6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 6:07 pm

6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Zc1nU5p

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 7:59 pm

*The show begins with Hollywood and Primetime standing outside the The Echo Arena with a large group of queuing 6CW fans. The camera gives us the classic shaky image as The Producers spin around from signing autographs to talk to the viewers watching at home.

H: Welcome, 6CW to Ground Zero here at the Echo Arena in glorious Liverpool!

*The crowd behind the pair pop loudly, and the duo have to shout to be heard over them

P: We are here tonight still on our quest to get our names on that card and earn back our tag team titles

H: That's right Prime T, we are with the hundreds


H: Of Producers fans waiting to get in for the show, and we have been networking baby

P: We taking names and kissing fat chicks all for those tag titles

H: Who has got our petition, 6CW?!

*The fans cheer again and a huge 6-C-DUB chant erupts as a clipboard is thrown from the crowd right onto Primetime's head, knocking him down dramatically to the ground. Hollywood bends down to pick up the petition. He flips over a number of pages but doesn't look happy

H: 12 names

*From the ground Primetime shouts up

P: But we signed it, surely there are more than 10 Producers fans in the crowd?!

H: Well, we both got our mums to sign it, and you faked Hobo's signature. Bam signed it twice and then Hurst and Reborn left us their signatures to glue on too

P: Which I did, by the way

H: So that leaves us with three fans

*Primetime gets to his feet, his head dripping with blood having clearly bladed

P: Well, who have we got then.

H: Well, looking at this list I’ve got a Bea O'Problem and I can see Mike Rotch too

P: Amanda definitely signed it though right, I'm looking for Amanda Huggenkiss

*Hollywood turns around to the 6CW crowd

H: Who wants to see The Producers wrestle tonight for the tag team titles?!

*There's a huge cheer and Hollywood turns back to Primetime

H: See, they love us

*As the pair look smug they fail to see everyone run off as a limo rolls in and Anthony Grace steps out. They turn around with the petition in hand for more signatures and see no one remains

P: So we've got 12 names and I lost both of my pens

*The pen flies through the air and hits Primetime in the head, flooring him again

H: Good god almighty, that nearly broke him in half

*The scene fades to black as Hollywood helps his partner up

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:00 pm

*A voiceover begins, grainy footage of 6CW superstars can be seen as the story of 2014 is shown






The 6CW logo appears on the blank screen, ‘This Fire Burns’ booms out of the speakers. The crowd leaps to their feet, and erupt in a chorus of noise as a blue, white, and yellow pyrotechnics display goes off. As the camera pans around the sold out Echo Arena in Liverpool across the thousands in attendance the voice of Harold Lloyd can be heard

HA: Ladies and Gentleman, the time has finally come, after a huge year of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows we have reached the final PPV of the year.

HE: We are in the sold out Echo arena in Liverpool, this crowd are going crazy and we are only minutes away from the first action of the night. This is Ground Zero!!!!!!!

HA: And this is 6CW

Both: AND IT’S TIME TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:02 pm

*Christy James is backstage, mic in hand and a dazzling dress draped down her body.

CJ: My guest at this time, making his first ever PPV appearance for 6CW...

*Before Christy can finish her sentence, Buck Riggins steps in

BR: Do pardon me miss, but I'm rightly thinking that no one introduces Buck Riggins like this here 6CW crowd. My name is Buck, and I like to

*The crowd bellows out the final word and Buck smiles

BR: Thank you kindly missy, you go ahead now and ask me some of those there questions

CJ: Buck, your first big event here in 6CW and already it's a second match against a man decorated with many titles in this industry. Nervous?

BR: Buck Riggins don't get nervous. Way I see it, y'all pay me to wrestle and that's what I'm going out there to do. Buck don't care if it's a champ, a chimp or a chump, I'm going out there to fight somebody either way. Daniel Reilly wants another round then imma give him just that.

CJ: And what about this 6CW crowd, they seem to be right behind you already?

BR: Buck gonna give em good reason to be. Yes ma'am, I'm gon go out there and raise some hell

*He offers his hand, which Christy shakes, and then walks away as the scene fades

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:04 pm

*Timothy Allen is backstage waiting to talk to another 6CW star

TA: My guest at this time...the one and only Bam Sparkleston!

*The crowd pop and Bam walks into shot with a more serious expression on his face.

Bam: ERMA...sorry guys I can’t do it, I’ve been holding some from you all for a couple of months now and it’s only right and fair you as my loyal Bam fans are told the truth.

*Timothy Allen looks a little surprised by Bam’s demeaneur

Bam: A couple of months ago my dad passed away after a long battle with cancer, he was in pain and he suffered but he kept battling to the bitter end, tbh it took a lot out of me.
Coming straight from the hospice every few days from Los Angeles with tears rolling down my face to then wear the face of a clown, this place was my escape but even here there’s what you Brits call ‘w@nkers?’ in guys like Cagero, a guy who believes he’s better than me, that he’s been, seen and done it all and I’m beneath him.
I hold my hands up Cagero, I’m young, I’m brash, I’ve got a lot to learn in this business, I come across as a fool sure, but I respected you, like I do every single star backstage, they graft day in day out, they put their bodies through torture simply to entertain.
Yet you don’t have my respect anymore.
You tried to end my career, you happily attacked me backstage and wanted to cause permanent damage, you’re a veteran of this industry, someone that should be passing on his knowledge, yet you behave like a schoolground bully fearful of the new kid taking their spot.

*The camera zooms in on Bam and tears are rolling down his face. Tim Allen looks a little uncomfortable

Bam: Later this evening we meet in that ring, later this evening I’m going to give 100% for the fans, for my dad and it probably won’t be enough but I tell you this Cagero. You can kick me, you can punch me, you can beat me to an inch of my life, but I’ll get up, again and again and again. I will keep getting up whilst blood is pouring down my face, with broken ribs, fractured bones and torn ligaments because I’ll be doing it with my father watching down on me.

HA: I’m welling up myself here!
HE: Grow a set, it’s like watching X-Factor.

Bam: But that’s not just why I’m out here tonight, see as my dad was approaching his final moments he turned to me and revealed something that he’d kept secret for his whole life. That I wasn’t his flesh and blood, that I was adopted from birth and raised as his own. I didn’t hate him for keeping that secret, he was my dad, he’ll always be my dad, but I would like to find by biological father. My dad told me that all he knows is that my biodad was also a wrestler, that it was fate how I got into it and that I was following in his footsteps. So I’m standing here on tv making a plea, if you’re watching Biodad then please get in touch, please reach out and contact me, I really need to understand right now...

*Bam says nothing more and turns and walks back through the curtains.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:06 pm

Match 1
Buck Riggins vs. Daniel Reilly

Back at ringside with the commentary team

HA: Time to get this show on the road

HE: Let’s hand over to the announce team for the first time this evening

The crowd settles down and the buzz across the arena is electric

RA: Ladies and Gentleman this is the opening match of Ground Zero!!!

The crowd cheers

RA: Introducing first, from Birmingham weighing in at 220lbs, he is the King of the Street DANIEL REILLY!!!!!!!

Big Things Poppin booms out of the speakers and the former 6CW champion walks through the curtain and onto the top of the ramp. Reilly’s eyes dart across the crowd; shaking his head he has a look of disdain as he makes his way to the ramp

HA: The management have made it clear they will not accept hangers on in 6CW and Daniel Reilly perhaps needs to show he can still play a big part in this industry

HE: He has a glorious past littered with gold but he has never seen eye to eye with the powers that be throughout his career and his recent involvement with The Authority will only serve as another reason for Magnusson and Andrews to want rid of him

HA: They have been very clear that will not be held against him and to be honest it seems that Reilly is using it as an excuse for his poor form. He’s not the competitor he used to be, plain and simple

HE: Well tonight he has a chance to prove the doubters wrong against a guy we know very little about but who was very impressive in his debut against Reilly at Anarchy

Reilly rolls into the ring and starts to trade insults with the crowd

Devil Town starts to play and the crowd is on their feet as Buck Riggins walks out into the arena, he tips his hat to the crowd before walking towards the ring

RA: And his opponent weighing in at 300lbs BUCK RIGGINS!!!

HA: This guy hasn’t been around all that long but his no nonsense attitude has struck a chord with the 6CW universe

HE: He had a good showing on Anarchy and was unlucky not to pick up a win by pinfall. Reilly will have to be at his best to get a win

HA: A best that may be beyond him

Riggins steps into the ring, again he tips his hat before throwing it into the crowd, and keeping one eye on Reilly he shakes hands with the referee as the bell rings Riggins turns to face his opponent

HA: Riggins has both the height and weight advantage here, he showed last time out that he carries a real threat so Reilly will have to use all his veteran know how to get the upper hand

Reilly steps forward raising his hand in the air

HE: Not the smartest move by Reilly, he needs to stay away from Riggins and use his speed advantage

The two lock up and as expected Riggins starts to impart his strength advantage, Reilly is almost at one knee

HA: That’s the ring smarts

Reilly kicks a boot into Riggins knee and the bigger man drops to the mat. Reilly follows up with repeated kicks to the temple, the ref moves in but Reilly pushes him away. Riggins stands up straight and Reilly follows up with a trademark standing drop kick again knocking Riggins to the mat

HE: Impressive from Reilly so far but how will he react when Riggins inevitably gets up a head of steam?

Reilly drags Riggins to his feet and attempts to whip him against the ropes but Buck reverses

HA: Real power shown there by the rookie

HE: Wow

As Reilly bounces off the ropes he is met by a fall away slam tossing him straight out of the ring and to the floor. The crowd are on their feet applauding the feat of strength as Reilly struggles to get to his feet

HA: And now he needs to keep up the attack. Reilly is most dangerous when he is down; he’s like a wounded animal waiting to attack

With Reilly up the crowd are in amazement as Riggins bounces off the ropes and attempts a diving attack to the floor through the ropes


As Riggins dives through the middle rope Reilly manages to move clear and Buck crashes into the boards around the ring

HA: Riggins paying for going too far. He should have concentrated on winning this match and not playing to this crowd

Riggins is in a heap on the mats around the ring as Reilly stalks him like a predator in the wild. The ref is counting from the ring as Reilly picks Riggins up and drags him to the bottom of the ramp

REF: 1…………………………2……………………….3

HE: Suplex on the hard metal that has to be doing some damage

Riggins is driven hard into the steel; he grabs his back and shouts in agony at the impact. Reilly rolls away from the suplex and stands, spreading his arms out wide he goads the crowd as the count continues

REF: 4……………………5……………………………6

HA: Reilly has dominated the rookie so far but surely he wants to pick up the win in the ring to prove to Andrews and Magnusson that he still belongs in 6CW?

Riggins starts to stir

HE: He has never done what others expected of him, maybe this is more about teaching Riggins a lesson?

REF: 7………………………………8……

Reilly punches Riggins in the stomach as he stands and grabbing his hair he rolls him into the ring, as the count reaches 9 Reilly also gets back into the ring

HA: Reilly perhaps showing his tenure in 6CW still has some legs

HE: Wouldn’t talk too soon!!

As Reilly cockily swaggers towards Riggins the young Buck burst forwards with a huge straight arm lariat clothesline. Reilly’s head smacks of the apron and Buck let’s out a roar

HA: Riggins is on the rampage

Reilly is slow to get up and Riggins drags him to his feet, he unleashes a flurry of punches driving Reilly back to the corner before knocking him to the floor with a massive uppercut. Riggins drives a knee to Reilly’s stomach and follows it up with a kick to the face which bursts the nose of his opponent. Blood trickles down the face of the former 6CW champion as he sits dazed resting against the bottom rope

HE: Reilly is seeing stars at the moment.

HA: Buck has got him right where he wants him


The crowd goes crazy as Riggins takes a run up from across the ring driving a knee into the face of his opponent. Reilly slumps forward and the ref takes a second to check on him before Buck drags him to his feet

HA: Reilly has no idea where he is or what is going on

HE: This is the end of his 6CW career, that’s what’s going on

Riggins pulls Reilly into the centre of the ring; the 6CW legend can barely lift his head as Riggins signals to the crowd

HA: The end is nigh


Riggins drives Reilly’s face into the mat with the X Factor face buster and hooks the leg

HA: No getting up from that

REF: 1



The bell rings and the crowd are on their feet as Riggins is declared the winner.

HE: What a great win on his PPV debut

HA: Highly impressive. I see a big future for that young man

Riggins is celebrating with the fans and Reilly is still prone on the mat as the action heads backstage

Match result: Buck Riggins via pinfall
Match time: 3 minutes; 40 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:08 pm

*A shaky image comes to the screen and we see the bloody and beaten face of Deep Heat through the lens. A boot swings and kicks the floored Heat right in the stomach, causing him to scream in pain. A voice can be heard

??: This is what you get for standing in my way

*The camera lifts up and we see the face of Simon Cagero

SC: This idiot thought he could waste my time with offers of management. Simon Cagero doesn't need any help. So this is what happens to people who waste my time

*He kicks Heat again

SC: This is your last warning, Bam. This down here, this inbred idiot, he has received a mere fraction of the beating I will give to you later on tonight. You stand in my way and you get beaten down. Learn your lesson.

*Cagero drops the camera onto Heat and then walks away.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:09 pm

*Alexander Altair is backstage with Christy James. Christy appears nervous as Altair stands close

CJ: My guest at this time...

*Altair snatches the mic and pushes Christy to the floor. The interviewer tries to stand but Altair snaps at her

AA: Stay down little lady or else you’ll be sorry!

*James remains crouched as Altair glares down the camera

AA: This is a message straight to our friendly neighbourhood super hero. Enigma, if that’s your name. Your spot in the limelight is about to be very fleeting. You may see yourself as some kind of vigilante, protecting those that cannot stand up to the big bad evils in 6CW…. Well it’s time for a reality check, this isn’t no comic book, this is real life, this is a world where good doesn’t conquer all, this is a world where the nice guy finishes last

A world where dress up should be left for Halloween

Tonight you will find out first hand what happens when you stick your nose in business that doesn’t concern you. I hope you’ve enjoyed your 5 minutes of fame?

Because you will never forget the night you crossed Alexander Altair!!!

*Altair throws the mic towards Christy who lets out a scream as the scene changes

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:11 pm

*Primetime and Hollywood are backstage, the camera following them as they walk purposefully through the corridors.

H: You heard what those Arrows said, we got the green light, and we can make this party Box Office and win back our titles!

P: Did we ever have them in the first place?

H: Oh I don't know, I still can't remember if we were in 6WF, 6CW, EWF or 6WE.

P: I still prefer my chocolate Oscar anyway

*Hollywood stops suddenly and turns to Primetime

H: THEY WERE CHOCOLATE?! I thought we'd won The Delicious Achievement Award?

P: It's ok my man, they can't do anything but give you a real one when Of Lice and Men is released.

H: That plot twist is a real head scratcher!

P: But until then we can just take those tag titles back!

H: Where is the boss' office then?

P: I don't know, we'll ask someone.

*The pair look around for someone to talk to just as Molly Coddle walks by

H: Ahh, young lady, where is the boss' office?

MC: If you need someone in control I'm sure I can help

P: That's great! We'd like a shot at the tag titles please.

MC: You want to double team someone?

P: Oh yes, we always come as a pair!

MC: I'm sure I can handle both of you.

H: Oh we'll do whatever it takes to get our hands on them again

MC: I didn't realise we'd done this before

P: Oh we're a famous duo

MC: How exciting, follow me gentlemen and we'll get you exactly what you're after, and a little bit more too.

*Molly spins on her heels and walks away. The Producers look at each other

H: Yeah, I knew they couldn't keep saying no!

*Molly clicks her fingers and the pair hurry after her

P: Mr. Andrews might be the boss but looks like this lady is gonna get us off to a flier in 6CW!

*The scene fades as they catch up to Molly

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:13 pm

Match 2
6CW UK Championship
The Re-Match
Simon Cagero © vs. Bam Sparkleston

We cut back to the ringside area as "Best Song Ever" by One Direction begins to ring around the arena to the enjoyment of the fans; their cheers reach even higher levels as Bam Sparkleston bursts on to the stage.

HA: The former champion looking to regain his title! Bam seems to have a different mentality going in to this match tonight!

Bam walks down to the ring, his trademark phone nowhere to be seen as he runs down to the ring before sliding in and getting ready for his opponent

HE: Bam's lighthearted personality is nowhere to be seen...maybe he realises that he's fighting a losing battle?

HA: I think he knows that he has to push himself further than ever if he wants to win this one….we saw his mindset earlier, things are not particularly rosy in his life right now…

The cheers are quickly cut off as the lights in the arena drop down and the familiar intro of "Pardon Me" by Staind begins to play.


I'm one stop
From a breakdown
Two steps from
Being safe
Just try to
See this through
I'm three steps
From this nightmare
And four steps
From the door
The rest is
Up to you

The music picks up, as Simon Cagero kind of stumbles and trips out onto the stage, as if he's been pushed out. He carries a microphone in hand and wears a short sleeved, plain white shirt, along with his wrestling tights. He regains his composure, and walks to the edge of the stage.

Simon: "LET'S DO IT!"

A smile worms its way across his features.

Simon: "Let's get..."

Simon bows his head, and pauses for a moment, allowing him to take a breath.

Simon: "WASTED!"

As he says those words, pyrotechnics go off behind him, causing a fire to catch. The fire forms the words 'Wasted', to which he looks back, and points at them, before starting to walk to the ring, all the while speaking into the microphone

Simon: "That's right ladies and gentlemen. Waste Some Time, Waste Some Money, Waste a Little Bit of Our Precious Little Minds. I see how bored you are this week. Holy Poopie, talk about dull, I don't blame you... But never fear... Never fear, Simon Cagero is here! Only the Most Wasted Man on this God Forsaken Planet... The most over-used, the most abused individual to grace this Frak ring."

He reaches the ring, and climbs in.

Simon: "Of course, he hails from NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK! And weighs in at an impressive 195 pounds... Perhaps the greatest superstar to ever grace ANY God damn ring... As chosen by you, of course."

He climbs the turnbuckle, and looks around at the fans, before bringing the microphone to his lips again.

Simon: "So what do you say...? Want to cause a little controversy tonight...?"

Simon has an avid response from the fans. He jumps down, and chuckles to himself.

Simon: "Then without further ado..."

He throws the microphone to the ringside, before taking off his shirt, and throwing it into the crowd, before backing into his corner.

HE: What a performance...that is a man who is oozing confidence...

HA: Here we go then! The rematch of Bam Sparkleston and the man who beat him for the UK Title Simon Cagero...

HE: It's ridiculous that we have the most talented roster in the world and Bam Sparkleston is allowed to fight for titles

HA: Oh stop it! Bam is a former UK Champion and he has just as much spirit as any of the boys in the back! He loves this business and right now he's living his dream.

HE: Well it's about to become a nightmare Harold!

HA: I don't know Henry, Bam looks focused.

The bells rings and both men meet in the middle of the ring and lock up with Bam surprising Cagero and getting the advantage, to the disgust of the crowd Cagero cuts Bam off driving a knee to the gut of the spirited superstar before pushing him down to the mat and walking away with a smug look across his face.

HA: Cagero needs to take Bam seriously!

HE: Why?

HA: That's why!

The boo's quickly turn in to massive cheers as Cagero turns around only for Bam to charge across the ring tackling the rock star down to the ground and landing repeated ground and pound style punches to the shocked superstar who covers up for defence.

HA: Bam means business here tonight! His time hanging around with guys like Anthony Grace and JJ Johnson is sure paying off!

Bam quickly pulls Cagero up hitting a forearm smash to the face before whipping him off the ropes, as Cagero returns he looks for a clotheslines but Bam ducks it and hits Cagero with a Cena style shoulder block on the return. Cagero gets up and is instantly hit by another shoulder block that causing him to hit the mat hard and roll down to the outside.

HA: Simon is looking vulnerable here! Bam has him on the ropes...

HE: Hardly! Bam is getting lucky but luck can't last forever!

As Cagero walks around the ring trying to get his head back in the game the crowd begins to get hyped once again to his annoyance, he mocks the crowd before turning around


HE: Wow, that was actually quite impressive...

The crowd cheer as Bam comes crashing down from the top rope down to the outside on top of Cagero as the replay shows Bam risking it all hitting a moonsault shocking everyone. As we cut back Bam has pulled himself up and has a massive smile across his face which is quickly cut away as he focused on Cagero once again. Bam rolls Cagero in and makes the cover


HA: Bam was one second away from becoming the UK Champion for a second time in his career! These fans are behind him!

HE: Idiots! Cagero is easily the best wrestler!

HA: Someone should tell Bam...he's in control here!

Bam pulls Cagero up throwing him in to the corner and running to the opposite turnbuckle before charging back and hitting a massive splash on Cagero...

HE: Knee's up! This is Cagero's chance...

As Bam splashes Cagero lifts his knees connecting them with the face of Bam causing him to sway back towards the centre of the ring. Cagero quickly charges forward hitting a knee to the gut before hitting an elbow to the back of the head before pulling Bam back violently by his hair causing him to crash down on to the mat in pain. Cagero attempts the cover but Bam doesn't even let the ref count for one to the annoyance of Cagero who yanks Bam up before throwing him in to the corner hitting mounted punches.

HE: Cagero is about to teach Bam a lesson, one he should have learnt a long time ago!

HA: He needs to be careful! Bam wants that title back.

The ref counts to five forcing Cagero to let Bam out of the corner but Cagero ignores the ref instantly throwing Bam back towards the turnbuckle and this time landing repeating kicks to the gut and ribs of his opponent. Cagero gets warned again, this time Cagero listens pulling Bam away from the turnbuckle pulling him straight in to a belly to back suplex.

HE: If I was Bam I'd give up now...

HA: Well lucky for us Bam is much braver than you Brother!

HE: You say brave I say dumb...

As Bam attempts to get up in the middle of the ring Cagero returns to the turnbuckle climbing to the second rope and waiting for Sparkleston to get to his feet. As Bam finally gets up Cagero dives hitting a crossbody and looking for a pin


HA: Cagero is in shock!

The replay shows Cagero crashing down on top of Bam only for the rookie superstar to reverse in to a pinning attempt of his own almost getting the win. Cagero pushes Bam away getting to his feet and landing kicks to Bam who refuses to stay down, Cagero picks up Bam and whips him off the ropes beckoning him to come back.

HE: Cagero is looking to end this one!

Bam returns with Cagero kicking him in the knee dropping Bam down to a kneeling position and bouncing off the ropes himself


HA: No! What a reversal!

As Cagero looks for the Curb stomp Bam is able to grab his leg pulling Cagero in to a modified Olympic Slam style suplex leaving both men down in the ring with the crowd's support in Bam being louder than ever. After a few moments both men begin to stir pulling themselves up using the ropes and once again meet in the middle of the ring once again locking up, this time though it is Bam who cuts it short with a knee to Cagero's ribs

HA: Bam taking a page of Cagero's book!

Bam is instantly on the offence tossing Cagero in to the corner and landing repeated kicks all aimed to the ribs of Cagero who attempts to fight back but is cut off by shoulder blocks. Bam them lifts Cagero lying him across the second turnbuckle with his body resting on the ropes

HE: What the hell is that idiot doing?

HA: What ever it is I don't see it ending well for Cagero

Bam backs up all the way across the ring, his throws a thumbs up to the crowd before charging towards Cagero and hitting a massive running knee directly in to the ribs of Cagero causing him to shout out in pain

HA: Bam is targeting the ribs! What a brilliant tactic!

Cagero falls to the ground and rolls to the outside cradling his ribs, as he tries to get his breath Bam is quickly down on the outside this time meeting Bam with more kicks and strikes to the ribs. Cagero covers up only for Bam to hit a forearm smash to Cagero's face before whipping him in to the guard rail and throwing him back in to the ring


HE: That was too close!

Bam pulls Cagero up only for the UK Champion to hit a thumb to the eye followed by a desperation lariat that takes both men down, Bam begins to move first and as he gets to his feet an angry look crosses his face

HA: We have never seen Bam like this before!

Bam pulls Cagero up slapping him across the face only for Cagero to laugh spitting in Bam's face. Bam pauses for a moment and wipes the spit off his face before shaking his head and charging Cagero back in to the corner landing repeated haymaker style punches to Cagero's ribs causing him to scream out in pain

HA: Bam needs to control himself...the ref is counting!

As the ref gets to five he warns Bam who backs off for a second only to whip Cagero across the ring in to the other turnbuckle following in with a massive knee and once again landing massive knees and kicks to Cagero's ribs!

HE: The ref has to do something about this!

The ref once again gets to five only for Bam to ignore his warnings. The ref moves in pulling Bam back causing Bam to react angrily lashing out and knocking the ref to the ground, for a second Bam pauses not knowing what to do, the look of anger replaced with one of worry.

HE: That's disgraceful! Bam should be DQ'd

HA: It was a mistake! Bam needs to focus on the match!

Bam turns buck to Cagero pulling him in and locking in the BFF Bearhug! Cagero screams out in pain for a second but suddenly Bam simply crumbles to the ground. Cagero begins to laugh doing his best to hide the pain of his ribs as he begins to walk around his grounded opponent

HA: What a joke! I bet you don't think Cagero should be DQ'd right?

HE: I didn't see anything...

The replay shows as Cagero drives a knee down below to Bam causing him to release the bear hug hold, as we cut back Cagero has begun to stalk Bam screaming at him to get to his feet. Bam pulls himself to his knees...

HA: Oh God!

HE: YES! This one is done and dusted!

As Bam gets to a kneeling position Cagero runs forward and hits a massive curb stomp leaving Bam out cold.




The bell rings and Cagero quickly rolls to the outside grabbing his title before making his way back in to the ring, he takes a second to get his breath back, cradling his ribs before turning his attention back to Bam who has began to stir on the floor.

HA: Oh this one is over! Cagero needs to leave Bam alone!

HE: I think Cagero wants to teach him a lesson for trying to show him up!

As Bam gets back to his feet the boos begin as Cagero charges forward crashing the UK Title off the top of Bam's head once again leaving him down and out. Cagero drops the title and mounts Bam landing repeated punches directly to the skull of the rookie superstar.

HA: Someone needs to stop this!

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:15 pm


Cheers break out once again as “Up the bracket” booms from the speakers. The cameras begin to whirl around the arena and we get a glimpse of a figure moving through the audience.

HE: Is that…

HA: I believe it is…..we’ve been watching the hype videos for weeks but it seems that he finally turned up…

The newest member of the 6CW roster Terence Kray is shown walking straight through the crowd, the fans tagging his back and going wild, and then he hops over the barrier. He paces around the ring, looking up at Cagero, and then he rolls inside. Cagero quickly rushes at his opponent and swings the UK belt at him…

HA: Missed…

Kray ducks the shot and runs off the ropes before returning with a huge leaping Superman punch, causing Cagero to scramble from the ring leaving a beaten and bloodied Bam out cold. Kray stands over Bam kicking the UK title down towards its owner before motioning for Cagero to climb in and face him.

HA: Terence Kray has arrived and it looks like he is ready to fight!

HE: What a cowardly action, he wants to fight a man who just defended his title?!

HA: You want to talk about cowardly...what about attacking a man who just gave you a run for your money after the match had finished!

Cagero stands at ring side for a second weighing up his options before walking towards the steps and walking on to the apron, the fans cheer as Kray goads Cagero to enter the ring before charging forward and attempting to grab the UK Champion himself only for Cagero to drop down smirking as he does.

HA: Cagero wants no part of Kray here tonight!

The crowd boo's as Cagero sarcastically waves to Kray leaving him to look after Bam who has just about to come back around after the viscous attack by Cagero.

Match result: Simon Cagero via pinfall
Match time: 6 minutes; 37 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:18 pm

*Brian is backstage he appears tanned and is dressed in smart blue chinos, brown shoes and a white shirt which is tucked in, he pushes his glasses against his nose and slicks back his hair with his hand.Brian starts to move through the backstage area, talking to camera as he walks

B: L-l-l-l-l—Ladies and G-g-g-gentleman. Today I have spoken to a n-n-n-number of 6CW employees to try to g-g-g-get an answer to a question be-be-be-be-being asked by the entire 6CW universe

Who is Enigma?

*A VT begins to play of various 6CW staff speaking

1: I’ve heard he lives in the basement

2: Apparently it’s somebody who used to work for 6CW

3: I think its Hero, it’s gotta be Hero

4: One thing I know is it’s definitely not Hero

5: Who Cares?

6: Everyone has an idea but they’re just too scared to say it out loud.

7. It can’t be HIM can it? They wouldn’t have HIM back. Would they?

8. Oh my god I love him

*The final person interviewed is Christy

CJ: I don’t know who it is; but what I do want to say. Whoever you are...Thank you

*Christy looks down the camera for a second before the VT ends and Brian is shown on screen once more

B: We are no clo-clo-clo-closer to answering the question b-b-b-but one thing is clear for how-how-how-however short his tenure may be, Enigma ha-ha-has already made a huge impact in 6CW

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:19 pm

A huge clock appears on the screen, as the arena lights dim. The clock can be heard ticking but the second hand is trying to move but stuck.

“ Tick, Tock.Tick Tock.
The time is nearing.

And time has no friend. All that time brings is pain, hurt, deceit, lies. But mostly pain.
The pain of ageing. The pain of missing those opportunities. The pain of regret. The pain as your loved ones slip away.

Some say that the pain makes you stronger but we all know that it is a lie. We all hurt. We all bleed. We all are victims of time slipping through our fingers.
Tick, Tock.Tick Tock.

The greatest enemy you will ever face is the one you cannot beat. Time waits for no man.”

The second hand jolts and begins to tick normally again.

“The time IS nearing for 6cw and you will ALL share my pain.”

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:21 pm

HA: And what a night we have in store for you! Still to come Joshua and Plague take to the inferno, Enforcer wants revenge and his title back against Max Adamson, Liam Wood takes Vincent Costello to Hell...in a Cell, and we'll have the battle for the tag team championships.

HE: Please tell me there have been no last minute changes to that one

HA: It looks, up to this point anyway, that The Producers have NOT got their wish to be placed into that match. Knowing those two, I doubt they've given up hope just yet

HE: They should give up cos they're washed up; this is 2014 and we don't need their nonsense any more!

HA: That's not what the Red Arrows have been saying, and the tag team champs are backstage with our man Timothy Allen right now!

*The camera turns to the big screen where Jack and Robin stand with Timothy. The image then takes over the picture for the viewers at home

TA: Jack Hurst and Robin Reborn join me now ahead of another huge night for them and their tag team careers. Gentlemen, the focus has been on The Producers in the build up to this event, would it be fair to say you've taken your eye off your opponents tonight Bad Intentions?

JH: I'll take that one Timothy. I do hope that is what the gentlemen of Bad Intentions have thought. For you see, Robin and I have been preparing for this little tangle for quite some time. We are not naive, Timothy, we saw the threat coming. Maybe the biggest threat yet to these titles we hold. Justice and Confidence are not men of honour. They will scratch, bite and claw their way to victory. We know that and we are fully aware of what they're capable of.

TA: So, your thoughts are not on The Producers?

RR: Hey, Timtim, my man, those boys ain't never far from the mind cos they putting targets on our backs. But they ain't at the front of no queue just yet, and we ain't even getting near them boys if we don't beat the big bad wolves.

TA: This is the last PPV before 2014 is out, do you think you can last the rest of the year as champions?

JH: Timothy, there's the little matter of three episodes of Anarchy too. We go one show at a time. If we win tonight

RR: When, Jacky boy, when

JH: IF we win tonight then we will be looking to do more than last the year as champions. We'll be looking to write our names in the history books.

RR: We looking legendary my boy!

JH: Arrows out!

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:22 pm

*We come to a scene where the camera drifts through pink mist that whirls around the room. There is a faint disco playlist in the background and as we go through we see butlers in bow-ties and y-fronts carrying trays of champagne flutes.

*Primetime and Hollywood stand to one side in deep conversation with Lilly Savage.

LS: And then I just got it chopped off!

HJ: Well you make such an elegant lady, I guess you can't have something like that dangling about in the long run

PJ: Mine's only small but maybe I should get it seen to

LS: Oh you should darling, warts are disgusting!

*As Lilly turns to grab more champagne, Molly Coddle saunters over wearing nothing but fluffy pink pants and a pink bowler hat.

MC: Gentlemen, I hope you're enjoying my little soiree?

HJ: We're having such a gay time!

PJ: Although we would like to discuss that business of the tag team with you

*Coddle slowly puts her finger to Primetime's lips as she shushes him

MC: Easy tiger, the night is young

HJ: But the title match is only one fight away, it’s now or never!

MC: Don't fight it, gents; give in to your urges. Feel the tightening of your belts

*The pair both smile and close their eyes

PJ: I can feel it, Hollywood I can feel it!

HJ: Me too Prime T, I feel stiff getting back in action but my god it feels good to feel that strapped on to me

*As the pair envision their victory Coddle spins on her heels and clicks her fingers. A waiter comes over

MC: Cancel the rohypnol, these boys are ready to go

*The scene fades back into the pink mist and ends.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:25 pm

Match 3
Loser leaves 6CW
Alexander Altair vs. Enigma

Back at ringside with the commentary team

HA: Up now is a match that is hard to call, mainly because we know so little about one of the participants

HE: Indeed Harold. For the last few months Alexander Altair has had issues with an unknown assailant, a man who has continually interfered in his business

HA: To help others!

HE: That’s by the by Harold. This man is not a 6CW superstar; he has no business being in the building let alone getting involved in backstage or in ring action, irrespective of the fact that it is to intervene in wrong doings being committed at the hands of the former UK champion

HA: He is a vigilante and like so many of the heroes roaming our streets protecting people in the shadows his identity is unknown

HE: What is he hiding?

HA: Or what is he protecting more to the point?

HE: There has been a lot of rumours and gossip over who this guy could be but one thing is for certain he has got under the skin of Altair which has led us to this point this evening and given us the amazing stipulation

HA: Such is Altair’s annoyance, he has put his 6CW career on the line just to draw this man out into the open. Confidence or absolute stupidity?

HE: Well we are about to find out Harold

"MK Ultra" booms out of the speakers which is met by a chorus of booing

HA: Altair has made absolutely no friends in his time in 6CW. Even during his tenure in The Authority he regularly upset and provoked his supposed team mates. There will be few who would be sad to see him leave

HE: But never the less his talent can not be questioned. He is a former UK Champion and is a skilled technical wrestler, perhaps one of the best we have seen in 6CW in the last decade

HA: But will that be enough to save his career tonight?

