Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

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Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

Post by SirJohnnyEnglish on Mon 09 Feb 2015, 1:55 pm

First topic message reminder :

Home teams to be named by midnight on Tuesday
Away teams to be named by midnight on Wednesday
Tactics to be provided by midnight on Thursday
Predictions by 22:00 hours on Sunday

Exeter Chiefs v Newcastle Falcons
Location - Sandy Park
Light Rain, 9 Degrees, 19mph S Winds

Exeter Chiefs Chief

Manager – Fluxy

01. Wyatt Crockett09. Nic White
02. Dimitri Szarzewski10. Toby Flood ©️
03. Jake Cooper-Wooley
04. Patrick Tuipulotu11. Lolagi Visinia
05. Michael Paterson12. Brad Barritt
06. Yannick Nyanga13. Adam Ashley-Cooper
07. Luke Wallace14. Cory Jane
08. Fritz Lee15. James O'Connor
16. Jack Yeandle 17. Alex Lundberg 18. Phil Swainston 19. Tomas Lavanini 20. Joe Edwards 21. Chris Cook 22. Marnitz Boshoff 23. Jamie Elliott

General Game plan

Fast paced game based around high intensity in defence, offloading, and dynamic carrying and rucking. We will play a high paced counter punch style of rugby.
When we gain possession our plan is to control attack with quick clean ball be it from set piece or turnover. After that look to control the pace of the game and go through the phases. Flood will look to play flat and look to get our back line into the game whenever possible and keep the high tempo going throughout.
Big point is to match them man for man, in our style of play. Looking to control the ball for periods will result in frustrating the Falcons side giving away penalties for us to capitalise on. 

Set piece - Control the set piece and use it to restart our game plan and create point of attacks. Paterson to marshal the line-out and get quick ball from our dynamic jumpers. Big emphasis on controlling set piece possession, pressuring Coles at both line-out and scrum time. Paterson will get up at the front to steal any loose throws and make Parling have to loop or beat him at the front creating slow and tough ball. 

Pack & Breakdown - Look for strong carries from our pack, tying in the opposition defence to create overlaps for our backs. We’ll be looking to keep the ball alive and look for the offload when on. Our back-row will target the breakdown and look to blow through the ruck and past the ball. Clean ball will be generated either by blowing through the ruck and past the ball and a long presentation of the ball to keep it away from opposition defenders. With the Falcons pack on the retreat, White will look to sweep up any turnover ball getting us on the front foot. We’ll look to win the collision with big our physical pack and dominate the opposition pack in the contact.

Defence - Look to neutralise the opposition early on and allow our back-row to dominate affairs. Using the defensive banana drift defence to push the attackers towards our inside defence, with Murray sweeping in behind to guide defenders to plug holes and covers any kicks in behind. If an oppo player gets held or brought down this allows the second man to get over the ball quickly to at least compete and slow opposition possession. Nyanga and Wallace will look to target the opposition fly half early on and pressure his kicking. 

Backs - Look to get the ball in hands of the backs and the back three especially, as they have the pace and finishing ability to worry any defence. Utilise the pace and size of Dunbar\AAC to crash through the line, using our 'league/slider move' developed from last season to break the line. AAC/Dunbar/Visinia are big quick guys and will be able to mix and match the opposition defence, either catching JDV's weaker inside shoulder on a a run against the grain, or exploiting the concentration and agility of Hopper in defence. Or even generate a two on one with JOC joining the back line and providing the extra man to either put a winger away or go himself. Look to exploit the defensive deficiencies in the Gloucester back three, with the wings not great positionally.

