Dirtsheet round up - SPOILERS AHEAD

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Dirtsheet round up - SPOILERS AHEAD

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 16 Jul 2015, 4:09 pm

I've got to admit I am stealing this from another site, but their traffic is high so I don't think they'll worry:

Dirtsheet Round Up 9/7/2015-15/6/2015


After Alvarez said he hoped that the Wyatt and Reigns feud would end as soon as possible, Meltzer remarked that the it may be due to go on for much longer – all the way to Wrestlemania. Meltzer has previously remarked that this may end up being a long-term feud that they always come back to. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)

When talking about the Austin/Piper situation, Meltzer commented that Roddy Piper always acts as if he has never spoken to him. He asked Meltzer to go on his podcast, presumably to rip on him, but he never heard back after saying he would do it. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)

It has also been reported that John Laurinaitis was the head producer and head agent for the WWE’s Network Special. He was the one who came up with the idea for the streamers and the pre-match ceremony between Balor and Owens. (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Funding for GFW is expected to come from country music star Toby Keith. It is believed that he will help Jarret with funding as long as Jarret can meet a certain requirement, thought to be a TV deal. Several TNA stars are believed to be heading for the GFW TV recordings, this includes Eric Young and Bobby Roode. (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.)

Ring of Honor may be making some major changes to its show in Brooklyn on Aug. 22 thanks to NXT running the Barclays Center that same night. (Wrestling Observer Newsletter)


The fact Tyson Kidd Survived his injury has been described by Meltzer as being “miraculous” with about a 5% survival rate, made even more amazing by him not being stuck in a wheel chair. The closest comparison to another celebrity that this has happened to would be Christopher Reeves. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)


Following a post on Reddit about Alberto El Patron(Del Rio) no showing an indie event he was booked for it became apparent that he may be missing. Bryan Alvarez commented on Wrestling Observer Live that none of his close acquaintances had heard from him. As time went on AAA sources have indicated that Alberto is ok and at home, although no explanation for his absence has been given at this time.

There appears to have been some confusion with regards to last week’s story about Roddy piper and his WWE Legend’s contract. Following an episode of Ric Flair’s Wooo Nation it was reported that Piper had been released from said contract. However, it appears now that this was a misunderstanding and he has not been released from it, with WWE officially denying it.

Moreover, Piper has now released a podcast further explaining his side of the story. Piper claims he was told that he was not allowed to talk about Austin on his podcast and that podcastone were originally going to fire him, but decided against it. Piper decided he did not want to be censored and so decided to walk out. Piper also added that he saw this as just a “rib” and Flair has absolutely no problem with him making jokes at his expense because “they are wrestlers”. Piper also claims he is done talking about it.

The angle that was rumored sometime ago between Stephen Ammell (Star of Arrow) and Stardust may be back on in some capacity. Stephen Ammell commented during an IGN event that he will be doing something with WWE (although unsure if it’ll be in-ring) and he has also been exchanging tweets with The Miz. Many people were speculating in the Live thread for Raw that the comic-style graphic for Stardust v Neville was alluding to this.

In a lawsuit, filed in Chatham County Court, security guard Troy Rivers claims that he was assaulted by Dean Ambrose during a WWE live event. Rivers alleges that he was struck in the back, neck and head with a steel chair. Rivers’ complaint alleges that this has caused him "serious, significant and permanent personal injuries." And his wife is also suing because this injury has also apparently deprived her of "conjugal fellowship". WWE have released a statement stating that they had no knowledge of "any such incident and the security company that hired the plaintiff doesn't have any record of this matter either. Furthermore, the plaintiff's attorney has admitted he has no basis to sue the individual defendants named in the lawsuit." The lawsuit also mentions John Cena, Tim Works, Ryan Allen Reeves, Leati Joseph Anoa'I, Colby Lopez, Glenn Thomas Jacobs, Bryan Danielson, Curtis Jonathan Hussey, Ronnie Aaron Killings, Aaron Steven Haddad, Claudio Castagnoli, and Cody Garrett Runnels as defendants.


Piper allegedly receives a cease and desist for his podcast. I’m assuming this is because he reposted all the shows he made whilst at Podcast One on to his own Soundcloud page.

WWE management was apparently thrilled with the women’s angle on Raw. Ric Flair was also back stage during the angle and it was said to be an emotional night for him.

Meltzer remarked on WOR that one of the reasons that the WWE may be keeping the Stardust gimmick for Cody is because Cody really likes it and enjoys playing the character. Cody also tweeted saying it was troubling seeing people suggest he use the death of his father to make a return. Moreover, further to the rumour regarding Stephen Amell, Stardust has tweeted at him naming him his next target. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio Source)

The recently fired WWE executive Lisa Lee may have possibly lost her job for failing to obtain the NWA license which is now being used for the service NWA Classics. Lee was reportedly the one responsible for WWE’s bid for the license, which included over 1000 matches. (Source Wrestling Observer Live)

Dolph Ziggler has indeed signed a new contract with WWE. The reason he has been written off of TV is to film a WWE Studio film “6:42”. The movie is set to be a thriller where dolph will be a cop named Ray Fitzpatrick, who has to overcome his past while dealing with a plot to blow up a child with a bomb strapped to their chest.

Update to the Del Rio situation, he has tweeted saying he had to miss the show for “personal reasons”

It is being reported that Kane’s storyline injury will result in him potentially coming back as a baby face


According to user /u/falconarrow, “the guy with the coffins” is due to make an appearance during the main event of Battleground. Undertaker? Masked Kane? Meltzer has commented on the f4w board saying he knows that Undertaker is in one of their summerslam adverts. He said he wouldn't be surprised if he showed up on Sunday. As for a Shield reunion he had this to say: "I'm not saying it's not happening. But I got some SummerSlam notes that had them[Dean and Roman] as faces still on that show".

TNA has announced a new partnership with production company A01 Productions. This partnership is intended to "enhance broadcast production and the fan experience."

Ryback is injured and will not be competing at Battleground. Staph infection in his knee, apparently. Thee match has been completely pulled from the show, so Miz and The Big Show will not be having a match.

A situation has arisen regarding recently signed TNA talent Shawn Hernandez. It would appear that Hernandez signed with TNA even though he was still contracted with Lucha Underground. This has caused TNA quite a lot of trouble as they had already pre-taped a lot of content featuring Hernandez. TNA allegedly attempted to work out a deal with Lucha Underground but this was rejected. Source

Meltzer has confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that there are plans for both Sting and Undertaker to be at Summerslam.

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