Smackdown & Main Event Spoilers

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Smackdown & Main Event Spoilers

Post by Fernando on Wed 06 May 2015, 9:46 am

Main Event Results

The Prime Time Players defeated Brad Maddox and Heath Slater in a dark match.

(1) Adam Rose def. Zack Ryder. Rosa Mendes is now out with Rose.

(2) Jack Swagger def. Bo Dallas. Swagger got the win with the Patriot Lock.

-Curtis Axel comes out to do his Axelmania gimmick. He is interrupted by Damien Sandow, who has a brand new gimmick – “Macho Mandow”. They had a brief exchange in the ring and a match broke out.

(3) Curtis Axel vs. Macho Mandow ended in a “no contest” when The Ascension came out and attacked both of them. The Ascension did a promo mocking Axelmania and Sandow’s new gimmick.

(4) Stardust def. R-Truth.

Smackdown Results

King Barrett kicks off the show for an in-ring interview with Jerry Lawler. Bad News has his complete King get-up with the crown and cape and everything. He mocks Lawler for not being a “real king” since he never won the King of the Ring tournament, and demands that he proclaim “all hail King Barrett”. Jerry refuses and things almost get physical, but Dolph Ziggler makes the save to a big pop.

(1) Dolph Ziggler def. King Barrett via DQ. They had a pretty good opening match, and Ziggler looked to have things put away, until Sheamus came out and got involved. Neville made the save, and we’ve got a tag team match.

(2) Dolph Ziggler & Neville def. King Barrett & Sheamus. Great match. Neville sold for the heels for most of it and built towards the hot tag. Ziggler got the win with the Zig-Zag while Neville hit a corkscrew splash over the ropes.

(3) Luke Harper def. Fandango. After the match Erick Rowan came out and attacked Fandango as Harper looked on. Very interesting. Seems like they may be teasing either a Rowan vs. Harper program, or the band getting back together without their lead singer.

Lana came out to a huge reaction, but Rusev kicked her out of the ringside area and got massive heat. The crowd gave him the ole “what!?” chants as Rusev talked about John Cena in both Russian and English.

(4) The New Day def. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Ryback in a 6-man tag team match. Ryback was announced as the mystery partner. The lights went off near the end and they teased Bray Wyatt, which allowed one of the New Day to roll up Tyson. Wyatt never showed.

(5) Naomi def. Emma. Tamina Snuka was there, and the two beat down Emma after the match.

(6) The Lucha Dragons def. Los Matadores.

-Kane comes out for the WWE Payback main event contract signing. He rolls footage of all the events that ultimately led to the four-way title match, before introducing each participant individually. WWE Champion Seth Rollins is last, and he holds back on the ramp. All the faces made fun of him, and Rollins told Kane that as Director of Operations he had the power to sign the contract for him, but Kane said it wasn’t gonna happen. Rollins next tactic was to try and get all the faces to turn on each other, but eventually he gives in and signs the contract. Once everyone had signed, Ambrose took the table and put it in the corner. He said something like “we all know how this going to end” and they all started fighting. Everyone got in their shots, but it was Seth Rollins who ended Smackdown standing tall (finally).


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Re: Smackdown & Main Event Spoilers

Post by JCmag82 on Wed 06 May 2015, 1:08 pm

Axel and Sandow joining together to form a tag team then, called The Super Powers or The Awesome Powers, or anything greater than The Mega Powers?


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Re: Smackdown & Main Event Spoilers

Post by Adam D on Wed 06 May 2015, 1:12 pm

JCmag82 wrote:Axel and Sandow joining together to form a tag team then, called The Super Powers or The Awesome Powers, or anything greater than The Mega Powers?
This is the only thing that would make me consider getting the network!

Adam D

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Re: Smackdown & Main Event Spoilers

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