Key Points

Home Advantage - Sandy Park is one of the hardest places to come and play. We won't want to kick the ball away, and Falcons can't score any points without the ball. 
Scrum & Line-out – Target throughout, if weakness seen heap pressure and generate penalties. Coles to be put under constant throughout the game. 
Quick Rucks - with their big pack we will look to set rucks quickly and keep their pack on the move to tire them out. As well as to keep moving the point if attack with ball in hand with clever offloads and pops to keep Falcons guessing and preventing McCaw and Read getting over the ball at the breakdown. 
Physicality & Dynamism – Win the collision and target rucks to drive through opposition. We have a big physical, but also mobile pack. Supported by some high energy forwards off the bench.
Targets in Defence - Hopper is not a renowned defender and small in comparison to our centres, therefore Flood will try to angle runners off his weaker shoulder to break the line. Likewise their back three are targets for us in attack, so look for two on ones and good kick chases to force mistakes.
Breakdown – The back five to be a nuisance in in the breakdown and either get over the ball or get past the ball and make the opposition cleaners a nightmare by having to make them drive our forwards even further off their ball, or steal if the are limited numbers competing. 
Backs – Classy running options and two of the most prolific finishers in Visinia, Jane & JOC, so they we will get the ball in their hands and they will take any opportunity. 
Build a Score - JOC to take on kicking at goal responsibilities. Any penalty within their ten metre to be kicked at goal to keep scoreboard ticking. Unless ten metres from the line then we kick for the line-out.

Newcastle Falcons
Manager – Bambam

01. Matt Mullan09. Nick Phipps
02. Dane Coles10. Owen Farrell (k)
03. Carl Hayman
04. Ed Slater11. Charles Piutau
05. Geoff Parling12. Jean De Villiers
06. Rhys Ruddock13. Matt Hopper
07. Richie McCaw14. Ben Smith
08. Kieran Read (c)15. Gareth Anscombe
16.George McGuigan 17.Soana Tongahuia 18.Charlie Faumuina 19. Brad Thorn 20. Will Fraser 21.Dave Lewis 22. Max Evans 23. David Strettle

We've picked a side to play the conditions away from home against Exeter, plenty of kicking options throughout the backline and some hard carriers to keep us moving forwards.

Scrum - targeting JCW here, Mullan has been in great form and we think he can get at JCW. Look for Coles and Hayman to drive straight on, focusing on Szarzewski to try and give Mullan the chance to work on JCW 1 on 1.

Lineout - Parling to lead, excellent options in Slater and Read to mix it up and look for good quality ball off the top to send JDV into the 10 channel off first phase. Challenge on their ball, look to prevent them using the maul where possible and look to flood through on White to prevent him from box kicking if they win lineout ball in their own territory, we want him to have to pass back to Flood.

- Picked a back row of physical breakdown specialists, we want them to work as a unit and try and get us turnovers in opposing territory. We think we can target Wallace physically, first man in to blow him off the ball and the second in to secure it for us. On their ball, Read is licenced to stay out of rucks until he thinks there is a turnover on, then go in to secure it. The work rate round the park of the likes of Coles and the second row will allow us to do this.

Kicking - We're focusing on the kicking game today, our back 3 all have played full back at varying levels, and all are very good kickers of the ball. Look to pin the ball back behind the Visinia specifically, and Smith is lining up on that wing to chase down and challenge him in the air. We want to win the territory battle today, keep them in their own half and maintain a strong defence a la England last week to restrict their options

- Anscombe and Farrell to act as dual distributors when we are on the front foot in their half, keep the defensive line guessing which way we are going to go, and Phipps has licence to snipe whenever he thinks it is on. Ben Smith to step into the line at first receiver at times to take the line on when faced with forwards. In the forwards, big ball carriers throughout the side, Read is free to attack the wider channels as he chooses, particularly after JDV crashes into the 10-12 channel off first phase.

