WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

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WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Fernando on Tue 09 Feb 2016, 7:14 am

The February 8th edition of Monday Night Raw opens with a video package showing the career of Daniel Bryan. After the normal intro package, Michael Cole welcomes us to “what is sure to be an emotional night”. Stephanie McMahon is in the ring.

The contract signing is up first. Stephanie begins discussing the upcoming Triple Threat match when she is loudly interrupted by chants of “Daniel Bryan”. Eventually Stephanie cuts them off and compares the showdown between Lesnar, Reigns and Ambrose, to Batman vs. Superman and Captain America vs. Iron Man. Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring.

Ambrose says he wants to get the contract signing out of the way because he has unfinished business with Brock Lesnar, whom he calls out, however it’s his brother-in-arms, Roman Reigns, whose music hits. Reigns says pretty much the exact same thing Ambrose said, and Stephanie says Reigns always steals Ambrose’s spotlight. Stephanie introduces Lesnar to a big pop.

Brock Lesnar and his advocate, whose name escapes me, make their way to the ring. Heyman is about to begin his promo when Stephanie cuts him short and says they all want to get it over with. All three men sign the contract and Stephanie leaves. Heyman tells Ambrose he should ask his big brother what the difference is between an Authority beatdown and a Brock Lesnar beatdown. The fans chant “Suplex City”.

Seconds later Brock has flattened both Reigns and Ambrose. Dean rounded the table in the centre of the ring and squared up to Brock who immediately tossed him over the table into Reigns, before lifting the table and throwing into Reigns’ face. Dean Ambrose then ate an F5 and Brock left the ring. Triple H came out and stood with Stephanie on the stage as Lesnar looked on from the ramp and Reigns stood over Ambrose in the ring.

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and JBL discuss the upcoming Daniel Bryan segment, and show tweets from WWE Superstars thanking Bryan. We go to commercial number 1.

Back from break and we get a reminder of what just happened. Backstage we see Ambrose and Reins frustrated. Ambrose says he will get Lesnar before the night is over. Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring for out first match of the night. His opponent….The Showoff.

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Owens hits Ziggler with a big clothesline right off the bat. He throws Ziggler into the turnbuckle and lands a cannonball in the corner. Owens pins and Ziggler kicks out at 2. Owens punches, kicks, and stands on Ziggler before Ziggler goes for a roll-up, Owens rolls through and clotheslines Ziggler again.

Owens mocks Ziggler and attempts a body slam but Dolph reverses into a sleeper hold. Ziggler clings on as Owens rams him into the corner repeatedly. Desperate to break the choke, Owens dives through the ropes to the outside with Ziggler on his back. Both men are laid out at as we go to commercial number 2.

We’re back and Kevin Owens is back in charge. Ziggler fights out of a sleeper hold with a jawbreaker. Dolph runs at Owens but is met with a back elbow, then a running senton. Dolph kicks out at 2 again. Owens runs at Dolph in the corner but finds the ringpost instead. Ziggler hits multiple clotheslines and a spinning neckbreaker as the crowd get fired up.

Ziggler goes for his snap DDT but Owens throws him off and hits a superkick. Near fall. Owens lifts Dolph and sends him into the ropes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb but Ziggler falls behind Owens and attempts a superkick, which Owens grabs and turns into a roll-up. Owens grabs a handful of tights but Dolph kicks out. Ziggler rolls to the outside as Owens hands on the bottom apron. Dolph runs around and hits the fameasser on Owens onto the outside.

Both men just beat the 10 count. Ziggler goes for a splash in the corner but Owens moves, then attempts a cannonball and Ziggler moves. Ziggler pins Owens and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. Dolph gets the win!

Winner Via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

After the match Kevin Owens tears the lid from the announce table and shouts at Michael Cole. He then throws the steel steps and leaves holding his head. Michael Cole tells us The New Day will face The Uso’s in a tables match later tonight. Also later will be Chris Jericho on Miz TV. A video is shown of Daniel Bryan winning the US Championship from The Miz at Night of Champions 2010.

