Wiggins and Team Sky

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Wiggins and Team Sky

Post by Azabache on Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:07 am

The debate over the 2011 mystery package drags on-boringly so to many.

Might a simple explanation be that they didn't want to risk buying a "legal" French over-the-counter remedy to later find that it was tainted with something that, however infinitesimal, became a big "dope" story?

I know that if I were running a multi-million operation I wouldn't trust any medicine bought anywhere without doing my own testing. Same comments apply to food of course. And don't forget skullduggery!

Buy any chocolate bar and you'll see the standard warnings about possible contamination with nuts etc...

Most manufacturers' packing machinery runs all sorts of products, it's rarely bespoke. And even if it is washed down with scalding water, there is still the chance of residues lingering-anywhere; hence the standard disclaimers.

Just a thought.


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