NXT results 11/3

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NXT results 11/3

Post by Samo on Thu 12 Mar 2015, 6:54 pm

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady def. The Lucha Dragons (NXT Tag Team Title No. 1 Contenders’ Match)
Enzo Amore & Big Cass were extra fired up as they took on The Lucha Dragons for an opportunity to challenge Blake & Murphy for the NXT Tag Team Titles. However, Kalisto & Sin Cara were able to keep Amore neutralized with their fast-paced lucha libre offense and even took out Big Cass with a tandem dive through the ropes.

There was no stopping Cassady once he got back to his feet, though. Cassady took out the Dragons, then dragged Amore back to their corner and tagged himself in. Big Cass followed up by slamming Kalisto with a thunderous East River Crossing, before launching Amore off the top rope for a huge splash that earned the brash duo a title opportunity!

Alexa Bliss def. Carmella
Alexa Bliss returned to the ring this week after suffering a broken nose several months ago, and she declared that her sights are set on NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. The sparkly Diva had to get through Carmella this week, though, and looked impressive in her return bout.

Bliss gave up size to The Princess of Staten Island, but she was successful in taking Carmella down to the mat on several occasions. Though Carmella targeted her nose, Bliss fought through and put Carmella away with the Sparkle Splash to win the match!

Next week: Bliss takes on Sasha Banks in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio

Alex Riley def. CJ Parker
After nearly two years away from the squared circle, Alex Riley officially made his in-ring return on NXT, taking on CJ Parker. There was plenty on the line for A-Ry, who was looking to impress NXT General Manager William Regal in hopes of earning a match against NXT Champion Kevin Owens.

Fueled by pure rage, Riley cut off the eco-warrior before he could spew his conservationist invective. With the NXT Universe behind him, A-Ry unleashed his pent-up fury on Parker, picking up the victory with a huge Blockbuster off the top rope. After the bout, Owens taunted an emotional Riley, saying he was going to end A-Ry’s in-ring career. It appears that Riley impressed Regal, as he will get his opportunity at Owens next week, when NXT takes over Columbus, Ohio, and the Arnold Sports Festival! Riley was visibly welling up with emotion afterwards, a great visual.

Tyler Breeze def. Hideo Itami
Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze continued their longstanding rivalry in this week’s main event. After last week’s sneak attack, Itami was out for payback against Prince Pretty. Breeze, on the other hand, was determined to show that he’s more than just a pretty face. The selfie-obsessed Superstar spent the early moments of the match trying to avoid Itami’s trademark kicks, only to get caught with a knee and a hard clothesline on the arena floor.

Breeze eventually knocked Itami off the top rope and locked on a tight headlock to take control, keeping his rival grounded. Itami rebounded, trading big blows with Prince Pretty. The Japanese sensation looked to be on the verge of victory after sending Breeze face-first into the ring post, but Prince Pretty absorbed a flurry of strikes, evaded a dropkick in the corner and clobbered Itami with the Beauty Shot to earn the victory!


Im sold on Enzo and Big Cass, I hope these guys take the tag titles because they are brilliant characters, work really well together and the crowd love them. I dont think with this gimmick these two would be out of place on the main roster. Interestingly enough, no Carmella, and they werent with Carmella later in the the evening, which im glad about. Speaking of Carmella...

Another decent womens match on NXT, but not great at the same time. Alexa Bliss looked good on her in ring return, and that corkscrew senton looks impressive.

We then cut to A-Ri backstage, and he cut an amazing babyface promo. Alex Riley really stood out as a star tonight. I was starting to cool on him as an announcer, because I felt he was too WWE for NXT (if that makes sense). Hopefully this will kick start his in ring career again, hes in great shape and was just fantastic, I cant stress that enough. His promo was just perfect. Watch it.

Owens was brilliant again, Im loving the bully character he's portraying. Should have a good match with Riley next week before moving on the Balor and building up the next Takeover.

Breeze and Itami had another really good match, and Im glad Breeze won. It keeps the feud kinda fresh and gives Breeze another really good win. I feel bad for him because he's went from nearly being a bonafide main eventer on NXT but seems to be getting left behind Zayn, Owens, Balor and Itami. He'll get his shot eventually though.

Last words; Seriously, go watch that Alex Riley promo, and see him after his match. Genuine passion for the business which is a rarity these days.


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Re: NXT results 11/3

Post by Prometheus on Thu 12 Mar 2015, 9:04 pm

Samo wrote:
Im sold on Enzo and Big Cass, I hope these guys take the tag titles because they are brilliant characters, work really well together and the crowd love them.  I dont think with this gimmick these two would be out of place on the main roster.  

I agree. The "... and you can't teach that" and "I'm gonna spell it out for you" are made for a big crowd. I think also that when / if Cass progresses there's a natural role as a manager for Enzo, which could then lead to a manager / client split and feud, a heel turn for Big Cass throwing Enzo around and WWE could have a new monster on its hands.

I need to watch the main event again as I couldn't give it my full attention, but it seemed like Itami's best outing so far.

Brilliant hype for the road show NXT week, I'm really looking forward to it. Very strong show this week, and for those who say NXT doesn't build stories, I think the Owens / Riley work has been really well done at all levels.

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Re: NXT results 11/3

Post by Nakatomi Plaza on Thu 12 Mar 2015, 10:04 pm

I thought it was an OK show.

The tag match was probably Enzo and Big Cass' best showing. They've got a bit of a 21st century New age Oldlaws vibe about them. Their charisma and mic work overshadows their less than stellar ring work (in particular Enzo).

I thought the ladies match was fine. Both Carmella and Alexa are still green, but I'm sure they will improve.

I thought the show was edited really badly. They showed two ads for the shows in Ohio, one was before Riley's match, which showed Owens come out. Although it was obvious Riley would beat Parker, it was pretty amateurish.

I had some problems with Riley's promo. I think it's really bad storytelling. I can't fault it delivery, but it's come out of leftfield. For the past year he's come across as a complete ass on commentary. Now just because Owens has slapped him around a couple of times, he's actually had this burning passion for the past two years to compete? It doesn't make sense, and it feels like the WWE have skipped a few chapters to get him to this point. If a similiar story was done on Raw, I'm sure it would get panned.

The main event was decent enough, although I thought it was the worst of the three meetings Itami and Breeze have had. The right man went over. Tyler really needed the win, as he was beginning to feel like a jobber to the stars.

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Re: NXT results 11/3

Post by Shot 21 LCFC on Mon 16 Mar 2015, 12:24 pm

I could never understand why Alex Riley was commentating when he seemed in decent enough shape to wrestle. Hopefully he stays in the ring cut I saw some potential when he feuded with The Miz.

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Re: NXT results 11/3

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