Full RAW spoilers

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Full RAW spoilers

Post by DrDeath on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 5:35 am

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kick the show off and neither look too happy at all. Heyman introduces himself as the peed off advocate of the ripped off beast, and he asked what the hell happened last night? Heyman says Brock made Taker tap for the first time, but somehow the record books will skew that and show Taker getting the victory. He says it’s a fact that Brock took Taker to Suplex City, then he shows footage of Taker tapping out, and says this tale is over. He says Taker isn’t dead or immortal because he tapped out, and that’s means Brock is a better man and wrestler than him.

Heyman says the referee isn’t to blame, then he says the timekeeper felt compassion for Taker and acted too soon. Heyman brings up Taker collapsing on the way backstage, and says he has material for all three hours, but Taker took advantage and took a desperate low blow at Brock. He says Taker needed to hear him tap, but Brock flipped him off and told him to ‘GFY’, because Taker can’t hang with him. Heyman says they aren’t here to talk, and Brock wants to fight Taker one more time, and it’s not for Wrestlemania or any other night but tonight!

Brock waits but Bo Dallas comes out instead, and he says the bad news is Brock passed out last night, but the good news is that he woke up and had a dream. He probably dreamed about beating Taker, but those dreams can come true if he only Bo-lieves! Brock clotheslines him and suplexes him, then he hits a few more suplexes before leaving. Heyman gets to the top of the ramp and tells Brock to go back for more, and he drops Bo with a F5 and Heyman mocks Bo and says Brock does bo-lieve!

Lucha Dragons vs The New Day

E gets caught with a handspring kick, then Cara splashes them on the floor and the New Day regroups. We get back from a break to see Kalisto connect with a corkscrew elbow, then he hits a sunset flip powerbomb for two. E breaks it up but he gets sent outside, then they take advantage of a double team and hit the Big Ending combo for the win.

Winners – The New Day

Pyro goes off and THE DUDLEY BOYS RETURN! The arena goes nuts and New Day looks like they want to fight. Woods runs his mouth and Bubba and Devon take him out, then they backdrop Kofi out to the floor and Bubba jabs E a few times. He connects with a Bionic Elbow and whips him into the ringpost, then Woods gets slammed down and Devon hits WAZZUP! Bubba calls for the tables, and Woods gets puts right through it with a 3D and the crowd explodes.

Stephanie and Triple H are shown bragging about a Seth Rollins statue, then Rollins comes in and they hide it. He thanks them for making things the way they are around here, and the tour of Titan Towers was great. Rollins says he is glad they are in charge and tells them he loves them, then Stephanie says HHH called him ‘the man’ and rushes him off so they can set up the ceremony.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt

Harper kicks Ambrose and whips him, but Ambrose ducks a punch and clotheslines him before hitting a forearm shot. Ambrose takes Bray out with a forearm on the apron and splashes him, then he sends Harper into the ring apron and Reigns kicks him in the face. We get back from a break to see Ambrose elbow Bray, then Bray knocks him down and hits him in the corner. Harper gator rolls into a headlock, then Ambrose floats over and counters a scoop slam with a tornado DDT.

Ambrose makes the tag and Reigns unloads on Bray with some punches and a Samoan drop, then he takes Bray down with a judo throw. Bray blocks a Superman punch and Reigns hits Harper when he tries to interfere, then Bray hits a Uranage slam before Ambrose whips him outside. Ambrose splashes him on the floor and Reigns kicks Bray in the face, then he dropkicks Harper outside before Bray attempts Sister Abigail. Ambrose jabs him and Reigns Superman punches him, then Ambrose dives on Harper outside as Reigns calls for a spear.

The lights go out and a massive man in a sheep’s mask (NXT’s Braun Stowman) is seen on the apron, and Reigns looks surprised at how big he is. Reigns then goes for a Superman punch, but the guy catches him and just whips him across the ring. Ambrose sees it and charges in, but he gets shoved down, then they both try to attack but Braun chokes the both out and Bray celebrates.

Winner (via disqualification) – Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Miz TV kicks off with PCB, and he tries to hit on them and brag about his accomplishments, but they say they aren’t into him and they aren’t here for that. Paige says it’s the era of the female athlete, then Team Bella comes out and mocks them and says they aren’t dominant. Alicia talks about all the Divas she has seen come and go, but Becky says that just means she’s been around too long. They all talk trash to each other but Nikki says this doesn’t matter, and her title does and she will be longest reigning champion ever soon. She rubs it in their faces and Miz finally gets them to quiet down, and he says he is revolutionary and they wrestle like girls. PCB takes offense and Miz backtracks, but Team Bella goes on attack and clears the ring.

