Hypothetical WWE Draft

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Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by JoshSansom on Sat 12 Sep 2015, 1:01 pm

Thought it would be interesting to see people's thoughts on a provisional WWE draft. Out of each pairing who would you go for? There are a number of pairings going on so who would you go for??

For this to work please pick one out of each of the pairings below... They should be in order to help!

"The Guy"
Seth Rollins
Daniel Bryan

Established/Veteran Main Event Star
John Cena
Randy Orton

Upper Mid Heel

Upper Mid Face
Roman Reigns

Mid Title Face
Dean Ambrose

Mid Title Heel
Bray Wyatt
Kevin Owens

Mid Card Heel
Wade (King) Barrett
The Miz

Mid Card Face
Dolph Ziggler

Mid Card Veteran Face/Heel
Mark Henry
Big Show

*Caveat of assuming Daniel Bryan is fit and healthy...


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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Samo on Sat 12 Sep 2015, 1:11 pm

Rollins, Cena, Rusev, Reigns, Ambrose, Owens, Miz, Neville, Show.


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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Prometheus on Sat 12 Sep 2015, 9:06 pm

Daniel Bryan. On the caveat that he is fit and healthy, I think this is a no-brainer. He's headlined Wrestlemania, he's one of the best wrestlers in the world who can work with anyone, he's super over.

John Cena. Again a no brainer if you want your organisation to be a success, the biggest draw in wrestling in the last 10 years.

Rusev. Around this time last year I was starting to think he could work a program with Brock Lesnar. Sadly booking results and writing has gone against him since then. But I don't have any upside in Sheamus.

Reigns. This wasn't an easy pick as he's getting such bad crowd receptions still. There's work to be done here, but he's got a much bigger upside potential than Ryback.

Cesaro. As my "guy" is such a clear face I'm going to need a worker who can make my challenging heels look a million dollars, so Cesaro gets the nod. But if other choices had been different I may have taken Ambrose.

Owens. A complete no-brainer again for me.

The Miz. I'm not a huge fan, but he can work the mic really well and be The Miz. Wade Barrett has much more to offer, but just never seems to deliver it.

Neville. Ziggler is arguably the more rounded wrestler with mic skills that I don't think Neville will ever have, but I just love seeing Neville do his stuff.

Big Show. For every argument I'd have against him, I have the same argument against Henry. So, I'm mostly going for the fact that Show is 7 feet tall.

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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Sat 12 Sep 2015, 9:55 pm

Rollins - I think hes the full package, and will even be able to win round the younger audience as a face. Before his heel turn he was seen as a new Jeff Hardy type figure. Bryan is incredible, but I think Rollins might have more long term upside.

Cena - He's a draw, and he just gets it when it comes to big matches. Orton is talented, weirdly likeable and fantastically hateable, a better wrestler too, but he'll forever suffer for just not being John Cena.

Rusev - I like Sheamus, and at least has evidence of good matches whereas Rusev not so much, but there's a weird charisma to Rusev. Not sure his shelf life is as long as Sheamus' though.

Cesaro - I just think he has potential to be the "real" wrestler people enjoy. Ambrose can be a caricature of himself, and isnt as good a wrestler as Cesaro, nor would he be as good a character heel as my next pick.

Owens - Knows how to be a heel, in my eyes has Austin style potential too.

The Miz - I really rate the Miz' mic and character work, and he has actually been a strong contributor in strong matches.

Ziggler - Basically more character and upside.

Henry - Manages to maintain his flip flop booking better. Hall of Pain tops anything Show has ever done, and that retirement promo too.