Altair steps through the curtain, he is dressed in black MMA style shorts, his hair freshly shorn he glares at the crowd who are still vociferous in there anger towards him as he makes his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring. Standing he stares straight at the ramp awaiting his opponent

HE: And this is where we get into the unknown ladies and gentleman, we saw at Anarchy the individual christened Enigma by the 6CW universe apparently accepting Altair’s challenge, we have seen him inside a 6CW ring but we have no knowledge of his background, his wrestling history, nothing

HA: Everything from here is guess work

A single spotlight shines on the ramp and the crowd begins to cheer

HE: He should have seen that coming

As Altair beckons towards the curtain he is once again attacked from behind by the hooded Enigma

HA: Does he never learn?

Enigma knocks Altair back with left and rights before whipping him against the ropes. Altair ducks the clothesline attempt but is slow to react as Enigma bounces off the ropes with a spinning heel kick knocking Altair down to the mat with a thud

HE: We have seen that move used before to devastating effect. Enigma starting fast, obviously wants to take advantage of catching Altair off guard

Altair shakes his head attempting to regain his focus as he is picked back up to a vertical base

HE: Suplex

Enigma snaps Altair over to the mat with a suplex, holding on he picks Altair up once more

HA: And a second time

Again Enigma keeps Altair locked in tight, picking him up for a third time and drilling him to the mat

HE: And a third, great athleticism and strength from Enigma

HA: Impressive from Enigma and something familiar about what we have seen so far but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

HE: I know what you mean…….

HA: He is showing great power for what appears to be a slight frame. These two men are similar in height but Altair looks to have the edge in muscle mass but you wouldn’t guess that from the way Enigma is throwing his opponent around

HE: Enigma is making sure that each attack carries real venom, from the way he snapped the suplexes to the power in the kick. This definitely isn’t the first time he has competed in a wrestling ring

Altair starts to move and gets up to one knee but Enigma baseball slides across the ring and strikes with his boot to the jaw of Altair

HA: That was different

HE: He is showing great ring awareness. At the start of this match we talked about Altair’s technical abilities but so far Enigma hasn’t given him an inch

Again Altair starts to move and Enigma picks him up by the scruff of his neck

HA: Thumb to the eye!

HE: Not technically great but it’ll get the job done

The crowd boos as Enigma is knocked back for a second following the underhand attack. Altair smiles evilly as he walks forward. Enigma throws a wild left and a right his vision clearly still affected

HA: Altair saw he needed to slow Enigma down and get things to his level

HE: It’s a move that all the fans will hate but desperate times call for desperate measures. His career is at stake after all

Altair boots Enigma in the gut and he bends forward

HA: Gut wrench suplex

Altair drives Enigma to the mat and covers for the pin



Kick out

HE: It’ll take more than that but Altair is definitely in the ascendency now

Altair stands and aims a couple of kicks to Enigmas head; he grabs his opponents face and starts to scream at him

AA: Where’s the big man now huh?

You aint so tough!!

HA: This is uncalled for

HE: Altair has been embarrassed by the actions of Enigma; he wants to make an example of him

Altair lifts Enigma to his feet and whips him to the corner


Altair sprints into the corner after Enigma and attempts a shoulder charge but Enigma leaps on to the top rope and Altair drives into the steel post

HE: Great agility

Enigma somersaults over Altair into the centre of the ring as his opponent turns and walks forward


Altair takes two steps forward and is met by Enigma with a diving tackle lifting him clean off his feet

HE: Explosive power

HA: Cover

Enigma hooks the leg and the ref makes the count



Kick out

Enigma rolls to his feet, he looks around the cheering crowd before refocusing on his opponent and he drops him down to the mat with a jawbreaker. As Altair wearily gets back up, Enigma hits a high knee before going for the pin.



HE: Kick out!

Enigma quickly gets Altair back up standing, before hitting an inverted atomic drop.

Altair steps backwards after the move and Enigma follows it up with a spinning wheel kick but Altair somehow avoids it and Enigma slams down to the mat

HA: Perhaps the first mistake Enigma has made so far.....

HE:.......And it could be his last!

Altair rebounds off the ropes and drops a knee into Enigma's back. He repeats the move before dragging his opponent to his feet. He then scoops Enigma up and power slams him down hard. He goes for the pin.


HA: No.....Enigma still has much more in the tank!

Altair waits for Enigma to get to his feet before whipping him to the ropes. This time he connects with a jumping clothesline and Enigma lands hard on his back before holding his throat in pain. Altair goes over to him and drops an elbow into his Adams apple. Altair lifts Enigma up with two hands by his throat before smashing him down to the mat with a Chokeslam. He hooks the leg.


HE: No! Still not enough!

HA: What tenacity from Enigma. Win or lose he has put up one hell of a fight this evening

Altair lifts Enigma up again, before slamming his head down to the canvas with a DDT. He then wanders over to the turnbuckle and starts climbing it. As Enigma slowly gets to his feet, Altair launches himself into the air.






Altair shakes his head in frustration before punching the side of Enigma's head. He continues to punch him before pulling before lifting him to his feet. He then places his head between his legs and lifts him up.



As Altair lifts Enigma up he uses his momentum to flip forward and drill Altair’s head into the mat

HE: I have not seen that since………..



HE: KICK OUT. SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!

Enigma rolls to his feet waiting for Altair to rise, he reverses back into the corner and starts to point towards the crowd

HA: What is he doing, he needs to stay on top of Altair

The crowd all rise in unison they are cheering the hooded Enigma
HE: There is a real feeling of expectation in this arena Harold. Something big is about to happen

Altair slowly stands, he is staggering, shaking his head trying to blow a way the cobwebs

HA: SUPER KICK!!!!!!!!!


Enigma flies forward with the kick and the noise of his boot against Altair’s jaw reverberates around the arena, the former UK champion falls backwards his head bounces off the mat and his eyes roll into the back of his head


The crowd is going crazy as Enigma hooks the leg

HE: Altair is out

The ref starts to count




HA: YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE: Altair is gone. I know I am a grumpy old git but good riddance

HA: What a debut from Enigma, what a win

Enigma’s hand is raised in victory but he pulls his arm down and points to the fans

HE: We are still no closer to uncovering the mystery shrouding 6CW’s newest superstar

HA: Who cares who he is, the boy has more than proved he deserves to be here

Enigma rolls from the ring and jumps the barrier into the crowd and disappears into the darkness as Altair begins to stir in the ring, slowly what has happened starts to dawn on him, he begins to berate the ref but he dismisses his claims

HE: No sense in crying Alexander, you’ve made your bed now it’s time for you to lie in it!

Altair kicks the bottom rope before exiting the ring; he rubs his head in disbelief at the outcome

HA: Believe it. You are an ex 6CW superstar. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

As Altair makes his way up the ramp the crowd begins to sing

Na, Na,

Na, Na, Na, Na

He, Hey, Hey…………… GOODBYE!!

Altair keeps his head bowed as he leaves through the curtain as Ground Zero goes to a commercial break

Match result: Enigma via pinfall
Match time: 7 minutes; 14 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:28 pm

*Christy James is backstage with a beautiful smile on her face

CJ: My guest at this time, representing Bad Intentions, "Gorgeous" Glory!

*Glory walks into the room and sneers down her nose at Christy

G: You have my time; you shall not waste that of my champions in waiting

CJ: So, you're confident that victory awaits Bad Intentions tonight?

*Glory tuts

G: Of course, I would not be managing these gentlemen if they were not on their way to gold. We have been biding our time, but Ground Zero is where we have chosen to strike. Red Arrows do not know what is about to hit them

CJ: But you must have seen the roll Hurst and Reborn have been on since joining forces?

G: HA! They are nothing. They have been holding titles for us, keeping them warm before Mr Carter and Mr Porter take them from their hands.

CJ: And what if they are defeated?

G: We have not wasted our time considering that, it is not a possibility.

*Christy goes to speak but Glory puts her finger to her lips, shakes her head and walks away as the scene fades

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:29 pm

*The camera returns to the corridor and Primetime and Hollywood burst out of a door, glitter following them, gasping for air down on their haunches

PT: Is Gary still following us?

H: Gary?

PT: You know, the leader of the gang.

H: Don't be daft, Prime T, it wasn't a capital G.

PT: Oh, that's why we're all sparkly. Phew

H: We need to get to the stage, this is our last chance

PT: Save us, Jebus!

*The pair sprint and the cameras follow them. They wind round corners, dodging people as they go until they reach the curtains near the stage entrance. They stop next to a technician

H: Play our music!

T: What?

PT: Play our music; we need to go out there!

*The technician looks at his board

T: I'm sorry guys, it says here Bad Intentions vs The Red Arrows. I can't play your music, at least not yet.

H: Not yet?

T: Well, if you're going to do an unscheduled, dramatic entrance then, hell, sure, we always play the music when that happens. But this would just be a bit confusing, and we're not in the business of confusing people. That's for Edward Plague to do.

*Primetime falls to his knees and looks up to the sky

PT: Why, God, why?! Why have you forsaken us?!

H: Come on PT, this isn't the end, we can do this!

PT: It's too late, we're finished, it's over!

*Hollywood slaps Primetime, knocking him to the ground. When he pops back up his head is cut open again

H: Snap out of it! This guy can't tell us what to do, we're The Producers! One sound technician isn't going to stop us

T: I'm not playing your music

*Hollywood looks at him then back down at Primetime

H: Well, we tried! Let's go Primetime

*Primetime crawls on his hands and knees following Hollywood as he walks off.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:32 pm

*Backstage Emma is sat with Dean Andrews. Emma appears flustered as Andrews talks to her

DA: So, what’ll it be?

*Emma puts her head in her hands

E: You can’t make me do this Dean, it’ll kill him. After everything I care for him still so much. I love him; I’m just not in love with him anymore

*Andrews shakes his head

DA: It’s not me you should be telling. That’s where this got messy. I didn’t want to be dragged into your deceit. You’ve made me an accomplice. All I ever wanted to be was a friend to you and Nate, regardless of what happens between you two. I will still be your friend. I care for you a lot, you know I do.

*Emma smiles and nods, she appears lost, her eyes red from crying

DA: But it’s not fair to have me in this position. It’s gone on long enough; too many innocent people are being hurt. You need to be honest, with Nate and yourself.If you don’t then I will, he needs to know tonight

*Emma takes a deep breath

E: I can’t do it before his match

DA: But the only reason he’s in this match is because of your lies Emma

*Andrews raises his voice, clearly frustrated by the situation

DA: It’s gone on long enough; he deserves to know the truth

E: The truth will break him

DA: He needs to know Emma, he needs to move on. This is driving him mad, he’s not the same Nate Nack any more and you have done that to him. You say you love him

E: I do

DA: Then prove it by telling him, you need to set him free. It’s the only way either of you can move on

*Emma nods as tears roll down her cheek once more. Andrews places a hand on Emma’s shoulder as he starts to walk away

DA: You know it’s the right thing to do

*As Andrews walks out of view, Emma wipes her eyes with a tissue. Her phone rings and she answers, her tone changes

E: I told you not to ring me, it was a mistake. I don’t want anything to do with you

*Emma listens to the voice

E: I’m going to tell him anyway, he deserves to know, straight after his match, win or lose I’m telling him the truth. I don’t care what you think

Why are you laughing?

*Emma’s face changes

E: This wasn’t about me at all. This was always about Nate. You wanted revenge

You’re sick. I can’t believe I ever fell for you

*The laughing can be heard from the receiver as Emma hangs up

E: What have I done……..

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:35 pm

Match 4
6CW Tag Team Championships
Red Arrows © vs Bad Intentions

The action returns to the ringside area and the fans are in fine voice. "6C-Dub" chants fill the air and then "Indestructible" booms through the PA system.

Ding ding

Ring announcer: ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 6CW Tag Team Championships!

*crowd pop

HA: Another title bout set here for Ground Zero and it is time to find out who the best tag team in the world is.

HE: We already know...it has been a long time coming but tonight Bad Intentions are finally going to prove just how superior they are.

Ring Announcer: introducing first, the challengers...weighing in at a combined weight of 495 pounds...accompanied to the ring by Glory...Confidence Carter and Justice Porter.....Baaaadd Inntteeeennnntiiiooonnnsss!

The crowd boo as the glamorous Glory, dressed in a revealing red dress, accompanies Justice Porter out onto the stage. The cameras then pan up into the upper tiers and show Confidence Carter heading down towards the ringside area. Both members of Bad Intentions have their faces covered by "ghost" balaclavas.

HA: The immense power of Justice Porter combined with the supreme athleticism of Confidence Carter make this duo highly formidable. They truly believe that they deserve to be the champions and that there is no other team in the world that can touch them.

HE: And they are right. There is no doubting them...the Red Arrows have had a good run, better than they could have wished for, but it all ends tonight.

Porter gives Glory a kiss and then he leaps up onto the apron. Carter rolls over the ringside barrier before joining his teammate in the ring. They high five and then take to opposite corners, motioning belts around their waists.

HA: The challengers seem ready...

HE: Of course they are!

HA: But we know the champions will be too. They don't back down from any challenge.

Porter and Carter remove their balaclavas and drop down to the canvass as “Prince Charming” hits the speakers. The crowd roar in delight and then the music turns to “Stronger” by Kanye West…

RA: And their opponents………….weighing in at a combined weight of 445 pounds………..they are the current, reigning and defending 6CW Tag Team Champions…..Jack Hurst & Robin Reborn…..Thhheeee Reeedddd Arrrroooowwwwssssss!

Pyros swirl all around the arena and explode up near the rafters as Robin Reborn bounces out onto the stage to join Jack Hurst. Hurst is waving at the audience, a smile on his face, and then the champions high five and begin their walk to the ring…

HA: Two weeks ago we saw Reborn and Hurst left in a very battered heap by their challengers….I wonder if those injuries will play a part in tonight’s match?

HE: Of course they will, not like it would matter anyway. Even at 100% the Red Arrows couldn’t beat Bad Intentions…

Reborn and Hurst circle the ring and then they climb up into the ring to join their opponents. Reborn holds his tag belt up and taunts Bad Intentions as the referee stays in between both teams…

HA: The Red Arrows have been on a mission to etch their names in the history books with some of the best tag teams that 6CW has ever seen….I win here tonight would go a long way to lending weight to that claim…

The two teams continue to square off and trash talk each other as the official keeps them on separate sides of the ring. The action is just about to get underway when “Movies” by Alien Ant Farm plays out…

HE: Please tell me this is a joke?

HA: The Producers have been protesting and appealing all week for the opportunity of joining this match…

HE: They have wrestled one match….they don’t deserve it…

HA: Well they are coming out here…

There are cheers from the crowd as Primetime and Hollywood make their way out onto the stage. They wave at the fans and reach out to tag their hands as they make their way down towards the ring….

HE: Surely 6CW management haven’t caved in to their demands?

Bad Intentions and Red Arrows are staring out at The Producers in bewilderment. The former cameramen make their way around the ring and then Hollywood asks for a mic to be handed to him…

HJ: I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news….

*Crowd pop

PT (whispering): I think that is trademarked…

*Hollywood looks a little uncomfortable

HJ: As I was saying….me and my good buddy here have been protesting for the last two weeks because we believe the greatest tag team in the world should be involved in a match for the tag team titles on a pay per view show….don’t you agree?

*There are cheers from the crowd

HJ: But unfortunately 6CW management don’t agree….they say that we have only just arrived, that we have not merited our shot….

*Some boos

HJ: It is a travesty of justice but we are not the sort of men to whine and complain until we get what we want. We will be proactimel…

*Primetime whispers something

HJ: Sorry, proactive….instead of complaining we will instead be staging a sit in….

HE: Dear lord…

HJ: In protest of our exclusion from this event we are going to sit right here during this match and we will refuse to move…..if the 6CW officials wish us to move then they need only meet our demands and grant us entry into this match…

HA: The Producers are taking this protest to a whole new level…

The are cheers from the crowd as Primetime and Hollywood pull up a couple of chairs and sit down on the outside of the ring. Glory is looking at them in disgust but they merely wave at her…

HA: I guess this match is going to get underway with a couple of a front row viewers…

HE: I think Bad Intentions should get out there and remove them…

Carter and Porter are complaining to the referee about The Producers’ presence but the official waves them off and orders them to concentrate on the match at hand. Porter decides to start out for his team against Jack Hurst….

HA: This match is set for one fall remember, folks….the tag team titles are on the line…

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:36 pm

Porter and Hurst square up to each other and then Porter shoves his opponent in the chest. Hurst comes back with a right hand and a fist fight breaks out between both men. Porter lands a big knee to the stomach and then he begins to land clubbing blows to the back of Hurst, dropping him to his knees…

HE: Hurst cannot compete with the power of Justice Porter…

Porter drags Hurst back up and he throws him into the ropes before landing a big clothesline. Porter pulls Hurst back up again and he lands a vicious head-butt before tagging on Confidence Carter…

HA: Bad Intentions are a slick unit, they have been tagging together for years….they know each other inside out…

Hurst staggers back into the corner and Porter stomps a mudhole before grabbing Carter and whipping him into a big splash on Hurst. Carter runs off the opposite ropes and returns with a huge flying dropkick in the corner. Hurst collapses to the floor and Carter runs off the ropes…

HE: Rolling thunder!

Carter lands the rolling senton splash and then he slides out onto the apron. He waits for Hurst to get back up and then he springboards in with a flying knee to the side of the head………..1………………..2……………..shoulder up!

HE: This is a walkover so far….I told you Red Arrows were no match…

HA: The Red Arrows have been written off in every match they have had so far…

Carter pulls Hurst back up and lands a suplex. He swivels his hips and pulls Hurst into a second suplex before repeating the process for a third time…

HE: Hat-trick of suplexes…..Hurst looking ragged already, I can sense a title change in the offing…

Glory applauds from the outside as Carter tags Porter back in. Porter climbs back into the ring and he quickly whips Hurst off the ropes before lifting him into a spinning sky high powerbomb as he returns…
………..Hurst gets his shoulder up!

HA: The Producers seem to be enjoying themselves…

Hollywood and Primetime are both watching the action and they both keep breaking out in laughter. Glory is shooting them looks of disdain…

HE: They are a distraction…they shouldn’t be here…

Porter pulls Hurst back up and he gutwrenches him onto his shoulders before nailing a “rack attack” backbreaker. Porter then tags Carter back in…

HA: Jack Hurst really needs to tag out here, he is not looking so hot….

Carter nails a springboard plancha across the body of Hurst and then he waits for him to get back up before scooping him onto his shoulders and nailing a rolling fireman’s slam…
……..shoulder up!

HE: This is only a matter of time…

Reborn is clapping his hands and trying to drum up support for his partner, urging the crowd to follow suit. Carter pulls Hurst back up but eats big right hands to the stomach…

HA: Hurst fighting back…

Hurst quickly stands up and he lifts Carter into a belly to belly slam. He is about to turn around to make the tag when Porter thunders into him from behind with a big clothesline…

*Crowd boo

HE: Now that is teamwork…

Reborn looks furious as Porter tips him a wink and leaves the ring. Carter is able to get back up and he charges into Hurst in the corner with a double knee strike to the chest before beckoning him out into a standing hurricanrana…

HE: Normal service has resumed…

HA: Blatant cheating from Bad Intentions but we’ll overlook that shall we?

HE: Do what you like…

Hurst gets back up and Carter taunts him before kicking him in the stomach and dragging him in close…


Carter looks for the twist of fate but Hurst counters into a reverse DDT. The crowd are cheering as Hurst tries to crawl his way over and make a tag…

HA: Jack Hurst really needs this…

HE: Carter is going to get there first…..YES!

Porter slaps the hand of Carter and quickly bursts into the ring but he cannot stop Hurst from tagging in Robin Reborn. RR springboards into the ring and he wipes Porter out with a missile dropkick before beckoning him back up and he takes him down with a spinning heel kick….

HA: Reborn has an energetic style that is hard to defend against…

Porter gets back up in the corner and Reborn runs into him and lands with a monkey flip, sending Porter flying back to the centre. Reborn then leaps up top…

HE: Stop him…

HA: Reborn can end it right here….SHOOTING STAR…

Carter gets back in the ring and he tries to rush towards the corner so Reborn is forced to change tactic and leap off with a big crossbody on Carter. Reborn gets back up as Porter launches towards him and nails a superman punch…

HE: New champions…

……shoulder up!

HA: Porter needs more…

HE: He’s got plenty more…

Glory screams words of encouragement as Porter backs up in the corner and waits for Reborn to rise. Porter flicks his hair back and grins before charging out…


Porter looks for the brogue kick but Reborn ducks it and counters with a schoolboy…………….1…………………2…………..shoulder up. They scramble back up and Reborn tries to leap over Porter but is caught on his opponent’s shoulders…

HE: Power…


Reborn counters into a falling DDT, dumping Porter right down on top of his head. Reborn then runs to the ropes and he springboards onto them…

HA: Lionsault….

1…………………2…………….Confidence Carter breaks it up!

HA: Close call for the challengers…

Jack Hurst is back up and he clatters into Carter with a clothesline then sends both men over the top rope and they crash into The Producers on the outside.

HE: And that is exactly why they shouldn’t be out here…

In the ring, Reborn pulls Porter up to his feet and lands with a piledriver before rolling to the corner once again. He launches himself up top and prepares to leap…

HA: Reborn is going to the skies…

Glory gets up on the apron and begins to provide a distraction. Reborn looks at her with annoyance and the referee moves over to get her to stand down…

HA: She has no business being up there….she isn’t a competitor…

The distraction allows Porter to get up and he clatters into Reborn in the corner. Porter then launches Reborn back down to the canvass with a huge slam before ushering him back up and he scoops him onto his shoulders…


On the outside, Confidence Carter shoves Primetime into Hollywood, knocking both Producers down, and he screams at them to leave the ringside area. The Producers look back up at him and shake their heads…

HA: Carter needs to concentrate on the match…

Porter drills Reborn with the tombstone piledriver in the middle of the ring and he makes the cover…


Hurst comes flying from the top rope and he lands the legdrop to the back of Porter’s head. He then beckons for Porter to get back up and he scoops him onto his shoulders…


Porter elbows his way off of Hurst’s shoulders and he pushes him away before running back towards him…


HA: Oh no…

Hurst ducks out of the way of the brogue kick and Porter’s boot collides with Glory, sending her crumpling from the apron. Porter looks stunned by what he has done and then he turns around…


HE: He kicked Glory right in the face…

Robin Reborn staggers back up and he begins to climb up the ropes as Hurst lands the big punt to Porter’s stomach. Confidence Carter makes a beeline towards the ring…


There are cheers from the crowd as Primetime and Hollywood grab Carter’s ankles and they trip him over, keeping him from getting back into the ring. Robin Reborn is up on the top rope and he looks down at Porter before launching…


*Crowd cheer


HE: This is so unfair….

HA: Carter brought it on himself…he needn’t have put his hands on The Producers…

Ding ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here are your winners…………and STILL 6CW Tag Team Champions………….Jack Hurst and Robin Reborn…..Thhhheeee Reeeddddd Arrrrrooooowwwwssssss!

The fans are applauding as Robin Reborn and Jack Hurst celebrate their victory. The Producers dust themselves off and they throw the tag team belts up to the champions before motioning that they are coming for them in the future…

HA: A huge assist from The Producers but Reborn and Hurst will not care….they have turned back the formidable challenge of Bad Intentions….fantastic result.

HE: Poor Glory…I hope she is ok…

HA; The feeling is mutal….she took one hell of a bump there….

Carter is throwing a fit at ringside, booting chairs and dismantling the announce tables, as he complains to the referee about The Producer’s involvement. Reborn and Hurst continue to celebrate with their belts as Porter staggers from the ring to check on Glory, who still isn’t showing much sign of life…

HA: Hopefully Glory will have a speedy recovery….but it is back to the drawing board for Confidence Carter and Justice Porter…they missed their big opportunity…

HE: They were robbed….they should file an official complaint…

Match result: Red Arrows via pinfall
Match time: 6 minutes; 51 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:39 pm

*The Cameras cut to the backstage area where Tim Allen is stood waiting with microphone in hand; Tim composes himself before beginning his broadcast.

TA: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time he is the XTreme Champion DeMarcus Brown

*Brown casually walks into shot the title flung across his shoulder he walks up to Tim and holds out his fist, Tim cautiously taps it with his own and Brown nods in approval.

TA: Welcome DeMarcus, tonight at Ground Zero you go one on one with Ojore, looking forward to the event?

DB: I never look forward to an event Tim, all Ground Zero is for me is another opportunity to prove my dominance over the rest of the individuals chasing my gold. Ojore might think that he has my number that the man of war is looking at another conquest but that’s not in my game plan, that’s exactly the opposite of what I have planned for him tonight.

TA: Last time you and Ojore faced in an XTreme Title match you ended up injured and out of action for a good few months to you have any trepidation this time around.

DB: In one word Tim, No because if I did I’m one step closer to it happening again, if I go into this match with any doubts in my mind, it means that I’m already questioning my own ability, if at any point in the match I think don’t do this DeMarcus you could end up like before I might as well just give in, you don’t give it one hundred percent Tim that exactly when you end up injured and against Ojore I can’t afford anything less, it’s all or nothing.

This isn’t last time Tim, this is the here and now, I am the one with everything to lose and nothing to gain and that makes me a dangerous man. What’s happened so far between me and Ojore has all been fun and games but tonight sh** gets serious.

TA: What does the future hold after Ground Zero for you DeMarcus?

DB: Whatever I feel like because when I’m done running a train through Ojore aint nobody gonna stand in my way, I’ve seen the way these guys in the back look at Ojore like he’s a man not to be messed with, somebody they should fear. There all looking in the wrong direction and tonight I’m planning on opening all their eyes as to who the real threat is around here.

*DeMarcus cracks his neck and pummels his fist into his palm

DB: Now Tim I’m done here I need to concentrate on my match, not these pointless exercises I’m sure you can find someone else who wants nothing more than to bask in the limelight.

*DeMarcus then rubs the title on his shoulder and nods towards the camera before walking off set, leaving Tim alone still with the microphone at his mouth.

TA: Well I guess that’s all were getting folks, Will DeMarcus, finally get one over Ojore, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:48 pm

Back at ringside with the commentary team

HA: Up next is a match that could steal the show tonight, both competitors during their time with 6CW have been involved in some of the most intense matches we have ever seen and this one could well top everything we have seen and are likely to ever see again

HE: Edward Plague and Joshua have been locked in a bitter feud for the best part of the year. What was first viewed as an attempt to bring Joshua into the family has quickly become an absolute hatred with both men intent on torturing and inflicting momentous pain on the other

HA: Tonight’s inferno match will bring the feud to a hellacious end but whether either men will ever be the same again still remains to be seen

HE: Let’s look back over the history of this epic head to head

(VT plays recapping the two men’s history with one another)

6CW Aftermath 20th April

HE: Plague tried talking with Joshua at Day of Reckoning and it didn’t work….what does he think has changed?

Plague: I know a path that can lead you to salvation….you rejoice in the darkness just like me, you see its true power….join me and I will save you…

HA: It seems as though Plague is offering his hand in partnership….

HE: Can you imagine if these two joined up?


Joshua suddenly lands with a huge uppercut that rocks Plague back on his heels. He follows up with more right hands before grabbing Plague’s arm and tries to whip him across the ring. Plague reverses and sends Joshua off the ropes but the “Puppet Master” ducks a clothesline on the return before sprinting off the opposite side…


Joshua shows amazing agility to leap through the air and wipe Plague out with a flying lariat. Plague stumbles back up and Joshua clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside of the ring.

HA: Joshua doesn’t want to be friends…not one bit…

HE: I knew Plague was barking up the wrong tree…..

Joshua slowly begins to follow Plague to the outside of the ring as the war between Takeo and Ojore continues to wage inside. Ojore tries for an Irish whip but Takeo is able to reverse and he sends the XTreme Champion off the ropes before knocking him down with a big boot as he returns. Ojore gets back up and Takeo grabs him by the neck…


Ojore delivers a fierce kick to the stomach and then he succeeds in picking Takeo up and slams him down on the mat. Ojore the bounces back off the ropes and returns with a big legdrop across Takeo’s throat…

HE: If I was the referee I would just get out of there and let them fight…

HA: There is going to be no sense of control in this one…

Joshua pulls Plague around to the announce area and bounces his head off the commentator’s table but Plague merely laughs at the impact. Joshua smashes Plague’s head off the table another five times until Plague stumbles back and collapses in a seated position next to the ringside barrier…

HE: Plague is just smiling at Joshua; it is as though he is enjoying his beating…

Plague has a sick smile on his face and he is beckoning Joshua to come at him again. Joshua doesn’t need convincing and runs at Plague with a big punt right to the chest, dropping him further into a heap. Joshua throws back his head and makes his way over to McCoy, as though expecting guidance from the puppet…

HA: It’s as though we have been trapped inside someone’s warped nightmare world….monsters literally going to war right in front of us…

Ojore tries to pick Takeo up for a “World’s Strongest Slam” but Takeo is able to elbow his way free. He then takes Ojore by the throat and rushes him backwards, pushing up and over the top rope. Ojore lands out on his feet and he grabs Takeo’s legs from under the bottom rope and begins to drag the giant to the outside…

HE: They are all coming towards us, Harold…

HA: Pain and destruction is all these men know…

Joshua steps back from McCoy and then lifts the puppet up onto the apron as he begins to dislodge the steel steps from the side of the ring. Joshua hauls the steps up on his shoulders and then slowly begins to walk back around to where Plague is lying…

HA: Edward Plague is about to get crushed under 200lbs of pure steel…

HE: Joshua is crazier than any of them…



Plague is just able to move out of the way in time as the steel steps go crashing against the barrier, breaking it in half. Joshua is momentarily still and it allows Plague to rush into him, tackling him back into the ringpost.

HE: Joshua was actually trying to put an end to Plague there…

Plague grabs Joshua by his hair and he pulls him around before throwing him under the bottom rope. Plague quickly rolls in after his rival and he knocks Joshua to the ground with a hard kick and then he runs off the ropes, returning with a huge jumping foot stomp to the chest…

HA: Plague’s laughter has drained away….

Outside the ring, Ojore cracks Takeo in the temple with a monitor, sprawling him back across the 6CW table. Ojore then bangs his fists down on the Spanish table, letting out a roar, before climbing up…

HE: Ojore has got bad intentions…

Ojore is preparing to run across and jump into a splash but he doesn’t make it…..CRACK!

HA: Plague has turned his attention…

Edward Plague is on the outside with a steel chair and he jams it straight into Ojore’s stomach, dropping him on all fours. Takeo gets back up and he grabs Plague by the throat, preparing to chokeslam him, but Plague gets the chair up and drives it into Takeo’s stomach before….CRACK…..CRACK…….CRACK…..CRACK……CRACK!

HE: Plague is beating the holy hell out of them…

Plague is laughing and smiling as he bounces the chair repeatedly off the back of Takeo until he slumps across the table once again. Plague then flicks his hair from his face and drives the chair forward again….CRACK!....he smashes it clean into Ojore’s face and drops the XTreme Champion across the back of Takeo…

HA: He’s piling them up…

Plague: This is the work of the Lord…..This is my mission, to rid the world of those who do not believe….who will not follow the path….turn your back on the faith you have been afforded and you will be punished….you will repent for your sins….



Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

As Plague is talking into the camera, the crowd is going nuts as Joshua has ascended to the top rope in the ring. The dark “puppet master” kneels there for over a minute and then he dives through the air, showing incredible grace and gaining serious height, before he crashes down on top of Ojore and Takeo with a flying headbutt….


HE: I don’t think he cares…

The whole Copper Box is going wild as Edward Plague rounds back from the camera and looks upon the wreckage in which Joshua, Ojore and Takeo are now all consumed. Plague’s eyes are wide for a moment and then he throws his head back and begins to smile…

HA: What on earth have we just witnessed?

HE: I was listening to Plague….I didn’t even see him climbing…

HA: Joshua just made an impact that will not be forgotten in a hurry….Ojore and Takeo are hurting but they will want revenge for what has happened to them tonight…

HE: And what about Plague, what is his role?

Plague drops down to his knees by the wreckage and he looks at all three men as they try and get back to their feet. He then crawls over to each one in turn and looks into their eyes before rolling away and back to his feet once more.

Plague: And so it begins….(he looks out to the audience) I hope you are watching, because the show is just getting started…

HA: A prophecy of destruction from one Edward Plague…

HE: You can’t help but believe him….if there are growing problems between these four monsters then I can’t even begin to imagine how much damage may be done…

Plague throws back his hair and smiles as he turns away and begins to walk towards the stage. Joshua has crawled back over to the ring and he is peering up at the apron, where McCoy is sitting, before pulling the puppet down towards him. Takeo is trying to push himself up as Ojore pulls his XTreme Championship from the timekeeper’s table and then tries to stumble over towards Joshua…

HA: I think Ojore wants some revenge….

A whole squad of security guards pours down to ringside and gets in front of Ojore, stopping his path to Joshua. Ojore looks angry and slams his belt into one of the guard’s faces before the rest stand him down and back him away towards the aisle…

HE: Ojore is not happy one bit…

HA: Ojore loves a fight…and surprisingly despite what he just went through, he wants more…

HE: So does Takeo…and Joshua….all these men want to fight…

Plague is sat on the stage, rocking back and forth, just watching as the security teams manage to keep Ojore, Joshua and Takeo separate. The crowd is chanting “Let them fight” but it does not happen and the action soon goes backstage.


Ojore picks up the chair vacated by the time keeper and slams it across Joshua’s back, as he falls to one knee Ojore raises the chair above his head and repeatedly drives it down against his opponent’s skull. After the fifth blow Joshua crumbles face down to the mat


HA: He isn’t moving and look, Ojore is smiling

The referee calls for the bell and Joshua is declared the winner by disqualification

HE: He doesn’t look much like a winner

Ojore beats his fist against his chest and lets out a loud war cry

HA: He had no intention of letting this match continue in the ring. Ojore has led Joshua into a trap


Lucas Takeo jumps through the crowd and slams an arm across Ojore’s back, the man of war is knocked backwards for a second but the two men start to brawl as the referee stands on hopelessly

HA: These three men have been involved in an intense rivalry that once again looks to have boiled over

HE: And here’s the fourth man in the mix

Edward Plague starts to walk down the ramp; the crowd boos as the monster strides towards the ring

HA: Somebody needs to put an end to this, we saw last week how quickly things can get out of hand

The crowd is chanting as Ojore and Takeo continue to brawl, Ojore gaining the upper hand rams Takeo into the steel steps shoulder first and the big man falls to the mat, five or six referees stream to ringside

HE: What are they gonna do?




Plague lifts the still prone body of Joshua to his feet


Plague lifts Joshua up by the throat and slams him through the Spanish announce table, the commentary team scatter as Joshua’s broken body lies amongst a mass of wiring and smashed pieces of wood


Plague turns to see Ojore and Takeo now continuing to fight in the ring, he smiles at the carnage he has caused as he starts to back up the ramp

HE: What do we do now?

HA: What we always do, keep calling the action!!

