New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

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New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Fernando on Sun 04 Jan 2015, 2:35 pm

We get the standard Japanese opening on the GFW broadcast to the show, running down the night's matches.

Four-Way Tag Team Match
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
ReDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) (c) vs. Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero) vs. Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & Kushida) vs. The Young Bucks

Kushida and Fish start things off with Fish working the arm, which quickly turns into a chain sequence that ends in a double dropkick. Kushida lands one and Kyle is tagged in, but Shelley is tagged in as well, but the Young Bucks hop in and try to mock Time Splitters, only to be bounced from the ring.

Time Splitters are making quick tags until Fish knocks Shelley from the apron. Koslov is tagged in and lands a running headscissors on Fish. He puts on the hat and does his dancing kicks to Fish, but Kyle grabs Koslov, allowing Fish to hit him. ReDRagon work Koslov over, but the Young Bucks end up tagging in and clear the apron with dropkicks and headscissors.

Nick accidentally kicks Matt Jackson, but turns his attention right back to Koslov, who hits a big kick to the head of Nick Jackson. Rocky Romero is tagged in and cleans house with kicks. ReDRagon and the Bucks are in each corner and Romero goes crazy with no less than a half-dozen clotheslines. He and Kozlov merry-go-round each other into Matt Jackson

Kushida hits the ring and bounces the Hooligans, before DDT'ing Matt Jackson. The Time Splitters are on a roll and really take it to Nick Jackson with a double kick. Shelley superkicks Fish, who comes flying off the apron and Kushida gets stopped before he can dive.

A sequence of dives sees Romero, Koslov, The Young Bucks and Kushida all land big jumps, with a particularly impressive one from the Bucks. The Time Splitters hit Matt Jackson with a moonsault/neckbreaker, but his brother breaks up the count.

Koslov in the ring, but is superkicked by Matt Jackson. Bobby Fish lands a few kicks of his own, but Nick Jackson looks poised for a superkick party. Shelley and Koslov get the Bucks up for a Doomsday Device but the Bucks flip out of it and Superkick everyone! Meltzer Driver, but it only gets two on a shady ref count.

Young Bucks set up for More Bang For Your Buck, but Fish breaks it up. ReDRagon end up hitting Shelley with the Two Man Smash Machine and Matt Jackson with an assisted double-arm DDT. Fish hits an insane Whiplash off the top, then an exploder suplex, before finishing Koslov with Facing The Dragon.

Winners: ReDRagon via pinfall (Facing The Dragon) to retain the IWGP Junior Heayvweight Tag Team Championships

That match was insane. Fantastic.

Six-Man Tag
Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Jeff Jarrett & Yujiro Takahashi w/ Karen Angle) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojimo & Tomoaki Honma

All hell breaks loose immediately and everyone is brawling, as Fale gets double teamed. Kojima goes at Takahashi with chops, but Fale is tagged in and drops him. Jarrett gets a tag and hits a short arm clothesline followed by a running clothesline to drop Kojima.

Fale is tagged back in, works Kojima over and tags Takahashi back in, but eats a Koji Cutter and Honma is tagged in. Honma hits big elbows and a bulldog but misses a falling headbutt. Takahashi hits a fisherman's brainbuster for two. Honma hits a jumping headbutt, but Jarrett is in the ring with a guitar while the ref is distracted. Jarrett accidentally hits Takahashi!

Fale is clotheslined out of the ring and the faces hit Takahashi with the 3D. Honma goes up top and finally hits the diving headbutt for the win! The crowd goes crazy!!

Winners: Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojimo & Tomoaki Honma via pinfall (diving headbutt)

The Bullet Club are 0-2 on the night now.

8-Man Tag
Suzukigun (Shelton X Benjamin, Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith Jr, & Takashi Iizuka) vs. Mikey Nicholls, Naomichi Marufuji, Shane Haste & Toru Yano)

Suzukigun jumps the faces from the start. Yano and Iizuka go at it, and Iizuka hits Yano with the turnbuckle pad. Benjamin is tagged in and hits the dragon whip kick, then tags in Archer.

Archer kicks Yano but runs in to the exposed turnbuckle, which allows Yano to tag out. Nicholls and Haste go right after Archer and Smith, but Smith breaks up a double press slam with a big kick, and Archer follows with a giant chokeslam.

Marufuji and Iiuzka tag in and Marufuji lights him up with huge kicks. Benjamin runs in and hits a huge belly to belly superplex. Marufuji still manages to superkick Iizuka, who is using every dirty trick in the book.

TMDK hit a big double team slam, and Marufuji hits his tiger knee lift for the win.

