WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finale Results

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WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finale Results

Post by Fernando on Thu 15 Sep 2016, 6:20 am

Triple H narrates a video package as we open up the LIVE finale. Hope you all are looking as forward to this as I am.

- Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcome us to the CWC as we get ready for our first match of the semi-finals.

- Great video package highlight the final four competitors and their journeys to the semi's.

- Ring announcer Mike Rome announces that the semi-final matches will have a 30-minute time limit.

Gran Metalik vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. (Semi-Final Match)

As expected with these two, a friendly handshake gets us started and we get the first "Mama Mia" from Ranallo as Metalik immediately hits a drop kick and suicide dive to the outside and a senton on the way back in. Metalik covers for a two. ZSJ regains control with a European uppercut and strikes. Sabre working over the neck of the luchador as he slows down the pace. Head scissors and half crab combo from Sabre but Metalik gets to the ropes. An interesting "Lucha Libre/Technical" dueling chant from the Full Sail crowd. Metalik catches Sabre with a painful looking leg submission. After the release, he hits a thundering slap. A bit sloppy for a second, but they gather it back in as Sabre locks in a Dragon Sleeper but Metalik makes the ropes.

Sabre breaking out a new side we haven't seen with some aggressive strikes and uppercuts. Metalik halts the assault with a super kick and running shooting star press. After a series of pin attempts, Metalik locks in what looks to be a triangle choke of sorts. Sabre straight into a tilt-a-whirl guillotine that Metalik fights out of with stiff strikes. Both men on their knees in the center of the ring throwing hay makers and throwing styles out the window. Springboard back elbow for a two count for Metalik.

Huge penalty kick from ZSJ for a two and a half. Back in the center of the ring as both are exhausted throwing strikes again. Off a bevy of counters, Sabre uses some misdirection to apply the Octopus, but Metalik makes the break. They head to the top and Metalik sends Sabre straddling the ropes and hits a huge rana. ZSJ counters a springboard into a triangle but Metalik scoots out. Metalik hits a Metalik Driver out of almost nowhere for the three and the victory. Gran Metalik heads to the finals.

Winner via Pinfall: Gran Metalik

- William Regal comes out and bestows a finalist's medal to Gran Metalik. Charly Carusso and Andrea DiMarco interview Metalik ahead of his finals match. He thanks the crowd and says he's number one.

- Backstage with Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. They are cleared to compete and will take on Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander tonight. They say they are coming for The Revival and the NXT Tag Team titles.

Kota Ibushi vs. T.J. Perkins (Semi-Final Match)

A more stern handshake but no confrontation as the bell rings. This one starts off a bit slower as they feel each other out early. Perkins checks the kick of Ibushi. Early knee bar attempt by TJP but Ibushi sneaks out easily. More of a thinking man's match thus far as they counter each other. Spinning head scissors take down by Perkins but no dab. Irish whip ends up with Ibushi nailing a stiff kick to the midsection of Perkins. Springboard drop kick from Ibushi sends Perkins to the outside. Ibushi went for his signature moonsault, but Perkins scouts it well and knocks him off the ropes and lands badly.

Ibushi barely makes it back in at a nine count and Perkins maintains his attack with a back drop kick. Ibushi lands another swift kick but Perkins counters with a dragon screw take down and envelopes the body of Ibushi with a submission. Both men going move for move. Ibushi catches Perkins with a hurricanrana and sends him out of the ring. Ibushi hits the Golden Triangle Moonsault. Missile drop kick from Ibushi for a two count. Perkins catches Ibushi with a knee bar but Ibushi crawls to the ropes for the break.

Ibushi done playing games and absolutely smashing kicks into the side of Perkins. The referee breaks it up and Perkins lays lifeless near the apron. Ibushi goes for the German suplex over the ropes but Perkins fights out. Springboard wrecking ball drop kick from Perkins. TJ heads to the top but Ibushi nails a Pele Kick. Golden Star Power Bomb countered with a DDT from Perkins. Ibushi goes to the well again but Pele kick is reversed into the knee bar from Perkins. Ibushi rolls out and both men nail each other with strikes. Ibushi hits the Golden Star Power Bomb but Perkins kicks out!

Ibushi to the top but TJP rolls out of the way of a Phoenix Splash. They crawl back to the center for a strike fest with some vicious forearms. Wheel barrel bomb from Ibushi but Perkins kicks out. A second Gold Star Power Bomb is countered into a knee bar from Perkins. Ibushi desperately tries to get to the ropes, but Perkins adds a chin lock to the knee bar. Ibushi taps and T.J. Perkins is your second finalist!

Winner via Submission: T.J. Perkins

- Ibushi and Perkins shake hands as the Japanese superstar exits the ring. William Regal also gives Perkins a finalist's medal. Crowd with a mixed reaction as Perkins is interviewed looking ahead to his finals match. The final should be a barn burner.

- Backstage with Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander. They say this is the first time they've tagged together, but they only have to be on the same page for the 1, 2, 3. They take on DIY (Ciampa and Gargano) up next.

- We take a look at some of the stars in the crowd including Kalisto, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Rich Swann, Jack Gallagher, and more.

Cedric Alexander & Noam Dar vs. DIY (Ciampa & Gargano)

A big "welcome back" chant for Alexander and huge pop for DIY as the crowd chants their newly dubbed tag team name. Ciampa and Alexander start us off as Daniel Bryan is already losing his voice. Nice exchange that leads to a drop kick from Alexander. They each make tags and Dar and Gargano are the legal men. Various chain wrestling and pin attempts that ends with a knee to the jaw of Dar. Ciampa back in and applies a cravat. Dar sneaks out and makes the tag. Springboard roundhouse from Cedric and he follows it up with a back flip suicide dive. Upon reentering, he hits a flat liner DDT for a two count on Ciampa. Alexander goes for a flip but Ciampa hits a basement drop kick to the face of the Charlotte, NC star. Noam Dar back in and lands in the electric chair and is super kicked by Gargano. Alexander appears out of nowhere for a kick but is then speared through the ropes by Gargano.