In the ring Ojore once again has the upper hand, driving lefts and rights to Takeo, driving him backwards towards the corner. Takeo slumps into the turnbuckle, his eyes rolling into the back of his head

HE: Ojore setting him up

Takeo steps forward as Ojore sprints towards him

HA: SPEAR!!!!!!!!

HE: He took him out of his boots

Ojore stands over his fallen victim, glancing towards the body of Joshua still unmoved amongst the remnants of the commentary table he smiles briefly before rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp

HA: Where will this end Henry?

HE: Well the fans are clear on what they want and all roads point towards a monumental clash at Night of Glory




HE: There is carnage all around us and these fans are loving it


Joshua is completely unconscious, sustaining more than one devastating blow to the head in seconds, as Ojore somehow tries to pull himself back towards the doorway.

HA: How is he moving?

HE: Ojore really wants to leave tonight as the XTreme Champion…

Ojore staggers back through the doorway and he begins to throw wreckage and debris out of his way. He throws the steel steps up into the ring and then removes the wreckage from inside as well whilst beckoning for Plague to get back to his feet…

HA: I really don’t know how Ojore is doing this….how any of these men are still moving?

HE: Because they are not men, they are monsters….WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!

Ojore lifts Plague up in his arms and then drills him down across the steel steps. Plague writhes in pain as Ojore pushes the steps closer to the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle. He lets out a roar and then leaps into the air….


HA: Ojore is breaking Plague into pieces…

Plague rolls off the steps, holding his ribs, as Ojore staggers to the opposite side of the ring. The champion takes a deep breath and then removes the strap from his singlet and blinks back blood…

HA: This is where it ends….surely this it….

HE: Plague can barely stand up…Joshua is demolished on the outside and Takeo is still in the top chamber….this is over….

Plague can barely get up, blood staining his body, as Ojore drags him into a gutwrench. The champion snarls and roars before flipping Plague up and demolishing him down onto the steps again….he drags Plague off and covers him…



*Lights out

HA: What the….Ojore had the three there?

*The laughter of Edward Plague fills the air and his voice whispers one word over and over again, sending it rippling around the arena.

HE: How can Plague be speaking when he is inside the ring….unconscious…

Plague: Brotherhood…..Brotherhood…..Brotherhood!

HA: I have no idea…..WHAT A DAMN MINUTE!

The lights come back on and there are two men in the ring with “Plague” masks on. They both hold a light-tube and they wait for Ojore to look up before swinging at him with all their might….SMASH!

HA: What is the meaning of this?

HE: This is unreal…

The two masked men then climb from the ring and one of them pulls Joshua up to his feet whilst the other grabs McCoy and smashes the dummy right into Joshua’s face…

HA: This is carnage….what is going on….

The masked intruders then begin to climb the ladder to the upstairs chamber. One of them stomps on Takeo repeatedly whilst the other moves over to the table in the middle and begins to fidget with it….

HE: What are they….OH WOW!

The masked man steps back and reveals that the table is now on fire, burning brightly and threateningly. Both men then pull Takeo over towards the table….

HA: Who are these men?

HE: Plague’s been banging on about the “Brotherhood” for weeks….I guess this is they…..NO….NO…..OH MY GOD THEY KILLED HIM!

HA: The referee needs to stop this match…

The two men then suplex Takeo into the air before slamming him down through the burning table. The impact of the move causes the cell floor to give way and Takeo crashes down to the ring below, completely and utterly unmoving.

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HE: These four men will never be the same again….

HA: Takeo will be lucky to walk again….

They masked men then use the broken panel in the floor to climb back down to the ring below. They deliver kicks and punches to Ojore until he rolls from the ring and then they turn around as Edward Plague is on his knees, an evil smile on his lips…

HA: This is all Plague’s work….he instigated this…

HE: He wanted this match all along and I guess this is why….he had a plan….

Plague holds his arms wide and laughs as the two masked men bow to him and then they remove their masks.


HE: I guess Plague showed them the light…

The former members of Team XTreme smile the same sinister smile as Plague as he crawls over and covers Lucas Takeo…

HA: Well there you have it…

HE: The reign of Ojore is over….time for the Plague to spread…

Ding ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner….and NEW 6CW XTREME CHAMPION………Edddwwwaaarrddddd Pllllaaagggguuuueeeee!

HA: In all my years in this business, I have never seen a match like that….devastation, carnage, blood, guts and thunder….it had it all….the four men involved took years off their careers in an attempt to prove that they were the most dominant monster on the planet to day…

HE: But there is only room for one at the top and that one is Edward Plague….he showed that monsters can have brains too and together they are a lethal combination….he fooled the opposition into this match and then he presented his grand scheme….the birth of the Brotherhood…

HA: Cody and Dylan Wright have obviously been brainwashed into Plague’s way of thinking….thanks to those two young men, Edward Plague is leaving tonight as the new XTreme Champion…

HE: The fans aren’t even responding…..they wanted this fight and now they are shocked by what they have seen…

HA: I don’t the audience knew the lengths these men were willing to go….we all wanted to see this match but nobody expected this…

There is an eerie silence in the O2 as Plague is helped to his feet by Cody and Dylan and then he smiles as the referee presents him with his newly won championship. Plague begins to laugh as he holds the belt close to his blood-stained face…

HE: It has been nine months since Ojore won the XTreme Championship inside this structure…but tonight his reign of dominance has come to a shocking end….Edward Plague is the new face of “extreme”….

HA: The Brotherhood has made a statement tonight….there is a new king in this division, it will be interesting to see who dares lay siege to his throne…

Plague is helped from the ring by Cody and Dylan and they stagger out into the aisleway before turning around to face the cell once more. Plague is grinning as he looks at the wreckage in the ring and McCoy resting across the chest of Joshua. The new champion holds his arms out and speaks to the camera…

Plague: Now do you see….now I have opened your eyes…gaze upon what I have created…they begged for blood and I have satisfied your calling….I have set you free…

Plague continues to laugh as his followers help him up the rampway and then they disappear through the curtain. The arena is ghostly quiet, the fans still in utter shock as to what they have just witnessed. Medics are making their way to ringside as the cell structure is lifted into the rafters….

HE: Now time to count the casualties…

HA: I don’t know if any of these three will be able to walk out of here of their own accord…

HE: Hands down the most barbaric match I have ever seen…

HA: I second that….Night of Glory is an evening when anything can happen and we just witnessed that first hand…


We go back to ringside and the lights dim down as the slow pulsing beat of a heart begins to drone out through the speakers. Each time the sound pulses the lights in the arena flash white and then off again…

HA: We have already seen one of the survivors from the Chamber of Horrors match tonight….time for two more…

HE: If these two are anything like Takeo then this won’t last long….I don’t know how these “men” are able to stand up, let alone wrestle a match…

HA: These men are more than just that….they have unnatural pain thresholds and despite what they went through just two weeks ago, they want to pick up where the left off at Night of Glory…

Joshua slowly begins to make his way down to the ring; the re-mastered version of McCoy is draped over his arm. The black curtain of hair covers his face, hiding a lot of the cuts and bruises, but his obvious limp betrays the idea that he is not still feeling the effects of Night of Glory…

HE: I can’t believe he fixed the dummy…I thought we wouldn’t have to ever look at that strange face again…

HA: Despite The Brotherhood smashing the puppet across Joshua’s face, he has managed to fix it up and it looks as good as new…he has a very bizarre fixation with the doll…

HE: He is controlled by it…

HA: Don’t be silly…it isn’t real…

HE: I am telling you, there is more to that puppet than meets the eye….

Joshua walks around the ring and then he places McCoy on the announce table, directing the puppet’s gaze to the ring. Henry Lloyd looks uncomfortable as Joshua strokes McCoy’s head and then walks towards the ring…

HE: He would have to just dump that thing in front of us…

HA: I guess Joshua feels the ring apron or the steel steps is no longer a safe place for McCoy…

HE: With Joshua and Ojore involved in this next match I don’t think the table is safe either…maybe he should leave him in the back from now on….or a locked vault somewhere under the sea…

Joshua pulls himself up onto the apron and then climbs into the ring. He makes his way to the centre of the ring and then stops, waiting for his opponent to come out and face him.

HA: If Joshua can barely walk then I wonder what state Ojore is in….

“Bonfire” begins to boom out of the speakers and there is a big ovation from the crowd for the arrival of the former XTreme Champion. Flames burst up from the stage…

HA: Ojore ruled the XTreme division for over nine months….it took the whole of The Brotherhood to take that belt away from him….

HE: And I am sure he believes that a win over Joshua tonight would put him right back in line for a shot at Plague…

HA: Without a doubt…

Joshua continues to wait but there is no sign of Ojore. The crowd are booing and voicing their frustration…

HE: Where is he?

HA: It is unlike Ojore to not show up for a fight….

HE: Very unlike him…he loves a tearup…

Joshua continues to stare at the entranceway but there is no sign of Ojore. The lights in the arena then begin to flicker and the sound of laughter begins to creep through the airwaves…

HA: I might have known that our XTreme Champion had a trick or two up his sleeve…

???: Heehehehehehehe…..ask and you shall receive people….open your arms wide and embrace the reality which now surrounds you….join us….join us….and we shall set you free….

HE: I am genuinely afraid for my life…

HA: I think we are about to get our first glance at the newly formed Brotherhood….

The lights go off completely and then they come back on and Edward Plague is standing on the apron. He smiles and laughs at Joshua before holding his arms out wide, as though beckoning Joshua to come forward for an embrace…

HA: Joshua isn’t going to fall for that…he has turned down every opportunity to join forces with Plague…

HE: Maybe he might want to reconsider….I would in this situation…

Plague flicks his hair from his face and smiles at Joshua as Cody and Dylan Wright storm the ring from behind. They are both dressed in “Plague” masks and have steel chairs in hand. They wallop the chairs into the spine of Joshua and drop him to his knees…

HA: It was a damn ambush….Plague is trying to eliminate the competition…

HE: if Joshua doesn’t want to join them then I guess they don’t need him at all…

Joshua rolls on his back as The Brotherhood jab the chairs down into his body and legs. Plague then motions for them to stop and he climbs into the ring, dropping to his knees next to Joshua.

Plague: Just say the words, brother, and it will all go away….the pain, the heartache….I can set you free from the demons that infest the deepest roots of your mind…

HA: This is all another ploy to brainwash Joshua…

Plague: These people, they do not understand you...but I know the path you have traveled, I sense the pain and the suffering that has been forced upon you...I can make all that pain go away....I can stop you re-visiting the torment of your past....I will save you...

Plague is cradling Joshua’s head in his arms but then suddenly Joshua rams his head upwards into Plague’s face and sends him rolling away. Cody and Dylan grab their chairs once again and they both swing them forward…..CRACK!

HE: Ouch…

Joshua ducks and the chairs clatter into each other. He then big boots Cody in the face before snatching Dylan’s chair and he swings it through the air….CRACK!

HA: Goodnight, Dylan Wright….

Dylan is left in a heap on the floor before Joshua drops the chair and beckons Cody back up. He grabs him by the throat and lifts him high before slamming him onto the steel…

HE: I think Plague’s plan just backfired…

Plague gets back up and walks straight into Joshua, who delivers a thunderous uppercut. Plague staggers back against the ropes and then comes forward as Joshua picks up a steel chair and drives it right into Plague’s gut…

HA: Plague is down as well….Joshua is going to the top…

Joshua slowly hobbles to the corner and begins to climb the ropes. He is a little unsteady on his feet but eventually get to the top…

HE: Plague is not going to like this…

Dylan Wright is able to stagger to the corner and he grabs Joshua’s foot, holding him in place. Joshua wriggles his foot and then kicks out at Dylan’s head but the distraction allows Plague to get back up with a steel chair in hand….CRACK!

HA: That is horrible…

The chair crashes off the top of Joshua’s skull and causes him to fall frontwards off the top rope and he crashes back down to the mat. Plague stands over him, a sinister look in his eye, and drops the chair back to the floor…

HE: I guess that is a message delivered loud and clear…

Plague lifts his arms to his side once again before looking down at Joshua. His eyeballs bulge as he licks his lips…

Plague: You cannot run forever….you cannot hide from the truth, no matter how you disguise it…..you will find the answers you are looking for and you will pledge your allegiance to the path that I show you….

Plague backs away from Joshua and is joined by Dylan and Cody Wright. The crowd boos as all three men head towards the ropes and exit to the outside. Joshua is left in a heap on the floor…

HA: Joshua continues to defy the lure of The Brotherhood….but for how long? Just how long can he continue to turn down the hand of the devil?

HE: I have no idea….Joshua is pretty strong willed, but even so I can’t imagine being attacked every week is a good feeling…

Plague and The Brotherhood make their exit up the ramp, amid a torrent of abuse, as Joshua tries to pull himself to the corner of the ring. He manages to get to one knee but his legs seem very shaky….the cameras then focus in on McCoy, whose lifeless eyes are fixed on Joshua.

HA: I don’t think Plague is going to take “no” for an answer….and with Ojore nowhere to be seen I don’t think he is likely to be distracted from his target…

HE: Joshua has two choices…..he can bow down to Plague or he can take them out before they do the same to him…

HA: A fascinating issue and I, for one, am very intrigued to how this one is going to play out….


Joshua connects with left and right hands which rock the champion back against the ropes, he closes in and whips him but Plague reverses






Plague gets back to his feet and signals for the end, he lifts Joshua up to his feet and kicks him in the mid-section. He sets him between his legs and lifts him through the air

He: It’s time for Joshua to confess his sins






Joshua pulls himself to his feet, as Plague is getting up on all fours he runs at him and hits a sickening running knee to the side of Plague's head. He quickly closes in and lifts him to his feet and then he connects with the sidewalk into a backbreaker and hooks the leg again



Plague kicks out again as Joshua pulls himself to his feet and exits the ring to the apron. He kicks away Cody Wright who tries to grab his leg before climbing to the top rope were he waits for Plague to get to his feet

Ha: Here comes Joshua from the top rope






He: I don't believe it. Both of these guys are destroying each other here but neither will lie down for the other

Plague gets to his feet and he begins to stalk Joshua

He: Plague looking for the chokeslam

Ha: Joshua elbows free, he hits with a kick to the gut looking for the suplex


Plague sends Joshua flying through the air with a release German Suplex and then he gets to his feet pacing the ring backwards and forwards screaming at Joshua to get to his feet. Joshua crawls toward the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet and then he stumble blindly into the centre of the ring






Plague gets back up and he barks instructions at Joshua to do the same before impatiently lifting him to his feet, he kicks him in the gut and once again sets him in position for Confession before parading him around the ring

Ha: Joshua falls free again, looking for the Joshua Tree

He: He can't get it locked in though, Plague is fighting back, he whips Joshua against the ropes

Ha: reversed

He: OH NO!!

The crowd is cheering as Dylan Wright accidentally trips Plague not realising that Joshua had reversed the Irish whip. Plague angrily turns to face the Brotherhood member as Joshua comes up behind and locks in the Joshua Tree. He violently shakes him from side to side and with Plague fading he lifts him in the air and drives him down to the mat. Joshua exits the ring to the apron and then drops Cody and Dylan Wright with vicious uppercuts before climbing to the top rope

Ha: We've seen Joshua take the high risk route before......DUMBSTRUCK CONNECTS





He: What match, both gave their all but it was Joshua who came up with the W, I can't help but think that Plague will be less than happy with the brotherhood though when he realises what’s just happened

The official tries to lift Joshua's arm in victory but he pulls it away and exits the ring. He grabs the XTreme title from the timekeeper before sliding back in the ring. He looks down at his fallen foe and drapes the title over him before leaving the ring.

The Brotherhood clamber back in to check on their leader and they help to sit him up. Plague, to the surprise of the crowd, is laughing as he watches Joshua disappear up the ramp. He is nodding his head...

HE: I've never seen someone so happy to lose...

HA: Plague is plotting, I do not like that look in his eyes..


Officials tend to Bam Sparkleston as Jackson Black storms up the aisle way. Edward Plague is still at ringside, kneeling near the wreckage of the announce table, and his eyes are now glowing with a mysterious darkness. He flicks his hair from his face and looks into the camera…

Plague: Ten days my brothers, ten days until I release the shackles….ten days until the Initiation…hahahaha…

HE: What in the world…

HA: When Edward Plague makes prophecies, as scary as they are, it is usually wise to listen…

Scars and Stripes PPV

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10


The whole arena is in awe as Joshua throws himself from the top rope and he delivers the sickening head-butt to both Dylan and Cody, crushing them through the announce table…

HA: I don’t like to see anyone go out like that but Dylan and Cody had that coming….

HE: Joshua just sacrificed himself though, I don’t know if he can get up and fight on…

Joshua, Dylan, Cody and the Spanish commentators are all involved in the heap on the floor. Joshua’s head is visibly pouring blood…

HA: Joshua has shown once again that he has no regard at all for his own health and safety…that was one of the most insane things I have ever seen…

Edward Plague is somehow back on his feet, his face covered in blood, and he rolls to the outside. He sways unsteadily on his feet before stumbling over to the announce table…

HE; What is Plague doing?

HA; I have no idea…

Plague’s eyes are not locked on Joshua but on McCoy. He looks at the puppet for a long time before he picks it up and stares into its eyes. Plague then walks back to the ring and he rolls McCoy under the bottom rope…

HE: Does Plague know he is fighting Joshua here….not McCoy…

HA: Plague has a growing fascination with the doll…

Plague slides into the ring and he slowly crawls around the puppet, taking in its every feature. He holds it up in his face again when the crowd begin to go wild…


The Coliseum rocks as Joshua suddenly sits up out of the wreckage, unbeknown to Edward Plague. The challenger is badly hurt but he manages to stagger back up to his feet and he stumbles over to the apron. He pulls himself up and then starts to climb the ropes…

HA: Plague is too busy looking at McCoy….he doesn’t even know….

HE: Joshua is closing in on the title here…..DUMBSTRUCK!

Joshua is ready to jump when Plague suddenly rolls over and holds McCoy in the air. Joshua pauses, momentarily unaware of what to do next…

HA: Joshua is transfixed….he doesn’t even know what to do…

HE: I told you there is more to that puppet than meets the eye….why else would Joshua be reluctant to act?

Plague continues to hold McCoy in the face of Joshua and he then beckons for the challenger to climb down off the ropes. Joshua’s face is covered by his hair but it is obvious that he is doing whatever Plague tells him to do….

HA: This is unnerving…

Plague continues to stare at Joshua, a smile starting to spread on his face, as Joshua slowly starts to lower himself down to the canvass. The crowd are booing as Joshua straightens himself out and allows Plague to drop down into a cover…

HE: Is this really happening?

HA: Whatever power that puppet holds, Plague is manipulating it to take control here….


HA: This may be the most remarkable and bizarre turn of events I have seen….

Ding ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner….and STILL 6CW XTreme Champion…..Edddwwwaaaarrrddd Pllllaaagggguuuuueeee!

HE: I just don’t get it….after a car-crash of a match, both these guys knocked seven bails out of each other….and it ends like that?

HA: I don’t think Plague can beat Joshua, he knows it….instead he has done anything in his power to draw the “Puppet Master” into his plot…

Plague continues to kneel over Joshua as “CCClouds” plays out of the sound-system. Joshua is staring up at Plague…

Plague: Welcome brother….welcome, home…

Plague laughs as he holds McCoy up again and he presses the puppet against his head, his blood staining the paintwork. He then gets to his feet and beckons for Joshua to follow him…

HE: Does this mean what I think it does? Joshua is now a member of The Brotherhood…

HA: Unwillingly perhaps….I think as long as Plague can exploit the “power” of McCoy then Plague will follow the pied piper…

HE: This is really strange…

The crowd are watching on, unawares of how to reach, as Plague and Joshua climb to the outside of the ring. Plague has the XTreme belt over one shoulder and he holds McCoy with his free hand…

Plague: Together we shall spread the darkness, brother……what say you?

Joshua bows his head and follows Plague into the aisleway. Cody and Dylan, broken and battered, hold onto each other as they stagger behind their faction members….

HA: If The Brotherhood was a threat to 6CW already then it just increased tenfold…watch out…

HE: With Joshua by his side, I don’t know if anyone can stop Plague now…

6CW Aftermath 8th August

HE: They did it….Plague and Joshua just beat the Wild Stallions…

HA: The Stallions proved their bravery tonight but against these two behemoths, they were always fighting an uphill battle…

Plague is on his knees, over the body of Nicky Cassidy, and he looks over at Joshua with a smile on his face. Joshua is just staring straight back, no trace of emotion on his face. Plague then stands up and he walks closer to Joshua, holding out his arms…

Plague: This is the beginning, brother….our path is just getting started…first you must atone for your past, from there we shall set the world ablaze…

HA: What the hell is Plague going on about?

HE: I don’t know but Joshua doesn’t seem to interested…

Plague continues to lock eyes with his “ally” but then the crowd roar as Joshua wraps his hand around Plague’s throat. He squeezes hard, turning Plague’s face red, and marches him towards the centre of the ring…

HA: Joshua is resisting control….he’s still the same monster he always was…

HE: Plague’s plan is backfiring….

Cody and Dylan suddenly come running down the ramp and they quickly grab McCoy off the apron and roll into the ring. They get in close to Joshua and hold the puppet in his face…

HA: What is this?

HE: I think the Brotherhood got here in the nick of time….they are using McCoy to manipulate Joshua again…

HA: What is the deal with that dummy?

Slowly, Joshua releases his hand from Plague’s throat and backs away. Dylan continues to hold McCoy up in his face but Plague puts a hand on Dylan’s shoulder and orders him back. Plague then looks at Joshua…

Plague: You will learn, brother….you shall follow the path of righteousness, so help me I will make you learn that the new world is my world…my rules…..I know you, Joshua, I know you more than anyone else….I know what you are….I know what you have done….but the sins of your past, they can be cleansed, you can be forgiven….but in order to do so you must learn that we are not your enemy…

There is a stare-down between Joshua and the Brotherhood and then Joshua spins to the side and grabs Billy Shaw by the throat. Shaw, who was coming to check on Nicky Cassidy, looks fearful as Joshua hauls him into the air and drills him with a devastating chokeslam…

HE: I guess Plague got through to Joshua again….The Brotherhood are really playing with this guy’s mind…

HA: But Joshua isn’t a fully-fledged follower yet….I think Plague may have trouble converting the “Puppet Master”…

HE: As long as Plague has that doll, I think he will be able to make Joshua do whatever he wants…even if there are a few bumps along the way…

Plague flicks his hair from his face and howls with laughter before beckoning Cody, Dylan and Joshua to follow him from the ring. The crowd are booing as The Brotherhood make their exit and the cameras show Nicky Cassidy and Billy Shaw still in a heap inside the ring. Plague turns back to the crowd and he holds McCoy up in the air before grinning and following his stable into the backstage area…

HA: The Brotherhood is rising….the 6CW is not safe from these men…

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

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(The VT continues)

6CW Anarchy 28th August

HA: The Brotherhood wanted to earn their championship shot and they could be going the right way about it…

DeMarcus Brown climbs into the ring and he beckons for Plague to get in and fight him. Plague begins to laugh as he steps through the ropes…

HE: I don’t think Brown needs to go looking for Plague…

Joshua tries to intervene but Jimmy Phillips rushes over and shoulder tackles the monster from the apron. Joshua grabs Phillips’ feet and drags him under the bottom rope, engaging him in the brawl outside…

HA: All hell is starting to break loose now…

Joshua grabs Phillips by the throat and pushes him backwards but JP drags McCoy off the apron and he cracks it off the top of Joshua’s head, knocking him down to the floor. In the ring, DeMarcus Brown tries to lift Plague up on his shoulders but Plague falls behind and he throws Brown over the top rope…

HE: Chaos is brewing, who knows what might happen next…

Phillips rolls back into the ring and he spins Plague around before bombarding him with right hands. He pushes him back against the ropes and looks for an Irish whip but Plague reverses and sends Phillips across the ring…

HA: Phillips is desperate to make this year a success…

Phillips ducks a clothesline and runs the opposite ropes before returning with a flying shoulder tackle, knocking Plague down. JP then drags Plague back up…


Cody runs in and dropkicks Phillips in the back, sending him splattering into the middle turnbuckle. Cody then runs to the ropes and dives over them, taking Hurst out with a corkscrew senton…

HE: Jack Hurst now looking at a similar fate to Robin Reborn…

The crowd look concerned as Cody and Dylan start to pull the coverings off the floor, exposing the concrete floor underneath. They grin at each other as they pull Hurst up…

HA: No, don’t do this…you’ll break his damn neck….OH GOD!

HE: We need EMT’s…

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

The audience in Wembley are in shock as Cody and Dylan deliver a spike piledriver to Jack Hurst on the concrete floor. Both members of the Red Arrows are practically unconscious…

HA: We need medics…Jack Hurst and Robin Reborn have both suffered trauma to the neck…

In the ring, Edward Plague drags Jimmy Phillips to the centre and he laughs at the boos from the audience before flipping his opponent up into the air…



Plague is ready to drill Phillips with the “border toss” powerbomb but then he is almost broken in half by a running spear from DeMarcus Brown. Brown beats his chest and lets out a roar as he ushers Plague back up and lifts him onto his shoulders…

HA: DeMarcus Brown is ready to send a huge message ahead of a title challenge at Beachfront Brawl…..BROKEN HOME!


Joshua is back in the ring and he kicks Brown in the face, dropping him to the mat. Phillips runs forwards but Joshua grabs him by the throat and lifts him skywards, drilling him with a huge chokeslam. Joshua then pulls Brown back up and he chokeslams him on top of Jimmy Phillips….

HA: Joshua is clearing house…

HE: The Brotherhood have a real beast at their disposal…

Plague stumbles back to his knees and he begins to chuckle as he looks up at Joshua. He flicks his hair from his face and nods at Joshua…

Plague: You see, brother….this is your path, this is where you belong….I will show you the truth, the light….I will cleanse you of your sins and I will set you free…

HE: Joshua is finally conforming….6CW better watch out….


*Crowd pop

Joshua bows his head to Plague and the leader of the Brotherhood kisses the top of his head. Joshua then stands bolt upright and glares into Plague’s eyes before grabbing him by the throat and he destroys him with a huge chokeslam….Cody and Dylan come to the aid of their master but they suffer the same fate. Joshua stands tall around the destruction and carnage he has created…

HA: Joshua has destroyed the entire playing field….

HE: I can’t believe what I am seeing here…

Joshua continues to look down at his fallen victims and then he backs to the ropes and falls over the top. He leans down and he pulls McCoy up off the floor, cradling the puppet in his arms…

HE: Joshua got McCoy back…I think Plague just lost his bargaining power…

HA: Edward Plague’s grip upon Joshua seems to have been ripped clean away….

HE: I really thought Joshua was starting to conform but I really don’t know if Plague can get control of him…

HA: The evidence suggests that he can’t…

Joshua looks into the puppet’s eyes, an almost emotional and personal air to the moment, and then he begins to walk into the aisleway. Medics are on the outside of the ring tending to Red Arrows whilst the cameras show the pile of bodies in the centre of the ring…

HA: This eight man tag team match has ended in utter demolition….The Red Arrows have been taken out at the hands of Cody & Dylan Wright whilst everyone else has been crushed at the hands of Joshua….what a statement from the “Puppet Master”…

HE: Where does this leave the Xtreme Championship situation?

HA: Edward Plague was probably very confident of defending his title with Joshua on his side but now? I think he needs to go back to the drawing board…

Plague uses the ropes to drag himself up and he stares out at Joshua, no trace of smile on his face. His brow furrows and his eyes narrow as he watches Joshua disappear into the backstage area.

HE: Plague isn’t going to just give up on Joshua that easily…

HA: But what can he do? I don’t like his chances of manipulating Joshua into joining The Brotherhood…..this is becoming a very dangerous game and I am not sure it is one that Plague can win…

6CW Anarchy 7th September

HE: Brown is finished.

Joshua stands over his opponent and this time goes for the cover



HA: Brown showing the kind of determination and heart that brought him to the game in the first place

HE: More like stupidity, he's just setting himself up for more pain here. He should live to fight another day

Joshua looks like he's had enough here as he grabs Demarcus...

Joshua: What say you????

With that he locks Brown in the 'Joshua Tree' (A take on the Full Nelson submission)

Browns body starts to go limp as Joshua aggressively throws him around in the hold, the referee is in close quarters as he checks on Brown.

HA: What the hell are they doing here????

Out of nowhere Cody and Dylan appear out of the crowd, Cody climbs onto the apron.

HE: It's the Brotherhood, I knew Plague wasn't done with Joshua yet!

Joshua releases the hold on brown and rushes over to the apron grabbing Cody by the hair. As he turns around he see's Dylan grab McCoy.

HA: Their out here for the puppet, Plague wants Joshua back under his control and McCoy is the only way to do that.

Dylan jumps down from the apron, McCoy in hand and the brothers take off down the ramp to the back with Joshua in close pursuit.

DeMarcus Brown starts to stir in the ring as the referee enforces his count.


HE: I don't think Joshua is coming back


Brown now back on his feet is resting against the ropes as the count continues...


The referee turns to the timekeeper and signals for the bell


HE: Brown just stole one here, I don't think he even knows how he did it!

Ring announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner by count out DeMarcus Brown!!!!

The referee attempts to raise Browns hand in victory but he squats it away before rolling out of the ring and heading to the back, holding his neck as he does so.

HA: Brown not happy with the count out victory here he wanted to prove himself against Joshua as he goes into the X Title match at beachfront brawl.

HE: He should be happy, a wins a win brother.

(In a darkened room backstage Edward Plague is stood, arms outstretched his eyes facing the ceiling, a small grin is etched on his face as he inhales sharply. The silence is broken as the door behind Plague is flung open. Brotherhood members Dylan and Cody Wright burst through the doorway, Dylan has the lifeless body of the puppet McCoy slung over his shoulder which he tosses at Plague's feet. Plague's grin widens and he looks at the brothers with a fathers pride)

EP: Did it work?

(No sooner than the words are uttered the languid frame of Joshua steps into the doorway. Cody and Dylan immediately face him but are easily cast aside with successive headbutts. Joshua steps forward, his eyes fixed firmly on the puppet discarded on the floor. Plague places a foot across the throat of McCoy and Joshua's glare turns to the leader of the Brotherhood)

J: What ..........Say........You?

(Plague laughs)

EP: Always searching for answers Brother Joshua but let me ask you a question hehe. Why do you think that as hard as you struggle, once again you are brought back into the embrace of your true family? You search for guidance from a false idol but the answers you seek have already been laid bare. You do not need to hear words any longer, you understand what needs to be done, you have always known what it is you need to do

The puppet needs to be set free

(Plague pushes the face of McCoy with his foot so that the puppet is staring directly at Joshua who tilts his head from side to side, showing the pain of a man without choice)

EP: The time is now Brother Joshua, the truth will save you...and in ten you shall join me in my quest to rid the challenge of Jimmy Phillips and DeMarcus Brown...you will stand by my side, where you have always belonged and together we shall do what needs to be done...

(Plague looks up into the eyes of Joshua)

EP: And if you don't...

(Plague pulls a small saw from nowhere and places it next to the throat of McCoy and saws so gently that his hand barely moves)

EP: What say you?

(Plague starts to laugh as Joshua stares longingly at McCoy as the image fades to black).

6CW Beachfront Brawl
6CW Xtreme Championship
Edward Plague (c) vs Joshua vs Jimmy Phillips vs DeMarcus Brown

HE: That is the least of his worries….no don’t do it….OH GOOD LORD!


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Joshua just throws Phillips off the stage and sends him clattering on top of a table full of production equipment. The table doesn’t break but sparks fly and Phillips’ body bounces with a dull thud before he rolls off onto the hard flooring, no signs of movement from him. Joshua just stares down at the carnage he has caused…

HE: First DeMarcus Brown and now Jimmy Phillips; Joshua is a wrecking-machine…

HA: This is why Plague wanted him so badly…

Joshua turns away from the stage and he slowly begins to walk back down to the ring. DeMarcus Brown has pulled a huge steel chain from under the ring apron and he wraps it around his fist as he rolls in to fight with Edward Plague….

HE: Jimmy Phillips needs medical attention, his match is over…

HA: His dreams of championship gold may have just disappeared….but DeMarcus Brown is clinging onto his…

Plague grabs at Brown’s head but then Brown drives his fist up and uppercuts Plague, driving the steel chain into his chin. Plague staggers back and Brown climbs up the turnbuckle before jumping off with an axe handle, knocking Plague off his feet….

HE: Brown needs to move quickly because Joshua is coming….

Brown drops down on Plague’s chest and begins to batter him with furious punches, splitting his head wide open. He then unravels the chain from around his hand and wraps it around Plague’s throat, choking him…

HA: Brown is going to choke the life from Plague….he’s going to win the title….

Plague’s eyes bulge and his face quickly turns red as Brown really drags back on the chain, cutting into the skin of the champion. The crowd are roaring as Brown places his feet on the back of Plague’s neck as he pulls up….

HE: Plague’s finished….no man can survive this kind of torture…

HA: But Plague isn’t a man…

Plague’s eyes are streaming and his head begins to sag as the chain saps his oxygen supply. The referee is asking Plague if he wants to quit…

HE: Plague won’t tap but he’ll pass out and then this match is over….

Joshua is back in the ring and he kicks Brown in the side of the head, knocking him off the submission. Brown tries to get back up but Joshua lands with a huge uppercut, sprawling him onto the deck again. Joshua then picks up the sack from earlier and he pulls something out….

HA: What…..OH NO!

HE: It was gas….that was the liquid that Plague poured over the table, now it’s on fire…

HA: A flaming table wrapped in barbed wire…..this is something out of a demonic imagination….

Plague is helped back up by Joshua and his usual smile has re-appeared. There is blood running down his face and deep lacerations in his neck but he doesn’t seem to care as he gazes into the flames….

HA: This is exactly what Plague wanted…he doesn’t care about his own bloodshed, only the suffering of others…and it is DeMarcus Brown’ turn to suffer…

HE: This is going to be unimaginable…

Plague then grabs at the head of DeMarcus Brown and he pulls him into the centre of the ring. He flicks his hair from his face and lets out an eerie laugh before he flips Brown up on his shoulders….


The “border toss” powerbomb is imminent when Joshua drops down to his knees behind Plague and lands with a huge low-blow, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Plague drops down to his knees, his eyes widening in shock, and drops Brown to the floor….Joshua grabs Plague’s hair and turns his head, looking deep into his eyes…

HE: What is Joshua doing? Doesn’t he know that the Brotherhood are going to destroy McCoy?

HA: Joshua has had enough of playing games with Plague….he wants him to know who did this to him….

Joshua then backs away to the ropes and he falls backwards over them. He turns his back and begins to walk up the aisle…

HE: He’s not even going to win the title?

