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Clive Rice RIP Empty Clive Rice RIP

Post by Hoggy_Bear on Tue 28 Jul 2015, 8:44 pm

Surprised not to see a thread on the death of Clive Rice. I remember watching him play for Nottingham during the 1980s and, while his fellow all-rounder Richard Hadlee often stole the limelight, it could be argued that Rice was an equally brilliant player. Indeed, I would suggest that, given the opportunity, Rice would have been up there with Hadlee, Botham Imran, Kapil and Proctor as the great all-rounders of the 70s and 80s. In addition, of course, he was a brilliant captain, leading Notts to numerous successes. While I often begrudged Nottingham's success, there is no doubt that Rice was a central part of it, both as captain and player, and he proved that this was no fluke by achieving similar success with the Transvaal during the same period. A very good player and an inspiring captain and a man who. I'm sure. would have achieved success at a higher level had the opportunity presented itself. Clive Rice RIP.


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Clive Rice RIP Empty Re: Clive Rice RIP

Post by KP_fan on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 10:19 am

I first heard of Clive Rice in mid 1980s when he reportedly won an allrounder's tournament in Eng beating the 4 greats....Kapil, Imran, Botham and Hadlee....
in what was routinely organized in those time....a "single wicket tournament"

World was sadly missing the 5th great allrounder because of "apartheid" is what I heard as not yet teenager....

greater than the 4 greats...and then with extreme curiosity followed his exploits in English county...through reports and scores carried by Indian news-papers.

"apartheid"  I heard for the first time then  and wondered for a long time  what it was.....there was no google for instant search...and when I found out eventually what it was....I wondered more how he could play in English counties when Eng formally boycotted the apartheid regime?....I still wonder  Shocked

An then I saw him as a 42 year old leading SA to ther first international in 1991 in India or was it 92?.....past his peak and shadow of his reported prime.....a skiddy gentle medium bowler with an action similar to Craig White of England.
It was obvious mark of respect and adoration they gave him the leadership.....he hit winning runs i think as SA won their very 3rd  ODI......the series that saw Donald bowl so fast on placid ODI pitches...that it was terrifying..... as we had seen only Marshall bowl before on Indian pitches with such terrifying pace.

His 26000 runs @41 and just short of 1000 wickets 22 in FC criket is a testimony to the much recorded potential that never saw the international light because of "apartheid"

may he rest in peace

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Clive Rice RIP Empty Re: Clive Rice RIP

Post by kwinigolfer on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 5:50 pm

Well said gents.
If he had enjoyed a "full" career he would probably have joined his near contemporaries in the 606v2 Hall Of Fame.


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Clive Rice RIP Empty Re: Clive Rice RIP

Post by kingraf on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 6:50 pm

As so often the case with South African athletes who were "denied" the opportunity to play at a higher level; as much as I can sympathise, I tend to then think of players of colour who were then denied so much as the opportunity to play at FC level.

Nonetheless, RIP to the man. I never got to meet him. One of the few former greats I've never encountered, but doubtless he would have been an absolute gentleman like every other one of them.

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Clive Rice RIP Empty Re: Clive Rice RIP

Post by Corporalhumblebucket on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 9:07 pm

Yes RIP Clive Rice - a very fine player.

The tribute paid elsewhere by KP was somewhat awkward in nature, but nonetheless it's clear from what he said that Rice had had a huge impact on KP's development.


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Post by guildfordbat on Mon 10 Aug 2015, 9:15 pm

I was away on holiday when Clive Rice died and unable to post until now. Just to emphasise that I'm very much at one with Hoggy's opening article and the other comments in praise of a highly talented player and fierce competitor.


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Clive Rice RIP Empty Re: Clive Rice RIP

Post by LondonTiger on Sat 15 Aug 2015, 1:05 pm

another just back from holiday.

A great player who in my view was the best all-rounder in county cricket while I have been watching the game.



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Clive Rice RIP Empty Re: Clive Rice RIP

Post by Herman Jaeger on Sun 16 Aug 2015, 9:21 am

Right up there as one of the few outstanding all-rounders of his time, often compared to Hadlee but certainly a better batsman. In fact, probably the best batsman of all the great 80's all-rounders. Although a very good bowler himself, probably just behind the others as a bowler.

Herman Jaeger

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