy that he think he is ready for his title shot now, Big Daddy looks surprised at hornswoggles appearance and not the fact that he has covered himself in shoe polish. Big Daddy says Hornswoggle still need to fit the criteria so produces a pair of scales, Big Daddy says if Hornswoggle weighs over 280 pounds he will let him compete against Umaga. Hornswoggle gets on scales and watches the dial spin before it eventually lands on 279, big Daddy says he is sorry but Hornswoggle can’t compete, Hornswoggle then snaffles down the remaining Sausage rolls from his bag and watches as the dial clicks to 280. Big Daddy says fine he will let Hornswoggle compete but doesn’t reckon much to his chances, Hornswoggle says he will show Big Daddy what his new body can do.

Match 3
Hornswoggle vs Umaga (Umaga is dressed as Harry Ramsden in a white coat carrying a bag of fish in one hand and a bag of chips in the other.
Umaga has total control of the match and is rolling the rotund Hornswoggle around the ring, Umaga hits a number of his moves but refuses to Pin Hornswoggle toing with him and making a mockery of him, as umaga look to end it Jimmy Snukas music comes and out he comes to the surprise of Umaga, Jimmy grabs a microphone and says he wasn’t happy with the tickets umaga provided as he was sat behind a pole and couldn’t see the magic of musical theatre so has come to warn Umaga that he doesn’t have is blessing and he will now have to intervene in the relationship, umaga starts to get angry but forgets about Hornswoggle who is able to roll up Umaga for the 3 count, much to the surprise of Hornswoggle.

New Super Heavyweight Champion Hornswoggle

Backstage segment
Gail and Khali can be seen smooching in their dressing room, Gail has come as Gabby Logan and Khali is Michael Parkinson. In walks Brodus dressed in a leopard print Leotard with a black afro, Brodus looks in disgust at the couple before he starts stretching bending over so the two can get a good look at his derriere, he then unwraps a pork pie and starts to eat it seductively, khali then stand up causing his grey wig to fall off and says he has had enough of Brodus now, he says he warned him last week that this had to stop and it seems Brodus didn’t take that in, so Khali says he is left with no other option than to beat some sense into Brodus, which is why he is asking Big Daddy for a match at the PPV, Brodus says fine at least hell get to have a hold of his man hunk.

Match 4
Regal/Cena (Regal dressed as Freddy Flintoff/ Cena has come as Ken Barlow) vs British Bulldog/Magnus (Bulldog as come as Jeremy Clarkson, Magnus is Marco Pierre White)
Regal and Magnus start off and exchange moves, Regal eventually gets a hold on the match and works over Magnus, Cena and Regal do a good job of keeping Magnus in the ring and share the workload to keep fresh, Magnus is eventually able to get in a counter when Cena goes for the win, Both men tag in their partners and Bulldog hits the ring and starts to clean house, he gets regal alone in the win and starts working through his catalogue leaving regal in trouble, Bulldog goes to cover but it is broken by cena, Bulldog throws Cena to the outside but when he turns around Regal hits him with a Regal Cutter and takes the  count

Winners Regal/Cena

In Ring Segment
Out comes Big Daddy he says he hopes everybody has enjoyed this Yorkshire celebration and he has been impressed by the quality of the costumes of everybody on show, even if some went against his requests, he says it is time to announce the man who will take on Earl in the final match of the night for the White Rose championship, Big Daddy says he took a long look at the matches last week and has decided Roman Reigns as the most impressive so will get the shot.

Zeb coulter then walks out and says he doesn’t agree with Big Daddy’s choice and says unless he wants there to be a final match he will pick Mark Henry who Zeb deems to be the most impressive form last week. The two argue and Big Daddy says this is his show and he chooses the superstars, Zeb then calls his guys from the back.
Big Daddy says fine Mark can have the shot, but if any of Zebs men interfere in the match he will fire them on the spot.

Match 5 White Rose Championship Match
Mark Henry (Dressed as Liam Gallagher) vs Earl Crabtree (Dressed as Big Daddy)
Mark uses his strength to his advantage and takes the early control of the match, Mark is unable to build on his advantage and the match remain equal for some time both showing great resilience, Big Daddy walks down to ringside to coach his Nephew, Mark starts to take advantage once more and hits a big slam on Henry, Henry covers but the ref only gives a two count, Mark argues with the referee this gives Big Daddy time to slide a chair into the ring, Crabtree hit Mark over the head with the chair and is disqualified

Winner Mark Henry, but still champion Earl Crabtree.

Big Daddy gets into the ring to celebrate, but they are jumped by Zeb guys who beat down both Big Daddy and Earl Crabtree, Zeb crew then make their way out of the ring and through the crowd as Magnus, Bulldog and Roman Reigns run down to the ring. The show goes off air with Zebs crew smiling at the wreckage in the ring.

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Post by The_Enigma on Mon 28 Jul 2014, 5:32 pm

NGPW: nXtreme Invasion Week 7 – Show Name: Layers
Injuries: Roderick Strong

The show prematurely starts with JBL crashing through corridor doors. Tommaso Ciampa closely follows from behind as he repeatedly throws JBL into the wall before hitting him across the head with a fire extinguisher. He attempts to choke out JBL but he manages to escape before throwing Ciampa over the catering table as food flies everywhere…

Dragging his rival to a vertical base, JBL continues the brawl as they pass the concessions stand to exchange punches amongst the crowd. They slowly make their way towards ringside where JBL backdrops an oncoming Ciampa over the guardrail onto the concrete floor. He orders the official to tie the bull rope onto Ciampa’s arm as he chokes him out before quickly rolling him inside the ring…