HA: I don’t think the gold appeals to Joshua….McCoy’s safety is the most important….

Joshua continues to walk up the ramp as DeMarcus Brown starts to clamber back to his feet in the ring. The crowd are cheering as Brown looks at Joshua disappearing up the ramp and then at Plague, who is struggling to find his feet…

HA: DeMarcus Brown cannot believe the situation he is in….

HE: He just hit the jackpot….

Plague staggers up and then he turns around to face Brown. Brown looks Plague up and down and then at the flaming table. Plague looks at Brown and then a smile crosses his face…

Plague: You don’t have it, brother…..you don’t….

HA: Plague doesn’t think Brown will do it…


Brown shakes his head and then he shows great power to lift Plague onto his shoulders. He holds him there and smiles before throwing him into an F-5, smashing him through the flaming table…..



HA: How ironic that Plague set up that deathtrap and he is the man to fall victim to it….

Plague rolls and screams in agony as the flames are doused out by fire extinguishers around ringside. Brown pulls Plague away from the wreckage, ripping his skin on the barbed wire as he does, and then collapses into the pin…


HE: I don’t believe it….

HA: Seeing is believing, brother, and we just witnessed hell on earth….

Ding ding ding

HE: This is not what I was expecting…

HA: With Joshua and Plague in the same match I don’t think anything should be unexpected….one thing is clear after tonight…..there will never be an alliance between those two monsters…

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner……and NEW 6CW Xtreme Champion…..DeeeMaaaarrrcccuuuussss Brrrroooooowwwwwnnnnnn!

The crowd are on their feet and applauding the carnage they have just witnessed. “Gangster Rap” is booming out of the speakers as DeMarcus Brown staggers into the ropes and sags to his knees, breathing deeply with the exhaustion of what he has just been through…

HA: It has been a terrible few months for DeMarcus Brown since he returned from injury….it seemed his luck was never going to pick up. But his heart, determination and a little bit of luck tonight has switched his fortunes immeasurably…

HE: I never believed Brown would be walking out here tonight as champion….especially after Plague and Joshua made their alliance…

HA: An alliance that was built upon rocky foundations…Plague has spent months trying to turn Joshua into a follower but now we know that the “Puppet Master” has no strings that can be pulled…it has cost Plague his championship…

HE: A serious wake-up call for Edward Plague….he’s made a serious error of judgment…

HA: And now I assume the attention of The Brotherhood will turn to Joshua….that battle is far from over…

Plague is still slumped in the wreckage of the table, no laughter and smile, as DeMarcus Brown stands over him with the Xtreme belt. Brown beats his chest and hauls the title in the air, drawing huge cheers from the audience…

HE: And now a new chapter has begun for the Xtreme division….Brown has his “killer instinct” back and I think we can anticipate plenty of action in the future…

HA: I’d bank on it….what a match this was. It is going to take some time for these men to get over the injuries sustained…

HE: I saw them help Jimmy Phillips out of here with an oxygen mask, I think he has some serious internal injuries…..and I don’t know what might be wrong with Plague…

Brown climbs from the ring and drops down to the outside, holding his newly won championship close to his chest. He raises a fist into the air and staggers up the ramp…

HE: And what about McCoy? Do you think The Brotherhood sawed his head off or did Joshua get to them in time?

HA: I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out…..what a night this is….still plenty more to come folks so do not go anywhere…

6CW Aftermath 1st October

*The action goes backstage and we find ourselves in a room completely shrouded in darkness. A voice sounds out.

???: I offered my hand, I gave you my support…I treat you like a brother!

*The voice begins to breathe deeply

???: And yet you betrayed me. You threw it back in my face. You turned your back on the darkness and chose a life of sin. But I know you, brother, I know you better than anyone….and now you are going to pay for what you have done….now I am going to expose you, I am going to feed on your soul.

*A slight crack of light appears from the corner of the room. Two figures are visible beyond the light and their voices can be heard.

???: He’s looking for you, master…

*The first voice utters a small, callous laugh

???: And looking he shall continue to do until I make my own move, this is not his game….it is mine.

*A voice sounds from the doorway again

???: And the puppet?

*The first voice speaks with finality

???: It stays hidden until I say otherwise. Next week, you two will greet our friend in the ring. That is when the fun shall begin.

*An eerie, unsettling laughter fills the air as the light disappears again and the door shuts. The scene comes to an end.

6CW Anarchy 15th August

Joshua grabs Cody and lifts him up from the hurricanrana position straight into a last ride powerbomb.

The referee is straight over to Cody checking on his lifeless body…

HE: What is that freak doing now????

Whilst the official is checking on Cody, Joshua has ascended to the top rope…

HE: He isn’t going to do what I think he is… is he?!


Joshua soars through the air and nails a devastating flying head-butt straight to the heart of Cody!

HA: Just incredible, what agility, what power, what impact!!!

HE: There are few things in this sport that take my breath away brother, but seeing a near 300ILB monster do that is one of them!

Joshua drapes an arm over the lifeless body of Cody…





Joshua rises to his feet examining the carnage that lay before him…

The crowd then go silent as CCClouds begins to play from the arena speakers.

HA: As the old saying goes, business is about to pick up!

HE: Cody & Dylan may have been dismantled here but Plague isn’t finished with Joshua just yet.

Plagues music continues to play but with no sign of the man himself… Joshua stands in the middle of the ring, no sign of emotion as he waits for his adversary.

HE: Hey… who turned out the lights?!

The arena is momentarily plunged into darkness, as the house lights go back up Joshua flinches as he sees McCoy positioned on the stage!

The crowd pop as Plague enters the ring from the other side unbeknown to Joshua who is transfixed on the puppet McCoy.

Before Joshua can even break out of his trance Plague scoops him up and hits The Purifier (Tombstone Omega Driver), leaving Joshua flattened in the middle of the ring.

HA: What a statement from Plague, he is hell bent on making Joshua pay!

Plague: Your time has come… brother… both yours AND his (Plague motions to McCoy)… we gave you every opportunity… we offered you everything you could have ever needed… but you spat it back in our faces… Well now… HE (pointing back at McCoy)… will burn for YOUR sins.

Plague drops the mic and gathers both Cody and Dylan outside the ring; they retreat to the back collecting McCoy on route. Plague remains on the stage staring back at Joshua who is beginning to get back to his feet, stretching out his arm in the direction of Plague.

6CW Anarchy 29th October

HE: What the hell is going on!?

HA: I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be suffering from some technical difficulties here!

As the ref goes to count the three the lights in the arena flicker before completely turning off leaving the action in the dark, after a few moments the lights once again flicker before going off again as sick laughter begins to echo around the arena

HE: That sounds like Edwa-

Henry is quickly cut off as the titatron comes to life revealing the smiling face of Edward Plague, his face illuminated by the flame of a single match held in his hand. Edward continues to laugh to himself as a lone spotlight appears in the ring circling Joshua who is now on his feet stood at the ropes, watching the screen intently as Edward begins to speak.

Plague: Oh family is never forgotten brother...hehehe...the black sheep...hehehe...well, he is still a member of the herd...hehehe...you may still be forgiven...hehehe...but Joshua...Brother...you still have a choice to make.

The camera cuts to Joshua who's grip on the ring ropes tightens, his breathing clearly slowing as an ugly grimace covers his face. The camera cuts back to Plague on the screen who continues to laugh as the match continues to burn down towards his fingers

Plague: You can either be reborn in the ashes...

The match reaches Plague's fingers and goes out, only Plague's laughter can be heard as the screen goes completely black for a few moments. Suddenly the screen turns to static as Plague speaks again.

Plague: ...or you can perish in the flames!

As Plague speaks the final words the screen is lit up by Plague and various masked members of the Brotherhood all holding matches laughing to themselves, the camera begins to pull away from the group who are stood in the middle of the darkness, as it pulls back it reveals McCoy slung on the floor in front of them. The screen quickly turns to static once again before going off as the lights in the arena come back on.
HE: That guy gives me the creeps!

HA: Too true Henry, it seems he still has a fascination with Joshua...interfering just as Joshua had this one won!

6CW Anarchy 13th November

The Producers climb from the ring and they tag hands with their fans as a “Trash TV” chant rings out around Wembley Arena. Hollywood and Primetime disappear behind the curtain as the cameras then focus back to the ring. Dylan and Cody are struggling up to their feet when the lights go down and “CCClouds” echoes out to boos…

HA: Looks like the leader of The Brotherhood is coming out here to make his thoughts known…

HE: We haven’t seen Plague much in the last month…his sights have been firmly set on Joshua and nobody else…but I guess another disappointing result from Cody & Dylan has got his attention…

The lights in the arena flash as smoke starts to billow from behind the curtain. A dark, eerie, laughter fills the air and then the lights come back. Edward Plague is stood in the centre of the ring, his eyes fixed upon his disciples…

HA: Plague looks less than happy….

Cody and Dylan look at their leader and then they quickly fall to their knees, lowering their heads in mercy. Plague’s eyes are black and full of malice as he raises a mic to his mouth…

Plague: Brothers….The definition of a brother is a blood relation. A man who will stand by your side no matter what adversity you may face, a man who will watch your back and do all he can to protect you and keep you safe…

HE: Even when Plague is talking he is intimidating….he is such a freak…

Plague: Through my life I have found myself alone, cast into the shadows and forced to fend for myself….but despite all of that I found the strength to build myself a family, to open my arms wide and welcome in those who have also struggled to find their identity…

Plague lowers his eyes down to Cody and Dylan again, who are visibly shaking in fear. Plague circles them…

Plague: I have given you purpose….I have granted you asylum from the obscurity of life….I have given you all you have ever wanted and in return I have asked for nothing….nothing except your full trust and support…

HA: This is a really bizarre situation unfolding in front of us….

Plague: I stand here tonight and I declare myself disappointed….Cody, Dylan I have welcomed you into my home, I have given you strength and enlightenment…and yet what have you given me? Failure after failure….my patience wears thin…

HE: Cody & Dylan might want to run a mile here….

Plague: I am on the cusp of my greatest achievement to date, slaying the “puppet master” and bringing him crashing to his knees, begging for forgiveness…he dared to defy me and now he is going to pay the ultimate price…

I am going to torch the very memory of him from this federation….his story, his myth will burn in the fires of Hell….

HA: I’ve got goosebumps…

Plague: I make it official now….JOSHUA!

*Plague’s voice booms

Plague: This is the end of the line…..I gave you ample opportunites to put your animosity aside and join me in my quest of dominance….but you threw it all back in my face and now you will face the consequences…

You know I have what you want….your precious dummy is bound at the entrance of a wood-chipper and should you lay so much as a finger on me I will make sure dear McCoy is scattered at the bottom of my garden before the night is out…

*Plague’s eyes flash with evil intent

Plague: So if you want McCoy back, it really is very simple….at Ground Zero we end this for good. If you can beat me then I will hand over your puppet and say no more….but if I win then not only will McCoy join the wood shavings in the sky but so will you….because by time I have finished with you there will be no coming back….even a beast like you cannot rise from the ashes…

*Plague’s laughter fills the air

Plague: Because me and you have been through an awful lot together, Puppet Master….but this journey is at an end…you are going to burn and I am going to watch the skin melt from your bones…you are going to experience more pain than even you can handle….this will be an INFERNO MATCH!

*Crowd pop

HA: Oh God no….surely 6CW management cannot sign off on this….an inferno match?

HE: This is insane…a match where the aim is to set your opponent on fire, this is taking it a step too far….Plague and Joshua might hate one another but this is too much…

Plague’s eyes circle the arena, soaking up the raucous reaction of the crowd, and then he returns his gaze to Cody & Dylan.

Plague: This is not a bluff, this is not a game….my legacy will be defined from this match and your demise will give me the power to take total control of this company….

I know that you may doubt my words….so I am going to make you understand just how realistic I am being. This is your future Joshua….I want you to know that there is nothing that I will not do in order to get even….

HE: Plague is really creeping me out…

Plague walks to the ropes and then he reaches out and grabs one of the flaming torches from earlier. He walks back to the centre of the ring….his eyes illuminated by the flames…

HA: What the hell is he doing?

Plague: There is nothing I will not do……I am going to set you free from your life of torment…..


The audience begins to scream and boo as Plague places the torch down on the back of Cody & Dylan, setting the brothers alight in the centre of the ring. Cody and Dylan’s screams fill the air as they roll from the ring, desperately trying to put out the flames. First responders hit the scene and begin to extinguish the fire…

HA: This is one of the most heinous things I have ever seen…Edward Plague just set fire to his followers…

HE: He has sent a message loud and clear to Joshua…Plague has no morals, no care…he will do anything it takes in order to get back at the “Puppet Master”…

HA: This is too much….an inferno match? The barbarism is at fever pitch….Joshua and Edward Plague are going to collide in one of the most dangerous matches in professional wrestling….these men will never be the same again…

Cody and Dylan are finally put out and they are covered in blankets as medics begin to check on them. Plague laughs and smiles as he climbs out of the ring and starts to walk towards the top of the stage. He looks down at Cody and Dylan and grins before walking straight past…

HE: What a way to start the night…

HA: If the rest of the show is anything like this then we have some serious action on our hands…

(The VT ends and we are back at ringside)

HA: Wow, what a build up. Edward Plague vs. Joshua in an inferno match, when we come back!

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

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Match 5
Inferno match
Edward Plague vs Joshua

The action returns to ringside and the noise from the crowd is growing by the second. A group of technicians are just putting the final touches on the ring as the announcer climbs through the ropes to start the introductions.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is the INFERNO MATCH!

*Crowd pop

Ring Announcer: In this contest the rules are simple; the first superstar to set their opponent on fire will be declared victorious!

HA: Is there a match in the professional wrestling industry more barbaric than this?

HE: This isn’t a match….this isn’t even a fight; this is just deadly warfare. These two men are attempting to set the other ablaze….can it be any more personal?

The cameras pan in on the grills that have been placed under each set of ropes and then the lights in the arena dim. An eerie laughter fills the airwaves and then “CCClouds” begins to boom through the speakers; greeted by a crescendo of boos from the audience. A lone light seems to float in the air and then it illuminates the face of Edward Plague, his cold eyes alight with menace.

HA: Is this the most sick and twisted individual in the history of 6CW? Last week we witnessed Plague set fire to his own followers, Cody & Dylan, in order to send a message to tonight’s opponent….he sacrificed his disciples in order to prove a point…

HE: Plague proved in one moment, rightly or wrongly, that he will do whatever it takes to succeed….he showed that he is much more than a monster, he is a callous manipulator that will go to great lengths in order to get what he wants…

HA: This all began when Edward Plague attempted to brainwash Joshua into joining his Brotherhood….Joshua rebuffed those advances on several occassions and eventually he cost Plague the Xtreme Championship…the two behemoths have been on a deadly collision-course since the moment they set eyes on each other, tonight it all comes to a head…

HE: One of these men is not walking away from this tonight…..there isn’t room for both of them anymore…

Plague slowly walks down the ramp and then he pauses at the base of the ring as the lights come back up. He closes on the apron and he runs his hand along the steel grates underneath the ropes, a dark smile on his face…

HA: Plague asked for this match, he demanded that Joshua face him and pay for his sins….he is determined to drive the “Puppet Master” from this company…

HE: And remember the stipulations of tonight’s match….if Joshua loses then not only will he be set on fire but Plague has promised he will also destroy the puppet, McCoy….

HA: And speaking of McCoy…

Plague lifts up the apron and from underneath he pulls out a very small coffin, drawing gasps from certain members of the audience. Plague whispers to the box and then he lifts up the lid to reveal McCoy inside…

HA: That is one of the most spine-tingling moments I have ever witnessed….so symbolic of what may be about to happen…

HE: It seems like Plague is confident of what is going to happen….he believes tonight will be the end of McCoy and Joshua…

Plague pushes the coffin up against the ringside barrier and then he heads back to the ring to climb inside. He steps through the ropes as the lights go down again…

HA: But for as dark and twisted as Plague may be….his opponent may be his match…

The lights begin to flash pure white, blinding the fans, each time the sound of a heart beating pulses through the speakers. There are some cheers from the crowd but a lot of boos and screams as the giant form of Joshua appears on the stage. His long dark hair covers his face, shielding his scarred features from the cameras…

HA: We still don’t know an awful lot about this man….ever since he arrived in 6CW he has been shrouded in mystery. But what we do know is that this beast lives and thrives on the pain and suffering of others…..he has an insane pain tolerance of his own and he will go deep into the waters in order to come out on top….

HE: These two ferocious monsters have been through wars before, they have spilled each other’s blood on numerous occassions….but this tonight is the end of the line. Setting another human being on fire is one of the darkest, deranged, acts of violence that one can commit…..

HA: There is no coming back from tonight….when we walk too far into the shadows there is no coming back to the light….

The lights finally come back on and Joshua is standing on the apron, his gaze fixed upon his rival. Plague is shaking, a smile stretching his face, and he holds his arms out wide as he calls for Joshua to come inside. Joshua doesn’t need telling twice as he steps over the top rope to confront his nemesis…

HE: No need for a referee to be in there….there can be no control.

HA: This ring is about to be surrounded by fire, these men are not going anywhere….no pinfalls, no submissions….this match ends one way…

The anticipation from the audience is at fever pitch and then there are roars and screams as the steel grates begin to emit flames. They lick up at the ropes, reaching heights of around three feet, and the lights of the arena are dimmed slightly.

HA: I can feel the heat from here…

HE: So God knows what it feels like inside that ring…

HA: And every time these monsters hit each other with a high impact manouvres those flames are going to grow higher…

HE: I am genuinely fearful of what might happen to these two men tonight…

Plague seems to be enjoying the atmosphere as he continues to stand with his arms wide apart. He then flicks his hair back and charges forward, jumping into his rival and knocking him backwards…

HA: Every time these men go near those ropes they are in serious danger of catching fire…

HE: This isn’t “Hunger Games”, Harold…

HA: Go away…

Plague opens up with a barrage of punches to the body and raking attacks to the face of Joshua. Joshua responds with a huge uppercut and a big head-butt, knocking Plague back onto his heels…

HA: If you are tuning into this contest and expecting a wrestling clinic folks then guess again….

Joshua comes forward and he knocks Plague down with a clothesline, sending jets of fire into the air. Plague gets back up and Joshua shows big strength to scoop his foe up, slamming him back down onto the canvass…

HE: Whoah those flames are frightening…

Joshua bounces into the ropes and comes forwards before leaping up into a big leg-drop to the throat of Plague. Plague stumbles back to his feet and Joshua sets him down once more with a heavy side-slam…

HA: Joshua has started this contest with purpose, he wants to weaken Plague and then throw him into the flames…

Joshua grabs Plague’s right arm and begins to drag him towards the fire. Plague puts the brakes on and then he pulls back, dragging Joshua into a huge belly to belly slam…Plague runs off the ropes and returns with a huge back splash to his opponent…

HE: But Plague can never be ruled out of anything…..we know that he isn’t normal, he won’t lie down for Joshua…

Plague stares into the fire around the ring and he grins before standing back up. He stomps down on Joshua before seizing his opponent by the hair and he drags him towards the ropes…

HA: All it takes is that hair of Joshua’s to set ablaze and this match would be over…

Joshua reaches out and grabs the ropes with one hand whilst using his free arm to drive his elbow back into the ribs of Plague. Plague doubles over, winded, and staggers back as Joshua turns and runs at him…


The crowd scream as Plague uses Joshua’s momentum to spin the “Puppet Master” into a huge black hole slam, sending the jets of fire high into the air. Plague then gets back to his feet and he begins to talk down at his rival…

Plague: I offered you the chance to join me, brother, but you took my friendship and you drove it through my back….now the flames will teach you the error of your ways…

Plague grabs Joshua by the scruff of the neck and he drags his head between his legs. He then nods his head and tries to flip Joshua up…

HA: He’s going to try and powerbomb Joshua….

Joshua kicks his legs furiously, refusing to move, and then he counters with a backdrop. Joshua shows great athleticism to run into the ropes and he jumps onto the second turnbuckle before twisting back in midair, slamming into Plague with a huge lariat…

HE: That was brilliant, I didn’t know Joshua could do that…

HA: I think there is a lot more to this man than even we know…

Joshua waits for Plague to get back, seemingly oblivious to the crowd’s cheers, and then he locks his hand around Plague’s throat. He walks him back towards the ropes…

HE: He is going to chokeslam him right into the fire…

Joshua prepares to lift his foe up but Plague kicks out at Joshua’s stomach and then he jabs him in the eye with his thumb. Joshua staggers away, blinded, and Plague thunders into him with a flying crossbody block…

HA: Every move these men hit each other with is comparable to being struck with a sledgehammer…

Plague staggers back up and he runs off the ropes before sprinting back to the centre and leaping up into the air..


Plague lands with both feet on the chest of Joshua, driving all of the wind from him. Plague then lets out a howling laugh as he begins to roll Joshua towards the bottom rope with his feet…

HA: This is going to be the end right now…

HE: Joshua is heading dtraight for the fires of hell…

Joshua is near the bottom rope and looking as though he is struggling to catch his breath. Plague takes a long look at him before doing a full lap of the ring and sprinting back for a huge punt kick…


Joshua shows quickness to roll out of the way in the nick of time. Plague manages to get his hands out to block his forward momentum and then he turns and heads back towards Joshua, who is now getting up in the centre…

HE: Joshua survived there but for how much longer….

Plague grabs at Joshua’s head but is stunned by a huge uppercut. Joshua rallies with a series of heavy right hands and then he grabs Plague’s arm and tries to whip him to the corner. Plague is able to reverse and he sends Joshua into the turnbuckle before charging in after him…

HA: Nobody home for Plague…

Joshua steps aside and sends Plague flying against the turnbuckle. Joshua then charges across the ring and he returns with a huge kick right to Plague’s face, knocking him down. Joshua stands over Plague before he heads for the ropes and begins to pull himself up…

HE: Joshua is climbing with no fear…

HA: He is looking for that big head-butt…Plague will be finished if this lands…

Joshua manages to get himself on the top rope and he carefully turns himself around so that he is facing the inside of the ring. The big man begins to set his feet, ready to jump, but Plague is back up…

HA: This is so dangerous…

The flames are licking at the ropes as Plague drives his forearm into Joshua’s face, taking his feet out from under him. Plague then gets himself up onto the top rope as well and he pulls Joshua into a front face-lock…

HE: If he superplexes him I don’t know how high those flames might go…..OH MY GOD!


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Plague tries to drag Joshua into a superplex but Joshua holds onto the ropes for dear life whilst using his free arm to pound away at Plague’s body. They continue to scuffle until Plague loses his balance and slips off the side of the turnbuckle, tumbling down towards the flaming apron…

HE: How did he survive?

HA: I have no idea….

The instant replays show Plague crash onto the apron and collapse to the outside but he doesn’t set ablaze. The fans are shocked as Plague writhes on the floor, holding his hip, but the match continues…

HA: Plague got some serious luck right there…

HE: I can’t believe he isn’t on fire…

Joshua begins to climb down off the turnbuckle, the look on his face is hard to read. He paces the ring, mulling over his next move…

HA: Now the two men are separated by the wall of fire…

HE: How is this match going to continue if they can’t get at one another?

Plague begins to try and stand up on the outside but it is clear that he is in a lot of pain. He looks up at the wall of fire in front of him and begins to smile to himself…

HE: Plague has plenty of time to recover here….


Crowd: That was awe-some x10

HE: Quite frankly that is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen…

Joshua continues to stare at the fire and then he backs up against the ropes and sprints across the ring, suicide diving over the top rope and bypassing the flames in order to torpedo straight into Plague on the outside.

HA: Amazing athleticism from Joshua…I had no idea he could jump so high…

HE: He is putting his body on the line in order to settle his differences ….these men are hell-bent on ending this…

Joshua gets back up and he shakes his head so that his hair falls across his face once more. Joshua then grabs Plague and he begins to pull him back to the fire…

HA: Plague is barely able to stand…he is ready to fall right now…

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:57 pm

Joshua begins to push Plague towards the flames, hauling the dead weight towards the fire. Joshua edges Plague’s face towards the apron but then Plague responds with a big-time low blow…

HE: I don’t care if you are a monster or inhuman….that hurts no matter what…

Joshua stumbles backwards and collapses against the steel steps. He breathes heavily as Plague bursts up off his feet….BOOM!

HA: Oh wow…

Plague drives his back into Joshua’s head, smashing it into the steel steps with ferocious impact. Plague flicks his hair from his face and he grins as he staggers over to the coffin that contains McCoy…

HE: Now what?

HA: Plague said he would destroy McCoy if he won this match…but the bout isn’t over…so what is he playing at?

Plague begins to pull the lid of the coffin up and he grabs the puppet from inside. He smiles as he pulls McCoy up and begins to carry him towards the raging fire…

HE: He’s going to toss McCoy into the flames…

Joshua staggers up and he spots Plague holding the dummy in his hands. Plague smiles at his opponent as he dangles McCoy near the flames…

HA: This may send Joshua over the edge…

Plague: Bow down….bow down and beg for my forgiveness…

HE: Joshua better listen…if he doesn’t then McCoy is going to become ash…

Joshua stares straight at Plague and then he slowly starts to bend forwards, lowering into a bow. Plague’s smile grows wider but then Joshua charges forwards and drives the top of his head into Plague’s face, busting his opponent’s lips…

HA: Joshua lured Plague in there….Plague really thought Joshua was going to throw the towel in…

McCoy falls to the floor as Plague stumbles backwards and collapses onto his knees, his head falling against the side of the coffin. Blood streams from the lips of Plague as Joshua grabs the lid of the coffin and begins to slam it down repeatedly on the top of Plague’s head…

HE: Joshua isn’t going to stop…

The lid continues to drive down on the top of Plague’s head until the wood begins to splinter. Joshua’s furious assault continues until Plague drops backwards onto the hard flooring, seemingly unconscious…

HA: Plague’s skull has just been obliterated….he’s isn’t moving…

Plague is unmoving on the floor as Joshua staggers over to McCoy’s position and he lifts the doll up. He stares, longily and affectionately, at the puppet before walking it around to the announce table and placing it on top…

HE: Joshua removing McCoy from harm’s way….he is so protective over it…

HA: McCoy has a very controlling influence over Joshua….

Joshua runs a hand over McCoy’s head before heading back towards the body of Edward Plague. Plague is trying to stir himself but he is clearly dazed and confused…

HA: Plague may have suffered some serious damage to his head, those were sickening shots with the lid of that coffin…

Joshua grabs Plague by the neck and begins to tug at him, pulling him up into a standing position. But Joshua suddenly withdraws, holding his face…

HE: What was that?

HA: Plague has more tricks in his locker…

The crowd are booing as Plague spits a blood red liquid from his mouth and into the face of Joshua, blinding him. Joshua staggers away, trying to rub his eyes, as Plague stumbles over to the steel steps and rips them from their holster. He lifts the steel onto his shoulders and charges forwards…..BOOM!


The 300lbs steps crunch into Joshua’s head and leave him in a desperate heap on the floor. Plague then stumbles over to the announce table and he grabs McCoy before heading back to the ring. He carefully pulls himself onto the apron and is able to avoid the flames as he climbs up and over the turnbuckle…

HA: Plague’s back inside the ring and he has McCoy with him, Joshua is not going to be amused by this situation…

HE: I don’t think Plague is trying to make him laugh somehow…

Plague hops down onto the canvass and he throws the dummy to the floor before dropping to his knees. He spreads his arms again and laughs as the crowd boo him…

Plague: It is my destiny and through the flames I shall set the soul of my brother free….through his torment and suffering I shall be born again….and those who oppose me shall pay for their sins...

HA: Plague wasting time prophecising…..he should be concentrating….

HE: He is crazy….he really believes it is his destiny to set another man on fire…

Plague opens his eyes and suddenly he looks up, shocked to see Joshua perched on the top of the turnbuckle. Plague’s eyes narrow and he snarls as he gets back to his feet, only to be met by a huge flying clothesline from the “Puppet Master”…

HE: No matter what these guys do to each other, they keep getting back up…

Joshua grabs Plague by the head and he rags him up before rushing him forwards, tilting his head down towards the fire…

HA: This is it…

Plague reaches out and he grabs the ropes before managing to battle his way free of Joshua’s grip. Both men scramble back to the centre and Plague seizes Joshua by the throat…


Joshua delivers a huge kick to the stomach of Plague and then he manages to scoop his opponent up on his shoulders. Joshua sways slightly but he manages to keep hold of Plague and he walks him towards the ropes…

HA: Joshua looking to end this again…

Plague once again throws his hands out and he grabs the top rope, desperately fighting to keep himself from the fire. He kicks his legs furiously until he is able to fall off the back of Joshua…


Plague lifts Joshua up and then drives him into the mat with sickening force, sending the flames sky high. Plague then pulls Joshua back up and prepares to lift him…

HA: Plague is going to try and incapiciate Joshua so he can easily throw him into the flames….PURIFIER!

Plague signals to the crowd and then he attempts to flip Joshua up onto his shoulders for the “omega” tombstone piledriver. Joshua shows great agility to flip right out over the back of Plague’s shoulders…

HE: Joshua is sprightly for a big man…..AHHHHH!

HA: Did he get him?

Plague turns around, surprised, and Joshua charges towards him but Plague drops his shoulder and manages to use Joshua’s momentum to backdrop him towards the ropes. Joshua crashes into the ropes and his leg dangles through towards the fire…

HE: He must be…

The cameras zoom in but Joshua pulls his leg out of the fire before it can catch alight. Plague looks down at his opponent and wipes sweat from his brow before dragging him back up…

HA: These two men are putting themselves in so much danger here…

Plague pulls Joshua towards him and he locks his hands under his opponent’s stomach as he drags him up. Plague then yells out…

Plague: You made me do this…

Plague flips Joshua up onto his shoulders and begins to walk him towards the ropes. Joshua seems like a dead weight on Plague’s shoulders as they near the ropes…

HE: Joshua about to meet his demise…

Joshua suddenly begins to drive the point of his elbow down between the eyes of Plague, until blood splatters from an open wound. Plague staggers to the corner and allows Joshua to sit down on the top of the turnbuckle…

HA: Joshua saved himself there…

Plague staggers back, trying to wipe the blood from his face, as Joshua launches from the second rope and knocks his opponent down with a heavy shoulder tackle. Joshua then gets back up and he grabs the turnbuckle before yanking it with all of his might….


The crowd are stunned as Joshua manages to pull the turnbuckle free, leaving the ropes to slump down to the canvass. In his hands he holds a solid metal piece of piping that was holding the turnbuckle holster in place…

HA: That is a very dangerous weapon…..OH MY!

Plague staggers back up and he is struck clean in the face by the heavy metal object, sending him spinning around. Joshua throws the pipe down and then he wraps his hand around Plague’s throat….


Plague is ploughed down into the mat with thunderous impact. Joshua stands over his opponent for a moment and then he gazes over at his puppet, McCoy…

HA: For months now Edward Plague has kept McCoy from Joshua whilst he attempted to brainwash Joshua into joining The Brotherhood….is all of that about to backfire on Plague?

Joshua flicks his hair from his face, revealing the scarred skin underneath, and then he backs up into the corner and begins to lift himself up onto the turnbuckle. The crowd are cheering as Joshua reaches the top rope….

HE: I think Plague’s days are coming to an end….DUMBSTRUCK!


The flashbulbs go off as the giant form of Joshua flies through the air and crashes his head down into Plague with phenomenal effect. Plague rolls away, clearly in agony, and doesn’t seem to notice his direction…



Plague rolls straight into the fire and his screams fill the air as he falls out the other side and collapses to the floor. The flames seem to be covering his head and upper body as medics are on site immediately to douse the flames. The bell sounds and there are cheers but a lot of shocked faces in the audience…

HE: My God….is he ok?

HA: This is what we feared from this match….this is what we knew was a real possibility…

Plague’s body seems to be convulsing slightly as the medical team place a towel on his head and quickly begin to rush the superstar towards the backstage area. There are concerned looks on their faces as they pull Plague through the curtain…

HA: There is a very odd feeling here inside the Echo Arena after what these people have just witnessed…a barbaric and hard-hitting brawl between two monstrous individuals has ended in the most heinous of ways….we do not know the extent of Plague’s injuries but it does not look good…

HE: He was so disorientated after that headbutt from Joshua that he rolled straight into those flames, he had no idea where he was going…..those screams of pain were haunting…

HA: Plague wanted this match, he demanded it….but it has all backfired on him.

HE: But does anyone deserve what has just happened? What kind of injuries has Edward Plague sustained?

HA: That is something we will have to wait on….Joshua is victorious tonight and he has McCoy back in his possession but will these men ever be the same again after what they went through?

HE: Joshua looks ok at the moment but what sort of mental damage has it done…

HA: Joshua has seen off the threat of Edward Plague and The Brotherhood, by any means necessary…what is next in store for the “Puppet Master”?

Joshua is standing in the centre of the ring, watching Plague being carted backstage, and then he leans down and picks up McCoy. The flames around the ring have now dispersed as Joshua places the puppet on his arm as he drops down off the apron…

HE: I really hope we don’t have to witness that kind of brutality again for some time…

HA: With some of the matches still to come tonight I wouldn’t begin to promise anything……but for now the feud between Joshua and Plague is over…

Match winner: Joshua
Match time: 12 minutes; 23 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 8:59 pm

*Ojore is walking through the corridors in the Echo arena when he is approached by Christy James who appears nervous at first, Ojore glances at the interviewer but continues to walk

CJ: Ojore, since your return to 6CW you have once again made waves in a division that is very familiar to you and tonight you face an opponent that you have crossed paths with on more than one occasion, whilst there is obviously no love lost between yourself and DeMarcus Brown would you say there is a mutual respect ?

*Ojore stops and narrows his eyes

O: Respect..maybe?

But Ojore feels nothing but shame. Ojore is not at peace with our past. There is still dishonour between us, dishonour caused by the actions of a so called monster who has disappeared into the night

Ojore will not sleep until that honour is restored. Tonight Ojore will be at peace

*Ojore continues walking as Christy stops; the camera continues to follow the man of war until he disappears from view

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:01 pm

*Dean Andrews is walking through the backstage area; he pushes open a locker room door where Nate Nack is making his final preparations ahead of his match

DA: How are you feeling?

*Nate lifts his head, he smiles briefly before the weight of his worries return to his face

DA: Have you spoken to Emma tonight?

*Nate sighs

NN: I haven’t spoken to her in a couple of weeks. To be honest I don’t know if she wants to talk to me. I’ve made a mess of this Dean. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore

I am sure something is going on, why won’t she just talk to me. No matter what, I deserve that at least?

*Dean nods

DA: I have had that conversation with her tonight Nate. She needs to tell you?

*Nate’s face drops

NN: Tell me what, what do you know Dean. Please tell me!!

