WWE NXT results - May 13

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WWE NXT results - May 13

Post by Nakatomi Plaza on Thu 14 May 2015, 9:34 pm

A pre-credits video recaps Sami Zayn's U.S. Championship match against John Cena last week on Raw, when he hurt his shoulder.

The announcers are Corey Graves, Rich Brennan, and Byron Saxton. JoJo is back in the ring announcer position.


Crowe unloads on Corbin as soon as the bell hits, but a lariat cuts him off. Corbin tosses Crowe into the corner a few times. Corbin looks arrogant as he steps on Crowe's head. I guess this is the heel turn for Corbin. Big slap from Crowe to a "Baron's gonna bore you!" chant. Crowe gets fired up, but Crowe walks into End of Days.

WINNER: Baron Corbin in 2:15.

Post-match, Rhyno comes out from the back to confront Corbin. He just wants to match sure they are own for Takeover. As a response, Corbin attacks Rhyno. They brawl and a bunch of scrubs in blackshirts break it up. Corbin gets dragged out the ring and Rhyno goes a blackshirt in frustration.

Backstage sitdown "earlier this week" with Finn Balor. He is asked if he would rather face Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship if he wins the Triple Threat. He vows to win the Triple Threat match and puts over Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami with respect. He doesn't care who he faces for the NXT Championship, Owens and Zayn are both great and he will beat them, too.

Backstage sitdown "earlier this week" with Breeze. He's asked the same question. Breeze says it doesn't matter who he faces, he will be #1 contender just like before. And he doesn't matter who he faces for the Championship either.

2 - NXT Women's champion SASHA BANKS vs. Unidentified Jobber

[Q2] The Jobber tries a couple of quick covers, but Banks gets out. Banks runs to the outside to recover. Banks runs in the ring and gets the first hit in. Cross-body plants Banks for two. Banks knocks her opponent down and unloads on her. Double knees in the corner ropes. Banks mocks Becky Lynch's mannerisms as she picks her opponent apart. Backstabber into the Bank Statement for the win.

WINNER: Sasha Banks in 2:30.

Backstage, Devin Taylor talks to Charlotte and Bayley. She asks Charlotte about what Dana Brooke has to say. Charlotte says that Brooke is just jealous. Bayley interrupts to talk about Emma. Charlotte interrupts to bring up Takeover. They propose a tag team match against Emma and Brooke.

Vignette with the unnamed new wrestler (Uhaa Nation) introduced last week. He still doesn't have a name in NXT.

Carmella is out to face Alexa Bliss. She's without Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.


They lock up, then split after a moment. And again. Bliss blocks an armdrag and hits a backslide for one. She then tries crucifix for two. Bliss wants a suplex but Carmella blocks, then hits one of her own. Two count for Carmella. Carmella with heelish offense. Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy stroll out, and Carmella yells at them to stay out, as she has Bliss locked into a full nelson using her legs. Bliss leans back, forcing Carmella's shoulder to the mat, so she breaks the hold.

Bliss fires up. Carmella wants to armdrag Bliss off the top rope, Bliss counters and rolls over Carmella and kips up. Bliss Flip gets two. Bliss walks into a drop toe hold, Carmella wants a submission hold but Murphy and Blake distract her. Bliss takes advatange, then hits to the top for her spinning splash ("Sparkle Splash" as named by the announcers) for the win. Bliss thanks Murphy and Blake with her eyes as she walks up the ramp.

WINNER: Alexa Bliss in 3:50.

Post-match, Murphy and Blake enter the ring. The crowd chants "no means no!" and Carmella points to the crowd to make her point. Blake says that when you hang out with trash like Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, you end up smelling like garbage. Carmella says that Amore and Cassady will beat Murphy and Blake for the Tag Team Championship. She does the S-A-W-F-T to the Tag Team Champions.

Backstage "earlier this week" with Hideo Itami. He will beat Balor and Owens, and he wants to face Owens for the title because Owens is a bad person with no respect for the title.

[Q3] Devin Taylor is backstage with Emma and Dana Brooke. Emma volunteers to slap more sense into Bayley. Brooke says she isn't jealous of Charlotte, she is doing Charlotte a favor by letting her know she will be surpassed. They accept the match and leave. Brooke comes back to pat Taylor on the head.


Rose chops Itami, Itami repsonds, and Balor tags in. Slingshot foot stomp gets one. Balor dumps Rose to the outside, then Breeze tries to interfere but runs away when Balor sees him coming.

