v2 podcast - reaction to the Punk and Vince podcasts

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v2 podcast - reaction to the Punk and Vince podcasts

Post by Adam D on Wed 03 Dec 2014, 10:13 am


In a special WWE section this week, we focus entirely on the newsworthy podcasts featuring CM Punk and Vince McMahon over the past week.

Adam, Gavin and Richard dissect both interviews in depth, as Punk spoke publicly for the first time since leaving WWE, and McMahon took part in a special Network edition of Steve Austin's show.

If you want to answer our question of the week, please email us at wrestling@v2journal.com or contact us through twitter or facebook and please make sure to submit any questions you would like us to discuss!

To listen to the show scroll below or download from iTunes here (click)

If you have problem listening to the show on the v2Journal, you can listen directly to the show on http://v2wrestling.podomatic.com/entry/2014-11-26T11_37_28-08_00

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Interview with Chris Daniels
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The latest v2 Wrestling Podcast

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Re: v2 podcast - reaction to the Punk and Vince podcasts

Post by Prometheus on Wed 03 Dec 2014, 10:28 am

I listened to this podcast and came down heavily on one side of the debate. A couple of questions that I don't think was addressed.

1) How do you think SC did? This is the first interview I've heard him do. As the interview is a WWE product I think we can expect that some questions were put off limits (e.g. welfare policy and a wrestling union). Given he is limited as an interviewer and his interview was limited I thought he did okay. For example, I thought he did a good job in asking about why there was too much talk on Raw, and how Vince had killed the competition so wrestlers were on egg-shells in WWE and no new talent could come from outside their system. I also thought he was more passionate and saw more that the product can be better than Vince.

2) What's Vince's beef with JR? I don't know the story behind whatever egregious acts JR did, but he seemed to give a lot to WWE and the most he seemed to get back was that Vince enabled him to go back to Oklahoma (which sounded like he fired him).

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Re: v2 podcast - reaction to the Punk and Vince podcasts

Post by liverbnz on Wed 03 Dec 2014, 11:12 am

JR wanted to go back to Oklahoma as his health wasn't the best. This didn't agree with Vince's work 24/7 policy so he then let JR go. Also, Kevin Dunn never liked JR and as we know KD has Vince's ear so as soon as the opportunity arose KD most likely pounced.

JR also denies that he was drunk in the infamous Los Angles incident. He seems to think he was made the fall guy and it was a convient time for the WWE to get rid.

I also think that JR doesn't quite fit Vince 2014 model of sports entertainment. I think Vince sees JR as a wrasslin' guy which Vince clearly seems to detest these days - I thought he was going to heave when SC said it first up.


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Re: v2 podcast - reaction to the Punk and Vince podcasts

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