DA: It’s not my place Nate. I just want you to know that through it all I just wanted to be a friend to you both

NN: You can’t have it both ways Dean. You can’t be a friend to us both. You need to decide

*Dean shakes his head

DA: This isn’t about me Nate. You need to speak to Emma

*At that point Emma appears at the doorway.Nate slams a fist against the locker

NN: I just need somebody to tell me the truth. This is driving me crazy. Please just tell me

E: Later, now is not the time

NN: It can’t wait till later. I am going out there to face Gazzy D. A man I was convinced was messing around with the woman I love, the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. You need to tell me what is going on. NOW!!!

*Emma drops her head and Dean Andrews looks on

NN: You’re as bad as each other

*Nate strides out of the locker room as Dean and Emma face one another. Emma starts to cry

E: You need to make sure he is safe, I’ve got a horrible feeling something is gonna happen

DA: With Gazzy?

*Emma shakes her head

E: I think he’s back……..

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:03 pm

Match 6
6CW XTreme Championship
DeMarcus Brown © vs. Ojore

HA: Folks, I hope you are enjoying Ground Zero as much as us and this capacity crowd. What a night we have had so far and so much more to come. This next match is for the XTreme Championship!

HE: It has been an extreme evening so far but this match will raise the bar that little bit higher!

HA: Champion DeMarcus Brown will face the guy he beat.....

HE:.....BUT did not pin......

HA: For the championship gold. And Henry......a lot of people are saying this is Ojore's to win. Brown hasn't looked on top form lately. GazzyD beat him and his attempt to attack Ojore failed as well.

HE: But this is where it counts! Brown has the tools to finally pin Ojore in a hardcore bout. And these people should believe it!

"Bonfire" suddenly plays around the arena and the surroundings grow darker. A burning wicker crown starts to appear from the top of the stage. It hovers in place for a moment before rising up some more. As the lights start to come back on, we can see Ojore standing directly under the burning crown. Ojore looks up at it for a moment, before striding down towards the ring.

HA: Possibly the greatest XTreme champion that has ever been. A man still steeped in mystery.

HE: What isn't a mystery is the intensity he brings into any hardcore bout!

Ojore reaches the ring and climbs inside. He walks over to the corner and waits there with a blank angry stare on his face.

HE: And now the champion......

Right on cue, "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It" starts to play and the crowd strain there necks towards the stage. They don't have to wait long as DeMarcus Brown sprints out carrying a baseball bat. He gets to the ring and slides under the bottom rope before swinging the bat towards Ojore.


The bell rings just as Brown makes contact with Ojore. The man of war holds his arms up to protect himself as Brown rains down blow after blow. Ojore manages to grab the bat and push Brown away. He then chucks the bat outside of the ring and wallops Brown with a strong clothesline. Brown gets up quickly and Ojore repeats the move. He then whips Brown to the ropes and on the rebound hits a huge belly to belly suplex.

HA: I don't think Brown's offence is working!

Ojore stalks Brown and when the XTreme champion gets to his feet, he whips him into the corner. Ojore goes running in for a splash but Brown manages to step out of the way. He then quickly goes up to his opponent and lands many strong body blows that make even Ojore wince.

HE: Back comes Brown!

Brown grabs Ojore by the head and drills him with a vicious DDT. He then quickly scrambles out of the ring and retrieves his bat. Rolling back under the ropes, he starts to choke Ojore with it. Ojore tries to press the bat upwards, but Brown is having none of it. The referee tries to pull him off but Brown is relentless.

HA: All the built up anger Brown has been feeling is coming out here! Showing that HE is the champ!

The official finally gets Brown to back away and he does so with his hands raised. He looks apologetically at the referee before suddenly launching forward with the bat again.


Brown swings the bat and nearly takes Ojore's head off as the man of war starts to get to his feet. Brown chucks the bat away and quickly goes for the pin.


HA: Not this time!

Brown gets up and picks his opponent up. He wastes no time in whipping Ojore to the corner viciously. Ojore bounces out and Brown clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. Brown rolls underneath the ropes and grabs Ojore by the head. He slams his opponent down on the announcer table and sends papers flying. The Lloyds back away as Brown takes one of the monitors and removes it from the table. He then lifts it above Ojore and gets ready to smash it down on him. Ojore kicks out and Brown buckles. Ojore grabs the monitor, lifts it up quickly and catches him on the chin. Brown staggers back but immediately tries to go forward with a clothesline. Ojore is ready for him however.


Ojore catches Brown, spins 180 degrees and lands the slam right on the arena floor. Brown winces and holds his back as Ojore goes down to his knees. The referee checks on him before seeing if Brown is ok. Then Ojore gets up and lifts Brown to his feet. He viciously whips Brown into the steel post headfirst. He tries to follow up with a double axe handle but Brown ducks. Ojore slams his fists on the metal post and then holds his hands in pain. Brown comes forward quickly and grabs the back of Ojore's head. He then slams it back into the post with force. Ojore staggers round the outside of the ring and Brown follows him.

HA: Brown needs to keep up the momentum here!

On passing the ring steel steps, Brown lifts it free and then smacks them against the back of Ojore. Ojore goes down to one knee and Brown slams the steps over his opponents head. He then goes for the pin.



Brown slaps the ground in frustration before lifting Ojore back up. However, Ojore reverses it and headbutts him viciously in the face. He then scoops Brown up and then slams him down onto the steel steps. Ojore goes forward and brings Brown off of the steps. He then takes his head and drills Brown's neck down onto the guardrail. Brown rebounds holding his throat and coughing violently. Ojore leaves him and goes back to the ring. He reaches underneath and brings out a table. He sets it up by laying it flat against the guardrail. Ojore then lifts Brown up and stands in front of it. He places his opponents head under his arms, before lifting him high into the air with a vertical suplex.


Ojore falls backward and Brown goes straight through the table. It shatters instantly and Brown lies in a heap on top of it. Ojore turns round and then goes for the pin.



Ojore looks on frustrated as he realises it was just a 2 count. He then gets to his feet and drags Brown up the aisle. Ojore lets him go and looks sternly at the dazed XTreme championship winner. Brown seems out of it and Ojore leisurely picks him up and drapes him over his shoulder. He then runs forward.





HA: This is absolutely insane! Ojore is giving everything but Brown just will not give in!

Ojore gets to his feet and looks at the referee in confusion. The man of war is breathing heavily as he stands on the aisle with his eyes wide. Brown is just starting to stir after the kick out. Ojore walks over and lifts his opponent up by his throat. He starts to headbutt Brown continuously. With every blow, Brown starts to stumble backwards up the aisle dazed. Ojore follows him and keeps up the assault until both men are standing on the stage. Ojore then goes and tries to whip Brown into the bank of video screens by the side of the stage. Brown reverses however and uses the last of ounce of his strength to send Ojore crashing into the screens. Electricity fizzles around him and Ojore staggers away. Brown sees his chance and sprints forward.


Crowd: Holy BEEP x 10

As Brown goes diving forward with the spear, Ojore suddenly steps out of the way. Brown goes hurtling off the stage and lands in a heap to the side of it. The referee has his hands on his head as he rushes over to check Brown's condition. Ojore is down on his knees, desperately trying to recover from the electric shock he received. As a lone cameraman goes round to where Brown landed, the arena screen shows slow-mo replays of Brown falling off the stage.

HE: Brown could have very easily broken his neck here. He went all out for that Drive By and his momentum has taken him 15 feet off the stage!

HA: Ojore is still on his knees! He can't take advantage at the moment!

As the crowd watch the referee check on Brown, Ojore staggers to the edge of the stage. He gingerly climbs down and stalks his opponent. The referee is up and starts pleading to Ojore to back off, but Ojore just pushes him out of the way. He then lifts up Brown, who has his eyes closed and seems out of it. Ojore looks at him for a moment, before dragging him towards the aisle. He trips over his feet a few times as he is still feeling the affects of being whipped into the video screens. Once he gets to the aisle, he hoists Brown on top of it. He then walks over to the crowd barrier and viciously pulls a section of it away. The crowd are held back by security as Ojore walks back over to Brown with the steel guard in his hands. Brown is on his knees and trying to regain his senses as Ojore stands over him.



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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:04 pm

Ojore slams the barrier across the back of Brown and then repeats the move another five times. Brown's back starts to bleed heavily from the assault and he is sprawled out on the aisle. Ojore chucks the barrier to the side of Brown and then lifts his opponent to his feet. Ojore places Brown's head between his legs and, after a few moments, hoists him onto his shoulders.


HA: EARTHQ.......NO!




As Ojore goes for his gutwrench powerbomb finisher, Brown manages to fall behind his opponent. As Ojore turns round, Brown lifts him up and spinebusters him onto the guard rail. Brown collapses on top of him and the referee counts, but doesn't make it to 3. Brown rolls off of Ojore and stares at the ceiling. Both men are breathing heavily as the referee looks on.

HA: Just what is it going to take?!

HE; I don't know! I just don't know!

Brown somehow pushes himself up from the aisle. He is far from easy on his feet as he staggers towards the ring. He half collapses onto the apron as Ojore starts to come round as well. Brown suddenly reaches underneath the apron and pulls out another table. He slowly places it in the ring before reaching down under the apron again. This time he pulls out a fire extinguisher.

HA: That's what was left from the Inferno match!

HE: I think I have seen enough burnt skin tonight!

Brown lifts the canister up and places it in the ring as well. He then turns round and half walks, half staggers back to Ojore. He lifts up his opponent and hits him with some hard right hands that push Ojore back to the ring. Suddenly Brown runs in and nails Ojore with a boot to the face. Ojore's eyes roll back after the move, as Brown seems to be running on pure adrenaline. He rolls Ojore into the ring and then follows him in himself. He stomps away at his opponent, before going over and setting up the table in the middle of the ring. When the table is fully up, Brown goes back over to Ojore and lifts him up. He hoists him across his shoulders and readies himself as the crowd look on.


HE: BROKEN HO........



As Brown goes for the F5 finisher, Ojore slides off his opponents back. He manages to grab Brown around the waist and then hurl his opponent backwards, narrowly missing the table. Both men are down again, but Ojore starts to get up quicker.

HE: UH OH.......

HA: Ojore not messing about anymore! Look at his face!

Ojore starts to speak some weird dialect under his breath as he looks down at Brown. The crowd is on tenterhooks as Ojore hoists Brown up and grabs him around the throat while staring at him intently. Ojore repeatedly speaks the ancient dialect as he starts to get more and more animated. Ojore's head moves backwards and forward in a spasm as the crowd look on.



Crowd: Holy BEEP x 10

Suddenly Ojore places his hands on Brown's chest and then lifts him above his head in a gorilla press position. Ojore effortlessly holds him up there as the Liverpool crowd can't believe what they are witnessing. Ojore continues to speak his dialect as the camera focuses on his face.



Ojore starts to walk slowly in front of the table and looks out across the audience. Brown is still held high into the air as Ojore stands still for a moment before suddenly going quiet. Then he leisurely lets Brown go.


As Ojore stays staring out at the crowd, Brown is dropped from 10 feet into the air and lands right through the table. The tables crashes underneath the weight and Brown lies there motionless. Ojore still doesn't turn round, even when replays show on the big screen.

HA: It is over......Brown survived a fall from the stage. But a headfirst fall through a table.......

HE: And at that height!

Ojore finally turns round and rolls Brown over onto his bleeding back. He hooks the leg and the referee counts.





Ojore seems certain he has the pin but the referee is shaking his head. Replays show that Brown managed to wearily get his shoulder up an inch before dropping it. Ojore looks stunned as the referee motions that the match is still ongoing. Ojore doesn't seem to know what to do and has his head bowed. The camera focuses on him as he seems to be talking to himself again. Brown has rolled away towards the ropes and stays by them. Ojore starts to get to his feet and wanders over to Brown. He starts to bend down to lift him up when Brown launches his hands forward.


A plume of white smoke flies out of the canister and blinds Ojore. He backs away waving his hands and rubbing his eyes. Brown uses the ropes to lift himself to his feet, before grabbing the canister. He then staggers over to Ojore. Brown wields the extinguisher like a baseball bat and clobbers Ojore repeatedly with it. Ojore’s face changes into a bloody mess as even he can’t take many more of the blows. Brown doesn’t back off, but still keeps slamming the metal canister on top of Ojore’s head.


Brown keeps up the assault, and slams Ojore with the canister over 10 times as Ojore somehow manages to stay on his feet by the ropes. Brown has had enough and grabs the fire extinguisher with both hands before slamming it over Ojore's head. The man of war goes down and Brown falls to the floor on top of him. The referee bends down and starts to count.




The referee again gets up and starts shaking his head. Brown looks up to him wide-eyed and the referee points to the ropes. Ojore's foot is just resting on the bottom one and therefore breaks the count. Brown looks incensed as he slams the mat in frustration. The crowd is on their feet as Brown gets up and lifts Ojore up with him. He wastes no time in hauling him across his shoulders and walking to the centre of the ring.





Brown holds his head in his hands as somehow Ojore kicks out of his F5 finisher. He cannot believe it and starts to plead to the referee that it must have been a slow count. Ojore is holding his bloody head on the canvas as replays show the huge Broken Home that he has just been kicked out of.

HA: This is why Ojore has yet to be pinned in a hardcore bout! You just cannot get his shoulders down for a 1-2-3!!

Brown gets to his feet and looks over Ojore with his hands on his hips. He starts to trash talk his opponent and stomping away on his bleeding forehead. He finally lifts Ojore up and whips him to the corner. He then runs in and shoulder charges him viciously. He repeats the move into the other corner and again charges his shoulder into Ojore's midsection. He tries it a third time, but suddenly Ojore reverses it and sends Brown front first into the pads. Brown hits it hard and rebounds out. Ojore goes towards him and scoops his opponent across his shoulder.


Ojore sets Brown up for the running powerslam but Brown wiggles free. Suddenly he boots Ojore in the gut and runs the ropes. On the rebound, he grabs the top of Ojore's head and launches skyward.



Brown hits the kerb stomp, drilling his foot on the top of Ojore's head and then right on top of the metal canister. Ojore's head sickeningly cracks back and a loud clang vibrates around the arena on impact. Brown wastes no time he hooking both legs and pushing down on Ojore with all his might.



The crowd look stunned as the referee grabs Brown's hand and lifts it into the air. Brown looks absolutely wrecked as replays show just how hard Ojore's head hit the metal fire extinguisher. Brown is announced the winner as he is passed his XTreme championship belt.

Announcer: Your winner.....and STILL XTreme champion........DeMarcus Brooooooooown!!!!!

Brown wearily holds the belt high before rolling out of the ring. He can barely walk up the aisle as the crowd look on, still in a state of shock.

HA: Unbelievably, DeMarcus Brown has answered his critics and managed to beat the hardcore unbeatable!

HE: It took a colossal beating and even then Ojore still wasn't giving up!

Brown manages to exit through the curtain as the camera focuses on the referee tending to a still motionless Ojore.

Match result: DeMarcus Brown via pinfall
Match time: 14 minutes; 30 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:06 pm

*Gazzy is in his locker room ahead of his match, there is a knock at the door and he turns his head as Christy walks in sheepishly and Gazzy smiles

GD: I thought you were avoiding me

*Christy tousles her hair

CJ: I’m sorry I ever doubted you. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was ….

*Gazzy laughs

GD: You were jealous. Admit it!

CJ: I …errr

GD: Cards on the table time Christy, we keep repeating this dance. We are adults; we can be honest with one another, can’t we?

*Christy nods, she gulps audibly aware of what is coming

GC: I have no interest in anyone else; this Emma thing is all in Nate’s head. I only have eyes for one girl in 6CW

You know I have been through so much these last few years, I have been at my lowest but one constant remains, no matter what, you have always been there

You are my best friend; you are the one person I trust in this world. You make me believe anything is possible

*Christy is smiling as she moves towards Gazzy

GD: I would do anything to protect you Christy, you mean everything to ….

*Christy places a finger on Gazzy’s lips. The crowd cheers as the two share a kiss. Gazzy pulls Christy in to his chest as the scene changes

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:08 pm

Back at ringside

HA: Wow, about time too

HE: Let’s see if that has any affect on his performance

Harold laughs

HA: One mans performance that is on the up is Anthony Grace. Grace came to 6CW with a lot to prove and there were a lot of people desperate for him to fail, but later on tonight he has the opportunity to win his first piece of gold in professional wrestling

HE: He has had a glittering career in Hollywood but tonight would be a huge step in proving he has a real chance of being a big name in this industry. Something that quite a few people doubted only a few months ago

HA: But now those naysayers are becoming less and less. Grace’s fans are from far and wide and they are all very vocal in their support and belief for their idol as we saw earlier this week when he arrived in Liverpool

VT Runs

The Liverpool Echo Arena is full of cheering fans ready for Ground Zero. A few of them have come in fancy dress, outfitted in the latest Gambit costumes. The camera circles around and picks out many children with their "Believe 2 Achieve" t-shirts on and proudly waving their posters. You cannot avoid seeing Anthony Grace's face as it plastered on placards waved by his young fans. As the camera continues to revolve around the building, the voices of Henry and Harold Lloyd can be heard.

HA: Ladies and gentlemen, the 6CW bandwagon has found itself at last in Liverpool. All of us eagerly await what should be one of the PPV's of the year!

HE: There are some hotly anticipated matches all the way down the card......

HA:.........but if you look around this building, it seems the match most of the youngsters in attendance are waiting for is Jax Cutler defending his International title against their hero......Anthony "Amazing" Grace!

HE: His career so far is really what dreams are made of. A Hollywood dream!

HA: I could not agree with you more there. From his very first match at the Copper Box arena.......the last Anarchy we held in its hallowed walls........he has been on seriously hot form. He took on and beat 6CW legend Jerome Dubois convincingly, 2 wins out of 3, as well as picking up other notable victories. Now, a little over 3 months since his first match, he will contest for his first ever title.

HE: It is quite a CV already and boy, do these fans love him!

The camera then starts to focus on the front row fans. They are cheering loudly and showing their "Believe 2 Achieve" t-shirts. A couple of young women shout out "We love you Anthony" and a young boy, shadowed by his smiling father, starts chanting "Amaz-ing Grace, Amaz-ing Grace". A huge throng of fans start to huddle by the stage as Harold is heard again.

HA: What a moment this is for 6CW! Anthony Grace has helped make the organisation a truly global brand. Now these fans want their man to beat Jax Cutler and become the new International champion. Let us go now to Christy James, who is standing by with some of these fans.

The camera cuts to Christy standing by the stage accompanied by the huddle of fans. She is smiling broadly as the fans behind her continue to chant for Grace. A few fans, that seem deeply irritated, have been pushed to the side by some of the COG's and we can see they are wearing 6CW original t-shirts. As the COG's continue to chant, Christy struggles to make herself be heard.

CJ: This is absolutely insane guys! Never in my 6CW career have I witnessed a sight such as this! It seems the whole building is wall to wall Anthony Grace. There are few JJ Johnson posters dotted around and some showing their support for Liam Wood and others. But it is clear who Liverpool feel is the real star of Ground Zero! Let us talk to some of them.......

She turns to two fans who cheer loudly into the camera.

CJ: Hey! You seem excited to be here?

FAN 1: It is all about Grace baby! He is the man! He is the man! Wooooooo!!!!!

CJ: How do you feel his match is going to pan out?

FAN 2: Oh Grace is going to win easily! No way can anyone stand up to his talent! He is a great guy and he loves his fans! Cutler has nothing on Grace. Nothing!

Christy laughs a little before kneeling down and talking to a young boy. He has a replica International belt slung over his shoulder and is wearing a "Believe 2 Achieve" t-shirt and baseball cap.

CJ: Are you here to see Anthony Grace?

The boy looks a little sheepish but answers quietly

FAN 3: Yes.........

CJ: Awww you are so cute! Why do you like Anthony?

FAN 3: Because......because.....he is amazing........

Christy smiles at the camera and gets to her feet.

CJ: There you have it guys! Anthony Grace reaches out to young and old alike. He certainly has a lot of people in his corner!

The camera starts to circle the building again as Harold's voice is heard.

HA: Thank you for that Christy. There is no doubt that Anthony Grace has brought a special ingredient to 6CW. In a short space of time, he has become THE man to see in 6CW and a massive fan favourite.

HE: Usually I would hate guys like Grace, but even I can't be blind to scenes like this. Liverpool has gone Grace Ga Ga!

Suddenly the lights dim slightly and the fans hush. Then "Amazing Grace" blasts out of the speakers and the fans instantly raise the roof with their cheering. A lone cameraman rushes up the aisle and points at the huddle of fans, as we can see them all going wild. Then the camera points back to the stage as Anthony Grace comes out to a huge pop.

HA: Amazing scenes! Just amazing!

Anthony Grace stands on the stage and soaks up the atmosphere. He is wearing a black suit with a red shirt underneath. He has his usual wrap-around sunglasses but these are also red.

HA: Grace obviously showing his appreciation for Liverpool's colours

HE: At least for the red half!

Grace smiles broadly to the fans and puts his hands up in a praying position. He seems totally humbled by the reception and stares around the building, mouthing the words "thank you". As "Amazing Grace" continues to play, he starts to walk down the aisle. Grace slaps many fans hands and hugs a few of the ladies as well. When he passes the young boy with the replica International belt, he walks over and starts to speak quietly to him. Grace then carefully takes the belt off of the boys shoulder and lifts it high into the air. The crowd goes nuts at seeing this and Grace laughs loudly. He replaces the belt on the lads shoulder and pats him on the head. He then shakes the hand warmly of the boy’s father, before continuing to walk down the aisle.

HE: Anthony Grace......the man for most of us in the UK was simply an untouchable legend. Now he is here, larger than life, and mere metres away from his adoring public.

Grace walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. The music builds to a crescendo as he climbs one of the turnbuckles and salutes the fans. Grace points to some young COG's on the front row and nods his head. He jumps off the turnbuckle as the music ends and warmly applauds the fans.

HE: He is here ladies and gentlemen! Let us hear what he has to say!

Grace looks out across the rows of cheering fans and breathes in deeply. He adjusts his cheek microphone before speaking confidently into it.

AG: I know that "you'll never walk alone" is the phrase of this fine city and I BELIEVE that is 100 per cent true after that welcome!

The fans cheer loudly again and Grace does a few "I am not worthy" mock bows. He laughs as the front row mimic the bows and another "Amaz-ing Grace" chant starts again. He let's the chant ring around the building before speaking again.

AG: We all know why we are here. Not only will be witness an event of EPIC proportions, but it is also a chance for yours truly to lift one of the most prestigious belts in this company. It is AMAZING how far I have come in such a short space of time. There are many reasons for it.......my will to win, my trust in God......but mostly it is due to the people that stare at me now. Those guys and girls that chant my name at every show. It is the COG's that give me the air to BREATHE and the fight to SUCCEED. And it is for them.......I now humbly ask you all to watch this.

Grace points to the big screen which starts to come on. A film starts to play, like a Hollywood movie, as the crowd watch in awe

The video plays to show a smiling Anthony Grace appearing from the car at the Scars and Stripes PPV. A voice over then sounds out.

VO: The sum of one man is only as good as his parts.......

The screen then shows a shimmering image of Anthony Grace in the ring for the 12th November Anarchy.

AG: And I, one Anthony Grace, fuelled for the fight by the COG’s in the well-oiled machine, will become the International Superstar of 6CW.

The scene changes to Grace giving Dubois a slow-mo Ovation. Then the voice over starts again.

VO: One man that has risen above hate to answer the call.......

The scene now changes to Grace standing in the ring at the Aftermath show on the 1st October.

AG: I stand before you a confident man. One that is used to playing in front of MASSIVE audiences. But never have I seen such an uproar when I needed some guidance. When I was down, the COG’s lifted me up. When I needed support, the COG’s gave me their arm. When I needed to know my future, the COG’s showed me the path.

The voice over starts a third time as we see Grace flying through the air slowly with his Fall From Grace moonsault.

VO: One man who now stands to achieve.......

The scene changes to the last few moments of the 29th October Anarchy, with Grace pinning Jackson Black. Henry Lloyd's voice is then heard

HE: Anthony Grace is the #1 Contender to the INT Championship….

Then voiceover returns as hundreds of COG's are shown cheering.

VO: He will achieve.......if you all believe.

The scene returns to a mocked up image of Anthony Grace holding aloft the International championship.
The screen starts to fade as the crowd cheer in Grace's direction. He nods his head approvingly before speaking to the COG's once more.

AG: There is no doubt that this IS my toughest test. Mr. Cutler is a man to be feared and respected. But while this may be true, there is also no doubt in what can be achieved by one collective voice. A voice that SHOUTS down negative cries and only listens to the POSITIVE ones. It is this call to action that MAKES me get out of bed each day and train non-stop. It is this call to action that MAKES me step between these ropes and give my all. It is this call to action that MAKES me believe that Mr. Cutler's time is up!

The crowd cheer as Grace looks confidently about himself. He soaks in the positive reaction a bit more before continuing.

AG: I have said before that I have no problem with anyone here. All the guys backstage are tremendous athletes and Mr. Cutler is no exception. He has been a DOMINANT champion and one that is worthy of holding that title. This match will be a real duel......a match that surpass all my previous endeavours. It will take every last drop of blood, sweat and tears from my BODY and SOUL. But I stand here before you refreshed and ready. Full of concentration and confidence. God fearing but God enriched. One man called Anthony Grace........my past well documented but my future carved by my own hands. Hands that will be full of COG's energy coursing through my veins. And when Mr. Cutler feels this energy, he will know that the power of one NEVER beats the power of many!

Grace points to all four corners of the arena and turns on the spot. He turns to Harold and Henry Lloyd and winks at them, before nodding his head once more. The crowd are lapping up his call to arms, and await what he has to say next.

AG: So the story will reach a new chapter......on the 26th of this month, I will stand before you the International film star who now holds the International championship. By the Grace of God I hope this DREAM, which I have dreamt since I arrived here, does indeed become a REALITY! I have given it all and will continue to give it all, so when the dust settles and the victory music plays, I pray that you look upon me as a winner.......a champion..........and a HERO.

He looks straight into the camera and points.

AG: 6CW has the stars, but there is only ONE superstar! A superstar ready to take the world by storm! That superstar is a HERO that will rise at GROUND ZERO!

He looks out to the audience as they cheer loudly and shouts over the noise.

AG: My friends! Mark the date! The day the COG's turn the SCREW! You all KNOW it. You all WANT it. You all BELIEVE it. Now is my time to ACHIEVE it!

Grace lifts his arm into the air as the crowd pop at his words.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:12 pm

Match 7
GazzyD vs. Nate Nack

We cut back to the ringside area for the next match of the night as we are once again met by our commentary team of Harold and Henry Lloyd who look excited for the next grudge match set to take place.

HA: Ladies and gentlemen what a night it has been so far and it is only going to get better!

HE: That's right Harold, next we get to see Nate Nack get revenge on the man he thinks is driving himself between him and his fiancé Emma...

HA: Oh stop it Henry this isn't Loose Women...this is 6CW! Nobody knows what is going on and to be honest unless Emma comes out and settles it then it's none of our business!

HE: You might think that but it's clear that this man has other ideas of the situation in hand and if I was Gazzy...I'd run to the hills!

The crowd give a mixed reaction as 'Unbreakable' by Bon Jovi begins to blast from the P.A System and a focused Nate Nack walks slowly on to the stage, he pauses on the stage for a moment before gritting his teeth and marching towards the ring.

HA: Well while you focus on the latest gossip I am going to revel in a contest between two great superstars here tonight! Two former 6CW Champions, two fan favourites and two members of Team 6CW at Beachfront Brawl but two men who's careers couldn't be further apart if they tried!

HE: That's right and the strange thing is that these men are both examples of how everything can change in a year...sometimes though, in Nack's case...it can be for the worse.

Nate reaches the ring and walks up the steps before stepping over the top rope and taking his spot in the corner. His eyes locked on the entrance.

HA: Last year Nack seemed to have it all, he was the first champion since the re-birth...

HE: He was also planning the perfect wedding with his sweetheart but we know how that looks right now...

HA: What did I tell you? Can we just focus on the damn match!?

Unbreakable stops playing as a “LET'S GO GAZZY” chant begins to build up before “Limelight” by Rush bursts through the speakers forcing the crowd on to their feet in excitement. Suddenly Gazzy breaks out on to the stage and poses on the stage for the crowd before a serious look crosses his face as his line of site locks on to Nate and the two former champions stare holes in to each other.

HA: Now this man...in contrast to his opponent here tonight is finally riding high after having a pretty awful time last year.

HE: Pretty awful is a pretty big understatement Brother! We watches as Mr 6CW came back to the company he loved only to be targeted by former friend and current 6CW Champion Max Adamson!

HA: That's right Henry, it seems forever ago but only earlier this year Gazzy was forced to do Adamson's dirty work! Fast forward to the present day and Gazzy is now seen as the saviour of this company after he was the last man standing for Team 6CW!

HE: A team that Nate himself was on! It seems a little unjust for Gazzy to get all the glory.

HA: I think that could be the source of Nate's anger and frustration towards Gazzy D. I think Nate might see this as a chance to get his life back together...almost placing the blame on the man who he see's as stealing his spot!

HE: I think we all know where Nate's anger comes from Harold...what is Gazzy doing?!

As Gazzy reaches the ring he walks to the ring announcer and takes a microphone before rolling in to the ring and holding a hand up to Nate to give him a chance to speak. Nate clearly seething takes a step towards Gazzy only for the ref to step in the way as Gazzy begins to speak.

Gazzy: Nate...now before we do this I NEED you to believe that whatever you think is happening is all in your head! Nothing is going on and that just isn't my style! We saved this company, we were team mates...now let's put on a show for these fans but let's do it out of respect...not BS rumours and lies!

The crowd goes wild as Gazzy turns and tosses the mic to the outside but as he attempts to turn back to face his opponent Nate charges forward taking him off his feet and slamming him in to the turnbuckle.

HE: I think Gazzy's speech has fallen on deaf ears! Nack is ready to tear him apart and with the difference in size it might not be hard...

HA: That's right these two men are two of the best we have but there is no denying Nack's advantage seeing as he weighs over 100lbs more than Gazzy!

Nate lands hard punches to Gazzy's head before grasping him around the throat and tossing him half way across the ring bringing the former 6CW champion down to earth with a crash. Nack pauses for a moment almost standing over Gazzy as Gazzy begins to stand up.

HE: Nack almost seems like he's enjoying this! Weeks of anger and frustration coming out against the man who has caused it!

HA: If you ask me Nate's paranoia has caused this and he'll find out that if he doesn't put Gazzy away quickly that it might be a big mistake!

HE: You were saying?

As Gazzy rises to his feet Nack once again grasps him around the throat only for Gazzy to land a stiff kick to the gut forcing Nack to let go of the hold, Gazzy then hits two forearms before bouncing off the ropes and looking for a leaping forearm only to be caught mid air with a massive big boot from Nack that leaves Gazzy down.

HE: Nate just took away any momentum that Gazzy was looking to build, it's time for him to capitalise!

Nate yanks Gazzy to his feet and whips him in to the ropes waiting for his return. Gazzy returns looking for a clothesline only to be shoulder blocked off his feet, crashing down to the ground with a bump once again. Gazzy kips back up and ducks a big right before bouncing off the ropes and once again ducking a clothesline attempt from Nack before returning with a drop kick to the man mountain's knee that causes Nack to drop to a kneeling position. Gazzy hops up once again this time hitting a drop kick to Nack dropping him on to his back.

HA: Gazzy is back in control, he needs to keep this up!

Gazzy quickly reaches the turnbuckle and climbs to the top as Nate begins to stir. As Nack finally reaches his feet and turns towards Gazzy the flashbulbs go as Mr 6CW dives forward looking to hit Nate Nack with a spear...

HE: Oh my god! Nate Nack is a machine!

HA: That is incredible!

As Gazzy dives forward Nack is able to catch him midair in to a suplex position, the crowd are stunned as Nack holds the move in a stalled position and begins to walk around the ring with Gazzy held upside down. As Nate holds Gazzy midair the crowd reluctantly begins to count.

Crowd: ...seven...eight...nine...ten!

As the crowd reach ten Nack brings Gazzy down to the mat in to a jack hammer style suplex but instantly pulls him up instead of going for the cover. A dazed Gazzy throws a desperate punch only for Nack to kick him in the gut before landing a sickening axe handle blow across the back of Gazzy's head dropping him down to the ground.

HA: Gazzy needs to fight back...this could become a massacre!

HE: That's what Nate wants! That man right there is the personification of his bad luck and he is out to destroy it...this isn't about winning, this is about teaching Gazzy a lesson!

Nate begins to stalk Gazzy as the fans get behind him once again starting up a “LET'S GO GAZZY” chant that is rivaled by a smaller but still loud “MIGHTY MIGHTY” chant. Nate once again pulls Gazzy up seizing him around the waste

HE: German suplex!

The crowd are stunned as Nate throws Gazzy over the top of his head with a huge german suplex keeping the hold as he does

HA: I think Gazzy is going for another ride! This is horrible to watch!

HE: This is impressive...Nate is tossing Gazzy around like a rag doll...

Nate pulls Gazzy up by the waste and once again tosses him over his head with another punishing German Suplex before once again dragging him up by the waist. Once again Nate hits another, followed by another as some of the crowd begin to count

Crowd: FOUR.........FIVE......S-

The crowd are quickly cut off as a dazed Gazzy is able to launch back a elbow that loosens the grip of Nack. Nack grits his teeth and tightens the hold again only to receive another two elbows that finally break the hold. Nack looks for the hold again but Gazzy is able to turn around and hit a desperation move

HA: Deep Impact!

HE: MY GOD! He got him!

The crowd jump to their feet as Gazzy is able to hit the pedigree/x-factor to leave both men down in the middle of the ring, Gazzy pauses for a moment attempting to get his breath before slowly crawling to Nate and struggling to roll him on to his back. After a few moments Gazzy finally drops a hand across the bigger man's chest.




HE: No! Two point nine! Nate Nack is still in this and that might have been Gazzy's best chance to walk away relatively unharmed!

HA: Gazzy needs to keep on because we all know Nate Nack doesn't stay down for long!

HE: I think you're right...what a monster of a man!

As Gazzy begins to to push himself off Nate the crowd are stunned as Nate's hand once again wraps itself around Gazzy's throat. Nate begins to pull himself up dragging a shocked Gazzy with him before both men are stood standing toe to toe with Nate's hand still around the throat of Gazzy.

HE: Chokeslam!

HA: NO! Reversal from Gazzy!