Match 1: Bull Rope Grudge Match – JBL Vs Tommaso Ciampa

- JBL smirks as he drags his lifeless opponent to effortlessly touch 3 of the corners. He heads for the 4th but Ciampa pulls the rope to hit a short-arm running lariat.
- Looking furious, JBL punishes Ciampa as he repeatedly whips him across the back before hitting the spike DDT. Again, JBL touches the first ring post thinking he’s got this in the bag.
- Before reaching the second corner, Ciampa rises to his feet! He attempts the running knee but JBL avoids, using the rope to his advantage to hit the running big boot.
- Looking to end this, JBL sizes up… He swings looking for the clothesline from hell but Ciampa ducks before hoisting JBL onto his back to hit the Air Raid Crash!
- Tommaso Ciampa gains momentum as he avoids JBL in the corner, lowering his knee pad; he consistently hits running high knee shots to a seated JBL.
- Project Ciampa follows! Tommaso now touches 3 corners until JBL’s goons Alex Riley & Trent Barretta make their presences felt. Antonio Cesaro appears from nowhere as he hits European Uppercuts to both before taking the fight backstage.
- JBL smartly uses his weight to hold onto the ropes. Ciampa pulls until JBL shoves the official in the way before throwing Ciampa to the floor outside.
- Using the ropes, JBL chokes Ciampa as he dangles off the apron. He powerfully pulls him back into the ring to hit the releasing powerbomb
- JBL touches two corners before Ciampa rises to his feet. JBL attempts the clothesline from hell but Ciampa ducks and counters into the Sicilian Stretch.
- Using the rope as extra leverage, Ciampa chokes out JBL who passes out. Using all that is left in the tank, Ciampa slowly manages to touch all four posts.

Winner – Tommaso Ciampa 11:45

The commentary team introduce our next contest as we head into a highlights video package.

Match 2: Contact or Career Grudge Match: Raven Vs Tim Donst (Current Series 2-2)
If Tim Donst wins, he earns a contract and a future NGPW Heavyweight Title opportunity. If he loses, he will be fired and Raven inherits the future title shot.

- As Tim Donst climbs into the ring, Raven kicks the ropes to take immediate advantage. The inverted DDT follows as Raven takes control.
- Hitting the running clothesline into the corner, Raven follows with a running bulldog before tossing Donst through the ropes outside.
- Donst tries to fight back as they exchange punches until Raven hits a side Russian Leg sweep into the guardrail. He quickly rolls in ordering the official to count
- After breaking the count at 16, Raven picks away at Donst until attempting a running crossbody where Donst catches and counters with the fallaway slam.
- Now it’s Donst’s turn to capitalize, he hits a trio of rolling gutwrench suplexes and a rolling gator neckbreaker for several near falls.
- Whipping Raven into the corner, Donst loads with repeated punches from the top. At 8, Raven counters with a running powerbomb.
- Dragging Donst to a vertical base, Raven attempts the Even-Flow DDT but Donst counters into the Donstitution!
- Seizing his opportunity, Donst locks in the Inverted Chikara Special. Raven tries to fight, but Donst pulls Raven into the centre as Raven quick taps.

Winner via Submission – Tim Donst (Wins Trial Series 3-2 and wins a NGPW contact) 09:44

In-Ring Segment
NGPW Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong makes his way towards the ring. Supporting cuts and bandages around his head and ribs, Strong sells his injuries from last week’s post match attack. He grabs a microphone to address last week’s actions and states that even though he can’t compete this week, he will be 100% by the PPV and will end the undefeated streak of Alexander Rusev!

Roderick Strong is quickly cut off as Alexander Rusev walks straight towards the ring and into the face of his opponent. They exchange words until Rusev attacks before pulling the bandages away from Strong’s ribs. The Bulgarian effortlessly throws the steel stairs into the ring before standing over Strong. Holding them above Strong, he grins before repeatedly dropping them onto Strong’s ribs. Medics and officials quickly burst onto the scene, but the damage has been done as Alexander Rusev admires his work as he slowly exits the ring.

Match 3: NGPW Women's Title Match - Sara Del Ray Vs Trish Stratus

- A superb womens match between two of the best female wrestlers of all time
- The match goes back and forth for the opening 8 minutes until Trish gets the advantage following a top rope ddt
- Trish grounds del Ray with strike after strike before setting up for the Chick Kick... del Ray catches the leg! X-Suplex! Trish Up... Tiger Suplex! Trish groggily up again...
- Royal Butterfly... MaTRISH! Trish ducks underneath before hitting the ropes... Air Canada... both women down! Replays show that as Trish went for Air Canada Sara went for the Hip Attack
- 1.......2.........3.........4.......5.........both women back up!
- The pair exchange punches before Trish goes for the backhand chop... caught by del Rey!... Omaplata Crossface! Trish screams in agony as the hold is synched in... she reaches for the ropes... Sara pulls her back... Trish moves her weight... Victory Roll by Trish! 1....2..... kickout
- Both women back up... Shoot Kick by del Rey... Trish ducks again... Stratusfaction.... Trish's arm fails her from the damage taken in the Crossface! Del Rey sees the opening... Spike Piledriver... Trish rolls out... Chick Kick! 1........2..........3.. NO! Leg on the rope by Sara!
- Trish vertically hoists Sara Del Ray but she grabs the ropes as both women spill over the top rope onto the outside.
- With the official counting, Sara charges at Trish but she hits a drop-toe hold as Sara collides into the steel steps head first. Trish has just enough to roll in at 19 as Sara is counted out.

Winner via Count Out – Trish Stratus – Still NGPW Women’s Champion – Sara Del Ray 11:16
Trish argues with the official following the conclusion of the match up claiming that she should have won the title. As Sara Del Ray comes around and gets to a vertical base, she is instantly knocked down by a figure holding the NGPW Women’s Championship belt.
The unknown identity rolls into the ring behind Trish who is still distracted. Stalking Trish, they wait for her to turn around before nailing her with the championship belt. The figure looks down then looks at the championship belt before unveiling the nXtreme Divas Championship. They hold both titles before unveiling themselves to be Lita!

Backstage Segment
Our attentions turn backstage as our camera crew pick up on a conversation between The Motor City Machine Guns. They claim that they have burnt through the entire tag competition before NGPW President Wink Vavasseur walks into shot as he puts his arms around both Guns. He informs them that they will be defending the tag team titles tonight against a returning NGPW tag-team. He informs them to get ready as they are on next!