PCB vs Team Bella

Nikki takes Becky down with an armdrag, then Charlotte gets the tag and she applies an armbar. PCB quick tags to keep Nikki down, then Charlotte splashes everyone after clearing the ring as we go to a break. We get back to see Alicia on the attack, but Paige gets the tag and unloads on all three opponents. Paige applies a PTO but Brie breaks it up. Becky runs in but gets taken down, then Brie sends Charlotte back outside and Nikki hits Paige behind the ref’s back. Alicia runs in and hits a scissors kick, and makes the cover.

Winners – Team Bella

King Barrett makes his way out for a tag team match, followed by his partner, Stardust, and they wait for the opponents. Stardust comes out and attacks Barrett before the other team enters, and he poses on the turnbuckles as Neville makes his way out. Stardust tries to stomp him but Neville avoids it and kicks him, then he slams him and goes for Red Arrow, but Stardust retreats.

Result – No Contest

Jon Stewart comes out and says he might have made some people upset last night, but he made a few people happy. He says there are a ton reasons why they think he attacked John Cena, but he couldn’t stand by and let Cena tie Ric Flair’s title reigns! Jon says “the champ is FLAIR”, then Ric struts to the ring and Jon says it’s an honor. Ric actually says he was pulling for Cena, and he is the best, but Jon went and messed everything up last night.

Cena comes out and Jon looks worried, and Cena says he can make peace with Jon’s actions, but now Seth Rollins holds two titles. Jon says he didn’t think that part through, and he respects everything Cena’s done, but he couldn’t watch Cena tie Flair’s record. Cena says now the Authority has both titles and they don’t listen to the fans, but Jon says this is Cena’s moment and he can win the title back. Cena says he understands moments and Jon did what he needed to, so Jon should understand this, and Cena drops him with an Attitude Adjustment!

Jon Stewart is seen being helped up by officials, and Renee Young catches up with John Cena backstage. He says he did what he thought was right and had a talk with Jon, and he’s going to have another talk with Seth Rollins later tonight.

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback & Randy Orton
vs Big Show, Sheamus, Kevin Owens & Rusev

Cesaro counters a Thesz press by Rusev and slams him down, then Dolph feigns a superkick but Rusev rolls outside. Ryback knocks him down and the teams face off as we go to a break, and we get back to see Big Show and Owens working over Dolph. We see Rusev attacking Dolph, then Lana and Summer go at it, with Summer running away, and Dolph hits a Famouser before making the tag. Ryback lands a few strikes and blocks a cannonball by Owens, then he connects with a Meathook and calld for Shell Shocked. Owens counters and shoves him in the corner, but Ryback fights back and makes a tag to Orton, who dropkicks Show on the apron. Sheamus tries to attack but Orton sidesteps and Show inadvertently knocks Sheamus out, then Orton turns and RKO’s him for the win.

Winners – Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback & Randy Orton

Rusev and Owens argue with Show about the miscommunication, and he tries to blow things off and says it was a mistake. Show gets annoyed and shoved Owens, then Rusev kicks him in the face and assists Owens with a cannonball. They leave, then the opponents come back in and attack him, with Ryback and Cesaro assisting Orton on a pop-up RKO before posing for the crowd.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are seen waiting backstage, and John Cena walks up to them and he says he is going to talk with Seth Rollins. Stephanie says that’s not going to happen, and she talks about what he did to Jon Stewart, then says he won’t be here for anymore talks. Security walks up and grabs him by the arms, and Stephanie mocks his ‘You Can’t See Me’ gesture and tells HHH the ring is almost ready.

We see Stephanie and HHH enter the ring and they sing Happy Birthday to Vince McMahon, and Stephanie notes that they won’t get him in the ring so they need to sing. HHH laughs and says Vince is probably peed, but they are here for a man to immortalize in bronze, and that’s Seth Rollins. He walks out and brags about being a worthy champion and says he told the truth about John Cena, and he has been waiting for this. He talks about the bronze statues before him, Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior, then says it’s his time now. The curtain comes down, and IT’S STING!!!

Triple H looks like he saw a ghost and gets out of the ring, and Rollins rushes him but Sting punches and chops him in the corner. Sting splashes him, then he hits a clothesline and sends Rollins out of the ring. Sting picks up the WWE title in the corner and raises it in the air, and the crowd goes nuts as The Authority stands fuming on the ramp.