Dolphin Ziggler

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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Kay Fabe on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 1:12 am

Daniel Bryan - when given the ball he proved that he couldn't just hang, he could excel, he's always been one of the best outwith WWE, with the machine behind him his potential is endless

John Cena - the biggest draw in Wrestling in the last 10 years and by far the best performer in the WWE by a mile this year, the amount of 4* star matches he's had since WrestleMania is insane

Rusev - Until WrestleMania he was one of the best booked characters in years in the WWE and he took a pretty basic generic gimmick and made people truly care about it, he could be a top level heel no problem

Cesaro - This guy would be the star of any fed I could book, he'd be the guy you could trust to be the top face or heel or just the guy to get the most out of your chosen star

Kevin Owens - this guys is the new Austin, the baddest guy on the planet, I love how he gives you a reason for being a jackass, we know what he does is wrong but he gives a valid reason for doing his schtick, makes us think "this guys gotta a genuine point" but he's doing it all wrong, timeless

Wade Barrett - a sticky catagory as I don't like either of these guys as in ring talents, as a non Wrestler it'd be Miz all day long, I really like his personality but as an in ring talent I feel we have still to see the best of Barrett while Miz has truly peaked IMO

Dolph Ziggler - if he can use the superkick as his finisher I feel he could truly be a main eventer, maybe not an automatic one but definitely an occasional one who could realistically excel in that environment.

Mark Henry - Henry's "Hall of Pain" was one of the most entertaining things in Wrestling from any big guy in the last 5 years, Big Show for me is a bit of a parody these days and I truly don't think anything could change that, Henry like his heel turn on Cena with his fake retirement speech showed how he can work a crowd, I don't believe Show can do that anymore

Kay Fabe

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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Samo on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 1:39 pm

Feel I should elaborate my choices.

Rollins - its tough to pick between the two, especially with the caveat of Bryan being healthy. But I had to ask myself - whos done more at the highest level? Like it or Lump it its been Rollins, and he's been fantastic at it aswell, despite being booked so shoddily. Had Bryan not injured his neck and we saw an extended run as the Champion my answer might have been different.

John Cena - Both him and Orton have become stale over the years, but a drop down the card and some new blood to face brought out a side of Cena we havent seen in years and its some of his best work. He's still not perfect, but its a no brainer ahead between him or Orton.

Rusev - He's not been booked great since losing to Cena, but I see a better future with him than Sheamus.

Reigns - Again, its not great and the crowd are more into Ryback as a whole but he's got more longevity than Ryback. Easy choice.

Ambrose - This was a tough call, but it comes down to Mic work and the ability to sell yourself verbally. Ambrose is a master while Cesaro is the apprentice - which isnt his fault what with English not being his first language. Ambrose is more suited to a heel but I still think he's working well enough as a face to jusitfy his spot.

Owens - Easiest choice. Dont think I need to explain.

Miz - as much as I hate the Miz, he's better than Barrett in almost every department, not by much mind you, but by enough.

Neville - I truly thought Ziggles was destined to smash the glass ceiling this year after Survivor Series, but alas, he's back where he started. Which is the story of his career. Both are great at selling a story in the ring but Neville is a better investment at this time.

Big Show - While constant turns have harmed him, I think he can still go for a giant, he's quicker than Henry and more relevant. Yeah, the Hall of Pain was great and so was that Promo - but that was nearly 5 years ago and he's done nothing of note since. Big Show gets alot of hate and I feel its unjustified.


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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Brilliant_yep on Mon 14 Sep 2015, 4:37 pm

Great topic this,and some tough decisions to be made.

Novel way of finding out who you like best really,nice one.


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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by JoshSansom on Mon 14 Sep 2015, 10:33 pm

Thank you yep Smile

In terms of my choices I went for:

Rollins - love DB but feel that Rollins has so much talent as heel and face to build a company around coupled with a great look that couple be marketed worldwide
Cena - still so good, the presentation is dated but he has been phenomenal this year
Sheamus - I don't like him. I am not supposed to like him. He is doing his job. More versatile than Rusev
Reigns - the two divisive faces of the roster... both have improved but while Ryback can be good, Reigns can be great
Cesaro - Ambrose's offence seems to have dramatically shrunk over the last six(ish) months until the point that I am bored by his matches. And he still has a crappy punch. Cesaro is... just... great
Owens - Bray has a magnificent self driven promo. Except that is the problem, he has one, and rambles it over time and again without it going anywhere. He needs some scriptwriting and direction support. Also Bronn may be big but has the face of someone who looks like he works in a travelling circus and will end up in the Menagerie in 12 months
Miz - Barrett seems constantly injured and just can't get on an interesting programme with anyone, Miz has his character down so well and is really good at what he does
Ziggler - Close one as Dolph seems to have lost so much. Feel he would have a great opportunity in a tag team role given the numbers that have surpassed him. Neville has a great in-ring style but not enough on the mic as yet
Big Show - of the two big men I would say Show still has more to offer though overall Mark and his tearful promo against Cena would win it for me


