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WWE Smackdown Live Results

Post by Fernando on Fri 30 Jan 2015, 10:51 am

Triple H comes out and welcomes everyone to Monday Night RAW! He says wait… it’s been a long week, and a snowstorm was supposed to shut them down, but WWE doesn’t like being told what to do. HHH says they also got told they wouldn’t get one million WWE Network subscriptions, but they did it, and they were told they couldn’t get tonight’s show done either. HHH welcomes everyone to Thursday Smackdown LIVE, and then he cuts a few jokes about the NFL and balls, and says WWE has never had problems with their balls. He says he takes action when he has problems, and this week’s Royal Rumble was a bit controversial, so he is going to deal with his problem, Sting.

HHH says he will go eye-to-eye with Sting and resolve his problem, then he puts over the amazing WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the Rumble. He says the Rumble match itself was spectacular, but there is the controversy, because the building was rocking and shaking, but the next day ‘this’ was all anyone could talk about. HHH says he needs to deal with the controversy and make an announcement on RAW they might not like, then Roman Reigns cuts him off and heads to the ring. Reigns says HHH keeps talking about controversy, but he doesn’t see any because he won the Royal Rumble match, and he is going to Wrestlemania. HHH says he indeed did win, but let’s see if he wins his next match, right now, and walks out of the ring.

Roman Reigns vs Big Show

Big Show hits Reigns a few times and toys with him, then Reigns floats over to block a scoop slam before he chopblocks Show into the turnbuckles. Reigns repeatedly stops Show and charges the corner, but Show blocks a strike before Reigns clotheslines him over the top rope. We get back from a break to see Show punch Reigns in the corner, then he targets Reigns’ knee and puts him in an elevated ankle lock. Reigns shifts and sends Show over the ropes, then he puts some weight on his leg and basement kicks Show into the ringpost. Reigns rolls him in and goes for a clothesline, then he connects with one before hitting a Samoan drop, and Show rolls out to the floor. Reigns clotheslines him from the apron, then they both roll back in and Reigns calls for a Superman punch, only to have Show block it and chokeslam him. Show gets a two count before he heads up top, but Reigns dives and Superman punches him before hitting a second one. Reigns press slams Show off the top rope, then he hits the ropes and spears Show for the win.

Winner – Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins comes out and brags about how great he looked on Sunday, and he says eventhough he didn’t walk out with the championship, he still impressed and proved himself. Rollins says he stuck a dagger in Brock Lesnar and almost beat him, which no one else can lay claim to. Rollins says he feels so good right now he’s issuing an open challenge to the locker room, and he doesn’t care who comes out. Ryback runs to the ring and Mercury and Noble help Rollins attack him, but Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler run out for the save.

Tyson Kidd (w/ Cesaro & Natalya) vs Jey Uso (w/ Jimmy Uso & Naomi)

Jey kicks Kidd a few times before Kidd catches him with an enziguiri, then Jey tackles him before Cesaro tries to interfere. Jimmy tackles him from the steps, then Kidd uses the distraction to hit a spinning neckbreaker for the win.

Winner – Tyson Kidd

Rusev and Lana come to the ring and Rusev says they all saw the controversial finish to the Royal Rumble, and he should have been declared winner. Lana rants (in Russian) about how upset she is and throws the mic back to Rusev, and he calls himself the most dominant and only unbeaten Superstar here. Rusev calls John Cena a loser that doesn’t belong in the ring with him, then Cena comes out and says Rusev should shut his mouth. Cena says if he doesn’t he’ll shut it for him, and Rusev can talk about all of his accomplishments, but he made a huge mistake saying Cena was no threat. Cena says he’s the face that runs the place and talks about all he’s done, then he says they can fight it out right now, but Lana tells Rusev not to waste his time and leaves with him.

Paige is backstage with Renee Young talking about the Divas title shot she was awarded, but The Bella Twins cut her off and make fun of her. Paige attacks them, but The Bellas team up and leave her laying on the ground.

Goldust & Stardust vs The Ascension

Stardust goes for a quick sunset flip before Viktor slams him on the mat, then Stardust knocks him back before they tie up again. Stardust elbows him but Viktor knocks him back into the corner, then Konnor gets a few strikes in before Viktor goes for the pin attempt. Viktor applies a chinlock and slams Stardust into the corner, then Konnor goes for a suplex but Stardust floats over and kicks him in the corner. Goldust connects with some clotheslines off of the tag, then he hits an atomic drop and follows with some body shots in the corner. Konnor whips him but Goldust hits a powerslam, then he prevents Viktor from running in and hits the ropes. Stardust tags in and Goldust asks what he’s doing, but Stardust knocks Viktor down before hitting Konnor with a Disaster Kick on the apron. He turns back but Viktor hits him, then Konnor runs over and shoves Goldust off the apron before they hit Fall of Man for the win.

Winners – The Ascension

The Miz gets an egg cracked over his head

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about random crap...

Casket Match
Kane vs Daniel Bryan

Kane goes for some early strikes before Bryan connects with several kicks, then he sends Kane into the corner and connects with some mounted punches. Kane shoves him back but Bryan runs right back at him, then he blocks a chokeslam but Kane tries to press slam Bryan into the casket. Bryan dropkicks him near it but Kane grabs the ropes as we go to a break, then we get back to see Bryan fight to avoid being put in the casket. Kane tries to shove Bryan back in but Bryan flips him and Kane lands in the casket, but Kane freaks and runs away, only to caught by Bryan diving off the ropes. Bryan repeatedly punches Kane before fighting another rally by Kane, then Bryan kicks the casket lid open and escapes as we go to a break. We get back to see Kane choking Bryan with his boot, then Bryan comes back with some kicks and a suicide dive into the barricade.

Kane backdrops him into the crowd before he throws Bryan over the commentary table, then he whips Bryan headfirst into the casket lid. Kane tries to Tombstone Bryan into the casket but Bryan responds with a knee to the face, then Bryan connects with a second one but Kane comes right back with a chokeslam. Kane rolls him into the casket but Bryan kicks him in the face, then he applies the YES Lock in the casket and lets go to close the lid. Kane pushes the lid back open so Bryan repeatedly kicks him in the chest, then Kane blocks a final kick and clotheslines Bryan in the ring. Kane calls for another chokeslam and Tombstone but Bryan blocks both, then he sends Kane on to the apron and kicks him in the head. Bryan immediately connects with Knee Plus, then he reaches over and closes the casket lid to win.

Winner – Daniel Bryan


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