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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by Samo on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 9:38 am

As always with RAW's following the big PPV's it was a decent showing with storys advanced sufficiently.

Marked the Frak out when the Dudleys came out, had no idea it was happening, and I dont think the commentators did either. Great moment, hopefully they're here for the long run.

I thought for sure Erick Rowan was returning, but this new guy looks the part. Makes me wonder what the future is for Rowan now though, will we get a four man Wyatt family or will he side with Reigns? Or is he finished altogether? Need to wait and see.

Sting looked in great shape. I dont think anyone will mind Rollins vs Sting for the title, Sting looked in great shape.

Good show.


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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by NickisBHAFC on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 3:24 pm

Awesome Raw, first time I have said that this year I think.

The Dudleyz returning was the highlight of the night and my favourite moment of 2015 so far. Absolute scenes.

The new man in the Wyatt family fits in well.

The ending was brilliant. Sting vs Rollins is fine and it will get a lot of casuals watching night of champions. Interesting what will happen with the U.S title, I hope Seth drops it on raw to Cessaro.


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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 7:30 pm

My first thought was "why is HHH scared?" If you're gonna bring in Sting for a title match, you'd have been a fool to have him lose to a part-timer that no one really cares about that much (compared to Rock, Taker etc)

Really good Raw. Lots of development. Miz hit the right notes. I called it to Gav that Stewart would say it was about Flair. Not sure where Cena goes now if its Rollins v Sting at NOC. I like the Stewart explanation personally, but I get it isnt hugely logical. However, I think he pulled it off, and it was a masterful touch getting Flair involved.

New Wyatt guy looks a bit like Bray has transformed Eugene. But physically impressive. He looks dumb as hell though, and I'm pretty sure watching him wrestle will be depressing.

Not quite sure why Big Show got embarrassed so much. Wonder if they are considering telling a retirement storyline.

Dudleyz was great, gutted it got ruined on facebook for me. Works well though, they are a great contrast for New Day.

Dolphin Ziggler

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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by aac101 on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 7:37 pm

The surprises made this a great show. Boy did the Dudleys look good

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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 7:38 pm

Also, every time I criticise a WWE crowd, it felt like it all came to the fore when they, who always moan about the lack of time given to real women's wrestling, disrespected the 6 woman tag. Bunch of morons, and rightly attacked on social media by Paige and the ladies of Team Bella.

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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by GSC on Tue 25 Aug 2015, 10:41 pm

Still kinda think the Flair stuff would've made a lot more sense from HHH. Or at a push even Batista, Orton or HBK.

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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by Kay Fabe on Wed 26 Aug 2015, 12:09 am

It felt a bit like a Post Mania.RAW, probably the best compliment you could give it, I really enjoyed it, all of it, not entirely sure where this leaves Brock or Cena though, is Taker gone til Mania now too?

Great to.see the.Dudley Boyz back, they can only enhance the Tag Division, the Tags is looking good but I still don't feel any team apart from maybe the Prime Time Players have that IT factor yet, I think it could be there though and hopefully the Dudleyz get it out of them.

Dolph is morphing into Shawn Michaels every month, the transition is all but complete now with his new ring wear.

Problem I've got with Cena being escorted out of the building is I can't take him seriously as a rebel, he's a nice compiant guy who you get the impression will more than likely do as he's told, seeing him being led off by security in his jortsnand Orange T-Shirt felt quite lame,  he's still the MVP of the year though, he doesn't even need to.Wrestle.another match to win that award.

Not into Sting at all but I wouldn't mind him in a program with Rollins, for me its all about the Rollins rebuild, making him look credible again and having a short run with Sting wont hurt IMO.

Liked the new member of the Wyatt's, no idea who he is but he looked great, doubt he'll  be great but perception is everything and if they can keep him out of the ring as much as possible and use him as a bodygaurd type figure for Bray it could work well, he was huge.

I'm really liking The Miz again, maybe not so much as a Wrestler but on the mic he's so confident and on the ball I can't help but tip the hat to him, get Morrison back, he will forever be at his best as a half of those two, it was just the right balance for me.

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Re: Full RAW spoilers

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 27 Aug 2015, 3:02 am

I was just coming on to say "we need to mention how good the Miz is on the mic." but now I see some credit is here. WHEN MY HAND GOES UP...

I don't even mind that he's nothing more than ok in the ring, it suits him.

Dolphin Ziggler

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Re: Full RAW spoilers

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