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Lucha Underground Season 2

Post by Prometheus on Wed 22 Apr 2015, 3:19 pm

As the V2 podcast covered (also covered by other good podcasts, and some not so good ones), LU had its final taping of this season. These shows are due to be aired in August, so its not like LU is disappearing yet. I'm not going to get into any spoilers here, but I thought I'd float a few general questions.

1) What have people who've been watching Season 1 made of LU?
2) Do you think LU will be back for a Season 2?
3) If it comes back, what if anything would you change for Season 2?

I'm an unashamed complete fan of the product. And I think they've had some of the best wrestling I've seen this year, with some great character development.

So, I'm desperately hoping they come back. And come back in a similar format to the current. If the choice were have LU return, but do the show much, much cheaper. Or, walk away. I'd prefer they just walk away.

I think what the writers have done in Season 1 is to respond well to what has been getting over well with the fans and to provide some story arcs. And what the wrestlers have done well is to put everything on the line. I can understand that some people might not like the masks, or the flippy-flippy Lucha style, but I don't think anyone can say these guys phoned it in. I really think that if LU comes back for Season 2 there is opportunity for the writers to storyboard the show even more strongly. I do really believe that there is a fantastic opportunity for a wrestling that has a season to culminate in a season ending dramatic high and I hope the writers get even braver for Season 2.

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