Match 4: NGPW Tag Team Title Match – The Motor City Machine Guns Vs ???
Both Guns look amused as they wait to see who their opponents are. “Western Hardcore” blasts out as the returning Cactus Jack & Terry Funk appear to a thunderous ovation! They both pose holding weapons until MCMG cut them off on the entrance ramp

- Both Guns are quickly thwarted as Cactus Jack blocks a suplex attempt to hit a suplex of his own onto to the steel structure. Terry Funk bounces Sabin’s head off the steel stairs before rolling him inside the ring to kick start the match.
- Funk slows the pace with a stalling DDT. Cactus later joins him as they hit an atomic drop / running swinging neck breaker to maintain control
- As the official orders Cactus out of the ring, Chris Sabin hits a low-blow from behind as MCMG hit a spinning leg sweep / spinning wheel kick on Funk to gain control.
- MCMG show their experience as a tag team as they double up at every opportunity. They hit a springboard dropkick / Reserve STO double team for a close fall.
- Eventually Cactus intervenes as he bounces Shelley’s head of the turnbuckle repeatedly, following with a running high knee. After disposing of him, Sabin attacks then throws Cactus to the floor as Funk recuperates.
- Funk works his way back into the match with a desperation moonsault. Back to a vertical base, he hits a punching combination leading to a swinging neckbreaker
- As Funk jumps for the tag, Alex Shelly pulls Cactus Jack off the apron. With the official distracted, Chris Sabin nails Funk with the championship belt.
- 1…2… FUNK KICKS OUT! Sabin looks in disbelief. Funk counters the next move with a back body drop before making the hot tag!
- Cactus hits a running clothesline as he and Sabin spill to the floor. Alex Shelly retaliates with a suicide dive as Funk slowly climbs to the top… Flying Moonsault with bodies everywhere!
- Cactus quickly rolls Shelly into the ring… Piledriver!!! He covers 1…2…3!

Winners via Pile Driver – NEW NGPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – Cactus Jack & Terry Funk 12:32
Terry Funk rejoins his partner in the ring as they both celebrate with both looking surprised. MCMG regroup on the entrance floor as they watch what’s going on. Chris Sabin storms up the entrance ramp to leave his partner.

Match 5: Tag Team Match - Alexander Rusev & Austin Aries Vs Antonio Cesaro & Chris Jericho
Introduction / Cesaro Attack:

The nXtreme guys make their entrance with the lovely Lana before the lights go down and the arena explodes as Y2J makes his entrance. He stands just outside the ring staring at Aries and Rusev as Cesaro's music hits. It plays and plays but no one comes out. Y2J looks around concerned. The music plays again but again nothing as Aries smirks. Once again the music plays as Cole tells us that the cameras backstage have found Cesaro. We head backstage where Cesaro is unconscious in a pool of his own blood. We cut back to ringside where Cesaro's music is still playing. Slowly all of nXtreme make their way out to the ramp blocking off Jericho's escape.

- The match is now a handicap match and starts with a mugging by Aries and Rusev as Jericho is overwhelmed
- Aries and Rusev tag in and out before Aries decides to let Rusev do the demolition, Aries sits across the top rope as Rusev chucks Jericho around
- Rusev hits a Bull-Plex before Aries tells Lana that he wants to finish this, Lana tells Rusev to tag out
- Aries in and he hits little kicks all over Y2J before slapping him in his face. He laughs before picking up Y2J... Brainbuster... Y2J reverses it as the crowd cheers! Bulldog by Jericho, followed by a series of kicks.... Lionsault... connects!1....2.... Kickout by Aries
- Jericho panders to the crowd before locking in the Walls! The crowd cheers as Aries writhes in pain.... suddenly the hold is broken!
- Replays show Rusev steamroll through Jericho with a massive thrust kick almost knocking Y2J's head off. Lana tells Rusev to crush as he locks in the Accolade. Aries frightens off the referee as he calls for the bell

Winner N/A – Match Thrown Out.
Post match Rusev keeps the Accolade locked in as Aries gets a mic. Aries says that once again the great Chris Jericho is here to "save us". Save us from what Chris? You didn't care when nXtreme needed saving from the uNloved Army, you didn't save us that night when John Cena pulled the plug on nXtreme. You didnt save us as we wandered the dessert. Oh no you only return when it suits you, when your band aren't too busy. When the money pays just the right amount. He goes on to say that in Jericho's absence people like him and Sabin have rose to the top of nXtreme. How for 5 long seasons they have fought to protect nXtreme, to save it, to save the fans but at the moment that they finally achieve all of this the "saviour" returns to ruin everything. To save those that don't need saving. He says that at the PPV he will end Y2J, he will ensure no one else can ever be saved. He will ensure that the saviour can never rise again. The segment ends with Aries slapping an unconscious Jericho across the face before Rusev finally breaks the hold

Backstage Segment
NGPW President Wink Vavasseur looks discussed with the result from the previous match-up. He immediately confronts JBL along with his nXtreme stable and says that it’s time. He challenges nXtreme to a survivor series elimination match at ‘Famous Last Words’ claiming that this will settle everything. JBL grins then accepts. He extends the hand to Wink who refuses before storming off.

Main Event: Junior Heavyweight Title Ladder War: Michael Bennett ©Vs ACH Vs Jigsaw Vs Jushin 'Thunder Liger Vs Matt Sydal Vs X-Pac

