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Post by JoshSansom on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 9:43 pm

We've been rebranded folks! We are now know as the ISEC, though it doesn't really roll off the tongue as well. Where has this come from? Well the WWE Raw Review of Ziggles vs. __ Neville (the long lost brother of Gary/Phil):

“…The two workhorses did not disappoint, clashing in a dream match the likes of which even the most fervent corners of the Internet Sports-Entertainment Community didn’t think would happen for another few months. Neville’s breathtaking 450 Splash off the barricade seemingly handed him the win on a platter, though experience ultimately won out when a reeling Ziggler evaded the Red Arrow and hit the Zig Zag for the victory. Sheamus immediately spoiled the party, pulverizing Neville with one Brogue Kick and, after a vicious scrap with The Showoff outside the ring, taking Ziggler down with another…”


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