Winners: Mikey Nicholls, Naomichi Marufuji, Shane Haste & Toru Yano via pinfall (running tiger knee lift)

Quick match, the pace of this show is wild but will likely slow down as the show goes on.

Match Can Only End By KO Or Submission
Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Minoru Suzuki

Sakuraba goes after a waistlock, but Suzuki counters with a double wristlock, and the two trade go-behinds until Suzuki scrambles to his feet. Sakuraba goes after a high crotch single and grabs an arm, but Suzuki rolls through.

Suzuki goes for a heel hook and Sakuraba almost turns it into a Sharpshooter, but they both end up rolling to the ropes with leg locks. Suzuki rolls to the apron and the two trade heavy strikes until Suzuki hits a flying triangle in the ropes.

The two go outside to the ramp where Suzuki hits a snapmare but eats a spinning kick to the body. Sakuraba hits several big kicks and locks on a double wristlock, but they're outside the ring!!

Suzuki finally makes it to the ring and gets several kicks to the chest, and the ref starts the count but Suzuki gets up at 8. Sakuraba is knocked to the mat but gets back up at two and starts blasting Suzuki with kicks and punches.

Sakuraba goes after the double wristlock but switches to armbar and gets it extended!! Suzuki makes it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Sakuraba puts the boots to Suzuki and he's down until a 9 count.

Sakuraba greets Suzuki with more kicks, which Suzuki answers with slaps. The two are trading, with Sakuraba attacking the injured arm. Sakuraba gets a big boot the face and Suzuki locks in the rear naked choke! Sakuraba tries to roll out but can't, then tries to fight out but he's put to sleep!

Winner: Minoru Suzuki via technical submission (rear naked choke)

A great battle, right there. Sakuraba and Suzuki did Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson proud.

NEVER Openweight Championship
Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. Togi Makabe

The two go at it from the jump, trading punches, clotheslines and shoulder tackles. They also trade powerslams but no-sell them. They go back to trading punches until Ishii hits a big chop to the throat.

Ishii goes after Makabe with headbutts and insulting kicks to the face, followed by chops. Makabe no sells them and wallops Ishii with a corner clotheslines. They go back to drilling each other in the face until Makabe gets a two count off of a northern lights suplex.

The two are going straight up strong style, elbowing each other in the face. They've been trading shots this entire match. Ishii gets an impressive second rope superplex in which had a little bit of a delay. He follows up with a powerbomb for two. Makabe gets a powerbomb of his own and a German suplex, which both also get two counts.

Makabe with a huge corner fireman's carry drop, but Ishii somehow kicks out. Ishii tries an enziguri, but it's blocked and he's blasted with a giant lariat but Ishii kicks out at 1!

Ishii with a German suplex, no sold and a lariat for two! A chop to the neck to Ishii, a headbutt to the sternum of Makabe. A seated clothesline from Ishii only gets two. He also gets two off of a hard hitting enziguri.

A double lariat sends both nowhere, and Makabe gets two off of a crippling dragon suplex. These two are on a one-way trip to concussion city. Makabe lands several clotheslines but cant get the three count. He finally finishes Ishii with a flying knee drop to the head.

Winner: Togi Makabe wins via pinfall (flying knee drop) to win the NEVER Openweight Championship

The young lions immediately tend to Ishii. That was violent.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Ryusuke Taguchi (c) vs. Kenny Omega (w/ Young Bucks)

Omega pushes Taguchi against the ropes and hits a soft cheap shot, then Taguchi returns the favor and taunts him. Taguchi with a headlock, but the tow avoid each other until Taguchi hits a flying butt bump.

Taguchi locks in an ankle lock, but Omega breaks out and gets clotheslined over the ropes. Young Bucks distract the ref and Omega uses the cold spray on Taguchi, then sprays it on his own crotch.

Omega starts to go to work on Taguchi with clubbing blows, elbows and chops. A big elbow in the corner from Omega gets two. He goes for a vertical suplex, which Taguchi tries to reverse but Omega continues to hold him up and completes it.

Omega with the chainsaw forearms across Taguchi's face and the ref has to make him stop. Taguchi boots Omega, but the Bucks grab his boot. Taguchi sends Omega over the top onto the Bucks. Taguchi then hits a somersault over the top rope onto all three, and gets a two inside the ring.

Omega with a Fameouser gets two, and Taguchi breaks his full nelson but gets stomped down. Omega goes for a powerbomb but Taguchi huracanranas him into the buckle and hits a modified sitdown powerbomb for two.

The two go up top and Omega is knocked down, but lands a huge dropkick to the flying Taguchi. Gutwrench sitdown powerbomb from Omega gets only two, but it was impressive. Omega goes for an electric chair but it's reversed and Omega gets a roll through for 2.