Defence - No weak links in the back line, nothing is going through our 10-12 channel allowing the back row to roam for turnovers. Hopper is in to cut down AAC at source

Bench - Ball carrying front 5 forwards to look to drive home an advantage, Fraser gives us the option of dual 7s late on, and we have some outright pace and finishing ability to bring on if we are chasing the game

Key points
- Target JCW at scrum time
- Use JDV to target 10-12 channel off first phase
- Use the kicking game to pin Chiefs back
- Target Wallace at the breakdown
- Dual 10s either side of the ruck with Farrell and Anscombe to split the defence

Leicester Tigers v Gloucester
Location - Welford Road
Light Ran, 8 Degrees, 13mph S Winds

Leicester Tigers
Manager – LukeLovesLuka

01. Alex Corbisiero09. Kahn Fotuali'i
02. Agustin Creevy10. Freddie Burns (k)
03. Owen Franks
04. Nathan Hines (c)        11. Ugo Monye
05. Victor Matfield12. Tamati Ellison
06. JMF Lobbe13. Rene Ranger
07. Francois Louw14. Drew Mitchell
08. Thomas Waldrom15. Sean Maitland
16. Stephen Moore 17. Max Lahiff 18. Census Johnston 19. Kearnan Myall 20. Jacques Burger 21. Micky Young 22. Tusi Pisi 23. Matt Banahan


In wet conditions we will play sensibly and use the power and strength of our side to get us over the gainline.

- Attack at all scrums with our huge pack - Creevy, Franks and Corbs to look to really get into the opposition, particularly targettign Gray and Beast. Lots of scrums in wet weather and an area we will look to target if winning.

- Attack at all lineouts. Use Matfield as our banker ball, but also any of Hines, Lobbe or Louw to mix it up if needs be.
Shortened lineouts with Waldrom in midfield as crash or decoy option.

- Put serious pressure on Gray's throws with Hines at the front and Matfield looking to steal on all Gloucester throws.

- Gigantic XV made up of massive line-breakers, used in the tight to tire down the Gloucester defence. The likes of Waldrom, Louw, Hines, Creevy, Lobbe and Ranger to be used to get us over the gainline. Add to that the likes of Moore, Mafi, Lahiff, Banahan and Burger off the bench.

- Target the breakdown - huge emphasis on our work at the breakdown today and we will always look to turnover possession. With Louw and Lobbe, we feel our breakdown play could be crucial today.

- No overly ambitious passing - In wet conditions we will either look to kick to gain territory or look to keep ball in hand and take it through the middle.

- In the rain we will target an out of sorts Carter all game with Louw and Lobbe breathing down his neck at every opportunity.

- We will look to employ a blitz defence, focusing on a quick line speed to hit the ball carrier before he gets to the gainline. We have aggressive forwards to carry out this instruction. Fotuali'i to sweep behind with an eye on short kicks.

- Burns to kick all penalties.

Manager - Matt

01. Beast09. Dan Robson
02. Joe Gray10. Dan Carter (k)
03. Nicola Mas
04. Eben etzbeth      11. Charlie Walker
05. George Robson12. Matt toomua
06. Willem Alberts13. Tevita Kurindrani
07. julian Salvi14. Hosea Gear
08. wycliff Palu15. Israel folau  
16. LCD 17. Coenie Ousthuizen 18. Nick Wood  19. Elliot Stooke  20. Sam Dickinson  21. Tj Perenara 22. Handre pollard  23. israel Dagg

TARGET BREAKDOWN– We have a big mobile physically strong bunch and will hit rucks with impact.
We will Send numbers in and try and effect turnovers or Disrupt ball.we believe the likes of beast  palu Etzbeth alberts  Salvi Have the physicality and the power to swamp their backrow.Backed by our front 5 and this is an area we will flood. We
Will look to target the leicester  Backrow throughout out as it is their key unit and deserves respect.

