Lucha Underground 11/2/15

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Lucha Underground 11/2/15

Post by Fernando on Sat 14 Feb 2015, 8:37 pm

The show kicks off with a recap of Alberto El Patron's debut on the program last week. El Patron is in Cueto's office and asks what his key opens. Cueto won't answer him. AEP makes a request to have an open mic.

Fenix vs. Argenis

Argenis hits a big knee and a flip to the outside, but Fenix lands a big enziguri to knock him off the top rope and lands his signature inside springboard flip.

Argenis fighs back with a headscissors and a reverse powerbomb, but Fenix gets back into it with chops and a flipping armdrag. Catrina shows up and walks down the stairs.

Argenis knocks Fenix off the top rope and hits a beautiful Frankensteiner that gets two. Fenix does a flip to the outside as Vampiro says he's turned on. Fenix finishes the match with an awesome looking belly to belly piledriver.

Winner: Fenix via pinfall (belly-to-belly piledriver)

After the match, Catrina gives the lick of death to Argenis.

- Catrina and Mil Muertes are backstage, and Muertes lifts her up by her throat. He runs into Chavo, and tosses him around. He tells Chavo that he has a debt to pay next week.

- Big Ryck is shown in the shadows and vows revenge on the Crew.

Son Of Havoc (w/ Ivelisse) vs. Johnny Mundo

Havoc hasn't had an easy go of it during his Lucha Underground run, and that continues as he's stomped in the nuts by Mundo. Havoc battles back with a chop but quickly gets dropkicked and chased to the outside by a Mundo dive.

Havoc knocks Mundo down and hits an impressive flagpole elbow drop. Havoc goes to work on Mundo, concentrating on his neck. Mundo goes for an alley-oop bomb, but Havoc lands on his feet and clocks Mundo.

Mundo drills Havoc with a clothesline for two as the crowd starts to go nuts. Mundo then hits his running knee, but gets kicked by Havoc, who follows up with a flying double stomp and a standing moonsault. Havoc's bad luck continues as he only gets two.

A Havoc pump kick and back elbow set up a standing star press for two. Havoc goes up top desperately and Mundo misses a Frankensteiner. Catrina is pleading for Havoc to jump, but he waits too long and eats knees on a shooting star press. Starship Pain, fin.

Winner: Johnny Mundo via pinfall (Starship Pain)

King Cuerno attacks Mundo after the match and lays him out.

Ricky Mandel vs. Pentagon Jr

Penatgon starts out by killing Mandel with a kick, and one of the loudest chops of all-time. Mandel comes back with a dropkick, but gets racked into the corner by Pentagon.

Penatgon applies a sick armbar and looks like he breaks Mandel's arm as the crowd loves it.

Winner: Pentagon Jr via submission (armbar)

Doctors come out to help Mandel. The crowd doesn't care, they love Pentagon.

- Alberto El Patron is a here and gets a monstrous reaction, maybe even bigger than his ROH debut. He says he's happy to be in Lucha Underground. He says he comes from a Lucha Libre family and that's how he made his name.

El Texano Jr debuts and attacks El Patron. He lost the AAA World Championship to Patron a few months ago. We go off the air with Texano standing tall.


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Re: Lucha Underground 11/2/15

Post by Prometheus on Sat 14 Feb 2015, 10:26 pm

As I said in another thread. We know that Lucha Underground does the segments out of the ring so, well. But these were probably the best. I absolutely love the way Del Rio has been introduced, using his known star power and his less known AAA background. And what Lucha Underground continues to do well is always building their wrestlers. Son of Havoc looked a jobber, he now wins two and he's a proper wrestler again.

This may not have had the best in ring action (though it was okay), but it really kicked a lot of stories on. So many threads being woven. I'm nearly starting to wonder if they are doing too much in a 1 hour show. Of course, then you have Raw that struggles with more than one story over 3 hours.

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