TNA problems from Wrestling Observer

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TNA problems from Wrestling Observer

Post by Crimey on Thu 16 Apr 2015, 2:43 pm

From the latest issue - stripping out only the important bits.
Morale hit a real low last week because a lot of people were late getting money. Those who have regular contracts are paid a monthly salary on the first of the month and as of late last week, when people talked and realized they weren't the only ones who hadn't gotten paid (and these were key people), it became a significant issue.
But there was talent that also had not been paid their money they were supposed to be sent on 3/1, so they were more than 30 days late. It was the same thing last year when the company taped so many One Night Only PPVs in Orlando, and that put the company way behind on expenses and it took a long time to get caught up on payroll.There were reports that this was because the payroll was moved from Nashville to Dallas, but that excuse doesn't hold up because the checks have been sent from Dallas for a long time. There are two types of talent, which are the contracted talent that gets a monthly guarantee on the first of the month, and those who get paid by the show, who were further behind.
At press time, his (sic - Tazz's) future was not clear, past the point the company was very apologetic to him beforehand about being late with money when asking him to come, and he was still with the company.
The honeymoon is very much over. The Discovery channel signed TNA as an experiment and I was told that the experiment turned out very bad when it comes to generating ad revenue (and you can watch the shows and see the ads) and they expected far more viewers. Impact is, by far, the highest rated show in the history of the station, which on would think would be a huge positive for the company's standing. I guess they were expecting a far larger percentage of the loyal Spike audience to come with them. Destination America right now is in 61.7% of the homes Spike was in, but they are doing (in February as compared to February one year ago) 30.2% of the viewership for the first run show and even throwing in the first replay, you're getting less than half.
I think there was the feeling that wrestling is popular on TV, there were tons of fans used to watching wrestling on Friday nights and TNA's fan base as far as TV viewing was thought to be extremely loyal.


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Re: TNA problems from Wrestling Observer

Post by Adam D on Thu 16 Apr 2015, 2:55 pm

Quoting the wrestling observer on TNA is like looking for a positive headline on Englands rugby team in the Scotsman.

Meltzer hates TNA. And as per usual, he has not quoted any sources or given us any proof of what he said.

I am not saying its not true (there will be an element of truth) but I have no doubt that Meltzer is typing every word with a smile on his face and that half of it is pure fiction.

Adam D

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