Promo's (Raw Spoilers)

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Promo's (Raw Spoilers)

Post by jai.roberts on Tue 13 Jan 2015, 10:19 pm

Just watching Raw,

So Savage is in the HOF, well deserved IMO.

I was watching the clips of Savage and him doing promo's thinking my god he was great on the mic.

My question is why? My theory is that the guys then like Jake the Snake, Savage, Piper even to the days of Austin and the Rock didn't have as mnay restricitons, I think the E' put the words in the mouths of todays superstars thus taking the personality out of them. The only one in recent times is Punk.


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Re: Promo's (Raw Spoilers)

Post by Samo on Wed 14 Jan 2015, 3:41 am

I think thats exactly the problem. If you watch Reigns give an interview outside of WWE he is alot more natural and charismatic. They cant give him crap scripts and force him to act. The best promos are the ones that come across as genuine, something you rarely get these days.

I think the product would improve greatly if the guys were just given a list of bullet points to hit and fill in the rest.


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Re: Promo's (Raw Spoilers)

Post by Unbeliever on Wed 14 Jan 2015, 1:08 pm

I think that's a large part but not all of the problem. From reading various wrestling biographries I think the problem also lies with the latest generation of talent. That's not that they don't have the talent, it's that they are too happy to tow the company line and not prepared to take too many risks (not talking about in-ring action) - were Punk is prepared to push the boundaries, many others won't.

When they are 'given their lines' they don't push back or stand by any ideas that they try to put forward.


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Re: Promo's (Raw Spoilers)

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