TARGET 9 10 channel- Get our big runners in to the channel and look to get in behind. We also want pressure here in defence and force them to move it from this channel as we feel they lack playmakers further out. Ellison is a 13 and ranger a wing primarily so we want to pressure here

Half backs- robson  will look to threaten around the ruck but his job is to give it to carter who will dictate. Carter Will challenge line and kick When necessary. It's mild rain not heavy so we will play as needed.We want to play high tempo and Off front foot vl. We will do this by using runners off ten to smash holes and look to flood. If rain does become heavy we have kicking options at 9,10,12 whilst leicester have no kickingm
Options of note

General- We've selected a team packed with power and physicality. We want to use our carriers in the pack and will use this to dominate and get front foot ball. We believe this will give is the upper hand. We will use this to sap Leicestet r.We see them struggling with our power. When its on we will play an offloading game. When in behind We will Flood through with our quick Backs targeting mismatches

Tempo- we
Will be playing high tempo and to
Do that you have to have playmakers to allow
Continuity and also to attack off

In ,Folau, carter  and toomua we have people who can step in to first receiver and allow us to play the high tempo interchanging game we are aiming to play.

Line out– We have options galore in Etzbeth robson Alberts  etc and will use this to disrupt. On our ball we will mix It but as game progresses go Off The top more To Get in to there backline
Target their lack of jumpers

Kicking options - with Robson carter and toomua we have great options to dominate kicking game when needed and also have fantastic options for exiting when under pressure.

Backs- we have a unit that is world class and also who have experience of playing together. Leicester have form issues with burns and the centres being all at sea.

Defence- Blitz defence with high intensity and big hits, looking to drive past the ball player if the ball hits the deck. Scrum half to sweep behind the defensive line.

Bench- Game changing bench with More ball carriers and attacking backs. Our intention is to use it as required

Northampton Saints v London Irish
Location - Franklins Garden
Light Rain, 8 Degrees, 13mph S Winds

Northampton Saints
Manager Dammit Chris

01. Thomas Domingo
09. Joe Simpson
02. Rob Webber (c)10. Nick Evans (k)
03. Ramiro Herrera

04. Lood de Jager
11. Julian Savea
05. Courtney Lawes
12. Matt Giteau
06. Julian Bonnaire
13. Manu Tuilagi
07. Schalk Burger
14. Napaloni Nalaga
08. Samo Manoa
15. Ben Foden
Subs: 16. Elliott Dees 17. Trevor Nyakane 18. Logi Mulipola 19. Joe Launchbury 20. Sam Jones 21. Cobus Reinarch 22. Sam Burgess 23. Elliot Daly

Tactics:We'll look to continue our strong run in the league with a home win against Irish. We've picked a strong, physical forward pack and have called into the starting lineup Lawes and Manoa who will go fly half hunting looking for a big hit to disrupt any momentum Irish build up. We will play at a high intensity and adopt a very physical approach - we've selected a backline where players 9-15 are all try scoring threats and game changers. We aim to control the territory battle with the kicking games of Simpson, Evans and Giteau.

Key Points:
* Recalled our big guns to the match day 23 to concentrate on the league again and maintain our 100% home record.
* Concentrate on winning the gain line battle and getting our big ball carriers putting us on the front foot.
* Look to put Irish under a lot of pressure by winning the territory battle with Evans and Giteua's kicking game.
* Target the lineout as an area to generate quick ball and target Irish
* Going fly half hunting with Lawes and Manoa to put the no10 under pressure and exploit a lack of top kicking game in the Irish midfield.
* Strong impact bench we've had to finish extremely strongly, we will have played expansive rugby and will look to have tired Falcons and then bring on our big ball carriers.

Pack/Setpiece:We've picked a really strong scummaging unit that will look to create a platform for Manoa to attack from. We've been rotating our pack regularly to wait for this game. The lineout is an area we will again look to control - we have Lawes, de Jager, Bonnaire and Manoa as options to generate quick ball and will use Lawes to disrupt Irish ball and limit their attacking options.

Attack:We will look at Evans and Giteau to pull the strings of our attacking game, picking out our strike runners in both the pack and backline and ensuring we win the collisions and gain line battle. We will look to our power game to make hard yards, tire Irish tacklers and then utilise any space for the likes of Simpson and our backthree.

