All Our Yesterdays - A Nice Article for the Old Farts Amongst Us

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All Our Yesterdays - A Nice Article for the Old Farts Amongst Us

Post by kwinigolfer on Fri 01 Jan 2016, 2:46 pm

Especially me.

Met Peter Sainsbury, once.
Played against Don Bennett, once,

But these were cricketers we were interested in on seemingly a daily basis, can't imagine any of them fartarsing off to India for quick bucks.

EDIT: Senior Moment: See these are 2014 departures.

A team made up of English/Welsh 2015 exits could include:

Graham Atkinson
John Dewes
Ted Lester
Tom Graveney
David Fletcher
Brian Close (Capt)
Barrie Meyer (w/k)
Frank Tyson
Ken Smales
Fred Ridgway
Bob Appleyard

A long tail there and perhaps Brian Reynolds should get a shout as extra bat and auxiliary keeper. Mel Ryan and Roy Ralph squad players and David Blake can bring on the drinks as he's the only Hampshire player I can see that's eligible.

For those too young to remember the halcyon days and routines of County Cricket and its followers, it's a timely reminder of an era in sport that seems scarcely imaginable today.


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