NXT Results 25/2

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NXT Results 25/2

Post by Samo on Thu 26 Feb 2015, 3:41 pm


Dempsey fights into the corner at the bell and hits a clotheslines, dropping into a side headlock. Bull runs into boots in the corner, but comes back with another clothesline. He drops a few elbows for two, then goes back into the headlock. The bullying (ha!) continues for a few minutes until Hideo comes back with a series of kicks, then slaps, then kicks again. He connects with a hesitation dropkick in the corner, followed by a flying one-leg dropkick (shades of Shinsuke Nakamura) for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Hideo Itami

Tyler Breeze comes out of nowhere and superkicks Itami while he’s celebrating. Breeze tries to take a selfie but Hideo pops back up and brawls with him into the ring. Tyler manages to escape and bails up the ramp.

Solomon Crowe “hacks” into the live feed. He’s sitting somewhere backstage on his iPad, and says he’s on a mission to become NXT Champion.


The Dragons control Dillinger with high-flying moves and alternate with quick tags. Lots of sentons and headscissors take-downs. They almost play the heel role, dominating him and stopping the hot tag. Jordan gets fired up the longer it goes on, not being able to tag in. Dillinger beats down Kalisto, but when he finally goes to make the tag, Jordan bails from the ring. Kalisto hits Salida Del Sol and Sin Cara finishes him off with a senton splash.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons

When they come back from commercial, Dillinger is still in the ring. He screams at Jordan and tells him to come back out so he can beat his ass. Baron Corbin comes out instead. For some reason there’s a referee in the ring, and he calls for the bell. Corbin squashes him in about 15 seconds with the End of Days.



Becky trash talks and makes fun of Bayley, who comes back with elbows and a toss, then does some uncharacteristic taunting of her own. Lynch comes back with a suplex and drops the leg multiple times. The crowd is split 50/50 for them. She hits a few elbows but Bayley comes back fired up with a Thesz pres and follows up with running splashes in the corner. She comes off the second rope with a spinning elbow for two. Becky locks in a modified armbar on the arm she had (sort of) been working over, and gets the submission win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Rhino is backstage. He says everywhere he goes, people are talking about NXT. Everyone is talking about NXT. He says he tuned in and saw the Superstars with intensity in their eyes, with the drive to be the best. He looked in the mirror and saw the same intensity, and came back to make a statement, and he’s going to make that statement by ripping people in half with a GORE! GORE! GORE!


Kevin Owens is on commentary.

They lock up, with neither taking an advantage. Kendrick does a sunset flip but tweaks his ankle, and Balor gives him a minute to recover; Owens gives him hell for that. BK catches him with a roll-up then drops into a side headlock. Balor comes back with a dropkick.

Owens is talking trash to Alex Riley saying the reason he never won a championship is because he shows remorse in the ring, and there’s no room for that in title matches. Riley says he’s never been a champion, but as a man he never would have done that to his friend. There’s an intense, uncomfortable staredown between the two, before Owens takes his title and leaves.

After a short break, Balor is battling back with dropkicks and knife-edge chops in the corner. BK comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT for a nearfall. He misses a superkick and Finn hits him with a big lariat. Balor connects with the Slingblade and a dropkick into the corner. He hits the flying double foot stomp for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Finn Balor

Balor celebrates as Kevin Owens looks on from the ramp. Owens walks back over to the commentary booth and attacks Alex Riley, throwing him over the table. He definitely spilled his can of Pepsi. That’ll do it for tonight’s episode.


Another good episode. Nothing stellar but enough to keep me entertained over the hour. Itami is gaining traction by keeping putting on good matches, which I think is the only way for him to do it. Dont know what the future holds for Dempsey, whether he gets built back up or not. Im perfectly fine with another round of Itami vs Breeze.

I think Brian Kend.. sorry. THE Bryan Kendricks debut was overshadowed somewhat by Owens vs Riley, but it was good to see this side of Owens again, and it was good Riley got beat up, cant stand him. If you were able to keep your attention off the commentary and more on the match, it was pretty good. Balor continues to shine as the heir apparent of NXT.

Looking forward to next week, for the Divas Championship match and Zayns return.


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Re: NXT Results 25/2

Post by Jammy31 on Thu 26 Feb 2015, 11:12 pm

Really random thought I've had whilst watching this (currently halfway through)...When Balor, Itami, Neville etc all debut on the main roster, would it be worth merging the IC and US titles together, and bringing back the Cruiserweight division and title so they can all hang around there for a bit to showcase their talent?

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