Prediction League 2017 / 'Real Life' E-Fed

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Prediction League 2017 / 'Real Life' E-Fed

Post by Brilliant_yep on Fri 20 Jan 2017, 11:05 pm

Hey guys,

Please delete this if it's not appropriate.

A few friends and I have created a prediction league based e-federation, called HIHF. We've been doing predictions with each other for years but decided to have a bit more fun with it and created characters, storylines and a Championship. We cut promos on each other and fire shots on twitter. Our love of wrestling has been a great way to stay in touch despite living at opposite ends of the country.

It's been great fun but there's only so many times you can compete with just the same few guys (looking at you Cena and Orton) as a few of our friends are happy to contribute predictions but aren't interested in the E-fed side or making videos.

So today we've launched a place where you can make predictions, upload video promos, create a character, get involved with kayfabe and have a laugh.

It's a work in progress and is not likely to be perfect, but I think that makes it even more fun.

So if you'd like to make new wrestling friends (and foes), cut promos in text or video, win Championships, make predictions, talk twitter smack, shoot the breeze about wrestling or just see what's going on, please head over to

Again, please delete if this breaks any rules.

Any questions, inbox me. I know this is essentially what the guys at 6CW are doing but with the twist of it having more media outlets, and if any of the 6CW mods are interested in a potential invasion angle that would be sweet!

Hope to see you over there,

Your current HIHF Heavyweight Champion, Brilliant AK.


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