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Post by Brys on Wed 17 Jun 2015, 12:05 pm

We are half way through 2015 and with a whole plethora of games still to be released before the end of the year I thought I'd ask everyone a simple question. What are the top 3 games still to be released you are most looking forward to this year, hopefully this throws up a few games that some may not know about along the way. I'll start with my three though in no particular order and remember some of this gameplay footage is Alpha build.

1. Crookz - There was a game in the mid nineties that I still play to this day, that game being The Clue!. I suppose it's best described as a tactical strategy with some adventure elements thrown in, you played a burglar with the aim being to work your way up through various jobs. You had to construct a team, selecting the right tools/vehicles and then plan the job. The game would be an early indication to how Thief would go about its business, it would also have a poor sequel The Sting many years later. Think Payday and GTA's Heist feature but with more emphasis on the jobs than on having a gun.

You may be wondering why I'm prattling on about a 20yr+ game well essentially Crookz looks to be following the same model as that early with more emphasis placed on the strategic planning side of the game. Set in the 70's the game will feature many of the elements seen in those previous examples I've given above and for someone like me who's been waiting so long for such a game only to be disappointed in the attempts up till now. Not to say this game isn't approached without trepidation as its by Kalypso Media who have done some good games they have also done a lot of hit and miss ones, saying that I still hope it can live up to what I've been looking for. Plus it possible has the best trailer since the opening scene of Resident Evil.

Trailer -
Gameplay -

2. Satellite Reign - There was a video game in the mid nin... wait a minute didn't we just do this. This though is another game that owes heavily to a 90's game and that is Syndicate, though not the awful 2012 FPS game released with the same name. A tactical party isometric shooter with mission based objectives and set in a cyber punk world this is Satellite Reign I'm describing for those who have played Syndicate and may be confused. Hopefully it can live up to its predecessor and leave the same impact on my gaming along the way.

Gameplay -

3. Torment: Tides of Numenera - Well another game that could have started with the same sentence. I'll keep this short and sweet though, its essentially a spiritual sequel to the best story driven RPG there's ever been.

Gameplay -

I'd like to give honourable mentions to the following three games.

Shadow Realms - Bioware does their version of Evolve.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A medieval world without Dragons and my sole purpose is to be the best Blacksmith I can be!
Thumper - Described as a rhythm violence game, it plays like Wipeout on acid. The soundtrack and beats are what drew me in though.


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Games of 2015 Empty Re: Games of 2015

Post by nadeem2099 on Thu 18 Jun 2015, 2:37 pm

I'm waiting to get my hands on Persona 5 if it is released this year.

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Games of 2015 Empty Re: Games of 2015

Post by Scottrf on Thu 25 Jun 2015, 10:34 am

MGS: Phantom Pain will probably be the only 2015 release I buy.

EDIT: No Man's Sky too, maybe The Witness.


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