Taguchi hits an inverted powerbomb for two and goes right to the ankle lock. The Bucks are on the apron, but Omega accidentally hits one of them. Taguchi floors Omega but gets 2.5 on an inconsistent ref count.

Omega hits a sick dragon suplex and then an even sicker knee to set up the One Winged Angel to win the title!

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall (One Winged Angel) to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Bullet Club finally takes one. Kenny Omega puts on a breakthrough performance for those who haven't seen him in America.

IWGP Tag Team Championship
Bullet Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows w/ Tama Tonga & Amber O'neal) (c) vs. Meiyu Tag (Hirooki Goto & Katsuyori Shibata)

Anderson and Goto start and they stare each other down after a chain sequence. They trade strikes before Anderson whips Goto into a kidney shot from Gallows. Goto accidentally hits his partner and runs into a superkick from Gallows.

A big senton and splash from the Bullet Club gets a two count, and Anderson rubs the forearm in Goto's face. Anderson hits an amazing calf kick that gets a two count, but he repeatedly tries the pin.

Gallows and Goto go after each other with clotheslines, and Goto finally tags Shibata who knocks Anderson off the apron. Shibata beats down Gallows in the corner but runs into a huge clothesline. Shibata answers with a dropick to Gallows and an abdominal stretch to Anderson, but it's broken up.

Goto and Shibata hit the Bullet Club with seated dropkicks and a double back suplex but only get a two count. Anderson bicycle kicks Goto, and then destroys Shibata with a big kick. The Bullet Club follow up with an elbow drop/backbreaker to Shibata and a fireman's carry/dropkick to Goto.

Bullet Club hit a back suplex/neckbreaker for two on another wonky ref count, but Goto comes in and cleans hours. Anderson almost hits the cutter, but Goto and Shibata destroy him with kicks.

Gallows with the Gallow's Pole, but gets tossed off the turnbuckles. Goto and Shibata with a fireman's carry kick and a PK for the win!

Winners: Meiyu Tag via pinfall (PK) to win the IWGP Tag Team Championships

Back-to-back matches with title changes, and the Bullet Club has one winner out of eight competitors so far tonight.

AJ Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito

Styles goes right after the Clash twice, which announcers have been putting over as a neck-breaking move. Styles backdrops Naito outside the ring and lands on his feet on a missed moonsault, but eats a Naito dropkick from the apron.

Naito flips around, but Styles hits a stunner to his leg and starts elbow dropping it. A kneebreaker has Naito writhing in pain on the mat, and Styles is working it over and grounding Naito.

Naito fights back and runs up the ropes for a tornado DDT. A high hiplock and a dropkick from Naito set up a somersault senton, but no pin attempt. A rope assisted neckbreaker does garner a pin attempt, but only a 2. Styles headbutts Naito and hits a stiff springboard forearm.

Styles goes for a suplex and drops it into a sick looking neckbreaker for two. A german suplex from Styles held and Naito rolls through for two.

Naito hits a shoulder tackle and a scoop slam, but is knocked off the turnbuckles as he attempts the Stardust press. Styles tries a back suplerplex but Naito flips out of it. Styles locks on the calf cutter anyway, and they're in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. Styles has it locked on for a long time, but Naito finally gets to the ropes.

Naito scores with an enziguri and a Saito suplex, but only gets a two count from the dragon suplex. Styles answers with a Pele kick and a Bloody Sunday!

Naito desperately dumps Styles from the ring and he doesn't make it in until the count of 19. Naito goes for a top rope huracanrana, but Styles hits the Styles Clash from the second rope for the win!!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (second-rope Styles Clash)

AJ Styles is doing the best work of his career here in NJPW.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Kota Ibushi

Nakamura checks a leg kick and slips a palm strike and two jabs two to start. Nakamura closes the distance, but Ibushi smacks him. Nakamura doesn't like that and proceeds to knee Ibushi repeatedly. Ibushi is frustrated and gets suckered into a handshake that gets him kneed.

Ibushi answers with a dropkick and a facewash in the corner, mocking Nakamura. This serves to urine off Nakamura, who takes Ibushi to the corner and returns the favor. He sets Ibushi up across the ropes and delivers a sick knee, then follows up with more on the apron.

Ibushi makes it back in at the 8 count, and Nakamura applies a cravate into a snapmare, followed by a knee drop for two. A rear chinlock applied by Nakamura as he rolls Ibushi over into a pin multiple times for a one count.

