WWE Raw Results - Spoilers ahead

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WWE Raw Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Fernando on Tue 18 Nov 2014, 11:03 am

The Authority comes out and talks about Survivor Series, and Triple H says everyone wants them to lose power, but they aren’t getting what they want. He talks about Vince McMahon being a hero now after he was a bad guy while in charge, and now the fans are doing the same thing to them. HHH says the last time the “inmates ran the asylum” it was in WCW, and they bought that company out cheap, so it can’t happen again. He says they are going to have the biggest contract signing ever, and we’ll see who sticks with Cena after it’s all said and done tonight.
Stephanie puts over Team Authority, and talks about how they almost had their team set last week, then Ryback comes out and says The Authority wants what’s ‘best for business.’ He says John Cena wants what’s best for the WWE Universe, but he wants what’s best for Ryback. Stephanie says that’s all fine and makes Kane apologize for his actions, then she plays clips of Cena mocking him in the past, and says Cena did all of that because he’s jealous. Stephanie asks if Ryback wants to put up with Cena like that, or if he wants the respect of The Authority, but Ryback says all he cares about is Team Ryback.

Intercontinental Championship
Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler (c)

Triple H announces a match, then books the title defense stipulation on the fly, then Mercury and Noble run in and attack Dolph before Rollins hits him with the briefcase. Dolph struggles to pull himself up and tells the ref to ring the bell, then Harper kicks him right in the face and gets a near fall. Harper picks him up and powerbombs him for another near fall, then he charges at Dolph again and gets knocked outside. We get back from a break to see Harper slam Dolph’s head on the mat, then he charges the corner but Dolph sidesteps and connects with a Famouser. Harper comes back with a spinning side slam for two, then he goes for a powerbomb but Dolph blocks, so he hits a lariat for the win. 

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion – Luke Harper

The Miz and Damien Mizdow cut a backstage promo about the future and acting, and it’s revealed that they are standing next to Grumpy Cat. Mizdow holds a ‘stunt’ cat and they make fun of Grumpy Cat, then they walk away. 

Adam Rose vs Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya)

Rose backs Kidd into the corner and punches him, then the ref calls for a break but Rose kicks him in the face and yells something at the Bunny. Kidd comes back with a kick off the ropes, then he whips Rose but ends up getting caught with a spinebuster for a two count. The Bunny flirts with Natalya and Rose yells at him to stay away, then Kidd use the distraction to make Rose tap to the Sharpshooter. 

Winner – Tyson Kidd 

Bray Wyatt comes out and talks about a man who has nothing left to lose being very dangerous, and he says Dean Ambrose should be careful. Bray says he promises that he comes in peace, and Ambrose still feels torment, but he can offer him some real salvation and he wants him to feel it. He says their sould are intertwined and Ambrose should embrace him, then Ambrose cuts him off and appears on the Titantron. Ambrose says he already heard him loud and clear, but Bray’s words are like nails on a chalkboard and he is sick of listening. Ambrose tells Bray to run, then Ambrose runs in from behind and attacks Bray, punching him several times and kicking him out of the ring. Bray runs and Ambrose says he doesn’t need to be saved, but Bray should worry about saving himself. 

Ryback vs Cesaro

Ryback connects with a few strikes and a suplex for two, then he whips Cesaro and gets caught with a release belly-to-belly throw. Ryback comes back with a Thesz press and some mounted punches in the corner, then Cesaro pulls him off the turnbuckles and powerbombs him to counter. Cesaro stomps him and sends him into the corner, then he knees him in the stomach and clotheslines him outside as we go to a break. We get back to see Ryback break a side headlock, then he knocks Cesaro down and sets up for a Meathook.

Cesaro rolls outside but Ryback pulls him back in and splashes him, then he blocks a corner kick with a powerbomb for two. Ryback calls for Shell Shocked but Cesaro floats over and hits a German suplex, then Ryback blocks a second but Cesaro sends him shoulder first into the ringpost. Cesaro hits three more German suplexes for a near fall, then he heads up top and connects with an elbow drop. Ryback comes back with a powerslam and calls for a Meathook, but Cesaro counters with an uppercut for two. Cesaro calls for a Neutralizer, but Ryback hits a Meathook clothesline and follows with Shell Shocked for the win. 