As Nate looks to slam Gazzy on his back the smaller star is able to drop out of the hold landing himself behind Nate's back. Gazzy kicks Nate in the back of the leg before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a drop kick to Nate sending him rolling across the ring. Nack quickly begins to get himself up again to the annoyance of Gazzy who charges towards him looking for another drop kick only for Nate to charge forward catching Gazzy in a belly to belly and throwing him over his head and in to the turnbuckle causing him to crumple.

HE: Nate seems unstoppable here tonight...he's beginning to remind me of the Nate Nack who held the 6CW with such dominance. It looks like Nate is ready to end this match now...maybe he realises that beating Gazzy could get him back to where he deserves to be?

Nate begins to stalk Gazzy who has begun to pull himself up using the turnbuckle. Nate quickly moves grabbing Gazzy once again and throwing him by the hair across the ring before shouting at him to get to his feet with an ugly snarl across his face.

HA: Nate needs to control this anger, he's not thinking straight!

HE: Right now he only has one thing on his mind and that is to destroy Gazzy D...I'd say he's doing well!

Gazzy gets to his feet and Nate beckons him forward, Gazzy doesn't hesitate charging towards Nate who uses his strength to pull Gazzy up in to a military press, the crowd are impressed as the massive man begins to bench press Gazzy with ease before letting him drop down on to the ring ropes causing him to fall down on to the ring apron. Nate quickly reaches over pulling him up and landing headbutts only for Gazzy to fight back himself hitting forearms that catch Nate off guard leading to him stumbling back.

HA: There's still fight left in Gazzy D! It's probably the same fight that helped him overcome Team Authority at Beachfront Brawl!

Nate moves back in this time to be caught with another forearm before Gazzy runs along the apron using the turnbuckle to hit a Jericho style drop kick in to the ring taking Nate down, both men remain down before stirring as they meet once again in the middle of the ring. Both men begin to trade punches with Nack's strength advantage obviously showing.

HE: Gazzy tried to go toe to toe with Nack earlier and we saw how that ended, he needs to change this tactic!

HA: I think he heard you Henry! What speed!

Nack throws another huge strike only for Gazzy to duck it and hit another punch of his own before once again using his speed to dodge and duck any strike attempts from Nack. Gazzy hits two more jab style punches that sway Nate causing him to stumble back across the ring

HE: Wow! Gazzy has somehow countered Nate's advantage and completely leveled the playing field!

HA: That's right! How can you beat what you can't hit?

After a few more strikes Nate drops to a knee before Gazzy charges across the ring looking for a running knee

HA: What an impact!

As Gazzy attempts to make contact Nate pops up hitting a massive spine buster that leaves Gazzy down




HE: He's got him!

HA: NO! He kicked out...once again we saw it go right down to the wire with that one!

Nate slams the mat in anger before pulling Gazzy up and looking to finally put this one to rest. Nate drags Gazzy towards the turnbuckle and places him on to the top rope in a precarious position. To the shock of the crowd Nate begins to climb the ropes joining Gazzy at the top before pulling Gazzy up so both men are stood on the top rope, the ring creaks as Nate signals for the end.

HA: My god! That's nearly six hundred pounds high above the ring!

HE: And most of that is Nate! This is NOT going to end well for Gazzy!

Nate pulls Gazzy up hitting with a headbutt that nearly drops Gazzy from the top rope down to the outside but Nate is able to hang on to Gazzy pulling him in to a suplex position!



The pair hit the ground as the ref makes the count





HA: We have a winner! What a reversal!

HE: Nate might have just cost himself the win looking for that monstrous superplex!

The replay shows as Nate looks to hit his Suplex Stunner Wake Up Call that Gazzy is able to use his weight to twist Nate around instead hitting the Deep Impact from the top rope before collapsing on top of Nate and getting the three count.

We cut back to the ring where both men have begun to stir with Gazzy up on his feet first; he quickly drags Nate up and begins to speak to him causing Nate to yell back in anger. Nate pushes Gazzy back only for Gazzy to move forward offering a handshake.

HA: Gazzy just won a huge match but he is still focused on sorting out the issues that he and Nate Nack have here tonight!

HE: I don't think Nack is in the forgiving mood Harold!

The crowd descends in to boo's as Nate turns away before spinning around and hitting a huge right hand that floors Gazzy. Nate makes his way out of the ring as the camera focused on Gazzy who has an angry look on his face as he watches Nate leave the ring.

Match result: GazzyD via pinfall
Match time: 8 minutes; 41 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:15 pm

*Backstage Michael Hathaway is stood with his client Jax Cutler. Hathaway is wearing a slim grey suit, his grey hair slicked back, and Cutler is ready for action.Tim Allen turns to camera with his mic raised

TA: My guest at this time……..

*Hathaway rolls his eyes

MH: The correct opening is I am honoured to be in the presence of greatness

*Allen remains silent and Hathaway rolls his eyes

MH: Don’t think we have not seen the difference between how you treat us compared to the blue eyed boy Anthony Grace but do not think for one second that favour carries any weight once my client gets him in the ring.

We have seen the molly coddling, the pandering that Grace demands where ever he goes, we witnessed the circus that greeted his arrival to this city, we listened to the verbal diatribe that was lapped up by the idiots he calls COG’s an in all that rubbish, that catchphrased, pandering, unintelligent drivel you said just two things worth listening to, just two things worth repeating...One; that Jax Cutler will be your toughest test and two; that Jax Cutler is a dominant champion. Those are two obvious but sound pieces of judgement Mr. Grace. I am glad that you're man enough to admit those things, aware enough to point them out and slimy enough to plan your excuses early.

That's what that is Mr. Grace, I've been in this game a long time, I may not always have been in 6CW or the wrestling business...much like yourself. I have, however, always dealt in the people business and I have seen people like you in all sorts of places, in all sorts of sports and entertainment and businesses. You're a fantastic talker, you know all the right things to say, especially the things to cover your backside. This "respect" you're trying to show Jax, it's you planning your excuse early.

You've already let everybody know why you lost to Jax Cutler before it has happened because you know it will happen and because you know your precious "COGs" become a lot less loving when you're not winning, when your movies aren't selling. However, you know how gullible and stupid these fans are, they lap up this character and face you put on everyday, they love it, the man they want to be, the man they want to marry, the man they want to grow up to be. All a very good and calculated act and part of that, part of it is making sure every loss, every backwards step can be justified.

To be fair, in this case, it is justified. Jax Cutler is a wrecking ball, a machine, a living, breathing, fighting legend and a man who if it came to his mind could rip you in half. He could end your career; he could make you a joke, simply a recurring punch line on every talkshow, on every wrestling recap, in every home of every person. Anthony Grace would be the man Jax Cutler broke down, the man Jax Cutler showed up.

However I'm not sure Jax Cutler cares enough about you to even want to do that. You see, Jax and I know what you're here for. It's not to prove yourself at something genuinely impressive, it's not to get the love of fans, it's not because of your religious fervor it's because of one thing and one thing only and something these people here in Liverpool no too little of....MONEY. You're greed personified and when your previous career exploits weren't bringing enough bacon home you turned to something that you felt was easy money, something you felt you could succeed at, be protected in and walk away richer, more famous and another highlight to a storied and money-filled career.

Unfortunately you've encountered an issue...Jax Cutler isn't here for the money. He isn't here for the fame. He isn't here for the adulation. They come naturally. He is here to hurt people. He is here to win and defend championships. He is here because this is something he is exceptionally talented at....no, the BEST at. I remember the day you debuted; I remember it well because Jax here, he wasn't very happy that day. He chose 6CW over the scores of other suitors for his services because of my advice and my advice was based on this place being the home of the pinnacle of sporting achievement, the best wrestlers in the world I was promised and that's what I promised Jax.

Do you know what it is like to be trapped in a room with an angry Jax Cutler...a furious Jax Cutler, a man with that level of destructive potential? I mean Jax likes me, he has employed me to guide his career, it's an honour and a privilege but when you're in that room and you see those eyes, those steely, remorseless eyes crease with anger you fear for your safety. He's calmed down now of course, he's got over it, but on that day he was angry because look at the focus you got and who were you?!

Jax Cutler doesn't care about Hollywood; Jax Cutler doesn't care about Anthony Grace. He cares about himself, he cares about winning and wrestling and hurting people. Those are the things he cares about. So when you came in to such hype when you were an entertainer not an athlete. It was a disGRACE and it still is. When I look at you, a man of privilege, a man of a background so far removed from the man stood next to me it's hard to believe that you're competing for the same thing.

There are levels in this company and you are not on Jax's level, not even close. You've exceeded people's expectations for sure, you've been better than most believed you could be but does that make you good? Does that make you at Jax Cutler's level? Does it hell!

*Jax Cutler shakes his head and then grins as Hathaway finishes the sentence.

MH: Tonight there is no contest, Jax Cutler is going to take your poor physique, your lack of experience, your desperation to be somebody you're not and he's going to crush it into a little ball. Jax Cutler is the 6CW International Champion and will be for a very long time yet. You can count on that. Your "COGs" will be stuck. Stuck between tears that their hero has been destroyed and awe for Jax Cutler, who is not a mere man, or superstar, he is a machine, capable of superhuman feats. .

And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

*Hathaway pats Cutler on the shoulder and the two men walk out of shot leaving Allen to hand back to the commentary team

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:16 pm

*Back to ringside with the Commentary team

HA: What a momentous night so far, and the action doesn’t stop. After this break

HE: Oh my god….

HA: What?

HE: We need to go backstage, now

HA: Why?

*The camera view switches to the parking lot, a crowd are gathered in a circle but the screams of a woman can be heard

??: Oh my god, somebody, please call an ambulance!!!!

*The camera moves through the crowd, Emma is crouched down, she is cradling Nate’s head in her arms, blood trickles from his ear as he lies unconscious. Emma is sobbing uncontrollably

E: I’m sorry, it wasn’t meant to end like this

*Emma looks up at the crowd again pleading for help.The camera shows Christy stood with a shocked Gazzy D

GD: The car came from nowhere, but he was aiming for Nate, no doubt in my mind

CJ: Did you see who it was?

*Gazzy shakes his head. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Emma is stroking Nate’s hair as the former 6CW champion remains unmoved

*Emma is repeating over and over again

E: What have I done, what have I done……..

*The camera returns to ringside where Harold and Henry are stunned into silence, the crowd begins a Nate chant

HA: Ladies and Gentlemen at this time we try to provide reassurance to you all about events you have just witnessed but on this occasion I am truly lost for words

HE: We will take a commercial break, the show will go on but our thoughts are with Nate Nack, we will keep you updated on events as they unfold, but as you have all just seen, Nate is in a very perilous situation and we hope that things are not as bad as they appear to be

HA: We will be back in two minutes

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:17 pm

Back from commercial and video footage recapping the history between JJ Johnson and Jerome Dubois plays culminating in a replay of Dubois addressing the 6CW universe earlier in the week.

The camera pans across the arena as “6C-Dub” are heard echoing across, as the scream’s and chants of the fans get louder and louder.

HE: Just listen to this excitement Harold!

HA: Can you blame them, Ground Zero is just around the corner and we have some of the biggest matches in 6CW history taking place!

“Beat the devil’s tattoo” hits as the cheers quickly turn to boo’s.

HE: Speaking of which, here comes one superstar involved in arguably the biggest match of the night!

HA: Dubois vs JJ Johnson for the first time in 6CW history, and for the first time in over 5 years these two men step into the ring one on one against each other!

Jerome Dubois slowly swaggers out from the back with a large smile on his face wearing a custom made grey suit, white shirt, with the top bottom undone, and brown shoes. Dubois makes his way down the ramp, up the steel steps and into the ring where a steel chair is seen set up in the middle of the ring. Dubois makes his way over and grabs a mic as he then sit down on the steel cheer, as the light across the arena are dimmed down, and a spotlight appears from above on Dubois.

HA: With just over 7 days to go, you know something is gonna give here tonight!

Dubois is seen with his head bowed down as he begins to tap the palm of his hand on his mic.

JD: Tap* Tap* Tap* Tap* Tap* Tap*

JD: Tap* Tap* Ahem!*…Do I have everybody’s attention now? Hein? Let me repeat myself nice and slowly so that every single peasant in this arena here tonight may understand me correctly, I said……Do…..I…..Have…..Everbody’s…Attention….Now?! More importantly….Do I finally have your attention JJ? Or maybe those concussions I am giving you are starting to kick in…Because I hate to say I told you so…But I fricking told you so! I told you exactly what was going to happen….I have told you exactly how it will all go down…And yet you were naïve JJ…Naïve of the fact that you and your arrogance thought you were better than me….

You were naïve of the fact that you failed to understand that this isn’t 2009…Non! Non! Non! Mon ami this is 2014, and Jerome Dubois has and continues to evolve into a new man…. And that is no myth, that is just a fact, just like the fact that inside this ring…My ring, and my Home, no one is better than me! You hear me! I am a certified hall of a famer a man who has built this company up brick by brick into the company you see today…This isn’t the 6WF….Non mon ami…This is 6CW! And times have changed JJ….Times have changed…

Dubois pauses and rises up of his chair

HE: He is right time have changed, I do not remember seeing such an aggressive Dubois.

HA: Can you blame him Henry? He has been disrespected since day one…His credential have been doubted and management have looked over him.

JD: Let me tell you something JJ…Let me tell you a little story….You see JJ, every single night, we lay our heads down on our pillow, to dream…to drift away from our problems, and to escape reality…and that is when our mind really starts to tick…That is when our brains begins to remember all these thing, and all these horrible things, these travesties, that have happened to us in our lives….To fuel our anger, and weigh us down….But in our dreams….In our dreams we are hero’s…

We are superhero’s, who have mystical powers that can fix anything….And these powers can fix everything, as we one day dream of revenge, and we one day dream of payback, and REDEMPTION….but just like that we wake up….and that is when reality sets in, as we rise out of our beds, and we head over to the mirror and we realize that we aren’t super heroes, and that we can not fix everything…and so we bottle up all this rage inside of us as we go on living our dismal pathetic little lives as if nothing is wrong, but everything! everything is wrong!!!! But I plan on fixing that…I plan for my redemption at Ground Zero….

You see 5 years ago a phenomenal French athlete made his debut in this country in the 6WF….This phenomenal French athlete made his debut, and tore apart the competition, hell he broke records, and became the hottest rising commodity within wrestling history….Until one day this Frenchman got put down…You see this Frenchman had this mean evil old colleague, who went at great length to make his life a living hell…And this colleague of his went on to great measures to remind him that he was beneath him….that I shouldn’t even be in the same ring as him….to keep him in his shadows…To keep him down…..To keep him away from the public eye….To keep him hidden…But one day this Frenchman went up to management, and said

“what is it about you that makes you think that this man is better than me, what is it about you that makes you thinks this man is so much stronger than me, is it is it because this man has the Hollywood story of coming from the slums, and making it, is it is it because he force feeds his propaganda down the throats to those little children in the ground just to buy another piece of pathetic merchandise! Or is it because he is just another just a nonsensical yes man!”And 6WF management just accused him of jealousy….6WF Management fead him the old line of “Keep reaching for the brass ring! “….Well I am proud to say that right now that those managers are sitting rotting in their retirement home filled up with all of their life regrets, while I, THE PHENOMENE FRANCAIS JEROME DUBOIS stands in the middle of this ring as a Hall of Famer, and a former 6CW World Heavyweight Champion as a bigger name than JJ has ever been, with the whole dam 6CW Fans, and managers down on their knees worshipping this Wrestling God for everything that he has done for this company! That is my payback JJ, that is my Redemption! But Management were right about one thing….I am Jealous….I am Jealous that no matter of how many records I break, and after all the championship I have won, and even after being inducted into the hall of fame I am not even mentioned in the same breath as JJ Johnson! And while all my achievements are cast aside, JJ Johnson hides behind that plastic smile, and continues to play the role of the hero that we see in our dreams, while everything around him burns to the ground from my doing….But you see JJ, my tongue….my tongue is the viper’s fangs….and when it starts striking, people start getting behind me, and they start getting behind me because I offer them hope, and offer them hope to people like me as they deal with other people like JJ in their lives! You see JJ….He hides behind that plastic smile, telling you everything is alright, he plays the role of the hero, as the people champion, as everything around him burns…Well I promise….I promise to GIVE TO THOSE MEN AND WOMEN AND CHILDREN THE STRENGTH TO BELIEVE, AND HAVE THE STRENGTH TO STEP OUT OF THAT SHADOW THAT IS CAST UPON THEM! THAT LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY, AND THAT THE ONLY PLACE FOR THE JJ’S IN THIS WORLD IS IN OUR SHADOWS, AND NOT THEIRS!

HE: You can see the anger just pouring out of Dubois!

HA; JJ is his Achilles heel, it absolutely pains him that he has never ever been able to pin him one on one.

HE: He also blames him for his failures in the 6WF!

Crowd: You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!

JD: And my Redemption will happen JJ at Ground Zero….You would be surprise what times does to a man JJ…You would be surprised…You see JJ I have been waiting for this moment for 5 years…5 years to set the record straight, and while you sit there, preparing for your match with me, and you sit there listening to my every word, you will feel that fire inside of your burning…that fire that has made you defy the odds over and over again, and that fire that makes you the peoples champion! But every dog has his day JJ, and your day is coming…Hell you should just be honest with yourself, you are past your best! Those injuries are catching up to you, and your body is slowing down!

The JJ I know would have risen back up and put me back in my place, but for all that talk of wanting to fight, and all that talk of wanting to show the world you can still go with the very best, it is time you back away and stop spitting in the face of the company that I love…You should accept the facts that are there, which is at Ground Zero, there will be no dream ending, and your legacy will die at my hands, as I get my redemption and prove that I have always been the bigger star! Because JJ this world that you and I compete follows the same principles of Darwin theory of evolution…It is survival of the fittest…And I have evolved since 2009 while you have stagnated….So come Ground Zero, the match that people have been waiting 5 years to see will unfortunately end in disappointment for you….because finally, after the dust settles down, and it is all said and done…I, the wrestling god…The Jerome Dubois will have his arm raised as the winner, and will finally step out of that shadow you have tried to keep me locked in once and for all…I WILL BE THE LAST MAN STANDING IN THAT RING, OR ELSE I PROMISE, AND I WILL MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE EVER STANDS AGAIN IN THIS RING!!!! DAM……….STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dubois drops the mic and stares into the camera so a chorus of boos from the crowd as “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” begins to play in the background. The footage comes to an end and we return to ringside

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:19 pm

Match 8
6CW INT Championship
Jax Cutler © vs. Anthony Grace

He: We've got International Championship action coming up now as the champion Jax Cutler takes on challenger Anthony Grace, and I think its safe to say as impressive as Grace has been, he's still an actor and Cutler should make short work of here tonight

Ha: Very ignorant observation that, yes Grace may be a world famous actor but I don't think I'm the only person been impressed with the level of ability he has shown in such a short time here in 6CW, I think this is an incredibly hard bout to call, and Grace may just go and steal it

Ha: put your money were your mouth is, fiver says Cutler wins...

Ha: Done

The camera centres in on a choir assembled on the stage who suddenly break out into Amazing Grace as the lights in the arena go down and a sole spotlight shines down on Anthony Grace as he walks out from backstage. Grace acknowledges the choir with applause and then makes his way down to the ring tagging the hands of the fans before sliding inside. He climbs to the top rope and signals a title around his waist as numerous camera flashes go off around the audience

Ha: Would you listen to this ovation, may not hear a bigger one all night, these fans ecstatic to see Anthony Grace

He: How do you know they're for him, may be the camera these fans are cheering

Ha: I'm pretty sure it’s Grace, but couldn't blame them if they were to cheer the vocal talents on display this evening, it’s a pleasure to have the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir here as part of the 6CW universe for one night only

The lights come back on as the music ends and Grace once again signals applause to the choir up on stage when suddenly a huge chorus of boos breaks out when 'Bridge Burning' blasts out of the speakers and Jax Cutler walks out to the stage flanked by Michael Hathaway. The two look disgustingly at the choir and then back up toward Grace in the ring before slowly making their way down to ringside

Ha: You can already feel the tension building, neither taking their eyes of the other, both understanding just how important this match is

Jax gets to the ring and climbs on to the apron, still eyes fixed Grace he enters the ring and begins to circle his opponent as Hathaway lifts the title high up in the air

Ha: Credit to Grace, showing no signs of intimidation

He: Hollywood has made him stupid, just like those idiotic so called movies he stars in

Hathaway exits the ring holding on to the International title as the two men tie up in the centre of the ring. Cutler immediately uses his power advantage pushing Grace to the ground. The challenger rubs the back of his neck slowly getting back to his feet and the two men tie up again. Cutler once again uses his strength and pushes Grace back into the corner of the ring. He rubs his forearms across his face before the official orders him to break, Cutler does and then aims a quick right hand in the direction of Grace

Ha: Grace expected that

The crowd cheers as Grace ducks underneath the contact and then rocks the champion with a big right hand, he follows it up with a second and a third which backs Cutler up against the turnbuckle before he climbs to the second rope and starts raining down punches on Cutler

He: The champ not impressed

Cutler grabs Grace around the legs and easily carries him out in to the centre of the ring before taking him down to the mat with a wrestling takedown. He waits for Grace to get back to his feet and then locks in a headlock and takes him back down to the mat. He keeps the headlock in place as Grace tries to battle back to his feet; he backs him against the ropes and pushes him off

Ha: Grace battling free in what as been a surprisingly tactical start from Cutler so far


Cutler bounces off the opposite ropes and then flattens Grace with a huge shoulder charge. He lifts him up with ease off the mat and then whips him with force into the corner of the ring, Grace bounces out straight into a big body drop and Cutler drops down for the first cover of the match



Grace throws his shoulder off the mat and Cutler grabs him by the head and delivers a bunch of sickening punches to the forehead before he gets to his feet and allows Grace the time to do the same. Grace slowly gets up but is quickly ambushed as Cutler grabs him around the waist and sends him flying with a German suplex bridged into the pin



Grace kicks out again to the displeasure of Cutler and Hathaway, but Cutler drags him back to his feet

He: Short arm clothesline....


Just as Cutler is about to connect with the clothesline, Grace ducks underneath. He bounces off the ropes and then takes Cutler down with the crossbody and then starts to unload with a flurry of punches. He gets back to his feet and starts to stomp down as Cutler tries to battle up to his feet. The champion pushes him away but Grace is like a dog with a bone and comes back at Cutler continuing to stomp on him as he tries to get up.

Ha: Grace starting to build some momentum here

Grace backs away briefly enough to allow Cutler to his feet before he kicks him in the mid section and then hits a snap suplex floating over into the pin



Cutler kicks out and Grace lifts him back to his feet, he backs him against the ropes and whips him across the ring before knocking him down with a spinning heel kick. Grace gets to the corner of the ring and climbs up on the second rope before jumping off and driving his elbow through the heart of Cutler and he hooks the leg again




Ha: Closest we've come so far to a pinfall for either superstar

He: Close doesn't win you gold Harold

Grace doesn't dwell on the near fall and he gets back to his feet and begins to stalk Cutler as he does the same, he connects with an inverted atomic drop and then lifts Cutler into position for another suplex, he stalls briefly before dropping him down onto his head

Ha: Huge suplex there, he could have him





Ha: Too close for comfort for Hathaway though

Grace exhales heavily and pleads with the official for the three count to no avail. He slowly gets up, and then lifts Cutler to his feet as well

Ha: If Grace nails this we have a new champion......WHATS HE DOING?

He: Protecting his clients interests

The crowd boos loudly as Hathaway climbs on to the ring apron distracting Grace, but it's enough for Cutler to regain his composure and he flattens Grace with a huge clothesline. He lifts him up off the mat and then sends him flying across the ring with a overhead belly suplex. He lifts him straight back to his feet and then lifts him up and runs driving him into the corner of the ring and then proceeds to connect with a number of shoulder charges into the gut.

Cutler whips Grace into the opposite corner and then follows him with a running body splash, and as Grace staggers out he walks straight into a fallaway slam from the champion and Cutler hooks the leg for the pin




He: I thought that was it

Ha: Closest Cutler has come so far

Cutler keeps up with the offense as he lifts Grace back to his feet, he sends him flying with a German suplex but rolls through lifting him back up and connecting with a second followed by a third and then he goes for a further pin




Grace kicks out again and Cutler lifts him straight back up. He throws him in to the corner and then starts to connecting with a number of MMA strikes varying between punches, forearm shots and kicks to the leg

He: The Champion firmly in control now, Grace totally out of his depth

The official tries to order Cutler to stop the assault but cowers as Cutler turns to confront him. Cutler turns back to Grace and is met with a kick to the mid section

Ha: DD....

He: Cutler blocks and easily overpowers him in to a Northern Lights suplex, this could have him



Ha: Not yet, Grace still in this

He: Not for long, Cutler wants to end this

Hathaway signals for the end and Cutler lifts Grace up to his feet, he kicks him in the gut and then lifts him through the air setting him in position for the Cutting Edge


He: But Grace can't take advantage

Both men are doing in the centre of the ring and the crowd are hot for Grace, they are cheering his name loudly willing him to come to and make the cover and he slowly obliges, turning and draping his arm across the chest of Cutler




Ha: SON OF A B.....

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:21 pm

The crowd boos loudly as Grace is dragged off of Cutler by Hathaway. Grace gets to his feet and look toward Hathaway who is smiling and laughing but the smile quickly disappears and turns to a state of panic as Grace exits the ring and chases Hathaway round the outside. Hathaway circles the ring and slides inside, Grace chases him down but runs into a big boot from Cutler which flattens him down to the ground

Cutler quickly lifts Grace up and kicks him in the gut and then lifts him through the air

He: CUTTING EDGE!!! Looks like you owe me a fiver





Cutler hits the mat in frustration and rounds on the official who signals again that it was a two count. Grace slowly struggles to his feet using the ropes for support as Cutler closes back in on him and once again sends Grace soaring through the air with a German suplex. Cutler gets up and looks down at his opponent and then lifts Grace up and connects with another German suplex, and rolls through into a second, and a third and a fourth and fifth

He: That’s nine German suplexes. Cutler is showing complete and total dominance befitting of a champion






Cutler once again reacts angrily to the near fall and then he lifts Grace up again, he sets him in position for a 10th German suplex but Grace delivers a couple of sharp elbows forcing Cutler to let go. The champion staggers back against the ropes and Grace clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside of the ring.

Grace drops down to one knee catching his breath, his name is ringing around the arena as the crowd a strongly behind him. He gets up to his feet and waits as Cutler is on his feet on the outside


The crowd goes wild as Grace bounces off the ropes and then leaps through the opposite ropes taking Cutler down with a suicide dive. Hathaway looks on uneasily as his client is down on the outside of the ring and Grace gets back to his feet. He lifts Cutler up and slides him inside and then he climbs on to the ring apron springboards off the top rope and connects with a body splash and stays on top for the pin




He: Foot on the rope, great ring awareness from the champion

Ha: Or great management from Hathaway more like placing Cutlers foot there for the official to see

Grace gets back to his feet and he kicks Cutlers foot off the rope, he looks at Hathaway who turns white but Grace this time stays inside the ring and lifts Cutler up, he whips him into the corner of the ring and then he goes for the punch combo for the second time. Each punch is met with huge cheers from the crowd as they count along with every one, he gets to 10 and instead of hopping down he follows with a fast flurry of another 10 punches

He: C'mon ref, do something. Should he be DQ'd or something?

Ha: Sounds like you're getting a little worried there Henry

Grace backs out of the corner and Cutler staggers out

Ha: Cutler walks straight into a pendulum backbreaker and Grace has the cover




He: Still not enough though, face it, Grace can't win. Even when he cheats by assaulting the champ he can't get a pin fall

Ha: You're seriously going to call Grace a cheat, two times so far Hathaway has cost him momentum, this probably could be over by now and you would be looking at a new champ

Grace exits the ring to the apron and starts to climb up to the top rope, as he does Hathaway climbs up distracting him again, the distraction buys enough time for Cutler to get up and he takes the legs of Grace from underneath him, crotching him on the top rope.

The crowd boo loudly as Hathaway looks on smugly and Cutler starts climbing to the top rope, he sets him in position for a top rope superplex but Grace begins to fight back, he headbutts him to the side of the head and after a second and a third the champion loses his balance and falls back down to the mat, Grace slowly gets up to stand on the top rope again








Grace sits up, his head in hands; he looks towards the heavens knowing how close that was. He crawls across the mat and lifts himself up with the ropes and the catches his breath as he waits for Cutler to do the same, as he does Grace knocks him back down with a running clothesline, the champion gets back up and is knocked straight back down and then gets up a third time only to run into a standing dropkick and Grace goes for another cover



Cutler throws his arm up off the mat breaking the pinfall.

Grace gets back to his feet wanting to keep the momentum going, he lifts Cutler up to his feet and then kicks him in the gut and then connects with a further snap suplex. He stalks Cutler who slowly gets to his feet and he grabs him from behind

Ha: After being nailed with nine German suplexes, I think Grace is looking for one of his own

He: Not if the champ has anything to do with it, reversed and he's looking for German suplex number ten, here we g........







Cutler gets back to his feet but Grace is quicker and he bounces off the ropes and takes Cutler down with a bulldog into the centre of the ring. Grace gets back to his feet and climbs to the top rope facing out toward the crowd


Grace looks around the crowd and pumps them up as the noise levels reach fever pitch, he doesn't even bother with the cover instead lifting Cutler back up and setting in position for the Ovation

Ha: Seriously, why is he still out here?

Grace as Cutler in position for his finisher as Hathaway once again climbs back on to the apron. Grace drops Cutler down to the mat and is quick enough to grab Hathaway, he drags him inside the ring by the scruff of the neck and he arches his arm back, hand balled into a fist. The crowd is urging Grace to sock him but he is knocked down from behind as Cutler gets back to his feet. The official forces Hathaway out of the ring

Ha: wait a minute, Cutler has the title.........OH COME ON! THIS IS A DAMNED HANDICAP MATCH

The crowd boos as Cutler drives the title into the head of Grace knocking him out cold; he throws the title out of the ring in time before the official turns back to the action and then drops over Grace for the pin

Ha: This is a disgrace





He: Delaying the inevitable, if Grace ever had a chance to win this match it has been and gone

Cutler is livid. He grabs Grace by the head and repeatedly drives it into the canvas breaking only when the official threatens to DQ him. He lifts Grace up and then sends him flying with another German suplex

He: for those of you keeping score at home, that’s 10....ten German suplexes, what a performance by the International Champion, there may have been a period in the middle were Grace had an inspired moment but that’s passed

Cutler stomps on the back of Grace repeatedly, not allowing him any attempt to make it back to his feet. He lifts Grace up and whips him against the ropes and then plants him in the middle of the ring with a thunderous spinebuster



Kick out

Hathaway barks instructions from outside of the ring and Cutler acknowledges and then backs away allowing Grace to slowly get back to his feet

He: Here we go, this is it. Bearhug locked in. Grace has nowhere to go

The crowd is chanting Graces name loudly, but it doesn't help as he quickly begins to fade. Grace slumps in the arms of Cutler and the official lifts his arm in the air only for it to drop down back to his side, he lifts it a second time and it drops again, then a third

He: Cutler all but won here, this arm drops and this one's over...AND IT DROPS


Grace stops his arm falling and it shoots back up in the air. It beats the air in time with the crowd’s chants and then he starts to come around, and connects with a punch to the temple of Cutler. The champion keeps the bear hug locked in and Grace continues to rain down punches as Cutler is forced to let go. Grace runs against the ropes and connects with a clothesline, Cutler falls down, but jumps straight back up and into a second clothesline, he gets up again and Grace bounces off the ropes again only to be tripped by Hathaway

Ha: This is getting stupid now, the official should have sent him backstage ages ago

Grace turns to face Hathaway but is grabbed from behind by Cutler who kicks him in the stomach

He: Here we go........CUTTING EDGE





The crowd is cheering wildly when Cutler goes for the Razors Edge only for Grace to fall down on his feet behind him and roll him up into a pin


Ha: It was close, but I think you have to give Grace the benefit of the doubt here, he's overcome huge odds here tonight to win his first title as a 6CW superstar

The official brushes past the pair of Cutler and Hathaway to hand the title to Grace who punches the air. He gets to his feet and lifts the belt above his head as camera bulbs capture the moment

Cutler and Hathaway are still protesting when Grace interrupts. He extends his hand toward Cutler but the former champ looks down at it with disgust and then exits the ring with Hathaway in tow leaving Grace to carry on the celebrations in the ring.

He: I am outraged; somebody should come out here and order this to be restarted. That was a two count. This man is a cheat, obviously being a childhood friend of Dean Andrews has its privileges

Ha: Sounds like somebody is a little bitter over losing a fiver. Let me say congratulations to Anthony Grace, what a moment for this guy, what a match, and we still have plenty more to come

Match result: Anthony Grace via pinfall (New Champion)
Match time: 13 minutes

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Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:24 pm

*JJ Johnson is walking backstage when he is approached by Timothy Allen and a film crew. Johnson raises his eyebrow and sighs.

JJ: Man, didn't you take your pound of flesh earlier?! I told you everything I am going to say!

*Allen looks taken aback and talks aside to JJ

TA: Are you alright? You seem a bit stressed......

*JJ bites his lip and turns to the camera crew.

JJ: You gonna just stand there or are you going to earn your pay? Come on guys please, I have a match to prepare for.

*Allen nods at the crew, who immediately set up. Johnson takes a deep breath and then stares at Allen, as he starts to speak.

TA: Ladies and gentlemen, I am backstage with wrestling legend JJ Johnson, who will soon face 6CW hall of fame-r Jerome Dubois. JJ.......

*Allen turns to the Franchise Initiative.

TA:........what is going through your mind right now?

*JJ scoffs and shakes his head again.

JJ: Of all the dumb questions you could have asked, that is up right up there. But as y'all seem keen to hear what I have to say, I will honour it with an answer.

*Johnson turns to the camera.

JJ: I tell you exactly what is going through my mind right now. What is going through my mind, is the exact same thing I have thought in all the PPV's I have wrestled at. Down the years, through the pain, my number one thought has always been getting the damn win. It doesn't have to be pretty, I don't always put on a show. But JJ Johnson always gets his hand raised at the end of it.

TA: And what about Jerome Dubois? This is a big moment for him. A match that he has been after for a long, long time.

*Johnson laughs.

JJ: Well, you know, I am glad I am Jerome's flavour of the month. People been saying that I should respect him for what he has achieved here. All I have seen him achieve is an ability to run his mouth and get himself in a whole deep end of *beep*!

*Allen coughs a little and JJ continues.

JJ: Listen, the folks back home don't believe JJ Johnson is going to stand here and sing Jerome's praises. He has taken one too many shots at me, and still hasn't put me away. That is a big mistake and one y'all need to acknowledge. The only way Jerome had a chance of beating me, was to make sure I didn't have a chance to turn up at the Echo. Well Tim......I am here.......and Jerome might as well not be.