- A sensational main event with all 6 men getting exposure
- The action is fast paced to begin with with Jigsaw and Liger hitting big splashes over the top rope onto the other 4 wrestlers
- The first big spot comes at the 6 minute mark as ACH finds he is the only man in the ring, he clambers up the ladder but X-Pac is in and grabs his leg, ACH tries to kick him off... X-Pac drags him down... X-Factor in mid air! Both men down
- The high flying action continues with every man having an attempt at climbing the ladder with little to no success
- At the 11 minute mark Jigsaw and Liger are going hammer and tong at each other, Liger getting busted open in the process. Jigsaw sets up for the Leap Of Faith... caught by Liger! Jushin Bomb over the top rope taking both of them to the outside, they continue to brawl before making their way into the crowd
- At the 15 minute mark Bennett finally manages to get some traction hitting a series of big kicks before finding himself alone in the ring with Sydal, he orders Sydal to set up the ladder... Sydal looks at his nXtreme stablemate before nodding and setting up a ladder
- Bennett soaks in the boos as he climbs before stopping with one hand on the belt to blow kisses to the angry crowd... suddenly their boos turn to cheers as Sydal shouts up at Bennett before smirking and pulling the ladder out from underneath Bennett! Bennett cannot believe it as he falls right into a superkick from Sydal!
- The crowd cheers as Sydal cleans house, kick to XPac... Aftershock to ACH! Sydal climbs a ladder before looking at the belt, he shouts that its time for Air Bourne! The crowd cheers as he hits the SSP off the top of the 15 foot ladder onto XPac!
- Sydal is the only man up as he clutches his ribs, he looks to climb again but suddenly is mugged by two masked men! Sydal fights back revealing them as Riley and Trent! Bennett slowly gets back to his feet before being handed a barbed wire baseball bat by Maria who has also made her way down to ringside...
- He swings and... Sydal ducks! He connects with Riley! Bennett cannot believe it... Here We Go Driver by Sydal... low blow from behind by Trent! The crowd boos as Sydal folds over in agony.... Piledriver onto a ladder by Bennett!
- Bennett can hardly stand as Trent helps him up before pushing him up the ladder, the crowds boos reach fever pitch as Bennett slowly reaches for the belt... and grabs it!

Winner and STILL NGPW Junior Heavyweight Champion – “The Prodigal Son of nXtreme” Michael Bennett 20:04
Post match Bennett can barely stand as Trent keeps him upright, Maria embraces him before raising the title herself. The crowd boos as nXtreme celebrates

Famous Last Words PPV Card:
Survivor Series Winner Takes It All Match: NGPW (Team TBC) Vs nXtreme (Team TBC)
NGPW Heavyweight Title Match: Title Vs The Streak - Roderick Strong Vs Alexander Rusev
Grudge Match: Chris Jericho Vs Austin Aries
Plus much, much more. Card subject to change.


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Post by Fernando on Tue 29 Jul 2014, 9:22 pm

XPW Week 7

JR & Jerry Lawler welcome everyone to XPW and go through the highlights of last week with Samoa Joe becoming XPW World Champ.

We go to the middle of nowhere where the Wyatt Family church is. We see Bray Wyatt standing in front of everyone with Daniel Bryan & Karl Anderson either side of him.

What you are looking at here is the new improved Wyatt Family, When one wall gets pulled down you build it up twice as high. The war is alive and eventually AOTF you will fall.

The whole church shouts "Follow the buzzards" as we head back to the XPW Arena

Match 1 - Karl Anderson W/Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt vs KENTA

"Live in fear" Plays as Karl Anderson comes out with a crazed look on his face

"No Light Theory" Hits as KENTA comes out to a pop from the Crowd

- KENTA looks gets in the ring and stares at the Wyatt Family at ringside
- Both men lock up with Anderson forcing KENTA into the corner and as the ref splits them Anderson lands a knee to the ribs of KENTA
- Anderson charges at KENTA but he moves and Anderson bounces skull 1st off the turnbuckle and KENTA tries to go for the Go To Sleep but Anderson reverses into a german suplex
- Anderson tries to take advantage but KENTA hits Multiple slaps followed by a spinning chop followed by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and finished with the Busaiku Knee Kick to send Anderson to the outside
- The ref leans out the ring to check on Anderson but starts to be distracted by Daniel Bryan as Bray rolls in behind KENTA and lays him out with Sister Abigail
- Bryan rolls  Anderson back in for the easy pinfall

Winner - Karl Anderson

The Wyatt Family climb in the ring and start to beat down KENTA which prompts AOTF to come down and clear the ring.

We see D'von Dudley looking peed walking through the halls of the XPW Arena and he's heading to the ring.

D'von comes out to a big pop from the crowd and grabs a mic and tells Bubba Ray to come out to the ring.

D'Von says last week when i was being assault by Tensai you sat backstage and did nothing, I thought we had each other's back? Bubba goes to talk but "Dixieland" hits as Dixie Carter comes out to the stage surrounded by Adam Cole & Kyle O Reilly.

Dixie says she's fed up of the whining and complaining and tells Cole & O Reilly to head down and finish them. Cole & O Reilly head towards the ring as Bubba & D'von prepare for a fight only for Bubba to spin D'von around and lay him out with the Bubba Cutter to shock of the XPW Crowd

Match 2 - Tensai W/Mr Fuji vs Ricochet

Ricochet waits in the ring as "Shrines" Hits as Tensai heads down to the ring quickly looking like he's going to tear Ricochets head off

- They both lock up but Tensai throws him across the ring and hits him with a running body splash with Ricochet falling to the floor
- Tensai pulls Ricochet to his feet and lands a chokebomb and goes to cover him but pulls his head up at 2
- Tensai bounces off the ropes and lands a running senton followed by a diving splash from the middle rope
- Tensai stares at the announce table and eventually leaves the ring and starts to take it apart
- Tensai rolls back in the ring and pulls Ricochet towards the turnbuckle eventually sitting him on the top rope
- Tensai climbs onto the apron and lands a chokebomb off the top through the announcers table as the crowd chant "Holy Poopie"
- Tensai drags a lifeless Ricochet into the ring and covers him with a foot across his chest

Winner - Tensai

After the match Tensai still looks annoyed and rolls out and throws a table in the ring with some lighter fluid. Tensai sets up the table and lights it on fire as Mr Fuji grabs the mic.

There is no monster in XPW like Tensai no one will stop his reign of terror and now it's time to dispose with the trash. Tensai grabs Ricochet as the lights go out in the arena.

"The fire still burns" Hits as Kane storms through the curtain and heads down to the ring as Tensai rolls out the back and heads up the ramp at Mr Fuji's demand much to the disappointment of the XPW Crowd

Kane draws his finger across his throat and grabs Ricochet by the throat and chokeslams him through the table to send a message.