Winner – Ryback 

Rusev (w/ Lana) vs Heath Slater

Rusev and Lana come out for a promo and run down the crowd until Heath Slater cuts them off (wearing a patriotic costume) and says they should shut up. Slater says the American spirit runs through him and everyone else here, and his run ends tonight, and calls him a son of a bitch. Rusev kicks him as soon as the bell rings, then he stomps him and makes him tap out to the Accolade. 

Winner – Rusev 

Miz cuts another promo with Grumpy Cat, then Erick Rowan walks in and says he wants the cat, but takes Mizdow’s prop cat away and leaves. 
Big Show makes his entrance, then Stephanie McMahon comes out and says she’s been watching the WWE Network and watched Big Show’s debut, and he was billed as Andre The Giant’s son. She says he’s always been in someone’s shadow, and he wants to be the star, but it’s up to him and The Authority, not the fans. Stephanie says she can guarantee him success if he does the right thing, and he should step away from Team Cena.
Stephanie offers him an induction as an active competitor in the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame class, but Sheamus cuts them off before he can answer. Sheamus says this time next week, the only time he’ll see Triple H and Stephanie is if they buy a ticket, then Stephanie says it would be a shame for him to be deported if his Visa was revoked due to a clerical error. Stephanie says they will fight each other tonight, and the winner will get a future world title shot, just to make things more interesting. 

Big Show vs Sheamus
Both men fight for position and start to get angry, then Show unloads with some punches and chops before Sheamus fires right back. Sheamus goes for a scoop slam as we get back from a break, but Show reverses it and follows with an elbow drop for a near fall. Show applies an inverted deathlock but Sheamus grabs the ropes, then he punches Show and hits a double sledge before dropping Show with a clothesline. Sheamus hits a kneelift before Show kicks him in the head, then Show goes for another elbow drop but Sheamus rolls away. Sheamus heads up top but Show spears him in midair, but Sheamus kicks out so Show calls for a chokeslam. Sheamus floats over and hits White Noise for two, then he goes for a Brogue Kick but Show counters with a chokeslam for two. Show climbs the ropes but Sheamus knocks him down, then Rusev and Henry come out and attack both men to cause a no contest. 

Result – No Contest

Exhibition Match
Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella 

Brie is dressed as AJ, and they tie up and Nikki hits an elbow off of a whip. She hits a backbreaker and follows with another slam, then AJ Lee (at commentary) jumps on the apron. Nikki swings at her and misses, then Brie rolls Nikki up for the win. Nikki attacks Brie after the bell but AJ runs in and catches her with a Shining Wizard, then Brie does a YES chant but AJ DDT’s her and leaves. 

Winner – Brie Bella 

The Miz, Damien Mizdow & Gold and Stardust
vs Los Matadores & The Usos 

Miz showboats a bit and the Matadores answer with a splash as we go to a break, then we get back to see Stardust taunt the opposition. We get a cluster run in that results in a few thrust kicks and some splashes, then Stardust hits Dark Matter at the end of it for the win. 

Winners – The Miz, Damien Mizdow, Gold and Stardust

The Authority comes to the ring for the contract signing, then Triple H says the fans think they love WWE and John Cena will say the same, but they have no idea. He says all of this is the air they breathe and he tells Stephanie they can’t lose, and she says they won’t, and HHH says she is right. HHH tells the whole team they will not and cannot lose, so he is giving Team Cena one more chance to back out. He says they will wish they had after Sunday, then Stephanie puts the team over and introduces Team Cena. John Cena walks out alone and HHH says it’s ironic that he can’t see the rest of the team, but Cena says the jokes are going to stop this Sunday. Cena says they will lose and he will do it with four people in the crowd, then he says he knows he’d win because his team has passion, while The Authority are a bunch of suck ups.

Cena tells a story about how The Authority will fall, starting with Kane, then Harper, Rusev and Henry, until they finally get to Rollins by himself. Cena says they will watch as he gets the final pin, then Stephanie slaps him, but Cena tells her to move because now they fight, and Cena moves the table out of the way. Dolph Ziggler joins them, followed by Big Show, and HHH shows them they are outnumbered, but Erick Rowan makes his way out to the ring. Harper looks shocked that Rowan is against him, then everyone starts to have words and Stephanie says Cena is still one man short. Cesaro makes his way out and stands with Cena, but ends up walking across the ring and The Authority has a good laugh about the fake out. Ryback comes out and joins Team Cena, and everyone brawls until HHH tries to put Cena through a table. Ryback cuts him off and they have a staredown, then Cena puts HHH through a table with an Attitude Adjustment and Team Cena celebrates to end the show. 


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