Breakdown: We are looking to win the gainline battle and get forward momentum into the breakdown area as physically have an advantage in our line up. We will aim to make the most of this to generate quick ball, as will be harder for Irish to get control of this area. With de Jager, Lawes, Burger and Manoa we have players who will look to smash the Irish backrow out of the contact area and aim to make this area a real physical and brutal battle, looking for turnovers and forcing mistakes from the Irish team.

Defence:As always a really aggressive defence with fast line speed and closing down the Irish halfbacks. We want to force them into mistakes and handling errors. We will have Simpson sweep in behind the defensive line but will have Manoa and Lawes lining up a big hits.

London Irish
Manager - Prop

01. Ben Franks
09. Lee Dickson
02. Ross Batty
10. Jules Plisson
03. Henry Thomas

04. Stuart Hooper (c)
11. JP Pieterson
05. Jacques Potgeiter
12. Alapati Leuia
06. Kelly Brown
13. Conrad Smith
07. Scott Higginbotham
14. Nick Cummins
08. Ben Morgan
15. Brice Dulin
16. Ken Owens 17. Tom Court 18. Will Collier 19.Dean Mum 20.Will Welch 21. Neil De Kock 22. Owen Williams 23. Adam Thompstone

Set piece: We have picked a strong scrummaging front 5 who all bring carrying bulk to the game. From kick offs we will look to go 2 passes in before hitting our direct runners. Scrummage low and straight. Our lineouts will be simple and we will look to bring the ball down before feeding 9.

Backrow: Balanced back row with a tackler, a carrier and a jackler and all 3 will be used for their main attributes. We have confidence in them all to do their jobs with Higginbotham looking to get in their 10’s face.

Breakdown: Controlled here and not over committing initially to the breakdown. Higginbotham will play the McCaw role and sweep behind the breakdowns picking and choosing when he will attack for a penalty or a turnover. “Fire ball” will be when Saints under commit to their ruck and we will blitz past the ball for the turnover. We will adopt the hold and roll technique taking them off their feet and ‘tactically’ hold them down to slow them getting to the next ruck.

Half Backs: Plisson will stand flat initially to give Leuia and our runners the chance to get over the gainline. Dickson will control the tempo and slow the ball down if needed.

Outside Backs: Plisson and Smith will pull the strings and find gaps for our runners, if it is not on then we will look for deep kicks to go off the field and pressure their lineouts.. If on we will ship it wide. There will be a lot of movement off the ball to prevent us being easily read. Runners off of 12 and 13 when available and the ball will be shipped to the wings quickly to allow them to get the advantage in the race to the line. Our back 3 will run various angles to get the advantage.

Bench: Impact in all areas with Owens, Court and Collier bringing scrum impact Mumm and Welch strong carriers and to attack the breakdown, De Kock experienced and Williams in good form.

Defence: Strong defenders across the park will look at making the intiial big impact hit. We also know how good the Saints centres are so will look to prevent tem offloading the ball by double tackling them. We will look to blitz with Higginbotham in their 10’s face letting Plisson drop back and cover with Dulin. Inside-out defence.

Overall: This will be a controlled performance. We will look to hit the ball up twice and suck in defenders by going the same way till we run out of space, we will then flash across and look for quick hands against their pack who will be stuck defending the centre channels. Carriers will come round the corner in 3’s to prevent the opposition knowing where the ball is going.

Specific: We know Saints come into this game in good form and we will look to slow down as much of their ball as possible and target their key runners. Leuia and Higginbotham have been brought in for their strong defence and the breaks Leuia can make as he has shown IRL.

Form: In our games this year we have: gotten off  the bottom of the table,made the lv= cup semi's and gained top seed in the challenge cup. We are playing players who know each other well in key positions with Batty,Thomas and Hooper for the set piece and Leuia and Smith in the centres to carry on their Super15 combination.