*Allen looks at Johnson who looks supremely focused.

TA: And after this match, win or lose, you will continue? How much more can your body take?

*The interviewer glances down at Johnson's injured ribs before looking back up at him.

JJ: You know as well as I do Tim that it is a brave man to doubt JJ Johnson. You listen clear now, you hear.......I am fit and focused. For this match and beyond. It will take more than what Jerome can dish out to stop me. And if a so called 6CW hall of fame-r can't, then who in hell can?

*Johnson waits for an answer from Allen. When he gives none, JJ stares back at the camera.

JJ: Thought not........

*He nods at Allen, before walking out of shot.

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Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:27 pm

*Scott Harris is walking through the backstage corridor when he is approached by Daniel Magnusson. Harris stops and the two men look at each other intently.

DM: Quite a reception out there at the moment. They are looking forward to your match.

*Harris says nothing.

DM: They are waiting for this ruthless aggression from you.

*Harris looks at him and shakes his head.

SH: Yeah, I called it ruthless aggression, but it is only for the PG crowd. Personally I want to break every limb in his body. You have been quick to stop us coming to blows in places other than the ring, but even you have to step back now and let us finish this. I get you are a businessman. I get you had to wait for the right opportunity. So save me any crap about doing us a favour and what the fans crave for.

*Magnusson smiles.

DM: You are more like your father than you let on.

*Harris grits his teeth and steps forward towards Magnusson.

SH: I am nothing like my father. He stepped out of 6CW a loser. I will step out of here a winner. Whereas I appreciated you rubbing the slate clean, I won't have it chucked back into my face. I am Scott Harris. I am the Sharpshooter. And I am going into 2015 as the next big thing in 6CW. I would have done it in your 6CW or in that tyrants. You can't keep talent down.

*Magnusson lays a hand on Harris' shoulder.

DM: I know how talented you are. And if comparing you to your father caused offence, then I apologise. Truth is, Jones always had the ability to come up smelling of roses against the odds. As a businessman, it was a trait I grudgingly admired.

SH: So you think I am up against it? You think Masters is the favourite?

DM: What I think doesn't matter. It is what you believe. I have watched you come up through the ranks and get the wins when it mattered. Whether that is through skill, heart, or pure luck, only you know.

*Harris looks to the floor and chooses his words carefully.

SH: If you think it was luck, then you haven't been watching me very closely at all. This isn't just the case of picking up another "W". This is showing the whole world that Mike Masters is a fraud and he needs his big mouth shutting up for good. I want my revenge for all the snipes and put down's, and by the end of it I am not going to be a "former tag partner". I am not going to be "son of former owner". I am going to be Scott Harris, the guy everyone in this place needs to respect. Because after I get revenge, they will all be in my sights.

*Magnusson holds out his hand and nods.

DM: Good luck in your match Scott......

*Harris looks down at the hand and shakes his head.

SH: I told you.....luck doesn't have anything to do with it. But when I win, I will be back to shake that hand. Because you, along with everyone else here, will know how important I am to this company.

*Harris walks away and Magnusson watches him go as the scene fades.

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Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:29 pm

Match 9
JJ Johnson vs Jerome Dubois

The action returns to ringside and there is a fevered atmosphere inside the Echo Arena. There are huge 'JJ' chants in the air but they are soon replaced by boos as 'Beat the devil's tattoo" screams through the PA system.

HA: Hugely intense and personal one on one confrontation coming up next here at Ground Zero.

HE: Jerome Dubois has been kept in the shadow of men like JJ Johnson for too long. He is a hall of famer for crying out loud. He deserves respect.

HA: Dubois is demanding he be taken seriously and his actions of late have amplified that. He has shown a ruthless side to his persona and left JJ battered and bruised on numerous occasions.

HE: JJ is now well aware of what Dubs can do...he won't be so dismissive now.

Red, white and blue pyrotechnics erupt into the rafters as the negative ovation continues to grow. Dubois steps out onto the stage, a smug grin on his face, and he twirls on the spot as he stares down the camera lens. He laughs off the taunting fans as he struts down the ramp.

HE: These people are so disrespectful, this man is a legend.

HA: The 6cw fans do not respect the actions and attitude of Jerome Dubois. He is a vindictive individual.

HE: After he wins tonight they will have no choice but to respect him.

Dubois pauses at the base of the ring and removes his robe. He then climbs up onto the apron, wiping his feet as he does so, before stepping through the ropes. He circles the ring, waving at the fans as though they are cheering him, and then he bounces back against the ropes…

HA: This promises to be a fantastic battle between two veterans of the game….

Chants of “A55hole” ring around the Echo Arena but Dubois tries to quieten the crowd and urges them to support him, to no avail. The lights then dim and a lone spotlight swirls the arena before coming to rest at the entranceway…

HA: Are you ready for this, Henry?

The noise is deafening from the crowd as “Remember the name” screams from the speakers and golden pyrotechnics erupt into the air. JJ Johnson then bursts out onto the stage with a big smile upon his face…

HA: Heck of an ovation here in Liverpool for JJ Johnson…

JJ walks from one side of the stage to the other, drinking in the amazing support, and then he beats his chest and begins to unzip his jacket. He spins on the ramp and moonwalks down it before launching his top into the crowd…

HE: We all know how good JJ Johnson is, we all know what he has achieved in his career….but for the last month he has been hurt badly by Jerome Dubois. Look at those ribs….that is a bull’s eye right there…

HA: JJ’s ribs are heavily strapped and it was touch and go as to whether he would receive medical clearance for this contest….we know he isn’t at 100% but JJ has prior experience of entering into matches with a disadavantage…

HE: But never against this version of Jerome Dubois….Dubois is going to go straight for the ribs from the outset…

JJ stops and tags hands with fans and interacts with the crowd before climbing up onto the apron. He fixes his eyes on Dubois, who glares back, and then he climbs through the ropes…

HA: JJ is riled up for this one….he’s a happy go lucky guy but Dubois has really pushed his buttons recently…

The referee has a word with both competitors, keeping them on separate sides of the ring, and then he steps out of range and calls for the bell to start the contest. JJ wastes no time in pouring forward, launching a big right hand that puts Dubois on the back foot…

HA: JJ Johnson is a great striker….Dubois does not want a fist fight…

JJ follows up with another right hand and then a solid left hook to the body before finishing up with a crunching uppercut, knocking Dubois back onto the ropes. JJ grabs Dubois’ arm and whips him across the ring before lowering his head as Dubs comes back…

HA: Samoan…

HE: Nope…

JJ lifts Dubois onto his shoulders but the Frenchmen drops behind him and lands a crunching punch to JJ’s ribs. He spins Johnson around and lands sickening chops to the chest before whipping his foe off the ropes, charging into him with a knee lift to the body as he comes back…

HA: Jerome Dubois is going to go after the body every time he gets the opportunity…

JJ drops down to his knees, wincing, and Dubois then drags him back up and places him in an abdominal stretch. Johnson yells out in pain as Dubois yanks up on his arm, stretching the ribs of the American…

HE: Dubois is showing his real skills, he is going to systematically break down the great JJ Johnson…

The referee is asking JJ if he wants to quit but Johnson shakes his head and refuses to give in. Dubois uses his free hand to punch down into Johnson’s ribs and put pressure on the injured area but still JJ refuses to quit…

HE: Dubois is going to work those ribs until JJ cannot even breathe…Johnson was crazy to accept this match with those injuries…

HA: There was no way JJ was turning this contest down…

Dubois continues to stretch the body of JJ and he grabs the ropes behind him for extra leverage as the referee leans down to check on Johnson’s condition.

HA: That is blatant cheating from Dubois…

HE: The referee can’t see it…

Dubois grabs at the ropes four times before the referee realises what he is doing and forces him to release the hold. JJ drops down to his knees as Dubois runs off the opposite ropes and returns with a stiff kick to the injured ribs…

HA: JJ Johnson is a fighter, he has been through so much in his career…but his current predicament has to be causing him a lot of pain…

HE: You are witnessing the end right here….Dubois will not stop until JJ is finished…

JJ uses the ropes to himself back up but Dubois traps him in the corner and begins to land with hard shoulder thrusts to the midsection. JJ is doubled up in agony and Dubs continues his assault with a barrage of kicks and stomps…

HA: Dubois is relentless and he is ruthless…

HE: He is tired of being overlooked….this man is heading back to the top of 6CW…

Dubois grabs the bandages around JJ’s ribs and he begins to tear them, exposing the injured area underneath. He then lands with more stomps before seizing JJ’s arm and he whips him to the opposite corner….Johnson hits the turnbuckle and collapses to the deck.

HE: JJ is taking a beating here…

HA: The crowd look worried…

Dubois mocks the audience as he circles the ring, laughing to himself. He then ushers JJ back up to his feet and he pulls him forwards…


He flips JJ up on his shoulders but Johnson kicks his feet and lands behind, countering into a backslide…
………shoulder up!

HA: JJ almost stealing one from nowhere…

They scramble back up and Dubois quickly lifts JJ into a hard spinebuster……….1…………………2……………kickout!

HE: Dubois straight back into control. I am telling you that this man is more focused than ever before….

HA: It has been a long time since I saw Jerome Dubois with this kind of intensity…

Dubois grabs JJ’s head and he pulls him back up to a standing position before placing his opponent’s head between his legs. Dubs stares out at the crowd and then yells “Vive La France” before flipping JJ up onto his shoulders…


JJ drops out the front and lands a big knee to the stomach before snapping Dubois down with a DDT. The crowd cheer as JJ crawls for the ropes and tries to get himself to a standing position…

HA: As long as JJ can fight you can bet that he will…

Both men get back up and they meet in the centre of the ring. JJ lands a hard right hand but Dubois answers back with a rake of the eyes, drawing boos from the audience. Dubois then grabs JJ’s arm and he whips him off the ropes…JJ comes back and he ducks under an attempted clothesline before he sprints off the opposite side…

HA: Brilliant…

JJ launches into the air and he slams into Dubois with a flying lariat as he returns. They crawl back up and Dubois stumbles forward into a big Samoan drop…
………..shoulder up!

HE: Shake it off, Dubs….nothing to worry about!

Both men get back up and JJ lands three quick right hands and a crunching left hook to the jaw. Dubois staggers back, his head drooping, and JJ grabs his arm before whipping him off the ropes….


The crowd cheer as JJ spins Dubois up and then smashes him down into a backbreaker. Johnson gets back up and makes his way to the corner before pulling himself up onto the ropes…

HA: Dubois is down, JJ spots an opportunity here…

The flashbulbs go off as JJ dives from the top, turning 360 in the air, before landing a huge legdrop to the throat of Jerome Dubois…
………….shoulder up. JJ beats his chest as he beckons Dubois back to his feet and he lifts him up onto his shoulders…


HE: No way…

Dubois slips off the back and he shoves JJ into the ropes before spinning him into a powerslam as he returns. Dubois waits for Johnson to get back up and he nails a scooped slam before spinning into an elbow drop……………..1…………………..2……………kickout. Dubois gets back to his feet and he breathes in the boos from the audience…

HE: These people have no respect….but their boos are merely feeding Dubois, it gives him motivation…

Dubois gives a couple of mocking slaps to the side of JJ’s head and then he pulls Johnson up into a front facelock. He holds him there for a few moments and listens to the audience before lifting JJ into the air…

HE: This is the end of the line…FORTUNE!

Dubs gets JJ up into the air for the finish but Johnson shows his athleticism to float behind Dubois and he counters with a dragon suplex…
………………Dubois kicks out. They get back up and JJ scoops Dubois onto his shoulders and spins him into fireman’s lift side-slam……….1…………………..2……………Dubois gets his shoulder up again!

HA: These two men are really starting to take it up a notch…hard-hitting action…

JJ pulls Dubois up and he tries to lift him into a powerbomb but he feels a wince in his ribs and staggers away. Dubois tries to take advantage with a running clothesline but JJ ducks under it and then nails a pele kick…………………1…………………………2……………Dubois throws his shoulder up off the mat!

HE: Dubois proving his resilience…he is so determined to be the best once again…

HA: But he is also starting to realise that the 2014 version of JJ Johnson is still a formidable opponent…

JJ staggers up, rubbing his ribs, and he takes a few moments to catch his breath. Johnson then waits for Dubois to get up and he delivers a stiff kick to the stomach…


JJ looks for the stunner but Dubois counters into an inverted headlock backbreaker and then he hauls JJ up into the air…


HA: This could finish the match…

Dubois drives Johnson down into the canvass with a big-impact sitout sideslam…

HE: Yes….

HA: Not quite…

The crowd cheer as JJ gets his shoulder up off the mat but Dubois looks less than impressed. He spits on the ground and shakes his head in disgust…

HA: JJ Johnson will not be kept down…

Dubois slaps his hand against the mat and then he crawls over towards the corner. He ignores the “Let’s go JJ” chants from the audience as he waits for his rival to get up and then he sprints forwards, deadly intent in his eyes…


JJ sidesteps the spear and he sends Dubois running off the ropes before lifting him up into a big snap spinebuster as he returns. Dubois staggers back up and JJ lifts him into the air, drilling him with “emerald fusion”….

HA: Dubois landed right on his head…

1……………………..2……………..Dubois throws his shoulder up!

HE: Jerome Dubois showing that he is hell-bent on finally proving he is better than JJ Johnson…

JJ gets back up and he falls into the ropes but keeps himself upright. He sucks it in and then climbs out onto the apron before beginning to pull himself to the top rope. Dubois is barely stirring as JJ nears the top…

HA: With the injuries sustained to JJ’s ribs I don’t know how wise it is for him to be up top…

Dubois is back up and he jumps into the ropes, causing JJ to lose his footing and fall into a crotched position on the turnbuckle. Dubs pulls himself onto the ropes and he lands stiff chops to the chest before dragging JJ forwards…

HE: This is JJ’s final stop…he is finished now…SUPERPLEX!

Dubois tries to lift JJ off into a superplex but JJ battles back with hard punches to the body. JJ then lands a combo of blows to Dubois’ head, sending the Frenchmen flying back down to the canvass. The crowd are roaring as Johnson stands tall…

HA: JJ rides the storm and now he is ready to fly….SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

The flashbulbs go off as JJ launches himself from the top rope and hurtles down towards Dubois, only for the Frenchmen to drive his knees up into JJ’s ribs. The crowd wince as Johnson rolls away, clearly in a lot of distress…

HA: JJ already had two broken ribs…this could have made it a whole lot worse…

HE: He can barely catch his breath…

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Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:31 pm

JJ is coughing and spluttering, the pain very evident, and he is really struggling to push up off his knees. Dubois takes a few seconds to regain himself and then he stands back up, a smile on his face, and he darts forwards…


The boos ring around the Echo Arena as Dubois thunders through JJ with a ferocious spear and he hooks the leg…
………….thr-shoulder up!

HA: JJ continues to fight, incredible heart from Johnson…

HE: Ridiculous…..stay down…

The crowd are bouncing as JJ once again manages to kick out. Dubois’ cries of frustration can be heard as he staggers up and grabs the referee by the scruff of the neck…

HE: What will it take? What does Dubois have to do?

HA: This may be the best Jerome Dubois has ever performed, but still JJ Johnson refuses to give in…

The referee pulls his shirt free of Dubois’ grip and warns him about his conduct. Dubois looks furious as he turns away from the official and heads back towards JJ. He pulls Johnson up and then he flips him up into the air…

HE: This ends now….CULTURE SHOCK!

JJ drops down off the back of Dubois and he grabs his rival’s shoulder before spinning him around and he kicks him in the stomach…


The crowd roar as JJ lands with the stunner, leaving Dubois flat out on his back. But the impact of the move and exhaustion of the match leaves JJ slumped forward on his chest…

HE: Get up, Dubs…

HA: Dubois isn’t moving any time soon….but it doesn’t look JJ is either…

HE: I think JJ has internal problems…

Blood is trickling from out of JJ’s mouth and onto the mat as he tries to push himself back up. Every move seems to be causing him a lot of discomfort but eventually he manages to get himself to a vertical base. He staggers over and he grabs Dubois before pulling him into the centre…

HA: Can JJ find enough to end this…

JJ tries to scoop Dubois up onto his shoulders for the “VIP Experience” but JJ feels the pain in his ribs again, dropping Dubois instantly. Johnson staggers away, holding his body, and then he comes forward again…


Dubois stops JJ short with a kick to the stomach and then he drills him with a big time powerbomb…
………….JJ kicks out. Dubois quickly makes his way out onto the apron and he climbs his way to the top. He perches there and waits for Johnson to get back up before launching off….



Dubois leaps through the air for the flying dropkick but JJ leans out of the move and sends Dubois crashing into the deck. Johnson quickly grabs his foe’s ankle…


HE: Oh no…

HA: JJ has ended so many high profile matches with this move…

Dubois screams in pain as JJ turns his ankle at a sickening angle and really rips at it, sending immense pain up the leg of Jerome Dubois. The referee slides down to ask Dubois if he wants to submit…

HA: JJ will snap the ankle of Dubois if he has to…

HE: Please don’t…fight the pain, Dubs…

Dubois hand is shaking and quivering as he balances on the verge of tapping out. JJ continues to turn the ankle and really twists it at a sickening angle…

HA: I think we are going to hear a break any second…

Dubois is yelling out but he will not quit. He claws his own face, trying to block out the pain, and then he pushes forward into a roll which sends JJ flying forwards and through the middle ropes…

HE: Thank goodness…

HA: Dubois survived right there but he has to be feeling that in his ankle…

Dubois rolls out under the bottom rope, ignoring the pleas of the referee, and then he quickly grabs JJ by the scruff of the neck. He pulls Johnson up and runs him forward….BOOM!


HE: Consider many more of those ribs broken now…

JJ’s ribs are smashed into the steel steps and he slumps back down to the floor in complete agony. Dubois snarls as he listens to the boos of the crowd…

HA: Jerome Dubois is really showing off this new aggressive side….

HE: Is it any wonder? He has given everything to this company over the years and this is how these people treat him?

The referee yells at Dubois to bring the action back into the ring. Dubs shakes his head at the official as he drags JJ over to the ringside barrier and then lifts him up, dropping him on top of the steel railing.

HA: This has to stop…

Dubs drags JJ back around and he throws him back under the bottom rope. Dubois rolls back in after his opponent and he beckons him up before running at him…


JJ side-steps and he sends Dubois crashing into the turnbuckle before grabbing his trunks and rolling him up…
………….shoulder up!

HE: Thank goodness, I thought we were seeing daylight robbery…

HA: Dubois needs to keep his composure, JJ is always dangerous…

They scramble back up and Dubois lands a hard knee to the ribs, causing more blood to spill from JJ’s mouth, and then he flips him up onto his shoulders…


Dubois crashes JJ right down on his front and he drops on top of him as the crowd look away…

HE: Finally Jerome Dubois will get the recognition he deserves…


HE: What? Why is this happening?

HA: This is what I was talking about….Dubois’ fascination with defeating JJ Johnson is blinding him from what he needs to do….

Dubois stares at JJ’s foot on the ropes and he looks almost desperate. He shakes his head and then looks up at the referee, almost pleadingly…

HE: Jerome Dubois has completely obliterated JJ Johnson tonight….he has proven just how good he is…

HA: But he needs to work on his finishing….JJ is still in there despite what Dubois has thrown at him…

Dubois boots JJ’s foot off the ropes and then he begins to trash talk to the audience, who have begun a “A55hole” chant again. Dubois looks at the crowd with disgust and then he grabs JJ by the head and pulls him back up…

HE: Leave nobody in any doubt, Jerome….this is your moment……FORTUNE!

Dubois suplexes JJ up into the air but Johnson somehow manages to float over the side and he shoves Dubois into the turnbuckle before beckoning him back…


HE: Ahhhh…

*Crowd pop


HA: Would you believe it…

The Echo Arena is bouncing as the referee’s hand crashes down for the three count and the bell sounds to signal the end of the match. JJ rolls off the cover onto his back, his eyes closed, and it is evident that his energy levels are at zero…

HE: This is a travesty….Jerome Dubois has been shafted…

HA: How? Dubois performed better than I have seen in a very long time but he still couldn’t finish the job….he beat JJ from pillar to post, I have never seen JJ so physically dominated for so long….but in the end it was JJ Johnson who was able to finish this contest…JJ has once again proved just what a world class athlete he is….

HE: But Dubois was on top throughout….this victory was his, this was supposed to be the night when he rose from the shadows…

HA: Despite defeat I think Jerome Dubois has shown the world that he is a real threat to the elite of 6CW…

“Remember the name” is blasting out and the fans are going wild as JJ staggers to his feet and has his arm raised in victory by the referee. JJ wipes a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth and he cradles his body as he stumbles to the corner…

HA: JJ is hurting badly here….he is going to need medical attention….

HE: Jerome Dubois has left a lasting impression on JJ Johnson…

JJ pulls himself onto the turnbuckle and he nods his head as the crowd voice their appreciation. The flashbulbs are going off all around and “JJ” chants ring out as Johnson beats his chest and thanks the fans for their support…

HA: The connection between JJ Johnson and the fans is still a fantastic sight to behold….the 6CW Universe are more than happy with the result they have just witnessed…


JJ stumbles down off the ropes, wincing slightly, and then he turns around to exit the ring but he is destroyed by a running spear from Jerome Dubois. The audience are booing furiously as Dubois stomps down on JJ’s injured ribs before the referee slides in front of Johnson to protect him from any more damage…

HA: What a sore loser….Jerome Dubois is a completely reprehensible human being…

HE: He may have lost the battle but he has won the war….JJ Johnson will never forget this night, he has been decimated by Jerome Dubois…

Dubois looks down at JJ and he listens to the negative reaction of the crowd, an ugly grimace on his face. He spits down at JJ and then he climbs from the ring and begins to make his way up the ramp, arguing with the fans in the front row as he does so. Dubois pauses at the top of the ramp and he stares back at the ring, a dark expression on his face, as the referee continues to check on JJ’s condition…

HA: JJ Johnson is victorious here at Ground Zero but Jerome Dubois is the one walking out….

HE: Dubois is the real winner….he has proved a point and he has put the rest of the roster on notice, it is onwards and upwards from here…

HA: I don’t know if Dubois’ actions after this match will be forgotten in a hurry….I think JJ might have something to say down the line…

HE: JJ should stay well away….he got lucky tonight but if he chooses to keep this feud alive then he won’t be so lucky next time…

HA: Another tremendous match here at Ground Zero…do not go anywhere folks because after this it is only going to get better…

Match result: JJ Johnson via pinfall
Match time: 14 minutes; 50 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:34 pm

*Mike Masters is in the locker room when the there is a knock on the door. He ignores it and carries on getting ready. The door opens slightly and a head pops through. We see that it is Christy James. Masters scoffs when he sees her and says nothing. Christy enters the room and coughs. Masters still doesn't look up, but does speak.

MM: Well I suppose it is one step up from the special......

*He turns to Christy and we can now see she has a film crew behind her.

MM: Come on then.......let's get this over with.

*Christy looks into the camera and begins talking into her microphone.

CJ: I am now with Mike Masters, who will soon be taking on arch rival Scott Harris.....

*Masters laughs and it distracts her.

MM: I am sorry, but you are making me sound like some sort of superhero. Arch rival? This isn't a Marvel comic. This is wrestling my dear. So let us cut to the chase.

*He walks over and snatches the microphone from her hand. Masters stares at the camera and smirks.

MM: You ready Scotty? This is how they settle old scores in 6CW. Being in a match where two guys that feel so much hate, can happily knock the hell out of each other. But you know what Scotty, as much as the Masterful one knows the result, I am not going to let the fans get off that easy. You see, this stupid chant that heralds your arrival has been following me around like a bad smell ever since you cooked it up. And the fans have taken to it, just the same as they have taken to you. You know why that is Scotty? Not because you are well liked. But because you are always the underdog when you face me. No-one actually believes you are on my level. No-one actually believes that you can compete with me. So they cheer you and say they need you, so you don't go chucking yourself into the Mersey.

*He laughs a little and Christy looks shocked.

MM: So last man standing isn't just a case of Masters beating Harris. It is a chance for Masters to humiliate Harris. I am going to give all the fans a reality check. Nobody in 6CW needs Harris, let alone needs more of him. He is a waste of space in my career and a waste of space in this PPV. I am doing you guys a favour just putting him out of his miserable existence. Then when this whole saga is finally finished, the Masterful one can go back and concentrate on his legacy, rather than dealing with others that can't be elevated.

*Christy cuts in.

CJ: Even with a damaged leg?

*Masters turns to Christy and gives her a cold stare.

MM: It is perfectly clear, even you can understand it. Mike Masters will beat Scott Harris. There is nothing more to add and nothing more to be said. So why don't you all just leave me to finish off my victory speech.

*He chucks the microphone on the floor and turns his back on the interviewer and crew. The scene then starts to fade.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:37 pm

*We return from the commercials and Christy James is back in front of the camera

CJ: I am here in the backstage area of the Echo arena and ready to interviewer a guy who will defend his 6CW World title here at Ground Zero......

*A hand darts across the screen and covers Christy's face. It pans round and we see Max Adamson standing there with the 6CW title over his shoulder.

MA: Did you not read the memo?

*James looks confused and Adamson sighs deeply.

MA: I will seriously have to make some changes around here.

*He points for the cameraman to focus on him, before speaking directly into it.

MA: Welcome 6CW fans to what is now known as the Max Adamson PPV of the year. This has replaced the prior scheduled programming. The Max Adamson PPV will firstly put on a card worthy of your attention, but only for the smarks out there. For the rest of you good paying public, the real event will start and end when yours truly walks out of the ring STILL 6CW World Champion. There seems to be a bonus DVD edition match afterwards, but I suggest you instead turn over to the dedicated Max Adamson channel for my thoughts on my latest 6CW victory.

*We see Christy's head pop out from the side of the shot.

CJ: Dedicated Max Adamson channel?

*Max turns round.

MA: Basically sweet cheeks, you get your ass back here and interview me again. Feel privileged that I am giving you the honour.

*He goes back to addressing the camera.

MA: Now, I am sure you all want my thoughts on the upcoming mismatch. It is with regret that the next person in line is a talentless Neanderthal such as big ol' E. But like Mayweather, I can only beat who is put in front of me. Now I am sure he is in the back somewhere, doing his grunting exercises and pondering on his latest Trash TV comeback, so I will cut straight to the chase with single syllable words.......

*Max speaks slowly and over pronounces his words.


*He nods his head and does a double thumbs up gesture. James sticks her head out again.

CJ: You seem very confident of victory Max.

*Max laughs and adjusts his title belt.

MA: Have you been living under a rock these last seven months? There has been a conveyor belt of new big things and old fat things that have tried to take this belt away from me. They are lucky their failures haven't damaged the ratings and 6CW should feel humble that they have a guy to lead them into a new era. This match with Enforcer isn't even in my priorities. I am too busy planning my victory parade for seeing out the whole of 2015 as 6CW champion. Hell, I might even get involved in the spat for the B title and take that too.

*He stares into the camera.

MA: Max Adamson is a product that will just get bigger and bigger. So big that you will need to upgrade your wide screen TV every month just to watch. When the guys at the beginning say it is time to play.......it isn't. It is time to meander through trash before the real star turns up. The era of Adamson will live on when the dinosaurs die out. And E.......it is time to become extinct.

*Adamson laughs confidently, before walking out of shot.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:38 pm

Match 10
Last Man Standing
Mike Masters vs Scott Harris

Ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

*Crowd pop

RA: The only way to win this contest is by incapacitating your opponent to the point where they cannot answer the referee’s ten count!

HA: One of the most brutal stipulations you can put on the table in professional wrestling….but sometimes the animosity between certain individuals dictates that this is the only necessary measure…

HE: I don’t think 6CW management had a choice…Harris and Masters have been tearing strips off of one another for months now…this needs putting to bed…

HA: Former tag team champions turned bitterest of enemies….jealousy, hatred, mistrust….all emotions that have fuelled the fire between these two men…

HE: Even though they were tag champions, even though they were allies for the Uprising these two men have never liked one another, never seen eye to eye….they are complete polar opposites…

HA: The only thing they have in common is the desire to be the best….both of these men believe they are superior, believe that they deserve to be contesting world title bouts in this company….tonight we are going to get a look at just who is the better man….

HE: When it is over there will be one man left standing….he will leave with the bragging rights and the momentum to push on…

“Champion” echoes out and is greeted by a mixed reaction from the 6CW audience inside the Echo Arena. There are mostly boos from the fans but a few cheers ring out as red pyros flash up into the rafters…

HA: The self-proclaimed “masterful” one….Mike Masters has come close on several occasions to being a world champion but so far the prize has eluded him….he believes that Scott Harris has been in his way but once he removes that obstacle there will be no stopping him…

HE: Masters is, arguably, the best pure athlete in 6CW….he has great agility and a tremendous engine….

HA: He is a terrific performer….his attitude and persona may need fine tuning but he his talent is undeniable…

Masters swaggers out onto the stage and he spins on the spot, breathing in the high-energy atmosphere. He lowers his jacket around his waist and winks at the camera…

HE: Masters is a big-game performer, he thrives off this kind of environment…

HA: He will need to because his opponent is exactly the same….this is arguably the biggest match in both men’s career…

Masters drops his jacket to the floor and then he slicks back his hair as he bounces down the aisle towards the ring. He leaps up onto the apron before vaulting over the top rope…

HA: Although both of these men are fantastic wrestlers I don’t know how much of a catch-as-catch-can bout we are going to see….their hatred towards one another could see this escalate into a brawl very quickly…

Masters stands on the ropes and poses in front of the cameras, confidence oozing from him, and then “Shoot the runner” booms out to a standing ovation from the 6CW faithful. Scott Harris, his face covered by his hood, wastes no time in walking out onto the stage…

HA: One of the most popular performers on the 6CW roster…despite Harris’ ties to former 6CW boss, Michael Jones, these fans have really taken to him and his no nonsense style….Harris isn’t a big talker, he doesn’t waste time on insults and jibes, he prefers to take care of his business inside the squared circle…

HE: Harris is a great mat wrestler but does he have what it takes to step up to the big leagues? This is a huge test for him and without a doubt the most pressure he has ever faced….if he can beat Masters then we will know he can challenge but if he loses then there is going to be a serious rebuild needed…he could do with some of his father’s grit…

HA: I think Harris is just fine without inheriting any of his father’s traits….the two men could not be any different…

Harris lowers his hood and begins to unzip his jacket as pyros boom out behind him. He drops his hoody to the floor and then fixes his eyes on the ring. Harris begins to march down the ramp…

HE: This has real big fight feel….this arena is electric….

HA: Yet another amazing contest in store here at Ground Zero…..

Harris climbs up onto the apron and he steps through the ropes before bursting forwards, immediately tackling Masters and taking him to the ground. Harris begins to unload with right hands to his grounded opponent…

HA: No waiting, no feeling out process….these men are here to hurt one another…

Harris continues his assault until Masters is able to wrap his feet around Harris’ waist and reverses the position. Masters fires down with stiff forearms to the face of his rival until Harris is able to get his feet up and kicks MM away…

HE: Two excellent athletes but this match isn’t about their wrestling prowess….this will be about who can survive the most punishment…

They both scramble back up and Masters tears forward and leaps towards his opponent but Harris sidesteps and sends his foe crashing against the turnbuckle. Harris pulls Masters into the centre and launches him into a German suplex…

HA: Harris is going to need his full arsenal of suplexes tonight to keep Masters down for a ten count….

Harris keeps his hands locked and he tries to pull Masters back up for a second suplex but Masters reverses with a judo hip-throw. They get back up and Masters dropkicks Harris into the ropes before launching into him with a clothesline that sends Harris over the top rope to the outside. Masters quickly grips the ropes and he propels himself over the top…


Masters crashes into Harris with a big crossbody and he follows up with several right hands for good measure. Masters gets up, grinning, and he kicks the top of the steel steps off the bottom platform before dragging Harris back up and he suplexes him across the solid steel….

HA: That is going to leave one hell of a mark…

Harris yells out in pain as he writhes across the top of the steps. Masters then pulls himself up onto the apron and he stares down at Harris before dropping a big elbow to the chest, driving Harris back into the steel again…

HE: Brilliant from Masters…he is starting this match in the perfect manner…

Masters gets up and he smirks at Harris before nodding at the referee to start his count……………1…………………2…………..3………………4………………….5…………..Harris stumbles back to his feet and Masters grabs him before delivering a back suplex, driving Harris back onto the steel once again…

HE: Mike Masters is a suplexing machine thus far…

Harris rolls off the steel and clutches his spine as the count starts up again………..1…………………2……………….3……………………4…………………..5…………….Harris grabs the announce table and manages to get himself back up again. Masters follows in behind with a clothesline and he drives Harris head into the table repeatedly…

HA: Mike Masters could not have hoped to begin this match any better…he has burst from the blocks….

Harris staggers backwards into the ring apron and begins to pull himself back inside. Masters follows and he pulls himself onto the apron before springboarding back in with a legdrop to the back of Harris’ head…

HE: Harris is finding out very quickly that you have to be on point for every second of every match when you are in the elite…

……4……………..5………….6……Harris gets back to his feet and he walks straight into Masters, who lifts Harris up onto his shoulders…

HA: Harris is a fighter….he needs to draw on his character tonight…

Harris elbows his way off the shoulders of Masters and he looks for another German suplex but Masters reaches behind and grabs Harris’ head before sitting down into an inverted jawbreaker….Harris staggers back into the corner and Masters follows up with a big splash before beckoning Harris back out into a superkick…

HE: This is a demolition so far….Give it five more minutes and Masters will be hitting the showers….

………………………Harris stumbles back up to his feet, holding onto the ropes for leverage. Masters runs in behind him and looks for a zigzag neckbreaker but Harris clings to the ropes, shrugging Masters off….

HA: Scott Harris needs to try and get a foothold…that might help…

Masters scrambles back up and runs forward again but Harris bursts out to greet him with a stiff clothesline, flipping Masters inside out. Masters staggers back up and he walks into an overhead suplex…

HA: Now Harris is feeling it…

Harris stands up, his eyes burning, and he beckons Masters back up before launching him across the ring with a second overhead suplex. Masters staggers up in the corner and Harris crashes into him with a shining wizard before dragging Masters out into a third overhead…

HE: Ahh….that combination came from nowhere…

HA: A hat-trick of suplexes have turned this match upside down…

1………………..2………………….3………………4………….Masters is up on his feet but is quickly wiped out by a running chopblock from Harris. Harris grabs his opponent’s left leg and begins to stomp on it before placing it up onto the bottom rope…

HA: Harris is a deadly submission expert and now he is going to work…if Masters can’t stand up then he isn’t beating the ten count…

Harris uses the middle rope to leap into the air before driving all of his bodyweight back down upon Masters’ left leg. Harris repeats the process five times before dragging Masters to the centre of the ring and he applies a single-legged Boston crab….

