The great Kahli is dead

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The great Kahli is dead

Post by Adam D on Thu 04 Jun 2015, 11:31 am

Today a source told me that they have not heard about the great kahli for some time.

My source says it may be because he is dead although he can not confirm this. Rumours have been going around that he might have been dead for 12 years and WWE tried to cover it up by having Farooq play his part at poorly lit house shows. I can also reveal my source informed me that he is alive and well in Calcutta although he may be dead.

Kahli whose real name is Burt Kwouk was released by WWE in 2013. He was last seen on WWE in 2014 despite having been released the year before. Sources are unsure whether he was dead at the time but that they can confirm that he had his legs replaced with reconstituted Koi carp in 2008.

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Re: The great Kahli is dead

Post by Prometheus on Thu 04 Jun 2015, 11:35 am

I would love for Burt Kwouk to be a servant to Zack Ryder or Curtis Axel with the job of keeping him alert and ready to fight at all times.


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