Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

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Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

Post by Crimey on Mon 09 Mar 2015, 6:27 pm

Roman Reigns is obviously suffering from a clear divide amongst fans as to his worth, whilst he still gets a positive reaction, the boos do get louder every week. He was heavily booed by the partisan crowd after winning the Royal Rumble and since then he has struggled to get the fans back on his side. Whether it is because fans don't think he is ready, that he isn't Daniel Bryan or because they don't think he's very good, the WWE are continuing with his push to Wrestlemania, he'll almost definitely beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and win his first world title, where he will hope to get a better reaction than he did for his Rumble win.

However, without getting into a discussion over whether Reigns should be being pushed now, will he survive it? When looking at Lex Luger, he never really recovered from his unpopular push but Rocky Maivia went from 'Die Rocky Die' chants to becoming one of the most successful wrestlers and then movie stars of all time. Is Reigns destined to be the next John Cena in every sense by having a career of divided reception but still being pushed? Will he improve, as he did for his first two/three years of his WWE career, get the fans back on side and show he is main event calibre? We've seen the likes of Undertaker go from being very green initially to being lauded later in their career, he has time on his side. 



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Re: Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

Post by Samo on Mon 09 Mar 2015, 7:05 pm

I dont think the boo's are getting louder, if anything they are becoming more subdued, certainly since Fast Lane.

I think alot of people are warming up to Reigns, and if his promos were less scripted then it would help him a lot. Im a fan, and he's the type of guy the casual fans associate with Wrestling, and are more likely to get invested in him than someone like Bryan.

Luger was trying to become Hogan 2.0, he was always destined to fail, doesnt help the WWF were on a downer at the time.

The Rock showed what can be done with a decent bit of writing and freedom on the Mic. Reigns can learn alot from his cousin.


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Re: Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 09 Mar 2015, 7:22 pm

I think he'll be a huge asset to WWE and a huge positive for the watching crowd. What it needs is smarter booking, but then again every decision is derided whether it is what they wanted anyway. I've seen people bemoaning his superman ability not to lose matches, then saying he looked awful for losing to Rollins.

Luger is quite unique in that the Hogan comparison was so apt and correct, even with him proving he could lift heavy people in the ring like that was some sort of big deal. Reigns continues to improve in every area, even week on week, so its not really what Reigns can do that will make things work but what WWE does. If it learns that multiple main eventers in a fluid main event scene is more interesting than one guy who always becomes the hero then they'll have gold on their hands, but if they try make him Cena then it will be interesting to see if the strengths Reigns does have are in the end negated by the fact he isnt a babykissing make-a-wish figure.

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Re: Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

Post by NickisBHAFC on Mon 09 Mar 2015, 7:37 pm

Reigns is awesome, a lot of fans appear to of accepted a lot of the true fans have died out the idiotc boo boys and the cheers appear to be louder. Hopefully he gets a huge pop if he beats Lesnar at mania.


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Re: Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

Post by Kay Fabe on Mon 09 Mar 2015, 10:50 pm

True fans?

FFS wrestling fans are wrestling fans, some think they know it all, that hardly makes them less of a fan the fact they spend money buying tickets makes them as much of a fan as anyone

Some people just dont like feeling like they're being told who to like, all this real fan pish is cringey as fluck Laugh

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Re: Will Roman Reigns' career survive this current run?

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