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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

Post by Crimey on Sat 19 Sep 2015, 8:27 am

Daniel Bryan - I think Rollins is good, but as the main man I'm not sure he's at the level of Daniel Bryan who was ridiculously popular and fantastic in the ring. Rollins has done okay in his title run, he's had good matches but I feel the angles he's been haven't helped him and he's still a way off being somebody I would trust as the main man. Daniel Bryan proved with Wrestlemania 30 that he could be a huge deal, he's popular amongst all demographics and has even showed that he can play a good heel in the past.

John Cena - I think he has shown over the last few years that he is capable of putting over new talent, putting on some fantastic matches and generally being a reliable and recognisable face without overtaking the show. I still do think he's limited, I think his promos can often go on too long, his matches can sometimes retred the same steps and often the way he is booked does some damage to his opponents but I'd certainly pick him over Orton. I think the fact that Orton is so often lost in the pack in WWE says a lot. I'm not a fan of his style, it's too smooth and polished and I think he remains a boring proposition promo wise.

Rusev - I used to like Sheamus but I have become really tired of him, I don't feel like he's improved at all in the past 5 years and he manages to make every angle he's involved in feel so tired. Rusev has actually managed to grow on me, I was very bored of his gimmick early on but I think his charisma has definitely helped. I think Rusev is a good heel in that you want to boo him because he's a good villain, Sheamus makes you want to boo him because he's a bit boring.

Roman Reigns - Not even a debate in my head, Reigns is more charismatic, a better wrestler, a better talker, has a better look and a lot more to give to the hypothetical fed. I think his push obviously came far too soon, WWE's booking of Reigns was totally baffling, it was never going to work and it was short-sighted of them to think it was. I think the teaming with Ambrose has helped as it's taken him out of the spotlight but given him an interesting and unique dynamic. I hope the crowd stop giving him a hard time as he has shown, as he did in the early days of The Shield, that he can improve rapidly.

Cesaro - I think Cesaro is more versatile, a better wrestler and has more star quality than Dean Ambrose. I feel like there has to be something I'm missing in Ambrose because I felt like he was the weakest of The Shield during The Shield and now is the worst of them as a singles star. I'm not sure if a heel turn is perhaps what he needs or if the environment of WWE simply doesn't suit somebody who made his name in a twisted and violent place.

Bray Wyatt - I picked Bray Wyatt simply because I'm not in this situation that I think with my picks it's not very strong promo wise at the moment, and I think Wyatt is a better promo than Kevin Owens. I think Wyatt needs to refine his style for sure, he can ramble and often take away his own mystique, but I think he's got enough creativity to be able to improve over time. I just don't like Owens promo style, it just doesn't connect with me at all. I'd love to see what everybody else is seeing, but unfortunately it just isn't there for me.

The Miz - I do like Wade Barrett but with his injuries and his history I think The Miz is a better choice. He's so reliable in that role further down the card as a dislikable heel. Unlike Sheamus I feel like there is a respect between him and the fans, they are booing him because they enjoy his heel work rather than because they don't want to watch him. He can deliver really good promos and is pretty dependable in the ring.

Neville - I simply can't stand Dolph Ziggler and I actually think with time he's getting worse. His move-set is getting more limited, his selling more over the top and his look is dreadful. I think his real life attitude stinks as well. Neville is seriously limited on the mic, but he is exciting and can pull off some really fantastic moves.

Mark Henry - I do think he's better than Big Show, I'd rather not see either wrestle and Mark Henry is more charismatic.


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Re: Hypothetical WWE Draft

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