Tag made and the action gets fast and furious, maybe too fast as some of the spots get a bit sloppy. They reign it in and Ciampa hits several knee lifts to the jaw. Turning into a spot fest now with kick after knee after strike after slam. All four men regather and Dar and Gargano are legal. They go at it in the center of the ring with stiff strikes. Dar catches Gargano with an ankle lock but Ciampa breaks it up. Gargano makes the legal tag. They head to the top and Ciampa gets stuck in the turnbuckle. Cedric hits a kick to the locked head of Ciampa. Alexander hits a brain buster and covers for what appeared to be a three. Official seemed to know he screwed up, but we carry on. Super kick from Gargano, tag to Ciampa. They hit their double team kick/knees and take the victory.

Winners via Pinfall: DIY (Gargano & Ciampa)

- We head to commentary where William Regal joins Ranallo and Bryan talking about the formation and execution of this tournament. You can tell he is very much feeling like a proud father as well. Regal says you have to be an all-around wrestler to be a good cruiserweight wrestler in 2016, not just a high flyer.

- Corey Graves joins the commentary team represent RAW, where the cruisers will begin next week. Corey says his favorite moment of the CWC so far is Brian Kendrick reinvigorating his career.

- We take a look at the semi-final highlights under the RAW theme song.

- Final match will have a 60-minute time limit.

- The master creator of the CWC, Triple H, comes out and joins the competitors in the ring. He says we are here to make history. HHH says they scoured the globe for the best cruiserweights in the world and it comes down to these two. But they are looking for one, not two, the one who will win the first CWC. He breaks out a belt and says the winner will become the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

WWE CWC Finals: T.J. Perkins vs. Gran Metalik

An early standoff after some mat wrestling. Test of strength takes Perkins down for a short cover. Another spinning head scissors take down. Metalik reverses. Perkins turns Metalik over for a pendulum via a Boston crab. Crowd annoyingly booing anything but a big spot. TJP applies the Muta Lock but Metalik grabs the rope.

Perkins misses the wrecking ball drop kick and Metalik takes him out at the knees. Metalik hits a speeding torpedo dive to the outside and reenters with a springboard top rope moonsault. Metalik maintains control with a modified surfboard stretch. Perkins selling the lower back injury, but grabs the ropes for a corner headstand leading to a rana. TJP hits a top rope rana all the way down to the floor. Both men back in at a count of eight. Perkins getting frustrated as the luchador keeps escaping submission attempts. Holy smokes what a jumping rana over the top ropes, onto the apron, and Metalik takes out Perkins. Metalik follows it up with a suicide dive and both men down on the outside.

Back in and Metalik hits a spring board elbow. Perkins whips Metalik into the corner but the luchador works the ropes and hits a drop kick on Perkins. Knee bar applied from Perkins but Metalik makes the ropes. Perkins working the hamstrings with stiff kicks, but that may be the loudest chop I've heard that came from Metalik. Metalik finishes sequence with a super kick next to the ropes. Perkins evens the odds with a strike of his own. Perkins' slam reversed into a DDT and Perkins kicks out. Metalik goes for a moonsault but Perkins gets the legs up to meet his chin. Perkins secures the knee bar and Metalik misses the ropes. Roll up by Metalik for a two and a half.

Fireman's carry into Metalik Driver, but his knee gives out before he can cover. He slides in for the one-armed cover and gets a two. Crowd still split as the two nail each other with welting strikes in the middle of the ring. Perkins already showing battle scars. Perkins reverses another driver and hits an outside drop kick. TJP heads to the top but Metalik counters. Metalik now joins him and strikes abound. Metalik goes for a Metalik Driver off the top, but Perkins reverses into a knee bar. Metalik writhing in pain as Perkins crosses the leg over. Metalik taps after a long struggle and T.J. Perkins is your Cruiserweight Classic Champion and the NEWWW WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

Winner via Submission: T.J. Perkins

- We take a look at the highlights of this hard hitting and high flying affair. Ring announcer Mike Rome makes the official announcement as Triple H places the new Cruiserweight belt around Perkins' waist. Show of sportsmanship between Metalik and Perkins and the newly overused chant of "you deserve it" erupts from the crowd. This time, I agree completely with the chant. William Regal and Triple H congratulate Perkins and raise his hand as Perkins celebrates in the ring.

- Perkins interviewed in the ring. Perkins says he always carried a key on his necklace of the place he was before he was evicted. He says he now doesn't need it because he has a home. He used to use his heroes to get through bad times, and hopes he can be a hero to others. He says the trophy is bigger than him or one person, it's all 32 competitors in the CWC and they're all his heroes as well. Perkins celebrates in the ring complete with confetti as Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan thank us for watching the Cruiserweight Classic.

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Re: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finale Results

Post by Samo on Thu 15 Sep 2016, 7:20 am

Was sure Ibushi was going to win up until I read he was stalling on contract talks, suprised it was Perkins they went with but he's a good choice.

Not sure how I feel about the belt, I like the plate design and silver + purple is my Poopie, but theres something about it looks like a toy. Dont know what, cant put my finger on it. I think the belt looks plasticy - maybe thats it.


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Re: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finale Results

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Thu 15 Sep 2016, 6:37 pm

It's amazing that WWE has done more with Mascara Dorada in 10 weels thn CMLL and New Japan ever have

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Re: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finale Results

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