The two slap each other until Nakamura hits a lungblower and Ibushi scores with a huracanrana and dropkicks the champion to the outside of the ring. Ibushi hits a breathtaking triangle moonsault to the outside. Back inside, Ibushi hits a springboard dropkick, several kicks and a standing star press for a two count.

Nakamura counters Ibushi with a single leg dropkick, a spin kick and a front suplex. He then delivers several PRIDE-style knees to Ibushi's head, but misses a running knee in the corner. A springboard huracanrana from Ibushi gets two, as does a sunset flip. As soon as they stand up, the champion gets knocked silly by a roundhouse kick. Ibushi only gets two on a beautiful sitout Last Ride.

Ibushi misses a Phoenix splash and gets clubbed with Boma Ye as a result. Ibushi goes crazy and hits Nakamura with closed fist strikes that cause him to get admonished by the ref. The ref is knocked down and Nakamura hits one of his own and applies an armbar but Ibushi stomps his way out. Really, really stiff stomps.

Ibushi hits Nakamura's Boma Ye, but only gets two. Nakamura fights back with open hand strikes, but they're both drilling each other. Ibushi counters with a standing double foot stomp.

Ibushi hits an absolutely insane avalanche springboard german suplex from to Nakamura who was on the apron, but only gets two. Nakamura headbutts Ibushi and destroys him with elbows to the back of the head.

Nakamura with Boma Ye again but Ibushi no sells, and he gets another Boma Ye following a Landslide! Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall (Boma Ye) to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Another great match. Now it's main event time with an hour left. In the words of Michael Cole: "OH MAN!"

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada

Okada works an arm ringer, but Tanahashi counters with a drop toe hold into a headlock. Okada locks on one of his own, and drops Tanahashi with a shoulder block, but Tanahashi re-applies his headlock and hits a shoulderblock of his own. The two are on their feet again, and reset.

Tanahashi and Okada clinch and roll from corner to corner until Okada teases a clean break, but forearms the champion. Things pick up as the two have man-off by trading forearms and uppercuts.

Tanahashi goes to the corner, but Okada drills him and knocks Tanahashi to the outside. Okada follows outside and throws the champion into the guard rails before kicking Tanahashi over it. He then lands a Randy Orton-style DDT off the rail to Tanahashi.

Tanahashi hits a jawbreaker on the ramp, plays a little air guitar and then runs right into Heavy Rain on the ramp. Back in the ring, Okada hits a kick that leaves Tanahashi in a world of hurt.

Okada punishes Tanahashi with elbows in the corner, but Tanahashi comes back and drops Okada. A scoop slam from Tanahashi sets up a second rope somersault senton, but he doesn't retain the advantage very long as he walks right into an Okada flapjack.

Okada applies Deep In Debt, but Tanahashi reaches the ropes. Okada is getting frustrated and clubs Tanahashi, and then taunts him. Tanahashi fires back, but Okada's strikes have more pepper on them. The announcers put over that Tanahashi has an injured neck.

Tanahashi looks to be in control with big strikes, but Okada scores with three huge uppercuts and a front dropkick for two. Tanahashi drops Okada to the mat and misses a frog splash. Okada capitalizes with a knee and a modified neckbreaker but it's just a nearfall.

Okada with a scoop slam and a flying elbow drop, and he signals for the Rainmaker. Tanahashi avoids it and rolls up Okada for two, but keeps his momentum with a dragon screw leg whip.

Tanahashi works on Okada's right leg, as he steps forward with it when he does the Rainmaker. The two go outside the ring and Okada is tossed over the guard rail, and we have no count out apparently.

Tanahashi hits an absolutely guano crazy flying body press from the top rope over the railing onto Okada, and now the count starts. They're in at 18, and Tanahashi goes back up top but comes up empty. Tanahashi counters the Rainmaker with Slingblade and a big flying body press. The press gets rolled through and countered into a Tombstone, but Tanahashi reverses that into his own Tombstone! Frog splash! A second frog splash! Okada kicks out!

Tanahashi tries to apply the Texas Cloverleaf, but Okada kicks free. A second Slingblade from Tanahashi, and he mocks the Rainmaker pose, but misses and Okada lands it! Tanahashi kicks out! They're both down.

Both men on their knees trading strikes, and they've been at it for over 20 minutes now. They make it to their feet, still trading punches. Okada tries a Tombstone, but Tanahashi rolls through for a two and then dropkicks Okada's leg.

Tanahashi is smacking Okada, who can barely stand up. Backslide out of nowhere but Tanahashi kicks out and lands a straight jacket suplex for two. A giant German suplex from Okada for two, and a suplex from Tanahashi for two! Big dropkick from Okada!

