Jimmy's Drugs Admission

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Jimmy's Drugs Admission Empty Jimmy's Drugs Admission

Post by CaledonianCraig on Tue 04 Nov 2014, 7:48 pm

I see that Jimmy White is admitting he dabbled in drugs after his 1984 World Final loss V Steve Davis. He has revealed he was on cocaine for three months - heck it must have been strong stuff as he says it cost him 10 world titles. Shocked

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Jimmy's Drugs Admission Empty Re: Jimmy's Drugs Admission

Post by EdWoodjr on Fri 28 Nov 2014, 10:27 pm

Can't say that Jimmy's admission that he dabbled with toot (albeit for 3 months) left me numb with shock as his hellraising past has been well documented. However, for him to suggest that it may have cost him 10 World Titles does stretch credibility way beyond snapping point.
Quick recap : For most of the 80s he was schooled by The Nugget (granted, he ran him close in the aforementioned '84 final) before the Hendry juggernaut bossed the first half of the 90s. Shortly thereafter Messrs O'Sullivan, Higgins and Williams had served their professional apprenticeship and were starting to mop the floor with (an already declining) Jimmy on a regular basis so where those '10 World Titles' were going to come from is anyone's guess.
Few could deny he could easily have won at least a couple. Only an on-fire Parrott (who was 7-0 up, each won in one visit) stopped him in his tracks in '91, it took a 10 frame Hendry charge to pip him in '92 and that missed black from '94 has went into snooker folklore.
It's often said that dartitis may well have cost Bristow 10 World Titles but Jimmy's likewise claim (and the reason for it) is more wishful thinking than anything else. He has a book to sell I suppose.
Will be giving it a read though.


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