HE: This isn’t what Masters was hoping for….

HA: Mike Masters is finding himself in big trouble now…

Masters yells out in pain and quickly tries to scramble for the ropes as Harris sets the submission in. Masters reaches out and he manages to get his hand on the ropes but the referee does nothing and it allows Harris drag him back to the centre…

HA: No rope breaks in this type of match….Masters will have to find another way out….

The screams of pain fill the air as Harris continues to sit back into the hold and really apply pressure into the back of Masters’ leg. He is pulling at his own hair and trying to wriggle his body free but Harris is holding firm…

HA: The kind of damage that could be sustained from this hold could leave Masters on one leg….I wouldn’t fancy his chances then…

Masters refuses to even tap his hand to the mat but his face sinks into the canvass as the pain begins to become too much. Harris is grunting as he exerts massive energy of his own…

HE: Fight it, Mike….this is your main rival, you cannot give him the satisfaction….

Masters eventually slumps onto the mat, unmoving, and Harris releases the submission. Harris staggers to the ropes and orders the referee to count as he stares back at his opponent…

HA: I think Masters passed out from the pain….

The referee stands close to Masters and begins his count…………..1…………………..2…………….3………………..4…………….5
…6……………….7…………Masters somehow staggers back up but he walks into the path of Harris, who immediately lifts him into a kneebreaker and then…


Masters wriggles and thrashes before jabbing his thumb up into the eyes of Harris. Harris staggers away and drops to his knee as Masters tries to get back up…

HE: That leg looks pretty hurt…

HA: I’m not surprised….Harris knows exactly how to apply those submission holds…

Masters steps, gingerly, on his injured leg and he makes his way over towards Harris. He grabs his opponent by the head but Harris ducks under him and backdrops him over the top rope to the outside…

HA: Masters landed on that bad leg again….

Masters collapses down on one knee and looks in a lot of distress on the outside. Scott Harris slowly begins to climb through the ropes to join his opponent….

HE: This match can go anywhere in the arena….end anywhere in the arena…

Harris grabs Masters by the hair and he drags him up before lift him into up into a back suplex position. He holds Masters there and then runs him forwards, smashing Masters’ injured leg into the steel ringpost…

HA: Harris may break that leg before this match is over…

Masters collapses down on the floor and the referee begins his count again……………..1………………2………………3…………..Masters is already starting to move so Harris walks around the ring and picks up the base of the steel steps. He walks back and he drops the steps down on the back of Masters’ leg…

HE: Oh no…

Masters screams out in pain as he collapses onto the floor, clutching at his knee. Harris throws the steps away and motions for the referee to start counting again…
………………………………………..Masters clutches at the ring tarp and begins to pull himself back up. Harris shakes his head as he pulls up the ring apron and he drags out a steel chair from underneath…

HA: This is all completely legal…

Harris walks up behind Masters and he turns the chair on its edge before driving it down into the back of Masters’ knee. Masters cries out in pain as Harris throws the chair inside the ring and then he chucks Masters in after…

HE: Have mercy on him…

HA: I’m sure Masters wouldn’t even blink if the roles were reversed…

Harris rolls back in and all of a sudden Masters is throwing his hands up and pleading for mercy from his former ally. The crowd boo as Harris stares down at his rival…

HA: Surely Harris isn’t going to fall for this…

HE: Masters wants a truce…

Harris grabs the steel chair off the deck and he takes a step closer. Masters continues to plead for safe passage as Harris raises the weapon up over his head…

*Crowd boo

HE: Or not….haha that is “masterful”….

Harris launches forward to smash the chair down on Masters’ leg but MM swings his other leg up and plants it in the nether regions of Scott Harris. Harris staggers away and collapses on the deck as Masters starts to crawl up…

HE: How stupid is Scott Harris….Masters was never going to really ask for mercy…

Masters stumbles up and he grabs the steel chair from the mat before making his way over to Harris…..CRACK!


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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:39 pm

Masters continues to thunder the chair down into the body of Harris, aiming at every single part of the body that he can reach. Masters assault contains a dozen chairshots and then he launches the weapon away and orders the referee to count…

HE: No way is Harris getting up now….he just got brutalised…

………7…………8………….Harris is back up on his feet, drawing a massive cheer from the audience.

HE: How?

HA: Scott Harris has a big heart….and he has the will and desire to succeed at the highest level!

Masters shakes his head with annoyance and then he grabs the steel chair again. He raises it up and beckons for Harris to turn around before swinging the weapon at his foe’s head……SMACK!


Harris ducks the blow and the chair hits the top rope before ricocheting back into Masters’ face. He staggers backwards and is launched into a huge German suplex by Harris. The crowd cheer as Harris keeps his hands locked around Masters’ waist and pulls him up into a second suplex……a third……fourth…..fifth……….sixth……..seventh….eighth……ninth……..


The Echo Arena is bouncing as Harris lets out a roar and then throws Masters across the ring with an almighty tenth German suplex. Both men are flat on their backs…

HE: How did he manage that?

HA: What an incredible effort from Scott Harris….but will either man now be able to answer the referee’s ten count?

1………….2………………3………………4…………….5…………….Harris is on all fours and trying to catch his breath…….6…………….7……….Harris stumbles back up to his feet……………8………….Masters gets to his feet and then drops down on one knee…

HE: He beat the count…

HA: Yes he did….that is all it takes…

Harris marches over and he lands a furious right hand, dropping Masters to the deck, before he heads to the ropes and climbs outside. Harris rips up the ring apron again and this time he drags out a table and slides it into the ring…

HE: These two men have already beaten each other senseless….is there more they can do to each other…

HA: Much more…

Harris pulls himself back up on the apron but he isn’t ready for Masters springboarding off the ropes and landing a huge disaster kick to the jaw, leaving Harris sprawled on the apron. Masters rubs his knee as he staggers back up and he grabs the ropes…

HE: What is he….OH MY GOD!

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HA: Harris landed right on his head…

Masters sunset flips over the top rope and he drags Harris down off the apron into a sickening powerbomb on the concrete floor. Both men are flat out on the ground, Masters sat up against the apron…

HE: Talk about a crash landing…

HA: Harris may have just suffered a very serious concussion…there is no protection there on the outside…

The referee rolls from the ring and he kneels down to begin his count………….1…………………2…………….3……………..4…………….5………….Masters slowly gets back up to his feet, although he is unsteady…………….6……..7
…8…………9………..Harris stumbles up, much to the surprise of Masters and the audience.

HE: It isn’t possible…

HA: Harris is fighting on pure instinct here…

Masters looks annoyed as he runs up behind Harris and jumps on his back, looking to synch in a sleeper hold. Harris stumbles forward, almost buckling under the weight, but then he charges straight into the ringside barrier…

HA: Harris sacrificing himself to take out Mike Masters….this is carnage…

The impact of the collision sends Masters over Harris’ head and clattering into the railing. Both men struggle back up, reaching their feet on the count of six, and Harris grabs the arm of Masters and pulls him in close…


Masters jumps out the back and then he runs Harris forward, blasting his head clean into the ring-post. A cut splits open the side of Harris’ head, crimson immediately pouring from the wound…

HE: Harris is losing blood by the second….

HA: That is a horrendous injury…

Harris staggers away, blood running into his eye, and he tries to stem the flow as Mike Masters pulls up a steel chair and he ushers his rival around…..CRACK!

HE: That is all she wrote…

The chair thunders off Harris’ skull and leaves him in a bloody mess on the floor……1……….2……….3

HA: He’s up again…

Harris uses the steel steps to drag himself up, flopping over the top but keeping his soles on the floor. The crowd cheer but Masters looks annoyed and walks over to his rival, ready for another chairshot………..CRACK!

HE: That would have ended it…

Harris manages to move his head in time and sees the chair crash down against the top of the steps. Harris boots the steps into the injured leg of Masters, knocking him down on all fours…

HA: Neither of these men are in fantastic physical condition….they have destroyed one another from the outset of this one…

Harris grabs Masters by the head and he launches his opponent back into the ring before following him. Harris crawls to his feet and he grabs the table he placed in the earlier before beginning to set it up…

HE: This cannot and will not end well….

Harris pushes the table near the centre of the ring and then he heads back towards his opponent. Harris blinks back blood as he lands with several right hands to the face of Masters and then he pulls him towards the table…

HA: Harris could be set for the ultimate redemption here….SHOT IN THE…

Masters once again jumps out the back of the Olympic slam and he grabs the arms of Harris before spinning him around…


The crowd boo as Masters plants Harris on his face, leaving him in a slumped heap on the ground. Masters grins to himself as he looks up at the referee and nods for him to start counting…

HA: Scott Harris is losing a lot of blood and that will not have helped his cause….he could be out…

HE: He is out….he ain’t moving…

Masters slowly begins to get back to his feet, counting along with the referee……1…….2……3

HE: Harris is finished…


More roars from the crowd as Harris, somehow, trips up onto his feet at the count of nine. He staggers forwards and slumps on the table as Masters heads back over towards him…

HE: What is it going to take…

Masters picks Harris’ head up and then slams it back down on top of the table. He pushes his foe up on top of it, making sure he is not going to move off, and then he makes his way over towards the corner…

HA: What is Mike Masters planning here…

HE: He knows something big needs to happen in order for him to put Harris away…

Masters begins to climb the ropes but then he pauses as he listens to the crowd booing him. Masters laughs to himself and pulls himself onto the top of the turnbuckle…

HA: Mike Masters was once loved by these fans…but his selfish attitude has changed all of that….

HE: What does it matter? Masters is a winner and that is the only thing that counts….he is about to prove that again tonight…450 SPLASH!

Masters prepares to leap from the top rope but Harris rolls from the table and jumps into the ropes, causing Masters to fall into a crotched postion on the turnbuckle. The crowd cheer as Harris blinks back blood and then he pulls himself up onto the ropes…

HA: What more can these men give?

HE: They are so desperate to outdo each other…..this is so personal….

HA: Think about it, Scott…..this isn’ wise…..SWEET MOTHER OF GOD HE DID IT!

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HE: They aren’t getting back up…

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:41 pm

Harris reaches the top rope and he grabs the arm of Masters before ripping him off the turnbuckle with a sensational Olympic slam, sending both men crashing down and through the table in the centre of the ring. Back live and the noise inside the Echo Arena is defeaning….

HA: This is what it means to these men….this is how much they want to prove they are better than the other…

HE: There is nothing left of either of them….that was complete and utter carnage…

The replays screen over and over again, documenting the insane impact as both men crash through the table and are left in a battered heap on the canvass. We return to the live picture and the referee’s count is at six…

HA: I don’t think either of these superstars has enough left to pick themselves up…

….7……..8…..Scott Harris is holding onto the ropes, his feet sliding under him………9……Harris just manages to reach his feet…

HE: Get up, Mike…

HA: Masters is out…


HE: He got up….surely…

HA: I don’t know…

Masters rolls from the wreckage and he falls under the bottom rope, managing to stay on his feet for a half a second before staggering over and collapsing on top of the announce table. The referee takes a moment to deliberate and then decides that Masters did indeed beat the count…

HA: Mike Masters, somehow, has managed to survive…he lives to fight on…

HE: Harris isn’t the only warrior in this match…Masters is showing his own toughness…

Harris staggers over to the ropes and he looks shocked as the referee tells him that the match is set to continue. Harris’ chest is heaving in and out as he spits on the floor and then drags himself up onto the turnbuckle…

HE: What is this nutter doing now?

HA: Harris is hell-bent on ending this match….he is adamant that he will leave tonight victorious…

Harris wipes some dry blood from his face as he steadies himself up on the top rope. He perches there for a second and then he throws himself into the air as the flashbulbs go off all around…



Crowd: This is awe-some x10

HA: Never in my years….these men are putting their bodies on the line…they are risking it all…

Harris launches himself through the air with the flying frogsplash but Masters rolls off the table and stumbles to his knees as Harris goes crashing through the announce desk….

HE: Harris is broken in half….he was so desperate to win this match that he went one step too far…

HA: The hatred between them has driven Harris to take one hell of a risk…he gambled and it hasn’t paid off…

The cameras pan in on the wreckage of the table and the unconscious form of Scott Harris, who is face down on the concrete floor. Mike Masters crawls on his knees to the apron and begins to drag himself back up…
………..3………4………5……..6……..Masters rolls himself under the bottom rope….7

HE: Harris is done….ring the bell….

*Crowd pop

HA: It’s like the man is invincible…Scott Harris is the immovable object…

HE: This is not happening….it cannot be…

Scott Harris is somehow up on his heels for a second before he falls back down on the wreckage of the table. His bloodstained face resembles a victim from a horror film but he lives to fight on….Mike Masters has dropped to his knees in the ring, his head in his hands, and has a look of pure disbelief on his face…

HA: Mike Masters was sure he had won the match….sure he had taken care of business…

Masters yells out to the referee that the match should be over but the official shakes his head and motions that Harris got up off the floor. Scott Harris is now crawling his way towards the ring…

HE: Harris doesn’t even know where he is….he is out of it…

HA: But he continues to fight….this young kid is desperate to be recognised as a legitimate contender to the biggest prizes this industry has to offer…

Masters gets up to his feet and he kicks away the wreckage of the table from earlier and then heads towards the apron. He grabs Harris by the head and he yanks him up before suplexing him over the top rope….

HA: Harris landed out on his feet….

Harris floats over the back of Masters and looks to counter with a German suplex but he eats a massive elbow to the side of the head for his troubles. Harris staggers away and Masters runs up behind him and delivers a big time zigzag neckbreaker…

HE: Surely that has to be enough….

HA: Masters isn’t even convinced….he wants more…

Masters looks down at Harris but there is a look of uncertainty on his face. He crawls over towards his opponent and then begins to pull him back up again. The crowd are booing as Masters flicks his hair from his face and hooks Harris’ arms…

HE: Time to finish this, Mike…..GRINGO KILLER!

Masters swings Harris out for the finisher but Harris somehow spins right out. He grabs Masters arm and looks to lift him for an Olympic slam but Masters jumps over the back and pushes him away. They both rush back towards each other and Masters ducks under a clothesline attempt from Masters before sprinting up the turnbuckle…


Masters flies back with the corkscrew assault and he clatters into Harris, taking him off his feet. Masters hobbles back up and he motions for Harris to do the same before sprinting to the ropes again…



Masters springboards onto the ropes and floats back for the flying kick but he is caught in midair by a tremendous codebreaker from Harris. Masters flops down on his back and Harris is able to crawl over to him…



HA: Scott Harris, despite the blood loss, is fighting with all he has here…..can he take Mike Masters out of commission?

The crowd are voicing their approval as Harris grabs Masters’ legs and he turns him over onto his stomach for the submission hold. Masters is screaming in agony and he tries to crawl for the ropes but Harris drags him back to the centre and sits right back into the sharpshooter…

HE: This is the worst case scenario for Mike Masters…

HA: Your damn right it is….Scott Harris knows that this move is good enough to end any match….

Masters’ face is reddening by the second, the pain at excruciating levels, but Harris just continues to extend back and increase the pressure. The referee is forced to just stand there and wait for Harris to finally release the hold…

HA: Masters can tap out, he can grab the ropes but it makes no difference whatsoever…..what matters is if he can answer the ten count once Harris releases the submission…

Masters’ fight becomes less and less pronounced as the seconds tick by. His head is now slumped into the canvass and eventually his arms stop waving, seemingly signalling that he is completely unconscious. Harris keeps the hold locked in for a few more seconds before he finally lets go…

HE: I think he really did pass out…

HA: Yes he has….Masters is finished here, he can’t stand up…

The referee checks Masters’ pulse and then he begins his count…1


HA: Mike Masters is not moving here…..


*Furious boos from the audience



Harris is standing over Masters, anticipating the ten count, when somebody climbs into the ring behind him and drills him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Harris immediately falls to the mat next to Harris…

HA: This is like a bad nightmare…

HE: This is fantastic….6CW is whole once more…..Mr Jones is back!

The Echo Arena is full of deafening boos as Michael Jones, in full designer suit, stands over the broken form of Scott Harris. The referee looks shocked as Mike Masters begins to stumble to his feet….

HA: What the hell is Jones doing here…..and why the hell is he attacking his son?

HE: Harris was responsible for driving Jones from this company….he is a stain on his father’s life and he needs to be removed…


Crowd: A55hole x10

HE: This is brilliant….

Masters stumbles up to his feet and he looks down at Harris and then up at Mr Jones. Both men glare at each other for a second and then they begin to smile and laugh. Jones extends his hand and Masters shakes it, drawing the ire of the Liverpool audience…

HA: Masters and Jones are in damn cahoots….this is the ultimate betrayal…

HE: How ironic….if Scott Harris had been nicer to his father this could have been him…

Masters suddenly grabs the steel chair from Jones and he kneels down to place it under Harris’ head. Masters then rolls from the ring and he shoves the timekeeper to the floor as he grabs another chair and heads back to the ring…

HA: What now….haven’t you done enough?

HE: There is still a match to be won here….

Harris is barely moving but he is trying to stand so Jones places his foot on his son’s back to keep him in place. Masters climbs back into the ring and he barges past the referee before raising the chair over his head…

HA: Not this….OH CMON!

The audience groan as Masters smashes the chair down on top of Harris’ head not once but three sickening times. Harris is completely motionless on the floor as Masters launches the chair away and screams at the referee to “COUNT!”

HE: Harris’ skull could be fractured…

HA: This is a heinous crime…Scott Harris had this damn match won…..but now, after the return of his no good father and three brutal con-chair-tos he is in the land of the sleeping…



HE: Yes…..Mike Masters has done it….he has proven to the world that he is the superior athlete…

HA: That is bull(beep) and you know it….Masters and Harris beat the living daylights out of each other in this match but we all know that Harris was about to win until Jones showed up…..Harris got screwed here tonight…

Ding ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…..the winner of this bout……….The Last Man Standing…..Miiikkkeeeee Maaasssstttteeeerrrrssssss!

“Champion” blasts through the speakers and is greeted by thunderous boos from the Echo Arena. Mike Masters is standing over Scott Harris with a triumphant look upon his face…

HE: Mike Masters told Scott Harris that he was the better man….Harris should have listened…

HA: A tremendous contest that has ended on the most sourest of notes…Jones was fired from this company, he has no business being here….he has stolen the biggest night of his son’s life away from him….

HE: Cry me a river….Jones has returned to champion the next big thing in 6CW, Mike Masters….together these two men will not be stopped from reaching the top…

Jones grabs Masters’ arm and he raises it into the air, drawing an even more negative reaction from the audience. Both men grin at the reception and they take one last look at Scott Harris before they exit the ring and make their way up the ramp. Litter and abuse is hurled at them as they make their exit…

HA: Those two villains better get the hell out of here before we have a full blown riot on our hands….

Jones and Masters celebrate once more on the top of the stage before they disappear behind the curtain. The referee has called for EMT’s to come down to check on Scott Harris, who still isn’t moving in the middle of the ring…

HA: This match took so much from both competitors but it is Scott Harris who needs serious attention here….he hasn’t moved since that sickening attack with the steel chair.

HE: When he wakes up and they tell him what happened he is going to wish he stayed asleep….

HA: We are going to take a short break now folks but do not go anywhere because coming up next is the first of our two blockbuster main events…

Match winner: Mike Masters
Match time: 20 minutes; 33 seconds

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:44 pm

*Enforcer is standing just behind the curtain and staring through at the fans in the arena. Timothy Allen comes up from behind him and coughs hesitantly. Enforcer doesn't look round but starts to speak.

E: You know, I am itching to get out there and destroy Adamson in front of these people. But I am not interested in answering anymore of your questions.

*Allen persists and stands next to Enforcer.

TA: Max Adamson has had a lot to say lately. He believes that he is the reason why this match is so popular. That basically you are irrelevant.

*Enforcer turns round and stares at Allen.

E: Well that is correct in Max Adamson's world. This is the guy who will tell anyone within earshot just what a money making champion he is. And you guys lap it up right? It is the kind of talk that builds up a match. I thank Max for that......

TA: You thank him?

E: Yeah, that's right. While he has been blowing his own horn as usual, I have been quietly getting ready and concentrating on the job in hand. Max can walk around like a 6CW advertisement board but I just stick to the facts. He has held that 6CW belt for too long and now I am going to win it. I can't dress it up prettier for you Allen. If you want soundbites, you are talking to the wrong man.

TA: Does Adamson not have any chance in your eyes?

E: Oh he has a chance. He can just stay back in his little media hut or wherever he likes to conduct his interviews, and not bother to come out. Why would he want to be embarrassed in front of all the fans he has brought to this place? The Max Adamson event will also be the Max Adamson funeral.

*Enforcer takes a brief look back through the curtain and smiles. He turns back to Allen.

E: Now, if you don't mind. I am tired of watching amateurs. It is time for the real main event. Stay and watch. Then get Adamson's reactions to his so called show. You will just have to bend down to where he is lying on the canvas for that little quote.

*Enforcer snarls briefly before walking out of shot.

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:46 pm

*Mike Masters is backstage with Mr. Jones following his match; an irate Dean Andrews stomps towards them

DA: What the hell is this Mike?

*Jones places a hand across Masters chest

MJ: I would appreciate if you could direct any questions to me. Mike Masters is a highly skilled individual whose focus should always be achieving optimum performance in the ring

DA: Mike, come on, you know what this weasel tried to do to this company. You saw it first hand; he screwed you over as much as the rest of us

*Masters rolls his eyes

DA: Surely you can’t trust him

*Jones goes to speak but Masters interrupts

MM: Dean, Dean, Dean. I can see why this situation might perturb you. I know how threatened you and Daniel Magnusson are by this man. I can see the fear in your eyes right now

Yes you are right, I know better than most what it is like to be standing against Michael Jones but by the same token I know exactly what it means to be aligned with him, he guarantees success, he commands fear, he exudes greatness

That is why Dean, that is why I came to the only decision that made sense. I said a few weeks ago that I had come to a realisation. A realisation that Mike Masters will never be the good guy, he will never be the man that people look up to. Mike Masters is the kind of guy that will do whatever it takes to succeed

No remorse, no regrets

This is what’s best for business, for me and for this man

*Masters pats Jones on the shoulder

MM: Now if you’ll excuse me I would like to spend the rest of the evening celebrating my victory

*Jones and Masters stride away as Andrews stares

DA: This isn’t over Masters. We won’t stand for this

*Masters turns a smug grin across his face as Jones speaks

MJ: It’s too late for that Dean. See you at Aftermath

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6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage* Empty Re: 6CW Presents GROUND ZERO 26th November 2014 *Live Coverage*

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:48 pm

Main Event 1
6CW Championship
Max Adamson © vs Enforcer

Ding ding

Ring Announer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Crowd pop

HA: The words that let you know that you are now entering the big leagues of this business….the richest prize in the game is on the line….it doesn’t get any bigger than the 6CW Championship!

HE: Such a prestigious championship; held by some of the best ever…Keith Leone, Perfect Jack, Lex Hart, Median amongst others…

HA: And tonight we have a war between ex-stablemates….Max Adamson and Enforcer were one time allies in The Authority….but that all went south when they argued over who was the better man….that argument has raged for months now and tonight we get to find out one way or the other who that man is….

HE: We already know who it is…..Max Adamson has showed Enforcer who is boss in the last month…

HA: And yet Enforcer pinned Max in tag team action….Adamson is worried about his challenger, he can try and deny it but the truth is in his eyes…

The riff of “Saturday Night” rips through the speakers and there is a huge ovation from the fans in attendance. Red and green pyros fire up into the air, criss-crossing as they meet, and they morph into an incredible dragon.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first; the challenger………..from Cardiff, Wales………..weighing in at 295 pounds…………..Ennnnnnffffoooooorrrrrrccccceeeeeeerrrrrrrr!

The challenger strides out onto the stage, his shoulder length hair dripping with water, and he nods his head as he listens to the noise from the crowd. He takes a sip from a water bottle and then begins his walk to the ring…

HA: Former 6WF World Champion….former EWF World Champion….Enforcer knows eactly what it takes to get to the top of the mountain, he knows what he has to do in order to leave tonight with another world title reign under his belt…

HE: But is he at 100%? Only two weeks ago we witnessed Enforcer being speared from the stage by Max Adamson…the damage he sustained to his back and ribs won’t have passed so easily…

HA: But Enforcer is a warrior in the truest sense…he earned this opportunity and he will not let it pass him by...he is hell-bent on proving he is better than Max Adamson…

Enforcer throws the water bottle aside and he rips off his vest, drawing some wolf whistles, before throwing it into the audience. He drags himself up into the ring and then motions for a belt around his waist as he poses on the turnbuckle…

HA: But in order for Enforcer to get his hands on the 6CW Championship he must overcome a champion who has a knack of pulling it out of the bag….

Enforcer drops down from the ropes as “Radioactive” screams out to a unanimous set of boos from the 6CW faithful. Gold and green pyros shoot high into the rafters and explode in a cloud of smoke…

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…………..from Perth, Australia……..weighing in at 296 pounds….he is the current, reigning and defending 6CW Champion……..Maaaaxxxxx Aadddaaaammmmmmsssooooonnnnn!

Adamson slowly swaggers out onto the stage, smiling as he listens to the reaction of the crowd, and he unclips the 6CW belt from around his waist before raising it over his head. He walks down the ramp, turning and taunting the fans as he does so, before circling the ring.

HE: Max Adamson may be the greatest 6CW Champion of all time….all those names I listed earlier are not on this man’s level…

HA: Adamson is a fine athlete, I won’t deny it….but he is a reprehensible human being who will stoop to any depth in order to get what he wants…

Adamson climbs up into the ring and he tips a wink to Enforcer as he flashes the 6CW belt in front of his opponent. The referee keeps both men apart as the trash talk begins…

HA: These two men do not like one another…..there is no respect and no love lost….they want to hurt each other and they want to prove their dominance…

HE: Max Adamson has overcome every challenge he has had to face…..tonight will be no different…

HA: Adamson has held that title since April and in that time he has turned back every pretender to his throne….but tonight he faces a man who is determined to wear that crown for his own…this is going to be a fight…

There is a great noise in the arena as the referee gives his final instructions and then he signals for the bell. Enforcer and Adamson circle one another, their eyes locked, and then they lunge forward into a test of strength…

HA: These men are physically similar…their weight and their size is interchangeable…both possess great strength and dynamic bursts of speed….this is as much of a 50-50 fight that you can hope for…

Adamson and Enforcer attempt to gain the upper hand, pressing each other back, but then Enforcer breaks free and lands a huge uppercut, sending the champion staggering away. Max holds his jaw and then turns aroud, eating a running clothesline…

HA: Enforcer starting this bout with his trademark aggression….

Max gets up and Enforcer lands another big right hand before trapping his opponent in the corner and going to town with a barrage of rights and lefts. Max tries to cover up but he cannot avoid the punches…

HE: Leave him alone….those are closed fists, referee…

Enforcer grabs Max’s arm and he sends him flying across to the opposite corner. Enforcer then charges after his opponent, only to eat a hard elbow to the jaw from the world champion…

HE: Enforcer wants a fight and he better believe that Max is going to give him one….the world champion will not shy away from a physical confrontation…

Enforcer staggers back and this time he is felled by a running clothesline. He gets back up and Max delivers a stern knee to the stomach before whipping the challenger off the ropes…

HA: Back…no….

Adamson lowers his head for a backdrop but Enforcer stops short and grabs the champion’s head before throwing him into the canvass, face-first. Max staggers back up and Enforcer scoops him up onto his shoulders….


Max drives his elbow to the side of Enforcer’s jaw and then drops down. He pushes the challenger away and then rushes towards him again…


Enforcer counters the running spear into a big spinning powerslam………………..1……………….2……………..shoulder up. Enforcer drags Max up and he looks for a suplex but Max shoves him back into the corner. Adamson chases in but Big E sidesteps and sends the champion crashing against the turnbuckle…

HA: Russian legsweep!

Enforcer plants Max into the deck and makes another cover…
……….shoulder up!

HA: So far it is Enforcer having the success….he is forcing the champion to work hard just to stay in this match…

Enforcer delivers three hard stomps to the chest of Max, keeping him grounded, and then he bounces off the ropes before returning with a big elbow drop to the heart…………1…………..2………….Max kicks out. Enforcer backs into the corner and he lifts himself up onto the second rope…

HE: Enforcer isn’t comfortable on the ropes, what a silly thing to do…

Max staggers up and Enforcer leaps towards him for a flying shoulder tackle but Adamson shifts his stance and manages to catch the challenger on his shoulders…

HA: Great strength…


Enforcer manages to spin off the back and he pushes Max away before ploughing back into him with a huge big boot to the face…

HA: That could end it….new champion?

…..Max throws his shoulder up.

HE: Cmon, Max…show this chump that he is out of his depth…

HA: Doesn’t appear that way so far…

Enforcer stands up and brushes his hair from his face before beckoning Max back up. He lands huge right hands to the face of the champion and then whips him off the ropes…

HA: Side…

Enforcer looks to pick Adamson up into a side-slam as he comes back but Max manages to spin all the way out and he counters with a big German suplex, landing Big E on the back of his head…………..1…………………2……………..kickout. Max gets up and he clubs Enforcer, repeatedly, across the back of Big E’s neck before running off the ropes…

HE: FaMAXer….

Max leaps up for the famea55er but Enforcer turns in mid-move and catches Adamson on his shoulders before spinning him around into a sit-down powerbomb…

HA: Tremendous counter from the challenger….

Enforcer staggers over to the corner and climbs out onto the apron. He makes his way up to the top rope and stares down at the prone figure of the champion before launching himself through the air…

HA: Big elbow lands….Adamson in trouble…

HE: Kick-out Max…

……shoulder up. Enforcer gets back up to his feet and he takes a long look around the arena before motioning for the champion to get back up…

HA: Ever since these two men represented The Authority you could tell that this show-down was inevitable…

HE: Enforcer has always been jealous of Max….he knows who the better man really is…

HA: Does he? Because right now it looks like Enforcer may be on the cusp of another world title reign…..FACECHECK!

Big E bursts from the corner, looking for his patented forearm smash, but is lifted up by Max and flapjacked into the canvass. Adamson staggers back and he grabs his foe before rolling him into a bow and arrow submission…

HE: Yes….this is it now….Enforcer is about to tap in front of the world, confirming who the best in the world really is…

The crowd boo as Max rolls Big E over and pushes his knees up into the spine of the challenger. He wraps his hand around Enforcer’s head at the same time and pulls down on it, putting Enforcer in an agonizing position.

HA: Enforcer is one of the toughest men in this business but even he is up against it here….this move is expertly applied…

Max is really pulling back on Enforcer’s head, trying to make him submit, as the referee kneels down to check on the challenger’s condition. Big E shakes his head and refuses to submit but his pain is clear for everyone to see…

HE: It is only a matter of time…Enforcer’s resolve is unravelling…

Adamson continues to drag down on Enforcer’s head whilst pushing his knees up into Big E’s spine. Enforcer continues to show bravery whilst Max’s grip loosens and his shoulders slip down on the mat…
…………..Max is forced to remove the submission in order to stay in the match. Max crawls back to his feet, looking a little annoyed, whilst Enforcer struggles to get back up…

HA: Adamson not able to hold onto the submission but Enforcer is hurt….can the champion take advantage?

HE: I knew he would wear Enforcer down….this is the difference between a world champion and the chasing pack…

Adamson traps Enforcer near the ropes and begins to land with brutal stomps to the ribs and back of his opponent. He continues his vicious assault until the referee drags him away…

HA: Adamson smells blood in the water now…

HE: This is where Enforcer’s injuries may come into play….I told you Max was a mastermind…

Enforcer tries to use the ropes to get up but Max quickly pushes him into the corner and begins to unload with knees to the gut. He then lands with furious shoulders to the body before lifting Enforcer up onto the top rope…

HA: Max is starting to raise the pace…can the challenger keep up?

HE: He’s already falling behind…

Max climbs onto the ropes and he drives forearms into Enforcer’s face before attempting to pull him into a superplex. Enforcer holds firm and he battles back with hooks to the body and then a big head-butt. Max sways and almost falls backwards but then he manages to poke his finger straight into Enforcer’s eye…

*crowd boo

HE: Whatever it takes…

HA: Max slowing the momentum of his challenger….OH WOW!

Max then grabs Enforcer’s arm and he pulls him off into a huge superplex, shaking the ring upon impact…Enforcer is flat on his back as Adamson rolls over and reaches out with his right arm…

HE: Enforcer has been a brave challenger but its over and done with now….Max Adamson is the greatest…

………thr-Enforcer gets his shoulder up!

HA: He fights on…

HE: Insanity…

The Liverpool crowd give a big cheer as Enforcer rolls his shoulder off the mat before the three count. Max turns around and queries the decision with the referee but he is told the match must continue…

HA: Adamson knows it won’t be easy to put Enforcer away….he needs to find a lot more…

Adamson shoves the referee out of his path as he pushes Enforcer back against the ropes and begins to land with heavy punches to the face. He then drags Big E forward and whips him off the ropes before scooping him on the comback…


Enforcer holds on for dear life and manages to force Max to stagger back into the ropes. Big E is able to drop down over the top rope onto the apron and he grabs Adamson’s head before guillotining him across the top…

HA: Enforcer needed that, anything to swing the momentum a little…

Adamson tries to clear his head but Enforcer catapults himself over the top and knocks the champion down with a shoulder tackle…
…..shoulder up!

HA: This could be the biggest match of Enforcer’s career…he has been world champion before but to be the leading light of a new generation would be a special moment for him….

Enforcer feeds of the crowd’s energy as he wills Max back up. He clocks the champion with three hard right hands and then sends him into the corner. He follows in and lands a splash before dragging Max back out…

HA: Jack…

Adamson shoves Enforcer away and then runs forwards again but Enforcer ducks his shoulder and scoops the champion up…

*Crowd pop


HE: This can’t be…

Enforcer dumps Max down on his head, sending the champion flat out, and then he drops over his chest…


Adamson’s shoulder just jerks off the mat before the three, bringing a sigh of frustration from Enforcer and the audience. The referee is telling Enforcer it was a two count as the challenger crawls back up…

HE: Enforcer is not getting his hands on the 6CW Championship….nobody can put Adamson away…

HA: Adamson is a resilient son of a gun but he is on the ropes…Enforcer is not going to stop…

Max is swaying unsteadily as he tries to stand, his hands reaching for the ropes to balance himself. Enforcer is in the corner, waiting for his opponent to turn around and stroll into his path…

HA: Adamson is teetering on the edge here….the championship reign is hanging in the balance…

Enforcer breaks forward from the corner and looks for the “facecheck” but Adamson is able to sidestep, sending Enforcer clattering into the referee. The official hits the deck as Big E spins back around…


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