Bobby Heenan v Paul Heyman

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Bobby Heenan v Paul Heyman

Post by jai.roberts on Sun 12 Apr 2015 - 23:38

Simple question, who do you rate more Heenan or Heyman. Who is the best talker / manager

My vote goes to Heenan


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Re: Bobby Heenan v Paul Heyman

Post by TwisT on Mon 13 Apr 2015 - 14:33

I think Heyman would have learnt a lot from Heenan, but the two are quite different beasts.

Heenan was never worried about sending himself up. He was the heel manager (and later commentator) that the fans loved to see get his come uppance. I remember the beginning of WM 9 when he came out on an elephant backwards. Actually was the best thing about that PPV!

Heyman I think plays a more serious role as a manager. He has certainly improved since the Paul L Dangerously WCW days. And I think people would listen more carefully to what Heyman has to say, than Heenan in his pomp. That is maybe to do with the eras they took part in as well.

I think Heenan was the best talker, even if it was things that weren't to be taken seriously. Some of his quips on commentary were priceless. Best manager has to be Heyman, as he is doing for Brock what all good managers should do - emphasis on the strengths of his client and nullify his weaknesses


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Re: Bobby Heenan v Paul Heyman

Post by Mr H on Mon 13 Apr 2015 - 17:36

It's impossible to compare being from such different eras. It's like comparing Hulk Hogan to Brock Lesnar.

If I had to choose I'd prefer to watch Heyman at his peak than Heenan at his. Heyman has also kept himself relevant for a longer period of time and for me is more diverse and would get my vote purely because of the legitimacy of his delivery.

Mr H

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Re: Bobby Heenan v Paul Heyman

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