Back from commercial 3 and The Uso’s are backstage with The Dudley Boyz. The Dudley’s suggest they are more deserving of a tables match with The New Day than The Uso’s. They agree to team-up to take on The New Day. Michael Cole announces that Bray Wyatt will take on Ryback tonight, and a video package is shown for Ryback. Go figure.

WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte and Ric Flair are out next. Charlotte will be in one-on-one action. Commercial number 4 commences.

Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox

Charlotte takes control early on with a headlock and a dropkick as Ric cheers on. Charlotte went for a Figure 8 but Alicia kicked her off, then landed a dropkick of her own, and a northern lights suplex.

Charlotte hits Alicia with a neckbreaker from the ropes. Alicia rolls up Charlotte, who kicks out and hits a big clotheslines. Charlotte mocks the crowd who are chanting for Sasha Banks.

Charlotte gets Alicia in a head scissors submission, which she rolls over and slams Alicia’s head into the mat. Alicia begins making a comeback and lands a big backbreaker on Charlotte. The two trade reversals for a minute before Charlotte hits a spear, then the Figure 8 for the win.

Winner Via Submission: Charlotte

Just before the fifth commercial of the night we’re shown The Miz backstage looking in the mirror. The commentators remind us that AJ Styles broke some of The Miz’s teeth on this past Thursday’s SmackDown!

Michael Cole confirms that The Uso’s and The Dudley Boyz will be facing The New Day in an 8-man tables match – The New Day will be choosing a mystery opponent. Miz TV commences.

The Miz says Miz TV is usually a place where people can have fun and feel safe but it was not that last week. Highlights from last week are shown when The Miz picked on AJ Styles, before being beaten down. Back in the ring and Miz says what AJ did was “disgusting”. He says AJ Styles needs to understand that he can turn him from a redneck into a main eventer. Chris Jericho’s pyro interrupts The Miz.

Jericho says The Miz is not entertaining and tells him to “shut the hell up!” Jericho says the fans in Seattle do not want to see Miz TV, they’d rather have a Highlight Reel. Crew members flood the ring and change the set to The Highlight Reel while The Miz shouts at them to stop. Jericho welcomes us to Raw is Jericho.

Jericho introduces The Miz as his guest and points out how much trouble AJ Styles has given The Miz, even showing The Miz losing part of his tooth. The crowd chant “you look stupid”, to which Miz says he isn’t Sheamus. The Miz says Jericho was also upstaged by AJ Styles, and he shows footage of Styles’ win over Y2J a few weeks back.

Chris Jericho agrees that he can’t stop thinking about his loss to Styles and the crowd chant for AJ. Jericho says AJ is good, but he doesn’t know if he’s good enough to beat Jericho twice. The two will face off on SmackDown this Thursday. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring and Miz attacks Jericho from behind. Styles attacks Miz and Jericho helps throw him from the ring. The two icons then have a stare down and the crowd chant for AJ.

Jericho slaps AJ’s hand and they start throwing hands. Just then Miz pulls Jericho from the ring but gets thrown over the announce table. Jericho jumps on the apron again but slowly climbs back down. The two stare at one another and talk trash as Jericho makes his way up the ramp.

Highlights are shown from earlier in the night again. Dean Ambrose is shown pacing around backstage. A video is shown of Daniel Bryan winning the Money in the Bank briefcase at the PPV of the same name in 2011. Commercial number 6.

The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring, as Bray Wyatt is set to take on The Big Guy. Videos are shown of The Wyatt Family picking apart Kane and Big Show in the past few weeks.

Bray Wyatt vs. Ryback

Ryback is sporting new gear this week, not the black trunks he wore on SmackDown, but blue trunks with an ‘R’ on the front. The Wyatt brood leave the ring as Bray and Ryback lock up. Ryback is met with “Goldberg” chants. Seems an odd decision from WWE, or Ryback, to put him in such attire when he’s finally gotten away from the Goldberg chants.