The EMTS come out to check on Ricochet and take him away in ambulance.

Match 3 - Kazuchika Okada vs Adam Cole

"Rainmaker" Hits as Okada heads out to the ring to a pop from the XPW Crowd
"Something for you" Hits as Adam Cole gets booed

- Both men square up in the centre of the ring and start trading shots with Cole getting the upper hand backing Okada into the corner.
- Cole lands several kicks to the knees of Okada before leg sweeping him
- Cole runs and chop blocks Okada to the floor before stomping away on his legs and landing several elbow drops onto it.
- Cole goes to lock a figure four leglock onto Okada but Okada kicks him into the turnbuckle face first
- Okada lifts Cole onto his shoulders and lands a samoan drop for a 2 count. Okada goes to the ring apron and a Springboard splash onto Cole
- Okada goes for the bridging german suplex but Cole rolls through the front and tries for the pin but only gets 2
- Cole charges at Okada with the shining wizard and kicks Okada's head off for the 3 count

Winner - Adam Cole

Cole celebrates and notices Okada getting back to his feet and swipes his legs out before locking the figure 4 in until refs force him to break the hold.

We go backstage to D'von Dudley searching through the XPW Arena for Bubba Ray and eventually finds out him heading for the exit and attacks him from behind starting a brawl around the arena with Bubba getting the upper hand with a low blow before throwing D'von through a glass window. Bubba puts his head through the window and says "Do you know who i am" and laughs as he walks off

Match 4 - Luke Harper vs Super Crazy

Super Crazy waits in the ring as Luke Harper charges down to a pop from the XPW Crowd

- Both men lock up in the centre of the ring with Harper throwing Crazy back to his corner
- Harper follows in with a splash but Crazy rolls out the way and goes for a springboard hurricarana but Harper overpowers him and lands a sit out powerbomb.
- Harper calls for the lariat but Crazy ducks out the way and lands a springboard ddt for a 2 count
- Crazy manages to suplex Harper and goes for his triple moonsault but only gets 2 before Harper catches him with the 3rd and lays him out with a spinning side slam.
- Harper calls for Crazy to get to his feet and lays him out with the Lariat for the 3 count.

Winner - Luke Harper

"Live in fear" hits as Bray Wyatt stares at Harper from the top of ramp and shouts "Follow the Buzzards" at Harper before disappearing again.

Match 5 - Shelton Benjamin vs Kyle O Reilly

"Gold Standard" hits as Shelton Benjamin comes to a pop from the XPW Crowd and prepares for his match

Kyle O Reilly comes out mic in hand and says due to your disgraceful assault last week that he has not been cleared to compete tonight as the XPW crowd boo him.

Shelton says he can come down or here like a man or im going to come there and kick your ass.

Shelton heads out the ring and heads up the ramp but as he closes in on O Reilly, Cole appears from behind and smashes him over the head with a steel chair knocking Shelton out. Tyson Kidd comes out to stop the beatdown as the XPW boo as Cole & O Reilly back off.

No contest

We go backstage and see XPW World Champion heading to the ring next.

"Mama Said Knock You Out" hits as XPW World Champ Samoa Joe heads out to the ring and grabs a mic.

Last week i became XPW World Champ and cemented by place as the best wrestler in the world today yet some small time punk bitch decided he was going to come out here and disrespect me because he's not the got the balls to stick in his own company and took his ball and went home like a bitch.

Punk this is my yard and next time you get in my face im going to choke you out and snap your neck.

"Cult of Personality" hits as CM Punk comes through the curtains with a smirk on his face.

So i took my ball and went home huh? No i took my ball and went where the best of the best is where if you don't bring your A-game you won't get anywhere. I needed a challenge it's hard being the best in the world when no one is on my level. So you can sit there running your mouth like a scared bitch or i can come down there and put you to sleep.

Joe tells Punk to bring it bitch!

Punk storms the ring and they start brawling around ringside with Joe getting the upper hand throwing Punk head first into a ring post. Joe grabs a chair at ringside and swings but Punk ducks and kicks it back in his face sending him towards the barriers, Punk charges at Joe but Joe lands a thunderous STO on the concrete floor. Joe throws Punk back in the ring and drags him over for the the muscle buster but Punk fights out and tries for the Go To Sleep but Joe slides off out the ring and grabs his title. Joe heads back to the ring and goes to get on the apron but as Punk charges Joe jumps down and heads up the ramp to booes from the XPW Crowd as the show goes off air with Joe raising the title from the ramp.


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OPAL Wrestling Genesis

Episode 6

Live From NIA, Birmingham

Attendance 16,548

Injuries: Hiroshi Tanahashi
Video Package

The video package takes us back to OPAL Showtime! Where Kurt Angle picked up the victory over Solomon Crowe, it also shows us the debut of Goldberg last week where he pinned the Heavyweight Champion, then the picture fades into the image of Sami Callihan and Jon Moxey from the promo last week.


The camera pans around a packed NIA where we see the fans who looked pumped and ready for tonight’s action.
TS “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Genesis”
S “We have a packed show tonight, how will Shane McMahon respond to Callihan and Moxey?”
BH “We will also find out who will be the number one contender for the title at OPAL’s Wanted Dead or Alive, where Goldberg, Uhaa Nation, James Storm and Silas Young go at it.”
TS “And Noam Dar has earned a match against Kurt Angle tonight, what would a win do for him?”
BH “There is no point dwelling on that, he’s never going to win.”
S “Anything can happen in the World Wrestling …. I mean OPAL Wrestling, My bad guys”
TS “Let’s go to ringside.”
Match 1


The match is very back and forth, Goto and Par-K look strong, Sombra and CIMA look to be relying on their speed, but it always seems to get countered by the awesome Goto.  Goto starts to dominate CIMA using various moves to keep the advantage.  CIMA eventually tags in La Sombra and Goto tags in Par-K, La Sombra hits a Hurricanrana, Par-K looks disorientated, out of nowhere Goto hits the ring and hits Shouten! On Par-K and covers him ordering the ref to count, he picks up the three and exits the ring.  Sombra then goes over and picks up the three also, winning the match for his team.


