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Post by Fernando on Mon 25 May 2015, 11:28 am

The show starts with both English and Spanish commentary over each other. Matt Striker later informs us (6:15) that they are working on fixing the problem.

-All the teams are being introduced. Team USA gets some great heat, as Jeff and Karen Jarrett accompany both groups down to the ring. Team Mexico blows the roof off the place, followed by the “Dream Team” of Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron and Myzteziz. A drumline comes out with the Mexican Army to present their colors and sing the national anthem.

-Dos Cara, El Fantasma, Canek (huge pop), Villano IV and V, Cien Caras, Universo 2000, Mascara Ano 2000, and broadcast legend Arturo Rivera are tonight’s all-star panel. They will vote on best match, performance, etc. tonight.

-The rules are simple. This will be a single elimination tournament with each match having a 15-minute time limit. If any match goes to a draw, one member of each team will be chosen to compete in a 5-minute singles contest to determine who advances.


Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron & Myzteziz vs. Taiji Ishimori, Yoshihiro Takayama & Atsushi Kotoge

They give the majority of the first half to letting the crowd soak in the return of these three major stars. Mysterio kicks off the match briefly, returns later to sell for big man Takayama, and it’s Myzteziz who handles most of the actual in-ring action. Ishimori looks like he had it with a big 450 splash. The finish comes with Mysterio flying off the apron to take out Kotoge, Patron knocking out Takayama with a superkick, and Myzteziz tapping out Ishimori with a tilt-a-whirl armbar submission.

Advancing: The Dream Team

ACH, Moose and Brian Cage vs. El Hijo del Fantasma, El Texano Jr. & Psycho Clown

Fun spot early with Texano egging on ACH, who is trying to dropkick the big man and do the Eddie Guerrero shoulder shake; he tags in Moose who gets massive air on a standing dropkick to take him down. Psycho Clown living up to his name, beating everyone (and I mean everyone) with a strap. The Japanese referee isn’t enforcing tags, rules, or really anything and Vamp gives him hell for it. Fantasma and ACH show off later on, trying to one-up each other with suicidas, but the big men decide they don’t want to be left out either. Cage with a 250-pound moonsault off the top rope to take everyone down. 300-pound Moose wins the competition by leaping off the stage to topple the pile yet again. Cage kicks out of the Canadian Destroyer from Psycho Clown.

The finish is a train wreck. Cage with a weak move for three, but the referee didn’t count it claiming Texano got the shoulder up (he didn’t). Cage hits a powerbomb and picks up the three but the time had expired – the ref still counted it, then raised their hands. Then Konnan brought them back out and said it was a tie after a few minutes of the commentary team having no clue what is happening. They start the clock at five minutes and Cage hits the same lariat on the same guy, the same way, and picks up the win in less than 30 seconds.

Advancing: Team USA #1

Kenzo Suzuki, Tiger Mask III & Masamune vs. Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Solar

The legends have more than 100 years of pro wrestling experience between them. They start at a slow pace, letting Masamune and Solar work a nice series of grapples. The crowd pops huge when Tiger and Dr. Wagner tag in, and the two put on a wrestling clinic for the majority of the match. The legends put the Japan stars in submission holds after a solid, well-paced match, and Demon taps out Suzuki with a back stretch.

Advancing: Team Mexleyendas

Drew Galloway, Angelico & El Mesias vs. Matt Hardy, Ken Anderson & Johnny Mundo

A bit of miscommunication between Team USA early on. Mundo got turned around and accidentally flipped off his own corner; at least that’s what we’re going with. They let Mundo and Angelico show off for the majority of the action, which was smart. They both hit insane dives to the outside. You really got to see Galloway’s size here, as he normally doesn’t play the “big man” in his matches. Your traditional “everyone hit their finishers” spot as the clock winded down. Gallows rolled through a backslide pin and hit the Future Shock DDT on Mundo, but turned around into the Twist of Fate from Hardy, who turns around into a huge step-up kick from Angelico, who turns around into the Mic Check from Anderson, who turns into a big spear from Mesias. The clock runs out as Mundo went for the pin, the referee never attempted to make the count and Vampiro trashed him for it.

It’s Galloway vs. Mundo in sudden death. They slug away at the bell and Mundo hits a set of superkicks for two. Galloway tries for a Fujiwara armbar but doesn’t get it, and they collide with crossbodies in the middle of the ring. Drew with a modified emerald fusion, but the referee counts so slow he only gets two; again Vamp gives him hell. Mundo with the Shooting Star Press off the top for the win. To be fair… the ref counted slow for both guys.

Advancing: Team USA #2

-Jeff Jarrett is out on commentary with Matt and Vampiro.



Double J puts over the young American team, saying Brian Cage is wearing Norman Smiley’s boots tonight. Vampiro never missing an opportunity, “I’ve known Norman for 30 years and he’s only bought two pairs of shoes in all that time.”

