Stone Cold Podcast with Brock Lesnar recap

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Stone Cold Podcast with Brock Lesnar recap

Post by Fernando on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 11:55 am

Austin opens the podcast by telling the viewers he has known Brock Lesnar since 2002, and he knew when Lesnar walked in the WWE door that he was a badass. Austin says Lesnar is an intimidating guy, and asks him if he gets along well with others.

Lesnar says he doesn’t “play well” with others, but he says he doesn’t carry himself that way on purpose, it’s just how he is built. He says he might be a cocky, arrogant guy, but again, it’s not necessarily because he wants to be.

Lesnar then talks about growing up in rural Midwest, and says he got used to living everyday as if he was broke. He compared his mentality as an amateur wrestler to his humbling beginnings, as he was raised on a farm and worked very hard everyday.

Austin then shifts gears quickly and asks Lesnar when they will go hunting together as they are both avid hunters. Lesnar says the two of them will get it done one day.

The two then briefly talk cars, and Lesnar says he rescued his 1978 Dodge Power Wagon from South Dakota and it made its way to his home in Minnesota.

The two talk a bit more about hunting, and Lesnar says his go-to gun is a Remington Mag, and it’s pretty much the only gun he uses when he is hunting.

Lesnar talks a bit about his home life, and he says he enjoys grilling steak and drinking beer and Rye Whiskey and Coke in his backyard. He says he doesn’t like to see his neighbors very much, and he tends to keep to himself at home.

Lesnar talked about heading to Canada a lot, and that’s where he got introduced to Rye Whiskey, and he said his beer of choice is Coors Light.

Austin then asked about Lesnar’s music preferences, and Lesnar says he is a hardcore country fan. He names Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash as a few favorites, and he also says he’s a hardcore metal fan, citing Metallica as a favorite band.

The two now talk wrestling, and when asked if he’s a pro wrestler or a sports entertainer, Lesnar asks if there is a difference. Lesnar says he’s in the entertainment industry, and at the end of the day everyone comes out of college wanting to make money, and Lesnar says he does what he loves and makes money doing what he loves.

Austin then says Lesnar was not a fan of the business growing up, and Lesnar admits to never watching pro wrestling growing up. Lesnar joked he watched “Little House on the Prairie”, and he wasn’t exposed to wrestling as a kid.

Lesnar then talked about playing football in high school, and said he had more scholarship offers for football then wrestling despite his amazing amateur wrestling record.

Lesnar briefly talks about his brief sting in pro football after he left WWE for the first time, and he talked about gutting out the 8 week tryout camp with the Minnesota Vikings. Austin said pro football didn’t work out for him, and Lesnar said you’re not going to be good at everything. Lesnar says he’s humbled everyday, and if it’s not by his kids, then it might be by a Whitetail deer. He said growing up on a farm was very humbling, and despite not being great at football, he didn’t want to give up.

Going back to Lesnar’s wrestling days, he said he bumped up to wrestling as a heavyweight his senior year, but he wasn’t recruited because he wasn’t a true heavyweight.

He talked about open workouts at the collegiate level, and he had taken classes at Bismarck State that didn’t qualify him to go to University of Minnesota. He was shy on credits so he had to go to community college in California to get the credits he needed.

Lesnar then talks about winning the NCAA wrestling title, and then he dropped out of school. He said he fell into a bit of depression, he was broke, and all he did everyday was workout as he didn’t know what to do with himself.

He finally got himself out of the house, and he started approaching wrestling coaches, etc, and he finally ended up in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Randy Orton, Batista were amongst the up and coming talent Lesnar worked with, and Lesnar says he had a friend in Shelton Benjamin, his old roommate in college.

Lesnar said he was blown away when he saw the barbaric, training facilities at OVW and he loved it.

Lesnar said he had to finish up some training camps before he signed with WWE officially, and he told Jim Ross he couldn’t move where WWE wanted him to go until he finished his prior obligations.

Lesnar says Jim Ross agreed to allow him to train more in Minnesota, and then he eventually made his way to the main WWE roster.

Austin brings up how both Curt Hennig and Ray Traylor, aka Big Bossman, took an instant liking to Lesnar. Lesnar talks about riding on the road with Hennig and Traylor, and said he learned a lot from those road trips, like ring psychology, and the inner workings of the business.

Austin brings up Lesnar being thrown right into a match against Triple H and The Rock, and he kind of got left out by those guys as it’s a sink or swim mentality.

Lesnar said people can say what they want about The Rock and the business, but he praised The Rock and said Rock was not selfish to Lesnar, and was very good to him the night Lesnar one the WWE Title.

Lesnar said as someone grows in pro wrestling, the people around you change. Lesnar said he has always been who he is, he doesn’t like being around a bunch of people, and he doesn’t like people very much in general, because that’s just who he is. That’s why he lives in the middle of nowhere and he is secluded from everyone else.