After the match Goto celebrates on the ramp, holding the New Blood Title high above his head, La Sombra and CIMA are in the ring looking on, L.A. Par-K cannot believe what has just happened.  Goto has now earned a Heavyweight title match at next week’s Genesis.


We go backstage and we see MsChif in the locker room when Christina Von Eerie enters, MsChif gets up in her face and demands why she cost her the title last week.  CVE says that MsChif should have never been champion and that she carried her during their tandem run.  MsChif says that she remembers pinning her for the title.  CVE says that was while her back was turned, and then CVE suggests a Cage Match at the PPV, nowhere to run nowhere to hide, MsChif agrees with no hesitation.



This match is back and forth with Rayne getting the upper hand on Paige, she continues to dominate Paige, until she goes for the Rayne Drop, which Paige manages to counter, when Rayne is down “The Look” hits and out comes Lady Lory, who again, like last week struts around the ring, however this time she gets in the ring and attacks Paige.  Lory gets the upper hand and Rayne soon joins her in the attack.


After the match Lady Lory and Madison Rayne continue to pound on Paige, they continue to beat the hell out of her until “Insatiable” hits and out races Layla, who comes to Paige’s aide.  Lory goes to Layla, who knocks her down with ease and then turns her attention to Rayne, they continue to exchange blows but Layla gets the upper hand.  Paige recovers enough to start slugging it out with Lory.  Layla and Paige fight off Rayne and Lory who retreat to the back, “Insatiable” hits and Layla celebrates with Paige until Layla kicks Paige and hits her with The Layout, and then turns and leaves her music starts up again.

The camera turns to Shane McMahon’s office, there is a knock at the door and Shane yells for them to come in, the door opens and in walks Triple H and Stephanie, they all embrace in a hug and Shane thanks them for coming.  Triple H says that when family ask for backup family deliver, he goes on to say that together the McMahon-Helmsley’s will rid OPAL of Callihan and Moxey.


The match is completely dominated by Angle, who uses all of his technical moves to outsmart Dar.  Dar tries to use his speed to get past Angle, but it’s to no avail.  At one point in the match Dar starts to build a little offensive and gets a close two count, but Angle kicks out and gets back on the offensive.  Goldberg strolls down to the ringside area, Dar is down and Angle is talking trash at him.  Dar recovers enough to roll up Angle and pick up the three count.


After the match Noam Dar quickly exits the ring and leaves celebrating, Goldberg paces around the outside of the ring while Angle looks on in the ring.  Goldberg threatens to come into the ring, Angle looks nervous about the prospect of facing Goldberg but appears ready.  Goldberg jumps on to the apron, and Angle stumbles and falls over, Goldberg laughs and heads back to the locker room.  The crowd taunt Angle and he leaves the ring telling the crowd to shut up.


We see an image of doors that have been kicked open and the camera then pans to see two security guards that are laid out on the floor, it appears there has been some sort of scuffle.  Shane, Trips and Steph appear at the scene and Shane starts stressing out, Triple H tells Shane not to worry, even if they are in the building he has got it sorted, Moxey and Callihan will not get to Shane.
Back to ringside


Kruger is quickly dominated by Sheamus much to Barrett’s displeasure.  Sheamus continues to dominate Kruger until Barrett gets on the apron, but he is met with a Brogue Kick.  Kruger takes advantage of the distraction, and rolls him up only to get a two.  Sheamus recovers very quickly and beats Kruger down, hitting him with the Irish Curse and getting the three count.


After the match Sheamus calls out Abyss, and he duly answers the call, Emma in tow.  Sheamus demands that he release Emma or he will have to come and kick his teeth down his throat.  Abyss gets on the mic and tells Sheamus to bring it.  Sheamus leaves the ring and heads up the ramp, at this Papa Shango comes from under the ring smoke bellowing out of the skull.  He approaches Sheamus from behind who stops immediately and drops to the floor, appearing to have some sort of convulsion.  Papa Shango laughs while waving his staff above a downed Sheamus before leaving.


We cut to the locker room where we see lockers that have been pushed over and the locker room looks trashed, we see Hiroshi Tanahashi laying on the floor, Shane, Trips and Steph walk in and Shane calls for the EMT’s.  Shane is starting to look even more stressed, Trips and Steph tell him to calm down they have got his back.


At the start of the match Goldberg takes everyone down, then working the crowd.  Young, Storm and Nation then all attack Goldberg in unison taking Goldberg out of the game for a while, Nation and Young the beat on Storm, dominating him, until Goldberg comes back taking on Young.  Young and Goldberg are going at it and Nation and Storm are going at it, very even.  Callihan and Moxey walk down the stairs in the crowd and take some front row seats, Nation and Storm are too occupied with each other, but Young spots them and starts talking trash to them, as he turn around Goldberg hits a spear and picks up the win.


After causing the distraction that allowed Goldberg to pick up the win, Moxey and Callihan hit the ring and attack Goldberg quickly taking him down, and tossing him to the outside, Callihan and Moxey then occupy the ring and Callihan calls for a mic, Callihan then calls out Shane McMahon. “Here Comes the Money” hits and Shane appears on the stage, he says that he has bought with him the only people he trusts in the world, his family.  “King of Kings” hits and out comes Triple H and Steph.  Trips takes the mic and tells Callihan and Moxey that their little stunt has backfired because they gave warning last week, he says that Callihan and Moxey think they are untouchable, he then says come on boys take them out.  Out come Randy Orton and Batista, Triple H tells them they need more friends to take on a company of this size, and Orton and Batista walk around the ring, when out of nowhere Konnor and Viktor jump over the crowd barrier and start slugging it out with Batista and Orton, while Callihan and Moxey smile, they exit the ring and head towards Trips, Steph and Shane, who quickly leave the stage.  Konnor and Viktor grab chairs and start beating the hell out of Orton and Batista.  Callihan and Moxey chase the Authority though the arena but come to a halt when they see a limo speeding off, and the show closes with Moxey and Callihan looking pleased with themselves.


