Wrestlemania 31 - v2 wrestling podcast inspired

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Wrestlemania 31 - v2 wrestling podcast inspired

Post by liverbnz on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:20 am

Taking a leaf out of the v2 wrestling podcast this week I thought I do my own Wrestlemania booking. You can find the podcast in here somewhere.

So this is how I think it's going to pan out, and I'm booking this as we are now i.e. Lesnar has not resigned and Daniel Bryan will be back in time for Mania. We now know Sting will be there and there are hints that Undertaker may also appear due to his ugly mug being stick on the WWE trucks which are advertising the event.

Romain Reigns vs John Cena (c) for the WWE World Heavyweight Title - I think Lesnar loses the strap at the Rumble to Cena if he doesn't sign and continues to play the 'I might go back to UFC' game. I don't think WWE will want a repeat of mania XX where everyone knew Lesnar was leaving and therefore makes the result of the match boringly predictable. Also, I don't think the smarks could bring themselves to cheer for John Cena so Reigns will be firm fan favourite in this match.

Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar - some last minute uncoordinated booking reasons.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton - ready made given the last time we saw Orton on TV

The Undertaker vs Sting - I'm really torn here. During the Austin podcast with Vince I got the feeling that the boss was almost goading the Undertaker to come back and give back to the business with his 'no one wants to give back more than Mark.' and  'he knew it was time' remarks. Almost like a come back and put over Bray Wyatt (or someone) and do what's right. I also got the impression 'Mark' wasnt fully onboard with losing the streak in April. Anyway, I going with this icon match as if both are on the show, they'll want to face each other.

Ziggler (c) vs Sheamus IC title match - Ging turns heel which he shoulda done ages ago.

Rusev (c) vs Chris Jericho US title match - Rusev batters this one time Undisputed Champ turned jobber

Ascension vs whoever (c) Tag-titles - Ascension are due up on the main roster very soon so I think they'll batter their way through the roster. They are very impressive and somewhat old school so I'm looking forward to seeing them. They strike me as a mixture between Road Warriors/Demolition and the Powers of Pain.

Women's match - I have no clue and care even less and that's not because of the talent, it's the booking. There's some great talent on the roster, and none better than Charlotte IMO. I think she's the best female wrestler since Chyna but then they had her lose in 3 minutes on RAW to Natalya, who while also talented, is being booked as the submissive wife who if I remember right also had a farting storyline a few years back - You can read more on that booking here. *be warned* After reading you'll be even more dismayed with the WWE.

So there ya have it, that's my thinking. And given that I had CM Punk in the main event back in April, what do I know? Do you agree/disagree? How do you think it will look?


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