Wasps v Harlequins
Location - Ricoh Arena
Light Rain, 8 Degrees, 13mph S Winds

Manager: Ozzy3213    

01. Scott Sio
09. Aaron Smith
02. Bismarck du Plessis
10. Aaron Cruden
03. David Wilson

04. Romain Millo-Chluski
11. Bryan Habana
05. Sebastien Vahaamahina
12. Ma'a Nonu
06. Jerome Kaino
13. Henry Slade
07. Steffon Armitage
14. Marland Yarde
08. Duane Vermeulen
15. Tim Nanai-Williams
16. Harry Thacker 17. Ben Moon 18. Fraser Balmain 19. Matt Symons 20. Marcell Coetzee 21. Sebastien Tillous-Borde 22. Paul Jordaan 23. Henry Speight

Basic Game Plan
In reasonable conditions we will be looking to play a possession based game, going through the phases and continually shifting the point of attack.  With it being slightly damp however we won't take chances with offloading in our half, but will make ground carrying close to the ruck and recycling quickly.

In defence, as always we will be running a blitz defence.  Our focus will be on the gainline collisions and driving back in the tackle.  Line speed and no dog-legs will be key components for us.  Smith will sweep in behind the defensive line to counter any chips/grubbers.


  • Lineout.  Nothing flash. Hit our front and middle jumpers and ensure that we secure our ball.  We will also mix it up, shortening the lineout and using our back row as crash ball options off the top.  On Quins ball put pressure on through Vahaamahina and Vermeulen, who are athletic lineout jumpers.
  • Scrum.  Get low and underneath their props and drive straight.  Really test their props technical abilities rather than get in to a battle of strnght.
  • Breakdown.  When we carry in, we will flood the breakdown rucking well past the ball to free it up quickly and go again.  In defence, if we have made a passive tackle and the carrier has momentum we will not overcommit, but will maintain a strong defensive line.  If we win the collision and knock the carrier back we will look to get the second man in hard over the ball to turn it over.  Key for us is being selective.
  • Attacking Play.  We will be looking to play a Super Rugby type offloading game, with the ball shifted on to the support runner just prior to the point of the tackle with the defender already committed.  We will also utilise the pick and go, keeping their defensive line on the back foot.  We will then look to shift the direction of play and pull their defenders out of position to create gaps.  Smith to also look to snipe around the fringes and keep us going forwards all the time.  
  • Tactical Kicking.  If we kick, we will look to kick in behind their wingers and get them on the turn going back towards their own line, with our wingers on the kick chase to really target them defensively.

Key Points

  • Form/Momentum  In game we have hit great form form post AI's and have loads of momentum coming into the game.  We also have players in form in real life right across the team.
  • Lineout.  Whilst we don't have a Matfield or POC type leader, we have a fully international pack and in Vermeulen a player who has called for club and country.  We may not be able target oppo ball as well as some, we certainly have enough to secure our own ball 90%+ of the time.
  • Decision making positions.  In the 2,8,9,10 jerseys we have world class operators, who bring with them over 200 test caps for the best two teams in world rugby, meaning they have played in all conditions and seen whatever situations the game brings.
  • Ability to switch gameplan.  Whilst we want to play a possession game, away from home we realise we may at times have to play for territory, so have selected Slade at 13 for his kicking game and ability to step in at 1st receiver and mix things up.

Manager – Steven_Sharks

01. Tony Woodcock09. Ruan Pienaar
02. Tatafu Polota-Nau10. Steven Myler (k)
03. John Afoa
04. Bakkies Botha11. Joe Tomane
05. Charlie Matthews12. Stuart Olding
06. Tom Wood13. Jan Serfontein
07. Michael Hooper (c)14. Jack Nowell
08. Mamuka Gorgodze15. Juan Martin Hernandez
16. Rob Buchanan 17. Gurthro Steenkamp 18. Kyle Sinckler 19. Pieter Steph Du Toit 20. Jamie Gibson 21. Karl Dickson 22. Quade Cooper 23. Frank Halai



Look for our carriers to win the collisions on the gain line. We have mix of big and dynamic carriers in our pack who offer different threats to Wasps defence. We will look for our front 5 to carry off 9 and 10 and will look for our back rowers to carry off 10 and 12 and offer a foil to Serfontein from the 13 channel. When carrying we will look to carry in numbers so we have support for the offload or to recylce the ball quickly. Look to keep the legs pumping in the contact.