[ Break ]

Rose with a sunset flip, but Balor rolls through right into a basement dropkick to the face. Breeze interferes, giving Rose the change to recover and kick Balor off the apron. Breeze finally tags into the match. Breeze yells at the ref for touching him to get a break, letting Rose get some cheap kicks in. Balor is isolated by the heels. Spinebuster from Rose gets a two count, then Rose transitions into a Boston Crab mid-ring to pop the crowd. But, Balor gets to the ropes.

Rose argues with the ref, so Breeze sneaks in a leg drop to let Rose get a two count. Graves keeps putting Breeze and Rose over as a team. Foreshadowing? Sleeper from Rose. The hold, not the match quality. Pele Kick draws a double count. Double tag. Itami with fast offense. Itami to the top, Breeze rolls away, Rose into the ring, eats a flying clothesline, and Itami crushes Breeze.

[Q4] Balor blind-tags in and Itami looks annoyed. Rose tries coming in again, but takes the Slingblade. Balor wants the Coup De Grace, but Itami blind tags in, argues with Balor, letting Breeze sneak in a cover for the win. Balor's a bit slow to break it up.

WINNERS: Tyler Breeze & Adam Rose in 9:15.

Post-match, Balor and Itami argue until Breeze cheap-shots them. Supermodel Kick to Itami, then Beauty Shot to Balor. Rose celebrates with Breeze, which doesn't work out well. Supermodel Kick to Rose, too.

They go to another recap of the Zayn vs. Cena match from Raw, focusing on Zayn's shoulder injury.

"After the match" interview with Zayn. He says he felt something wrong in his shoulder waving his arms on his way to the ring, and early in the match he felt it get hurt landing after a suplex. He's super pumped about his match and the crowd response, but he's worried about his shoulder. He says he won't let the injury interfere with his focus in his match with Owens.

Back at Full Sail, Zayn is out to confront Owens one last time. Before Zayn can even talk, Owens's music hits. Zayn talks over Owens's music and says they aren't here to fight. He may be hurt, but their match is on for Takeover. He just wants an explanation from Owens. He knows Owens's explanations have some truth, but aren't the whole picture. Owens doesn't respond. Zayn asks if it is jealousy because he was called to NXT first. No response. Is it more personal than jealousy? Owens looks down. Is it about Owens's son? That got his attention. Is it because Owens's kid would rather wear a Zayn shirt to school than an Owens shirt, or he runs around the house with a Zayn wristband? Owens looks at the ground and teases talking. Owens heads to the steps, then the ramp, looking down at his feet. Zayn's furious. Owens has nothing to say?

Owens talks with his back turned to the ring. Everything Zayn has said was irrelevant. Owens knows the truth. Zayn didn't go home after he lost the title to "clear his head" because he was hurt. Owens knows Zayn is still hurt. He knows he is the one who hurt Zayn, he knows where the injury is, how it happened, and at Takeover he will do it again. But, this time Zayn isn't coming back.

I didn't think this was a great episode of NXT. I'm surprised that Solomon Crowe's doing two minute jobs seeing as the last time we saw him he was talking about going after the NXT title. This does bode well for his future. The Full sail crowd have turned on Corbin,and I think playing a heel suits his character better. I'm quite intrigued to see how his match with Rhyno will pan out.

Balor's interview looked awkward. It's never a good idea to have the interviewer offscreen, as Balor wasn't looking straight down the lens it made him appear shifty.

Sasha Banks can do no wrong in my eyes, so any appearance by her is a plus for me.

I enjoy the awkward chemistry of Bayley and Charlotte. It reminds me a little bit of the Rock and Sock Connection. Loved the disdainful look Charlotte threw at Bayley when she woooed.

Bliss v Carmella was bowling shoe ugly.Both looked lost at times. Alexa seemed to take an age to get set up or her finisher as well. Seeing as she needs to be lead by a competent worker, I don't think she's got any business playing a heel at this point.

The tag team main event was surprisingly lackluster. Good to see Breeze standing tall at the end of the match, but I suspect he'll lose to Balor, which will lead to the Demon facing Owens.

Speaking of Owens, he was the highlight of the show again. It did look like Zayn had got to him, particularly the comment about his son, but he turned it around brilliantly. The legitimate shoulder injury Zayn suffered on Raw has added another layer to the story.