Bray and Ryback go back and forth for the opening minutes of the match. Ryback lands a backbreaker on Bray and gets a 2-count. Ryback goes to the top rope but climbs down to face Braun Strowman, which allows Bray to hit a running body attack. The Wyatt Family stand over Ryback as commercial 8 begins.

We’re back from break and Bray has Ryback in a headlock. The Big Guy fights out only to be hit with a clothesline. Bray runs at Ryback in the corner but goes shoulder first into the post. Ryback lands two running knees in the corner (ala CM Punk), then ducks two clotheslines from Bray and hits a crossbody. Bray is then caught by a big spinebuster from Ryback.

Ryback pumps up the crowd and gets a Feed Me More chant. The Big Guy runs at Bray but is caught with a Sister Abigail.

Winner Via Pinfall: Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt instructs the Family to decimate Ryback after the match. Harper, Strowman and Rowan all hit their finishers. Strowman throws Ryback into the steel steps. Bray hits Sister Abigail on the outside. Bray cuts a mic-less promo outside the ring.

Kane and Daniel Bryan’s hilarious Team Hell No is shown to commemorate the career of Bryan. It’s easy to forget how entertaining and impressive in the ring these two were. Commercial 9!!

More tweets are shown from Superstars celebrating Daniel Bryan, with even Vince McMahon congratulating Bryan on a fantastic career. His speech will be later in the night.

The New Day are backstage polishing a table and Big E is singing. Xavier Woods is making calculations about the tables when Renee Young interrupts them. She asks if they’ve found a partner yet and they insult her intelligence. They will find one soon, and they commence singing.

Dean Ambrose is shown backstage again before commercial 10. Back from break and Titus O’Neil is in the ring. The Social Outcasts make their way to the ring. The group discuss the SuperBowl and Twitter trends on the way down the ramp.

Titus O’Neil vs. Adam Rose

Adam Rose slaps Titus to start the match, for which he is met with a big right hand. Titus launches Adam Rose across the ring then slaps him in the chest three times. Rose comes out of the corner and lands a dropkick, then a knee chop and a hesitation kick to the head.

Adam Rose locks in a sleeper on Titus. O’Neil tries to fight out but Rose beats him own. Adam Rose tries to Irish Whip Titus but he stands tall. Titus throws Rose, then hits him with a shoulder barge. The Social Outcasts pull Rose from the ring but Titus just charges through all four of them.

Titus throws Rose back in the ring and is about to hit his finish when he is distracted by Heath Slater on the apron. Adam Rose rolls Titus up for the pinfall.

Winner Via Pinfall: Adam Rose

Dean Ambrose is shownbackstage, making his way to the ring. A video is shown of Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at SummerSlam 2013, in which Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Commercial number 11 ensues.

Back from commercial (12) and we’re shown what happened moments ago – which always seems redundant. The Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring, with Sin Cara back from injury. They will be facing The League of Nations.

The Lucha Dragons vs. Alberto Del Rio & Rusev

Rusev and Sin Cara start off the match. Sin Cara kicks Rusev in the leg repeatedly before hitting a springboard crossbody. Sin Cara lands a sunset flip on Rusev but not before Del Rio tags himself in and kicks Cara in the head as he attempts to pin Rusev. The League of Nations take over.

The fans chant for Lana as Rusev kicks Sin Cara in the corner. Sin Cara fights his way out of a trap pinch but is met with a superkick from Rusev. Del Rio is tagged in and lands an impressive German suplex on Sin Cara, which warrants a 2-count. Rusev attempts a suplex but Sin Cara knees him in the head and makes the tag to Kalisto.

Kalisto hits a springboard corkscrew on Del Rio. Sin Cara lands a suicide dive on Rusev on the outside. Kalisto attempts Salina Del Sol on Del Rio but he throws him into the ring post. Perched on the top turnbuckle Wade Barrett distracts Kalisto, which allows Del Rio to land an enziguiri. Kalisto falls into the tree of woe, which lets Del Rio hit him with the double foot stomp for the pinfall.