Tanahashi hits several reverse dragon screw leg whips around the ropes, then a rope assisted body press. Another top rope frog splash to a seated Okada, then another! Pinfall! Tanahashi wins!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi via pinfall (frog splash) to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Right after the match, Striker started thanking Ross and putting him over. Ross said he'll never be ashamed to say he's a wrestling fan. He questioned how you can forget where you were when you saw Tanahashi vs. Okada. Ross said their series is now 3-3-1. Ross compared it to memorable WWE matches he's called.

Okada left the ring and cried as he was helped to the back. Okada dropped to his knees and cried more as fans near him chanted his name. Tanahashi stood on the second rope and spoke to Okada in Japanese. It didn't seem like a moment of respect. Okada kept walking. Tanahashi then spoke to the fans. He teased leaving, then stuck around and played air guitar.

Striker paraphrased what Tanahashi said to Okada. Basically, it was that Okada is still a long way from being the ace of New Japan and that Tanahashi is still proud to be the man. Tanahashi played to the crowd on the stage. The pay-per-view broadcast stayed on the air way longer than it needed to for American viewers, as there were shots of the Japanese broadcast team without commentary...


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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Fernando on Sun 04 Jan 2015, 10:45 pm

For obvious reasons if anyone wants a link PM me Ok!


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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Mon 05 Jan 2015, 2:22 am

Just finished watching on new japan world, awesome show

The opener, Ishii/Makabe, Omega/Taguchi, Tag Titles and Styles/Naito were all great, could be match of the night on 90% of wwe ppvs, the early tags were kept mercifully short, Honma's win and establishing the NOAH guys were all they needed to do, I'm not a Sakuraba fan but his stuff with Suzuki was ok and better than I expected

The two main events though really set this card apart for me, both easy 5* matches and early front runners for MOTY, probably the best Tanahashi/Okada match and given the 5* standards this feud has that's saying something

I can't gush about this enough, really reminds me of why I love wrestling, I'm not normally a guy to tell people what the should and shouldn't watch but with JR calling the show (I'll go and check that out later) the new japan product has probably never been more accessible, so I'm sorry if you're still watching wwe and won't at least give this a chance...well that's just plain stupid

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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Fernando on Tue 06 Jan 2015, 8:51 pm

What's been announced for their next few shows...


IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. AJ Styles
IWGP Tag Team Championship
Goto & Shibata (c) vs. Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Omega (c) vs. Ryusuki Taguchi
IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship
reDRagon (c) vs. The Time Splitters vs. The Young Bucks


IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Yuji Nagata
NEVER Openweight Championship
Togi Makabe (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rob Conway (c) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Jushin Liger (c) vs. Chase Owens


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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Wed 07 Jan 2015, 1:00 am

Top 4 in Osaka sound great if a little rematch heavy, sendai less so with the NWA matches, but Ishii is always worth watching and Nakamura/Nagata has the potential to be tremendous

Disappointed about the lack of feedback this thread has got as I now firmly believe this show was a modern classic, if you are disenfranchised with the current WWE product, I beg of you to at least watch the final two matches, they were amazing

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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by FromPartsUnknown on Thu 08 Jan 2015, 9:53 am

I cannot recommend this enough. From top to bottom a great event. These 3 1/2 hours flew by. I cant imagine I will ever see a show with two matches back to back of the quality of the IC and IWGP title bouts.

Okada just comes across as a superstar and the main event was a great example of how you can get a guy more over with a defeat if handled correctly.

The way in which the announcers sold the devestation of the Styles clash told a great story and AJ has really had the best year of his career, leaving TNA for ROH and NJPW proving to be a fantastic decision.

Finally it was really great to hear a motivated JR calling the event and if that was his last opportunity to commentate on a big show then he picked a good one to go out on. Thought Matt Striker did well and continued his good work from Lucha Underground.

Its great that there are some real alternatives out there to the stale products that are WWE and TNA. NJPW; ROH and Lucha Underground are not hard to find now and all showcase different and innovative ways of presenting wrestling, I urge people to give them a try - you dont know what you are missing!


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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Prometheus on Mon 19 Jan 2015, 9:18 pm

I've just watched the final 2 bouts again.  I doubt I'm going to see a better match than either of these two this year.  

Think I'll run the WWE Network subscription up to Wrestlemania then switch to the NJPW subscription for a while.

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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

Post by Fernando on Mon 19 Jan 2015, 9:31 pm

I believe their starting to show NJPW on AXS Tv in America with some of their best matches...

^ I believe it has Tanahashi/Okada from WrestleKingdom 7


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Re: New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 Results - Spoilers ahead

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