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Re: WWE NXT results - May 13

Post by Prometheus on Thu 14 May 2015, 10:05 pm

I've not got Solomon Crowe.  He's got a new haircut and has been raiding RVD's wardrobe, but I still don't get him.  Baron Corbin was a boring face, he's now a sadistic heel who will become boring soon.  This is what it is, they at least give Crowe some offence, but after 2 years in development Corbin is still working squash matches with a limited move set and you really wonder where he's going. 1.5*  

Rhyno appears, I can't be less interested in a match on a card than Rhyno vs Corbin.

Sasha Banks is awesome.  This is just pre-PPV fodder.  2*

Alexa Bliss and Carmella.  2*  Carmella is interesting because she's improving in the ring.  I'm not sure she'll ever make a women's champion, but she could be a really good manager.  WWE actually playing some gender politics here too, as Carmella handled the tag champs without needing Big Cass and Enzo.

I'm still loving the fact that because Balor and Itami were in the same country they were best buddies.  Having Balor and Itami in a developmental setting is becoming a bigger joke every match.  I just wonder how and when they get into WWE.  Because I'd be pretty sure that Zayn is going to do the same program he did in NXT with Neville with Cena and the US title.  And if they do that they should follow the same path of having Owens spoil the party.  If Itami is injured then it might just be the case that Balor has to hold the NXT fort for the rest of the year.  An okay 3* match, but why do they insist on cutting to ads in their main event on the Network?

I kind of think that since Mania NXT has gone off the boil a bit.  That's okay, its developmental and there will be peaks and troughs.  It is on the up again, but I'm expecting a solid, rather than stellar PPV next week.

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Re: WWE NXT results - May 13

Post by Samo on Fri 15 May 2015, 8:52 am

It wasnt the best show I've seen, but im still looking forward to Unstoppable.

I dont like Crowe. I dont like his look, I dont like his stupid haircut(s), I dont like his new music, I dont like his attire, I dont like his tan, I just dont like him. They really need to do something with Corbin now they've turned him heel. He needs a good 8-10 minute match to see what he can really do, because I think the potential is there.

My love for Sasha Banks knows no bounds. Have her put over Bayley so we can get her on the main roster already.

Bliss and Carmella was what it was, I agree with you Nak, both are still quite green and it shows when they dont have someone of a high standard to work with. Fair play to Carmella, she managed to turn the crowd around to be on her side for a change. I still think she's going screw E&C out of the titles at Takeover.

Interesting to see Breeze coming out on top for the second week running. He cant have long left in NXT and he has improved leaps and bounds since he was in the Fatal Four Way. I was sure Itami would be the main winning but if the injury reports are true then I expect Breeze will win.

The only negative I can pick about Takeover at this point is the womens tag match, and thats purely because I think that Bayley vs Emma has enough content their to easily be a singles match, Dana Brooke is working with 3 other excellent women though, so I think this will do wonders for her.

And Im psyched for Uhaa Nation.


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Re: WWE NXT results - May 13

Post by Prometheus on Fri 15 May 2015, 9:07 am

Samo wrote:They really need to do something with Corbin now they've turned him heel.  He needs a good 8-10 minute match to see what he can really do, because I think the potential is there.

I've said before that I think WWE would really be missing a trick if they don't follow through with the similar storylines in WWE as their experienced NXT talent has worked elsewhere.  So, I can see a long(-ish) chase of the US title for Zayn with him getting so close until he eventually pins Cena, and then Owens ruining that celebration.

And, I wonder if when they bring Balor up they shouldn't do a version of the Bullet Club.  Whether that develops in the same way as in New Japan (which it could with Balor turning on a Japanese partner, Itami), of if they just put it in place.  Anyway, I think that Corbin could be an excellent bodyguard a la Bad Luck Fale and Blake and Murphy are pretty blank pieces of paper that you can draw Anderson and Gallows on.  So they are outsiders in WWE as they are from NXT.  If they do that they really need to put a belt on Balor, because like Ethan (?) was saying about making Rollins a strong wrestler, the selling point is that not only do you have to beat a great wrestler to take his belt, but you have to beat one who is ready to cheat to retain, and has colleagues to get through too.  So it really makes that character a super strong heel champion that can really sell a face who gets through all those obstacles.

I don't know if WWE will do this as they tend to look down on ideas and characters they've not developed themselves, but it would be the way I'd go.

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Re: WWE NXT results - May 13

Post by Samo on Fri 15 May 2015, 10:34 am

Corbin fits the 'Diesel' archetype so well that they could have him interfere in the Fatal Four Way on Sunday to help Rollins and become the new muscle of the Authority and I would have no problem with that what so ever. That could keep him doing squash matches to an extent and it would work.


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Re: WWE NXT results - May 13

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