This one was all action from beginning to end, getting more and more crazy as the match goes on. Story of the match was pride and ego, as the Dream Team spent way too much time showboating for the fans – Vamp called them out on it dozens of times – and the rookies taking advantage of it. Lots of high-flying stuff, but also some ground game with Patron and Moose. They all ended up on the elevated ramp at one point, throwing suplexes. The tables turned in the end, when Moose gets cocky and starts toying with Patron, who rolls him into the cross armbreaker for the submission.

During the match, Patron threw the Mexican flag at Jeff Jarrett and the two teased going at it. Striker calmed him down, but they are definitely teasing something between them.

Advancing: The Dream Team


The Americans immediately go into super heel mode, throwing all the disrespect at the legends. They work over Blue Demon for most of the match. They builds towards the comeback, which sees all three of them hit suicidas, throwing they can still pull out the big moves when it counts. A brawl breaks out on the floor and Johnny Mundo takes advantage with everyone else distracted, hitting Wagner with the Shooting Star Press for the huge, huge surprise upset.

Advancing: Team USA #2

-The legends try to celebrate on the ramp afterwards and the Americans crash their party. Demon goes after Matt Hardy and they chase each other around, as Johnny Mundo gives them and the fans the double birds. And now they’ve put heat on Team USA for the finals.


ACH vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Big shocker with the Americans choosing ACH over the bigger Cage to compete against one of Mexico’s biggest legends. ACH isn’t taking him seriously, with a whole lot of wasted movement on his dropkicks, and pins without hooking the leg. Demon literally dusts it off his shoulders. The rookie does a few sentons but doesn’t win because of his cocky pins. He dives into Demon’s knees and the legend rolls him up with a crazy variation of a double-arm trap submission. Junior does the triple series of vertical suplexes – shout out to Eddie Guerrero – and puts on a side headlock with 15 seconds to go. ACH with a bulldog and a 450 splash, but the time expires.

Brian Cage vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Change of pace immediately, as Cage just goes off on the doctor with a barrage of clubbing blows. He briefly comes back, but Cage hits him with a superkick and puts the legend away with an F5 in just under two minutes. Flat finish.

Winners: Team USA #1

-I’m not sure that finish was supposed to go down like that. Wagner took a lot of bounce off the F5 and just sort of went limp for the pin. The legends looked like they were anticipating a kick-out, and it just didn’t happen. Medics come down and put Dr. in a neck brace and carry him out on a stretcher.


Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron & Myzteziz vs. Matt Hardy, Ken Anderson & Johnny Mundo

Hardy and Mysterio locking up to start the match – lots of old memories being brought back. The heels tag in and out, playing mind games with Rey as they refuse to lock up with him. Patron has enough and tags in, making them get physical quickly. He goes to work on Mundo and tags in Myzteziz, who does some high-flying stuff but ends up selling for the heels for several minutes. At the halfway point, Patron gets back into it and hits Anderson with the step-up enzuigiri, but Hardy attacked from behind to keep the advantage in the heel corner. Eventually he hits a DDT out of the corner to mount a comeback, making the hot tag to Rey Mysterio for the big pop. Hardy and Mundo both take the 619 but Anderson saves the match. They set up a ridiculous Tower of Doom spot where all six guys basically crash and burn. Mysterio with a victory roll but the ref was checking on Patron, and Hardy breaks it up and hits the Side Effect. Alberto puts the armbar on Hardy, Anderson breaks it up and the heels now triple team the Heavyweight Champion with one minute left on the clock. They work over Patron and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but the clock runs off.


Both guys are exhausted. The match creeps along at a slow pace, moving from one big move to the next, with lots of last-minute kick-outs. They get down to one minute and Myzteziz hits the Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Anderson hits the Mic Check for a nearfall, and the clock expires.


Hardy attacks from behind as they’re figuring out who is going to get into the match. Matt puts on a sleeper hold as they’re both tired. Patron builds back and breaks the hold, throwing kicks in the corner and firing away with elbow shots. Hardy hits the Side Effect…two-count. Patron hits the Back Cracker…two-count. Hardy with the Twist of Fate…TWO-COUNT. Both guys are slow getting up as we hit one minute, but Patron fires off with a superkick. With 15 seconds left he locks in the armbar! 10..9…Hardy hangs on…5…4…3…and the clock expires.


They lock-up and break off, and there’s a ton of feeling out for the first two minutes. Mysterio out of nowhere hits a big DDT and hits the 619, then mounts the turnbuckle and hits a top rope splash! 1…2…KICKOUT! He goes for the 619 again, but Mundo catches his leg and hits the Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Big knee shot to the face. Mysterio comes back with a superkick and connects with a springboard crossbody, but Mundo rolls through and hits him with Starship Pain! 1…2…Mysterio grabs the bottom rope. They fight to the top rope and Mysterio perches on his shoulders, hitting the victory roll from the top! 1…2…3!


-Matt Striker and Vampiro say goodnight. They keep the feed going. Mysterio cuts a promo for the fans in Spanish – I can’t really tell what he’s saying, but I got the gist that he dedicated the win to Perry Aguayo. All the teams come down and get a good reaction from the fans. They start handing out awards from the judges.


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