Austin brings up Lesnar’s match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania and the botched Shooting Star Press from Lesnar, and Lesnar said he is very lucky after that move. He said that was a moment in his career when he failed to take advice from other veterans, and he was not being selfish He said he was talked into doing the spot, and it wasn’t something he wanted to do. He felt he could do it, but he really didn’t want to, but he was told it would be a “WrestleMania moment.”

Austin says he was upset with Lesnar for doing that move as he didn’t need to do it.

Austin brings up Lesnar vs Goldberg at WrestleMania 20, and the match being a “cluster”. Lesnar says both of them didn’t want to be there, and Lesnar said he had had enough of the business and he was done at that point. It was the road, it was the people, and Lesnar said he was becoming someone he didn’t want to be. A trapped animal.

Lesnar says he was built to be in the ring, but he wasn’t built for getting from one ring to the next. He didn’t like the road. Lesnar added going to the NFL after he left was just a scapegoat for him.

Austin brought up the lawsuit between Lesnar and WWE, and Lesnar said he has put that behind him and it’s water under the bridge.

Lesnar reiterates that pro wrestling is a job to him. He clocks in and out everyday and that’s it. He doesn’t hang out with the boys, and he keeps to himself because all he does is his job.

Austin then brings up Lesnar’s move to UFC, and Lesnar said they wanted him to go to Europe. He didn’t want to do that so he decided to go to New Japan Pro Wrestling to work a few dates. After that expired, Lesnar went back to fighting.

Lesnar signed with K1, and he began MMA.

Lesnar talks about finally meeting Dana White, and they had a meeting about Lesnar coming into UFC, and Lesnar asked White to be signed for a one fight deal to prove he could do it.

The two then talk about a few of Lesnar’s UFC fights, including his first against Frank Mir.

Austin brings up Lesnar’s biggest weakness in UFC, which was his battles with diverticulitis. Lesnar said it was very unfortunate for him, but if he hadn’t got it, he probably wouldn’t be a pro wrestler today because it contributed to the end of his MMA career.

Lesnar added the diverticulitis almost killed him, and doctors told him they would try to save his fight career, but they would try to save his life first.

Lesnar was on the operating table and almost underwent surgery, but his fever broke and he didn’t need it. If he had had the surgery, his career would have been over.

On his return to WWE, Austin asked him how he could come back after all the bad blood, and Lesnar brings up Austin walking out of WWE, because he didn’t want to job to Lesnar.

Austin asked Lesnar how he felt about that, and Lesnar said it didn’t bother him. Lesnar said he agreed with Austin’s position, and that maybe Austin didn’t handle himself well, but it’s a two way street and, neither did WWE.

On the difference between Vince McMahon and Dana White, Lesnar says they have big egos because they have big bank accounts. He said White was very good to him and he and Vince put a lot of money into Lesnar’s bank account.

Lesnar says he was really interested in going back to UFC a second time, and it was not a bluff to return to WWE. He said he felt robbed by diverticulitis, and he wanted another shot. Lesnar said he began MMA training again, and was very honest with WWE about wanting to go back to UFC.

Austin brought up that Lesnar did great promos in UFC, but doesn’t talk much in WWE. Lesnar says he guesses he’s not very good at promos, but his actions speak loudly, and allowing Paul Heyman to talk for him is a great fit.

In terms of competition in WWE, Lesnar says he doesn’t really deal with politics in WWE, and he talks to Vince about what he wants him to do, and he just tries to do it the best he can.

On breaking the streak, Brock Lesnar says it was big for him in terms of business. He knew the streak had been protected for so long, and it was special. Almost bigger than winning the WWE Title.

Lesnar says he gets a lot of criticism for breaking the streak, but who in pro wrestling has enough credentials to beat the streak? Lesnar says he doesn’t think there is anyone else out there who was qualified to break the streak.

Austin asks him how much gas he has left in the tank, and Lesnar says he has a good idea of where his future is going, but he doesn’t want to say anything more.

On Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, Lesnar says there is going to be a lot of carnage. He says he is coming to end The Undertaker. He says he’s irritated with The Undertaker and he’s over it. He said when Vince brought the match idea to him he said he has a chip on his shoulder and he is coming to hurt The Undertaker.


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Re: Stone Cold Podcast with Brock Lesnar recap

Post by liverbnz on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 2:20 pm

Probably the worst one to date although I never watched the Jericho ones. Didn't find out anything we didn't know. Brock doesn't share anything and that's fair dos. Probably having him on is enough to increase subscribers.


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Re: Stone Cold Podcast with Brock Lesnar recap

Post by Kay Fabe on Tue 20 Oct 2015, 5:25 pm

I didn't see the point in this at all unless they wanted to do an angle, all it did was humanise Brock Lesnar, they've spent so long shielding him from us and vice versa it left a veil of mystery around him, I liked that, I don't think this will hurt him because we know he's a legitimate badass but I certainly don't think it helped anyone.

Strange show, it just felt like I was creepily listening into two good pals phone conversation

Kay Fabe

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Re: Stone Cold Podcast with Brock Lesnar recap

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