Pro12 (Round 4): Leinster vs Ospreys (Friday @ 19:35 on TG4/BBCW)

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Pro12 (Round 4): Leinster vs Ospreys (Friday @ 19:35 on TG4/BBCW)

Post by thebandwagonsociety on Thu 22 Sep 2016, 6:07 pm

First topic message reminder :

Apologies if someone has set up a thread for this already.

Leinster Lineup;

Healy - Cronin - Furlong
Toner - M Kearney
Jordi - Heaslip - VDF

Luke McGrath
J Sexton

Reid - Ringrose
D Kearney - Kirchner - Nacewa

Bench - Tracy, McGrath, Ross, Molony, Ruddock, Leavy, JGP, Carberry

Osprey Lineup;

James - Baldwin - Arhip
Ashley - AWJ
King - Ardron - Tipuric


Matavesi - Beck
John - S Davies - Hassler

Bench - Parry, Smith, Fia, Davies, Baker, Habberfield, Howells, Evans


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Re: Pro12 (Round 4): Leinster vs Ospreys (Friday @ 19:35 on TG4/BBCW)

Post by wayne on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 2:44 pm

mikey_dragon wrote:Wayne I thought the Ospreys defence looked a lot better than last year - the way that they defend IE two players isolating a ball carrier and driving him backwards. They were doing a lot of that. Any team would find it difficult to stop Leinster scoring - some uncharacteristic yet simple errors and a yellow card is what helped Leinster get 4 tries. Also before the YC the Ospreys scrum looked powerful and drove Leinster back a couple times - I agree with you on most points except I think Ashley did well, again. I can't fault the lad tbh. Baker did alright when he came on but I'm not sure he's done enough to get back into the starting team yet. I guess it's nice to have a couple good players vying for a position. The only changes I would make for the next game is to start BBBD in the 2nd row, Howells on the wing and Evans at full back. I can't see your team starting that poorly two weeks in a row, I think this game was a reality check for them and the coaches.
Yes can agree with a lot of that and especially what you say about Ashley, but going back to your miaow debate I don't think he is big enough and that to me is the gist of it, he might make lots of tackles and not miss many or any, but he doesn't even stop them on the gainline, the ball carrier always gets over it, if BBBD had made the number of tackles Lloyd made some would have been sent backwards, that is crucial in the gainline battle. I'm sorry we will have to disagree over Baker, he took us over the gainline a number of times and was much more impressive than Tyler IMO, as we can play either Ardron or King as a lineout option I would put one to the bench for next week it would be King, it will be very interesting when Lydiate comes back, as that in a way would totally unbalance the back row, I would like either Ardron or King in a back row with a carrier and Tipuric, you definately cannot have a trio of Cracknell, or Lydiate with Baker and either Tipuric or Underhill very little lineout option there. It is all about the BALANCE and I think that department was too lightweight last night.


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Re: Pro12 (Round 4): Leinster vs Ospreys (Friday @ 19:35 on TG4/BBCW)

Post by Rory_Gallagher on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 3:31 pm

profitius wrote:
Rory_Gallagher wrote:
mikey_dragon wrote:
Maine man wrote:How did the Leinster centres get on?

Reid isn't a bosh merchant, but he's probably a good ball player. Ringrose looks promising. Both were outmuscled by their opposite men, who are a lot bigger.

Luke McGrath, Sexton and your back 3 were all very good. Van Der Flier was the standout performer for me, he's the Ireland starting 7 on this form. Sean O'Who? Also I think we can see that Jack McGrath and Mike Ross are your best players at prop Smile.

I was impressed with the Leinster attack, so quick and free-flowing. Hopefully the Leinster of old are making a comeback. Along with Ulster and Glasgow they might be the best team in the league. Blues and Ospreys not too far behind on current form.

The hype brigade have already written off JvdF for Dan Leavy. The competition for places is excellent though.

I didn't write off VDF if it's me you're referring to. Wink  I'm a fan of his but i just think Leavy is a better all rounder. He can play across the back row and is better at the breakdown. VDF is a specialist 7.

That last night was VDFs best game for Leinster. And he is only going to get better, so good for Leinster that they can rotate them.

No, I wasn't referring to you. Some Leinster fans on their supporter's forum.


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Re: Pro12 (Round 4): Leinster vs Ospreys (Friday @ 19:35 on TG4/BBCW)

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