We have very strong kicking at 9, 10, 12 and 15 and will look to use this to play the rugby in the Wasps half, targeting the positioning of Tim Nanai-Williams and Marland Yarde in particular. We will always play heads up rugby and if its on to attack we will, but we will generally be looking to play in the Wasps half.


In the opposition half we will be patient with ball in hand and won't look to force the play. We have confidence in our carriers to tie in defenders and get across the gain line and in our backs to exploit the gaps when we create them.


Look for the experienced Afoa to attack Scott Sio at the scrum and try to exert and advantage here. At the line out we will look to mix between full and short line outs using Botha, Matthews, Wood and Gorgodze as receivers. On Wasps ball we will really look to pressure Bismark's throws and look to tightly mark Vahaamahina and Vermaulen.


Look to defend from out to in with Serfontein leading our defensive line. We will look to target Cruden and pressure him at every opportunity. Unless we have the first man  to the breakdown we will set our defensive line before we compete. The exception to this rule is in the wide channels where we will look to use Hooper and Wood's speed to create turnovers and win penalties.

London Welsh v Sale Sharks
Location - Kassam Stadium
Light Rain, 8 Degrees, 14mph S Winds

London Welsh
Manager – CJ

01. Nathan Catt09. Thierry Lacrampe
02. Dave Ward10. Francois Trinh-Duc (K)
03. BJ Botha
04. Jamie Cudmore11. Mark Cueto
05.   Setaliki Timani12. Kyle Godwin
06.  Carl Fearns13. Yann David
07. John Barclay (c)14. Nemani Nadolo
08. Victor Vito15. Chris Pennell
16.  Matt Rees 17. Yannick Forestier 18. Sepoke Kepu    19.   George Skivington   20.  Alexandre Lapandry  21. Ben Spencer  22. Jesse Mogg 23. George Lowe


Breakdown- look to work as a unit, with Barclay and Ward working in tandem to chase the ball and ensure we have one fetcher at every ruck with Fearns chipping in and the rest of the pack hitting rucks hard to clear with aggressive power but minimal numbers unless the turnover is on.

Attack- keep slow ball in the hands of the pack, working in driving units of 3 and the maul. Try and speed it up at the breakdown, and by building drive on drive and mixing up the directions. Lacrampe with licence to kick and to snipe.

Spin quicker ball out, using crash balls inside and outside the halfbacks to commit defenders then have FTH attack the line playing flat with the backs deep, and look to recycle the ball for a second wave attack using Pennell and Godwin to distribute and create space for the wings. Happy to offload or use our fetchers to keep the ball alive. Lowe and the back 3 are great line and support runners to make use of this approach.

With kickers at 9, 10, 13 and 15 we are happy to try attacking kicks especially in the opposition 22.

Kicking- kick high and contest for every possession, and when kicking for territory always go for the space and chase the ball down. Lots of options to keep pressure off FTH. Look to run back kicks where possible, unless the rain gets heavier, then adapt the whole plan to be more conservative with more kicking and fewer offloads, utilising our powerful pack.

Defence- Barclay and Vito to look to disrupt Care and Picamoles and Fearns to charge Barrett and kill their space, pressurising their attacking instincts and turning these into faults. Always be ready for the quick tap. Blitz defence with Lacrampe sweeping led by Lowe.

Scrum- look to get ball out as quickly as we can and use it to attack or kick swiftly.

Lineout- called by Timani, mix up our options and let te opposition take their catches then focus on contesting them in a sapping maul or nailing Care with extra rush defenders.

Subs- use only where needed but have impact runners in the back and quality forwards so can go 100% all game.

