Glaws takeover?

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Glaws takeover?

Post by rosbif on Thu 24 Nov 2016, 5:14 pm

I read some where on the internet that the owner of Montpellier a French/Syrian billionaire was in talks to buy Gloucester. Any one else heard this ?


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Re: Glaws takeover?

Post by HongKongCherry on Fri 25 Nov 2016, 7:59 am

We've briefly discussed it on another thread. It appears to be at advanced stages, however, for this to go ahead we'd need the EPRC, PRL, RFU and the FFR to ratify the deal due to a possible conflict of interest. I've heard from various sources that the deal is either done or dead in the water, so quite frankly who knows?! My gut feel is this will happen as Glaws made a statement earlier in the week regarding talks and I'd doubt they would have done this if it was going to fall at the first hurdle.


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