American Tennis should hang its head, OH Canada you will get what is coming to you!

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American Tennis should hang its head, OH Canada you will get what is coming to you!

Post by socal1976 on Sat 09 Jul 2016, 6:49 pm

Ever since the Canadians refused our polite invitation in 1812 for a joint Brexit, and in polite I mean an invasion of sorts, which may go down in history as one of the most half hearted and comical invasions in history , if invasions can be comical, since most of the soldiers just refused to go because it was so f--ing cold and those that did go kept themselves warm by running from the enemy. I mean America can't let Canada beat us in anything. I mean do we let them beat us in infant mortality, gun deaths, or obesity? Still as the proud Superpower who brought so many greats into tennis and more so than any other nation, how the hell does Canada have a finalist at a Grandslam and we haven't produced one since Roddick 09? There seems to be a good crop of youngsters coming so maybe we will have a chance to avenge ourselves upon the dastardly Canucks who have owned us in tennis recently.

I think it is critical that the US have stars on its own. I don't care about nationality all joking aside, otherwise how would I become a Djokovic fan? But unfortunately the casual fan here just will not care unless we have American stars. And with Fedal leaving, a generation of good American stars would help the global game injecting a burst of dormant tennis in America just as the Fedal excitement is leaving the stage. The US still is a huge part of the financial demand that global tennis will need to carry the ATP tour through the demise of fedal. So while I don't want to build up expectation I will be cheering for Fritz, Tiafoe et al. but to be honest I don't know if I am optimistic because of how long tennis has been off the radar here. I mean in honesty tennis rates behind American football, basketball, baseball, Nascar, Golf, MMA, boxing, and hockey. And it has for quite some time.


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