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YCW week 8

Yorkshire Anthem

Jojo makes her return this week much to the excitement of the crowd, Jojo once again selects a new record to sing for the crowd leading them of a rendition of Tubthumper by Leeds band chumbawumba, which pleases the crowd, Jojo then takes a bow and makes her way to back

Opening Segment
Zeb Coulter makes his way out onto the stage to boos from the crowd Zeb collects a microphone before rolling into the win. Zeb starts by saying that once more his team showed that they had the upper hand over Big Daddy and says Big Daddy is still left guessing how he will overcome the combined powers. Zeb says he would be a fool not accept the Big Daddys challenge of a team battle at the PPV, But Zeb says they have already got one over Big Daddy so a victory at the PPV would mean nothing to them and wouldn’t change anything, So Zeb says he has a proposition, Zeb says the team will compete if the White Rose championship is put on the line at the same time, Zeb then says he comfortable naming his three guys now they will be John Cena, Giant Haystacks and Mark Henry and the team have decided that if they win John Cena will be crowned their champion. Zeb says that he hasnt forgotten about Regal and he has an idea he wants to propose, Zeb suggests a match earlier in the PPV between Regal and a man of Big Daddys chossing, which ever team earns the victory in this match, will have a man advantage come the decider. Zeb says that if Big Daddy is so confident about beating his team then he should have no problem agreeing to his terms.

Zeb then steals a phrase from Big Daddys book and shouts lets then get show started, he then throws the microphone to the side and marches to the back.

Match 1 Heath Slater/Jinder Mahal/ Drew Macintyre vs Fandango/Lashley/Del Rio on Commentary Satrdust/Goldust/Sandow

• Heath and Fandango start us off, quite a fast paced start with both men eager to gin the advantage
• Fandango eventually catches heath with a swinging Neckbreaker and gains a 1 count.
• Fandango tags in Lashley who works over heath with a series of powerbombs and spinebuster before tagging in Del Rio, Del rio goes for the arm bar submission but Heath makes it to the ropes.
• Del Rio tags in Fandango who dances around Heath he then goes to the top rpe looking for the leg drop but misses.
• Both men make it to the corners, in comes Drew who hits a huge clothesline on Delrio before spending sometime working the legs
• Drew then picks up Del Rio and hits the double underhook DDT, Drew covers but is broken by Lashley.
• Jinder then hits the ring and takes down Lashley, Fandango also enters the ring but is Blocked by Heath.
• The referee orders the men to their corners the competitors protest so the ref gives them a talking to.
• Cody Rhodes then hits the ring and hits Cross Rhodes on Drew Macintyre, the ref calls for the bell
• Jinder and heath attempt to enter the ring again but are brought down from the apron by Sandow and Goldust

Winners via DQ 3MB

JV: So Damien your team mates both have snappy in ring names, considered one yourself?
DS: Actually I have from now on you can just refer to me as Dust, it straight to the point and less flamboyant but I like it.

Backstage Segment

Big Daddy is sat in his office backstage he looks furious, when in walks the British Bulldog, Bulldog asks if Big Daddys saw Zebs address, Big Daddys say of course he did he knows everything that goes on on his show, Bulldog asks if Big Daddy will accept Zebs demands. Big Daddy says he doesn’t real have a choice as by now accepting would be a sign of weakness and that what reflect bad on the Yorkshire people, Bulldog then asks Big Daddys if he can be the man to face Regal at the PPV as he has some unfinished business with Regal from his debut, Big Daddys agrees but says Bulldog better get the victory to ensure team Yorkshire has the advantage.

In Ring segment( Super Heavyweight Celebration)

Hornswoggle make his way out from the back struggling to carry the huge super heavyweight championship belt, he makes his way to ringside then into the ring. Hornswoggle thanks the fans for their support and says that winning the title was the best moment of his career, I says it made then strict diet he stuck to reach the target weigh all the more worth it and that if he has to eat anymore deep-fried pizzas any time soon it will be too soon. Hornswoggle, then goes on to say that not only did he win the title but the heart of his lover who feels he can now provide for her, Hornswoggle then welcomes Tamina Snuka to the ring, he says finally they can announce that the baby she is expecting is actually Hornswoggles and they no longer need to hide. Tamina lifts hornswoggle in the air and tosses him up and down with the Belt above his head, which causes weights to fall from his pockets, We then cut backstage with Big Daddy watching shaking his head.

Match 2 Brodus(still dressed as Mel B) vs Yokozuna
• Slow start to the match with the competitors both testing their Strength, Yokozuna eventually gains the upperhand
• Yokuzuna takes Brodus down with a running hip attack, before bouncing off the ropes with a splash
• Yokozuna then cover Brodus and gains a 2 count, he picks up Brodus and hits a front powerslam
• Yokuzuna continues to work on the down Brodus before picking him up and bear hugging him
• Brodus Struggles with the bear hug and hits several headbutts on Yokuzuna forcing him to release.
• Brodus then runs at Yokozuna and hits a big boot, BRodus goes for a splash of his own and covers for a 1 count
• Brodus lifts Yokozuna to his feet and throws him against the ropes, as Yokuzuna rebounds Brodus hits him with a crossbody
• Brodus looks to end the match with a choke slam, but Yokozuna fights his way out and connects with a savage kick
• Yokozuna then hits the Banzai drop for the 3 count and the victory
Winner Yokuzuna

After Match

Khali comes down to the ring and starts to attack the beaten Brodus he strips him off the Leopard Print leotard and Wig and uses grates his leg across Brodus face to remove the make up, Khali then lifts Brodus up by the throat and tells him that it didn’t have to be this way and he only ever wanted to be Brodus friend not Boyfriend, Khali then chokebombs Brodus, before shouting at him that this still isn’t enough to make him see sense so he will see him at the PPV.