Winners Via Pinfall: Alberto Del Rio & Rusev

R-Truth is shown walking around outside the stadium earlier today. He says he’s looking for the Jimi Hendrix exhibit and Goldust appears dressed as Hendrix. Goldust says he’s Jimmy, get it? He proceeds to smash his guitar against the wall before being dragged away by security.

The Boss Sasha Banks is out next, not in wrestling gear. The Boss will be doing commentary for the next match. Before the 13th commercial we’re shown a video of the time Daniel Bryan and the Yes Movement occupied Raw and force Triple H into a WrestleMania match.

Becky Lynch vs. Tamina Snuka

Becky Lynch takes on Tamina Snuka, one half of Team B.A.D, as her Fastlane tag team partner is on commentary. Tamina and Becky trade reversals to start the match but Becky clamps on a sleeper. Tamina backs Becky into the corner to release the hold.

Becky is distracted by Naomi on the apron and Tamina takes control. Tamina chokes Becky on the ropes and when the referee pulls her away Naomi slaps Becky. Tamina cranks Becky’s head, then lands a headbutt as Becky tries to fight out.

Tamina taunts Sasha Banks on commentary and The Boss throws off the headset. Naomi attacks Banks as she trash talks with Tamina. Naomi pounds on Sasha before throwing her into the steel steps. Becky leaves the ring and gives Naomi a T-Bone suplex. Lynch re-enters the ring and runs into a superkick from Tamina. That’s all she wrote.

Winner Via Pinfall: Tamina Snuka

The New Day are backstage attempting to butter someone up, who is off-screen. They tell him he should wear a unicorn and become even greater than usual. It turns out to be Mark Henry, who puts the horn on his head, then begins blowing Xavier’s trombone. Big E says the trombone is nothing without the dance moves, so he teaches Henry his moves. a funny dance segment follows.

Back from the break and The New Day and Henry are well and truly in charge. The New Day repeatedly feed the opponents to Mark Henry, who lands his finisher on them. The New Day begin telling Henry what to do and he tell’s them to shove it and walks out. The New Day suddenly find themselves on the backfoot.

The Dudley’s and The Uso’s hit simultaneous diving headbutts, then get the tables. Big E hits Bubba with a belly-to-belly suplex but turns into a double superkick from The Uso’s. Kofi is thrown towards a table in the corner but he springboards off and is met with a double superkick. The Uso’s set Xavier on a table and go for a top rope splash but Big E saves Xavier. The Dudley’s re-enter the match and hit Big E with a 3D for the win.

Winner’s Via Table: The Dudley Boyz & The Uso’s

The New Day retreat up the ramp after the match and the winning teams celebrate in the ring. D-Von is standing with Jimmy and Jey when suddenly Bubba Ray attacks The Uso’s from behind. They hit a 3D on Jimmy through a table, then Bubba powerbombs Jey from the top rope through a table. The Dudley Boyz are bad boyz now, and the fans are eating it up.

The Daniel Bryan segment is up next and another video package is shown next, with many Superstars, past and present, talking about what makes Bryan special. Oh boy, this is going to be a heartbreaking segment. Last commercial of the night.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits, for the last time. Bryan enters the arena and starts the Yes! chants. As seen on Twitter recently, Bryan’s signature hair and beard are gone! Well, a bit of beard remains. Not important. Bryan receives a standing ovation from everyone, including the announcers. Fans cheer and chant for several minutes as Bryan smiles.

Bryan says he will never forget the feeling of having them chant his name. But now it’s time for him to address the elephant in the room and the fans chant No!, then he jokes that he didn’t want to shave his beard either. He says he cut his hair for a children’s charity that makes wigs for sick kids, and he had to shave the beard because it looked silly. Jeez, how can you not love this guy?!

Onto the more serious stuff. Bryan talks about his many concussions, since he started wrestling 16 years ago. He says he’s at a point where he can’t wrestle anymore but he fought that for a long time. He trained to return because his many tests suggested he was fine. He loves wrestling in a way that he has never loved anything else. The fans cheer and Bryan tears up.

