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The v2 wrestling podcast - baby come back Empty The v2 wrestling podcast - baby come back

Post by Adam D on Thu 05 Mar 2015, 10:43 am

The v2 wrestling podcast - baby come back 9423122

Welcome back to another edition of the v2 Wrestling podcast and welcome to all of our listeners on and the forum.

Please note that we are currently looking for contributors to write for v2Wrestling, so if you want to see your article read by a large audience, make sure to get in touch. Next week we are interviewing both Rockstar Spud and EC3 – If you have a question you would like asked, please let us know.

This week Adam is joined by Rich and Chris to talk about the latest news from TNA and WWE.

We kick off the proceedings with a look back at this weeks wrestling news which includes the debut of Samoa Joe, a look at the recent ratings and the lack of babyfaces in TNA. Which leads us on to this weeks question of the week – with a picture emerging from ROH featuring Kaz, Daniels, Styles and Joe, if you could fast forward 12 months and have two of them come back to TNA, who would you choose?

We then move on RAW and look at the main talking points from the show. Did you care abou the return of AJ Lee? Did you like Brocks suit from the recent UFC taping? Do you think that Brock is staying or that this is a work? And that is our question of the week – if Brock stays, who should he face post Mania? We also look at the booking of the IC title match – do you agree with Adam that it is shambolic or do you think they are going in the right direction?

To ask a question or answer any of the above, please email us at or contact us through twitter or facebook and please make sure to submit any questions you would like us to discuss!

To listen to the show scroll below or download from iTunes here (click)

If you have problem listening to the show on the v2Journal, you can listen directly to the show on

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The v2 wrestling podcast - baby come back Empty Re: The v2 wrestling podcast - baby come back

Post by Prometheus on Thu 05 Mar 2015, 11:52 am

I think that if you buy into the idea that WWE is holding back Bryan, Ziggler and others to make Reigns look strong.  Then WWE has to let Brock go if they are going to put Reigns over him.

I don't see what alternative program long-term Brock can work that would be high-profile enough for his character.  

And if WWE want the rub of Reigns is the guy who beat the beast who beat the streak.  Then I think you take that and you get on with it.  The longer Brock stays around, I think the less believable the scenario that Reigns is the champ and Brock isn't becomes.  You put the two side-by-side, or look at their history and it just isn't credible.  

That could work if Reigns turned heel and he beats Brock once and keeps ducking and avoiding him after until an inevitable clash.  But if Reigns is the T-shirt selling face of the company, you can't take that path.

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