Jimmy Snuka is backstage when he is approached by Umaga, Umaga says he wants his money back for the tickets as he was clearly played by his daughter and isn’t interested in his daughter anymore, jimmy says umaga must still have been with his daughter to believe he was the father, so he feels they are now even as the tickets Umaga provided were also cheap. Umaga says atleast you got to see the muscical where I am now left with nothing after you caused me to lose my championship, Jimmy says Umaga should blame Hornswoggle and Tamina for that not him, they were both lied too, Umaga says he is till holding Jimmy partly responsible but can see hes point, umaga says he has an idea where he can kill two birds with one stone.

Match 3
Giant Haystacks vs Roman Reigns
• The two men lockup to start, haystacks takes the advantage with a knee shot to the stomach.
• Haystacks works Reigns in the corners throwing him from one to the other and hitting shoulder charges
• Haystacks drops the elbow on Reigns before covering for a 1 count
• Haystacks picks up Reigns and hits several fallout slams before covering again, this time for a 2 count
• Haystacks argues with the referee clearly frustrated and picks Reigns, he looks for a Powerbomb, but Reigns punches at the head of Haystacks
• Haystaks drops Reigns and the two then begin to trade blows, Reigns eventually gains the upperhand with a huge right hand
• Reigns then charges at haystacks and takes him down with a running Clothesline
• Reigns waits for haystacks to get to his feet before charging at him and hitting the spear
• Reigns cover for a two count, he picks up Haystacks and throws him into the ropes
• As haystacks rebounds Reigns connects with the superman punch and covers for the 3 count

Winner Roman Reigns

The super heavyweights Viscera, Vader , Yokozuna are complaining to Big Daddy about the mockery Hornswoggle has made of the division, when in walks Big Show, Big show says he too thinks Hornswoggle has caused outrage amongst the super sized community and that he would make a much better champion. Big Daddys says he agrees that Hornswoggle should not have been competing for that championship, Big Daddy says he has had enough of people being deceitful and hornswoggle clearly didn’t meet the specifications, which is why he is left with no choice and is stripping him of the title. Big Daddys says seen as the four men think they should all be champion at the PPV there will be a match to crown the real Super Heavyweight Champion but next it will be Big Show vs Vader with Viscera as Referee. Big Daddy then says since Hornswoggle lied to others as well as him he can face the two men he affected as punishment, so he will face Umaga and Jimmy Snuka.

Match 4
Big Show vs Vader special referee Viscera
• Both men test each other strengths in the beginning of the match, before Big show headbutts Vader
• Big show then hits Vader with a big boot to ground him, then follows up with leg drop
• Big Show then covers but only for a 1 count, Big show then argues with Viscera saying it was a slow count
• Vader is back on his feet and as Big Show turns around, Vader takes him down with a Dropkick
• Vader then climbs to the second rope and looks for the Vader Crush but Big show rolls away
• Big Show lifts up Vader and connects with a Chokeslam
• Big Show covers, Viscera gets to the two count before stopping.
• Big show gets up infuriated and swings at Viscera and the two begin to trade blows
• Vader gets up and hits a double clothesline on the two, Yokozuna then hits the ring from the crowd and takes out Vader
• The four men have to be separate by numerous Security guards before the show continues

Winner No Contest

Jinder and Heath are in the back discussing how it seems like they have the champs rattled and that if given the opportunity they feel they could beat them, when I walks Drew with a smile on his face, Drew says he has just been speaking to Big Daddy and he has agreed to give them a shot at the title at the PPV, Drew says they will need to train hard if they are to win starting tonight, heath looks worried he says he has just been booked to play at Swarcliffe Working men club tonight and has other gigs during the week, jinder says surely Heath can cancel his gigs given the circumstances, heath says he doesn’t like to disappoint his fans so they will just have to work around his schedule, maybe they could train during the bingo interval, jinder and Drew look at each other worried.

In Ring
Big Daddy comes out and says it is time for the main event which means the White Rose championship is on the line, and this time he wont bow down to Zeb demands and he is picking the man that earl will face and if Zeb wants to ruin that show it will be his choice, its only one week until Big Daddy wont have to worry about Zeb ever again.

Big Daddys then announces that the person he judged to be the best costume from last week other than his nephew was Damien Sandows giant Yorkshire pudding costume, it was a true Yorkshire Icon known the world over and that is why Sandow is receiving the chance to grab his dreams. Big Daddys says this is what he has always been about about giving people the chance to make the most of their careers and rewarding good work and it is only the shallow minded, self-centred individuals who fail to see this, this why his team will win at the PPV

Match 5
Eorl Crabtree vs Damien Sandow
• The match starts and Earl takes control of the match over powering Sandow
• Eorl throws Sandow against the ropes before hitting a huge Spinebuster, Eorl then cover for a 1 count
• Eorl then works on the legs and chest of Sandow hitting a series of elbow drops and stomps
• Eorl picks picks up Sandow before plating him with a DDT, Eorl covers once more for a two count
• Earl goes to the second rope going high risk and looks to hit a splash but Sandow manages to lift the knee
• Sandow is up first and he runs against the ropes and comes back at earl with dropkick to the face
• Sandow Lifts up Eorl before plating im with a Frankensteiner, he cover for a 2 count
• Sandow then looks to end the match with a Full nelson slam, but Eorl counters with a throat thrust
• Eorl the connects with a Powerbomb, befoe following up with a standing splash for the 3 count.

Winner Earl Crabtree

Big Daddy and Earl celebrate his victory in the ring whilst looking up at the War of the Roses PPV banner which falls from the ceiling. We then Cut backstage where Zeb and his guys are looking on determined.

PPV Card
Brodus Clay vs Khali

Super Heavyweight Championship
Viscera vs Big Show vs Vader vs Yokozuna

Match 3
British Bulldog vs William Regal

Match 4
Triples Championship Match
3MB vs Stardust/Goldust/Dust

Match 5
Umaga vs Hornswoggle vs Jimmy Snuka

Match 6
White Rose Championship team decider ( if team Lancashire lose Zeb is fired)
Team Yorkshire (Big Daddy, Earl Crabtree, Roman Reigns/ Magnus) vs Team Lancashire(Zeb Coulter,Mark Henry, John Cena, Giant Haystacks)


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