Targets- Care and Barrett as above. Target Barrett's kicking with charges as he can falter. Look to move about their pack and tire them with mauls and hard rucking, as they are powerful but could tire.

Overall- 2 wave attack looking to keep attacks alive and create space for back 3 to exploit
Blitz defence targeting their 8-10
2 fetchers and team approach to aim to always contest the breakdown
Kick for possession
Change up plan if conditions worsen

Sale Sharks
Manager – SJE

01. Marcos Ayerza09. Danny Care
02. David Paice10. Beauden Barrett
03. Davit Zirakishvilli
04. Brodie Retallick11. Craig Gilroy
05. Will Skelton12. Francois Steyn
06. Steven Luatua13. George Pisi
07. Matt Kvesic14. Willie Le Roux
08. Louis Picamoles15. Nick Abendanon
16. Ross Harrison 17. Tommy Taylor 18. Vasil Kakovin 19. Christian Day 20. Matt Garvey 21. Kieran Marmion 22. JJ Hanrahan 23. Kyle Eastmond

We will play a high intensity carrying game looking to break the defensive line and create space in behind for an intelligent offload. Mobility and physicality is key to our approach.

- Intelligent kicking. Barrett, Steyn & Le Roux all offer good kicking games. We will look to put kicks in behind the Welsh defence and take advantage of the space left behind the blitz particularly targeting behind Nadolo.

- Fast ball is crucial. Mobile pack and physical midfield to clear out rucks and ensure quick ball. We will look to get over the gain line off all carries to make it easier to do so.

- Commit the defence. Barrett will play flat on the gain line to pull in defenders before releasing runners while Care will look for opportunities to snipe around the base always committing defenders.

- Change the point of attack. Numerous playmakers across the backline comfortable at coming in at first receiver allow us to change the point of attack and leave the opposition guessing.

- Back three always involved. Wingers to track the ball off their wings looking for the inside ball or offload. Bendy to join the line from fullback looking for mismatches and to create overlaps.

- Attack from the scrum. Strong technical front row backed up by a powerful second row will look to build a platform for Pickles, Care & Barrett. An area we will look to target if winning.

- Mix it up at the lineout. Four genuine jumpers gives us a strong attacking platform. Look to use both the rolling maul and ball off the top to keep the defence guessing.

- Straight line blitz defence. Focused on winning the gain line collisions and driving the ball carrier back. Line speed is crucial. Care will sweep behind the line to cover chips and grubbers.

- Counter the opposition kicking game. Our back three have been instructed to sit deeper on defence to cover kicks. All are comfortable under the high ball.

- Target the breakdown. Committed to the breakdown with Todd fetching for the ball, supported by a very physical pack. We will always look to compete and slow Welsh ball down.

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Re: Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

Post by SirJohnnyEnglish on Mon 16 Feb 2015, 9:43 pm


Exeter Chiefs 22 (T:1 C:1 P:5)
Newcastle Falcons 28 (T:3 C:2 P:3)

Leicester Tigers 24 (T:2 C:1 P:4)
Gloucester 24 (T:2 C:1 P:4)

Northampton Saints 30 (T:4 C:2 P:2)
London Irish 23 (T:2 C:2 P:3)

London Wasps 30 (T:4 C:2 P:2)
Harlequins 25 (T:1 C:1 P:6)

London Welsh 20 (T:1 P:5)
Sale Sharks 27 (T:3 C:3 P:2)

Saracens 26 (T:2 C:2 P:4)
Bath 24 (T:2 C:1 P:4)


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Re: Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

Post by ChequeredJersey on Mon 16 Feb 2015, 9:51 pm

I'll take the LBP!

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Re: Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

Post by prop_lyd on Mon 16 Feb 2015, 10:55 pm

Same here!!

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Re: Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

Post by Sgt_Pooly on Tue 17 Feb 2015, 3:03 am

Tight one CJB


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Re: Aviva Premiership Round Fourteen

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