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Post by Prometheus on Thu 30 Apr 2015, 4:55 pm

This was brilliant. And is exactly what good booking is about.

Firstly, the whole tournament gave us some great action. But there was never any doubt about that. And it did so much more:
- It advanced characters and stories. So that stupid love triangle of Ivelisse - Son of Havoc - Angelico. Well it actually had a pay-off here not only as an odd trio pairing (put together for the sick amusement of Cueto). But the way that Ivelisse wouldn't tag Son of Havoc and walked away, then Havoc got the win. And Angelico the kind of scardey cat who runs off when things aren't going his way. Well he's a massive face now. How Lucha Underground builds faces and heels can be a thing of beauty indeed.
- It introduced new characters. Mack - over 300 lbs and he can fly. Or Killshot, who has the making of just an awesome, awesome wrestler. And even Daivari, who we'd all forgotten came out of this looking just amazing.
- I think everyone came out of this at least as strong as they went in. And that again is what LU does so well in its booking. Even their losers often come out of matches stronger than they went in. And Ivelisse, legit injured and taking bumps on one leg, wow she comes out of this looking like the toughest girl in the business.
- It swerved us. I dunno maybe I'm dumb as two posts, but I did not see the final match coming. And it brought me right in, I was like "you mean, mean, not nice man Cueto". And, again what LU does so well is that its heel stable who kind of have to lose, well there are consequences. Big Ryck, we know what happened to him when he and Cueto didn't see eye-to-eye. This week, there are consequences for the Crew, so its not like the leading Authority figure will have his men losing without some punishment.

This was brilliant. I don't care if I'm the only person watching this, it was so well booked and put together that its the best thing I've seen in wrestling this year. And the possibilities and stories coming out of it are just amazing too.

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