A week and a half ago he took a test and it seems his brain isn’t that OK. He has a family to think about and he wants to have kids soon, which gets a big pop from the crowd. They chant Yes! and Bryan jokes, “that’s what Brie says all the time.” The crowd chant “That’s what she said.”

With a heavy heart Bryan officially announces his retirement. But if there’s one thing to take away it’s that he feels nothing but gratitude now. He’s gotten to do what he loves for 16 years. He says he loves the Seahawks. He loves that no matter how he feels, he smiles everytime his music hits and the fans react. He loves hitting the ropes and diving through for a suicide dive. He loves that he has wrestled in gas station parking lots and in front of 70,000, in New Orleans. He loves that he has met guys like Kane, William Regal, and children like Connor Michalek. He’s grateful.

He talks about how the fans got behind him. He says it didn’t make sense for a guy that looks like him to get the reactions he got. He’s grateful that the fans in Seattle hijacked Raw two years ago – during a championship coronation between John Cena and Randy Orton. The reason he’s so grateful for that is because his father was in the crowd that night and he got to see his son be adored by thousands. And that was the last time his dad saw him wrestle.

Bryan is grateful because he got to meet Brie Bella through wrestling. He’s grateful because he got to come out in front of his home-town fans and announce his retirement. His mom and sister are in the crowd tonight and he gets to share that moment with them, as well as everyone else he loves in the back. Daniel Bryan is grateful.

Tomorrow morning he starts a new life, one where he isn’t a wrestler. But that’s tomorrow, and tonight he wants one more Yes! chant. The entire crowd chant along with Bryan and Brie Bella makes her way down to the ring. They kiss and Michael Cole says we are all grateful that Bryan was a part of WWE. And the celebration continues on the WWE Network.


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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Samo on Tue 09 Feb 2016, 1:52 pm

Jeez that was emotional. All the best Daniel, you deserve it and I wish you health and happiness. Top guy and a real loss for the business.


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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Tue 09 Feb 2016, 3:03 pm

Is it now canon that Lesnar's only weakness is his balls?

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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Adam D on Tue 09 Feb 2016, 3:18 pm

Dr Gregory House MD wrote:Is it now canon that Lesnar's only weakness is his balls?
Cannon balls? chin

Adam D

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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Tue 09 Feb 2016, 3:24 pm

Adam D wrote:
Dr Gregory House MD wrote:Is it now canon that Lesnar's only weakness is his balls?
Cannon balls? chin

It's Brock Lesnar I wouldn't be surprised if they were that big

Dr Gregory House MD

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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by NickisBHAFC on Tue 09 Feb 2016, 9:22 pm

Yeah that ending had me in tears, devastating loss to the company.

Overall Raw was pretty standard. Can't complain but nothing to get over excited by.

Just a shame that Fastlane is still so predictable.


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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by westisbest on Thu 11 Feb 2016, 9:06 pm

God miz tv is pretty poor.

Same stuff every week.

Miz says how brilliant he is, gets interupted by a wrestler, abuses miz, then pans him.

The Miz is a ham n egger as the great bobby the heenan would say.

Having said that it is good to see getting a panning.


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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Samo on Fri 12 Feb 2016, 5:10 pm

Can I just add that Dean Ambrose has been excellent in recent weeks?


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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Fri 12 Feb 2016, 5:34 pm

I think entirely opposite. Better this week but I've thought he's blown a good chance recently.

Dolphin Ziggler

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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

Post by Samo on Fri 12 Feb 2016, 6:05 pm

I think he's been great the way he's been calling out Lesnar, its making me half believe that he could find a way to win at Fastlane, and that WWE might see the light and book him to win. He's been a workhorse since debuting and they could have gold with him vs Triple H. The possibilities are vast compared to the obvious Reigns win, and I dont want to see Lesnar vs HHH again.


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Re: WWE Raw Results - Spoilers Ahead

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