EC3 vs Spud

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EC3 vs Spud

Post by nadeem2099 on Sun 15 Mar 2015, 3:37 pm

Best match TNA has done so far this year. EC3 is immense at getting the crowd to hate him and the fake reaction at the end is why he is the top heel in TNA. Credit has to go to Spud aswell. What do you lot make of the black and grey colour change for the blood scenes?

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Re: EC3 vs Spud

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Sun 15 Mar 2015, 10:04 pm

I agree fantastic match/segment, best thing TNA have done since the move to destination america (and probably a long while before that) and probably in my top 5 US matches this year, even if you don't watch TNA normally, I highly recommend you check this out, the Roode/Young opener was good as well.

Shame the middle 90 mins of the episode was the usual dogshit or it could have been an excellent show.

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Re: EC3 vs Spud

Post by dyrewolfe on Mon 16 Mar 2015, 1:36 pm

Brilliant match. I'm loving watching Spud actually wrestle instead of being a comedy figure. EC3 was so good I actually thought for a moment he was turning face.

I was a bit alarmed though at how much claret was going everywhere. Dunno what broadcast you were watching but there was no colour change on the Challenge broadcast last night. It stayed very red, although the commentators did make reference to "measures" to limit the graphic nature of the fight. They did show a warning message beforehand about the following segment containing very graphic violence though.

Agree Roode and EY's grudge match was excellent too.

Bram and Magnus weren't bad, but not brilliant either - though I think this is still building to a finale.

Drew vs MVP could have been good, but the ending was too predictable

I think if you're gonna have a faction, you need at least 1 other for them to feud with (or else arrange for other wrestlers to intervene and even up the odds). Having a bunch of guys gang up on 1 person is no fun to watch and leads to very boring outcomes.

I think its very strange (and not overly creative) having 2 heel factions, who both stomp over the opposition as and when it suits them - and nobody helping out the good guys.

While I think about it, I'm wondering why Drew Galloway doesn't seem to have a problem with The Revolution, as well as the BDC.

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Re: EC3 vs Spud

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