The v2wrestling podcast - the camera never lies

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The v2wrestling podcast - the camera never lies

Post by Adam D on Thu 19 Feb 2015, 9:53 am

Welcome back to another edition of the v2 Wrestling podcast and welcome to all of our listeners on and the forum.

This week the team is made up of your host Adam, along with regulars Paul and Richard who come together for a look at the first of TNAs UK shows and the build up to WWEs Fastlane PPV. 

We kick off the proceedings with a look back at this weeks TNA which we all agreed was fairly decent but was also disappointing in some aspects – namely the camera work and amount of run ins on the show?

The main points from the show are discussed before the team set their TNA question of the week:

What do you think of the way the matches are presented? Does the camera work and angles take you out of the action? Would you prefer a more traditional presentation of the matches from a hard camera?

We then move on to RAW and look at the main talking points from the show, as well as makingour predictions for Fast Lane. And as part of this weeks show, we have several WWE questions of the week – Will Ambrose be the World Champ by the end of 2015? What countries should WWE visit and what gimmick matches should they put on in those countries?

To ask a question or answer any of the above, please email us at or contact us through twitter or facebook and please make sure to submit any questions you would like us to discuss!

Please note that we are currently looking for contributors to write for v2Wrestling, so if you want to see your article read by a large audience, make sure to get in touch

To listen to the show scroll below or download from iTunes here (click)

If you have problem listening to the show on the v2Journal, you can listen directly to the show on

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Interview with Nigel McGuinness
Interview with Gail Kim
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Interview with Chris Daniels 
Hulk Hogan retrospective
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Re: The v2wrestling podcast - the camera never lies

Post by Prometheus on Thu 19 Feb 2015, 10:18 am

I would love it if you started each podcast talking about the camera angles in TNA [/saves me listening to JR's podcast too]

I think that maybe Lana and Rusev should go on tour to Kiev and unfurl a huge Russian flag there.

Or, WWE could team up with RoH and have Cena vs Reigns for the main event of one of their cards.

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Re: The v2wrestling podcast - the camera never lies

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Fri 20 Feb 2015, 10:53 pm

The camera angles in TNA don't bother me a huge amount, though some basic white balancing wouldn't go amiss, looks really amateur when the mat changes colour from shot to shot.

I'd rather you guy's spoke about the commentary on the next show, Matthews and Taz started OK but they steadily declined ever since, there open mocking of the product is very poor form considering they get paid to sell it, and given they are doing pre recorded commentary on shows that are taped, sometimes months, in advance, some of the gaffes they make are inexcusable.

Have Neville, Barrett, Sheamus and Becky Lynch team up as team Britan on WWE's next show in Dublin

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Re: The v2wrestling podcast - the camera never lies

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